90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 3 - It's All Fun and Games - full transcript

Silver is coerced into spending the entire day with Adrianna, doing risk-taking challenges, a carefree adult in their 20s would do after she keeps putting off her insemination appointment. She later has a naked photo shoot, thanks to a suggestion from Naomi. While Max is away on business, Naomi does everything she can to have Alec like her and later, when they soon begin to bond, he kisses her, putting her in a tough position of whether or not to tell Max. Meanwhile, Annie has a reluctant Dixon meet with a therapy group at CU, when he loses hope at ever walking again and meets Megan, the daughter of the dead truck driver that caused Dixon's car accident. When a police detective begin questioning Liam about Vanessa's whereabouts, he contemplates telling the truth about the accident and facing serious jail time until he learns that the police have discovered Vanessa's criminal history and believe that she has simply run off again, leaving Liam relieved.

Previously on 90210...

A lot of women put off
having their ovaries removed

until after they've had children.

You wanna know what I want?

I want to be pregnant, and I
want to experience everything.

And if I'm gonna do it,
I have to do it right now.

I didn't have a signal to call Ade,

and I need you to find her,
and tell her that I love her.

I can't believe you took off like that.

You, my friend, have a
lot of explaining to do.

- I can't move my legs.
- You're gonna be fine.

What if it takes too long
and Ade decides not to wait.

How dare you get into Dixon's head?

He's got to accept he's
got a long road of recovery.

- He's never gonna get there.
- You don't know what my brother needs!

But you do?

Naomi Clark, will you marry me?

You and Max, are a mistake.

And I am not gonna let
you ruin his life... again.

I probably should have waited
to announce our engagement...

- Vanessa, we are not engaged!
- I just want you to love me!

You are completely insane!

- Liam, wait.
- Let me go.

My name is Liam Court.

I've just seen an accident.

I'm sorry, I...

I think I made a mistake.

Need I remind you this shower is a surprise?

- Silver is on her way.
- I'm hurrying.

My God, it feels like I'm on Top Chef.

If you were on Top Chef, you
would have boated off already.


Sorry I'm late.

Did I miss anything?

The only thing you missed is
Naomi acting like a pastry nazi.

Everything ok dropping off
Dixon at his physical therapy?

Yeah. But...

ever since Naomi's wedding
reception, he seems so discouraged.

I don't know what to do
to get through to him.

Well, you've been doing a lot.

You know what, why don't I pick
him up after Silver's baby shower,

his recovery could take a while,
I think we need to peace ourselves.

*** next to Earl Grey truffles.

What are we, savages?

Look at you. I'm gonna unpack these.

No, no, no. Don't touch those.

They're for Alec.

Max is away on business, it's the perfect

time to try to win him over.

By making him diabetic?

I got Liam to star in the video game,

I sealed the deal with the Colton brothers,

and I saved Max and Alec's business,

but Alec still wants to freeze me out!

It's not the first time
you've been in a relationship

where the best friend hates you.


But Max and I are not just
in a relationship anymore,

we are in a marriage.

And, if we're gonna go the distance,

Max's BFF ha to be my BFF too.

You and Max have a history.

Alec is his best friend,

and he thinks you're evil.

You really thinks cupcakes
are gonna change that?

As the saying goes,

the key to your husband best
friend and business partner

heart is through is stomach.

Pretty sure no one ever said that.

She's here.

Go, go. Get your stuff. Come on.

Ok girls. Places.

Silver is going to be so...


- We blew it.
- Surprise!

Wait a minute.

I thought this was for our other

about to be inseminated friend.

I'm so surprised.

We wanted one last celebration, you know,

for you, before you get big as
a house, and can't see your feet.

Thank you. I think.

Wh... are the presents for me too?

Yeah. Open mine first.

- Thank you.
- Well...

I'll just tell you what it is.

It's a private session with
my personal photographer.

So when you're 8 months along,

and glowing, you can get naked and go
on to me for everyone on the camera.

I'll have to work on my very
strategic hands positions.

Guys, this is amazing.

Well, of course. It's not
everyday a friend gets inseminated.

So... when is the big appointment?

I... I actually haven't made it yet.

But I thought you had your ***

and tomorrow had to be Go-Day...

Yeah, it does.

It's just...

every time I pick up the phone

to call and make the appointment,

I... don't.

Well, who could blame you?

