90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 9 - The Things We Do for Love - full transcript

With Max unemployed, Alec returns and offers to help him form a new computer company. Naomi attempts to persuade Bryce to rehire Max at his company after she takes over ownership, but she refuses. Naomi convinces Navid to take Bryce out for drinks to find out why she betrayed and ousted Max from his company. After a few drinks, Navid learns from the half-drunk Bryce that Alec set up Max's firing. Meanwhile, Annie decides to sign up for a writing program in Scotland for the next two years and gets Riley a tablet as a Christmas present, as a way of telling him which in turn angers him into thinking Annie doesn't want him to go with her because he is in a wheelchair. Elsewhere, Silver is distraught when Teddy refuses to sign over his parental rights and tries to convince her to let him co-parent the baby. Adrianna wants to reconcile with Dixon after he has been torturing her with work. Dixon tells Megan that he was in the accident that caused her father's death and instead of getting mad, she forgives him. Elsewhere, Liam receives another blackmail letter about Vanessa's accident which the blackmailer demands $500,000. Unsure who to trust, Liam shows the letter to Annie who agrees to lend Liam the money to help trap his blackmailer. But when Adrianna tells Ashley that she spotted Vanessa at a beauty salon, Ashley wrongly suspects that Liam is headed for a secret rendezvous with Vanessa and kidnaps him.

Previously on 90210...

You and Silver are having a baby together?

Kind of hard to explain.

I think this is something
we need to talk about.

You think just because you
cheated on me that you'll be able

to walk out on our new company?

You signed a contract. I own you.

We graduated two years ago.

So what if I thought I'd be completing

a prestigious theater program by now?

I'm not a loser because
I haven't done that.

- Cousin Emily?
- Surprise!

My agent thought it would be
perfect fodder for my blog.

You have an agent and a
press tour and a blog. Wow.

The first time Patterson
whisked me away in a helicopter

for a private picnic,

I knew love had a price.

A girl came in talking
about her dad, and I realized

that her dad is the random trucker.

I just wanted to scream
at her and be like,

"Your dad ruined my life."

About your dad, there's
something you need to know.

He shouldn't blame himself.

It was an accident.

They voted to fire me. Bryce
convinced the new board of directors

that the company had outgrown me.

You're the one who hired her.

Actually, that was you.

Liam, I get paid

to protect you so you can have

some semblance of a normal life.

I'm sorry, I just...

keep feeling like
someone's lurking around,

ready to pounce.

Who are you really hiding from?


She's dead.

It was an accident; I
was sure that no one knew.

I guess someone's been
watching me for months.

I wish I could get into
the holiday spirit,

but I never thought my husband

would be facing the
specter of unemployment.

Ah, I mean, I knew Max lost his job,

but I didn't think that
meant you had money trouble.

Money trouble?

Good God, no.

Ever since Bryce had the board fire Max,

he's depressed and it's all my fault.

You couldn't have known
she was gonna do that.

How is it your fault?

It's Naomi Clark's fault because

she controls the fate of all mankind.

You laugh, but that is
exactly how it feels.

I am gonna have to buy a hell

of a Christmas present
to make this up to Max.

You're not the only one who
doesn't know what to buy.

Why did I think it was a good
idea to start dating Riley

right before Christmas?

- Ouch. Rookie mistake.
- Exactly.

I mean, I feel like we're going somewhere,

but I'm not sure where yet.

I want to get something that says,

"I want to see what happens,

even if I end up going away somewhere."

Going away?

Where are you going?

Thinking of going.

There's this writing program in Scotland.

If I apply for a degree,
I'll be there two years.

I didn't even know you wanted to write.

Yeah. I didn't either.

I... I mean, then I did.

And I do. I do.

Can you tell that I don't know
how I feel about my writing yet?


look at these little onesies.

Now I know what I'm gonna
get you for Christmas.

No. No, please don't.
I don't want to jinx it.

I'm finally almost there.

