90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 10 - Misery Loves Company - full transcript

Naomi and Adrianna take a road trip along the California coast to get away from their respective life problems, but more complications set in when their money and clothes get stolen from Naomi's car, including her wedding ring which prompts them to venture to a seedy biker bar to find their culprits, where Adrianna hooks up with a young motorcyclist and Naomi ventures to visit her estranged mother. Meanwhile, Liam finds himself held captive by the deranged Ashley in the basement of Offshore who has plans to take him to Mexico, while Annie and Vanessa learn that Ashley is not who she says she is. Dixon prepares a party at Naomi's house to celebrate the opening of his new recording label. Megan tells Dixon that she feels that he is not over Adrianna, so in order to move on, Dixon decides to let go of his anger and not feel anything for Adrianna. Elsewhere, Silver is still having problems with Teddy about the impregnation when he continues to want to be a part of her baby's life, while she wants to raise her child alone. Silver goes to Teddy's uncle to persuade him to drop his attempts to block her procedure, but when Teddy still will not back down, a row occurs which makes things worse for everyone.

Previously on 90210...

You think just because you cheated
on me, that you'll be able to walk out

of my new company? I own you.

We loved each other once.

If I could ask for one gift from you,

it'd be to stop torturing me.

You know, maybe we should
skip the presents this year.


about your-your dad and the accident...

I was in the other car.
That's how I got hurt.

I thought you'd hate me.

Where is this coming from?

No talking.

I'd like to be our child's father.

That's really sweet, but
it... it wasn't in the plan.

You can't ask him to give
up the right to be a parent

to his own child, so unless you want

to take this seriously,
we're gonna take you to court.

- They voted to fire me.
- What?

Thanks to you not listening to me,

I have nothing and no one but you.

Naomi: "I have to think. Went to
the gamer conference in Iceland."

I get paid to protect you so
you can have some semblance

- of a normal life.
- I'm sorry.

I keep feeling like someone's
lurking around, ready

to pounce. Guess someone's
been watching me for months.

Now this creep wants money?

Make the drop, I'll
videotape the whole thing.

It's the only way to
find out who's doing this.

Vanessa? You're still alive?

That's who sent me the letter.

- I got to go see Vanessa.
- I can't let you do that.


Well, if you didn't do anything to him,

then where the hell is Liam?

(Loud grunting)


(Loud grunt)


Have we calmed down enough to eat?

I'm sorry. I know this stings.


Uncuff me.

I told you, this is only temporary

until I can be 100% sure
you're no longer in danger.

I am in danger now.

You have me shackled to a pipe!

For your own safety and protection.

You have a long history of
trusting the wrong people, Liam.

You would be running back to
Vanessa if I hadn't stopped you.

Now open up for oatmeal.


Until now, I thought Vanessa was dead.

Don't lie to me.

You were on your way to meet her
with a backpack full of money.

She obviously has her hooks in you again.

She was blackmailing me. I
just didn't know it was her!

And at what point did you tell
the security officer assigned

for your protection that
you were being blackmailed?



Liam, you need to trust me.

Well, see, you know what
doesn't inspire trust?

A cop that knocks me out and ties me up!

I'm not just a cop.

I'm your biggest fan.

Tattoo guy didn't quite capture

those bedroom eyes, but it'll do.

I have to go run some errands.

Hopefully, your appetite
will return when I do.


(Metallic clanking)





- Hey.
- Hi.

Uh... wow.



- Are you hungry?
- Mm.

Yes? I could whip up breakfast.


Um, except I wasn't expecting company,

so I think all I have is frozen pizza.

Well, I happen to love
pizza for breakfast.

- Perfect.
- Yeah.

- You do heat it up, though, right?
- Yeah?

Oh, yeah. For you, oh, yeah.
Got you. Okay.

(Loud footsteps approaching)

Dixon, we need to talk!

(Clears throat) Um...

(Clearing her throat)

Megan, this is Ade.

Adrianna, this is Megan.


Yeah. I'll be right back.

Hey... we broke up,

so why are you barging into my house?

Okay, well, I thought we
should discuss the new material

that you want me to sing at
the label launch party tonight.