I mean, getting pregnant

means getting fat, getting ugly,

having strangers rub up on your baby bump.

Okay, I didn't get fat or ugly.

Yeah, sure you didn't, honey.

It's not about that.

I know that if I'm gonna have kids,

I need to do it now, but...

I'm 20 years old.

I'm supposed to be the kid.

I... I guess I just don't know

if I'm ready to be so responsible yet.

Well, then don't be so responsible.

You have 24 hours left of being a kid.

Let's go have some irresponsible fun.

Like crazy Silver fun.

Then after that,

maybe the idea of having
a kid won't be so scary.

that must be my other present for you.

Okay, so...

act like a kid to have a kid.

It's actually not such a bad idea.


Wait, why did you say "actually"
like you were surprised?


It's about to get really...

hot in here.

If you want to be irresponsible,

maybe you should do it with this guy.



Come on, Dixon, I need more from you.

I'm trying.

Well, try harder.

There you go.

Come on.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize
it was time to relax.

You... you want me to get you something?

Like an ice tea or maybe a shawl
for your leg since you don't

ever seem to want to use those again?

Hey, is he always this much of a jerk?

Riley? Well, he's tough, but he's a hero.

He had to be to survive

what happened to him in Afghanistan.

Hey, that was great.

You were so close.

Yeah, but close to walking
isn't really walking, is it?

I'll meet you in the front.

You know, you could go easier on him.

This isn't boot camp.

Dixon doesn't need someone to
sing him lullabies right now.

What he needs is to get out of that chair.

- He'll get out of the chair when he's ready.
- He is ready.

Just got his medical
report. He's strong enough,

the dexterity in his arms
and legs have come back.

So what, you're saying
it's all in his head?

He was in a horrible accident.

I know. I know.

"I'm the only one who's ever
been in a car accident, poor me.

What's the point?"

Dixon plays the victim

better than half the actors in this town.

Till he shelves that attitude,

he's never gonna get any better.

He's trying.

He's failing.

And somebody needs to get through to him.

Well, that somebody is not gonna be you.



Put your hands up!

You're wanted for murder.

All right, good, Liam.

Right hook.

And cut.

All right.

Everything looks great.

The Colton brothers are gonna
be thrilled with the game.

Thank God. I don't know

if I can take another day in this suit.

I kind of feel like I'm at ninja camp.

By the way, your business partner

still hasn't signed your
contract. Is she around?

- Vanessa?
- Yeah.

No, she is out of town.

Well, when will she be back?

I don't know. I think
it's gonna be a while.


You keep your fiancée on
a short leash, don't you?

Just, you know, get her down here.

Unless she signs off, we
can't finish production.

- Okay?
- Yeah, sure, absolutely.

Hey, Liam, nice balls.

Thank you.

There he is, the second most
attractive CEO at the company.

With Max in Japan,

you're looking for someone
else's life to ruin.

Alec, we're the two
closest people in his life.

I'm her to bury the hatchet.

Hopefully not literally.

Peace offering?

I'm allergic to wheat. Pass.

They're gluten-free.

I called and asked your assistant.

Why do you care so much?

I care because, contrary
to what you may believe,

my commitment to Max is real.

I want him to be happy.

And if you and I are good, Max is good.

So, maybe,

before he gets back, we can be friends?

I have a business to run, okay,

and a full schedule of appointments.

So, I don't have time to be your friend.

Thanks, Annie, for putting
the jelly on the top shelf.

Guess I'm stuck with peanut
butter and mayonnaise.


Hey, Liam's on his way over.

Thought maybe you two
could hang out and talk?

About whatever, you know, just life.

How you're feeling?

Yeah, and about that cute guy in school

who hasn't called me yet?

Seriously, have you met me and Liam?


Hey, man.

What's up, man?

Not me.

So, Liam, weren't you telling me

about some West Bev Alumni Surf event?


Yeah, yeah, it's going
off tomorrow. We should go.

No... no, thank you.

Probably not this year.

All the old surf team's gonna
be schooling the new squad.

- It'll be fun.
- Sitting on the beach

watching a bunch of guys

do something I can't do anymore

just sounds like a blast.

Yeah, I suck.

No, it's not your fault.

He's just going through
something that none of us

really understand. Thanks for trying.


Hey, I wanted to ask you a favor.

I need to talk to a
lawyer about a contract issue.

Why, did Vanessa get you
to sign away your soul?