All that's left is for
Teddy to sign the release.

I thought Teddy did all
the necessary releasing.

This is for after the baby is born.

Which we've already talked about.

I'll do everything, I'll be the parent.

The clinic needs it in writing

before they'll do the IVF transfer.

Well, it's a good thing
Teddy's still in town.

Yeah, so he signs the papers,

defrost the embryos, pop them in the oven,

and merry Christmas.

Oh, do you think Max
would want one of those?

Christmas used to be so much
more fun back in the day.

Seriously, all you would
need is some colored paper,

slap some paste on it, write
"Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad,"

and you'd be done.

Yeah, when did that stop working
for you? When you were ten?

Okay, I'm just saying.

You're just saying that
you didn't get off your butt

and get anybody a gift and
now you're sweating it, right?

So who's on your list?

Um, Megan, Navid...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up.

You said Megan?

Megan as in the cute
group therapy girl, Megan?

Wow. You didn't waste any time

crying over Adrianna, did you?

Time out, she's just a friend, all right?

If you were still with Ade
and you got Megan a gift,

then yeah, you guys are just friends,

but if you're single and
you get Megan a gift then...


look, you and Annie are more than friends.

So what did you get her?

Well, as it happens,

I got her something majorly brilliant.

Dodger season tickets.

- You're kidding, right?
- It's a long time until summer, right?

Now, what girl wouldn't say,

"Oh, my God, he still
wants me to stick around

all the way until the end
of the World Series?" Right?

I'm about to get lucky, my friend.

My bad.

That... that's your sister.


All right, I'm gonna spot you.

Hey, Dixon.

Got your final report from your doctor.

Uh, thank you.

Hey, Riley,

have you given any thought

to Dr. Bronson's experimental surgery?

I mean, he thinks you're
a perfect candidate.

Yeah, I've thought about it, but so far,

there's no miracle for a guy
with spinal cord injuries.

And I'm kind of liking my life too much

right now to add "maybe possibly die

in experimental surgery" to my calendar.

So, no, thanks.

I got you. Hey,

if you change your mind,
give the doctor a call.

Oh, thanks, man.



Well, I know what I'm
getting Annie for Christmas.

Not again.

Look at this text from Dixon.


"Hair UP for publicity shots tomorrow.

And get some highlights so
you don't look so washed out."

Ever since the breakup,

he's been texting me these
"contractual obligations."

He hates me, not that
he hasn't got a right to.

It's just even harder
with Christmas coming.

Holiday break-ups are the worst.

I try not to think about Silver,

but I keep seeing presents she'd like.

I got Dixon something three months ago.

One of those die-cast cars

that he collects and could never find.

I saw it at a flea market,
and I snapped it up.

Do you think I should
even give it to him now?

Maybe it'll be a good peace offering.

Bring it tomorrow night
and see what happens.



I picked this up at the Offshore.

Oh, must be from the studio.

They can always sense

when I'm out of processed
cheese and canned snails.

I should set up some security cameras here

like I did at The
Offshore, don't you think?

You're doing a great job,
but take some time off,

do your Christmas shopping,

see some friends.

Stalkers don't take vacations.

Yeah, but the only people that
know I'm here are you and Annie.

Speaking of The Offshore,
Navid is throwing

a little Christmas party tomorrow night.

You should come.


And if anybody bothered you,
I'd be right there, so...

You know, you don't have to stay.

I'm pretty sure my appliances
aren't going to attack me.


I'll just double-check the back gate.


There's a car parked in the driveway

that's blocking a very
special Christmas present

that Santa got three speeding tickets

driving home for you.


You are not welcome here, Alec.

Naomi, I thought twice, believe me.

But I heard about what happened
to Max and I had to come over.

The past does not matter
when a friend is in trouble.

Now let me apologize for
everything I've done wrong.

I'm here to make it right.

Alec wants us to start a new company.

We did it once, we can do it again.

No suits,

no stockholders...

It's an idea.

