90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 11 - We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore - full transcript

Annie, now in a coma and fighting for her life during surgery after being shot, wakes up and finds herself in an alternate reality where she sees what life would be like if she and her family never moved to Beverly Hills. Annie discovers herself working as an actress in a summer stock theater in Kansas and engaged to her old high school boyfriend, Jason. Annie also learns that her parents got divorced anyway, but Dixon is living in California and is a successful rap star, but to her dismay, no longer keeps in touch with his family and is living a reckless life. Navid happens to be Dixon's manager who tries to keep him under control to protect his image. Annie travels to Los Angeles and meets Naomi who works as a real estate agent had she never won her trust fund back. Teddy is a successful tennis pro-player, but has still never told anyone about his real sexual orientation. Adrianna is a successful actress and Hollywood's "bad girl" having never quit drinking, drugs or partying. Silver is a cynical Internet blog writer who isn't close to anyone and has her own website of writing dirt on celebrities. Liam is revealed to be attending college but has problems with delivering drugs for Dixon as to pay off a debt he owns to his old school rival Ty.

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Previously on 90210...

Embryos are legally considered property.

I'm prepared to file a motion to court
to keep the embryos frozen indefinitely,

- or to have them destroyed.
- You can't do that!

You just watch me.

Dr Sukaly, I want to let you know
that I got my donor's signature

giving up his paternal rights.

Adrianna was was so worried this morning

when she saw Vanessa,
she told me everything.

Stop pretending you don't know she's back.

You were on your way to meet her.

I can't let you do that.


We're getting you the hell out of here.

I would have done anything for you,

but if you won't let met,

- you leave me no other choice.
- No!


How is Annie?

She's stable, but there's
still some internal bleeding,

so they're prepping her for surgery.

Dixon's in there with her now.

I'm sorry, but how the
hell did this happen?

Ashley somehow thought that I was

getting back together with
Vanessa, so she kidnapped me.

And Annie and Vanessa tried to rescue me,

and Annie got caught in the crossfire.

- Oh, my God.
- Wait. Vanessa?

I thought she was out
of your life for good.

She will be now. She's going to jail.

But Annie's gonna be okay?


I'm gonna check on Annie.

Hello, Reykjavik Garden Hotel.

Hi, I need to speak

to one of your guests,
Max Miller. It's urgent.

One of his friends had an emergency.

I'm sorry. Mr. Miller never checked in.

What? No, he left here yesterday.

He would definitely be there by now.

Unless something happened with his flight.

It looks like he canceled
his reservation, ma'am.

Is everything okay? What's going on?

I think Max lied to me.



How is she?

Annie has to have surgery,

but the doctors think she's gonna be okay.

Oh, thank God.

I know. It's such a relief.

Especially 'cause I feel
like this whole thing

is partly my fault.

What are you talking about?

I was the one that told
Ashley that Vanessa was back.

You did what?

Dixon, I am so sorry.
Okay, I had no idea...

Ade, my sister could've been killed!

- I was just trying to help.
- Well,

you didn't, okay?

And you're definitely not helping now.

Then I'll go.

Look, man, hey, I know
you're upset, but that...

that wasn't fair, all right?

We're just trying to be here for you.

Well, maybe stop trying so hard, okay?

I'll be fine by myself.

So I guess we're not even talking now?

Teddy, I'm sorry.

I would never have
involved your Uncle Charles

if I thought he was gonna try
to hold the embryos hostage.

So basically you're sorry
because it didn't turn out

- the way you wanted.
- No.

I was desperate.

Just trying to protect myself.

Yeah, well, you've always
been pretty good at that,

haven't you?

Annie, I don't even know what to say.

I can never make this up to you.

What are you talking about?

This whole thing.

It's completely my fault.

I guess you can always count
on me to trust the wrong people.

- Ashley, Vanessa.
- Liam,

you met Vanessa because of me, remember?

You were rushing to save me from Patrick,

and she hit you with her car.