I didn't know you'd be so busy.

It's a song. What's there to discuss?

Um, I don't know. For starters,
it's called "Scarlet a-drianna."


what happened with Taylor was a mistake.

I wasn't trying to hurt you.

But you did.

Okay, that type of thing
doesn't just go away.

Look, you signed a contract.

You have no choice.

I'm sorry.


(Door slams shut)

Hey. Um, you know, sorry about that.

Hell hath no fury like an angry ex.

Wait. Uh, you going?

I should probably go.

Um, I'll... I'll see you around, Dixon.

W... wait. Uh...

(Door closes)

I was gonna make pizza.


Hey. Got a second?

Actually, didn't know if I'd
see you again after last night.

Yeah. Shane was a bit out of line.

It wasn't his place to
say we should hire lawyers.

I am so happy to hear you say that.

But he's right.


Three months ago, you were
fine just being the donor.

Well, my situation's changed,

and having a kid seems possible now.

I'm not trying to stop you from having

this child, but I want to be the father.

And if you can't accept that,

then we're gonna have to take it to court.

Is this just Shane talking?

This isn't Shane, this is me.

And you can't do anything
without my consent.

Do you not understand how
important this is to me?

Yeah, I do, because it's
important to me, too.

But so is saving our friendship.

Silver, the mistake

we made was not going
through the proper process.

I just think it's probably
best that we only talk

through lawyers until we can
come up with a compromise.

(Door closes)




(Door opens, footsteps approach)

Adrianna: Ugh! I'm so glad you're home.

Me, too! I... I've just been

enjoying some me time since Max
has been away on a conference.

Would you like an everything bagel?

I never get to eat them
because Max is allergic to...

well, everything, and I love everything.


Okay, when you ramble like
this, something's wrong.

Nothing's wrong.

No. I'm fine.

Max and I had a tiny
little spat before he left,

but everything, including my
little bagel, is just fine.

Well, I'm not fine. I'm pissed.

Dixon is sleeping with some
girl to try to get under my skin.

Um, considering what you did with Taylor,

you're lucky he isn't using
the Laker girls to get even.

And I mean all of them.

(Scoffs) Yeah, okay. Well, sleeping

with a random girl isn't
all that Dixon's doing.

For the past week, I
have been like his puppet.

"Change your hair." "Dress sluttier."

"Sing a song about a whore."

Oh, my God, I love a good whore song.

I know what I did was truly awful,

but I'm already beating myself up over it.

I don't need his help.


Hey, you know what?

Stewing over a guy never
did any girl any good.

I think we should take a
drive along the coast today.

(Sighs) I wish.

It's Dixon's label launch party tonight.

- Hmm.
- You know what?

And he's probably gonna
use it as an opportunity

to torture me with that tramp.

Well, I just so happen to
be lending my house to Dixon

for his little party,
so he can lend me you.

We'll hit the open road,
leave all our drama behind us.

It'll be like Thelma & Louise.

Minus the Grand Canyon
suicide dive, of course.

Okay. I'm in.

And if we happen to find a
young Brad Pitt on the way,

I will not complain.



(Theme music playing)

(Laughter and indistinct chatter)

(Both sigh)

I haven't had such a dramatic breakup

since Dewey Mitchell in the fifth grade.

Do you remember him?

He got so heartbroken, he
vom'd on my notebook.

- Spewy Dewey!
- Yes.

Oh, my God, and then we
toilet-papered his house

to get back at him.

Oh, remember?

I slept over, and we crept into
the neighbor lady's backyard

and went skinny-dipping in her pool.

Yeah, and she was
supposed to be out of town,

and then the old bag came out of nowhere

and chased me down Roxbury
Drive with a garden rake.


Oh, my God.


(Sighs) (Laughs)

You know, my guesthouse has
been empty since Ivy left.

I'm just saying,

it would be a 24/seven
slumber party if you moved in.

What? I would totally love that.

But don't you think you
should maybe ask Max first?

Yeah. No, no. I mean,
obviously, I will when we talk.

And he'll totally be cool with it.

He will love it.

Oh, Hot Springs.