Out of many possible ideas.

Naomi and I need to talk about this, Alec.

Of course.

How could you not?

You are not seriously considering this.

I don't know. It could be a
terrible idea. It could be...

an okay idea, maybe.

Look, I'd never do anything to hurt you,

but I... I have to
consider every alternative.

Okay, well, what if Bryce

said she made a mistake,
that she wants you back?

I could talk to her woman to woman,
tell her that Phenomi-Con was my fault.

Okay, I love you, but can you

do me a favor and stay out of this?

I have to work it out for myself.

If that means letting go of Data Nitrate,

then I'll live with it.

- Max, you don't have to.
- Naomi?



- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, sorry I am so late.

I got halfway here, and
I realized I forgot...


- What's this?
- Some stupid thing from the clinic.

You have to sign it,
saying you're not gonna

claim rights as the father,

blah blah blah whatever,

and then they can implant
my two little embryos

and then, maybe...

Teddy, I was shopping for Christmas
gifts this morning and I thought,

there is nothing that I
could ever give or receive

that could ever match this.

Well, I think I have an even better gift.

Instead of signing this,

I'd like to be our child's father.

That's... that's not what
you wanted three days ago.

Silver, I just... I didn't
think this thing through.

There were so many questions Shane asked

that I wish I would have asked myself.

I mean, what if we want
to have a family one day?

Our children would have a half
brother or sister out there.

I don't have to be the
bad dad my father was.

So let's all do this thing together.

Teddy, that's...

that's really sweet,
but it wasn't the plan.

Look, I know this isn't what you expected.

But just think about it.

I don't want my kid growing up

to think he had a father
who didn't love him

or didn't care.



Mrs. Clark-Miller.

Miller-Clark, Clara.

Bryce is expecting me.

N... no, she isn't.

Then how fun. It'll be a surprise.

You're breaking up with me over the phone?

Nice of you to tell me now, Todd.

We were getting married in two weeks.

Well, how's this for honest?

You laugh like a hyena

and I hate your stupid leather sofa.


What are you doing here?

You know, when I'm yelling at men,

I usually get really, really thirsty.

There you go, lovely.

- Better?
- No.

Oh, I know this is painful.

I'm sorry you're hurt.

Oh, cut the crap, Naomi.

What do you want?

I want to tell you I'm responsible

for you making a terrible mistake.

If you fired Max because of Phenomi-Con,

it was not his fault, it was mine.

And you have to explain to the board...

It's a waste of time.

There's nothing I can do.
Someone was out to get him.

No, that's impossible. Everyone loves Max.

Oh, why? Because he's so perfect,

and he's your husband?

I have my own problems right now,

so go home to your wonderful, perfect Max

and leave me alone.


It took me a while to find
the exact perfect gift,

but I think I finally did it.

Merry Christmas.

Wow. Whoa.

You got me a Surface?

Yeah. And it does so much.

That's the e-mail app right there.

And when we Skype, you
can make it stand up

with the kickstand like that.

See? It'll be like we're in the same room.


Does it have a touch function?

'Cause I like it much
better when we can do this.

You see?

There are still some things
that the Internet just can't do.

But if someone's away...

You trying to tell me something?

No. Well...

Yeah. Kind of.

There's this writing program in Scotland,

and I don't even know if I'll get in,

but if I do, I'll be there for two years.

And I want to make sure that...

That we keep in touch.


You know, the usual response

to a Christmas present is "thank you."


Except this... this isn't...

a Christmas present. This is a...

"see you later, thanks for
playing" present. Right?

What? No.

Yeah, you know what?

You know what? Why don't you just...

take the gift back, give
it to somebody who cares.

- Why are you being so mean?
- Because, Annie,

you and this... this gift...

of Skype?

You know what?

This is a waste of time.

So this guy I wrote to about a job

just invited me to a big gamer
conference this week in Iceland.

- Iceland.
- Yeah.


Let's not rush into anything

until we consider all of our options.