Yeah, something like that.

No, I just thought with all the
stuff that you'd been through

with Marla's will that
you might know someone.

Yeah, actually, Lindsey Beckwith.

She helped me set up my foundation.

She's an attorney and teaches
a business law class at CU.

Beckwith. Okay. Great, thanks.

No problem. I'm just glad
you're finally doing something

to get rid of that psychopath.


- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for Liam Court.

You found him.

Detective Thompsen.

Los Angeles Police Department.

I've got a few questions about
a missing person you might know.

Vanessa Shaw.

So, what exactly do you
need to know about Vanessa?

I can't get into he details
of an open investigation.

I've got a few questions for Miss Shaw,

and I haven't been able to find her.

This bar is her last known address.

She moved out months ago.

Really? I thought you just
announced your engagement

at a party last week?

My teenage daughter follows you on Twitter.

Yeah, well, you can't
believe everything you read.

Vanessa does my PR.

I actually haven't seen
her since the party.

You haven't seen your
fiancée and business partner

in over a week and you're not concerned?

I told you, she's not my fiancée.

We, actually never really got along.

Yeah, most couples don't feel that way

- until after the wedding.
- Yeah.

Well, most couples don't meet

when one of them runs the
other one over with a car.

I'm sorry.

If knew where she was, I would tell you.

Well, if you think of
anything else, give me a call.

But if we don't find her,

I'm sure you and I will
be talking again. Yeah.

Thanks for your time, Mr. Court.

Getting out of the
house is part of your recovery.

You have to stop moping

and start doing stuff
that makes you feel better.

Or something that makes you feel better?

Okay. Okay. Fine.

So, what class is this
that you signed me up for?

Standing 101?

- Hi, Annie.
- Hi.

Dixon, hi, I'm Sam.

- I'm the trauma counselor.
- Hey.

Annie told me about what
you've been going through.

I'm pretty sure group therapy will help.

Hi, how are you feeling today?

Hell, no.

Dixon, please.

- Annie, give me my chair.
- No.

You need more than physical
therapy to get better.

You have to talk about your issues.

My only issue is that a truck driver

speeding down Dry Creek Highway...

maybe high on meth... put me in this chair.

How's talking about it
gonna get me out of it?

Just try it.

For me?

Okay. Okay, fine.

But when you get back, if I'm walking,

I'm gonna kill you.

I will pick you up in an hour.

All right, let's take a seat, everyone.

Get started.

How you feeling today?

Wasn't that awesome?

Would two mature adults go
see the breakfast screening

of Zombie Murderers From Hell?

Not on a full stomach, they wouldn't.

Okay, let's see what's next.

All right.

"Kiss a stranger,

hitchhike a ride from a biker gang..."

Go home.


We still have a list of
crazy fun things left to do.

I know, Ade, but...

being irresponsible isn't
making me feel ready to be a mom.

This is... I'm still scared. Okay.

Well, then, maybe this has more
to do with facing your fears.

And what better way of overcoming fear

than by conquering your biggest one?

- We're doing number five.
- Ade. No.

I can't do number five.

I've been afraid of number
five since I was five.


You walked away from Liam
and Navid to have this baby.

You can't let anything
else stand in your way.


But I wouldn't be so afraid

if I wasn't already worried
about the zombie apocalypse.

That was a great way to open the session.

Thanks, Chris.


I know this is your first time, but

is there anything you'd
like to talk about today?

I don't know, I'm sorry, man.

What happened to me wasn't my fault.

It was somebody else's stupid mistake.

There was nothing I could do about it,

so I kind of feel it's
pointless to talk about it.

Talking about it can
actually change how you feel.

But a lot of people feel uncomfortable

talking during their first session.

How about you, Megan?

You've been here a few times.

Do you feel comfortable
sharing your story today?

Yeah, I think so.

Well, the thing that happened to me

didn't actually happen to me.

It was my dad.

He died in a car crash,

and it's been really hard,

because it feels like it was my fault.

My dad was a truck driver,

and about a month ago he was
driving down Dry Creek Highway,

when this car with three guys in it

pulled in front of him.

And he didn't have time to stop.

Dry Creek Highway?

Let her finish.

We just got the toxicology
report back, and...

there were no drugs or
alcohol in his system.

All I can think is he was
working too many hours,

or not getting enough sleep,

and all to pay for my stupid tuition.

