A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 19 - Hillman Isn't Through with You Yet - full transcript

Whitley has a touch of "senioritis", but it's her job prospects that look a little sickly. Ron's sister, Rachel visits.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

Good-bye, hairspray.

Good-bye, notebook.

Good-bye, pencils.

Good-bye, cookies.

These are mine.

What are you doing?

I am ridding this room

of everything marketed
by Hamilton-winslow, inc.

Good-bye, bra.

Am I safe in assuming your
job interview did not go well?

Ooh, deputy dog.

Sniffed that one right out.

Whitley, you're
an art history major, right?

Why are you wasting time
in marketing and banking?

What's next, the c.I.A.?

Got an appointment Tuesday.

You're not serious.

Kim, I would rather
be a longshoreman

than go back to mama
after graduation.

I'd be prisoner
to her canasta club

her gardening club

her needlepoint society.

There is no hope of parole.

I need your ticket request

for senior banquet.

Is food all
you ever think about?

What they're serving
at this banquet

doesn't qualify as food.

Did you have an interview today?

Yes, with Hamilton and winslow.

You, too?

All that talk about focus groups

demographic t tests
and z tests...

What was that kook
talking about?

Marketing 101.

Oh, well, I'm not
interested in that anyway.

All they're looking for

is some unimaginative
little worker bee.

That's why
they offered me the job.



Thank you.

But now I have four offers,
and I don't know which to pick.

Go with the money.

That does not
narrow down the choices.

Why don't you get back to me
on those tickets, okay?

No wonder I can't get a job.

Jaleesa's hogging all of them.

Don't worry.

Listen, it's about 3:00.

We have to go pick up that cot.

What cot?

We're hosting a perspective
freshman this weekend.

You signed us up for it.

Rachel Johnson
is assigned to us.

Am I supposed to know
who that is?

She's Ron's sister.

Oh, great.

Three days in close quarters
with lady dufus.

I know what you're thinking.

"How will I fit in?

Will I have enough clothes
to go to a black college?"

I don't know.

But at hillman,
we will challenge you

in many different ways.

Academically, you will encounter
some of the finest minds.

Socially, you'll learn
to deal with all kinds of people

and personally, you will learn

to wash your own drawers.

So, which one
of these ugly ducklings

has the misfortune of sharing
a gene pool with Ron Johnson?

I don't know.

We haven't seen her yet.

I have spotted her.

That weeble over there
with the swap meet Gucci.

How did you become head
of the hospitality committee?

You Mark my words.

We've got to hide our triscuits.

There's a heavenly body
that could benefit

from a dawn-to-dusk
tour of campus

with "big brother" Dwayne Wayne.

Hey, hey, she already
has a big brother.

I saw her first.

Hey, that girl's my sister.

That's Rachel?

That's right.

Look at her like that again

it will be
the last thing you see.

I'm just looking,
because this girl

is not the chubby-faced
baby in your wallet.

That girl there is cute.

Well, good looks
run in the family.

Too bad they ran past you.

So right now
you can sign up for classes

over there
with miss Freddie Brooks.

You'd like
to sign up for a class?

I bet there's
a whole lot of woman

under that hair, big red.

You want to sign up for a class,
or a black eye?


Biting wit.

I like that.

But I'll tame you yet,
you big, red shrew.

Yo, Ron, check out
high-waters over there.

He's going to have to put
some sugar in his shoes

to sweet-talk those pants down.

Dwayne Wayne?


I'm Zach Duncan.

Walter tells me

you're one of hillman's
best math students.

I'm the best.

Until I get here.

Is that so?

And guess what?

You're my big brother
for the weekend.

Actually, this is Dwayne Wayne.



Not nearly as funny
as them pants.

Hey, r.J.


Hey, baby.

Hi, baby.

How are you?


Oh, interesting outfit.

It could use
a little more fabric.

Thanks, Ron, but I'm fine.

That you are.

I bet there's a whole lot
of woman under that jacket.

You must be Dwayne Wayne.

What have you been telling her?

No. This is my partner.

Mi amigo.

Mi partner, Dwayne Wayne.

Now what lies has he told you?

That you're
extremely intelligent.

And women line up at your door.

Nice save.

Rachel, hi, I'm whitley Gilbert

your big sister for the weekend.

You look famished.

Excuse me, whitley,
but I'm Rachel.

Rachel, girl,
just like I pictured you.

Ron says you're
an art history major.

That's what I plan to study.

We have some of
the most renowned professors

in the country.

Dr. Colombardo is one of
the foremost authorities

on Henry o. Tanner.

I love Tanner.

I think moonlight in tangier

is his finest work.

The department slides
are immaculate.

Not a hair on them.

So what are you planning
on doing after graduation?

Oh, you didn't come
all the way down here

to talk about me.

Oh, I bet you
have a lot of offers.

Couldn't begin to tell you.

¿Que Paso, muchachas?

Come in, Ron.

I know that's an ironing board.

My sister's not sleeping
on some cot.

I told Walter to get you a bed.

