A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 18 - High Anxiety - full transcript

Kim takes on too many responsibilities; Mr. Gaines moves in with Col. Taylor.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Are you going
to turn that light off soon?

I have
an animal physiology exam.

Do you think

pictures of cow hearts
and goat spleens

are appropriate bedtime reading?

I can't study tomorrow.

I have swim practice,
choir practice and work.

Don't worry.

I just have this last chapter
on hibernation.

Why don't you do

an experiment in hibernation

and get some sleep?

If an extra two hours

are going to keep me
from getting b's

it's worth it.

The partition that separates
the peritoneal cavity

from the heart cavity

is the...

Pleural septum!

No, that's tissue in the lung.

What is it?

If you don't know

what separates those cavities

I'm a dead man.



It's sterile.

Kim, we have choir practice.

Are you still operating?

I'll be right there.

Don't bet on it.

She doesn't know
her human anatomy.

I don't want no body parts
on my floor.

Next time, get a man doctor.

Kim, operate with alacrity.

You have swim practice.

Not until she figures out
what separates

the peritoneal cavity
from the heart cavity.

Everybody knows that.

It's the transverse septum.

Thank you!

£ soo £


£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum £

£ transverse septum... £

transverse septum.

Transverse septum.

Transverse septum.


Transverse septum...


What are you doing?

Just spending
a little quality time

with my roomie.

I had another
one of those nightmares.

I was in the pit...

Operating on Dwayne...

In front of the burger window.

Everybody kept singing
the answer to that question

I missed on my last exam.

I felt so stupid.

Even you knew what is was.

All right, Kim,
you're skating on thin ice.

I don't know.

Maybe these dreams mean

I don't have what it takes
to become a doctor.

Oh, Kim, please.

I once dreamt I was
in fredrica's fashion fair.

They had the shoe sale
of the century

and I was the first one
there at the door.

But I could not
find the shoe department.

Every escalator
went to household appliances.

I took the elevator...

Household appliance.

I took the stairs...
Household appliances.

And then, an army
of toasters and mix-masters

came marching after me

and they all had on
fashion shoes!


A dream that was worse than that

was I was trapped

in the crepe-sole shoe

at zenay's zapateria.

I'm not finished.

And Jose, my salesman, said...



Would you take a breath
before your tongue falls out?

It's not healthy
for a 29-year-old man

to be living at home.

I know Darnell is our son.

That's why I want him to leave!



Oh, my goodness!

Come on, Vernon.

If I remember correctly

you're the one who said
Darnell could come back home.

It's amazing what a man will do

to get back into his own bed.

Velma says the child is
just trying to find himself.

He found himself, all right...

In my Barca-lounger,
in front of my TV.

He found himself
everywhere but at work.

All kids go through
some adjustment.

In five years, Darnell
has lost five jobs.

You can't make no money that way

unless you manage
the New York Yankees.

Let me buy you a cup of coffee.

It just pains me

to see all that potential
going nowhere fast.

And tonight when I get home,
I'm telling velma

that her baby boy

has got to pack
his 29-year-old diapers

and get out.

Oh, where have you been?

I'm five minutes early.

You're usually 15 minutes early.

This better not start a trend.

No, sir.

I can see it now...

The girl will start
showing up later and later

flunk out of school,
move back home with her father

and take over his Barca-lounger.

Where were we

when we should have been
at choir practice

rehearsing for our solo?

I was in a bio lab.

I forgot all about it.

Next time, leave your book there

and let the frog
dissect himself.

I won't have to.

It will never happen again

thanks to this.

"The call-it-a-day planner."

Last semester

I was running
two steps behind my life.

Now I've got my life
in the palm of my hand.

Check this out.

Let's see here.

"5:00 A.M., get up.

"5:30, swim practice.

"7:00 A.M., shower.

7:10, breakfast."

You might want to write in,
"7:05, get dressed."

If you go to breakfast naked

the crowd could slow you down.

You're right.

You're taking six classes

plus the swim team
the choir, freshman council

working all day at the pit

and tutoring in anatomy?

Girl, does your life come
with ten extra hours

that I don't know about?

It sounds like a lot

but each minute has a purpose.

You haven't scheduled
any of the important things

like, "paint your toenails.

Sit up all night
dishing dirt with the girls."

I have to get more than b's

to be a doctor.

Would you go
to a doctor who made b's?

I'd rather go to a doctor
that made c's.

They charge less.

Give me that.

Fluffy, what's
a three-letter word for enemy?

And don't say "dog," either.

I'll get it.

Stay right there.

Hey, Vernon!

I'm not staying.

Come on in.

I told Darnell
his mooching days was over

and he had one week
to find his own place.

How did he take it?

A lot better than velma.