Think we're a little
overdue for that skinny-dip.

What do you say?

I think, in honor of my
crazy neighbor and her rake...

(Laughs) I'm in. Let's do it.


Liam's not here.

His bed hasn't even been slept in.

If you've done something
to him, I swear to God...

Didn't that priest you ruined teach you

it's not polite to swear?

This isn't funny.

Okay, Liam's disappeared,
and I know you're behind it.

I'm a lot of things,

but a kidnapper, a murderer?

Get real.

You pretended to be
dead just to extort him.

I cannot imagine what you're capable of.

I just wanted him to pay for what he did.

He left me for dead.



Okay, who do you keep calling?

An off-duty cop who's Liam's bodyguard.

Damn it! She must have
turned her phone off.

Liam has a bodyguard, and it's a woman?

(Sighs) How appropriate.

The studio provided Ashley for protection

from conniving psycho skanks like you.

The studio? Are you sure about that?

Yes. Why?

Frank, hey. It's Vanessa Shaw.

Yeah, listen, do you guys
have any contact info handy

on the officer you assigned Liam?

That's what I thought, thanks.

Liam's contract didn't
provide for security.

If the studio won't even
reimburse a mani-pedi,

do you think they're
gonna pay for a bodyguard?

Well, then, who sent her?

I don't know, but I do know one thing:

Officer Ashley isn't who she says she is.

I want this stage to scream,

"Dixon Wilson has arrived," okay?


- Hi.
- Hey, hey.

You're about six hours early

to the world premiere
of Unfaithful Records.

Right, well, actually
I got to ask a favor.

- Do you have a minute?
- Yeah, sure.

Cool, I can't exactly talk
to Liam or Navid about this,

and Ade and Naomi already left
on some last-minute road trip.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay.

Um, Adrianna, the only artist on my label,

who is also performing
tonight, went on a vacation?

Yeah, that's typical.

All-drama Adrianna is back.

What about you, man?

She said you're sleeping
around with some girl

just to get back at her for hurting you.


No, Ade totally misread that.

And I bet Megan did, too.

I thought she was acting weird
because Ade busted in on us,

a... and it's probably 'cause
she thinks I was using her, too.

I... I got to put out this fire.

Wait, first, um, why I came here.

Okay, so you know how Teddy offered...

Don't, don't say "sperm."

To father my, my child.

- Okay.
- Well, now he wants to fight for custody.

Will you be a character witness for me?

Silver, I... I... I don't
want to choose sides.

Yeah, but, I mean, Teddy is about to ruin

my chance at having this baby.

If you don't have this child,
are you sure it's a bad thing?

Look, I... I'm just saying,

I... I don't think you're
ready to be a mother right now.


Silver, Silver,

look, look, I care about you

and I know you've been
going through a lot,

which is why I haven't
really said anything.

You shouldn't have a baby
just because you think

you're gonna be missing out on something.

Oh, well, you just don't understand.

I do understand.

My birth mom wasn't ready to have a child.

Look, Silver, you're young,

you really don't have a job,

and your family is...

I have my friends.

At least I thought I did.


(Both laughing and sighing)

I feel like I just washed
away all my troubles.

Skinny-dipping is so much more fun

when nobody is chasing
you around with a rake.


Where are our clothes?

They were right here.

Did somebody steal them?


No, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no.

Okay, um, stay calm, let's think.

There is a truck stop,

like, half a mile back down the road.

We could be decked out in Nascar apparel

- before we know it.
- No, Ade,

my wedding ring was in the pants pocket.

What, why'd you take it off?

I wasn't gonna wear my ring in a mud pit

- in the middle of nowhere.
- Man: If you're looking

for something, we saw some bikers

snooping around your car earlier.

Bikers, like hairy
rednecks on motorcycles?

Right on.

Those Clydes hang out at a
bar about a mile up the road.

Great, thank you.

Come on, Ade, we're
gonna go get my ring back.

Naomi, what about clothes?



(Doorknob jiggling)


(Door unlocking)

I got a surprise for you.

(Both grunting)

(Liam screaming)



You know, you can't keep me here forever.

