90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 13 - Love Me or Leave Me - full transcript

Adrianna reveals the secret that she's pregnant individually to both Naomi and Navid, who handle the news differently than expected. When Dixon reveals the depths of his feelings to Silver, their relationship takes a surprising turn when she reveals some facts about herself and that of her feelings of love. Meanwhile, Tabitha surprises Annie and Dixon with an unexpected belated Christmas gift of a car: which both Debbie and Harry disapprove of Tabitha trying to buy her grandchildren's affection after she also announces that she is leaving town to re-start her acting career with a job on a TV soap opera in New York. With a massive heat wave hitting the L.A. area, Annie and Ethan decide to to take a day-long escape to Tabitha's house Palm Springs for a romantic time alone.

Previously on 90210:

- We don't let sophomores sit with us.
- I'm not your ordinary sophomore.

- Hey, girlfriend?
- Yes, boyfriend?

- Nothing. I just like saying that.
- I like hearing it.

- I'm gonna lose everything.
- No, you're not.

Give it to me.
I can help you, but you gotta let me.

Look at this. I need you to tell them
that the drugs were yours.

If she confesses, it should help.
But you know there's no guarantees.

Adrianna's gonna be here.
Give her a few more minutes.

I cannot believe you did this to me.

You were the one person that I thought
I could count on, that I could trust.

I'm glad that you're okay. I really am.

But I can't keep watching you do this
to yourself. Not anymore.

- I'm a virgin.
- What?

When we ran your blood work,
it turns out you're pregnant.


What's Navid gonna think?

He's gonna hate me.

Temperature will remain in the 20s

as a cold front drops down
into the area.

My friends back home

are so gonna get a snow day,
those lucky bastards.

Back home, huh?

Back in Kansas, I mean.

Hey, home is where the heart is,

So there's a blizzard in Kansas.

And a heat wave in L.A.

I'm wearing practically nothing.

What kind of nothing?

Just a black negligee.

A negligee?

It's black.

It's sort of sheer.

- Sort of...
- Hello?

I'm on the phone.

And you shouldn't be.

It's late, Annie. Time to hang up.

Good night, Ethan.

- Good night, Mrs. Wilson.
- Time to hang up, Annie.


Annie, charge your cell next time.

- Annie?
- Yeah?

I love you.

I love you too.

Don't shoot till you see
the whites of their eyes.

Come, children,
give me your muskets to clean.

It says "Now, come, children,

give Grandmother
your muskets to clean. "

I made a teensy adjustment.

I'm just not sure
I'm plausible as a grandmother.

Yeah, well, it's a mini-series

about a 70-something
Revolutionary War hero

who knits in her spare time.

I'm not so sure plausibility
is a top priority.

Come, children,

give Grandmother your muskets
to clean.

Here is my musket.

I do hope she shoots straight.

The a. c. Was off.

Oh, I want it off.
It's better for my vocal cords.

It's nearly 90 degrees in here.
Aren't you sweltering?

It is hot.

These vocal cords
are what put this roof over our heads.

Okay, guys,
it's almost time for school.

And I happened to notice
that the trash hasn't gone out.

And the dishwasher
hasn't been emptied.

They're helping me rehearse
Red Coats and Blue Bloods.

Yeah, Grandma has an audition.

And you have chores.

Oh, please,
I pay the help to do those things.

There's no need.

There is a need. They're kids.

- They have chores so they'll learn...
- What?

How to take out the trash?

Is that really what you want
your children learning?



Fine, I'll do the chores.

The maid will do the chores.

You know what, we'll do the chores.

Yup, here we go. Cleaning up.

Hey, can I have the car this afternoon?
I wanna do something with Ethan.

No can do.
Got something to do this afternoon.


An extracurricular activity.

Okay, fine,
then you can do the chores.

- Break a leg today, Grandma.
- Thanks, sweetie.

Yeah, break a leg.

- Thank you.
- Absolutely.

Break a leg.

You have a nice mouth.

I'm glad you like it.

Look, all I'm saying
is maybe it's not the end of the world.

I'm sorry, my optimistic friend,

but the Santa Ana winds
do not blow in January.

