90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Sea Change - full transcript

Naomi decides to throw a wedding reception when Max's investors continue to pull out of his and Alec's business. After some interesting words from Riley in physical therapy, Dixon lashes ...

Previously on 90210:

Preventive masectomy won't
affect your fertility,

but a lot of women put off
having their ovaries removed

until after they've had children.

I want to have a baby,
and if I'm gonna do it,

I have to do it right now, so,
which one of you is up for that?

Yup. That's what I thought.

That's why I choose you.

Will you have a baby with me, Teddy?

Our movie is doing so well,
it got picked up for a sequel.

Just won't do the movie.

That contract is worth $200,000.

Unless you've got that laying around

somewhere, I suggest you
get used to this face.

The fire marshal's sending
over the report today.

I was hoping to get the
check as soon as possible.

I just went through a
bad breakup, and I needed

to get the guy out of my head.

Well, I'm gonna write down my phone number,

'cause I don't believe for one second

you won't want to do this again.

Looking for Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

Taylor Williams. I'm a club promoter.

I was supposed to catch her show in Vegas.

She's at hospital with her boyfriend.

Naomi Clark, will you marry me?

You and Max are a mistake,

and I am not gonna let
you ruin his life again.

Wait. Naomi Clark goes on vacation

and she only brings one suitcase?

Did I miss an announcement
of the apocalypse?

Darling, it's our honeymoon.

I don't plan on wearing that much clothing.

Actually, I'm feeling a little
overdressed at the moment.

Why, Mrs. Clark-Miller,

you look cold.

Let me warm you.

Oh, how very thoughtful
of you, Mr. Miller-Clark.

(doorbell rings)

Mmm. Mmm.

Ugh! Car's early.

He can wait.

No. Probably Alec.

He was gonna stop by and
drop off a wedding gift.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Gift certificate for a divorce lawyer?


Okay, look, I haven't told you this

because I know how close you two are,

but after we got married, Alec said I'm,

and I quote, "a huge mistake."

Okay, look, so maybe

I didn't exactly talk
you up after we broke up.

Both times. But I love you,
and he wants what's best for me,

so I... I think eventually he'll
see past our sordid history.

Hey, there he is.

Oh, yeah.

Got something for you.

Congratulations on your nuptials.

"Cosmetic heiress Madison Stewart,

known best for her puppy rescue charities,

was left at the altar

by software impresario Max Miller when...

Beverly Hills bad girl, Naomi Clark... "

I like that.

"... broke up her wedding.

One guest was quoted as
saying, 'Max Miller must be

out of his mind or on drugs.'"

That was probably my mother.

The gossip mags can have their fun.

- We are above their idle chatter.
- Yeah.

- Yes?
- Yeah.

It's not just idle chatter.

Our stock price dropped ten points.

Turns out, investors don't like it

when the head of the
company looks unstable.

Now, we need to do some damage control.

He's right. You have to deal with this.

I mean, the way we got
married... it makes you look...

a little crazy, it does.

I get that, but I also want to
start our marriage off right.

Well, me, too, sweetie,

but if your business collapses

because we got married,
that's not gonna happen.


Besides, it's fine. It's okay.

It doesn't matter that we're not in Ibiza.

We can just...

stay here and practice for when we do go.



Mmm. Mmm.

I guess I'll wait for you in the car.


Hey, thanks for the help, guys.

How's Dixon?

He's good. He's coming home tonight.

He says he wants a full report.

So... desolate,

ravaged, war-torn?

That's one way to look at it.

Or, as our club promoter says,
it's a great way to start over.

You're going to love him.

Oh, that reminds me, he said

he's going to bring us by a
club he opened a few months back,

give us an idea of how to
make this place more chill.

I'll be busy with my movie, so...

I trust you guys. You can do what you want.

That's it?

You work your ass off for a business,

it burns to the ground, and you shrug?

Well, I mean, you know,

look, the important thing
is, no one was hurt, right?

The insurance adjuster
came by with my check,

so, I'm just gonna pay off
some debts and not look back.

Yeah, like that chick in the bible.

She looked back, and bam! Pillar of salt.

I ain't gonna be no pillar of salt, baby.


I'm telling you, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

You're looking at the new Navid Shirazi,

ladies' man and club entrepreneur.

Okay, well,

the new Navid Shirazi might want
to start by untucking his shirt.