- Annie, that's crazy.
- It's time to get her into the O.R.

I just think maybe you'd be better off

if you hadn't met me in the first place.

Annie. Annie.

Annie, can you hear me?


What are you doing here?

I drove down here as soon
as I heard what happened.

You heard?

About the shooting?

Why would anybody call
my high school boyfriend?

Annie, I think you're a little disoriented.

You got hit on the head when you collided

with one of the flying monkeys.

Okay, this has got to be a dream.

It's not. It's theater.

What's going on?

Where am I?

You're in the Wichita playhouse.

But I live in Beverly hills.

Oh, sweetheart.

You've always lived in Kansas.

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How are you feeling?

I'm... still a bit confused.

The doctor said you might have
some temporary memory loss,

but if you want, it's safe to go to sleep.

Sleep sounds good.

I love you, Annie.

Uh, yeah, me, too?

How's my little invalid?

Still here.

Yeah. I would hope so.

So, you think you're still up for a meeting

with the caterer today or should we cancel?


Oh, my God.

We're getting married.

It's kind of freaky, right?

I can't believe it's in less than a week.

- Something wrong?
- Uh...

I guess I'm just having
one of those moments

where I'm seeing my
life from the outside in.

Maybe Dixon will understand
what I'm talking about.

Wait. Why don't I have a number for Dixon?

None of us do.

Why not? Where is he?

Uh, I guess your memory
isn't totally back yet.

Dixon's in L.A.

He moved away from here
as soon as he turned 18.

And we just have no contact
with him? That's insane.

Look, I know you keep hoping

to make it better, but...

What happened?

He wanted to move to California.
You wanted to stay here.

He had some big falling
out with your family

that you've never wanted to talk about,

and you haven't been able
to get a hold of him since.

Oh, my God. I have to go find him.

A... Annie, I think it's probably best

if you just get some
more rest. At least until

you get back to your normal self.

Jason, getting married without Dixon here

would be the part that isn't normal.

I need to find him.

This is the last address we have for him.

I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

Wait, this is Dixon's address?


Is anybody here?



Oh, my God.

I am so happy to see you.

And I am thrilled to see you, too.

I like to start everyone
off in the living room.

Stunning, don't you think?

It also opens to the outdoor courtyard,

which is perfect for
indoor-outdoor entertaining.

That is, if you do entertain.

If you don't like to entertain,
it's totally fine, too,

because it can be as quiet as an ashram.

So you don't live here?

I can see why you think that I would.

I put off a certain high-end vibe, but...

sadly, no. I'm handling
the open house. Naomi Clark.

Hopkirk Real Estate.

Annie Wilson.

Half-house cat,

half-tiger. Yes, for Dixon.

Yes, that Dixon.

- Money's no object. Okay. Uh-huh.
- Navid?

Oh, my God! Dixon!

You actually do live here!

Yeah. Whatever.

Dixon. It's me.

Hey, she's pretty cute.

I want her out of here.

Yeah, she's disgusting. I'm on it.

All right, open house is over.

Oh, of course, my apologies.

But I have to talk to Dixon.

Yeah, write him a fan letter.

See ya.

I can't believe this. I
came all the way from Kansas

and he wouldn't even look at me.

And, what, he's some kind
of celebrity rap artist

or something?

Well, if you ask me,

dating Adrianna Tate-Duncan
really put him on the map.

So, wait, Adrianna's famous, too?

Um, you could say that.

I went to high school with her.

She got discovered playing
the lead in some musical.

Spring Awakening.

Because I wasn't there to
replace her as the lead.



Oh, honey.

I'm gonna buy you a smoothie.

Come on.

Have you ever had a smoothie?

Do they have them in Kansas?

I kicked 'em out!


Hey. That girl seemed like
she knew you or something.

- Um... yeah. Yeah, you know, I'm used to it.
- Oh.

Everybody just wants a piece.

Just like Crazianna, who
won't stop texting me.