What we're dealing with here
is global warming,

i. e., the end of the world
as we know it,

i. e., the apocalypse.

Come on, Silver, the apocalypse?

I'm not kidding.

And look, one of the seven signs,
excessive PDA.

Hi, guys.

Revelations, babe.

So, what's up, guys?

I actually gotta run. I gotta grab a book
from the library before class.

- Bye, honey.
- Bye, babe.

Actually, I'm gonna take off too.

- Unless you need some help with...
- No, I'm fine.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Bye, guys.

- Later, guys.
- See you, man.

The phrase "gag me"
comes to mind.

Why? They're happy.

But they're giving me diabetes.
It's all, "I love you. I love you.

I love you, snookums.
I love you, boo-boo. "


Never before did a "Blaze" lighting test

have such a beautiful subject.

You're glowing.

- Glowing? I'm not glowing.
- Yeah, you are.

No, there's no glow emanating
from over here.

Trust me.

Is everything all right?

Are you happy?

Like, I mean, with us?


I've never been happier
with us or with anything else.

I wouldn't change a thing.

- So you don't want things to change?
- Hell, no.

I mean, I love me some Barack Obama,
but in this case, change is bad.

This. You and me.

Us, everything, it's just exactly right.

Seriously, I'm really happy,

Yeah, me too.

All right.

I wanna see some hustle out there
today, everybody.

Really? With all due respect,
it's 100 degrees out.

It's not exactly hustling weather.

Use the heat, girls. Use the heat.

Oh, my God.

You two, what do you want?

I have my period.

I'm bleeding like a stuck pig.
I need to see the nurse.

And you, Adrianna,
are you also menstruating?

No, I'm not,
but I have a really bad headache.

Maybe field hockey would help.

And maybe she gets a migraine,
falls on her field-hockey stick

and, oh, no, impales herself.

Are you prepared to deal
with a lawsuit?

Fine, go.

But I'm warning you,

I'm gonna start keeping track
of your menstrual cycle.

Oh, wow, that's pathetic.


Hey, boys.

Oh, my God.

The a. c. Must be busted.

I knew we should've gone
to Crossroads. This is such a crock.

So how have you been?
I felt like I haven't seen you in ages.

I know. You've been hanging out
with your new friends

and I've just been busy.

Well, what's been going on?
What are you up to?

Do you wanna have
dinner sometime?

Sure. Yeah, of course.

I mean, you don't have to
if you don't want to.

I just...


I'm going through something.

And I thought I knew how to handle it,
but I don't.

And I just...

I really need someone to talk to.

In private.

You're going through something?

- Yeah, we'll do dinner. We'll set it up.
- Naomi?

Actually, I have to go.
So I'll see you later.

Hey, guys, what's up?

The heat totally melted my drink.

It tastes like coffee.

It is coffee, Tasha.

What's wrong, Naomi?

Nothing. It's just...

You guys know my old friend

Yeah, the druggie.
All right, ex-druggie now.

Yeah, I think she's using again.

What can you do? You already tried
to help her once, right?

I don't know how
I'm supposed to be friends.

You're not, Naomi. I mean, I know
you're upset, but she's not worth it.

God, it just pisses me off so much.
What's with her?

I mean, why is she
such a train-wreck druggie?

I don't know,
but I know she's not your problem.

Then you add 20 of the sulfuric acid
into your beaker

and heat until it's boiling.

Great job, Adrianna.

I bet Adrianna would like to drop
some of that sulfuric acid.

Yeah, good one.

- Whoa, what happened?
- Oh, my God.

Everyone stay in your seats. Adrianna?
Adrianna, can you hear me?


I can't believe
this is happening again.

She's not your problem.

That's nice.

You're nice.

What, are you two in heat?

Hey, how about a little privacy,

How about a little discretion, Ethan?

Annie, I need those keys.


Dixon has a mysterious
extracurricular activity

that he doesn't wanna talk about.

What? Tell me.

It's no big deal.

I just joined the choir.

You're singing in the choir?

Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Nothing. Nothing.

I mean, it's an organized school activity
where nerds stand on risers

and sing an a cappella version
of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight. "

I mean, how cool can you get,
am I right?

