A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 10 - Do You Take This Woman? - full transcript

Dwayne and Whitley's parents both come together for their engagement party. When both mothers get into a heated exchange Dwayne and Whitley are going to an exchange as well when Dwayne gets cold feet but it is Whitley who calls of...

You went to dinner
with another woman?



Nothing happened, whitley.

So why are you telling me?

I wanted to be honest.

That is the worst excuse
I've ever heard.

Bunny, that's the truth.

Don't call me bunny.

You better not have
taken that tramp

anywhere better
than Mickey d's or ho-Jo's.

Whitley, she's not a tramp.

Now you're defending her.

She's a graduate student
studying molecular biology.

You're dumping me
for some egghead?

I'm not dumping you.

So you're not attracted to her.

That's not the point.

Yes, it is.

Whitley, wait a minute.

Lately I've been
feeling trapped.

Do you want to call
this engagement party off?

Maybe I should call mama.

Hello, lovebirds.

Save the call.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

doesn't he grow more handsome

by the minute?

Yes, he does change
by every waking minute.

Oh Dwayne, you look so..
Look at him, whitley.

Now let me see this ring.



Oh, what a lovely

little beginning, Dwayne.

Mama, Dwayne and I
were on our way out.

We have to discuss...

Have you forgotten
you are the guest of honor

at an engagement party?

We'll be there.

We have a million things to do.

I have to get a dress.

Your father is coming.

Dwayne, be a dear
and bring my luggage in.

Thank you very much.


Watch out, coming through.

20 pounds of fresh catfish.

Your folks is here

with much grub
for tomorrow night.

You'd think Luther vandross

Nell Carter and heavy d
was coming to dinner.

Hey, Ron, I told whitley
about Lisa.

What is the matter?

You stupid, stupid, stupid!

Hello, son.

Hey, pop.

Where's mom?

She's coming,
but I got to warn you.

It was a long ride
from Brooklyn.


There's my mama.

Oh, son.

I don't mean to be negative, now

but I got this awful feeling

about this stuff
that's about to happen.

Yes, I do, way deep down
in my bones.

I had a dream.

Come on, Adele, not again.

You done already told
the toll booth attendant.

Spare the boy.

It was this big, fancy
wedding reception in a garden

and in this garden
was a chipmunk.

Ma, come on with
the chipmunk stories.

If I'm lying I'm flying, son

and lord knows,
you don't see no wings.

Let's not have
the extended version.

Chill out, woodchuck,
and let me tell my story.

The chipmunk was in the garden,
running around the buffet table

and all of a sudden,
the table crashed down.

The chipmunk tried to run...

He was a fast critter...

But you know what happened?

He got smushed?

Like a pancake.

I don't want to tell you
what did it.

No, but you will.

The bride figurine
from the top of the cake.

That was my dream.

I ain't got nothing else to say.

For now.

Mom, admit it.

You don't like whitley.
You never have.

Did I say anything about her?

I wasn't even thinking
about her.

She's a precious little thing.

Here, eat your cobbler
and stay regular for mama.

Mom, mom, listen to me.

I'm engaged to whitley, okay?

We'll see.

Please, look, we've got
a lot of things to do today.

That's right.

Get ready to meet
miss thing, senior.

Why would you threaten
to bust Dwayne about Lisa?

I didn't, he busted himself.

Do you want their marriage
based on a lie?

That's the American way.

When are you women
going to learn

to let sleeping dogs lie?

When you dogs stop lying.

What are you talking about?

Whitley, the woman of the hour.

The bride-to-be.

Evaporate, Ron.

Well, I see
this is the happy corner.

Uh, I'll just be leaving

and, Kim, please don't
wake the dog.


It's over.

What is?

My life, my relationship.


Is seeing another woman.

I said Dwayne...

My Dwayne...

Is seeing another woman.

How do you know?

He told me.

That's no reason to panic.

What if she's prettier than me?

What if she's taller, like her?

Or like that dumpling
by the register?

He always did like women
with big old butts.

Infidelity isn't always
about the other person.

Maybe there's a problem
in the relationship.

So you're saying there's
something wrong with me.

No, i'm...

You're damn right, there isn't.

I'm classy, i'm
generous, I'm kind... And
many other things.

I gave up the high life
for that boy.

He's lucky to have me.

I know, but he's been under
a lot of pressure lately.

You act like
I've just been sitting around

painting my toenails,
popping bonbons.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

He will never find
anyone else like me, Kim.

Never ever.

That bushwhacking swine.

He probably has found
someone better than me...

