A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 8 - Life with Father - full transcript

Dwayne falls for his calculus teacher's daughter.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Saturday night,
what do you want to do?

We can go to a basketball game

the movies, ice fishing.

Saturday's the big
morehouse game.

Norm's supposed to start.

Basketball players.

You like tall brothers
with big hands and long feet?

Well, actually,
I like guys about 5'10".

Sort of wiry.

With glasses.

Do you mean wiry in a good way?

I mean wiry in the best way.


Suzanne, we've
reached a milestone.

We've been going out for
three weeks and four days.

It's been longer than that.

I wasn't counting the two weeks
I was checking you out.

Well, I was.

This is an authentic
Guatemalan friendship bracelet.

I love it.

I have to go home.

I'm not finished yet.

I've got to make dinner.

I can walk and talk

and kiss at the same time.

I'll call you later.

Every time I offer
to walk you home

you've got some excuse.

Does your family live in a cave?

Do you go home

and turn into
the gooney-goo-goo woman?



I have died and gone to heaven.

I'm going to church
this Sunday to say

"thank you, Jesus."

Church... that's a good place
to meet women.

Soon enough you'll
be ready for something real.

Until then, you just
keep playing "spin the bimbo."

They don't like it
when you call them bimbos.

I can see this conversation

has reached a much higher plane.

Dwayne's in love.


It's different this time

because this one likes me back.

Who is this woman

and what institution
did she escape from?

The only thing
Suzanne is crazy about

is wiry little me.

If you wait for love long enough

it will come and sit
right on your lap.

You'll never see me
squashed down by love again.

You're missing
the whole point of college.

What is that point, Ron?

We're here to load up on fun

so we won't need to have any
when we're married.

A mind is a terrible
thing to waste, brother.

If it wasn't clear before,
it certainly is now.

I'm wasting my time
with Dwayne Wayne.

I need to date other people.

You never dated Dwayne.

Well, today it's official.

I'm free and single
and ready to mingle.

A lot of Robert's friends
think you're cute.

Babies are cute.

Dogs in sweaters are cute.

I have nothing
in common with a dog.

I'm gratified to hear that.

I'm tired of guys
patting me on the head.

I want to be
sophisticated, alluring...

A spider woman.

I want to be you.

People in hell want ice water.

Nobody takes me seriously.

Freddie, you're being silly.


You can say good-bye

to your cute little
friend, Freddie Brooks.

From this day on,
it's going to be winnifred.

No. Better... winnie.

I want you to help me.

I don't think I have time

for a project of that magnitude.

I'll just go to the mall

and turn myself in
at the make-up counter.

You'll have better luck

if you go
to buildings and grounds

and have your face sandblasted.

Tell her she's fine
the way she is.

When do you want to start?

The double integral
over the region r

of the partial derivative n
with respect to x - m

with respect to ydxdy...

Something's wrong up here.

That's the first correct
thing you've said

since you've been up there.

Would anyone like
to save this drowning man?

That's the same two hands

and you're only volunteering

in hopes that
I won't call on you.

Come on, somebody.

Mr. Wayne, when I
marked you present

I did so with the assumption
that you brought your brain.

Yes, I did, sir.

The board is yours.

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Um, the derivative
of the curve bde

is not a continuous
function of y.

Go on.

The points should be
assigned like this...

So when r is divided
into two sub-regions

we have applied green's theorem.


Thank you.

What are you waiting for...


No, sir.

Today's class has got to be
the greatest waste of chalk

in the history of mathematics.

In our next meeting

we will have
full class participation.

Your hands will leave
your pockets

and fly up at full mast.

Or else you'll be using
those same hands

to sign up
for this course again.

Is that clear?

Excuse me, sir, but didn't
I just give you a right answer?

Mr. Wayne, in my class

a correct answer
is not a triumph.

It is a requirement.

If you think that
one correct answer a day

is going to satisfy me

well, then, perhaps
you better start thinking

about signing up
for a new major.

Yes, sir.

Have a nice day.

Sir, I believe what happened
in class today was valuable.

We learn more from our mistakes

then from our successes.

Then you certainly
learned a lot today

didn't you?

Yes, sir, I certainly did.

Lay low.

He's trigger-happy today.

This certainly is
a pleasant surprise.

Hi, daddy.

Hi, pookie.

Come here.

Suzanne, what do you say
we go past your house

and go down to the ocean?

We can jump in the water

swim to Bermuda, buy some shorts

and name our kids
after tropical fruit.

You okay?

I'm fine for someone
who just flunked his future.

You want to tell me about it?

All I did was give
the man a correct answer.

Was that enough for him?

No. He had to turn me
into dog meat.

Who are you talking about?

Dr. War.

Dr. War?

Colonel Taylor.

Dudes with grenades
between their ears

shouldn't be allowed to teach.

We're here.

I'm not finished yet.

I've got to go.

You got to come here
and give me a kiss.


Colonel Taylor.

Mr. Wayne.

I believe you're standing
on my newspaper.

Mmm, you smell good today.

What is that?

No, let me guess.

Yes, it's that French perfume...
The smell of Paris.

I'm glad you like it,
but it's hair spray.

That means it's cheap, right?

I'll get you a six-pack
for Christmas.

Whitley is giving Freddie
a complete beauty overhaul.

I happened to get caught
in the crossfire.

Excuse me, that's my jacket.

What's wrong with your roommate?

She's cute.

Walter, don't ever
say that around Freddie.

I think the girl is adorable

but she's convinced
that eye shadow

will change her life.

It's sad when women think they
have to look good all the time.

I'm glad you don't feel that

The modern woman has
too many responsibilities

to worry about appearance

and conversely, the modern man

knows that the real beauty
of a woman

is the essence that lies within
and not without.