Oh, guys, I have to go.

I want to be home by the
time Dixon gets there.

- Oh, tell him we said hey.
- I will.

You ready to take this

to the garbage, Mr.
Smooth-Talking Ladies' Man?

Yeah, you laugh now, but I'm
telling you... I'm cool now.

All right.

Oh, come on. Aah.

Oh, my God, what are you doing here?

I am stalking you.

Is that not obvious?

I'm kidding.

I'm here to see Navid.

We're working together
on the Offshore re-launch.

Wait. You're the club promoter?

And you were the music act I
was supposed to see in Vegas,

and I never told you
my name, so, I'm Taylor.

I don't need to know your name, okay?

I told you in Vegas,
it was a one-time thing.

It started off that way, but
I'm not going to lie to you.

I can't stop thinking about you.

Okay, well, you're gonna have to try,

because I am back
together with my boyfriend.

Yes, because of his accident.

And I'm sorry to hear about that,

but come on, Adrianna.

Clearly, we had something between us.

No. No, we did not.

Okay, he was coming back
for me, and the only reason

I was with you is because

I didn't know that.


He can't know about this.

Please don't say anything.

What happened between
you and me meant nothing.


You left this at the hotel.

Just in case.

Oh, okay, so,

I put your lunch in the
fridge with the re-heat time,

but if you can't reach the
microwave, I will do it for you.

Okay. The blinds are turned up

so you don't get too much sun in your eyes.


Incomplete spinal trauma

doesn't necessarily
mean complete vegetable.

I know, but you were in a huge accident,

and I know that you have
a 50/50 chance of recovery,

but it could still take some time.

Look, the only way Mom agreed

to go back to Paris was
if she knew I was here

taking care of you, so that
is exactly what I plan to do.

I will stay as long as you need me.


Hey. You're home!

I'm so sorry I wasn't
here when you got here.

It's all good. I mean, we
just got here ourselves.

- Man, I've been waiting all day for
that welcome-home pat. - I'm sorry.

I just don't want to hurt you.

If I can survive getting
hit by a semitruck,

I think I can handle a kiss.

You okay?

Yeah. Absolutely.

How's the Offshore?

Navid was telling me about
this new club promoter

who seems pretty cool.

- He's all right.
- You know him?

No. No, I mean, I just ran
into him on my way out today.

We didn't really talk much
or... do anything else.

I'm so happy you are home. Oh, my gosh.

Oh, you have no idea. I'm... I'm just...

I'm just glad to be back, and, um,

get everything back to normal.

I, uh...

Are you sure you're okay?


I'm ready to get things
back to normal, too.

As Emily Post might have said,

"When your homosexual best
friend fathers your child... "


"... common etiquette
dictates a suitable gift."

Oh. Two Men, One Bed.

Good luck in there.

Oh, look, I have been practicing
my entire youth for this moment.

Have I told you how much

I appreciate you doing this for me?

You're welcome.

Now, when do you do your
part and get knocked up? Hmm?

Ah, well, I come back into
the doctor when I'm ovulating,

and they do an old-fashioned turkey baste.

Way to ruin Thanksgiving for me.

Oh, I'm sorry I have to
get back to D.C. tomorrow.

Really wish I could be here for you.

Me, too.

The truth is, I'm going to
be alone when I have the baby,

so, I might as well get used to it.

Who says you have to be alone?

You told me that you
couldn't decide how you felt

about Liam and Navid
until you took the baby

out of the picture, right?

We got the baby covered.

Yeah, but no.

Navid made it clear

me not picking him to have
the baby meant it was over,

and Liam was really upset, too.

Maybe that's because he
thought your choice meant

it was over between you two.

I don't think he would be
upset if he didn't still care.

You honestly think he would
be open to a relationship,

even though I'm having someone else's baby?

Well, you never know until you ask.

Hi, Liam.

I didn't mean to scare you.

I got your message,

and I came right away.

I love what you've done with the place.

Yeah, and it's nice day out,

but I really don't feel
like making small talk.

I have your money.


I didn't think you'd be
able to come up with this.

It's enough to buy you
out of your contract,

and get you out of my life.

It's a shame I can't accept
money you obtained fraudulently.

What are you talking about?

Your convenient little fire.

It was ruled an accident.

Yes... but...

the investigators didn't have this.