Ron, I'm sure
I'll be comfortable.

And if she's not, she can always
bunk in your luxurious abode.

It's so plush the roaches
have robes of their own.

When I tell Walter
to get you a bed

he's supposed
to get you a bed, and quick.

My tuition
pays that man's salary.

Ron, I'll be fine.

There's no excuse for this.

That man's fat head
is going to roll.

You got something
you want to say to me?

You're doing a fine job.

You should be commended.

So are you going
to order something, or what?


Put yourself on a plate to go.


Big red, as I live and breathe


Have I shown you my new mace?

Walter was right.

This is a tough school.

But I'm not
through with you yet.

Oh, yes, you are.

Didn't you sign up
for a 1:00 r.O.T.C. Class?

You're right.

Women in uniform.

You don't have to tell me twice.

Hey, rae-rae.

What's up, frat?

I like your sister.

She's got a lot going on.

Is she adopted?

I'll see you at the party,

I'm counting on it.

When you learn how to count,
you bow-legged Lou.

Oh, no, you are not going
to anybody's fraternity party.

But it's your fraternity.

And I know what goes on there.

Oh, so it's okay for you,
but not for me?

I don't participate
in that wildness.

I'm only in the fraternity
for the service projects.

I kicked off
our canned food drive.

Hi, Ron.


See you at the frat house.

I met Mickey at...


Nicky... at Bible study.

Oh, the Bible study.

Doesn't our Bible study
meet every Friday?

Don't attach my name
to that lie.

You can't remember
the girl's name.

After Bible study

I'll see you at the party.

Thanks a lot, partner.

If you let me take her out,
she'd be home all night.


I'm just joking.

Will leather pants
be okay for the party?


But if you wear a short skirt,
you get in for half price.

Like I said,
I'm wearing a skirt.

£ I can bring home the bacon £

£ fry it up in a pan £

£ and never let him forget
that he's my man £

£ 'cause I'm a working woman £

£ w-o-r-k-i-n £

£ hey, hey, I'll say it again. £

ladies, you are looking
at the newest employee

of princesse premice
cosmetics international.


I love that line.

I wear their perfume,

Can I get a discount?

30% after my first 60 days.

Well, get to work.

What will you be doing?

The princesse premice
corporate philosophy

is you start at the entry level.

You learn the business
from the bottom up.

Product development and testing.

There is some testing involved.

So you'll be working in a lab.

Walls will not confine me,

The real world
will be my laboratory.

I'll be out there with my hands
on the pulse of the consumer.

You're a spray lady.

Spraying is but one
aspect of the job.

I see a very bright future
with this corporation.

Very, very bright.


My cousin, Diane,
started out at bellique

as a dancing powder puff.

Five years later,
she's a division manager

and the powder puffs
report to her.

Of course they do.

I am so relieved
I'm not one of these

lost souls at hillman.

They end up senior year
with no skills

no job

and nowhere to go
but home to mama.

Rachel, don't you be
one of those women.

Don't worry.

That won't happen to me.

I've got an eight-year plan.

You know what you'll be doing
for eight years?

I'll double major
in art history and economics.

Then I'll be director
of art acquisitions

for a major corporation.

You mean,
like buying chagall for chevron?


Did you consider art buying?

Um, no, not exactly.

It's a growing field.

And lucrative.

Some corporations will spend
10% of their profits in art.

You've done your research.

I'll say.

Where have you been doing it?

The library.

Course, the library.

Well, listen, I'm going
to be late for my seminar.

But, hey, congratulations.

Thank you, sweetie.

See you later.

Here's a partial list

of princesse premice
products I need.

Could you put a rush
on that mascara?

I've been spitting
on the brush for weeks.

Well, you can keep on spitting,
'cause I'm nobody's spray lady.

Thank you.

What will you do about a job?

I don't need a job, Kimberly.

I have found a career.

I'm going to be an art buyer.

It's in your field.

And it's perfect.

It combines the two things
I'm most passionate about:

Art and shopping.

£ I can pick a Picasso £

£ da da da da da £

£ I can sell a cezanne £

£ da da da da da £

£ I can buy a chagall £

£ and hang it on the wall £

£'cause i'm
an art-buying woman £

£ a-r-t b-u-y-i-n £

£ ow, I'll say it again £

£ for you, for me, uh-huh £

£ I love that art £

£ love it with all of my heart £

£ zoo wee...£

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Let me see.

Ron, I'm all right.

You took a nasty tumble.

I barely skinned my knee.

You didn't have to call

And you certainly didn't
have to rip Dwayne's shirt

to make a bandage.

I am so sorry.

No problem.
The shirt's his.

I better get cleaned up.

I'm going bowling.

Aren't you having dinner?


It's my last night.

I want to have fun.

Are you trying to say
that I'm not fun?


Yes, you are.

I heard it.

Didn't you hear it?

My name is lear, I can't hear.

For your information,
I'm a lot of fun.

We're going to the happy crab.

Tell me that's not big fun.

It's not!

Until you graduate

there is no way
I'm coming to school here.


