A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 14 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - full transcript

Couples at Hillman College experience broken hearts and discord as Valentine's Day approaches.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

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So what did Robert have to say?

I haven't opened his letter yet.

If my boyfriend was in england

I'd tackle the mailman

and rip the letter
out of his bag.

I did that last week.

I do not want to get
sprayed with mace again.

Besides, it reads

"do not open
till Valentine's day."

We'll look at it
through the light then.

Oh... I know you.

I recognize that hair.

What is she doing in my napkins?

You said you needed
help for the dance.

This is not help.

This is a redheaded
wrecking ball.

I'm not as clumsy
as I used to be.



I meant to do that.

She does it all the time.

Well, put that
poodle head in a net.

I'd like to get my hands

on the fool that thought up
Valentine's day.

I just did something for Suzanne

and I need your advice.

Do I look
like Dr. Ruth?


You're taller.

And you're much better looking.

Well, this is true.

I just bought this for Suzanne.

What do you think?

My, my.

Discount Larry's using
gift boxes this year.

What would you say
if I gave you this?


Well, after I gained

I'd say, "is there
a matching bracelet?"

Will she like it?

If it's enough to make me faint

you'll have to call
the paramedics

to revive Suzanne Taylor.

I did good, didn't I?

I didn't realize you
were this serioso.

It's been four months.

Four whole months?

How do you keep it fresh?

I call her at
a different time every night.

Then I call her in the morning

to see if she's
forgotten about me.

Oh, I see.

The bird-dog approach.

You women are always complaining

that men are afraid to commit.

This ring is screaming

"commit me.
Commit me!"

Oh, there's Suzanne.

I'll alert the paramedics.


Hi, Dwayne.

Did you get your teeth cleaned?

No, better.

Ooh! Ouch!

What's wrong?

Something's burning
a hole in my pocket!

You better take it.

It's your
Valentine's day present.

I didn't know we were
giving presents today.

Your smile is
present enough for me.

Although, I could use a wallet.


Dwayne, it's...

It's really lovely.

I don't know what to say.

Just put your lips right here.

It's a... ring.

It's not a ring ring.

It's a ring.

Of course, down the road

we can trade it in
for a ring ring.

Well, thank you.

It's so pretty.

But I have to go
to the bathroom.

The sweethearts' dance
starts at 8:00

which means we shouldn't make
our appearance before 8:30.


6:30 sounds divine.

A bientot, Derek.

I have hit the jackpot
with Derek Allen.

When mama meets him

she'll call the caterers
and order the ice swan.

Men are dirtballs!


But my dirtball
has rippling muscles

a stable full of thoroughbreds

and an early acceptance
to Harvard law school.

Isn't that the sweater
Robert gave you?

Isn't that the Teddy bear..?

Isn't that Robert?

In five minutes, this room and I

will be completely Robert-free.

What on earth has happened?

Read this.

"Dear Julius..."

That's a peculiar pet name.

That's his best friend.

Robert put his letter
in my envelope by mistake.


"I hardly miss hillman at all.

"My host family is really warm.

"Especially their
daughter, Samantha

"who's seriously hot.

"Last night she came
into my room

"asking if I could help
unbutton her dress.

"I could.

"I did.

The next two hours..."

You get the picture.

Not entirely.

Robert has given a new meaning

to "studying abroad."

Now, Kim, be honest.

Did we really think Robert

was going to be a monk
for six months?

He's been gone for three weeks.

They hold dogs in customs
longer than that.


I have told you
every time you have called

this is not
tidewater savings bank.

If I had a toaster,
I would give it to you.

In fact, give me your address.

I will buy you one.

People think refilling
a napkin dispenser is easy.

Well, it isn't.

Those band-aids will look lovely
with your party dress.

I'm not going to the dance.

I thought Barry tappscott
invited you.

He did.

I told him Valentine's day

should be spent
with a special person.

He agreed and said
I was nice, but not special

and he asked somebody else.


Yes, this is tidewater savings

Kingston branch.

Yeah, as in Kingston, Jamaica.

As in, "come home to."

Ho... ho... hold the wire.

This is the "goats only" line.

If you want to deposit a chicken

you must go in
that line over there.

Well, yes, madame,
I have your toaster

but you must come
and pick it up right away.


Jaleesa, that was amazing.

If I wasn't watching your lips

I wouldn't have known
it was you.

Yeah, right.

I was ready
to deposit a chicken.