You walked away and let the fire burn.

Oh, did I forget to mention

I had hidden cameras
installed a couple months ago?

You know, I mean, the waiters

have such sticky fingers, you know.

Hey, don't even think about it.

It's not the only copy.

What do you want?

I already told you.

A second chance.

You're blackmailing me into being with you?

I admit I'm using the
situation to my advantage,

but whether you know it or
not, we are good together.

As a gesture of good faith,

I called the production company

and had them move all
of your scenes to L.A.,

so you don't have to leave
the country after all.


by the time you're done shooting your movie

you still don't feel anything for me...

then I'll go.

Just like that, you're gonna walk away.

Well, I'm...

hoping I don't have to.

What happens if I don't agree?


I won't be the only one

who will have watched that video.

Hey, do you think Ade is acting weird?

Like, um, I don't know,
like she can't handle all...

all of this?

'Course not. She loves you.

I know she loves me; I
didn't say she didn't love me.

Why would you say that?
Thank... thank you, Annie,

now it's in my head.

Man, see, I wanted to
practice walking today.

I mean, I am trying to get out
of this chair sometime soon.

And you will... it's only
been a couple of weeks.

But you're squeezing that ball
like a ball-squeezin' champion!

Oh. I got it.

Hey. Think fast.


Name's Riley.

- What is your problem?
- Uh...

let's see, um...

I suffer from insomnia,
I'm a huge Civil War buff,

and most people find
me offensively arrogant.

You think this is funny? He almost died.

It was a ball... besides,
I didn't throw it that hard.

And if he ever wants to catch a ball again,

let alone walk, then you need

to stop babying him.

It's cool. She, uh, you know,
she's just trying to help.

Yeah, well, that may be, but you

need to tell your
girlfriend that you're not

a charity case just
because you're in a chair.

I'm not his girlfriend; I'm his sister.

And, Dixon, don't listen to this guy.

He's just an ass.


Thank you.

- I didn't realize. I am so sorry.
- Why?

You thought I was a jerk.

In fact, you might have
found yourself wondering

what I might be like in bed,
but now that I'm in this chair

you feel sorry for me and
sex is out of the question.

Well, no... I mean, yeah, but...

See? I proved my point, Dixon.

People see us different.

If you keep treating
him like he's helpless,

that's all he's ever gonna be.

So much for our sunny
day at the beach! (groans)

I thought you and Max were
going to Ibiza to get a tan.

We were. He's dealing with the "insanity"

of us getting married, which apparently

makes us appear "unstable."

Stock prices are still down,
which just gives Alex fuel

to back his accusation
that I'm a "mistake."

That... "totally sucks."

Seriously, every time Max

puts out one fire, another article pops up

with our mug shots.

Madison's PR team is working overtime

to make my marriage
look like a train wreck.

Well, it sounds like
you need PR of your own.

I have this great guy who can
literally gloss over anything.

Like when I practically killed Silver.

I am so sorry about that, by the way.

- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- That's right!

You handed out all that water
to those thirsty African kids.

Mm-hmm. I should do that.

But something less dusty.

To be fair, Max and I did run off

under the cover of darkness.

So I will throw a wedding
reception in the light of day.

I'll show the entire
public that we are stable

and focused and steady.

What would be your ideal wedding reception?

A winery?

- Wait, why me?
- Winery... that's brilliant.

I mean, it's boring,
but it photographs well.

I'll invite a photographer.

Max will do an amazing speech

about how stable and focused he is.

The stock prices will come back up.

I'll start my marriage with a clean slate.

You guys need to clear your calendars

and line up a date... we're
going to Malibu Wine Country

this weekend, ladies.

Oh, and, Silver,

I know you have a lot of
guys circling your perimeter,

but can you narrow it down to one.

Just... this reception
needs to be respectable.

So, is Ade still picking you up for dinner?

Uh, Ade is apparently stuck
at the beach with Naomi

and, uh, can't go to Offshore.

Well, if you're in the mood for pizza,
I can always go pick you some up.

Yeah, good idea.

And then maybe you can
chew it up for me, too.

Okay, I wouldn't chew your
food... that's disgusting...

but fine, I won't get you pizza.

Oh, can I use your
phone? I want to text Ade

and see if she can pick
you up some smaller T-shirts

- on her way home?
- What?!

