A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 5 - Forever Hold Your Peace - full transcript

In New York to attend her father's second wedding, Whitley and Dwayne meet up with the Huxtable clan.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Hey, you're up.

I have been since you
started packing

that weekend bag five hours ago.

New York weather is freaky.

I want to be ready for anything.

Like Denise huxtable?

Yeah, and hook up
with my homies.

And hook up
with Denise huxtable.

Catch some shows.

With Denise huxtable.

She'll be so surprised, Ron!

You mean you haven't told
her you're coming?

Well she said in her letter

"when you're in the city
drop in."

Oh, she wrote that.

She didn't mean it.

Girls don't like
to be surprised.

You could catch them

with their goop
all over their face

fluffy little slippers
with the animal faces

you know,
and hair by cuisine art.

Denise could never look bad.

I realized I missed her but I
never realized hiow much

until I got her letter.

She is fine.

Plenty of girls are fine.

Denise has something special.

She's like a beautiful spirit

that just shines through.

You wouldn't be so happy

if that spirit
was shining through

the face and body
of Jabba the Hut.

True, but then
she wouldn't be Denise.

I'm telling you, I'm ready for
her this time.

The question is,
is Denise ready for you?

Yes, and I have proof.

"Africa has changed me

"in ways I can
only tell you face-to-face.

"I feel like my life
has started all over again."

You see this?


"Started over again."

Don't touch the letter.

Well, that's true. That could
mean that Denise is ready

to come back to you and hillman

or she fell off an elephant

and thinks
she's Shirley MacLaine.

I'm telling you, man,
she's coming back.

We're going to graduate
with honors


Ron, you see, I'm good for her.

I anchor her.

She makes me fly.

That's beautiful.

It reminds me of me and whitley.

Yeah, I could see
how it would, Ron.

They're predicting snow
all weekend.

Even the weatherman

doesn't want daddy
to marry Monica.

Come on, the wedding is not
gonna be fun

but it will be over
before you know it.

That's easy for you to say.

Your daddy isn't about to
daughter down the aisle with

some 24-year-old
funeral parlor heiress

from teaneck.

Oh, vome on, you said yourself
she's not so bad.

For some cheap, little chippy
on the side.

I didn't know he was going
to marry the floozy.

Would you feel differently

if she were older?

Freddie, age is not the point.

She's a gold-digging sadist.



Exhibit "a."

My bridesmaid gown.

Do you think she picked
this emerald city creation

to complement my beauty?

I'm going to look like
a refugee from the wiz.

But if you don't like these

why do you care
about how you look?

Who let her in here?

I think that this is wonderful.

He has a chance
to start life anew

have more children...

Your father
wants to marry Monica.

Think of his happiness.

I'm going to tell
the congregation

that Monica was a man.

Now you really want
to leave the church

in a straitjacket, don't you?

It will look better on me

than this dress.

Get dressed.

Dwayne will be here
in a half an hour.

I know.

I'll just talk to daddy.

I've always been
his special girl.

He'll listen to me.

He has to.

What if that doesn't work?

How icy is the Hudson river
this time of year?

Don't even think about jumping.


I'm talking about pushing.

Hey, jaleesa,
is whitley upstairs? Is she

Yeah, she'll be right down.

I bet you're looking forward
to seeing Denise, huh?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Last night instead of
counting sheep, I counted
the reasons

Denise didn't take me seriously.

Got it down to 20.

I was too eager, too goofy...

You talk too much.

That's 21 reasons.


Well, tell me you were
her roommate, did she
talk about me much?

Oh, a fair amount.

Oh come on, tell me what she

Oh, no, my lips are sealed.

Jaleesa, it's been
a year and a half.

Alright, alright, um..
Once she said that you
were geeky and immature

but that one day
you would be something.

Ah, that day has come.

I'm going to show her

the suave, sofisticado
Dwayne Wayne.

You're crazy.

What's the matter?

Haven't you seen anyone
dressed for a wedding before?

Mush, Dwayne.

Where's your daddy
getting married?


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Hi, Mrs. Huxtable.

I didn't mean to drop in.

Well, I did, but...

If now is not a good time i...

You better get in here and give
me a kiss.

How are you?
Look at you!

I'm fine.

And who told you
you could grow up?

Is Denise home?

Is that your way of saying that

you did not come to see me?

No see, I really did come
to see you, too.

Don't lie.


Denise, a man has come
to sell you insurance.

I didn't...

Hey, Dwayne!

It's so good to see you.

Can I have another hug?

I'm not trying to get fresh.

I just wanted to make sure

she's really here.

I'll mind your tomato sauce.

Thanks, mom.

Dwayne, I can't believe it.

Your note said if I was in town

I should drop in.

