A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 20 - 21 Candles - full transcript

Whitley is Little Miss Lonely when she thinks everyone's forgotten her 21st birthday.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

whitley, you've never looked
more exquisite.

Happy 21st birthday.

Thank you, Kimberly.


Monks in France
stomped these grapes

21 years ago

in anticipation
of this glorious day.

Mmm. Thank you, winifred.


A little fish in Russia
laid these eggs

in honor of your birthday.

Thank you, Mr. Gaines.

Greetings from
across the country.

And around the globe.

Thank you, Walter and jaleesa.

Telegram for whitley Gilbert.

"Babs and George send
birthday hugs and kisses."

Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. President.

There's one from New Jersey
from your father.


"Dear whitley...

"I am divorcing Monica

"Your evil stepmother

"has lived up to every name
you've called her

"including heifer."


"She now tips the scales
at 250 pounds.

"I will re-marry
your mother in June.

"We send our love... daddy.

Titi was sold
to the circus."

Thank you, western union!

Happy birthday, most cherished
and unrequited love of mine.

I give you
the gift of my devotion.

There is no other babe for me.

If I have to wait
forever rotting, I will

for to rot in your honor
would be a small sacrifice.

Thank you, Dwayne.

For you, my dearest.

I cut off all the thorns myself.

You're a delicate beauty

but you can still carry off
big jewels.

Open the box, carrissima.


Happy 21st birthday.

Thank you, Julian.

Thank you, everyone!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Kimberly, I just had
the most wonderful dream!

Good, good.

Everybody was there...

It can't be 7:15.

If I don't get to the lab
and feed my rat

he'll chew right
through the cage.

Let's not talk about
vermin before breakfast.

I have to tell you
about my dream.


I won't remember it later!

Be nice to me.

Today's a very important day.

It sure is.

We're getting

a big shipment
of burger buns at the pit.

I hope your buns are moldy.

Well, hello, boys.


Catching up on some reading,
I see.


Let me know
when you get to page 21.

What happens on page 21?

It's an important turning point
for the heroine.

There's no woman in Moby dick

unless you know something
about Moby I don't.


Oh, you look beautiful.

I've never been so happy
to see someone

in all my 21 years.

This is a great day.

Is it?

When I was playing ball

I ran into an old buddy,
Jake turnbow.

That's wonderful.

He's only in town for one day.

We're going to grab some pizzas

and shoot some pool.

We're supposed
to have dinner tonight.

I completely forgot.

Jake's leaving in the morning.

We can have dinner tomorrow.

Tomorrow don't mean diddly
to me, Julian!

What is her problem?

Today's her birthday.


She didn't tell you?


You didn't read the paper?


I'll just cancel...
I can't.

I didn't get Jake's number.

There's an all-girl
surprise party after dinner.

We can have the party earlier.

I just have to get whitley
out of the room.

All girls? Great.

I'll wear my good dress.

It's casual.

Wear something comfortable.

Yo... they're giving whitley

an all-girl surprise party
tonight at Gilbert.

I am sick and tired

of this all-girl
group mentality.

It started with the supremes

but it's ending at hillman.

Just ignore them.

This is dangerous.

One minute their cutting cake.

The next minute
they're slicing the brothers.

They always do that.

It's a put-down powwow.

They'll work themselves
into such a frenzy

they won't accept dates
for weeks.

We have to end this madness.

Let's crash the party.

Let's kidnap whitley.

What are you, stupid or stupid?

A friendly kidnap.

We'll grab the unsuspecting
birthday girl

at some late-night hour.

And, hopefully

she'll be wearing some sexy,
slinky sleepwear...

Wait a minute, I like this now.

Where can we take her?

It's time miss Gilbert
was baptized hillman-style...

In the founder's fountain.

Shall we bring Ernest?


Hi, Kim.
Hi, Kim.

We'll see about that.

Kimberly Reese, I need you
at the Dutch oven!

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Now! And bring your mitts.

Walter, by any chance
did I receive

any colossal floral
arrangements today?

A colossal floral arrangement?

I didn't see any.