You're on the couch.

Heck no, she kicked me out.

Out of my own house

that I just paid $375
to have the porch screened in

because velma is convinced
that fireflies carry diphtheria.

Ohh, nice cat.

Well, do you have
a place to stay?

Oh, don't worry about me.

I'll just get me
a room in a hotel.

It won't be a good one, though

because I just paid
$375 for porch screens.

Vernon, you're welcome
to stay here.

I couldn't do that.

Suzanne is at her friend's

and there's no one here

but me and fluffy
and John Coltrane.

Well, that's very nice of you.

You just tell us
where we're bunking

and you won't hear
another word out of us.

Well, I don't have a guest room.

You'd have to...

Oh, I've slept on
so many couches

I wouldn't know
what to do in a bed.

This will be real nice...

Real nice.


Now you two will
have to get along.

Yeah, we might be here
for quite a while.


£ hello! £

well, if smiles could talk.

We had a quiz
in organic chemistry

and guess who got an "a"?

I give up. Who?

You are looking at the queen...

The reigning goddess
for organic chem.

I knew so much

I could have answered
five more questions.

And why?

Because you cheated.

Because of
"operation organization."

I got my reading done

and had ten minutes left
to call my folks.

You should get one of these.

Why would I want
to talk to my mother

for a whole ten minutes?

Kim, it's almost time
for midnight chiller theater.

Guess what is on?

The man with two heads.

Freddie, how many times

have I asked you to knock
before entering the room?

Many times.

Just checking.

Come on!

The popcorn's getting cold.

I'm sorry.

I have to review choir music

lay out my clothes,
start my lit paper...

No, I already started that.

I need to start
tomorrow's day planner.

I can't watch
the man with two heads

by myself.

My motto

this semester
is "no more b's."

When I was upset over a paper

you told me to relax.

You're going to be a writer

not a doctor.

No one dies if you
misplace a colon.

Whitley, what do you say

you, me, the man with two heads?

I'd love to,
but I don't double-date.

Mom, my life is
under control now.

This organizer
has really saved me.


I'm getting a's
in all ten of my classes.

Did I say ten?

I meant 15.

15 classes, 15 a's.

No b's.

A... ahh!

Who are you?

What are you?

Don't you recognize us?

We're the b's

that will keep you
out of med school!

Oh, no!

It's the killer b's!

Back, you dirty b's!





Get away!

She's going to make b's.

No b's!

No b's!

No b's!

No b's!



There's a flyswatter
in the top drawer.

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There's no need
to sit in this quiet

when you're surrounded by

the best jazz collection
in the east.

I wouldn't mess with
your record collection.

You couldn't figure out
how to turn on the stereo?

You need a degree
from m.I.T.!

Oh! You might want
to check your speakers.

There's something
wrong with them.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Listen, do you like chicken?

God's gift to the taste buds.

Because I got us a taste
of heaven in a bucket.

15 pieces of chicken
corny's cajun cluckers.

I hope you got a bucket of
bicarbonate to go with them.

Come on, Vernon.

£ cajun cluckers
are delicious. £

you wouldn't think so

if you knew where those
chickens come from.

Corny's chicken gets the ones
that fell off the truck.

Well, let's eat.

Have you talked with your wife?

How do I talk to somebody
I'm not speaking to?

Shouldn't you let
velma know where you are

in case she's
trying to find you?

If she wants to beg,
she'll find me.

I hope so.

This is the first time
velma and I been apart

since I come back from the war.

She still wears
those silk slippers

I bought her in kaesong, Korea.

She looks like a Princess.

Maybe if you go home

your Princess will
put them on for you.

I'm not going home
until Darnell's gone.

How would you feel if somebody
showed up at your doorstep

moved in and acted like
they owned the place?

I wouldn't sit there.

Why not?

Your fluffy wouldn't let
my Chelsea boots

use his litter box.

It will be dry by tomorrow.

Oh, man!

I told you those
speakers wasn't right.

I'm moving out of the dorm.

I'll forward your mail.

Don't you want to know why?


Because if I don't

there will be
one less premed student.

Is Kim having a problem?

Kim is the problem.

I haven't one decent
night's sleep in weeks.

These aren't bags under
my eyes, they're steamer trunks.

You'll have all the luggage
you need to move out.

Every night, Kim is
tossing and turning.

Screaming in her sleep.

She wakes up in a cold sweat.

It's wearing me out.

What's wrong with her?

Some nonsense about not
getting into medical school.

I should have asked to room
with a phys. Ed. Major.

She put herself under
a lot of pressure.

I went through the same thing.

She'll get through it.

At what cost to me?

Kim, we were just
talking about you.

Don't you look rested.

Four hours is too much sleep.

See what I mean?