Well, so far my only other option

is that maybe Alec's right.

We should go back to
square one and start over.

Or you could see if something happens

that means you don't have
to start over with Alec...

or go to Iceland.


I told you, don't try to fix this.


Oh, hey, Max. Hey.

Uh, Naomi.

Navid, what a surprise.

What? You asked me over.

I never asked you over.

But since you're here,

actually, I need to talk to him.

I'll be right back.

Sure. I'm gonna...

listen to some Bjork.

I need you to help me get Max's job back.

By going on a date with... her.

That doesn't make it...

Oh. Wow. She's pretty.

Wait. Bryce Woodbridge?

Isn't she the ball-buster that fired Max?

"Ball-buster" is an offensive phrase

used to denigrate successful women.

And yes, she absolutely is.

She also happens to be
vulnerable and lonely

and just updated her status to "single,"

so I want you to go out with her.

- I don't even know her.
- Yes, you do.

I created a business page for you.

You sent her a message and asked

if she'd like to go out for drinks.

Um, occupation...

"Small business CEO."

You are running the Offshore.

"Interests include computer coding,

solving difficult
mathematical brain teasers."

Okay, I had the lowest
math AP score at Princeton.

She'll figure that out in five seconds.

She won't care.

She just got dumped by her fiancé

two weeks before their wedding.

She is open to going out with

vaguely acceptable men... no offense.

Yeah, none taken, uh,

but what does this have
to do with Max's job?

Bryce was telling me.

Apparently, someone was out to get Max

when he was running Data Nitrate.

I tried to ask her who, but
she's so angry and bitter

about all the men in the world
that she wouldn't tell me.

And I was just thinking,

you could take her out, charm her.

Maybe she'll tell you what happened.

Did I mention she's on
the rebound and very hot?


Look, I'd really like
to help you with this,

and yeah, maybe I'm a
little lonely myself.


Uh, but I really need to get
this Christmas party together,

and it's harder than I thought.

I can't even get any drinks.

The distributors sold out weeks ago.

I know a guy who has a
warehouse in Bellflower.

Really? No. Thank you so much.

- What...?
- Ah, ah, ah.

I do for you, you do for me.

There's an e-mail in
your inbox from Bryce.

Drinks tomorrow evening.

Have fun.

What if you give somebody a
really cool Christmas gift,

and they just start yelling at you?

Is this about Riley?

I know he's not your typical guy,

but I gave him a Surface tablet

so that we can keep in touch

when I go to this writing
program in Scotland.

Did you happen to mention Scotland

before or after you gave him the gift?

Sort of... during?

- And he got mad?
- Mm.

Hmm. It's kind of like
the time that I told you

I was going to go work on a
fishing boat after high school

instead of going to college,
and you got upset with me.

Okay, you were talking about leaving

for a really long time,

and it was like I wasn't
even a part of the decision.


Mystery solved.


How much do you think
I can get for my bike?

Why are you selling your bike?

Oh, no. Now this creep wants money?

Where did you find this?

It was delivered to the
Offshore in a gift basket.

- From?
- From the studio.

But anybody could have
put a note in there.

Now I got to get this money together.

Have you told Ashley about this?

Ashley's the police.

She thinks my problem
is some random paparazzo

or a crazy stalker, which maybe it is,

but I can't tell Ashley about Vanessa.

I'll give you the money.

What? No.

Uh, it's my money. I can
use it however I want to.

Don't bother arguing.

Just take the money and use it
to find out who is behind this.

Or I could take the
money and make the drop,

and then beat the crap out of him.

Liam, make the drop.

I'll videotape the whole thing.

It's the only way to
find out who's doing this.

Oh, my God.

Oh. Hey.

Max said you were here.

This is great.

Uh. I brought Rudolph.

It's your turn.

Oh, my gosh, how many years

have we been passing this back and forth?

Uh, since we were young
enough to fight over it.

You know what?