Is it true that the choirmaster's
biggest credit is backup singer

in a pet-stain-remover commercial?

Because that's rad.

- We can pretend it's just you and me.
- Hello, West Beverly.

And my dad.

We're in the middle of a heat wave

and as you've probably noticed,
the a. c. Is broken.

Unfortunately, it won't be fixed
for at least another day.

Today's classes will continue
as scheduled,

but, and I know
that this will disappoint you all,

school tomorrow is canceled.

- Yes.
- Beach party!

Beach party! Beach party!
Beach party!



Well, there's no Navid standing
behind you, now, is there, honey?

- Okay, what's your problem?
- I don't have a problem, you do.

Your girlfriend's using again.

Using? Drugs? No, I don't think so.
I'd know, wouldn't I?

She's not always my responsibility,

Who said she was?

Get over yourself, Naomi.

I really was hoping
that we could hang out alone.

I promised my brother.

Tomorrow though,
it's just you and me, girl.

And a beach full of classmates.

Yeah, I did really, really,
just wanna be alone with you.


- Annie.
- Hi.

A car. A car with a bow?

A car with a bow for me?

- For you and your brother. You like it?
- Yes.

I mean, yes, yes, yes.

- No.
- I get that you don't want to give a car,

but to take away a car, a perfectly
good car, just to prove a point?

Another car would be handy.

But you should have
run it by us first.

I was pretty explicit about this,

I said no car and I meant no car.

You said no car for Annie's birthday.

This is not a birthday car.

The kids got good grades last term
and they need a car.

Thank you, Grandma.
She's right, okay? We do.

No, you don't need a car.

No 16-year-old needs a car.

There are kids without shoes
and you think you need a car?

Okay, I want a car.
A car would be useful.

I am grateful for my shoes
but I would be very grateful for a car.


- Deb?
- Where are the keys?

The car is going back.

And I'm going to take a nice,
icy-cold bath.

Whose car is that in the driveway?

Not ours.

You know, I don't think they did tai chi
in colonial New England.

Your agita
is messing with my chi, dear.

I'm sorry,
but you know what kind of sucks?

- What's that?
- Being a teenager.

Okay, it's like everything
is in a conspiracy against you.

You're always being told
what you can do

and where you have to be.

Nothing's in your control.

I mean, you can't have freedom
and you can't have space,

but you can't get anywhere
because you can't have a car.

I'm sick of it.

I'm hot and I'm tired.
And I'm tired of being a teenager.

I think you have a point.

I have something for you.


Grandma, we tried this.

These are not car keys.

They're keys
to my Palm Springs getaway.

You need to get away.

Be by yourself. Have some freedom.

- Have some space.
- Really?

What better place to chill out
than the desert?

- But my mother would...
- I already asked.

You're good to go.

Burger, club, double fries.

Someone's hungry.

The heat makes me hungry, bro.

You and Silver
going to the beach later?

I don't know, man.
She may have plans already

preparing for the apocalypse
with her "the end is nigh" sign.

Do I detect trouble in paradise?

No, man.

You know,
Silver's a little much sometimes

with the whole
negativity and moodiness.

Well, that's part of her charm.

She has that
dissenting-voice thing going on.

She questions things.
It's who she is. It's what she does.

No, she mocks everything.

My sister said "I love you"
to her boyfriend, she has a field day.

Let me tell you something.

Now, this is drawing from my vast
experience with women, okay?

Why would Silver mock
Annie and Ethan's "I love you's"?

Sour grapes, baby.

Sour grapes.

- So you mean?
- The chick loves you, man.

And she wants you to say it to her.

So say it to her.

- You think?
- Dude, I know.

I'm out of here, bro.
I'll see you at the sea, bro.

Hey, man, where my tip?

I gave you a tip, my friend. A big tip.

Sour grapes.

- Sorry about that.
- Watch it.

- She turned up the heat.
- What do you mean?

Your mother. She turned up the heat
for her precious vocal chords.

I'm sure. I've had it, Harry.
I have had it.

Take it easy.
We will turn the thermostat down.

Oh, I did. And you know what she did?
She turned it up.

And you know what I did?
I turned it down.