Well, yours don't fit; you've lost
some weight since the accident.

- Yeah, but I'm gonna gain it back.
- I know,

- but in the meantime...
- But in the meantime, you thought it would be cool

to point out to my girlfriend
what I freak I look like?

You don't look like a freak.

- No wonder Ade's been acting weird.
- Ade has not

been acting weird, and I'm
sorry about the T-shirts,

but it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

According to who?

You have no idea how I feel!

Why are you yelling at me?

I'm just trying to help.

Well, stop, okay? Stop.

All this help is just making
things worse between me and Ade.

Look, I don't care what
you promised to Mom.

I just want you out of here.

This is how the other
half lives, gentlemen.

Oh, it's the bomb.

I don't know about the shadow dancers.

I see them and I feel like
someone's gonna sneak up on me

and pounce and then hold me down.

It's hot girls dancing, dude.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Uh, it's just this horror
movie that I'm living through.

This is Jeanette and Livia.

They are interested in working at Offshore.

And I want them to show you how we'll
be serving drinks at your new club.

After you.

Hey, Liam, Navid.

Ade told me I'd find you guys here.

Guess you heard about
Naomi's wedding reception.

Yeah, uh, me and Taylor are going.

With dates.

Really, really hot dates.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Can I ask you something?

What's up?

Besides me having a baby with Teddy?

Same old, same old.

Yeah. Look, Liam,

I didn't want you to find
out the way you did, okay?

Thing is, I wouldn't be having
a baby at 20 if I didn't have

the BRCA gene, and I know that
you're not ready to be a dad,

but if there are feelings
that we want to explore,

and since we need dates
anyway, I thought we could go

to Naomi's wedding reception,

and maybe talk about it.

I can't.

I'm... I'm going with Vanessa.


She's back, and... we're
giving it another try.

I guess I didn't make
a decision fast enough.

- It's not that, Silver. I wish I could explain...
- No, it's okay.

Sorry I bothered you.

I need to talk to Max.

He went for a jog.

Isn't that so cute?

Now if you'll please excuse me,

I am picking out swans for
Max and my wedding reception.

Swans mate for life, you
know, like Max and me.

Let them know I'll go with Swan package B.

I'm pretty sure Wall
Street will care a lot more

about a new piece of business
than monogamous birds.

Anyway, Max and I have been looking

to expand into video games.

And the Colton Brothers
are the biggest names

in cutting-edge gaming, right?

I got them to agree to sit down with us.

Perfect! You can invite them
to the wedding reception.

I am not inviting billionaire
investors to your little party.

Look, Alec, I realize we
got off on the wrong foot,

but I believe this wedding
reception will make our marriage

legitimate in everyone's
eyes, including yours.

And on top of that, it's good for business.

You don't know our business.

And the Colton Brothers...

Are businessmen.

They respond to elegance, class
and quiet displays of wealth.

I know what I'm doing, Alec.

Don't forget,

this is my business now, too.

You're right, I hadn't thought of that.

If you think that throwing
a party is the best way

to solve our problems,
who am I to disagree?

Swans are a great touch.


Come on.

Well, that's all my stuff.

I'm moving out now.

Guess I'll see you at the party.

Or not.

Annie, I said I'm sorry.


I really don't want to talk about it, okay?


I found the best shoes to go with my dress.

Are you going to ride
with us to Naomi's party?

Ask my brother.

It's a long story.


Well, then I guess it's just

me, you and Navid.

Actually, it's just, uh,

you and me. Nice.

Uh, Navid's going with the club promoter.

He's bringing Taylor to
the wedding reception?

Yeah. Apparently, they got
a couple dates or something.

You know, we don't have to go to the party.

I thought you wanted to go.

I mean, you just bought some shoes.

Yeah, for dancing.

I don't know what I was thinking.

You just got out of the hospital.

If you want to stay
in, that's totally fine.

Look, I may not be able to
climb a mountain right now,

but I can handle a wedding.
You know that, right?

Of course I do, yeah.

Good. I'm gonna be back
to normal soon, okay?

But don't worry about me.

We're going to that party.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Teddy, thank you for staying
in town and being my date.

Come on, don't do that.

No, the whole thing's
got me really emotional.

The baby and Liam and Navid.

You know, it's not like
I expected them to wait,

but they both moved on really, really fast.