When the baby is born,

I think Rudolph here will
get his forever-home with you.

Well, it's not "when." It's "if."

Teddy won't sign the release.

He wants to be the father.

Not the sperm-donor father.

He wants to be the father father.

Teddy would make a great dad.

Shane, too. Oh, my God,
I wish I had two gay dads

who loved me to pieces
and then could tell me

when my dress and my bags
were too matchy-matchy.

They're not like that.

My gay dads would be.

This is serious, Naomi.

What would this mean?

Well, it would mean you have to share.

Nobody wants to share.

I don't want to share Max with Alec.

We didn't want to share
Rudolph the Reindeer.

Sharing a kid with someone
you don't live with is like...

It's like being divorced
without ever getting married.

It's not like there isn't
an upside to joint custody.

When I was taking care of Jacques,

I couldn't just leave dry cat food out

and fly off to Aspen for the weekend.

I had to watch that nanny like a hawk.

And the downside?

We both know the downside, Sil.

It sucked when my parents split up.

Didn't feel like I got
two homes and two families.

It felt like...

I had none.

I hated being stuck in the middle.

I hated it.

Especially during the holidays.

And Teddy and Shane
live all the way in D.C.

Who knows where I'm gonna end up?

What if I just don't want to
put my kid through all that?

You have to tell Teddy
he can't be involved.

He doesn't want to make the
same mistake his parents did,

but neither do you.

- Here you go... your coffees.
- No, I'll get this. Here.

No, no, no, you don't
have to pay for mine.

Consider it my Christmas gift to you.

Merry Christmas.


I mean, that's like, uh, just
the perfect Christmas gift.

Actually, uh, speaking
about Christmas, my...

uh, my friends... they're
throwing a party,

and, uh, I would love for you to come.

I mean, with... with... with me.

You know, I could show you around

and introduce you to people.

Yeah. I can't.

I'm sorry. I mean, thank you.

It was really nice of you to ask, but...

No, I... I get it. You know, it's, um...

I guess I shouldn't have assumed
that since you got me a coffee,

that we'd be spending Christmas together.

No. It's not that. It...

it's just, this is the first
Christmas since the accident.

It's really weird without my dad.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm...

I'm sorry, Megan.

No, it's not your fault.

It's just, there are so many things

this time of year that
remind me of what I've lost.

Whatever I do to feel better, it just...

it's still there,

like a big hand squeezing my heart.

He's never coming back.

I'm sorry. You didn't even know my dad.

Uh... no. Um...

I understand.

I really do.

Hey, Ashley. Have you seen Liam?

No. He just took off.

He said he had some top secret
Christmas shopping to do,

so I couldn't come.

Can you tell him that I saw Vanessa,

and she's back in town?


The Vanessa he was engaged to?

He told you about her?

No, but it's my job to
know about these things.

Okay, well, then you know
that she's totally crazy.

She's this con artist,
and she lied to him,

and did a lot of other
really bizarre stuff,

and then robs him blind and left.

Nobody could believe it when
they actually got back together

and got engaged.

Then suddenly, she disappeared, thank God,

but now she's back.

Are you sure it was Vanessa?

I only saw her for a
second at the hair salon,

but when I snuck a look
at the appointment book,

the name said "Elizabeth McManus."

Annie found, like, ten I.D.
cards in her purse once,

and that was one of the names.


Dixon again.

Apparently, my highlights are too subtle.

Can you please just warn Liam for me?

Of course.


Adrianna, can you do me a favor

and not mention this to anyone else?

I want to keep tabs on Vanessa,
and I don't want her tipped off.

Exes can be dangerous.

Yeah, for sure.

What's up?

So what's this about you not
coming to the Christmas party?

I'm not in the mood for a party.

I had a fight with your sister.

So? Everybody fights with my sister.

Join the club.

Just, uh, put on some decent clothes.

Stop being a baby.

Hey, um, remember when you said

I probably don't look at
Megan as just a friend?

