A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 4 - To Have and Have Not - full transcript

Whitley loses faith in her youth-center dance students when her pocketbook disappears.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

Look, Kimberly, model wanted.

Two hours a week.

I wonder if it's for
clothes or hands, hair.

Doesn't matter.

I could do all of it.

Whitley, it says role models.

That's deceptive advertising.

It works.

Since I have your attention,
sign up for my pilot program.

What program?

I'm asking hillman students

to teach at the youth
center and be role models.

You'll be working with
inner-city kids

and helping me get
my master's degree.

I'd like to help

but with my course load
and my job, I don't have time.

Ernest, how about you?

I'd love to help,
but I can't stand kids.

Shame, shame, shame
on all of you all.

I hope you're proud to be
members of the moigeneration.

What are vous talking about?

You know exactly what I mean.

Where would you be...
Where would hillman be...

Without the charitable
contributions of others?

I don't see you signing up.

For your information, Ernie

I come from a long line
of philanthropists.

My mother and I,
every Christmas Eve

would deliver turkeys to
the south side food banks.

I stuffed them myself.

The ultimate sacrifice.

Only takes one person
to make a difference.

And one overstuffed bird.

Whitley, can I get your
signature on the dotted line?

Let me take a little peek-a-boo
at my appointment book.

Walter, I got
some more volunteers.

Dwayne will teach computers

and Ron is volunteering
to teach power-dating.

Maybe we can make that
a night course.

Who did you get here?

I'm about to sign up whitley.

Whitley who?

Whitley me.

Now, where is this
pocket of neediness?

The thurgood Marshall
recreation center

in the heights.

The heights?

Isn't there an equally
deserving institution

in a slightly
better neighborhood?

Walter, there is that one
soup kitchen in Beverly Hills.

We'll book the flight right now.

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Look at this.

Six more volunteers
for my program.

It's about time these
children helped somebody.

All they know is
"gimme, gimme."

All they ever gave anybody
was a headache.

By this weekend,
they'll be giving back

to the community.

Before or after
our bowling tournament?


Those are my two
least favorite words.

For two months,
I'll be living at the center.

These are the semifinals.

We can't win without you.

Business before pleasure.

This isn't pleasure,
it's bowling.

I want that trophy
on my mantelpiece.

Velma's already made a place
for that gold bowler.

I'll find a substitute.

You better, or your head
will be on that mantelpiece

and don't expect velma
to dust it.

This is a first
for the rec center.

Six activities going on

and none of them involving
pushing, elbowing or biting.

You're right, norm.

My role models are well-behaved.

Dion, I want you
to meet somebody.

This is Walter oakes.

That's a grip.

You won't be signing up
for weight training.

Maybe you should.

I know a class that might
be good for the bone crusher.

How about computer graphics?

What's that?

Man meets machine and makes art.

It's like electronic graffiti.


I'll hook you up with Dwayne.

Hey! Hey!

That is the hood of my car,
not an easy chair.

Will you calm down?

Whitley, I'm glad you're here.

There's your ballet class.

Only two little girls signed up.

I guess ballet is
an acquired taste.

I'll be back
when they've acquired it.

Hold up.

Calling all dancers.

Your introduction to ballet
is about to begin

with your host and prima Donna,
miss whitley Gilbert.

That's prima ballerina.

That, too.

She's not a ballerina.

Why not?

She's black.

Well, aren't we
the skeptical one?

Haven't you ever heard of
the dance theatre of Harlem

or the great Alvin ailey?

Then let's keep your
mouth closed and open your mind.


That's French for "hit it."

The mouse moves the paintbrush
around the screen.




Ballet is an art form
in both French and Russian...

Like salad dressing.

The court of Louis xiv...

Are we going to dance or talk?

I talk, you dance.

First position.

Heels in, toes out.

Class, I think you did
a wonderful job.

Give yourselves a big hand.

I hope I see you all tomorrow.

Remember, when you are
a ballet dancer

you're always on your toes.

Thanks for the class.

Well, aren't you the polite one?

I hope I see you tomorrow.

I can't get here.

Your family doesn't have a car.


They probably use
every cent they make

to clothe and feed you.

I didn't say all that.

Dion, you don't have to be
embarrassed in front of me.

I'm your friend.

Why don't I pick you up tomorrow
and bring you here myself?


I'll pick you up early

and take you by hillman college.

Isn't that a treat?

Are there girls like you there?

They do the best they can
with what they got.

Hey, Vernon.

Walter tells me

that the faculty bowling team
is looking for a fourth arm.

Do you know of one?

I know of two.

Take your pick.

Ambidextrous, too.

I didn't know you bowled.

Back in the service

we used to set up pins
in the firing range.

I was getting pretty good

until somebody shot a fourth
hole in my bowling ball.

