90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 14 - By Accident - full transcript

Ryan Matthews returns to his job at West Beverly High which causes a mixed reaction for both Kelly, as well as Silver who finds herself writing a class paper on the book 'Heart of Darkness'...

"Previously on" 90210:

Teachers cannot be alone
off campus with students.

- Kim's not a student.
- I have to ask you

to take a paid leave of absence.

I decided to read Silver's blog.

They think I'm a sleazeball,
they really do.

Any girl would be lucky to have
a chance with someone like you.

Remember, when you're out there,
just look at me.

When we're on-stage,
there's nobody else.

- I love you.
- I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything. Just forget it.

I have to say something back?

Screw you, Dixon.

- I'm pregnant.
- If you wanna have this baby,

I'll go with you to Lamaze class,
all right?

If you don't wanna have it,
I'll take you to the clinic.

And if you can't decide,
I'll sit with you until you can.

It's great to have you back, Ryan.

Listen, that seminar up at Berkeley
that you wanted to go to next month,

look, took some doing,
but I got the school board to clear it.

Airfare and hotel.

I mean, don't book the Biltmore
or anything, but you're going.

You know what?
Send someone else.

You sure?
That's all you could talk about last fall.

I gotta be honest, I don't know how
much longer I'm gonna be teaching.

What do you mean?

I just think I was a little naive
when I started here.

You know, I wanted to make
a difference and reach the kids.

And it didn't really work out too well,
did it?

I think my "Dead Poets Society" days
are over.

Just gonna do a job
and cash a paycheck.

You've had a rough couple of months.
Let's just see how things go.

Ryan. I mean, Mr. Matthews.
You're back.

So it seems.

Well, I'm surprised to see you.
You didn't call or anything.

- Was I supposed to?
- No. No. No.

Maybe we could have lunch
or something.

I don't think that's a great idea.

The theater.
You gonna run lights again?

I don't know.
Well, Silver's stage-managing.

- So that's a yes?
- So that's an "I don't know. "

- That's cryptic.
- Yeah.

Why don't you go say hi to Annie?

- See you.
- Later.


"Say to great Caesar this in deputation:
I kiss his conquering hand.

Tell him I am prompt
to lay my crown at his feet. "

That is some fancy talk
right there, missy.

I know, right? So poetic. So eloquent.
So Shakespearian.

I'm so glad the new drama teacher
chose this play.

God, I wanna play her so bad.

- Who?
- Cleopatra.

Right, yeah, of course.
I think you'd be great as her.

- You do? I mean, I'd love to.
- Yeah.

Cleopatra, it's a role that I
always thought I would play eventually.

Not necessarily
in high school, though.

- But when opportunity knocks...
- You better answer.

You know, my grandma
was up for the movie role,

but she says that Elizabeth Taylor
stole her part, that violet-eyed hussy.

Okay, good luck, everyone.

I should mention,
we'll be using lots of strobe effects,

so please don't audition
if you're epileptic, okay?

Miss Casey, I have to tell you,

I saw the "Equus" you directed
at The Red Cat...

Stop right there. Okay, you wanna
brown-nose, kiddo, wash my car.


Wilson, right?

Yeah. Hi.

I watched a video of you
in "Spring Awakening. "

You were the understudy, right?

Pretty damn impressive
stepping in like that.

Well, the show must go on, right?

I look forward to your audition.

I am prompt to lay my crown
at your feet.

Did you see that?
She winked at me.

Yeah. I don't know
if there's betting in theater,

but I'd say you got pretty good odds.

You know what?
You should audition too.

You'd be done before baseball,
and it'd be fun.

- No.
- Oh, come on.

Otherwise, we're never gonna
spend time together.

I'm gonna be rehearsing
like every day.

- Yeah, but I'm not an actor.
- Well, there are tons of small parts.

No, I shouldn't say that.

There are no small parts,
only small actors.

There are tons of less time-consuming
parts, shall we say.

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, five
minutes on-stage in front of people,

I'd start sweating more than I do
in an entire lacrosse game.

Pretty please? You would make
an excellent Egyptian slave boy.

I'd summon you to my chamber.

Oh, that is an enticing offer.

Hey. That looks
like a nutritious breakfast.

There's nuts. Nuts are protein.

- So, what's going on?
- Things are crazy.

My schedule's totally insane.