You could fool anybody.

We should call Dwayne.

No. Let's call Walter.

He'll never guess it's you.

Don't you think that's
just a bit juvenile?

You could fool Harry Belafonte.



Am I speaking to the home
of Mr. Walter oakes?

You don't know me, Walter,
but my name is Sheila.

I'm an exchange student.

Well, yes, from Jamaica.

You have a very good ear

and a beautiful voice.

I've seen you
many times on campus.

And I say to myself

"Sheila, you must call this man,
because he is fine, fine, fine."


Yes, I'd love to.

That is, if you're
not seeing anyone special.

You're not seeing
anyone special, are you?

You're not?

Mr. Wayne, where have you
been for the past hour

and when will you
be coming back?

I'm back, sir.

I'm just having
a personal problem.

When that door closes,
your mind is mine

and I expect your
undivided attention.

Yes, sir.

All right.

What did my daughter do now?

Absolutely nothing.

Glad to hear that.

You know, sir

I've always admired

what a concerned parent you are.

You always know where
your daughter is.

You know what she's doing

where she's going

who she's going with...

Is this your feeble attempt

to see if my daughter
is seeing someone else?

Yes, sir, it is.

Dwayne, you know

that I can't say anything about
Suzanne's personal life.

That would be way out of line.

I get you.

You don't have to say anything.

We'll use the old
army technique.

Blink once for "yes"

twice for "no"?

You're pitiful.

Colonel Taylor, please.

I'm a guy.

You're a guy.

We've both been dogged by women.

Your wife dumped you.

Look, I wouldn't
abandon all hope.

After all, you are
the only young man

that's been at our dinner table

every Sunday for two months...

Without fail.

Thank you, sir.

What will it be this Sunday?

Hi, daddy.

Hey, pookie.

Ah... pork chops.

Pork chops.

Hello, baby.

Could we talk about this ring?

You have to take it
out of the box.

Gold has to breathe.

This is way too much.

It wasn't that much.

I got it on sale.


Slow down.

I like you.

But things are going too fast.

I need some space.

Honey, I thought couples

were supposed to
share the same space.

Unless you're saying

somebody's in my space.

No, there's no one else.

I want to keep seeing you.

Just not every hour on the hour.

Do you understand?

Do I understand?

I bought a new dress
for the sweethearts' dance.

Great. We can explore
our new spatial relationship.

We can dance in separate rooms.

We won't go that far.

We can dance on separate
sides of the same room.

Are you upset?

Not in the least.

I hate space!

What color dress are you wearing
to the Valentine's dance?

Red... blood red.

Sounds pretty.

It will go nicely with
the flowers I ordered.

I assume we're still
going to the movies tonight.

I'm glad you mentioned that.

We have to go to the early show.

Why, Walter?

Did you make other plans?

No, Dean Hewitt called.

He wants to meet about 9:00
to discuss a student.


So I'll pick you up
about 5:00.

Isn't that a library book?

I forgot to check it out.

Paradise exposed.

They got some pretty pictures
in there.

Why the sudden interest
in Jamaica?

Didn't I tell you?

I entered a "win a trip
to Jamaica" sweepstakes.

I may have already won.

I got a feeling I'll be lucky
in the next couple of days...

Real lucky.

£ Jamaica, Jamaica £

or you might get hit by a bus.

Excuse me.


Funny seeing you here
with the jeri curl man.

I come to the library
every Friday at 3:00.

Is it Friday already?

Just yesterday
seemed like Thursday.

I've got to meet joella.

Wait a second.

The student union
is showing a film classic...

the battleship Potemkin.

I thought we could go...

Two people with a passion
for the Russian Navy.

I'm sorry.

I already have plans.

That's cool.

With whom?

You don't have to tell me.

Why don't we meet for coffee
when we're finished studying?

How could I refusenik?

Okay, bye.



How are you?

Good. How are you?

I just happened to notice
that miss Taylor is ringless.

She gave it back to me.

I beg your pardon?

She said she feels like
things are going too fast.

She needs some breathing room.

I haven't heard one good reason
to return a gold ring.

The girl said she needed
a little space.

I can handle that.

When a woman says
she needs space

that means,
"get off the plane, Dwayne.

This seat is ocupado."

She told me
there is no one else.

I'm in first class.

I've been bumped.

Oh, Dwayne!

As soon as you
and what's-her-name are kaput

I'll come running
to your doorstep.