It shouldn't take long
to get my touch back.

I know it won't.

Be at the lanes
tomorrow at 2:00 sharp.


Latecomers buy the hot dogs.

Hot dogs, all right.

So, Dion, this is the pit.

There are two familiar faces.

Kimberly, Freddie.

I'd like you to meet
my prize dance pupil, Dion.

Hi, Dion.

Pleased to meet you.

Isn't he a little gentleman?

Don't use your sleeve for that.


Get yourself a nice,
nutritious meal.

Lots of leafy Greens.

Oh, he's adorable.

Look deeper, ladies.

Behind those dimples
lies the face of urban blight.

He and his entire family
share two tiny, airless rooms.

He cooks all their meals
for them

and still has time
for grade school.

Makes me realize how truly
selfish and spoiled

we all really are.

I'll remember that next time
you can't get an appointment

for your cellulite rub.

Excuse me.

I have ballet class in an hour.

So, Dion,
what looks good to you?

The redhead!

They really have to fix
those driers.

It melted my favorite
pair of panties.

Have you seen whitley?

She's late for
her tutoring session.

I haven't seen her
since she met Dion.


They're very tight.

Is he a Greek or a jock or what?

He's a dancer.

He is so cute.

So she stood me up
for a dude in a tutu.

What an afternoon.

I don't think I've ever been
so fulfilled in all my life.

Bless the beasts
and the children.

Do I really have to hear
about your sex life?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm referring to the little
angels in my dance class.

I think little Dion
has a crush on me.

Dion is in your dance class?

I knew that.

I got to go.

You owe me for
the tutoring session.

Of course.

Time is money, money's time...

Except when you're
giving from the heart.

Then your possessions
mean nothing.

All you have to...

It's gone.


My wallet, it's not here.

When did you last have it?

At the youth center.

Those thieving little heathens!

Do I have the numbers
of my credit cards?


They're on my credit cards.

Which is in my wallet,
which is stolen.

I do not have to calm down!

I am the victim.


How many credit cards

do you have to cancel?

11, plus my auto club card.

You better
cancel that one quick.

The thief may go
on a jump-start spree.

Come in.

I just talked to norm
at the center.

No wallet's been turned in yet.

That's a news flash.

I'm sorry about your $86.

Walter, it's more
than just the money.

That wallet
was a time capsule of my life.

My baby pictures.

My first love letter.

My very favorite
fortune cookie fortune:

"Spend time wisely,
spend money freely."

I lived by that slip of paper.

We know.

And I know exactly
who the culprit is.

That clodhopper, corrine.

How do you know?

She has been trouble
from the get-go.

She got the lungs of a rooster
and the grace of a chicken.

Now she got a wallet
with your money.

Before we call
america's most wanted

let's see what norm turns up.

I don't care what norm turns up

I'm never going
to that center again.

Why were you at a youth center

with $86 and
all your credit cards?

Ask the victims of Pompeii
what they were doing

standing next to a volcano.

If anybody's a victim,
it's that little girl.

I will not excuse corrine

although you can't expect
that much from people like that.

People like what?

People in those neighborhoods.

Oh, people like that.

I am not saying
that it's her fault.

It's not her fault
that she's needy.

But if you grow up like that

you're bound
to turn out a certain way.

That's how I grew up.

Am I "people like that"?

No, Dwayne, you're different.

Oh, I'm different.

Different from what?

Oh, I know what you mean.

Big ol' afro, bandanna,
gold chains, gold teeth

shower cap with a jherri curl

two stolen cars under each arm.

"Yo, homey, what's up?

What it is."


I did not mean...

Think about what you're saying.

Just because someone is poor
does not make them a criminal.

All right, Dwayne.

Where you going?

To the youth center.

I forgot to lock up my computer.

Dr. Potvin,
show those pins no mercy.

I never do.

All right.

Not bad, not bad.

Yeah, they call me
"the pin punisher."

Of course, you did drag
that left foot a bit.

Is that right, colonel?

90% of the sport is form.

I'll remember that,
and thank you for sharing.

Colonel Taylor, you're up.

Let's see what we got here.

Let's watch his form.

Let me try this one.

Feels good to hold a ball again.

Here we go.

Oh, my goodness.

Hey, Dion, new bike, huh?


It's bad, man.

What's it, comet tail 1989?

Whoa, boy, this is euro-styling,
titanium sprockets

derailers, air conditioning,
fully loaded.

Did you win the lottery?

You must have
because this cost a lot of cash.

I turned in old soda cans.

That's a thirsty neighborhood.

Come on, we want to talk
to you for a second.

"C"... "E"... "G"...

That's a "c" chord.


Who wants to try?

Come on, guys, this is easy.

Corrine, come on.

Are sure you need
to take this class?