Ade doesn't want a piece of you.

You had a relationship.

She's going through a rough spot right now.

And I'm not?

Here you go, baby.

You know how much pressure's
on me right now to deliver?

If this album isn't n°1,
this could be it for me, man.

You are under a lot of pressure.
Absolutely. I... I get it.

And I can't have Ade's raggedy
ass around me right now.

- Not with the album about to drop.
- Hey.

Hey, you just...

used to care about her, man.


Whose friend do you want to be? Huh?

Hers? You can be my guest, all right?

- You two can go, uh, trash hotel rooms together.
- No, no, no.

Come on. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, I want...

I want to be your friend.

Hey. We are friends, right?

I need to be super-careful
about my image right now.

I can't have anybody mess it up.


Okay, look.

I know that somebody
leaked this video to you,

but I'm begging you,

please don't release
it to your gossip blog.

You mean, don't do my job?

Look, this movie that I'm doing,

they had me sign this contract

that I'd be sober until the end of it.

Oh, what, you don't think
you look sober in this?

Lift up...

I can't get...

Help me get this over my head.

Silver, this is my last
shot for a comeback.

I am one big story away

from getting my own gossip show on TV.

It's gonna make TMZ
look like Sesame Street.

So if you really don't
want me to release this...

find me something bigger.

Okay, well, I don't know
what I could even do...

I'm feeling really generous today.

You got 12 hours until this goes viral.

Happy digging, Adrianna.

I just have to turn in an assignment.

Oh, I'm glad you still go to CU. I mean...

I didn't know if you would have time,

what with your job and all.

Oh, well.

I'm taking extension school classes.

I have big plans.

That's great. What are you majoring in?

In finding a husband.

That's why I'm taking business classes.

I plan on maximizing
their earning potential.

Ooh... Oh...

What can I say? I was destined to be rich.

I used to be. You know.

Yeah, I... I, uh, figured.

What happened?

Long story short?

My sociopathic sister

conned me out of my entire trust fund,

and she didn't quit until
she had every single cent.

But didn't any of your
friends go out of their way

to expose what a liar she was?

I don't think any of them knew.

And Ethan, my boyfriend at the time,

was too busy cheating on me to notice.

But I'm over it now.

I really am.

I actually have my sights set on...

the biggest catch on campus.

Wow. I never thought he would be
the biggest anything on campus.

Not him.

His friend.


Teddy Montgomery is the
guy that you're after?

- You know him?
- Uh, I guess not.

But, um, his dad's a really
famous movie star, right?

Yeah. And he's, like,
the next Andy Roddick.

Play it cool. He's coming over here.

You talking about me again, Naomi?

Your ears must be playing
tricks on you, Teddy.

Oh, come on.

You know you want me.

This guy bothering you?

You know, he really can't be
trusted around pretty girls.

Anyway, you two are cordially invited

to a club opening tonight.

Oh, wow.

Is this your bar?

No, I... I'm in college.

What would I be doing owning a bar?

Liam's stepfather is a very
prominent plastic surgeon.


So, him and your mom
are, like, together and...


Yeah, that's usually
the origin of stepdads.



Apparently, my reputation precedes me.

I'm sorry. We haven't met before, have we?

Think I would have remembered.

Uh, no, no. I'm... I'm new in town, but...

don't go firing up the
private plane just yet.

Uh, I mean, assuming you have one.

Well, the tennis coach is waiting for me.

Naomi, see you at the club tonight?

Maybe you will. Maybe you won't.


This is perfect.

It's great.

But I really need to focus
on getting through to Dixon.

Well, that's what you're doing.

The club Liam just invited us to,

Dixon's a part owner.

I'm sure he'll be there.

Oh, my God. This is kind of perfect.

And since I just decided that I like you,

I'm going to take you shopping.

So, how's it going on
getting that money you owe me?

I'm working on it.

Hey, I get a dollar for every person

who shows up at the club
tonight with one of these.

What is that, like $100 Max?