It's like everyone I thought
loved me actually didn't.

And on top of everything
else, my temperature was up

this morning, I checked.

And I'm ovulating.

Except we have to go to
this wedding reception,

which means I'm gonna
have to miss this month.

Unless we can just... do it in Malibu.


Okay, that was a joke.

Well, you know, hey, we should get going.

Traffic on PCH can be really bad.


I hope you're hungry.

I made chicken.

What is this, what's going on?

It's our new house.

I rented it for the month
and we can see how we like it.

Uh, I am not moving in.

Well, we can't exactly live
in the bar you burned down.

We never agreed to live together.

That is not part of the deal.

What did you think I meant by "try"?

I don't know, maybe go to Naomi's party,

grab some coffee.

You think a latte is
going to keep me happy?

I may have read the situation wrong.

I've got a call to make.

Damn it, wait.

I am not a patient person, Liam.

I need to know right now.

Are you in or not?


How do I know you're serious?

Oh, get a photo of Max and me

waiting for our guests, will you?

Oh, honey, I should have
rented an Afghan hound.

Do you think they have
breeders here in Malibu?

Naomi, it's fine.

- Everything's perfect.
- Okay, okay.

Let me fix your tie, okay.

All right.


And get the swans.

Oh, my God, what the hell?



Give me one second.

What made you think it would be a good idea

to bring hookers to my party?

This reception is supposed to make

me and Max look legitimate.

They're not hookers,
they're adult film stars.

Th... they used to work for my dad.

I need them as part of my new image.

Okay, that's fine, put
some clothes on them.

For God's sakes, I can see side boob.


- Hi.
- Hey.

Thanks. Hey, uh, babe,

look, I... I'm just gonna stay
here an... an... and enjoy the view.

You know, the bar looks kind of crowded.

Why don't you go get us
some drinks or something,

and I'll meet you over there?

- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah,

I'm positive.



honey, your brother is stuck

- at the top of the stairs.
- Not my problem.

You're seriously gonna leave
him there like a little kitten?

Well, he made it perfectly
clear he doesn't need my help,

so if he wants to get down those stairs,

he can just bounce himself on down.

She's drunk.

Do not taunt your handicapped brother

when the investors arrive.

Thank you.

This is nice.

Little reserved for Naomi unless she has

some naked firemen jump out of those swans.

Wouldn't be surprised.


Hey, Silver.

Can you believe this view?

Oh, uh, Ambrosia, Trixie, this is Silver.

Love your name.



Well, I guess he's doing just fine.

Hi, Silver.


Well, I guess, with me
and Liam back together,

the only date you could find
was your gay best friend?

You must be Vanessa.


I can't believe we're so late.

We were having sex.


It's true.

Mmm, I'm going to get more wine.

You know what? I got this.


Oh, yo, is wine the only alcoholic option?

Okay, boys, this is a private party.

If you would like to crash

a wedding reception, you can do so

at a chain hotel in Bakersfield.

Security, please escort
these gentlemen out.

Thank you very much.

Thank goodness the
photographer went home already

and did not see those punks.

We have all the respectable photos we need.

Everyone is behaving,
even Navid's hoochie mamas.

But I do think we need a code

for when the Colton
brothers actually arrive.

Maybe say,

"The wild boar roams the savannah""

Sure, except I don't
know what they look like.

Alec's really the one who
deals with the clients;

I don't.

I'm just the brains.

- Oh.
- I know, it's very sexy.


Hey, did you see a couple
of guys in flip-flops?

Oh, do not worry, I had
security kick them out.

They will not be embarrassing us.


Those are the Colton brothers.

Congratulations, you just threw out
the only hope of saving our business.

Oh, skater dude guys, please.

Hi, there's been a mistake.

I... I have to apologize.

If you'll come with me, I'd like you

to meet my business partner Max Miller.

You drag our asses all the way up to Malibu

and then she kicks us out.

Yeah, that's gonna be a pass, man.

It's not even a cool party.

I'm sorry, and yes, you are right.

I'm Max Miller's wife.

If you give me a half hour,

I will make this the most kick-ass party

you've ever seen in your life,

and you will be begging to
invest in my husband's company.

Well, you're hot,

so okay.

Lovely, okay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I brought the party down here,

which is apparently where
they keep all the good stuff.