So now you're realizing that

you don't think of Megan
as just a friend. Okay.

What's she think of you as?

Maybe she's thinking of me
as more than a friend as well.

Except she doesn't know that

I was in the accident that killed her dad.

Good move.

Yeah. Save some surprises
for the wedding night.

I didn't tell her because I
didn't want to upset her, okay?

I didn't even know that
we were gonna be friends.

Now there's like a big wall up between us

that she doesn't even know about.

So tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev.

Look, you need to tell
her as soon as possible.

Like at the party tonight.

Well, luckily, she won't be there.

So I got to go hang out with Annie,

but you don't have to face a girl

that you're not even mad at? Nice.

Dude, what are you so jacked up about?

Annie got you a freaking tablet.

It's not about the gift.

The first thing that went
through Annie's mind when

this Scotland thing came up was,

was that we should keep in touch.

Yeah, so?

Because she doesn't think that I can go.

Look, dude, you don't know that, right?

This whole wheelchair
thing, this isn't new to me.

I act like it doesn't change anything,

but I know that it does.

You know, eventually
she's either gonna feel

like she can't take this on anymore

- or that I'm holding her back.
- Stop.

Stop! You're having this whole
conversation with yourself.

Okay, look, if you're worried,

why not just tell her,
huh? See what happens?

Why don't you tell
Megan about the accident?

It must be hard running a
business like Data Nitrate,

lots of people wanting lots of things.

It has its ups and
downs, that's for sure.


- It's nice to get out, though.
- Yeah, isn't it?

Well, what are some of the ups and downs?

Like, going to the board to
get someone hired or fired

because of something someone
else said about somebody?

Uh, I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Yeah, me neither.

Hey, do you want fried calamari?

I hear it's really good.

If you're hungry.

Okay, maybe we'll pass
the fried. That's fine.

No, I'm sorry. It was

just the appletinis.

I just broke up with my fiancé,

and appletinis were our favorite drink.

It's, it's dumb.

No, it's not. It's Christmas.

I just broke up with my old girlfriend,

and I'm even over it, but
I still feel pretty awful.

Really? What happened?

Ah, it's a long story.

You want a Cosmo?


No, no one in Silicon
Valley will return my calls.

It's like I'm suddenly a nobody.

Honey, it's the holidays.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Just let go, and let Naomi.

Hand me some holly sprigs, please.

You know what? I'm really
not in a party mood.

I'm just gonna head home.

Babe, will you please stop worrying, okay?

As if I would just stand by

when I know that Bryce can be convinced.


What are you talking about? Bryce?

Well, you do want your
job back, don't you?

I didn't want you to interfere.

I know, but...

No, you don't.

If you listened to me, you might know,

but... that's not how you do things.

Oh, well, excuse me.

Excuse me for... for... for
not wanting to see you in pain.

Excuse me for wanting to make
your life a little bit better.

Naomi, what you want is to
fix your nice, little picture

of the world, where...
where Naomi Miller-Clark

and... and Max Clark-Miller

live happily ever after without anyone

or anything that you don't like.

- Wow.
- But guess what.

No, Naomi, guess what.

You got your wish.

Because thanks to you not listening to me,

I... I have nothing and no one but you.

Oh, that's great, Max.

That's really great!


I thought you were a real cop.

What's wrong?

I need to know where you're going.

I have to keep you safe.

I'm fine.

Go to the party. Relax.

See you later.

I can't let you do that.

What do you mean you can't let me do that?

Liam, you need to tell me the truth.

You work for me. I don't
have to tell you anything.

Actually, I work for the LAPD,

and you're right, you don't
have to tell me anything.

You have the right to remain silent...

What are you doing?

You're under arrest.


So now she's having a baby

with, uh, this gay friend of ours,

and I... I'm happy for her.

I just, I feel like a dope
for hanging on so long.

Well, I won't be waiting by
the phone for Todd to call.