Glad you did.


You're like
the cosmic caterpillar.

Am I supposed to say thank you?

It was my favorite ride
at this amusement park.

You know, it never let me down,
it had my heart going

like a popcorn popper every time

just like being here with you.

That's really...

That's really goofy, I know.

Trust me.

I don't say
things like that anymore.

No, I was going to say

that's really sweet.

So much has happened.

Oh, you're telling me.

You wouldn't recognize Gilbert
hall, it's gone coed.

Yes, yes!


But I don't hangout there much
anymore. I got my own place off

When you come back or if you
come back

I could probably get you
a place in my building.

Dwayne, I don't think I'll
be coming back to school...

At least, not any time soon.

Oh, that's okay.

'Cause the apartments in my
building don't go fast.

A lot of the things
that have happened

I just couldn't put them
in the letter.


Your lasagna noodles are ready.

Oh, okay, thanks, mom.

I'll be right back.

I'll be right here.

Here we go.

Do fish sleep?

Not if you keep bouncing them

around like that, miss bugaboo.


Hey, how you doing?

All right.

Denise has told me
so much about you.

I'm Dwayne.

Dwayne Wayne?


Ah, hey, man, how's it going?

Denise has told me
a lot about you.

Do fish sleep?

Oh, I don't know.

I never asked one.

You must be a friend of Rudy's.

Yes. She gives me toys.

This is Olivia.

Well, aren't you
a little sweetheart?



So... you all met.

Yeah! Remember, you kept saying

"when you see Theo,
you'll like him right away"

and you're right...

I like him right away.


This isn't Theo.


Dude, I'm sorry!

Man, forgive me!

This must be one of the twins.

Uh, Dwayne?

This is Martin Kendall...

My husband.

Your who?!

And my daddy.

Uh, yeah.

Martin and I,
we got married in Africa.


This is great!

Denise's husband, that's you!



Mazel tov!

Welcome to the family.

So you met in Africa.

Almost 12 million square miles
of continent

and you two
bump into each other.

Yeah, I bet you never expected
to see her end up

with an engineer.

Not in my wildest dreams.

so then he married Monica.

Can you believe it?

Hello, everyone.


Let me look at you, girl!

Little sea shells.

Well, I'm sorry I'm so early.

What a fiasco
that wedding was...

But you just have to laugh.

Whitley, you weren't supposed to
be here for another two hours.

Who conducted the ceremony,
Evelyn wood speed preacher?

When daddy put Monica's
bridal veil on his head

and started singing
"you make me feel like dancing"

it made me feel like leaving.

Would you like something to eat?

No, thank you.

You should have
seen this wedding.

The bridesmaids were
barely out of their teens

and the ushers were
well into their dentures.

I had the only youngster
in the whole bunch.

It was tito, Monica's
little brother.

He summers as a pallbearer
in the family funeral business.

Well, he walked like he had

a casket on his shoulder.

I said, "put some pep
in your step, tito.

This is a wedding,
not a funeral."

Who are you?

My daddy.

Are you glinda, the good witch?

She's just whitley.

Whitley, this is
my step-daughter, Olivia

and my husband, Martin Kendall.

How do you do?

Oh, my.

I thought all you were
going to bring back from Africa

were some wooden salad bowls.

What are you doing?

I'm just putting the trash out.


That dress was ugly.

Next time Monica gets married

she should have you
design the dress.

Who's Monica?

Oh, just some woman who was
born to be a second wife.

Meat's not good for you.

Thank you for telling me.

Where does Mrs. Huxtable
keep the bread?

In the bread box.


Hallelujah, just what I needed.

Iyou know Olivia, have had
some day today.

You saw the dress I had to wear.


Then when I got there,
all these little squirmy...


Oh, no, not really.

Leave some bread for me.

What can I prepare
for you to eat?

Oh, nothing, really.

Salami and cheese
with dijon mustard

lettuce and tomato and pickles.

Little itty-bitty French ones,
if you have them.

I believe we do.

You know, I don't usually
make commando raids

on my hostess' pantry.

It's just that
I'm not quite myself.

Oh, that's understandable. It's
difficult when your father takes
a new bride

especially one so young.

I'm over that.

I always say,
"as long as daddy's happy."

That's a very mature attitude.

Well, you just have to laugh.

I'm really worried
about my mama.


You know Ms. Huxtable, all the
other wives always hated my mama

because their husbands
couldn't wait

for her to show up
in her tennis skirt.

Today at the wedding,
her best friend, Louise sujay...

That graceless cow...

Had the nerve to say to me

"I'm sorry your mama
couldn't be here today.

Please send her my best."

We all know what Louise sujay
looks like in her tennis skirt.