I'll press charges, you'll
never be a cop again.

It's too late.

The force suspended me months
ago for "erratic behavior."

It's like nobody will let me do my job.


If you weren't assigned to me,
then w... why are you doing this?

You needed me, Liam.

I'd rather die than let
anything happen to you.

You can't protect me by keeping me here.

I know.

That's why I need to
take you somewhere safe.

How, huh?

I can't buy a cup of coffee

without a stampede of
paparazzi following me,

and I'm not going anywhere with you.

That's why...

you'll be traveling...

in this.

You're gonna put me in a box?

Just long enough to ship
you to Southern Mexico.

Don't worry, I'll make
it very comfortable.

Plenty of water and food.

You're insane.


I'm not insane.

I'm doing this for you,

and if you won't get
in that box willingly,

I have my stun gun and
plenty of sedatives.


Oh, oh, good God.

He thinks we're Ivy.

No, no, this is not our
usual couture ever.

Okay, um...


we were wondering, have
you seen a woman...

or a man; I don't really judge...

wandering around these parts,

wearing a pair of
fuchsia-colored designer pants?

They belong to me.

You're in the wrong place, sweetheart.

No, n... no, uh, some
bikers stole our clothes,

and we were told that this
is their stomping ground.

Will be by later on this afternoon.

Pretty much every biker
within a hundred miles

comes here for happy hour.

Thank you.

Okay, let's get cozy.

Looks like we're hanging out
in a Sons of Anarchy episode

until my ring shows up.

Well, we might as well
make the most of it.

Oh, my God, my song is on the jukebox!

Somebody give me a quarter! Quick!

Hey, uh, Megan, you got a second?

Uh, I'm late for class... but sure.


Uh, you, you, you kind of bailed out

pretty quickly this morning.

Look, um, if you think I'm using you

for any sort of revenge
on Adrianna, I'm not.

Okay, um, got it.

Um... if, if we're okay,

then, then, why'd you leave

like that this morning?

The whole point of last
night was to hang out with you

and have fun and not think
about my dad's accident,

and then you started
talking about it, and I...

'Cause I thought you
deserved to know the truth.

I didn't want to know, Dixon.

That accident didn't
just take away my dad.

It took away everything,

and I... I guess when you
told me you were a part of it,

I... I thought it was
going to take you away, too.

I get it.

But, look, I'm, I'm still here.

So what's the problem?

The problem is,

you still have feelings for Adrianna,

so I think it's best
if I just walk away now.



Mr. Sanderson.

May I help you?

I hope so.

I need to talk to you about Teddy.

And you are?

Erin Silver... I'm
having your nephew's baby.


(Glass shattering)


Welcome to Ashley's.

Nice work, Wilson.

Yeah, well, you conned the cops

into giving us her address,

so now we're even.

Oh, my God.


Who's the psycho skank now?

Adrianna: It's my
favorite part of the song!

Everybody now,

let's do this.

♪ Said you loved me,
but that's not true ♪

♪ you don't love no one but you... ♪

Look at you... your moves
might be better than your voice.

Look who's talking.


All right, okay, here, this part.


♪ And when you notice
that I'm gone... ♪


- Whoo.
- Very nice.

(Laughs) Very nice.

Would you like to see my hog?

Your what?

It's another word for motorcycle.

Oh. Come on.

(Laughing): Oh, okay.

Um, actually, hold that thought, okay?

Hey, any luck?

No, not yet.

Okay, I know it's your wedding ring,

but you could totally
just go buy a new one

and Max wouldn't even know.

I'll always know.

Hey, cheer up, okay?

You and Max have a perfect marriage.

It's bigger than some ring.


You ready?

Billy was going to go
show me his new motorcycle.


- Really?
- I would.

I'll be out there.


Excuse me!

Those are my pants.

Your name's Diane Von Furstenberg?

Nice try, twiggy.

- Empty your pockets.
- What?

Empty your pockets.


Oh, my God.

Where is it? Where's my ring?

What ring?

I bought these pants for ten bucks

from a guy who said he needed gas money,

and he's probably to Oregon by now.

