A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 7 - A Stepping Stone - full transcript

Whitley wants to be the team leader in an interdormitory step competition.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Okay, everybody,
let's try it again, all right?

Let's take it up to the kicks.

Okay, slowly.
And five, six

seven, eight.

£ ah-ah, clap-clap, hut, ho-uh
ah-ah, clap-clap, hut, ho-uh £

and kick, and down, hold.

That's not bad.

That's not good either.

Madame capitaine, when I
choreographed this step routine

I envisioned this...


Need I remind you of
last year's crushing defeat?

We want to win
this step competition.

Everybody, let's try
the kick again.

And this time,
reach for the stars.

I want it high!

Better yet, pretend you're
kicking somebody's butt.

Okay... seven, eight...

Hut oh-uh, kick and down.

Much better.

Oh, absolutely.

If we were entering
a clydesdale competition

we'd beat Libby hall,
hooves down.

I do a lot better when
I'm not being insulted.

You do?

Ladies, I'm off to pick
up our house guest.

One last reminder.

She's 92.

Be quiet, be courteous

and don't knock her over.

Any of you.

Yes, ma'am.

Her reception is at three.

I trust the hurricane
that destroyed this room

will repair it.

Do we have to come?

I have to hem my dress
for the dance.

I should think you'd be anxious

eager to meet our
oldest living graduate.

I want to meet her.

I've never seen nobody that old.

If you like these shirts

I can have the letters
put on them this afternoon.

You can't tie up
your shirt like that.

And why not?

Because we're steppers,
not strippers.

Let's vote on the shirts.

Oh, aye, aye, madame capitaine.

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Bacon cheeseburgers.

That must be how
you stay so beautiful.

Actually, it's the fries.

You wear them well.

They won't have
any fries at the bonfire.

Let's bring our own potatoes
and throw them in.

I'll bring the ketchup.

See you at eight?

Just call me Mr. Potato head.

Mr. Potato head

the time has come for me
to ask you for a favor.

Anything you want.
Name it.

You know our offensive lineman,
the meat locker?

The man who's giving hillman
its first homecoming victory.

If he passes
the math exam on Friday.

I'll tutor him.

Tonight, 8:00.

Can't do it.

Yes, you can.
Can't do it.

If I don't go to the bonfire

there will be a
pretty girl walking around

looking for potatoes.

You leave me no choice.

The best of the worst
of Dwayne Wayne.

"Saturday, September 11th,
initiated a panty raid

"at Libby hall
with Darnell calkins.

"September 12th, snuck into
dorm director's window.

"Broke dorm director's
brand new kinishawa

$3,000 tape deck.

Blamed it on
Darnell calkins."

Let me see that.

No. I have three copies for
the Dean, the president

and your mama.

Where and when?

8:00, in our lounge.

And you can watch
the bonfire from there.


What happened?
Where's miss pruitt?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Her train was late,
and then she wasn't on it.

Maybe she didn't understand
when they announced her stop.

And now because
of some mumbling fool

she could be halfway to Miami.

Does this mean we can
eat the sandwiches?


And I see you've really
restrained yourselves.

At least you
didn't eat the plates.

I better call president bracey.

Miss pruitt!

Miss pruitt, I'm so
glad you're here.

I'm lettie bostic.

We were so worried.

You weren't on the train.

How very perceptive.

I was comfortable in the cab.

So on the way
to the train station

I told the driver

"take me all
the way to hillman."

You owe him $92.

Don't skimp on the tip.

Miss pruitt

you may not remember me...

No, I don't.

When I was 12 years old

I met you at a lynx club
fund-raiser in Richmond.

The way you got everybody to dig
deep down into their pockets

I was so inspired, I gave
the pennies from my loafers.

That night I wrote in my diary

"when I grow up, I want
to be like miss pruitt."

I can well understand that.

Miss pruitt, I'm Kim Reese.

We're all very proud that
the oldest living graduate

is from Gilbert hall.

Is that your idea
of a welcoming speech?

Miss pruitt.

Hi, I'm jaleesa vinson.

What kind of name is jaleesa?

I've always wondered
the very same thing.

Miss pruitt, can I
get you a cup of tea?

Tea would be very nice.

Sherry would be nicer.

In my room.

Right this way.

She's not the nicest
woman in the world.

Nice is a very short epitaph.

She reminds me of a muppet.

You knowledge of the arts
is unparalleled.

Actually, whitley,
she reminds me of you.