You know what she did?
She turned it up.

And you know what you did?

- Absolutely nothing.
- What am I supposed to do?

You are my mother, she is my wife.

You are my wife, she is my mother.

You are two powerful women
and I respect you both.

But we're the parents. You and I.

- But we live under her roof.
- Maybe we shouldn't.

I need you Harry.
I can't do this alone.

Look, Deb, where are you going?

To turn down the thermostat.

I shouldn't be here.

I don't wanna...

I shouldn't care about you, Ade.

How did you even know I was here?

I talked to your mom,
delightful creature that she is.

Said you were at the library
so I figured...

You know me pretty well, I guess.

Yeah, I do.

And I also know
you're using drugs again.

What? No.

You're gonna lie to me again?

That's... That's great.
That's fabulous.

You know what?
This was a stupid idea. I'm gonna go.

I'm pregnant.

- You're...
- I'm pregnant.

"Pregnant" pregnant?

Oh, honey.

Yeah, it's crazy, right?

So you fainted because you...

Because I feel like crap.

What are you gonna do?

I have no clue.

Who's the father?

I think this guy named Hank
who I know from rehab.

But I don't know really.

Are you okay?

I'm scared.


Hey, you wanna go
to Palm Springs?

- Where?
- Palm Springs.

I got the keys to my grandma's house
in Palm Springs.

- Where we could be alone.
- Totally alone.

You wanna blow off the beach party
so you and me

can go to Palm Springs.

I'm ready.

I'm ready to go to Palm Springs.

Well, then

let's go to Palm Springs.

Okay, let's.

I'm gonna go to Palm Springs.

- Yeah.
- I got it.

- Oh, my God.
- Nice one.

Look at them with their Frisbees.
Frisbeeing their cares away.

Hey, we don't have to do this today.

No, it's okay, I want to.

Plus, I told Navid I would show up.

You haven't told him about the
you know what.

No, not yet.

I mean, I wanted to, I just... I don't...

I don't really know what to say.
How do you tell your boyfriend

that you're pregnant
with somebody else's you know what?

He's such a great guy.

And he's so happy right now.

I'm going to tell him eventually.
I just...

When the timing is right.

You don't have to decide today,

Today is about Frisbeeing
your cares away.

- Okay.
- I think we're all set up over here.

So here we are in Palm Springs.

Yeah, we are here in Palm Springs.

- Do you want me to show you around?
- Yeah.

I haven't been here in ages.

This is the dining room.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

- Kitchen.
- Very nice.

And this is the living room.

- Awesome.
- Yeah.

- You can leave your bags wherever.
- Yeah.

Yeah, and out here,

this is the pool.

Wow, cool.

Then back there is the bedroom.


- Do you wanna play cards?
- Cards?

Or anything? Or food.
We should probably get food.

- Are you hungry?
- Yeah, let's get some food, and then...

Then you can show me
the bedroom.

Sounds good.

God, what do you have in that bag?

A body?
Like, a very heavy but small body?

I'm making a sand castle.

No, not just a sand castle.

The greatest sand castle.


Let's just build a sand castle. Yeah.

You know, I used to be a major
drip-castle aficionado.

But people tend to think
that that's inherently amateurish.

And I disagree.
Done well, they can be very Gaudi.

Not gaudy, Gaudi,
Spanish architect.

Yeah, sure. Right.

Water in that one. Go.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, my God.

I heard West Bev's
favorite train-wreck druggie

is back on the tracks.

Get it?

- Tracks.
- Get lost, George.



Ignore him. He's a total sponge.


Did Annie call you to check in?

She didn't say when this beach party
would be over.


Harry wore cloth diapers.


By which, I mean
I have been doing this parenting thing

for a long, long time.

Where is Annie?

I gave her the keys to my house
in Palm Springs.

Let me explain.

You can try.

She needed some alone time.

Some time away from the family.

She's a teenager
and it isn't easy being a teenager.

We forget. It's very stressful.

I did what I thought was best.

You sent our daughter
to Palm Springs alone?

Now, don't get your hackles up,

She's perfectly safe, I assure you.

She's in Palm Springs.