I get any packages?

You did... it's in my apartment.

Hope it's a big one.

No, hope it's a small one...
That means jewels.

Happy birthday, whitley.

Jaleesa, you remembered?!

That's better than nobody.

Still charming at 21.

It's a shame though.

I really did not get a chance
to shop for a present.

Doesn't matter what size
the gift...

Unless it's a house.

Here you go.

"Ruby's pot of gloss."

You're a peach, jaleesa.

So is the lip gloss.

I will Cherish this small crumb
as long as I live.

You do whatever you have to do.


Here it is.

And it's mighty small.

I think we're talking

breakfast, lunch
and dinner at Tiffany's.

Look, Walter.

It's addressed to me...
"wiley gimlet."

Titi must have been chewing
on mama's reading glasses.

Ooh! A sample bottle
of nap-back activator.

You can reactivate
your diamonds with that...

Miss gimlet.

And a bottle
of your best red wine.

Yes, I have I.D.

I turned 21 today.

Thank you.

Does that mean I get
a free bottle of vino?

Send it anyway.


For ambience.

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Now, for guests.

Hi, Denzel.

It's whitley.

I know you're busy
with your movies

and awards and everything

but today's my 21st birthday.

And contrary to popular opinion,
it is a very special occasion.

I have reached
the age of consent

in every state.

I hope you don't mind.

I took it upon myself
to order for both of us.

I read in ebony
you loved Italian food.

Come on, denzie.

Oops, don't dribble.

I'll put you right here
near the Linguini.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Is that tack in your head
giving you a headache?

Kimberly Reese, you've been

on that phone all day.

You're giving
that quarter heatstroke.

It's an important phone call.

Well, it can wait.

My wienies and beans won't.

It's all clear.
Come on!

Let's go.

£ I've been working
on the railroad £

£ all the live long... £


Whitley Gilbert,
I'm coming to get you.

This is the place.

Yeah, this wall
looks pretty sturdy.

I like that.

Here we go.

Quick question, spidey.


Why are you scaling the wall?

This is standard
kidnap procedure.



You don't mind
if I take the stairs, do you?

What if she's naked?

It's too early to be naked.

Nakedness knows no time.

Don't look in nobody's windows!

I'll look first.

You've been trying longer.

This is a private party...
Right, baby?

Whitley do you want
to be kidnapped?

Have you been kidnapped?

Want to see
my new birthday underwear?

Oh, my god!

She's naked, isn't she?

Don't be hogging up the view!


Ron, get up here
and look at this!

Is she naked?

Will he be all right?

Does this hurt?


Does that hurt?


How about this?


He's messed up, man.

Stop poking at me
and call an ambulance.

The ambulance is going to take
you to the psychiatric ward

where they can lock
you're two stupid butts up.



I'm here. What?

Was she naked?

Down the hatchie, fort apache.

You know what garlic bread
does to me, Denzel?

Makes me hot!

Makes my every nerve ending
stand at attention

and they're all saluting you.

And they think
I'm a lady, Denzel

but I'd go cheap for you.

Look at my wine selection.

Talk to me, daddy.

Rock my world.

Make me call your name.



All this excitement
for just $3.99.

This is pathetic.

I told you

we should have gotten
the girl a strip-o-gram.

Come on, whitley.

Why don't you and Denzel
come on down to our room?

Excuse me, get your own man!

She would have been
better off kidnapped.

Oh, good.

Now all my friends are here.

I have something to say
to each and every one of you

and I hope you're listening.

Kiss my patootie!

We tried to get her,
but look at it.

Dwayne and Ron are coming
to kidnap whitley

and mess up the party.


First you guys forget,
then you try and remember.

Let me tell you

I wasn't born yesterday.

I was born today,
and you forgot!

Whitley, put Denzel down

or you'll wind up in
the founder's fountain

doing the backstroke.

The backstroke?
I love the backstroke.

That's my favorite stroke.

Look, I won this for first place

in the first grade
for swimming...

Ron is lucky it's just a sprain.

I'm going to make
the rules real clear.