And wh... why exactly
should I believe a...

roughneck, road-warrior she-male like you?

Because actually I'm a
pediatrician from Pasadena.


this is just my weekend thing.


I will give you your pants back, but...

I don't know anything
about a ring, I swear.

I'm sorry.


Me, too.

Well, I guess the, uh...

good news is he's not all gay.

No, Teddy is still gay.

We're not having a baby
together like that.

Look, I'm sorry that I'm
coming to you with this.

I know that you guys are
speaking again, and...

family is so important to Teddy.

It is. To all of us.

The Montgomery family can take
care of... situations like this.

How much do you want?

What? Like, money?

You're pregnant, Teddy's the father.

We'll honor the financial liability.

That's not what I want.
And I'm not even...

I'm not even pregnant yet.

(Sighing): Okay. So...

Teddy donated sperm, but now

he and Shane want to
co-raise the child with me.

But that is not what I want.

I don't want a complicated situation.

I don't want shared custody.

I just wanted a donor.

I see. (Sighs)

He respects you,

and he cares about what you think.

I need you to convince Teddy

that I should raise this child alone.

You just leave it up to me.

(Sighing): Okay.

This is your clutch right here, all right?

You just want to grip that nice and tight.

Like this?

- Just like that.
- Okay.

Perfect. I'm gonna take this hand...

I'm gonna put it over the
handle, just like this.

All right? (Giggles)

And then all you got to do is just touch

that little start button.

- Okay.
- And get ready.

(Engine roars) Oh!

- I did it!
- Hell, yes, you did.

(Phone ringing) Nice job.

(Engine stops)

(Chuckles) You're a popular girl.


(Phone chimes) It's my boss. Again.

He won't stop bugging me.

Actually, you know what?

I'm supposed to go to this
record label party tonight.

How do you feel about
giving me a ride back to L.A.

And being my date?

Damn straight.


- Let's do it.
- Good.

Tequila. Straight up. No chaser.

You're too damn pretty to be so sad.

Name's Bear.

Bottoms up, Bear.

I can cheer you up.

Got a motel room nearby.

I'm a real good listener.

I am... (Chuckles)

flattered, really, but
I am a married woman.

You sure? There's, uh...

no ring on that finger.

A ring is just a ring;
It's not the marriage.

(Chuckling): Yeah. So where's the hubster?

He's away on business,
and he will be back.


Sounds like your marriage is TNT, darling,

and the fuse is lit.


Bear knows a thing or
two about shaky marriages.

I remember my mom doing exactly

what you're doing when daddy left.

Drowning her sorrows,

hanging with sleazebags,

telling herself everything was a-ok.

You know, I was never very
close to my mom after that.

I know what you mean.

So what do you say...

your place or mine?

I say there's somewhere else I have to be.

(Boxes shuffling)

Whoops. That's what happens
when you deface my face.

- Can you keep it down?
- What,

says the girl who busted
in here like a honey badger?

- Did you find something?
- Yeah,

Ashley bought a ton of
high-tech equipment.

Lots of cameras.


I'm familiar.

All this equipment was delivered
to an address at the pier.

- The Offshore?
- No.

This address is under the offshore,

and that shop's been
empty for almost a year.

I think we found Liam.

Hi, mom.

Tracy: When I heard you

got married, I nearly
fell out of my chair.

Uh, did you get my gift?

- Yeah. I meant to call...
- Oh!

It's okay.

I know you're busy.

And the newspaper announcement,

I put it on my fridge.

You looked like you're really happy.

Even... smiling in your mug shot.

Just 'cause I was smiling
doesn't mean I was happy.

It's something we do to
cover the pain, right, mom?

I don't know what you mean.

I was so angry when you
and dad got divorced.

That's why I never reached out.

I mean, obviously, I had to

blame dad because he
was a man-whore, but...

if I'm really honest,

I mostly blamed you...

for ignoring all of the
problems in your marriage,

and now I...

am ignoring all of the
problems in my marriage

and I don't know why because
I swore to God I would

never make the same mistakes that you did.

Why do we do this, mom?

What's wrong with us?

Deep down,

I think I always knew that your
dad wasn't the right guy for me.

