A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 9 - To Tell the Truth - full transcript

The stress of wedding planning pushes Whitley and Dwayne's relationship past the breaking point.



Good morning.

Oh, uh...

Anybody want any coffee?

I'm going to make some.

It's decaf.

Mmm, the lips I love to kiss.

Yeah, those and 200 others.

Good morrow, yvette, my pet.

My fa-vo-rette!

Ooh! Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Ron, a different girl
every week?

How long do you think
you can keep this up?

As long as
this finely tuned machinery

holds up.

You cannot live
like that anymore.

Why not?

Because you're killing me!

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How you like working

in the emergency room?

Last night
this little boy came in

with five raisins
stuck up his nose.

Thanks for sharing.

I did that once with Lima beans.

You are so sick.

I don't believe it.

Honestly. I stuck
a bunch of beans up my nose.

Freddie, stop.

I'm talking about that
sponge mop, Shazza zulu.

Yeah, your boy who
wrote that book

and called Kim out in
front of the whole school

about dating your
cousin Matthew.

He was cute for a white boy.

Girls, girls, girls.

Feast your eyes
on table number six.

Brother number one.

Where, oh, where
did he come from?


So, fledgling scholars

my excursion to the motherland
served as a catalyst

for my educational/cultural

that I'm setting up here
at the school, you understand.

Oh, what are you
doing here, shaka zoo-zoo?

Shazza. Shazza.

I've returned to educate
my people, brother gaines.

You can do that

because it took you
six years to graduate.

As I was saying...

Oh, just look
at Mr. Ego trip.

His whole attitude is saying,
"I know you want some."




I think the five months
Shazza spent in Africa

had an impact on him.

He was treated as an outcast

practically regarded
as a white man.

He is kind of light.

Because he was
an American, Gina.


Shazza concluded

we don't necessarily
have to go to Africa

to appreciate our culture

but should celebrate
the rich tradition

we've established in america.

You seem to be quite
the Shazza encyclopedia.

Well, we had
a brief conversation

in passing... swish!

Hey, Freddie, how's it going?


All right.

How is it going, Freddie?

Leave her alone Kim,

she doesn't have
to hold your grudge.

If she's my friend, she will.

Oh, girl, you just...

She just mad 'cause...

Where were you this afternoon?

Um, suds galore doing laundry.

Dwayne, you were supposed
to come to my art exhibit.

With dirty drawers?

I'm not going to argue
with you now, Dwayne.

I haven't seen you all week.

I just want you to come over

and talk about
this engagement party.

Whitley, now?

My mother will be here Friday.


Okay, um...

Ron and I are helping
our neighbors move.

At 11:00 P.M.?

There's less traffic
in the hallways

but we're still on for that
grad student mixer tomorrow.

Yes, but we shouldn't
stay too long.

We have a lot to talk about

we have to coordinate
our outfits

for our engagement party.

Do you want me to wear a dress?

The party has been changed
from 4:30 to 6:00.

If any guests come early,
mama will have my hide.

Okay, baby. I love you.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.

I love you.
Good night, sweetie.

Good night.

By the way

whose furniture are you moving?

There's no furniture, Ron.

Lying to the Mrs.
What's up?

Whitley is wearing me out.

We should all be so fortunate.

All she does
is talk about this wedding...

The engagement party,
the guest list.

What ever happened
to just dating?

Partner, I'm afraid
you ended all that

when you asked
ole girl to marry you.

By combining historical films
written by you

with cultural seminars
conducted by me

we can re-educate and elevate

the consciousness
of all African-Americans.

The entire country.

Yeah. Them too.

This is
an incredible undertaking.

Requiring the unique
yet diverse contribution

of an intelligent, benevolent,
munificent young woman

not much unlike yourself.

I have the project

and you, winnifred Brooks,
have the passion.

Yes, I do.

Of course

our mission will require
many long, hard

exhaustible hours
alongside one another.

Of course...

I mean, I'm there.

You are incredible.

Not many people
give it up so freely.

Charity's my middle name.


Well, then,
our quest begins tomorrow.

Until then, sweet charity.

Everything's confirmed
that needs to be confirmed.

I've checked everything
that needs to be checked.

I've lost
those three extra pounds.

Mama will be here on Friday.

Everything's set.

Everything's ready.

Whitley, you don't smoke.

I need that
for my nerves, Kimberly.

You don't understand.

My parents will see each other

for the first time
since the divorce.

It will be a disaster.

No, everything
will be all right.

Just stay with me
on this one, okay?

You're late.

Hello to you too.

Good luck.

Hey, baby, you look good.

Maybe a little too good
for a faculty-student gathering.

I had to wear

this lovely ensemble somewhere.

You only take me to burger hut.


Is it nag time already, whitley?

I'm sorry, Dwayne

but our parents
will be here on Friday!

Look at this!

I'm sorry.

I'm just not myself.

Oh, yes, you are.

It's okay, though, baby.

Everything will be okay.