You owe me a whole lot more than that.

Just ask your stepdad for the money.

I can't.

If he finds out I was betting on sports,

he's going to yank me out of
school and send me packing.

Okay, fine. I might have
another solution for you.

I've been talking to
that Navid Shirazi guy.

You know that dork from high school?

He's Dixon's lapdog now,

and he's looking to
score some oxy for Dixon.

You have access to some.

Your stepdad.

Wait, like, his medical practice?

Plastic surgery?

Come on, the guy must be
swimming in that stuff.

Just sneak a little bit and
bring it to the club tonight.

I don't know, man... selling drugs?

It's just Navid.

But hey, if you got a better
way to get me this money.

I thought you said we were going shopping.

We are.

I've already preselected all the options

from the best stores.

Just don't spill anything tonight.

I have to return them.

As for me, I need something
that says "marriage material"

but not "mother of the bride. "

Ooh, hey.

Here, try this one.

So, uh, you really think
Teddy's the one for you.

I know he's slept with every

good-looking girl from here to pomona,

but I am carefully differentiating myself.

I'm going to be aloof and make him chase me

until I have a ring on my finger.

Sounds like a foolproof plan.

I mean, all men are different,

of course, which is why I think it is great

that you are going on
the aggressive with Dixon.

Otherwise, he might not notice you.

No offense.

Naomi, I am not trying to hit on Dixon.

- He's my brother.
- Yeah, I know.

I can see the resemblance.

My adopted brother.

He was estranged from
my family, and I just...

I really need to talk to him.

You believe me, right?

I believe you look amazing.

And whatever it is that you want tonight,

you need to go for it.

So do I.

Hey, I think I lined up
something fun for us later.

You know what, maybe
not tonight, all right?

Yeah, you know, I've
been hearing a lot of, uh,

cops have been doing
undercover busts on clubs.

Hey, I'm on it.

Well, I mean, I'm on being off of it.

Hey, no worries, man.

You got this.

Your new track's going to kill them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Westside, represent.

See, I hustled my way up.

You think you had it hard?

You ain't seen nothing.

♪ Everybody wanna freestyle

♪ ain't nobody get a free ride ♪

♪ you can't hide from the hard times ♪

♪ nah, nah, this ain't no five-and-dime ♪

♪ came away from the streets south ♪

♪ my daddy doing life, ain't got parole ♪

♪ my brother... he be
thugging in the San Jo ♪

♪ and I know, rearview, I got to go... ♪

Okay, I got the stuff.

Can we just find Shirazi and go?

Just hold off for a minute, okay?

These things are all about timing.

Somebody told me a rumor about you.

Spence Montgomery's son...

has never had an actual girlfriend.

Could he be trying to hide something?


I'm not trying to hide anything.

I just like to play the field. That's all.

I've been that way ever
since we were in high school.

Have you ever heard the
term, "confirmed bachelor"?

It was historically used

as code for "gay. "

So maybe that's what

your player lifestyle
is actually telling us.

Sounds like somebody forgot

to take their crazy pills this morning.

Wow, did that comeback
just come to you just then?

Man, and I thought all jocks were dumb.

Follow my lead. I'll get us in.

♪ Baby, get up, get out

♪ get down to the grind.

How do you walk in these things?

Those are actually for,
um, role-play activities.

They're the only ones I have in your size.

Um, we were invited.

Yeah, so were all these other people.

Move to the back of the
line. Wait your turn.

We are never getting in.

Oh, oh. Maybe we'll get in after all.

Okay, relax, relax.

I'm wearing underwear.

I think.


Hi. It's Naomi.

We used to be best friends, you know,

before you became a big movie star.

Oh. Oh, hey, Naomi.

Do you have a breath mint?

'Cause I think I just puked a little.

Oh, um, yeah. Hold on.

Um, listen, we were kind of wondering

if you could maybe help us get in.

Annie here needs to talk to Dixon.

Why? You a groupie or something?