So I didn't fight for him

when I found out he was cheating

or even when he left.

But you always pretended like
everything was so perfect. Why?

Well, I told myself that I
was doing that for you girls.

Oh. Right.

Look, what I know is that I
have spent years being miserable.

And you're... smarter than me, Naomi.


You're here.

You are fighting for your marriage.


But what if it's too late?


Max is gone.

My wedding ring's gone.

God, mom, how can I hold on to a marriage

if I can't even hold on to a ring?





I planned to give it to you,

assuming that you ever talked to me again.

Don't tell your sister.


It's beautiful, mom.

It was your grandmother's.

She was happily married for 60 years.


So, yes, denial is a
major trait in our family,

(laughs) But...

Clark women can find happiness.

You need to decide,

is Max the man you're gonna fight for...

or let go of?

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Rita Ora!

♪ We gold, we gold

♪ we shine

♪ we gold, we gold, we shine

♪ hey there rock stars

♪ turn up your radio

♪ I can hear you coming

♪ start up the video

♪ you're still standing ♪

♪ they'll never knock you down ♪

♪ the beat never ending

♪ let me hear your heart pound

♪ hey, ya, hey, ya, hey, ya...

Dixon: Teddy! Teddy, you made it!

Wouldn't miss it, buddy. Congratulations.

Thank you, thank you. It, uh...

it means a lot, you being here.

It really does.

You know, everybody else is M.I.A.

I actually called a few producer friends

and pulled some strings and
we got Rita Ora to perform.

Mm. When's Ade go on?

Ade's awol, dude. (Sighs)

She's trying to ruin my label launch party

like she ruined things
with this new girl, Megan,

who now thinks that I'm
still hung up on Ade.

Isn't that crazy?

Not really. I mean, you and
Ade just broke up, you know?

There's bound to be unresolved feelings.

No, no. There's nothing unresolved

about the way that I feel right now.

After what she did with Taylor? (Scoffs)

Look, if I think about it too much,

I'm actually sure I hate her.

Dixon, hate is a strong feeling, man.

You got to learn to let go of that anger.

You'll never move on.

Come on, man, it's your party.

Man: Ade, look over here!
Who's the new guy, Ade?

Ade, over here!

Adrianna, Adrianna! Look over here!

♪ Hey, ya, hey, ya, hey, ya

♪ hey, ya, a shining star

♪ hey, ya, hey, ya, hey, ya

♪ no matter where you are

♪ whoa

♪ shine ya light

♪ whoa, set the world on fire

♪ whoa, shine tonight

♪ whoa

* set the world on fire. *

Ashley has installed security
cameras all over the Offshore.

She's gonna see us coming.

I'm counting on it.

Since she views me as her biggest threat,

I'll lure her away from Liam.

You'll call 911 while she's busy with me.

Vanessa, Ashley is obviously dangerous,

not to mention you're wanted by the cops.

They'll arrested you as
soon as they get here.

After everything I did to Liam,

I owe him this much.

I know it might be hard to believe,

but I really did love him.

Well, be careful, okay?


Let's get this bitch.

(Metallic stapling)

Okay, soundproofing is complete.

Now, just food and water
and you're good to go.

You really don't have to do this.

I wish there was another way, Liam,

but you've left me no choice.

No, I... I mean...

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

I'll go wherever you think I should go.

You were right.

Vanessa's been screwing me over.

I mean, I should be thanking you

for all that you're doing for me.

I don't know why I keep fighting it.

I'm so stupid!

You're not stupid, Liam.

You're perfect.

No, I am stupid.

I don't know why I keep falling
for all the wrong kinda girls,

and that's especially stupid when...

the right girl is probably
right underneath my nose.


Someone like you.

You're smart

and you're beautiful.

I don't know why I can't
fall for a girl like you.

Maybe you can.


Vanessa: Liam!

Liam, we need to talk!

Damn it.

I know we can work this out.

Don't worry, Liam.

I'm never going to let
Vanessa bother you again.

Come see me.

(Door slams)

I'm sure we'll both feel better.

Come on.