No, I can't wait.

I've got to have you now!

I need you now!

I want you now!

Take me!

Whitley, I'm flattered

but I'm kind of hung up
on Suzanne.

Oh, please, Dwayne.

I have a Harvard man.

I was just trying
to make Suzanne jealous

you ninny.

It didn't work, you ninny.

You just missed a call.

Someone from
Dean Hewitt's office.

That student you were
meeting had to cancel.


She got hit by a bus... hard.

Maybe I should see
if she's all right.

Won't that interfere with
your date with Sheila?

That's Dean Hewitt's first name?

I thought it was Ralph.

Don't play games with me

because I know you were
perfectly willing

to go sneak around with
some cheap island pineapple.

What you didn't know was that
cheap island pineapple was me.

I am Sheila.

Oh, I knew it all along.

You better stop right now,

Your nose is half way
down the street.

Maybe you ought to follow it.

If that's the way you want it.

That's the way I want it.

I'd like to say something.

Ladies and gentlemen

for the first time
live at hillman

singing great tunes like

"I knew it all along,
you was totally wrong"

Walter oakes
and the little acorns!

£ day-o £

£ jaleesa is Sheila,
Sheila is jaleesa £

£ no fool me, no fool me £

£ your accent didn't fool me £

£ jaleesa, jaleesa,
I just want to seize her £

£ jaleesa, jaleesa,
let's go get some pizza £

Whose brilliant idea was it
to make heart-shaped hamburgers?


That will teach you
to listen to me.

Most of these hearts are broken.

Broken heart burgers...
I think there's a message here.

The message is
we're alone on
Valentine's day.

What do you want to do

play cards or a board game?

I want to go to the dance.

Oh, my goodness, still moping.

These long faces
are going to scuff my floors.

We're fine.

We're happier than we look.

You look like two basset hounds
who just missed a meal.

I won't let these dateless faces
scare away my customers.

Who in here don't have
a date for tonight?

You better sit down.

Can you dance?


Can you get rid of that tic
before you dance?

Now you go with her.

And you...

You go with her.

And you two go and get dressed.

Keep your hands to yourselves
at all times.

Remember, I know where you live.


Just got your message.

I'm the pilot of this airplane.

This space thing is not working.

We fly united or we fly solo.

What are you saying?

Maybe we should
stop seeing each other.

Maybe you're right.


I could be totally wrong.

No, you're not.

This is probably for the best.

Now the runway's clear

for you to share your space
with that new guy.

What guy?

That guy in the library.


That would be his name.

Joella's fiance.

Joella's fi...

This isn't going to work.

I'm just not ready
for a serious relationship

and you're just too ready.


That's fine.

Just remember one thing, baby.

Remember who dumped who and why!

What are you looking at?!

Derek, please,
there's no need to apologize.

In fact, I was just about
to cancel on you.

I think I'm coming down
with that nasty flu.

Riding next weekend?

I don't think so.

I've had my fill
of horse manure.

Look at you!

Derek will die when he sees you.

I hope so.

These guys we're going with...

You think they're
special enough?

They're breathing.

They're special enough.

Hey, whitley,
I'm glad I caught you.

Actually, I was just about
to meet Derek for dinner.

Why aren't you
dressed for the dance?

I told Suzanne if we
can't play by my rules

we don't play.

You dumped her!

Only thing missing
was the hefty bag.

I know how much
you like chocolate.

These are for you.

Nuts and chews!

Have some.

No, I don't feel
much like eating.

That's funny.

After I dump somebody,
I'm ravenous.

Whitley, I didn't
exactly dump Suzanne.

We kind of dumped each other.

The truth is,
she did most of the dumping.

Have an almond cluster.

I thought love was supposed
to make you feel good.

It hurts.

Have the whole box.

So it was somebody else, huh?


The only guy who came between
me and Suzanne was me.

You and Derek will have
a great time at the dance.

I'll see you.


About the dance...

Mr. Harvard law school cancelled
on me at the last minute.

No way.

Want these back?


Derek would be sorry if
he saw you in that dress.

Suzanne would be even sorrier.

She doesn't know what she had.

Thank you.


How do you feel
about the Russian Navy?

What do you have in mind?

The battleship Potemkin
was held over.

If we rush, we won't miss
the rotten meat scene.


But if anyone sees us,
Derek is in the restroom.

Got it.

What was that for?

Happy Valentine's day.

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