No. I'm his sister.

Sure you are, and I'm his Uncle.

My parents adopted
Dixon when we were eight.

Sweetie, I've been dating Dixon for,

like, a year and a half on and off,

and he's never said
anything about being adopted

or having a sister.

Why does nobody believe me?

- Well...
- Here. Look at this.

Dixon really does have a
white sister from Kansas.

Can I borrow this for a second?


if, uh, you can get us into the club.

Of course.

Dixon's right there.

You know how you said
you wanted a bigger story?

I think I just found one.

Excuse me. Sorry.

I just have to...

I know you know me, even
if nobody else here does.

What are you even doing here?

I still don't understand what happened.

You happened, Annie.

You always get everything you want.

- I don't think that's true.
- But that's how I felt,

all right?

Look, we, we put off moving

because you were the lead
in the school musical,

and then you got Les Mis, and
that was it... Kansas forever.

But, I mean, we must
have decided as a family.

Yeah, but my vote counted less.

But it's fine, okay. I'm good with it.

I... I made my peace with it.

Just like I told you when I left,

I don't care 'cause
you're not my real family.

That isn't true.

What, did you finally get beat

out of a big part of something?

Is that why you came here crying to me?

What? No, I told you,

I came to find you and make
sure that you were okay.

Look, I'm not gonna say it again, Annie.

Okay, go home.

Nobody wants you here.

Oh, hello.

Hi. I almost forgot

you said you were going to be here.

You know, I got to tell
you, there are a lot

of hot ladies in here tonight, but you...

you're the top one percent.

Thank you.

I tend to be a one-percenter by nature.

I feel I should tell you something, too.

I will not be sleeping with you tonight.


It's just not my thing, so
if that's what you're after,

I suggest you try barking up

another one of the hottest
trees of the evening.


If you'll excuse me...

Uh, Na... Naomi, wait.


I know I come off

as this player, but
that's not who I really am.

Oh, no?

I'm honestly looking
for something meaningful.

I've just been waiting
to find the right girl.

There someplace iet

we can go and just talk?

Hey, have you seen Ty?

Uh, no, sorry, man, and I'm a little busy.

Man, screw this.

Hi, I need a cab to lax.

I'm at Seventh and...

Oh! Sorry.


Are you okay?

Uh, no, not really, not
that you should care.

I mean, we don't really
know each other at all.

Well, I'm not gonna just
leave you there, so...

Are you good?


Yeah, except, uh,

my phone.

May I offer you some tea?

Look, Naomi, I'm gonna
be straight with you.

I know you're trying to set yourself apart

by not sleeping with me.

'Cause I'm not that kind of girl.

Because you're a gold digger.

I don't know what you're talking about.


Look, I'm not mad.

I'm into it, actually.

Naomi, will you be my girlfriend?

Wait, what? Really?

Yes, I will so make it worth your while.

- All right, okay, so hold on. Hold on a minute.
- Oh, oh.

Can you be discreet?

Oh, so you like things
of a kinky nature, do you?

Yes, I can be discreet.

'Cause the thing is...

I'm gay.


But you sleep with women all the time.

Yeah, as a cover, but
it's not working anymore.

My family finds out, they'll disown me,

plus I'll lose any chance

of getting any big endorsement deals,

so I need a steady girlfriend.

If you sign on, I can get
you anything you ask for...

new car, jewelry, a better apartment.

All you have to do is act

like our relationship is
happy and perfect and complete

when it's actually not.

Well, when I say that out loud,
it sounds like a lot to ask for.

I'll do it.

You will?

Hell, yeah.

- All right.
- Whoo!

Yes, I know other less responsible drivers

might be drinking.

I'll be careful. I promise.

I love you.

All right, good night.

It's my dad.

He can be a little
overprotective sometimes.

Yeah, uh, that must get annoying.

It used to,

but then, at some point,
I guess I just realized

he does it 'cause he cares.

You know, like I may not actually need him

to protect me anymore, but
I still need him, you know.