♪ R.I.P. to the girl you used to see ♪

♪ her days are over

♪ baby, she's over ♪

♪ I decided

♪ to give you all of me

♪ baby, come closer

♪ baby, come closer...

Nice of you to finally show up.

I know. I'm so sorry.

Billy and I totally lost track of time.

But, um, we're here now,
so it's all's good, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Uh, hey, um, you got a second?


Can you hold that for a second?

Uh, okay, so, um,

look, I know you think

I was using Megan to get back at you,

and... and although
torturing you does feel good,

um... it's not right.

So I'm gonna stop.

Thank you.

You, know, I just realized

that torturing you is just
another way of hating you,

and I don't want to hate you, Ade.

I don't.


I don't want to feel
anything for you at all.

♪ R.I.P. to the girl you used to see ♪

♪ her days are over

♪ baby, she's over ♪

* ah-ah, I'm ready for ya *

♪ I decided to give you all of me ♪

♪ baby, come closer

♪ baby, come closer ♪

* ah-ah, I'm ready for ya *

♪ huh, nothing on, I strut around ♪

♪ I do it big...

Silver: Hey. Silver,

and Uncle Charles.

What are you guys doing here?

Hopefully, uh, saving you
from making a huge mistake.

Come on. Let's, uh, talk over here.

Teddy, I know this is all
about family for you...

obviously, that's what
having a baby is all about.

Your friend here wants to have a family,

and you offered to help,

but you didn't think about
the family you already have.

Actually, I did.

I thought a lot about our family

and how I didn't want
to make the same mistake.

So now you thought you'd make a new one?

Son, you can't keep
doing things like this.

A nationally-telecast
gay wedding is one thing,

but now you want to have a
child with an unwed mother

and your friend?

He has a name. It's Shane,
and we're in a relationship.

Why can't you just accept that?

Actually, this isn't about
Teddy and Shane's relationship.

This is about sticking
to what we agreed on.

This is about me not walking away

from the people who are important to me.

I'm committed to Shane
and having a family.

Oh, a family. Yeah.

You two boys will never be a real family,

and you're definitely
not fit to raise a child.

Hey, not what we came here to discuss.

You know what? I'm not
listening to this anymore.

I can't believe you'd do this to me

just to keep me from getting
custody of my own child.

Both of you keep talking about this

like it's a custody battle.

Embryos are legally considered property,

and since you can't see reason,

I'm prepared to file a motion in court

demanding family rights...

to keep the embryos frozen indefinitely

or to have them destroyed.

That's... what?

You can't do that.

You just watch me.


Looking for me?!

(Crashing, grunting)


We're getting you the hell out of here.

I knew you couldn't stay away from him.

Give me one reason why I should?

Oh, thank God.

All right, let's go. The
cops are on their way.

Oh, my God.

I don't know how much time
Vanessa can buy us. Come on.

Wait, wait.

I can't just leave her here.

(Fighting continues)

Silver: Teddy!

Teddy, I didn't mean for that to happen.

What the hell did you mean, huh?

Was it to ruin our friendship,
'cause congratulations,

we're not friends anymore.

Please wait. Wait.

Let me fix this, okay? I can fix this.

We're way past fixing, Silver!

I'm never signing that form,

and you're never having my baby.


(Glass breaking)

You're never hurting Liam again.

Stay back, Liam. I have
this under control.


Not anymore.

(Crackling) (Groaning yell)

Come on. Breathe.

I'm trying to help you.

No. Vanessa's helping me.

How can you still care about her

after everything she did to you?

Because she cared enough
to come back for me.

Liam, the police are on their way.

You have to get Vanessa out of here now.

Ashley: No.

(Sirens approaching) No!

I would have done anything for you,

but if you won't let me protect you,

you leave me no other choice.


(Women grunting)



Dr. Sukaly,

I'm so sorry to bug you this late. Um...

I wanted to let you know that
I got my... my donor's signature

giving up his paternal rights.

Yeah, so, uh, I just wanted
to know the quickest way

that we could get started
implanting the embryos.


Yeah, I'll... I'll overnight
the forms to the clinic.

Thank you.

(Cries, gasps)