A d-cup that can expound
on the theory of relativity.

Come on, don't think
about the other woman...

Who isn't really
the other woman.

What if it's her?

It's not her, okay?

How do you know?

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I had these made up
just to break the ice.

Aren't they fun?

"Kiss me, I'm your in-law"?


Thank you.

Good evening.

Oh, Mabel

I feel as though
I know you already.

It's Adele.

Nice meeting you too.

Oh, forgive me.

If the brain were made up
of memory cells only

I would be brainless.

Like mother, like daughter
I see.

Mrs. Gilbert

it's a pleasure.

Oh, mon dieu, Dwayne.

You never told me

you had such a charming,
handsome, suave father.

Well, whitley never
warned me about you, either.

I must say, you...

No, you mustn't.

I'm glad that we're all here.

Here we all are together.

Uh, yes.

Whitley, s'il vous plait.

Let's all put on our buttons.



I'll put on yours,
Mr. Wayne.

Well, thank you.

"Kiss me, I'm your in-law"?

Thank you.

Oh, put it on.

It's fun.

I don't think so.

We ain't related yet.

What surprise do you have for us

in all these boxes?

The food, dear.

We got a load of catfish.

Adele's cooking it at the pit.

That is most unnecessary.

I am having this affair catered
by Caroline sidlow.

Here is the menu, my dear.

I wanted to serve food

they didn't have to look up
in a dictionary.

I wasn't serving dinner.

After all,
it's a cocktail party.

Folks always want to grub.

I bought paper plates too...
The good kind.

See that?

Adelaide, let's not haggle
over the menu.

We have bigger fish to fry.

Mm-hmm. Catfish.

Now I intend to turn this lobby
into the garden of Eden.

Chipmunk and whitley

are supposed to come out naked?

That's a very creative
idea, Mrs. Gilbert.

The garden, I mean.

Thank you.

Call me Marion.

All my friends do.

Let's get started

with the flower arrangements,
thank you.

I'll get my flowers and shears.

If you all will excuse me.

Whitley, whitley.

Whitley, please.

Forget everything
I said earlier.


There are too many people here.

I want to talk to you
when we can work it out, okay?


Son, shake a leg.

We got to get this fish
over to Mr. Gaines.

Ladies, we'll be right back,
so have a nice, friendly time.

Nice and friendly, ma.

Mm-hmm, bye.


Yes, daisies.

Adele, Adele, Adele.

Would you please give me

your guest list for the wedding?

When things are less hectic

you and I must discuss
some mundane details.

What mundane details?

Oh, you know

things like
the prenuptial agreement.

My chipmunk will need
one of those, won't he?

Adele, you are a card.

I'm as serious
as a heart attack.

We would put a clause in there

that will protect
Dwayne's beanbag chair.

He might not have money now

but he sure do have
what it takes to make it.

Now, your child...

Are you insinuating that
my child lacks brainpower?

Well, I don't see her name
on any electrical inventions.

Madame, you go too far.

Who are you calling madame,
Mrs. Thing?

Whom are you calling
Mrs. Thing?

Yoom, that's whom

with your size six
body and brain to match.

That's what I'm talking about.

Well, then,
you must be a genius.

Well, you got that right,
and I have someone

cuddling up to this genius
every night.

All you have is attitude.

Acting like
you're doing us a favor

by marrying into our family.

We are doing you a favor.

You take that back.

You don't want me
to turn ugly in here, do you?

That requires
no effort on my part.

There's no mirrors uncracked
at your house.

Oh, Adele!

That's a Casablanca Lily.

That's $20 a stem.

Oh, Marion, I'm so sorry.

Now it's ten dollars.

Oh, no, not those flowers!

Not the hanging...

No, no, no!

What is going on here?


What is going on?


We were just trying to decide

where to hang the garland.

Adele, you've done enough
for today.

I didn't do anything!

Say good night, Adele.

Good night.

Good night, Elsie!

That woman's personality
is worse than her hairdo.

Mama, what did you say to her?

I didn't say anything.

I broke my nail.

I don't think

I could stand
to be related to that woman.

Well, it's not your choice.

Well, then, thank heavens
I had the forethought

to ask
for a prenuptial agreement.

How could you?

What do you mean, how could I?

Do you realize
that in the beginning

your father promised me the moon

but in the end

it was the judge
that gave it to me.

That's your life, mama.

Darling, it happens
to the best of us.

You think you know them.

Then one day you wake up
next to a stranger

and you don't know
what you did wrong.