My commercial agent just called.
I gotta go in today at 3

for some toothpaste commercial.
Because, for your teeth, white is right.

And then tomorrow,
it's the "Antony and Cleopatra" audition.

And I so want Cleopatra.
It's such a dark, tragic role.

And I've never done
anything like it before.

So I'm gonna be up all night
with Will Shakes studying.

- Sounds like you're really busy.
- Yeah, it's total chaos.

I really hope I don't smile during
my Cleopatra suicide monologue

or kill myself
during my toothpaste commercial.

I need another coffee.

More coffee?
Are you sure it's a good idea, Ade?

Because of
the toothpaste commercial?

- Two coffees won't stain my teeth.
- No, because you're pregnant.

Ade, remember?

Look, have you been
to the doctor at least?

I mean, you said
you would go last week.

I've been busy. Can't you see?

I mean, I would've gone today,
but the commercial.

- Hey, can I get one more?
- Sure.

- Well, tomorrow.
- Tomorrow is the school audition.

Can you lend me a dollar?

You know what, Ade?
You really have to deal with this.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

I gotta go get off-book.


Good to see you back, dude.

- How was South Korea?
- It was South Dakota. It was fine.

Hey. So, Mr. Matthews, does the cop
use her handcuffs in bed?

I'm gonna need you all to take
your seats in alphabetical order.


Name cards are on your desks.

Sit. Now.

Mr. Matthews, I think the mountain air
pickled your brain,

because you forgot me.
Straight from Sabbir to Sondheimer.

Miss Silver, I am transferring you
out of this class.

Excuse me?

I've filled out the forms.
I've discussed it with Principal Wilson.

You will be in
Mr. Kaplan's English class.

He's the worst teacher here.
The dude calls Tom Clancy the Bard.

Good luck to you.

Mr. Matthews, what is this about?

I don't think I can be objective with you
as a student, given our history.

Our history?

Yeah. As in, you calling me
a child-molesting pervert on your blog

and almost costing me my job.

Oh, right.

My bad.

I think it's best if I'm not your teacher,
for both of us.

Quiet, please.

Look, Mr. Matthews,

I was actually looking forward
to this class.

To your class.

It might sound corny,
but you're not like the other teachers.

Maybe that was my problem.

I understand the sub had you reading
Heart of Darkness.

Did he assign a paper?

Yeah, a three-page study
on the character of our choice. Lame.

Sounds fine to me.
Please double-space it

and make sure
to use standard margins.

Miss Silver, you can go.

- Thanks for coming in.
- Oh, thank you.

My teeth feel cleaner already.

- Bye.
- Bye.

What are you guys doing here?

We need to talk.

I don't have time for this. I have
to meet my agent in three minutes.

Okay, well, then give us three minutes.
This is important.

You called in the guidance counselor?
The freaking guidance counselor?

- I had to, Ade. You're pregnant.
- You think I don't know that?

You don't seem like you know it.
You certainly don't act like it.

Why don't I go get
some pickles and ice cream?

Would that make you happy?

Naomi just thought that
I would be a good resource for you,

and she was right.

You need to see a doctor. You have
to start taking care of yourself.

The coffee, the staying up late,
it's all gotta go.

As a pregnant teenager,
you're in a high-risk group

for all kinds of problems.

If you don't get proper care,
you could lose this baby.

Right, but you also have to consider
your options, okay? She's 16.

Teenagers do this a lot
with the right support...

Support? Right. Okay. Miss Taylor,
Ade doesn't have the support.

Her dad's gone.
Her mother's a nightmare.

- Naomi, shut up.
- Ade, you deserve to have a future.

You deserve to get to go to college

and have a career
and have a real family someday.

I'm saying
you should have an abortion.

I'm done.

Of course you should consider
all of your options.

But in my experience, teens so often
rush to abortion like it's the only option.

But she could have this child
if she wants to.

If you're not ready to be a mother,
then there's always adoption.

So many people desperately wanna
have kids that can't.

Am I to understand

you're encouraging her
to continue with this pregnancy?

Do you really think...?
No offense, Ade.

You think she's responsible enough?
Look how she's handled it...

You know what? Next time you guys
decide to intrude in someone's life,

get your agenda straight first.

Okay, this is your choice, not ours.

But you have to take control of this,
of your life,

before it takes control of you.