I revel in the compliment.

If a-squared equals
b-squared plus c-squared

what's the hypotenuse?

Umm... umm... twelve.

Close. 74.

You forgot to square the sides.


I'm sorry.

Math's not my forte.

I'm a mosaic thinker.
I'm into poetry.

Oh, really now?

Dwayne, you're a left-brain,
analytical thinker.

I'm creative.

A right-brain man.

That must be why you got stuck.

Hey, fellas, how's it going?

Math is not his forte.

He's into poetry.

Have you read "to a mouse"
by Robert burns?


"We, sleek, cowering,
timorous beastie

oh, what a panic
in thy breastie!"

Why don't we take
a little brain break?

I'll be back.

You take your break right here.

Meat, why don't you
stretch your legs?

Don't want to cramp up.

Get me out of here.

He doesn't have a clue.

That's your job, to clue him.

Sherlock Holmes couldn't
clue that brother in.

I don't want
to put pressure on you

but usually when we lose,
they blame the coach.

This year, they're
going to blame you.

Okay, we'll work until curfew.

You can work past that.

I talked to the meat's r.D.

He said you can work all night.

Say, meat, you want to put down
those sonnets and come on back?

Five, six, seven, eight...

Kick, step, ball, change,
and hit and hit.

That's the part I...

The hit, the hit.

Try again...
Out, in, out, in.



Is that better?

Yeah, Freddie,
in some ways you're better.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't we do the easy part?

The easy part?

Jalessa, don't look so worried.

I'll get it.


Okay, I'm watching.

Ready, by yourself.


Six, seven, eight.

Kick, step, ball, change,
and hit, and hit.

I see that practice
doesn't always make perfect.

She's coming along fine.

The question is
where is she going?

I'm going to stay up
all night if I have to

but I'm going
to get this routine.

Winifred, a wise
person once said

"those who can, step.

Those who cannot, step aside."

Okay, fine.

Wait, Freddie...

Whitley, you are
just out of control.

The girl is trying her best.

Ooh, frightening thought.

Jaleesa, I think it's time
for you to be an adult.

Push your loyalty aside
and dump the klutz.

I'm going to dump
somebody all right.

It's about time.


I beg your pardon?

You heard me.

You cannot kick me out,
madame capitaine.

I have yet to choreograph
the end of this routine.

Well, choreograph this.

You are out.

You had it yesterday.

The slant height is equal to

the square root
of the height squared

plus one quarter of...

The circumference.

The diameter squared!

Meat, can I ask you
a personal question?


Are you trying to flunk
so you don't have to play?

Are you afraid your hips
will become your shoulders?


I want to play football!

After I graduate,
I want to play pro football...

Make enough money to retire,
move somewhere quiet

and write poetry.

Sit down for a second.

In pro contracts

don't they have
incentive clauses

so if you gain 1,000 yards

you get an extra
billion dollars?

Yeah, about that.

A season has 16 games.

Five are cancelled...

Players' strike.

You miss two more because of
a big poetry convention.

In the games you have left

how many yards do
you have to average

to get that bonus?

111 yards and four inches.


Your left brain just introduced
itself to your right brain.

They're buddies now.

You have a classic math anxiety.

I never thought of myself
as a phobic person.

This is very liberating.

It certainly is for me.

It's my roomie, the busy bee.

How's biology, chemistry,
the step rehearsal?

Fine, fine, really great.

From the first moment
I saw you step

I saw skill and ability...

Gilbert, I'm not
quitting the team.

Break a leg.

Excuse me.

Bye, evilina.

Come on, guys, forget about her.

I have choreographed
the end of this routine.

If I do say so myself,
it is fierce.

Jaleesa, that's how
the routine starts.

I knew that.

The word in Libby hall is

you don't have an ending
for your routine.

Yes, we do.

She just came up with
something fierce.

Oh, really?

Fiercer than fierce.

I got it, I got it!

One, two, and one, two, three.

Clap one, clap two...

Oh, you're fierce.

Y'all can have that one.

We don't need it.

We'll look like
a bunch of ducks.

They were not that good.

We're dead meat.

Bring whitley back.

Excuse me?

Get her.


I am not bringing
that barracuda woman back.

She makes everybody miserable.

We'll get over it.

Get her.


Okay, I'm going.

Come in.

Miss pruitt!

To what do I owe this honor?

I used to live in this room.


I hope you won't think me
peculiar when I say this

but I have always felt

the presence of
a special kindred spirit

watching over me.