No, I'm good, thanks.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I thought Liam and I had something real,

but if he's already back with Vanessa,

then I guess I didn't mean anything to him.

He's an idiot.

You always know just what to say.

You're like, you're like a chiseled god.

Did you know that?

I mean, you are so beautiful.

Look who's talking, huh?

Our baby is going to be
impossibly good-looking.

Oh, yeah.

What are you doing?

Sorry, I thought we were having a moment.

I came down here to comfort
you, not come on to you.

Thought you kind of understood I'm gay.

I know, I know,

but, you know, you were
gay when we were together

and that didn't stop you.

No, of course it didn't.

I was trying to convince
myself I was straight.


I'm sorry, I di... I
didn't mean it like that.

No, I get it.

Being with me was just part of a lie.

Come on.


I know I lost a little weight

and I got to get used to the wheelchair,

but I'm going to get
better before you know it.


The next time we're at a wedding reception,

I promise you, we will dance.

I don't deserve you.

What are you talking about?

I'm the luckiest guy in here.

You're cold.

I know, my wrap's inside.

Don't, don't worry, I got it.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,

it's time for the real Naomi
Clark-Miller Party to begin!

Put your hands together for Sammy Adams!

What's up people?! Let's go!

♪ O-Only one ♪

♪ O-Only one ♪

♪ O-Only one... ♪

♪ You were so out of my league ♪

♪ Like, I was lost for words ♪

♪ I couldn't even begin to speak right ♪

♪ Not to mention each night ♪

♪ Couldn't seem to
spark that conversation ♪

♪ I kept stalling out, just
waiting at the green light ♪

♪ G-G-Green light,
push the clutch ♪

♪ And finally broke the damn ice ♪

♪ Would have done it sooner ♪

♪ Had I known you were intrigued by me ♪

♪ Had no idea, you kept
making these excuses ♪

♪ Now you mine and I'm goin' prove it ♪

♪ I'm goin' prove it, I'm goin' prove it ♪

♪ Just had to say you're the only one ♪

♪ I can't deny it or stall any longer ♪

♪ Girl, you have done the impossible ♪

♪ Can't even lie, you're
the only, only, only one ♪

♪ Girl, you're the only one ♪

♪ Girl, you're the only one ♪

♪ Girl, you're the only, only, only one ♪

♪ Girl, you would be so on that fly... ♪

You really can't take a hint, can you?

Don't worry.

I get that you're back with Dixon.

I don't like it, but I get it.

And I want you to know
I didn't follow you here.

Navid invited me.

Oh. And it was Navid's
idea to have porn stars

hanging all over you?

Yeah, it was, actually.

And that wouldn't bother you
unless you have feelings for me.

It bothers me because
you're playing like that

at my friend's party.

It's tacky and rude.

I don't hear anyone else complaining.

♪ I can't deny it or stall any longer ♪

♪ Girl, you have done the impossible ♪

Don't ever do that again.

Dixon can't find out about this.

I won't tell anyone,

and I'll leave you alone on one condition:

you admit that you felt something.

Fine. I felt something...

but now I don't.

Just so you know...

... you can't un-feel something.

♪ Deeper, yup, and I swear it's true ♪

♪ But I can't go out
and I can't look around ♪

♪ 'Cause none of these
girls compare to you. ♪

So, with our new technology,

and your brand,

we will dominate the video game market.

And why would we need you to dominate?

I mean, we already do.

Thumbs definitely not up.

Can I just add something to... ?

My God, is that Liam Court
from Corporate Invaders?!

"I'm gonna blow your brains out!"

That dude is so cool!

And he happens to be my friend.
Would you like to meet Liam?


Come with me.

I can assure you that if you
invest in my husband's company,

Liam would love to star
in your video games.

Wouldn't you, Liam?

- Seriously?
- Well, I...

Now that would seal the deal.

Maybe. If the terms are right.

I mean, Liam's very expensive.

Who are you?

- His fiancée.
- What?!


I know we agreed to wait to tell everyone,

but I just got so excited.


Oh, my God.

Dixon, are you okay? Come on.

I'm fine.

Let me... here. All right.

Dixon, damn it,

I can't not help you, okay?

I swear to God, I've been trying,

but you're my brother!

When you first came to our family,

you were so small and so scared,

and from that very first minute,

I swore that I would never
let anything happen to you.