And now they're all dead,
and it's all my fault.

I need my chair.

- Dixon, are you okay?
- No.

No, I... I... I'm... I
need to get out of here.

- I need my chair, please.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, everybody.


I'm Alec Martin.

I have a lunch meeting
with Muriel Wentworth.

She's upstairs, sir.

Thanks. All right.


What are you doing here?

I'm having breakfast.

With you.


Why do I have a feeling
that Muriel Wentworth,

billionaire widow to software
mogul Linus Wentworth,

isn't coming to the meeting
I prepared for half the night?

Okay, okay.

- So I'm not a 70-year-old Botox queen.
- Yet.

But I knew you'd clear your schedule

for one of the richest women in the world.

And since we both have a
full afternoon off, now,

I figured, why not get to know each other?

It would take a band of pirates

to keep me on this boat.

Or just a captain with impeccable timing.

I think you're stuck with me.

Are you really gonna sit
there and sulk all day?

I'm not sulking.

I'm communicating with
sharks in the vicinity.

Really? And are they listening?

- You're still here, so, no.
- Look, Alec,

I realize you think I'm a pain in the ass.

Maybe I am.

But I'm not going anywhere.

Max and I are going to be together

for the rest of our lives.

So if you won't make an effort for me,

would you at least do it for him?

You know, you're right.

- I am?
- Yeah.

I have been pretty tough on you.

Maybe I haven't given you a chance.

The truth is, I tend not to be
very tolerant of other people.

Me, either!

In fact, I'm downright
intolerant, I mean...

I have trouble connecting to people.

I grew up wealthy, and
my parents sheltered me

so I didn't have a lot of friends, and...

- You don't want to hear all this.
- Yes, of...

Of course I do.

My parents used to drag me to
these galas in Newport Beach.

I would sneak off just to
see other kids hanging out

so I could learn how to do it.

The boardwalk on Balboa Peninsula
was the best part about being a kid.

- Shut up.
- Yeah.

My dad used to take me to that
boardwalk every time we'd finish

- sailing in the harbor.
- Really?

We'd go to Frosty's and get ice cream,

go up on the Ferris wheel,

rent bikes. I mean...


It's 20 minutes away.

We could cruise down and
see if it's still the same.

I don't know. I really
should get back to the office.

For God's sakes, stop thinking about work.

Do something fun for once in your life.


I have to make a few calls,
but then... I'm all in.


Whoever put this deal
together really hates you.

Any one of my first year law
students would know better

than to sign this, but I
guess they don't teach you

about contracts in acting school.

I didn't go to acting school.

I just assumed the star of Corporate
Invaders was classically trained.

That's funny.

Yeah. Maybe laughter
will help mask the pain.

Look, I'd help you if I could,

but this contract links you
and Vanessa for three years.

Unless you could prove that
the deal was fraudulent,

she would have to agree to
dissolve the partnership.

Which means,

you either have to wait out the terms,

or hope she gets hit by a bus.


there's something else
I wanted to... to ask you.

I'm researching a
role for an upcoming role,

and I just want to better
understand my character.

What would happen if,
somebody saw an accident

and did nothing about it?

It would depend on how
serious the accident was.

For actively ignoring
something that proved fatal,

that person could be
charged with manslaughter.


You actually look worried.

Maybe you can act.

I have to get to class.

- I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
- Thanks.


Have you seen Dixon?

I thought he wouldn't leave the house.

Well, I kind of forced him to,

and now I've come to pick him up,

and he's not here.

He'll probably... I don't know.

He's on campus or something.
He'll probably turn up.

Right. So I guess I'll just
go home, cross my fingers,

and hope he doesn't roll
his chair off a cliff.

I'm sorry. I've just got a lot on my mind.

I'm sure Dixon does, too.

You know, maybe he just needed
some time to get away and think.

I know I do.

I can't believe Frosty
remembered your name!

The king of the boardwalk
knows who you are.

What can I say? I hang with royalty.

My God, the Bay Arcade! I forgot!

I used to spend hours playing Skee-Ball,

trying to win enough tickets
get to a silver unicorn.

That never happened.

Do you know what?

I think it's time to get
you that silver unicorn.

Come on.

I can do this.

I conquer this fear, I
conquer all fears, right?


Unless you die tragically.


I'm kidding. You got this.

Ready to fly?

Ready as I'll ever be.