I wasted two years on this guy Alec

who never wanted to be more than friends.


Yeah, although maybe being friends is

the better way to go.

At least Alec got me my job.

H... how did Alec do that?

He told me exactly what
to say in the interview

in order to impress his former partner.

All I had to do was promise to
fire the guy once I got the job.

Here to help us ring in the holidays...

are the amazing Tegan and Sara.

♪ Stay

♪ You're leaving in
the morning anyway ♪

♪ My heart

♪ You'll cut it out, you
never liked me anyway ♪

♪ Why do you take me down this road ♪

♪ If you don't wanna walk with me? ♪

♪ Why do you wait to go it alone ♪

♪ When you could just talk to me? ♪

So, uh...

it's good to see you.

It's good to see you, too.

Peace on earth?


Good will towards men.

At least this man anyway.

Thank you.

The gift. I... I love it.

- Even the Skype.
- I know

I should have told you that I was going

to Scotland before I gave it to you.

Yeah. Yeah, you should have,

but I should have told you that I'm...

I'm starting to take us
together more seriously.

Maybe more seriously than...
than you're ready for.

I don't know what to say.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to interrupt or anything.

Um, can you take a picture of me and Annie

- for our mom for Christmas?
- Yeah.

Yeah, let's do it.

You want to sit in the chair?

Uh, no, I think it'd be
better if you sit down.


I'll just, uh, stand over here.

Oh, yeah.

I don't need those anymore.

Yeah, the doctor said I'm good to go.

I'll be 100%, like nothing ever happened.

Oh, my God, Dixon, are you serious?

Dead serious.

It's all over.

Oh, that is the best
Christmas present ever!


So. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

I'll go get us some drinks.


Ah, Tedd um,

about what you offered,

I was touched.

I thought it was really quite lovely,

and um, you know, I...
I totally understand

but I really want to do this alone.

And I can't thank you enough.

What? No, Silver,

this is not just something you
can thank me for and walk away,

I mean, why isn't this a good thing?

What's wrong with help from me and Shane?

It's not about that.

It's about not complicating
my life or my child's life.

You mean our child.

- Please don't do this to me.
- What am I doing?

I'm just trying to be a
part of my baby's life.

It's not yours, ok?

We made a deal,

you gave me something, and
you can't just take it away.

- Silver, th...
- No, I...

♪ All I want to get is

♪ A little bit closer

♪ Here comes the breath before we get ♪

♪ A little bit closer

♪ Here comes the rush before we touch ♪

♪ Come a little closer

♪ The doors are open, the
wind is really blowing ♪

♪ The night sky is changing overhead ♪

♪ It's not just all physical... ♪

You're here.

I managed to spruce up
your little Christmas party.

Tegan and Sara came
into town for 24 hours,

and I got them to perform.

- Hey, Naomi, listen, uh...
- What?

Bryce didn't tell you
anything. You know what?

- Honestly that's fine with me.
- Yeah, it was Alec.

That's who wanted Max out.

He got Bryce the CEO job.

Alec... what are you talking about?

- No, I got Bryce.
- Yeah, Alec made sure you did.

He told her what to say

and he told her the job was
hers if she'd get Max fired.

He was the one out to get Max.

I have to go.

♪ So let's make things physical ♪

♪ I won't treat you like
you're oh so typical ♪

♪ I want you close, I want you

♪ I won't treat you
like you're typical ♪

♪ I want you close, I want you... ♪

Merry Christmas.


I got my hair done. Do you like it?

Yeah, it looks pretty good.

And I got you a present.

It's not going to explode.

Look, I know you're
still really angry at me,

but we loved each other once.

If I could ask for one gift from you,

it'd be to stop torturing me, please.

You know, maybe we should
skip the presents this year.

♪ All I want to know is

♪ Can you come a little closer? ♪

Come on, come on, Liam, where are you?


You're still alive?

Yeah, sorry about that.

Where's my money?

All right, this isn't a police station.

You want to tell me
what's really going on?