No more wall-climbing
or roof-hopping

no entering the building
through the chimney

unless you got gifts.

I had that injury
when I was in school.

Were you trying
to break into a dorm?

No, I was playing football
for bulton state.

Bulton? I'm impressed.

I played three sports.

Got hurt in every one of them.

They named a scar after me.

I majored in sports medicine
at Lincoln.

I would of thought
you'd have majored in dimples.

You might have seen my scar
in your textbook.

It's shaped like Mickey mouse.

I don't think we know
each other well enough.

You sure? I can make
it's ears wiggle

and go "hey, there,
boys and girls".




I'm lying here, pre-traction

and he's macking on my doctor.

He's just talking to her.

Yo, Walter!
Her number's 9-1-1.

Turn on some sirens
and let's book out of here!

Hey, Dwayne?

I'm right here.

Was she really naked?


£ they say it's your birthday £

£ it's my birthday, too, yeah £

£ they say it's your birthday £

£ you're gonna
have a good time... £

I will never buy
another bottle of wine

with 99 cents
after the decimal point.

You brought your own food.

Good move.


Looks like somebody

fell off the vino Van.

Ladies, what will it be?

I'd like waffles, sausage
and jelly doughnuts.

One spinster special!

God, that's so sexist.

Do you have a man?

Make that two spinster specials.


Well, I don't get it.

A bunch of bachelorettes
on a waffle binge on date night?

All men are swine.

Oh, come on, girls.

I feel like I'm at
a basset hound convention.

Listen, my grandmother Louisa
always said

"every pot has its lid".

Of course,
she buried six husbands.

I'd like to see Julian
pushing up some daisies.

Are you going to ruin
a good relationship

just because the guy
forgot your birthday?


The man didn't know.

Why didn't you just tell him?

It's his job to find out.

He must have missed

that part of
the pre-relationship interview.

If he really cared

he would have rifled through
my belongings

to find the info.

Do you know when
his birthday is?

February 28.
He's a pisces, Leo rising.

He has a birthmark

in a place not often
seen by the sun.

Forget the sun.

Have you seen it?

No, he told me.

When is this man going to stop
this honest and direct nonsense

and start playing some games?

Jaleesa, in all your years

haven't you learned that honesty
is death to romance?

Whitley, old girl...

You are now 21 years old

and if you are ever going
to have an adult relationship

these games of yours
have got to stop.

It's not like Walter
ever forgot your birthday.

He just left you cold
at the altar.

£ ding-ding-de-dang £

that was a mutual decision.

And because we were up-front
with each other

we saved ourselves
from making a huge mistake.

Now, we are both friends, okay?

All I want is his happiness.

Here comes happy.

Booth or table?

I think she better
make it a coffin.

Oh, jaleesa, don't be upset.

Have a little cobbler.

Tastes just like
that lip gloss you gave me.

Ernest, is whitley's party
going on still?

No, Kim found out
some idiots were trying

to kidnap whitley.

What happened to you?

We just got back

from a ninja turtle convention.




Ah, shut up.

If it isn't
the hillman body snatchers.

At least we can say we said

"happy birthday"
on your birthday.

I got this for you
at the hospital gift shop.

It's a number one.

Well, you'll always
be my number one
babe, whitley.

Thank you, Dwayne.

You like it?

Well, my birthday
wasn't a total bust.

I do wish I had
told Julian, though.

How are you doing, man?

Not as good as you.

Dwayne, was she really naked?

I guess it was awkward
back there at irabelle's.


I know you saw me
with that woman.

Oh, yeah, her.

She's all right
if you like that type.

What type is that?

Six months ago, she was a man.

Check it out.

Good night.

Good night.

I have been looking
all over for you.


Why didn't you
just tell me it
was your birthday?

I should have.

I never should have made this
a test of your love for me.

I'm sorry for playing
games with you, Julian.

Are there any other important
dates I should know about?

Holidays, anniversaries,
symbolic rituals?

There's February 15.

The day we met.

Oh, that's so sweet.

I have a present for you.


You're giving me the world.

And that's just the beginning.

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