A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 11 - Original Teacher - full transcript

Freddie gets juvenile delinquents who need a role model and they are assigned to teachers of Hillman College one of which is Dwayne.

When is Freddie getting here

with the pack
of juvenile delinquents?

I don't have time to waste!

Oh, Dean, show some
Christian tolerance.

I'm proud to be a role model

and reclaim our lost youths
from the streets.


Guess who?

Everybody smile and wave.

Smile and wave.

They're a little shy

but they're my babies.


Miss Brooks, I'll
be checking in.

The moment one of these
brats steps out of line

I expect to hear from you.

I'm sure it will be a breeze.

What do you think?
What do you think?

Aren't they cute?

Shoot... I've fried catfish
cuter than them.

They're scared 13-year-old kids.

That's why they're trying
to look tough.

Thank you, brother Dwayne.

Well, if looks could kill,
we'd be in the morgue.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

I agreed to allow these
presentations in height hall

but I'm a little concerned here.

These young boys need strong
black men in their lives.


They're not
the only ones, colonel.


All right, colonel.

Freddie, you got five
volunteers. Why am I
counting six kids?

Oh, such the math
teacher, Dwayne!

Michael got transferred from the
ward I've been observing

but just like the other kids
he's got a five day pass

if he makes it through the week

he gets parole.

Hey, you got a problem man?

What you doing,
sporting your gear like that?

I ain't looking for no twin.

You looking to get
capped if you don't
get out my face...

Now, now, my little man-children

bad, bad.


Now I want you
to meet your volunteer

faculty role models.

So which one of you
would like the honor

of not only helping one,
but two young men?

You, young man,
please, come with me.

We'll get to work
on our project right away.

Young man, come on,
'cause I ain't got all day.

Come on, honey.

Come on.

Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Come on, Dwayne.

Freddie, no!

Okay, fine, fine.

Just crush
a young brother's life.

You owe me.
You owe me.

You owe me.

Hey, my brothers

what do you say we chat
about these presentations?

Man, is your mother's name
Yvonne Wilson?


Then you ain't my brother then.

He's adorable.

He's adorable.

All right,
you little roughnecks.

We got a week
to put this together

so who would you like to do
your presentations on?

Sounds real interesting.

I was thinking more along

the lines of somebody
like Jackie Robinson.

Who's she?

He was the first brother

to break
into major league baseball.

I got one.

All right. Hit me, Mike.

Steven seagal.

What?! The white boy
with the ponytail?

Yo, that sound decent to me.

No, no,
I got a much better idea.

How about Garrett a. Morgan?

Man, that sound like five-o.

It's not a cop.

This is an inventor.

I haven't been up
on my inventor's book

but I can remember
a thing or two

about Garrett a. Morgan.

Oh, man, this will be fun.

Not just the belt
for the sewing machine

uh-uh, this brother
invented the gas mask.

He invented
the automatic traffic signal.

I mean, the list goes on,
does it not?


Hey, this is your history too.

It's not my butt up there
giving presentations

it's yours.

Steven seagal.

Steven seagal?
Where he at?

I hope we don't get
no more wack lectures.

Man, I do. I ain't
slept that good in
a long time.

What did you get sent
to Eden valley for?

Why you want to know?

I was just asking, man.
Squash it.

I was with my cousin
when they jacked somebody's car.

We was riding around,
and five-o rolled up.

So what about you?

I was hanging with these dudes
around the way.

They was robbing the store.

You had a gat, man?

A .45.

For real, man?

It ain't had no bullets though.

You got one?

My cousin told me
to hold his for him.

It was only a .38 though.

He show you how to fire it?

Nah, man. He's dead.


All right, young lions

we got off
to a slow start yesterday

but we'll approach this

You all like movies, right?


So, if Garrett a. Morgan
were alive today

what type of movie
you think he'd be in?



Now we're getting somewhere.

Follow me.

Let's say there was a movie

called brother traffic.


A robot with the red, yellow,
and green lights flashing on.

Do you see where I'm going?

I know where I'm going.

Back to sleep.

Yo. What's up, g?

Yeah, to the strength, brother.

To the strength.
To the strength.

Colonel, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Like I said, Dwayne,
this is warfare.

If you ain't going fire
that missile to save our youth

step aside, boy-y-y-y.


Now somebody say ho!


Say ho! Ho!

Ho! Ho!

Now somebody scream.


Give me a beat.

£ boom boom-boom-boom-boom £

£ boom boom-boom-boom-boom £

£ Garrett a. Morgan
ain't no kind of softie £

£ he's the black
in a cup of coffee £

£ the gas mask saved
so many lives £

£without the traffic signal,
how would we drive £

£ safely, see? £

£ you got to admit £

£ Garrett a. Morgan is... £

£ is as smooth as they get. £

two fingers, peace.


Man, if my setup on two-twenty

heard I was doing
something like this

I'd be dead.

What you say, man...

Yeah. Two-twenty
and Wilder, boy.