When I say let go, just let go.

- Okay, got it.
- Here we go.

Ready. Set. Hut.

Go. Yeah! Leg's up! Leg's up!

Hands off. Look up.

Nice! I'm doing it!

- I'm really doing it!
- Yeah!

Turn! Turn!



All right.

Nice. Nice!

I did it!

I knocked out number
five! I kicked fear's ass!

- That was so good.
- Okay.

Okay, that did not look so good.

- You okay?
- No.

My ankle, my ankle, my ankle.

All right.

Okay. The token guy said
this is the only silver unicorn

on the peninsula, so you have to get it.

Listen, I am a master
on these machines, okay?

I'm just getting a feel for this puppy.

We'll get it this time. No
doubt, no doubt, all right?

You said that about 20 minutes ago.


Okay, steady, steady. Yes, yes,
yes, right there, right there.

- Right there.
- Easy, easy.

Yes, yes, right there.


Got it! Yes!

Yes! Yes!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Told you.

No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Naomi, wait.

We need to talk about this!

No. We're not talking
about this because this...

this never happened!

Naomi, thank God you're back.

I lost Dixon. Have you seen him?

No, and how do you lose
a guy who can't move?

Well, because I pushed him too hard to get

what I wanted and it
blew up in my face, okay?

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day, too.

But sorry I have no idea where Dixon is.

Guess I don't know my brother
as well as I thought I did.

If you don't, who does?


- Who's Riley?
- Dixon's jerky,

know-it-all physical therapist.

He acts like being in a wheelchair

gives him some special insight
into Dixon that I don't have.

It's like they're in a club.

And now I actually sound like I'm jealous

that I'm not in a wheelchair.

Yeah, you kind of do.

But thanks for making me
feel better about my day.

Well, hello, sunshine.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Dixon doesn't have a session today.

I need your help.

I wanted Dixon to talk about his issues

and so I ambushed him into group therapy.

You did what?

Apparently he got upset and left

in the middle of the session,
and no one's seen him since.

So my assessment that
your brother's problem

was mental is just way off.

I took your advice and I tried

to get through to him, but it did not work.

And now I can't find him.

Well, what do you want my help for?

- I don't know your brother at all, remember?
- Can you just drop

the tough love drill
sergeant bit for two minutes?

I get it... you are a war hero

who's an expert in all things wheelchair.

So tell me where my brother is.

Yeah, look, if... if Dixon is upset

talking about the
accident, that means he's...

he's finally processing
the day of the crash.

He's wondering what life would've been like

had he not gotten in that car

and driven down that road.

So what would have life been like?

Where was he headed that day?

He was on his way to meet
Ade at the Santa Monica Pier.

Okay, so...

what do you do when the feat to
conquer all fears is an epic fail?

Okay, hey, you weren't that bad.

You conquered most of it.

Hey, I'm gonna go get the car.

- You stay here.
- Yeah?

Unless number six on your list

is falling off the curb.


- I'll be right back.
- Very funny.

Erin Silver?

Suzanne, hi. What are you doing here?

You know us BRCA gene patients,

we're always finding some
reason to be at the hospital.

Though it's not usually
foot related. Are you okay?

Yeah, it's just a sprained ankle.

Nothing life threatening.

I decided to have a...

a baby before the BRCA gene surgeries.

A friend of mine talked me into conquering

some of my fears, and,

it didn't really work out.

How have you been?

I'm great.

The good news is I lost a couple pounds.

The bad news is it was
all boobs and ovaries.

Wow. You had the surgery.

A month ago.

Here to see my doctor for a follow-up.

That's great. You knew what you wanted,

you made a decision and...

- it must be a huge relief.
- Actually,

it was the scariest thing I've ever done.

It hurts, I have scars,

and I have to take pills
for rest of my life.

Erin, you're not just
afraid of becoming a parent.

Your entire body is about to change...

but you will be alive,

and you won't go to bed
worrying about cancer.

That's one fear you can conquer.

- I'm going to be late for a checkup.
- Yeah.

It was great seeing you, Erin.

It's great to see you, too.

So let me guess.

Annie called you to talk me off the ledge,

or maybe take me back to therapy.

Not everything's about you, Dixon.

It just so happens that
today, gimps ride for free

on the Ferris wheel, so...

Hey, if you want to talk...

- I don't.
- Why?

Because your story's so uniquely sad

that we're both gonna weep?