Jaleesa, excuse me.

I hate to interrupt
in mid-arpeggio

but, corrine, can I see you
for a moment, please?

In private.

Okay, sticky fingers,
cough it up!


Take your hands
off of this child!

It's all right, corrine.

I told you she was nuts.

Whitley, what has
gotten into you?

I'll make her fess up.

You're right.

Let's break her.

We'll lock her in her room
under a 50-watt bulb.

No soda, no cookies.

We'll have a confession

before snack time.

Notice I'm not disagreeing.



Why, Dion.

Is that your smart-looking bike?

No, it's yours.

I beg your pardon?

Meet the man
who stole your wallet.


I didn't steal her wallet.

I found it.

Yeah, in her purse.

Prove it.

Walter, I know Dion.

Why would he
do something like this?

Because the bike sale
ends tomorrow.

I believe him.

If he said he found the wallet.

He found it

and he used the money
to buy this bike

so he can get medicine
to his sick sisters.


Yes, antonia, yolanda,
Juniper, la Marge.

Whitley, will you think?

The youth center's on the corner

of Juniper and la Marge.

Dion, why?

It's no big deal.

You've got more money.

Correction, it is a big deal.

I don't care if she's
sitting on a pile of money

like Oprah Winfrey on TV guide.

You don't touch it.

Yes, sir.

But we're friends.

You're not my friend.

You just come here
when you feel like it.

That's not true.

What about dance class?

What about the time
we spent together yesterday?

I didn't want
to see a stupid school.

Why don't you
just go back there?

I think you better
watch your mouth.

Now apologize to her.

That's okay, Walter.

He can keep his apology.

What are we going
to do with him?

He's been testing balls
for half an hour!


This one will do the trick.

It takes a while
to get the feel of the ball.

Have you tried a wrecking ball?

Colonel, you got
one more practice shot.

This ought to do it, vern,
this ought to do it.

Let me see here.

Did you see the way my foot
slipped out from under me?

Doggone these rented shoes.

I'm going to have to get a pair.

You want to go buy them now?

You hang in there, colonel.

Mr. Gaines, may I speak
with you for a moment?


Dump him.

86 him.

Ax him.

Give him his walking papers.

He must go.

I can't tell him he can't bowl.

I think he's
already established that.

We will forfeit.

We'll find another player.

I saw a six-year-old on Lane 10.

He's my friend.

I can't tell him to leave.

I can.


I will.


Excuse me, vern, excuse me.

Dean Hughes, gentlemen,
I think that I...

I think that I might have...

Ah! Yeah, I did.

I threw my arm out
on that last ball.


I'm afraid I'm going
to have to drop out.

Little girl, how late
does your mother let you bowl?

It's open.

I see you got
one credit card left.

I wrote a check.

You had a rough day, huh?

You know what they say,
"no good deed goes unpunished."

Can you believe
I bought that child's story?

Or this blouse?

I'll give it to Freddie,
she'll wear anything.

Norm and I had a talk with Dion.

We worked out a way
for him to repay you.

He'll be spending a lot
of time at the center

sweeping, scrubbing...

If there's dirt, he's on it.

You gave him chores?

He should be barred
from the center for life.

You don't want him
on the street.

He becomes a target
for dealers and gangs.

A kid like Dion

gets recruited faster
than a heisman trophy winner

and can make more money.

Are you saying Dion's in a gang?

No, but that doesn't mean
he's safe.

He goes through
three different gang territories

to get to school.

Finding a new route
is the highlight

of his week.

The center is in a neutral zone.

It's a safe place.

Walter, uh,
this is not my problem.

Oh, you're right,
it's nobody's problem.

What am I supposed to do?

Come back to the center.

You said one person
can make a difference.

But I'm not that one,
and those kids know it.

What do they know?

They know more than I do.

How can I look them in the eye

and say, "you can make it
out of the inner city"?

All I ever made it out of
was charm school.

I don't know
what I was thinking.

They need grubby, uneducated
people as role models.

I'll get a wino to teach ballet.

"You all want
to know how to dance?

Put your right foot in,
take your left foot..."

Is that what you want?

It's just that
they need so much.

What is my ballet class
going to give them?

What did it give you?




It teaches them
that there are black ballerinas

there are black
college students.

It gives them choices.

And speaking of choices

how could you buy this blouse?

That was a nice slam, wasn't it?

I guess.

How about slamming
them trash bags

into the dumpster?

I'm sorry, Walter

he'll have to clean up
another time.

I thought you quit.

I lied.

Ballet in five minutes.

Good, I kind of like ballet.

Not the way
I'm going to teach it.

You will sweat.

You will strain.

Your feet will be on the phone
to Dr. Scholl.

In the next hour,
I'll be your worst nightmare.

Shall we dance?

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