I'm from coolidge, punk.

Two-twenty is
a bunch of suckers.

They killed my cousin.

If your cousin was down
with the east side

he deserved to get smoked

and so do you.

Come on, come on!

Sit down now.

Get off of me.

Don't you get started with me.

Oh, I get it.

You're big men, huh?

You little knuckleheads.

I didn't spend three hours
writing this rap

so you two
could kill each other.

If you spent three hours
writing that, man

we should kill you.

Get off me!

What's wrong with you?

It's all right.

No, Dwayne, no,
it is not all right, man.

I mean, I've had
to hold a gun in my hand.

I've had to kill more than once

and I've had friends
of mine killed

more than once.

I didn't go
all the way to Vietnam

to come here and go
through the same mess

in my own neighborhood

or my mother's neighborhood.

These kids know how
to fire an ak-47

before you know how
to ride a bike.

No, Dwayne...

It's anything
but all right, man.

Vern, maybe Dwayne is right.

You can lead a horse
to water, but...

Man, can I go now?

So you can go out and gang-bang
and get yourself killed?

I got no fear of dying.

Is that what your cousin said?

How much longer?

Let me tell you something.

If you think that killing
or being killed

sounds like more fun
than sitting here

letting me tell you
about your history...

Come on, both of you,
get the hell out of here.


Wait a minute!


Don't you know you have
a chance to get paroled...

To change your life?

I ain't trying to change my life

and don't be sweating me,
'cause you ain't no o.G.

What's an o.G.?

Now don't tell me
that boy don't know

how to spell orange juice.

It's, uh, original gangster,
Mr. Gaines.

I'll handle it.

Hold on now.

I suppose you feel
the same way as Billy?

Little man,
I ain't no o.G.

But that doesn't mean
I don't care about you.

Or your homies.
Or his homies.

We all brothers, man.

Yeah, right.

Michael, wait,
just listen to me.

When I was your age,
I was dreaming about

being a ballplayer

being a race car driver,
or an astronaut.

You ain't afraid to die.

I respect that.

But what about what
you have to live for?

Man, there ain't
nothing to live for.

See, Dwayne, if you
cannot reach the child

reach the parent.

Wasn't I smooth
with Michael's mother?

Yeah, baby,
you were real smooth.

I liked the way you kept talking

even though she slammed
the door in your face.

Hey, I am good
in these crisis situations.

You, go, girl.




Yo, you got a problem?

I'm sorry, my brother.

My name is Dwayne

and this is my wife, whitley.

I'm loco.

Lov... lov...
Lovely name, loco.

Um, we're looking for
Billy's mother and father.

I'm his mother and father.

What you all want?

I'm a professor
at hillman college.

I'm Billy's volunteer
role model.


I'm trying to get him to stop
from throwing his life away.

He was fighting some kid
in my class

because the other kid
was from coolidge.

They were talking
about killing each other.

Who won?

That's not the point.

The hell it ain't.

My son knows

if he lets someone kick his butt

he's going to get
a whipping at home.

Fighting won't be enough
to get him by in life.

I didn't make the rules,
neither did Billy.

But you can break
those rules, Mr. Loco.

Wouldn't you rather
your little son

take a nice, little
13-year-old girl

to the ice cream parlor?

Do you see any
ice cream parlors around here?

Excuse me, excuse me.

Baby, I think now
would be a good time

for you to go wait in the car.

Dwayne, I am not leaving
you alone in this building

with that man.

You are so brave, baby

but really it will be safer
if I talk to him alone.

It's a man thing.

Give me five minutes.

Five minutes, Dwayne.

Look, loco...

Get on with it, man.

I know what it's like to grow up
in a rough environment

but we don't have to be
victims of the ghetto.

We need to build up
the community, not destroy it.

My dad kept me in line.

Man, step off.

If your son

doesn't make it
through this week

he's going
to the detention center.

I don't need you

to teach me how to be a father.

Teach him to be a man.

Who do you think you are, fool?

Punk brother, coming around here

acting like you all that.

I'm taking care of my boy.

My father wasn't
even around for me.

Get your hands off me.

Who you barking at, fool?

Man, I could smoke you

before you get
halfway down the hall.

You want to try your luck?

Now, who's my boy going
to think the man is?

Five minutes.


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I didn't expect
to see you here again.

I didn't expect you last night.

You could have
got yourself killed.

Maybe, maybe.

Talk about me throwing

my life away... look at you.

The difference is
I went there to save yours.


I don't know,
maybe I'm crazy like you said.

I just want to get
this over with

so I can get on parole.

But don't expect me
to be nice to that punk.

I don't want to hang out
with you either.

Would you all stop this?

Sit down.

Billy, tell me something.

If I gave you a gun right now...

Here, you got a gun.

You telling me
you would shoot him?

In a minute.

And you?


Give me one good reason.

He's from 220.

He's from coolidge.

Is that the best you can do?

They be trying to diss us.

They think they bad.

You killed my cousin.