Miss Silver?
Who calls me Miss Silver?

I mean, it's unbelievable, right?

Well, it sounds to me...

I mean, anyone else, anyone else,
kicks me out of their class,

and I'm proud of it.
But Mr. Matthews is...

He's, like, the one teacher
in this whole school

who isn't some brain-dead
zombie jerk.

- How could he do this to me?
- Okay.

Well, you did kind of harsh on him
on The Vicious Circle.

"Professor Pervert"?
"Matthews wades in the kiddie pool"?

"Dips into the kiddie pool. "
And as far as I knew, he did.

- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Still, he has feelings.

Yeah, okay. So what?


Mr. Matthews probably didn't wanna
be hurt by what you said, but he was.

You know, guys like to play
like they're hard,

you know,
like they don't have any feelings,

or like they don't get hurt
by what you say,

but they do get hurt.

Even when they say something's cool,
maybe it's not.


And you're intense.

Some thing's you say have the power
to hurt people, you know?

Yeah, I think I do.


- You know what I'm gonna do?
- You don't have to do anything.

I do, and I'm going to.

I'm gonna win Mr. Matthews back.

I'm gonna write the best paper
on "Heart of Darkness"

that has ever been written
in the history of English papers, ever.

So you're gonna do the assignment
even though you're not in the class?

Prepare to have your mind blown,
Mr. Matthews.

Artisan moldings.

- Who the hell are you?
- Oh, hi. Lucinda Tunick.

Tunick Realty.

I'm doing the walkthrough
for the broker pre-tour.

I don't understand a single word
you just said, so...


Dad, what are you doing here?

Tracy hasn't talked to you?

Great. Just great.

Lucinda, can you give us
a minute, please?

Nice to see you too.
What's going on?

Your mother...

Is in Paris.
She's getting back in about...

No, that's just it. She's not.

She's not in Paris,
or she's not getting back? What...?

Kiddo, your mother's going through
kind of a tough time.

She thought she found her birth son.
He turned out to be a con man.

What a shock. She says
she's getting migraines again.

She wants a little R and R,
so she's laying low in New York.

- What? For how long?
- I don't know. All bets are off.

And I'm not willing to hold off
selling this house until she gets back,

so it's going on the market.

- Selling the house? I live here.
- Not anymore.

You can come and live at the beach
with Gail and me.

- Oh, wow, that sounds inviting.
- Go pack your things.

- Yeah.
- Make sure your room's clean.


Dad, I have to go back to the house
to get my favorite jeans. I left them.

I suppose it would kill you to wear
one of the other 43 pairs of jeans

that I bought you.

Oh, Naomi, I wanted to talk to you
about something.

Right. You're glad I'm here,

you're not trying to replace my mom,
and you want us to be pals.

Actually, no.

Last night, I got woken up at 3 a. m. By,
well, it sounded like a blow-dryer.

Right. I take showers before bed.

If I sleep on wet hair,
it's a crap fiesta in the morning.

You know what?
I'm good on breakfast.

- I'm gonna get my jeans.
- Sit.

Naomi, you're in my house now,
you'll do as I say.

Do you understand me?

Of course.

How about a pancake, Naomi?

That sounds fantastic, Gail.


Boy, you look exhausted.
Were you up all night?

Genius doesn't sleep.

Well, genius may have dozed off
for an hour or two

and drooled on her keyboard.

Well, I'm glad to see you excited
about schoolwork.

"- Heart of Darkness," right?
- Yeah.

But when I'm done with this,

they're gonna have to rename it
Heart of Silver.

Silver of Darkness.

Matthews is gonna send me
a handwritten invitation

pleading with me
to come back to his class.

- Come back?
- Yeah.

Didn't you hear?
He transferred me out.

- Did he say why?
- You know Matthews.

He's a little bit sensitive.
And this bad boy is ready to print.

"Alack, our terrene moon
is now eclipsed

and it portends now
the fall of Antony. "

"I must stay his time. "

To flatter Caesar

would you mingle eyes
with one who ties his points?

- Ty.
- Hi, guys.

Sounds great.
I like the way you enunciate, Ethan.

Oh, why, thank you, Ty.

I like the way you wear your jeans
just one size too small.

Not many guys can pull that off.

Annie, I noticed we're scheduled to
audition with each other this afternoon.