Come on, dude.

I can handle it, if you can.

When I thought I was in this
chair for no good reason,

I was like, what's the point of even trying

when some random loser with a semitruck

could take it all away, you know?

Yeah, that's a good attitude.

Yeah, well, at least I
had somebody to blame.

But today, a girl came
in talking about her dad,

and I realized that her dad...

is the random trucker.

I just wanted to scream
at her, and be like,

"Your dad ruined my life!"

But I can't... 'cause he was just a guy

who was trying to look out
for the people he loves.

If it's not somebody else's
fault that I'm in this chair,

man, then whose is it?

It's yours.

- What?
- Weren't you in a hurry

to get to this exact pier to
make up with your girlfriend?

Which, that's your fault, by the
way, too. God, you're a menace.

- Please don't.
- Don't what?

Don't take away your right to be a victim?

Point out how pathetic
you're being right now?

Riley, I swear, I will mess you up.

Try it.

Try. Get out of that chair
right now and punch me.

At least you can.

- Well, maybe I will.
- Okay. Do it then. Come on, Dixon.

Punch me. Get out of the chair

and punch me. Bring it.

I'm right here. Come on. There you go.

There you go.

Look at that.

Looks like I'm right again,

Dixon, it was an accident, okay?

It doesn't matter who was at fault.

What matters is what you
do from this moment forward.

Only person that's keeping you
in this chair right now is you.

I'll see you around.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,

that is your West Bev
surf team class of 2013.

Whoo! Now...

for the final event, the Alumni Surf.

Let's hear it for them, people.

I still can't believe you lost Dixon.

That's funny coming from the girl

whose list nearly killed Silver.

I was trying to help a friend get pregnant.

On a trapeze?

This is a really weird conversation.

Look at them.

We were them two years ago.

All happy, and healthy, and...

hopeful, and not afraid of anything.

And the worst thing that could happens was

you making out with the wrong guy at prom.

Okay, Alec kissed me.

My God.


On our friend date.

How was it?

Alec's hot.

I mean...

not that it makes it okay.

What exactly happened?

We were having a wonderful day out.

I mean, he was his
usual ass self, at first,

but then I took him yachting,
and then we had lunch,

and he won me a silver unicorn,

and the moment was perfect,
and then all of a sudden

he kissed me.

I've been trying to pretend
like it didn't happen.

Okay, well, you have to tell Max.

Tell him what?

That I tricked his best friend
into spending the day with me,

forced him to like me,
and then, oops, we kissed.

With my track record
with Austiand now this,

Max is never gonna trust me again.

You know,

Max will understand,
but you have to tell him.

If you don't tell Max, and
then he somehow finds out,

then your relationship will be ruined.


Dixon, dude.

Annie practically put out
an AMBER Alert for you.

Yeah, I heard.

Yeah, why aren't you
surfing with the alumni?

I got a lot on my mind.

I figured I'd take a drive up
the coast and clear my head.

I hear you, man.

This accident stuff is eating me up inside.

I'm just staring to realize

that I can't let that one moment

hang over my head for the rest of my life.


Well, hey, now that I
know you're all right,

I'll see you later.

Yeah. Wait, wait, wait.

Before you go...

I kind of need a big favor.

Hey, Annie.

My God, Riley. Did you find Dixon?

Yeah, yeah, we had a pleasant little chat.

He's not back yet?

No, he's still not answering his phone.

What exactly did you say?

Just that he was a pathetic loser

and it was his fault that he couldn't walk.


It usually works.

Ah, see?

Dixon. Dixon, are you okay?

Yeah, yeah,

at least I will be.

Come on.

You sure you're ready for this?

More than ever.

All right.

All right, here we go.


I am so proud of you for
getting back out there today.

- Thank you.
- It was...

truly inspiring.

- Highlight of my day.
- It was great.

I mean, I know I'm not out there
strutting like I usually do...

hell, I don't even know
if I ever will again...

but... I was out there in the water.

I was living my life.

I got to move on.

You were brave.

I need to go be brave, too.

: I got to talk to Alec.

- Who's ready for a drink?
- This man.

- Hey, I can get it.
- No, no, no. Relax, I got it.

Need help?

Thank you.


Thank you, baby.

Hey, Dixon, I got some ice outside.

- Can you help me?
- Yeah. Yeah.


Okay, can you be careful with him, please?