I didn't.

Your homeys did.

If they did,
he was asking for it.

Sit down.

Tell me something.

How does somebody ask for it?

If they get up in your face.

You mean like this?

Is this a good enough reason
for you to kill me, Billy?

Man, you buggin'.

I'm buggin'?

What if somebody wanted
to kill you

for getting in their face?

I wouldn't sweat it.

And you?

I wouldn't care.

Since you don't value
your own life

you don't care if you kill.


So, isn't there one thing
worth living for?

Come on, come on.
If you weren't gangbangers

and you could be anything
in the world

what would you be?

Come on, help me out.

Maybe a movie star.

What's so funny?

All right, all right, all right.

Sit down, sit down.

Sit down now.

Movie star, okay.

What about you?

I don't know.

I know you don't know, but try.

It's free, man.

Just pick anything.

I'd be like Clayton.

Who's Clayton?

The garbage man.

And you laughed at me?

Okay, all right, okay.
Sit down.

Sit down, movie star.

That's not funny.

There is nothing wrong

with wanting
to pick up some garbage

and clean up your community,
right, Billy?

I ain't say all that

but Clayton's so cool,
'cause when he stops his truck

there's like a whole bunch
of traffic behind him.

They be honking their horns
and cursing

but don't nobody move
till he's good and ready

for them to move.

That's a start.

Sit down, Billy.

I'm going
to tell you guys a story.

I should have brought a pillow.

This is a story about two fleas.

One from 220

and the other one
from coolidge, huh?

These fleas are trapped together

in a jar with a tight lid on it.

Every time they try to jump up

they hit their heads on the lid

and they jump back down again.

The next day
without the fleas knowing it

somebody took the lid
off this jar.

When they started to jump up

they punked out
and jumped back down

scared they were going
to hit their heads.

You see, these fleas were free,
but they didn't even know it.

What's that supposed to mean?

They kill each other, fool.

Don't call him a fool.

Sit down.

Don't call him a fool.

What this means

is you can be a movie star.

You can be a garbage man.

You can be president.

You can be anything you want
to be, even gangbangers.

It's your choice

but you've got to know
there's no lid over you.

Thank you, Johnny,
that was beautiful.

All right, man.

Thank you, Mr. Gaines

for being
such a great role model.

Who would have thought a report
on 50 ways

to cook collard Greens
could be so enlightening?

Our final presentation

will be from Billy Thomas

Michael Wilson,
and j.D.

We were supposed to give
a presentation

on an inventor named
garret a. Morgan.

If he was with us today

he'd probably make something
about stopping violence.

Don't waste your life
on killing your brother.

We got a lot to live for

and we are brothers.

£ throw your hands in the air £

£ and wave 'em
like you just don't care £

£ and if you're ready to rock
with us tonight £

£ somebody say, oh, yeah! £

£ yo, here's the real scoop,
homey loc £

£ dom fools around my way,
getting high off gun smoke £

£ and I ain't talking about
the high light in do £

£ the kind of high that make you
call your kinfolks £

£ and tell them,
"oh, Johnny's dead" £

£ a 14-year-old kid
put a nine to his head £

£ all because he wanted
that gear he was sportin' £

£ give me that and
while you at it, give
me them Jordans £

£ Johnny tried to jet,
homey wasn't hearing that £

£ Johnny tried to run,
got gatted in the back £

£ and tell me what happened
to the way things used to be £

£ 'cause at this rate,
there will be no future, g £

£ when will all of y'all learn £

£ that if you play
with fire too long £

£ you're bound to get burned? £

£ this ain't a small thing
I'm addressing £

£ it's a big thing £

£ take it from the daddy
as a lesson £

£ shame £

£ shame £

£ shame £

£ shame £

£ it's a shame the way
this thing goes down £

£ how one lay you down £

£ just to show
he don't play around £

£ he goes to sleep
with a head full of anger £

£ and wakes up
a full energized gangbanger £

£ talkin' about
a tisket a tasket £

£ not knowing the next day
he'll be laying in a casket £

£ so, what you think
of that, son? £

£ in the arcade they play
and the games ain't fun £

£ some like pac man £

£ same name but the game is
you put it in a sack £

£ and run into the next board £

£ and gat down the fool standing
in the way of the door £

£ there's no board, no points £

£ and in this game,
this is all pac man wants £

£ the game,
the ghosts are always blue £

£ and you slip up
and they'll smoke ya £

£ shame £

£ it's a shame £

£ it's a shame £

it's for you, Mr. Wayne.

You get it?

It's a jar with no lid.

Yeah, I get it.

Later, o.T.

What he call you...

Yeah, it means
"original teacher."

I'm bad, baby.

£ you gotta watch your back £

£ 'cause if you slack off,
you're going in the sack £

£ I advise you all
to watch out for the game £

£ 'cause the game
ain't nothing but a...

£ shame £

£ shame £

£ it's a shame £

£ it's a shame £

£ it's a shame. £