Would you like
an elevator sent down

into that pit
you just dug for yourself?

A ladder will be fine.

This is a man in love.

I must have lost a bet with god.

How many women
are on this campus?

1,500? 2,000?


And I had to pick Suzanne Taylor

daughter of colonel Taylor.

She's who?

He has a daughter?

She's who?

I thought he had a son.

She's who?

What will I do?

Buy a bulletproof vest.

What difference does it make
who her father is?

You're not dating the man.

But who is that man?

Dr. War!

You don't get that nickname

from taking in lost puppies.

Dump this girl, or die.

Now before we go on

to phase two
of your transformation

let's go over phase one.

Cleanse, exfoliate,
cleanse to remove exfoliant

pat dry, tone with astringent,
spot with concealer, re-hydrate

apply matte finish.

Brava, brava.

One question...

Why exfoliate my face?

To liberate those
living skin cells.

All that stuff won't kill them?

On to phase two.

That's where she
shellacs your face

so you never have
to phase one again.

Thank you for
your beauty secrets

but we'll stick
with our own regime.

I can't wait
till Dwayne sees me.

Didn't you give him up?

I did.

I want him to see
what he's missing.

I've got a surprise for you.

Another one?

Macadamia nut cookies
from Mrs. Meadows.

Oh, golly.

I could feed it to you.

You've done enough.

You bought the cookies
and brought them back.

Least I could do is feed myself.

Is something wrong?

What's wrong with
eating your own cookies?

You haven't kissed me hello yet.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Is that all you think about?

Why don't we talk?

Talking is very underrated.

It's a lost art.

Maybe I ought to go find it.

You found out about my father.

What about your father?

He's colonel Taylor.

Your daddy's colonel Taylor?

Tell him I said,
"what's happening?"

You're mad I didn't
tell you in the beginning.

The beginning of what?

Can we talk about this?

Kiss/talk, talk/kiss...
You got to make up your mind.

Most guys just stop calling
when they find out.

At least you're original.

What are you talking about?

You're acting like a jerk
so I'll want to stop seeing you.

Well, you're a pretty
convincing jerk.

Entrez, winnie.

People are staring at us.

They're staring at you.

They've seen me look
stunning before.

Oh, tacos.

I haven't had a taco
since I left Santa fe.

They have beans in them.

Onions, tomatoes,
big wedges of avocado.

Which make big wedges of thigh.

Don't look now,
but you have an admirer.

That's Bradley Pierce.

He's heir to a huge
dental floss fortune.

He's eating a taco.

Nobody's perfect.

My feet hurt.

You didn't break your shoes in?

No time.

I was busy exfoliating.

Freddie, you look incredible.

Thank you.

What's wrong with Dwayne?

I think he and Suzanne
had a fight.

Winnie, opportunity is knocking.

Go to the door.

I can't.

Yes, you can.

Go get him...
Spider woman.

Is this seat taken?

Not anymore.

You look like you
could use some company.

Right now, I'm probably
less than no fun.

Let me be the judge.

Tell me all about it.

You have my undivided attention.

Suzanne and I broke up.

That's too bad.

It's for the better.

I'm so sorry.

It probably wouldn't
have worked.

Just because we're
attracted to each other

so what?

Just because we can
talk about anything

anytime, anywhere...

That's no basis for
a relationship, is it?

Not necessarily.

And just because I can be myself

and she still likes me

who cares, right?

Well, I...

And just because we can't
live without each other

what does that prove?

That you're in love!

It proves you're
in love with her.

You should go make up with her.

It's not that easy.

It's what you want.

When you want something,
you go after it.

Right now, I'm going
after a taco.

Studying again, huh?

Okay, what's wrong?

Nothing. It's a very
interesting book.

What is that?

Inflation in the supply side."

Sounds like a real page-Turner.

It's no big deal.

I just had a fight
with a friend.

Must be a special friend

to drive you
to supply side economics.

Yeah, just not as special
as I thought.

I'll get it.

Mr. Wayne.

Colonel Taylor, sir.

Forgive me for just
dropping by like this.

I do have office hours.

This is about your daughter.

Oh, no.

You are Mr. Supply side.

Come on in.

I beg your pardon?

How many students
are there at hillman?

Well, 2,136 girls, full-time.


You have a whole lot
of swords up here, sir.

Is that what you
come to tell me?

No, sir.

I've been dating...

Well, I've been seeing...

Even better,
I've been spending time

with your daughter.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

Mr. Wayne...

What are your plans
for the future?


I'll be in class on Monday.

After Monday.

How do you plan
to support a wife?

A wife?

I really wasn't planning
on getting married so soon.

I see.

So then you're really just
trifling with my daughter?

Yes, sir.

No, sir!

No, sir.

I would not trifle
with anything of yours.

Then why are you here?

I'm here because I care
very much about your daughter

and I intend to date her

no matter who
her father is, sir.

Is that what you
came to tell me?

Basically, yes.

So I'll see you Monday in class.

Mr. Wayne

come here.


While you're here

why don't you talk
with Suzanne, huh?

You're on a roll.

Right, sir.


Your friend is here.


I'll go check on the chitlins.



Look, Suzanne

I'm a big jerk.

I may even be an idiot.

No, you're not.

Okay, I'm a fool.

But a brave fool.

You really think I'm brave?

You ain't seen brave.

I'm going to kiss you
in your daddy's house

in front of all
your daddy's swords.


Mr. Wayne

would you care
to join us for dinner?

There's more than enough.

I learned to cook
in basic training.

Every recipe serves 800.

We have so much...

Okay... sure.

Good, I'll set another place.

Dwayne, come here.

Be good to my daughter.

Yes, sir.

Whoa, whoa.

Not too good.

You know what I mean?

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