Then you got hit by that truck, and...

I'm really sorry if I'm
making you feel helpless.

But you have to know that I'm only doing it

because I almost lost you.

I just fell out of the chair, Annie.

I was just laying there.

I couldn't get my hand
do what I wanted it to.

I couldn't move my leg.

We will work through this, Dixon.

You're gonna be fine.

What if I'm not?

What if I'm not gonna be fine, Annie?

What if it takes too long,
and Ade decides not to wait?

I'm a freaking charity case.

No, don't ever say that.

What if I never get better?

What if I never get better, Annie?

- Hey.
- Hey.

I got a ride back with Dixon and Ade, so...

Look, we never really
talked about the whole

"me being gay while I was with you" thing.

We just sort of jumped ahead
to me coming out of the closet.

And I supported you unconditionally

because I loved you and
wanted you to be happy.

I know.

I always thought that
we had something special.

I guess it never occurred to me

that you were using me

to pretend that you were something else.

It's not that simple.

Did you ever love me?

Or was that just a part of the lie, too?

Silver, I never lied to you.

I was lying to myself.

And how I felt? How I feel?

Of course I loved you.

I still do.

I'm having a baby with you, aren't I?

And just for the record,
if I were straight,

I would never have let you go.

How dare you get into Dixon's head!

Are you here to give me a spanking?

Although I wouldn't feel it,

but if it'd make you feel
better, then go for it.

Thanks to you, my brother
pushed himself too hard

so that his girlfriend wouldn't look

at him differently, and now he says

- he doesn't even see the point in trying.
- Good.


I was hard on Dixon for a reason.

He wasn't being realistic.

He needs to accept that he's
got a long road to recovery

or he's never gonna get there.

You don't know what my brother needs.

Oh, but you do?

Better than you and your
half-baked psychology

of the rolling injured.


Have you ever lost control
of your body and had no idea

if it was gonna come back, huh?

Has your life ever changed in one instant?

- Just completely changed?
- No.

You see, you think by being
a cheerleader for Dixon

that you're helping him out,

but really the worst thing that
you can do for him right now

is promise him that you can be there

for him no matter what,

when really you don't know
if you can keep that promise.

Look, I don't know who did what
to you to make you so bitter,

but I'm Dixon's sister
and I'm I't going anywhere.

So go see a therapist

if you need to work through some things.

And please, just leave
us out of your neurosis.

Well, the contracts have been signed,

Liam's doing the video game,

and they have agreed to partner with us.

When this hits the news,

our stock price should rebound and more.

You have to admit,

it looks like Naomi is
not bad for business.

It sure looks that way.

Well, I am just happy to help.

And I don't think I've
ever said congratulations.


Well, I don't have one of these.

A hot pot?

When Alec and I were starting our business,

we, uh, we ate a lot of ramen.

And now you two are married,
so I thought I'd pass the torch.

Well, thank you.

That's very sweet, man. Thank you.

Okay, Naomi and I leave
tonight for our honeymoon.

A little problem.

You see, I promised you'd
get on a plane to Japan

right away to look at the video game specs.

The jet is standing by.

Well, hey, if we're
gonna get this thing ready

in time to launch at Christmas...

I know how hard Naomi
worked on making this happen.

I'd hate to see it fall apart.

But our honeymoon.

Can wait!

Don't worry about me.

I want what's best for the company.

I'm married to a mogul.

I'm gonna have to get used to that.

Doesn't matter that
our marriage is starting

on different continents.

The Miller-Clarks are
going to be just fine.

The, uh, Clark-Millers.

Kiss me right now.

Mmm. Oh!


All right.


I know you're mad, and I probably should

have waited to announce our engagement

at the party, but...

Vanessa, we are not engaged!

You can blackmail me into
being in a relationship

with you, or into living in
this ridiculous house with you,

but I would rather go to jail

for the rest of my life than to marry you.

You really hate me that much?

It's Silver, isn't it? I saw
the way you looked at her.

Liam, we had a deal.

What do you want from me?!

You're not even trying!

What do you want?!

I just want you to love me!

You are completely insane!

Liam, wait. Let me go.

- Liam!
- No... !

Yeah, uh, hi. My name is Liam Court.

Uh, I've just seen an accident.

Uh, yeah, no, no.

I'm sorry, I, uh...

I think I made a mistake.