Go upstairs and go to your room.

Did you see that?

My name is Lee, I can't see.

I came to get your...

Senior banquet ticket request.

Yeah. Thanks.

Whitley, 25 guests?!

It was almost 26

but I told mama
if she brings titi to the dinner

that dog will be dinner.



You decide which job offer
you're taking?

Yeah, I accepted
the Hamilton-winslow offer.

I'd be close enough to smell
the burgers at the pit

but making enough money
that I won't have to eat them.

I, too, will be
in the neighborhood

as an assistant art buyer
at e.H. Wright industries.

You better do it, girl.

That is a very dynamic
and competitive field.

How did you get in?

Well, I don't actually
have the job yet.

I got a few connections.

A friend of your mother's?

Why does everybody think
I always run to my mama?

'Cause you do, blanche.

She set up the interview.

I've been studying
their art catalog.

I know every acquisition they've
made in the last three years

and how they acquired it.

I'm going there Monday
and show them what I got.

And you'll be wearing
the fiercest interview suit

on the eastern seaboard.

It's hanging on the closet door.

Well, we two executiv-os
must do lunch.

Your expense account or mine?


What smells like
dead armadillos?

Probably your upper lip.

Ha ha ha.

We having dinner
with some twins, perhaps?

No, just a friend.

I thought you'd like to join us.

I'm not into that
menage a kinky.

Guess who's coming to dinner?


You don't have time for dinner
with your only brother.

Now you're having dinner
in some man's apartment.

He's no man.

He's Dwayne.

That's not nice
to insult the host.

He started it.

I'll tell you who started it.

You and your ungrateful behind

that you want to shake
all over this campus.

I can take care of myself.

Ron, listen to her.

Whose side are you on?

It doesn't matter.

She came to talk to you.

Sit down and be nice.

Come on.


You have always
been there for me.

If it wasn't for you

I never would have learned
to ride my bike

or braid my hair
or write my name.

You'd learn by third grade.

I did.

But, r.J., I'm not
in third grade anymore.

I'm growing up.

I want to come to school here,
but if I do

you have to let me
have my space.

I'll give you
all the space you need.

I'll only check on you
once a month...

Or twice a week.

Every other day.

A culinary delight prepared by
the prince of the pot roast.

Looks delicious.

Looks can be deceiving.

I've had his pot roast.

I'll get it.

Hey, big brother

I heard you were
having a dinner party.

Sorry I'm late.

I couldn't find a date.

I brought dessert.

Speaking of sugar

you're so sweet

I get a toothache
just looking at you.


You're grown.

You're on your own.

Miss Gilbert, good morning.

Mr. Santos.

Beautiful family.

We're hoping the little one
will grow into her nose.

I've reviewed your resume.

I see you have quite
an extensive art background.

Art's my middle name
and my first love.

I've made nothing lower
than a b+ in my major

and only two of those.

I'm impressed.

Why are you seeking employment
with this firm?

My mother plays canasta
with your wife's cousin.

Oh, yes!


I like that.

And the fact that e.H. Wright

owns one of the most prestigious
and extensive art collections

in the country

especially with your latest
acquisition of those gaugins.

Oh, you've done your homework.

You noticed.

I like that.

You are obviously well-traveled,

and you know your art.

But I don't see
anything in your resume

about business experience.




My checkbook balances
almost every month.

But, seriously...


Mr. Santos, I have to be honest
with you again.

You know all those a's and b's
I make in my art courses?


My math grades
are slightly lower.

Significantly lower.

I just didn't feel that business
was relevant to my life.

But it's very relevant
to this job.

I'm looking for someone

who understands the financing
of major art purchases

the complex structure
of loans...

Someone with work experience.

Some business courses,
perhaps a summer internship...

Museum work,
negotiating skills...

Someone with some knowledge
of auction processes.

Basically he wanted someone who
was more qualified for the job.

What are you going to do now?

I don't know.

Guess I'll go home to mama

and spend the first few months
redecorating my room.

It won't be that bad.

Titi will be dead soon.

That's something
to look forward to.

If you want to become
an art buyer

stay in school another year
and take business classes.

Are you in cahoots
with Mr. Santos?

He said the same thing?

Something to that effect

and a summer internship if I do.

A lot of people stay in school
a fifth year.

That's right.

Hip, hip, hooray
for a lot of people.

I'm graduating in may.

My mother has her
whole canasta club

coming to senior banquet.

She already has
the graduation invitations

in the mail.

Let's face it, guys.

I blew it.

It's too late.

If I thought like that

I'd still be waiting tables
in Camden, New Jersey.

I was 24 years old
when I started college.

I decided that I wouldn't let
anything or anyone

keep me from getting
the education I needed

to get the job that I wanted.

That's you.

Okay, fine.

Go home to your mama
and her dying dog.

That is not what I want to do.

I want to be an art buyer!

Then take the classes.

What am I going to tell mama?

What you just told us.

I'll lie.

Oh, great.

I'm not kidding.

I'll tell her I got a man...
A freshman.

Titi, put mama on.

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