He's my family.


Hey, uh, you want, you want a drink?

- Yeah.
- Cool.


Hey, man, I got the stuff.

Yeah, I don't know what
you're talking about.

The stuff... you know,
the thing we talked about.

Dude, we had a whole discussion

- about this the other day.
- Okay, yeah, you know,

we did not have a discussion, all right,

and we're not going to
discuss anything now.

Then, why the hell do I have

a bunch of oxy on me tonight?

What'd you say you're carrying?


What, are you married?

Engaged apparently. I don't know.

Everything's a little
confusing for me right now.


you look like you're
in a really good place.

Yeah, I guess.

I was gonna do something
really stupid earlier,

but I... just got to suck
it up and talk to my stepdad,

hope everything works out.

My hero.

I really appreciate

you sticking around to help me.

Hey, hey, hey, see, that's
the guy with the drugs, not me.

I had nothing to do with it.

Well, uh, Officer, I... I
think this is a big mistake.

Oh, I think I understand just fine.

I knew I should have gotten out of here.

Well, oh, my God, Liam. I'm so sorry.

This isn't right. This isn't you.

What's this all about... a few pills?

Man, this would have
never happened in my hood.

What, like the suburbs in Wichita?

Matching sweaters... what a dork.

Wait, wait, guys.

You posted it anyway?

This way I get a bigger
makeup trailer for my show.

I don't know why I'm even surprised.

You've been an evil bitch
ever since high school.


Oh, Dixon.

"Rapper Dixon's 'street
cred" is a bunch of crap.

New album guaranteed to flop. "


Thanks, Annie. You ruined my life again.


God, I thought if I never
moved here in the first place,

I wouldn't be able to
screw up any of your lives.

Well, I was wrong.

You're crazy.

Liam got arrested tonight

because he stuck around to help me,

and I somehow managed to send

Dixon's career down the toilet.

Well, you never did anything bad to me.

I'm great.


What is going on?

Why are you doing that?

Because I can afford to keep them now.

I just signed on to be
Teddy Montgomery's new beard.

This world is completely screwed up.

I can't just go back to Kansas

- and leave everything this terrible.
- What is

so terrible about me
being in a relationship

where I can't possibly get hurt

and I get a new Mercedes?

It's really hard to explain, but

I have a very strong sense
of how things could be

and should be.

When was the last time you threw a party?

I don't know. My not-so-sweet 16 party.

You should drink your tea.

Excuse me. This came for you.


You can go, too, you know.

I mean, everybody else did

soon as they found out that
I'm just some dork from Kansas.

It's weird.

Now that I know you're actually uncool...

I kind of like you better.

So, uh, what, you didn't like me before?

You were kind of a dick, man.

Yeah, you can go ahead
and get that yourself.

Hey, man, thanks for bailing me out.

It wasn't exactly my idea.

Then, whose was it?

She told me to give you this.

Welcome, everyone, to
Annie's good-bye party.

I showed up just to make sure she leaves.

Yeah, me, too,

well, even though you seem
like a very nice person.

I just want to know if she's
gonna drop any more bombs.

So, I am getting on a plane
back to Kansas tonight,

but before I go, I feel like I have to tell

you guys something.

I actually know all of you really well.

You may not believe that,

but it's true.

Naomi, you are supposed
to be obscenely rich.

Damn straight.

And I know you think you're
supposed to wind up with Teddy,

but you both deserve
something more, something real.

And, Silver,

if somebody had been
around to reach out to you,

then maybe you wouldn't have
stayed such a colossal bitch.

I know you're just trying
to protect yourself,

but you really don't have to be so alone.

Dixon, you're right.

We should have come here as a family

when we were in high school.

But we didn't.

And you can't keep pushing everybody away.

You need to let people care about you.

Like Navid and Adrianna.

And me.

We have all had some really great times


I guess, technically speaking,

we haven't, but...

I just see a lot of
potential here, you guys.