Your mother sent our daughter
to her house in Palm Springs.

Where I just installed
a fancy-shmancy security system.

Safety is one thing,
but that's not even the point.

- Then what is the point?
- The point is that Annie

is our daughter
and you had no right to butt in.

I know, we live under your roof,

but these are our children,
Debbie's and mine.

And, Mom, if you can't accept that,
we will move out from under your roof.

Who knew liver could come
in so many forms?

Yeah, okay.
So set menu, seven courses.

This is number... What, three?

With any luck, we'll be out of here

by the time
our college applications are due.


Oh, my mom.

But my grandma said
everything is cool with her

and tonight is about being alone
with you. So no calls.

Yeah, apparently,
no edible food either.

Sweet breads

are not actually sweet bread
in case you were wondering.

I'm ready.

To go to Palm Springs.

Then let's get out of here.

But I wanted him...

- You're finally here.
- What the hell?

You guys told everyone
Adrianna's a druggie?

- Yeah.
- That's what you told us.

That she's a train-wreck druggie.

Yeah, well, she's not, okay?
She's my friend.

And from now on, no one talks trash
about any of my friends. Got it?

- But I thought...
- Yeah, it's no problem.

- Sure.
- I thought...

No problem.


I love you.

I love you.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- What's going on?
- Nothing. Nothing. I'm sorry.


It's just...

I just waited for this moment
for so long

and it's kind of incredible, you know?

I'm really kind of nervous.

Well, that's okay. It's normal.

It's just, it's a big deal.

Today I'm a virgin
and tomorrow I won't be.

And this is really,
really important to me.

And I always thought I would do it
with someone that I really cared about.

You know,
someone who was the one.

Maybe the one and only.

And I think I found him.

- I'm sorry.
- What?

I don't think I can do this.

What if things between us
don't work out?

What do you mean?
You think we're gonna break up?

No, no, I just...
What if something happens

and you and I don't work?

And I end up hurting you?

I don't wanna hurt you.

Too late, you just did.

Nice. Nice.

Yo, Navid.

Where's your girlfriend at?

Because we could use someone
with a hollow leg on our team.

Or maybe
she's only into harder stuff.

Adrianna's clean, George.

She's a druggie, Navid.

Wake up and smell the blow.

You shut up!

Oh, my God, Navid. Stop it.

Navid, he is not worth it.

- He's not worth it.
- Knock it off, you guys.

What was that all about?

It was about you, all right?

Are you defending my honor again?

I'm sorry. I got out of hand, okay?

You know the rumors
aren't true, right?

Of course I know
the rumors aren't true.

"Um," what? You okay?

It's not a good "um. "

I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?

You're joking, right?

- It was before we were together.
- No, hey. I'm just gonna walk away.

- No, no.
- Don't worry about it.

- Please, don't.
- I have to go, okay?

I just need some time to think,
all right?

I can't believe Annie would go
to Palm Springs without asking us first.

The lights are out.

That is Ethan's car.

Ethan's car.

- Harry?
- What?

Remember the fancy-shmancy
security system.

- Right.
- Careful.

Oh, hey, look. There he is.

- There's Ethan.
- What's he doing?

He's asleep on the couch by himself.

Where's Annie?

- Harry?
- Deb.

Over here.


There she is.

In bed, asleep.

By herself.


- Harry?
- What?

- What are we doing?
- I don't know. I don't know.

It is probably good for her to have
some time away from her parents.

We shouldn't just bust in there?

I think not.

You know, I think I've been
second-guessing myself

in the parenting department lately.

Why, because of Sean?

I guess. I'm sorry.

I know that that's made things
harder on you.

Well, your mother's tried
to pick up the slack.

- As I said...
- It's okay.

I guess we're all
just trying to do our best.

Even your mother.

I can't say I mind getting away.

I agree.

You smell so good, you know that?


Do I have sand on my face
or something?




I love you.

Thank you.

Thank you?

I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything.

Just forget it.


I have to say something back?

It's obligatory?

Just forget it, all right?

And now you're mad at me.

That's fantastic.

One minute you love me,
the next minute you're mad?

Whatever, Silver.


That's not fair.