Did you have to cut down
the woman's flowers?

She was doing the same thing

but you didn't see her
and her puny behind.

I'll be related to this woman.

Not if I have
anything to do with it.

Well, you don't

so you're going to apologize.

It must be ripple in that cup.

It's a struggle, son.

Till death do you part.

And we usually go first.

Pop, I don't know
if I'm up to this.

You have cold feet?

They're frozen.

That's normal.

Terror is a big part
of marriage.


It seems like
the closer we get to it

the more scared I get.

Well, join the club.

Join the club.

I had doubts

when they started playing
that wedding march.

Now, I love velma

but I'm not sure that I want
to be married to her.

Did you reach a point
where you knew it was right?


When I saw her standing there
in that white dress

and on our honeymoon.

I haven't looked back since.

But I'm still attracted
to other women.

Son, you're engaged.

You ain't dead.

No, dad. I'm
really attracted.

You mean there's somebody else?

Well, no.

Well, sort of.
Maybe. It's...

Well, now, either there is
or there ain't.

I haven't done anything yet.

I just met this woman
who reminds me of the things

I may be missing with whitley.

Nobody's perfect.

You have to decide
what you can live with

and what you can live without.

Only you know.


I think the only one
of god's creatures

meant to mate for life

is the humpback whale

and even he don't look
too happy.

Congratulations, whitley.

Yeah, you must be so excited.

Yes, miss Lena.

Someday I wish you
the same happiness

I'm experiencing now.

Whitley, whitley.

We can't stay too long

but I just want you to know

that your commitment
is solid gold!

Oh, Shazza!

Sweetheart, sweetheart

don't you think you ought
to come up for air?

Well, honey,
I am eating for two now.

Yeah, but two what?


Whitley, how do I look?

Did Mrs. Wayne
and her broom land yet?

Be nice, mama.

Do you think

I should change into the velvet?

Daddy will think
you look beautiful.

I did not dress for your father.

That woman's collard Greens
gave me a headache.

I'll get aspirin.

Thank you.

Daddy! Daddy!

Princess, you look beautiful.

And I'm so very happy, daddy.

So happy.


Mother, you know daddy.

Charmed, I'm sure.

Marion, you're
as stunning as ever.

Where's your little bride?

Monica came down with the flu

at the last moment.

What a shame.

And you ran out of baby aspirin.

Marion, I came here
for whitley's sake.

Let's not turn this into Beirut.

All right.

Let's not relive history.


Your distinguished in-laws
have just arrived.

I bet she's saying something
wicked about us.

Unlike you.

Mother, I am begging you,
please behave yourself.

Adele, I'm warning you.

You mess up this party
and you snore alone.

Oh, my goodness.

Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the two prettiest mothers

this side of the Mason-Dixon.

Daddy, have you met Mrs. Wayne?

Mrs. Wayne,
I am charmed.

Just call me Adele.

All of my friends do.

Whitley, dear, I see where
you get your beauty...

Your father.


Woodson Wayne, here.

Adele's husband.

You're so eloquent.

Why don't you make
the first toast?

Well, I'd be happy to.

May I have your attention?

I'd like to propose a toast
to my future daughter-in-law.

I'd like to say something too.


Whitley, you're
what every father

dreams of for his son.

Adele and I both wish you
all the best.

I'd like to add to that.

Chipmunk, you're my only child.

Whatever you do in life,
you'll do it well.

You're a good man,
just like your daddy

and I love you very much.

Don't forget whitley.



Whitley too.

Giving away a daughter

is a time of mixed emotions
for a father.

In fact, it's painful.

So is taking her.

But that pain is eased
by the knowledge

that Dwayne
will love and protect

my Princess.

I know I speak for Marion too

when I say welcome
to the family, Dwayne.

Thank you.

To Dwayne and whitley.

Hear! Hear!



Bunny, I don't know what to say.


It's so nice to look out
and see all of you here tonight.

All of the people
that I love, and...

And all the people that love me

and those who aren't quite sure
how they feel about me.

I'd like to thank you all for
coming tonight, but I...

We're not going
to be getting married.


Whitley. Whitley!

Whitley, can we talk about this?

There's nothing
to talk about, Dwayne.

There was a decision to be made

and you couldn't make it.

But I still love you.

Whitley, sometimes I feel
like this is going

way too fast

but my father says
everybody has doubts.

Doubts, Dwayne.

Not dates.

I'm not enough for you.

No, that's not true.

Sometimes you're too much.

I want to be
your one and only, Dwayne.

Are you ready for that?