Yes, everything
will be just fine.


We're going to go out...

Easy, baby.

Easy, easy, easy.

We're just going to go out...

And have a good time!

You're not wearing
dungarees, are you?

Mama hates dungarees.

But I was going
to wear a loincloth.

I hope it's burgundy.

That's her favorite color.

And I spent nearly two years

developing this alternative
fuel source.

Then I ran my compound
through the spectrophotometer

only to realize its spectrum
was that of ch3-ch2-oh.

Oh, no!

She didn't do
an o.H.!

Just look at them...

A bunch of eggheads
feeding off each other.

Careful, now.

One of those eggheads
is my husband.

Once you rediscovered
ethyl alcohol

what did you do?

The only thing I could do.

I put it in a punch bowl
and threw the last party.

I don't know, jaleesa.

I don't think this is for me.

Be honest.

Being a faculty wife
is not the life.

I'll have to admit

Brad's math jokes are
just a little bit tired.

Especially that one
about the nuns

and the square root
of the hypotenuse.

Oh, girl,
that one's embarrassing.

He trots it out

at every one of these functions

but, nevertheless

relationships are
about compromise.

Give and take.

Hmm. Seems like
I'm always giving.

Excuse us.

Pookie, I'm ready to go.

We have lots to discuss,
and when my parents arrive

we won't have any time
to be alone and play footsies.

There will be
plenty of time for that.

I am tired of hanging around

this parade
of pocket protectors.

Oh wait a minute now,
this is no more boring

than those artsy-fartsy things

you drag me to

and it's important
for me to mingle

with other faculty and students.

You just don't care.

You don't care
about your own
engagement party.

Do you wake up whining?

Not when I've been treated right

the night before.

My blouse!

It's ruined for life!

I'll buy a new one.

It's not the same!

You're not helpful at all.

You are totally insensitive
to my pre-nuptial needs.

Whitley, whitley...

Whit..! Whitley!

Whit..! Whit..!

Hey! Hey, baby.

You look a little
unnerved there, Dwayne.

Just a case
of the whitleys, sir.

Everything's fine.

No, no, no.

Look at it this way.

At least she's not pregnant.


Bring food, honey.

Coming, my darling.

Coming, my love.

Oh, whitley,
whitley, whitley.

I don't know about...

Oh, damn, Dwayne!

I'm sorry.

Look, I'm really sorry.

It's all right.

It's okay. Really.

I'll pay for it.

I got my wallet.

What I'll do is I'll buy you...

Listen. Calm down.

That's not necessary.

I know you're sorry.

I'm sure it will come out,

Um, what did you say
your name was again?

Well, I didn't

but it's Lisa...

Lisa Westin.


And Lisa was so mellow...
Just like me.

I liked that.

But how many women
have what whitley has?

Pow! Ping! Pop!

You know.

Lisa got pow! Ping! Pop!

But that's not
what it was about.

She was a breath of fresh air.

We just clicked.

You've already clicked
with whitley.

what you two have is destiny

like Romeo and Juliet.

They both died, Ron.

But they died together.

You see, I don't know
if I'm ready for together.

Marriage is forever

and whitley is so damn needy.

Oh, I love a needy woman.

Well, what do you do
if you can't fill
her needs, huh?

I ain't never had that problem.

Not those needs.

Listen to me.

Lisa and I sat together
and talked for hours.

I was having fun
with this woman... just fun.

Think of all the fun
you have with whitley.

She is fine
and she cooks with...

Well, she's very fine.

She's the finest sister
I ever saw.

Yeah, yeah, I know,
and she loves me to death.

Then what's the problem?

Is there anything wrong
with having friends?

You know, a little stimulation?

Some coffee, maybe?

Brother, don't do it.

I don't think I can take it.

You want me in it for you.

With whitley,
it's all about her.

What about me?

Okay. If Lisa's
on your agenda

just remember the three ds...

Darkness, discretion and denial

and commit these alibis
to memory.

Number nine...
It's a sure winner.

I'm going to call Lisa.

Then, take my discount card
to the come-as-you-are motel.

Lisa's not the kind of woman
you take to some motel.

Then take somebody else!

Get out of here with this card.

At Avery, I'm not getting
through to anybody.

I am one of three women
and I'm the only sister.

I don't know which
is the bigger experiment.

I had a...

I had a really good time.

Me too.

You know, my roommate says

that I shouldn't
have gone out with you.

Yeah, well,
you do have a girl friend.

So why are we here?

Because I find you attractive.

And you invited me, remember?

That's right.

I'm guilty as charged.

Listen, there is no rule

that says men and women
can't be friends.

None that I know of.

And if men and women
were friendlier

we'd all have better insight
into the opposite sex.

Or maybe just each other.


How would your fiancee
feel about that?

I hadn't given that
much thought.

Maybe you should.

I'm sure she's wondering

where you are, who you're with

and why you're with that person.

She offered to buy me a beeper.

If I were her...

So would I.