A cow.

And if your mother's
anything like her daughter

she will tell that
graceless cow where to go and
how to get there.

Hmm. Mama always says she's
better off without him

but I don't think she means it.

This must be very painful...
For your mother, I mean.

But it sounds to me like
she's a very strong woman.

She'll go on with her life
and she'll be fine.

I just can't believe
my daddy treated me...

You just have to laugh!

No need to cut it.

It looks delicious.

I always get so famished
when my mother's upset.

They shouldn't rent ice skates
to just anybody.

You should
have to get a license.

That little girl that knocked
you down was a speed demon.

Would you like me
to sew your split for you?

It's not in any place where
anyboddy's gonna see it.

How about if I make
some hot chocolate to
warm us up?

That would be great.


That would be great.

He's a great guy.

If I were a girl,
I'd marry him, too.



Dwayne, I'm sorry.

I didn't want you to find out
about Martin this way.

A letter seemed so cold, man.

I mean, it's been
a year and a half.

I didn't know how you felt.

Hey, no apologies necessary.

We were buddies, right?

So one night

we went out for Japanese food
and we kissed.

It was a great kiss.


But it was a year and a half ago

besides, I was one of a million
guys that had a crush on you.

Listen to you, you were
never just anyone.

Come on.

When everyone was telling me

I was the worst
student in history

you were always encouraged me.

You always made me feel
special and smart.

You were never just anything.

I think maybe you could
sew up my pants.

I'm starting to feel
a little breeze in here.

I'll miss you.

I have that same effect
on my family.

It's after I'm gone
they realized they liked me.

Come here, you.

£ memories £

£ like the corners
of my mind... £

take good care of my girl, man.

It's a promise.

Well, you all have a safe trip.

Here's a little snack for you.

Salami and cheese.

Yes, and some
little French pickles.

Thank you... for everything.

Bye, witchley.

Isn't she a living doll?


Bye, Martin.

How did you like Denise's
vegetarian lasagna?

I didn't sample
that culinary delight.

Oh, that's too bad. It was
the perfect blend of tomato,
pasta and tofu.


She's not gonna hang onto Martin
cooking like that.

Why, damn it?

He just doesn't seem like
your typical bean curd lover.

How could her parents

let her go off to Africa?

They should have known
she'd hook up

with some good-for-nothing
Annapolis lieutenant engineer
in the Navy.

I hate Annapolis.

Dwayne, the boy is cute, but he
is a bit of a dullard.

A laxative wouldn't
do him any harm.

Yeah, well that that dullard got
the only girl I ever loved.

The only woman I ever almost

could have maybe fallen totally
and completely in love with.

Surely, on the face of
god's great earth

she's not the only one

that you could fall totally
and completely in love with.

If there's another one,
I haven't met her.

She tried to tell me,
but I wouldn't let her.

"I'll get you a place
in my building."

What a class-a fool.

Lots of women would be thrilled

to have you act so foolish
over them.

Is he better looking than I am?

No, not at all.

In fact, the only thing
he has over you

is a few layers
of muscle tissue.

Thank you.

You know, if I ever meet cupid,
I'll wring his neck.


I had to walk two miles.

So, are we gonna die in here or
are they sending help?

Someone should be here
in a half hour

with your new tire.

I can't believe
you threw out the spare.

Well, I didn't want that
nasty ol' thing in my trunk.

It's freezing in here.

Thank you for going for help.

You're welcome.

It's freezing in here.



Oh... here.

When Monica and daddy
come back from their honeymoon

they'll move into
their new house.

It's got four big bedrooms

and plenty of room
for a jungle gym.

I guess they're
planning a large family.

The best part of it is

daddy said they're putting
a fold-out bed in the den

just for me.

He said, "you can be our guest
from time to time, honey."

That's when I left.

Hey, sometimes happiness

makes people a little selfish
and very dense.

I walked down that hallway
as slowly as I possibly could.

I just knew my daddy
was going to follow me.

But the last thing I heard
as the elevator door slid shut

was his laughter.

It won't be like this
forever, whitley.


Then they'll have
other children.

They'll say,
"you can't sleep in the den.

"That's the kids' TV room.

The dog house is all yours."

Whitley, the man's in
the clouds right now.

He'll come back down.


All I know is
I'm never getting married...




I'm just going to have poodles.

They're dependable.

We should hook up.

I'll be 95 years old
sitting on Denise's porch

talking about,
"why wasn't I the one?!"

So it's a date?


Saturday night,
November 20, 2049.

Bingo at the free will
baptist church.

Okay, it's a date.


I'm glad you're here.

So am I.

What are we doing?

I don't know.

Can we do it again?

See you at bingo.
See you at bingo.

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