It's not me.

I'm not dead yet.

It hardly looks
like the same room.

I shouldn't blow my own bugle

but my grandfather
was responsible for

the complete renovation
of these rooms.

Is he in the motel business?

I carved my initials
in here somewhere.

Feel free to look around.

Mi case es su casa...

Or should I say was su casa.

Your Spanish needs work.

So, miss pruitt

what part of
the homecoming festivities

are you most looking forward to?

The end.

What happened to
the window seat?

Don't tell me.

Your grandfather got to it.

Maybe those initials
are in here.

I'll be happy to help you look.

What were your initials
before you married?

I never married.


One thing your grandfather
didn't improve

were the acoustics.

I never married.

But a woman of your charm...

It was not due
to lack of proposals.

But men are such stubborn,
unyielding creatures.

One wanted to smoke a pipe.

One wanted to live on a lake.

You probably didn't lack
for companionship

what with your active life
and vast circle of friends.

Miss Gilbert,
you will find friendship

is best left to greeting cards
and telephone commercials.

Goodness, look at the time.

There is still another tea
in my honor

at president bracey's home.

It must be so gratifying
to know what your contributions

have meant to this school.

It means a tax write-off.

Now I remember
where those initials were...

In the window seat.

How unfortunate.

It's a lesson.

One should never
become attached.

Sorry to have disturbed you.

Not at all.

It's been very enlightening.

Good-bye, miss Gilbert.

Bye, miss pruitt.

Do you have a minute?

Actually, I was just going out.

This won't take long.

We just saw the libbys' step.

It was like
showtime at the Apollo.

Is that so?

Yeah, um...

Whitley, we...


We need you
and want you to come back.

I'm sorry.

Did you say you need me?

The acoustics in here
are terrible.

We need you, whitley.

We really do.

I'd be happy to come back.

You would?


I don't have to get on my knees

and beg you?

It's tempting

but we've wasted enough time.

By the way,
is Freddie still stepping?

Yes, she is.

I think I owe her an apology.

Am I in the right room?

This afternoon I had
a great idea for the finale.

I will personally walk
your roommate through it

step by step if I have to.

Those Libby girls will wish they
never walked out their dorm.


what's the word?

Is meat going to pass?

How would I know?

You've been tutoring him.

This man has been locked up
with the locker for 48 hours.

He's done his job.

Let him have some peace.

So what do you think...
Low "b," high "c"?

How much you make a year?

I want it all.

Meat, what happened?

I passed, I passed!

To your leg, man?

We passed!!

I couldn't have done this
without you.

You're the greatest tutor.

Excuse me.

What happened to your leg?

I slipped running from
the math building.

I'll be playing in a month.

But, Walter, I passed.

I'm happy for you.

I passed!

People said

"without the meat locker,
hillman doesn't stand a chance.

Shouldn't even bother
to suit up."

We all know that winning
is not everything.

But it sure feels good.

If anybody's out there
from Hampton

basketball season is coming up.

So your next butt-kicking
is on its way.

Let the step show commence.

Hit it, lettie.

Don't think
because of this shirt

I like one team a little more
than the other.

I'm totally biased.

First up, Gilbert hall!

Five, six, seven, eight.

£ na na na na na £

£ na na na na na £

£ whooooo! £

£ a-b-c-d-e-f-g £

£ Gilbert hall's
the one for me £

£ we can't help it
if we're great £

£ forgive the girls £

£ it's a natural state £

£ do tell we're fly £

£ do tell we're fine £

£ now slide £

£ hip hop £

£ sorry girls from Libby hall£

£ next to us you are
flowers on the wall £

£ ask the fellas
who stand in line £

£ outside our doors 'cause
they say that we are fine £

£ we don't wear hairweaves,
we know how to dress £

£ we're smart, clean and cool£

£ hot and fresh bread £

£ now wop it £

£ do da butt £

£ do tell we're fly £

£ do tell we're fine £

£ watch us blow your mind £

one, two, three, four.

Fight, fight, fight, fight.

£ na na na na na £

£ na na na na na £

£ na na na na na £

£ na na na na na £

£ g-i-l-b-e-r-t £

£ Gilbert hall's
the one for me £

£ a-b-c-d-e-f-g £

£ Gilbert, Gilbert £

£ g-i-l-b-e-r-t £

£ Gilbert hall's
the one for me £

£ a-b-c-d-e-f-g £

£ Gilbert, Gilbert £

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