Then this chef stabbed
the other one in the back

with a meat thermometer

and Dr. Johnson's notation
on the chart was

"turn and baste
every two hours."

Yes! Either this game
is too easy

or I'm too good.

What's your
sign? I'll read
your horoscope.

Oh, no, honey.

I'm a highly spiritual person.

Pastor tells me
that dealing with horoscopes

is dabbling in the occult.

Oh, I see.

How can you sit here

and cheat yourself in solitaire

then say a horoscope
is against your religion?

Don't hate me
because you're a heathen.

I had such a wonderful
time tonight.

Yeah, me too.

I've never met a man
who cares so much
about his people.

Well, it's about supply
and demand.

The more I supply,
the more they demand.

Oh, dig it.

It's kismet.

My horoscope told me today

I would meet a man
meant for great things.

Girl, I'm a gemini.
Read me that horoscope.

Not now.

Not now.

Ooh, girl!

Girl, who needs a gym
when you can work...

When you can work out like that?

Oh, I know, my sisters.

He is beautiful.

Yes, he is.

But it is much deeper
than the physical.

Tonight we shared teriyaki tofu
over candlelight

and then we walked barefoot
along the beach

reciting African proverbs

and recycling along the way.

He's so romantic.

You mean, so cheap.

Oh, Gina, Shazza and I
are beyond the material.

And he didn't mind

you wearing that dress?

We happen to be twin souls.

He is the Yang to my yin,
the ego to my ID.

He could be the black eyes
to your peas

but Kim's going to trip.

Kim. Kim!

You promise me that
you won't say a word.

Now, you know
I can keep a secret.

Gina, your picture
is in the hillman directory

"campus information."

One of my better photos,
I might add.

Don't worry about it.

What's the worst thing
that could happen

if she found out?

Is that a new coat?

You look great.

You look good.

What's up?

Kim, what's wrong?

I got a lot on my mind.

Kim, you can always talk to us.

Freddie that's right.


What would you do

if you saw
your girl friend's boyfriend

with another woman

who you knew that boyfriend
shouldn't be with?

I'd bust the ho.


No, no, no, honey.

Lie through your teeth.

It wasn't my man, was it?


Seriously, though

the last thing
a woman wants to know

is that she's being
played like lotto.

Besides, she is more likely

to accuse you than believe you.

That's the truth

and even if a woman
wants to know

what makes you
think she wants to
hear it from you?

Why should I stick my neck out?

That's what I'm saying.

I don't believe this!

Excuse me, my sisters.

Listen to yourselves.

You have to always
tell the truth

even if it means
losing a friend.

Honesty is always,
without a doubt

in any situation,
the best and only policy.

- Really?
- Really?

Well, hypothetically.

That's what I thought.

Depends on the situation.

In the final analysis

was the funky, little date
worth the heartache?

Whitley doesn't know.

But I hurt.

Shut up.

Ron, could you excuse us
for a minute?

Oh. I was hoping

to get a private session
with you later.

Yeah, well,
hope Springs eternal.

Me too.



Uh... huh.

- So, Dwayne.
- Hmm?

How's your eggs?

Fine. Scrambled hard
like I like them.

I stopped by the mirage
last night.

Alibi number nine.

So, what were you
doing there, man?

I was minding my business.

Hey, she is just a friend.

I had to say something.

It's not every day
you see your friend's fiance

holding hands
with another woman.

I'm looking out for whitley.

I can respect that.

So, um... does whitley know
about this friendship?

She was there the night we met.

I repeat,
does she know about this?

Whitley has been my world
for the last year, okay?

I have given
this relationship my all.

I don't know what else to do.
I'm tapped out.

Be honest.


Whitley won't hear it
from me, okay?

I appreciate that, Kim.

All right, all right.

The lies, the deceit,
they're giving me bad Karma.

Brace yourself, my sister.


I have been seeing Shazza
regularly for three days.

That's nice, Freddie.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Love will kick you
in the butt soon enough.


I'm so happy to see you!

I'm sorry about the way I acted

over that silly,
albeit, $250 blouse

and I forgive you.

Do you forgive me?

I forgive you.

And I forgive you.

And I forgive you.

Let's go make up.

Hey, whoa, wait, wait.

Come over here.



We need to talk.

Let's talk after we make up.

Uh, whitley, we could,
but we won't, sweetie.

So... oh, gosh.

Last night...

I missed you.

I missed you, too,
but last night...

Did you get a lot
of studying done?

Whew, it's hot in here.

Thank you.

Sweetie, I don't know what...

Why I'm telling you any of this

because it probably
doesn't mean anything

which is why I'm not sure
why I'm saying it.

My pookie has such problems
expressing himself.

When you keep cutting me off,
it gets no easier.

You sit there.

I'm going to sit here.


I'm as quiet as a church mouse.

Zip up my lips,
throw away the key.

You just talk to me.


Come on, come on, come on.

Whitley, please.

I want to know your
every innermost thought.

Last night I went out
with another woman.