Anyway, that's it, so, uh, enjoy the party.

Well, you always knew how to talk.

I guess I've had a lot of
practice in the theater. Dixon,

I'm really sorry I messed
things up for you so bad.

And I'm especially sorry

that going after my dreams
kept you from going after yours.

Well, I guess my dreams weren't,
uh, meant to go that way.

Welcome to the fallen stars club.

There aren't a lot of perks here.

Yeah. Initiation sucks.

You know, the whole arrangement thing...

I think maybe it's not such a good idea.

Yeah, probably not.

Excuse me.

I'm looking for Naomi Clark?

That's me. Um, I'm Max Miller.

Someone called and recommended
that I meet with you.

I'm looking to buy some property,

and I hear you're the best in the business.

It is a buyer's market, Max Miller.


Why do I feel like I've met you before?


Look, I know you know I'm gay,

so you might as well
just post it on your blog,

or make some stupid TV show
about what a fraud I am.

There's nothing I can do to stop you.

Teddy, I'm not going to lie.

I think you should come out.

But I'm not going to
be the one who outs you.

You're not?


I think I'm maybe going
to try a different approach

to my journalism from now on.

Little less evil.

I just want to be more...

true to who I actually am, you know?

Yeah, I think I do.


Are you leaving?

Let me guess. You're going to hit the road

before your stepdad has a chance

to cut you off because of the arrest.

You'll sleep in your car,
maybe pick up some work.

You've always been pretty
good at building stuff.

Okay, seriously, what are you,
like, psychic or something?

Like I said, I just feel like I know you.

And I would hate to see
you isolate yourself.

Whatever's going to
happen with your stepdad,

don't you think it would be
easier with friends around?


I can't believe I actually found you.

Jason, what are you doing here?

I saw your picture on
that horrible gossip blog.

I was worried about you.

Don't you think it's time to come home?


Jason, you're a really wonderful guy

from what I can recall,

and I know this is gonna sound crazy,


I feel like I already am home.

Looks like you're finally waking up.

Looks like you're finally waking up.



It's good to have you back.

So let me get this straight.

In your dream,

I was driving an economy car,

and you didn't wake up screaming?

What is wrong with you?

It wasn't so bad.

The most awful part was
that you were so determined

to have this certain kind of life

that you were willing to
build it all around a lie.

Yeah, well, that's even more implausible.

I mean, I swear, it felt

just as real as anything
that's ever happened.

But certain things... I mean, I should have

known it was a dream.

Like, in what reality would
Silver ever hurt her friends?

I'm going to have to
check her dressing now.

I'll be back.

There's something I got to take care of.

Yeah. Me, too.

Hey, Navid?


About what I said earlier...

I'm not so fine by myself.

You don't think I knew that?


What are you still doing here?

Is Annie okay?

Yeah, yeah, uh, she's... she's fine.

That's... that's great.

Hey, Ade?

Thank you for being here.


I'm Erin Silver. Um, I really
need to get my forms back.

I made a big mistake.

Oh, actually, yes, there was a mistake.

There was a signature line left blank.

That's why we called the donor.

You forged my signature?

Teddy, I mean, I can explain.


You can't.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller?

Hi. It's Naomi.

I'm sorry to bother you so early.

I'm just wondering if
you've maybe heard from...


You were supposed to be in Iceland.

Hey, Naomi.

So you really never left my side?

How could I when I was the
cause of this whole thing?

I'm never going to be
able to forgive myself.

Liam, listen to me.

This was not your fault.

Wasn't my fault, either.

Bad things are going
to happen in our lives.

There's no way to prevent that.

But the important thing is

that we go through these things together.

I'm really glad you're going to be okay.

Me... I am fine.

But you...

what you went through...

I can't imagine.

Are you sure you're going to be okay?

Yeah. Absolutely.

Hey, moron?

You can't be taking up a
whole space with that thing.

- Have a nice day.
- What the hell's wrong with you?

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