Would you rent me
a u-haul, please?

I slept all
the way to 6:00.

If I had read that chapter again

I wouldn't have
screwed up my quiz.

There comes a time when
everybody gets a "c" or a "d."

I got a "b."

I wouldn't let
that news get around.

That's it.

I'll learn to make it
on three hours' sleep.

Why not drop one
of your activities?

The choir takes up
a lot of time.

Are you saying I can't cut it?

All I'm saying

is maybe you shouldn't
be taking on so much.

Why don't you
worry about yourself?

Today at choir, you were flat.

Excuse me... I have
to go rent a u-haul.

That was one of her
best topics ever.

Don't you think so?

Yes, velma.

And as usual, she's right.

Men don't know
anything about love.

I hope Vernon was watching.

Although, it would have gone
right over his puny head.

Velma, I really think
it's time you talked to Vernon.

I said everything I needed
to say when I said "get out."

It's possible that
in the last few days

he has softened
his position about Darnell.

You haven't been married
for a long time, have you?

Even wolves don't abandon
their own flesh and blood.

They'll chew off a foot

before they'll throw
their babies out.

I still say call him.

There was a time
I would have called Vernon.

I used to be one of
those dependent women

who live to please her man.

In fact, do you read
mature woman magazine?


You should.

They just had
a fantastic article

on this very subject.

What was it called?


"Getting out from
under his shadow."

We women have to stop putting

our man's needs
ahead of our own.

I should get Vernon a copy.

Although, he'd just
use it to beat the cat.

Velma, stop!

You've, uh, pruned
that azalea enough.

You got to prune an azalea if
you want the blooms to be full.

Do you read
modern gardening magazine?


You should.

They have helpful articles
on plant life.

You should see my back porch.

Yes, it must be paradise.

It is

now that I have it
all screened in.

I don't know
what happened.

I turned that key a hair

suddenly I'm on mount vesuvius.

You set the gas too high!

This wouldn't have happened

if you got rid of that screen

and put in glass doors.


Why don't you go...

And set the table for dinner.

I'm here to help.

Lettie... velma.

Come on in.

Thank you, Bradford.

Lettie is right, colonel.

You do have a lovely place.

Smokey, but lovely.

We were talking
about decorating.

I mentioned how
charming your home was...

That you have some
very interesting pieces.

What was that?

That sounds like
my grandmother's China.

You wouldn't think
that a man lived here.

Do you read
house and garden magazine?


You should.

I assume these are all antiques.

I owe you plate.

Oh, my goodness.

I know that's an antique.

That plate shattered
when it heard her voice.

You knew he was here.

Yes, I did.

As someone who
cares about you both

you should stop acting like
children and work this out.

Do they have to do it here?

You have a bond,
a common ground, a history

and more than anything,
you have love.

Are you willing to destroy that

because of
a simple disagreement?

Go ahead, take her side!

They always do!

Vernon, she's not
taking her side.

Vernon, she's right.

We do have all those things.

I know we do.

I miss you.

I know that.

I miss you, too.

Let's both stop being stubborn.

Come home.

Am I coming home to you,
or to that moocher?

Can't we give Darnell more
time to get himself settled?

He's been settled
in my Barca-lounger

for six months.

I'm staying here.

No, you're not.

I don't have enough
insurance for you to stay here.

I'll get my things.

The man begs me
to stay in his house

then puts me out like
an old newspaper.

Get down, Chelsea boots,
we've been evicted.

Stand back.

Give her room to breathe.

What are you doing?

Elevating her head.

You're supposed
to elevate the feet.

I never miss nightingales...
It's the head.

It's the feet.

You don't know...

Kim, you're alive!

My goodness, what are
you doing down there?

She fainted.

That's terrible.
This floor is filthy.

People, please, stop gaping.

She is not a possum
on the highway.

This was bound to happen.

I kept trying
to tell her to slow down.


Yes, Kim?

Shut up.

The girl's delirious.

Did it occur to you to call 911?

I called the red cross.

They're sending a chopper.

Why don't you
go see if it's here.

I'm not leaving her side
in these minutes of need.

Will somebody please help me up?


Does this tell you
anything at all?

Maybe I need a longer break.

Passing out is your body's
way of saying "chill!"

I hear it.

It's telling me to drop
some of my activities

or I'll make it into
med school on a stretcher.

These chairs should be
on the table

not under your behind.

Kim is not feeling well.

The poor child passed out.

Fortunately, I have been here
with the medical expertise.

And velma home wearing
her kaesong slippers.

I'll be here all night
spraying for germs.

It's not that bad.
I'll be in tomorrow.

No, you don't.

Get her to student health
and get her a doctor.

A man doctor.

Tell it like it is.

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