I need to keep you safe.

I can't let you go back to Vanessa.

Okay, I... I don't know
what you're talking about,

but, believe me, that's
not going to happen.

Stop lying to me.

Adrianna was so worried this morning

when she saw Vanessa,
she told me everything.


No, 'cause, believe me,

she did not see Vanessa this morning.

She did. Stop pretending
you don't know she's back.

You were on your way to meet her.

That's who sent me the letter.

Ashley... you, you got to let me go.

I... I got to go see Vanessa.

So you're just going to go to her

after all the things she did to you?

Yes, yes, I have to.

I... I can solve all my problems tonight.

I can't let you do that.

I'm sorry, Liam.

What's wrong with you?

How can you do that to him?

Stay out of it, Shane.

Everything was going
fine until you came back

- and you got involved.
- No, it wasn't fine,

and I am involved.

You can't ask him to give up

the right to be a parent to his own child.

It's not gonna be his.

Then, why does he have
to sign his rights away?

Listen, I know the best
lawyers in Washington,

and Teddy has legal standing,

so unless you want to take this seriously,

we're gonna take you to court.

Megan, hey, um, come in.

Um, I stopped by the party,

but they said you left.

Yeah, uh... you didn't miss much.

I missed you.

Uh, staying at home by myself

didn't make me happy.

I realized the only thing that does...

no matter how much I miss my dad...
is you.

N... no, I'm, I'm glad
to hear you say that.

Um, you definitely make me happy, too.

But, um, Megan, a... about your,
your dad and the accident...

I was there.

What are you talking about?

I was in the other car.

Th... that's, that's how I got hurt.

I... I was there when your dad died.

Look, look, I'm so sorry.

The only reason I didn't tell you is

'cause I thought you'd hate me.

Where is this coming from?

No talking.

Whose life are you trying
to ruin, Alec, mine or Max's?

What? Naomi...

I know what you did.

You got Bryce her job, had her fire Max

for what, revenge?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, spare me the denial
and the lies, please.

You got rid of Madison,
you tried to get rid of me.

When that didn't work out, you destroyed

the only other thing
that Max really loved...

the company he built.

No, we built... Max and I together.

Okay, so, what, if you can't
have him, no one else can?

It's, it's like you, you
tried to get rid of everybody

and everything in his life except you,

like you're some crazy ex-girlfriend

or you're in love with him or...

Oh, my God, you are, aren't you?

Okay, see, now you're just talking crazy.

Does he know?

Please don't tell him.

I knew he could never be
more than a friend, okay,

but I... I just kept feeling

like he was getting pulled away from me.

I know what did wal wrong,
but I didn't want to lose him.

So you tried to make things
the way you wanted them.

No matter what Max
wanted or if he got hurt.

I can't expect you to understand.

No, I understand all too well.

I did the exact same thing.


I'm not going to tell Max something

that's going to hurt him, Alec.

I've done enough.

Riley Wallace for Dr. Bronson.

I've changed my mind.

I'm gonna go through
with the spinal surgery.

Max, we really have to talk.

"Naomi... I have to think.

Went to the gamer conference in Iceland."



He's not here. Where is he?

Well, he was running around

with 500 grand in his backpack.

Maybe he just took off.

Oh, come on, if I did something to him,

then why was I there,
waiting for my money?

I don't know, you were the
one who sent him those letters.

You're trying to extort him
for half a million dollars.

How do I know you didn't hit him

over the head or something?

I would never hurt Liam, I loved him,

but if he didn't love me
back, then he needs to pay me

for falling off a balcony
and almost breaking my neck.

Don't you think?

You are so way beyond crazy.

- If you did anything to him...
- Then what?

You'll push me off a cliff?

I was there to find out who
was trying to rip him off

for half a million dollars.

Oh, sorry, Nancy Drew.

How much clearer can I be?

I didn't do anything.

Well, if you didn't do anything to him,

then where the hell is Liam?