I didn't do anything.
Why are you mad at me?

Because I didn't say
what you said to me?

Is that why you're mad?

Because if that's what you want me
to do, I'll do it.

Or you just hold up some cue cards.
I could read what you want me to say.

- You're overreacting.
- I'm not. I'm just reacting.

Well, maybe not the way you wanted
and I am sorry.

- Can you please not act like a freak?
- Is that what you think of me, a freak?

Screw you, Dixon.

We should get going.
We got a long drive ahead of us.

Yeah, well, at least
the heat wave's over, right?

Oh, my Lord, my parents?

Are here in Palm Springs?

And they're blocking us in?

Where are they?

Mom? Dad?



Mrs. Wilson, Principal Wilson.

What are you doing here?

I think that we could ask you
that very same question.

But we won't.

So I think we all have school today.

I think we should get going.


Right. You guys drive safe.

You too.

Okay. Bye.

- You don't think they...?
- I don't even wanna think about it.



Ade. Hey.


It's nice and cool in here.

Yeah, thank goodness, huh?

So how did your walking go?

Or is this a bad time?

Do you need to walk some more?

No, I'm good.
You know, I walked enough. I think.



I wanna tell you that I can do this.

That I can handle this,
that I can deal with having a girlfriend

who's pregnant by some other guy.

Navid, I'm not really asking you
for anything.


Because I don't know
if I can do anything

or be anything to you.

I just really don't know
how to handle this.


I'm really sorry, Ade.



So listen,

I'm sorry.

It's all right. It's cool.


Just pretend it never happened.


Sounds good.

I better go.


So I'll see you later?

Yeah, sure.


The kids can have the car.


It was very generous of you,
and it will come in handy.

But they have to pay
for their own gas and insurance.

I'm putting my foot down about that.

I am sorry, you know.

I crossed the line.

It's hard to know when to get involved
and when to butt out.

I want this to work,
but we have to set some ground rules.

That sounds good.
I work well with structure.

But it'll have to wait
till I get back.

- From?
- Concord, Massachusetts.

I got the mini-series.

I'm Marmie Osgood
in "Red Coats and Blue Bloods. "

Don't worry, Deb.
My decision had nothing to do with you.

I need the work.

I miss it.

And I think you've got everything
under control here.

Thanks, Tabitha.

And I'm glad you gave the kids a car,

because after what you two did
in that minivan,

I wouldn't wanna drive it either.

I owe you an apology.

These rumors
about you being on drugs

is the last thing you need right now.

Hey, it's not your fault.

Yeah, actually,

it is.

I told the blendeds
you were using again.

It was before I knew about, you know,
and they told everyone.

Why would you say that?

Because that's what I thought.
I mean, I don't know. I was angry.

And before when you were using,
I really wanted to help you.

I reached out to you
and you really hurt me.

You lied

and you let me down.

I know I did.

And I'm sorry.

So where do we stand?

Well, I'm 16.

I'm having a baby.

So that makes me
a walking statistic.

And my boyfriend
just broke up with me.

- What?
- Yeah.

That's delightful.

I'm all alone
and I'm going through this.

You're not alone, Ade, okay?

I'm here, I'm really here.

And if you wanna have this baby,

I'll go with you to Lamaze class.

If you don't wanna have it,
I'll take you to the clinic.

And if you can't decide,

I'll sit with you until you can.

If you'll let me.


Naomi, Adrianna, we're waiting.

Lay off the 'roids, you old freak bag.

Come on.


I need to talk to you.

Yeah, well, you didn't have much to say
in the car ride home this morning.

Last night,

I wanted to be with you so badly.

But I freaked out

because it's not just sex with you.

It's something more.

Hearing those things, the emotions
and stuff that you attach to sex,

well, it made me realize
that I feel the same way.

And I want it,
but I just wanna make sure

that we have a strong, whatever,
foundation before we get there.

So maybe
we could slow things down a little?

And how do you propose
we slow things down?

Well, I propose a date.

Just a typical, normal,
boring high school date.

No liver. No seven courses.
Just a movie and some making out.

What do you say?

I say yes.

I love you, Annie Wilson.

I love you, Ethan Ward.