You know, this is gonna be
my last drink for a while.

I made an appointment at the
fertility clinic in the morning.

See? All you had to
do was overcome your fear.

Trapeze totally worked.

Yeah! I guess.

I ran into a friend at the hospital,


I'm still terrified,


the one thing that's scarier
would be not living my life.

Well, you know, you don't
get nauseous on day one.

We can still hit a few
more things on your list,

tomorrow, if you want.

I'll take a rain check.

There's something from the
baby shower that I want to try.

If you're talking about the stripper,

I think his name was Jason.

Good to know.

Looks like you did know what Dixon needs.

Dixon's going through
a lot of the same things

I went through after my own
accident a few years ago.

I can't imagine what it was
like serving in Afghanistan.

Yeah, look, Annie,

I was never in the military.

I got offered a ton of money

to work over there as a private contractor.

Then one night...

after I delivered some
supplies into town, I...

I got drunk, decided I was
gonna race somebody back to camp.

Flipped my truck, and
I woke up the next day

with no feeling below my waist.

Wow. I just assumed...

Everybody thinks I'm a hero,

but, the truth is, I was
just there for a paycheck.

Actually, I was... I was trying
to save up money for my wedding.

- You're married?
- No. After the accident,

my fiancée left me.

Turns out she couldn't
handle me being in a wheelchair, so...

you know, for the longest time,

I felt sorry for myself, like Dixon,

'cause I wanted to blame someone,


I realized that the person that
put me in this chair was me.

I was an ass.

: Sometimes I still am.

Yeah, well, today for my
brother you were a hero.

Thank you.

- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.


thanks for helping me out today, man.


And if I don't see you
before you leave, cheers.


I don't think I'm gonna go.

Why? What happened?

I was thinking about what you said

before you went in the
water about how you can't let

one moment hang over your head forever.

And, there's something

I need to take care of.

Hi. I need to speak
with Detective Thompsen.

I have something to tell
him about Vanessa Shaw.

: Thanks.

Hope that doesn't count as my last meal.


...you know where Vanessa Shaw is?

Not exactly.

Look, after the party we had a fight.

I didn't say anything because I was glad

to finally just... have her out of my life.

But the truth is...

We know.

You do?

We were on her for bank fraud,

but what you said about her hitting
you with the car got me thinking.

Did a little digging and
found a whole lot more.

Turns out you're not
Vanessa Shaw's first rodeo.

This girl is a master con
artist... she's been at least

five different people
in the last five years.

Vanessa Shaw's not even her real name.

Technically, your fiancée and
business partner doesn't even exist.


she's really gone.

The FBI took over the case.
If her previous pattern

was any indication she's
probably fled the state,

maybe even the country.

I'd be surprised if
any of us saw her again.


Hey, I'm sorry I forced
you into this group thing,

but I am glad you found some people who
understand what you're going through.

Yeah, me, too.

You know I only do all this
because I love you, right?

Yeah, I know, but... you got
to stop loving me so much.

Seriously, we got to get
you a puppy or something.

No. But for real...

thank you.


Hey. Dixon, right?


- I'm Megan.
- Hey.

You're taller today.

Yeah, yeah, a little bit.

I heard your story
yesterday, about your dad.

There's something you need to know.

you shouldn't blame yourself.

It was an accident.

Thanks. I... I appreciate that.

Hi, everyone. Shall we begin?


Who wants to share first?

Okay, good.

All set.

Most people don't use
these pregnancy gift cards

till they're showing.

I know...

but I kind of want to
remember my body like this...

before all the changes.

I'm all set, so whenever you're ready.

Yes. Here?

Yeah, right there in the middle.


- Whenever you're ready.
- Yep.

That's quite a rap sheet.

I guess we'll have the contract
redrawn without Vanessa.

Or whoever she was.

I'm glad we can move
forward with everything.

So am I.

All right.


listen, I want to apologize
for what happened yesterday.

What's done is done.

We can't pretend like
it didn't happen. Look,

my relationship with Max is the most
important thing in the world to me...

And my marriage to Max is the most
important thing in the world to me...

which is why I decided
to tell him the truth.

- You sure?
- Yes.

No. I don't know.

If I don't tell him, he'll
never be able to trust me.

Just give me time to
do it in the right way.

As a favor to a friend?


No matter what happens...

I'm glad we're friends.

I am, too, Alec.