Wanna get together
and rehearse beforehand?

Unless you mind.

Oh, of course not.
Please, be my guest.


I'm telling you, with a little rehearsal,
these parts are ours.

It'll be good being in a play with you
again. I miss acting with you.

Besides, we can hang out
and do the whole backstage thing.

Yeah, sure.

You sure you don't mind?

What, you think I'm jealous
of that pretty boy?

- Please. You wanna do this again?
- Sure.

- From the top?
- Sure.


To flatter Caesar

would you mingle eyes
with the one who ties his points?

Not know me yet?

Cold-hearted toward me?

Nice work, both of you.

A cast list will be up
first thing in the morning.

Okay, that felt good, right?

Because it felt good to me,
and she was smiling.

I mean, it looked like
she was smiling.

She was like a Cheshire cat.

Listen, Ty,

I am with Ethan now,
and I have to be clear about that.

I know you're with Ethan,
and I'm cool with it.

I mean, I can't pretend
I'm not surprised.

I just didn't figure
you'd end up with a jock.

But I'm cool with it.

- Well, I'm glad. I'm glad we're cool.
- Absolutely.

We'll keep everything
strictly professional. Okay, Cleopatra?

You got it, Antony.

We're gonna make
West Beverly theater history.

We'll be fantastic once you
really get a chance to, you know,

get comfortable with your part.

What does that mean?

Well, I mean,

up there, you weren't
always giving me lots of emotion,

which made it hard for me
to find some of my beats.

Don't worry, you're gonna get there.
Try to remember your blocking cues,

because, a couple of times,
you stepped right in front of me.

Hey, I gotta go.
Don't worry, we'll keep it professional.

Oh, yes. No worries.

What is your problem?

Taking out a personal grudge
on a student?

You're off base.

Look, us getting together
didn't work out for either of us, okay?

- But don't punish my sister.
- You know what?

West Beverly High doesn't revolve
around Kelly Taylor's love life.

You know, Ryan, if anybody
should be pissed here it's me.

Brenda? Really?

You know, Kelly,
my decision to transfer Silver out

had nothing to do with you, okay?
Or us.

Then what?

Had a lot of time to think
in South Dakota, all right?

And you know what I realized?

- I'm burned out.
- You're burned out?

You're 23.

You know, I used to come
to work here every day

and pour my heart and soul
into what I did, you know? I...

I went out on a limb.

And the limb broke.

Okay? Everybody thought the worst
of me. Students, teachers.

I mean, students that I thought
actually knew me.

Silver, she...

Did you see what she wrote?

She got carried away. She's a kid.
They're all kids, Ryan.

Yeah, maybe so, but it happened.

And I can't be the kind of teacher
I was before.

So I'm punching the clock till the end
of the year, then that's it for me.

- And then what?
- I don't know.

I guess we'll see.

But with Silver, it's just,
it's better this way for both of us.

In fact, give this back to her.

This is not the Ryan Matthews
I know.

Yeah, well,
maybe you don't know me.

Maybe I don't want to.

But I do know one thing:
You're a teacher, a good one.

And when a kid busts her ass to write
a paper for a class she's not even in,

what kind of teacher doesn't read it?

Miss Casey?

Hi. I'm Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

- I'm a little late, I know.
- A little?

I am so, so, so sorry.
I had a doctor's appointment.

Your scene partner came and went.
It's done, so...

Okay, listen, I...

I know the whole play. Every word.


Can I do the suicide scene for you
at least, please? Please?

This is not how we do it
in New York, honey. Sorry.


Give me my robe.

Put on my crown.

I have immortal longings in me.

Now no more

the juice of Egypt's grape
shall moist this lip.

I trust you won't tell Gail about this.

I trust you won't tell
the other brokers.

Oh, hey. Nix, nix.

- Pasta?
- And steamed artichokes.

I thought you might wanna
ask Silver to join us.

Didn't you tell me
she's an artichoke fiend?

The girl likes artichokes.

Well, it'd be nice to have her over
for dinner at some point.

Or not.


Talk to your mother.

What about?

Well, what's going on
with you and Silver?

Are you guys having problems?

- Not according to her.
- Well, what about according to you?

Well, no. We kind of got into a fight.


First, I told her I loved her.

- You did?
- But we got into a fight after.

You know, she just blew up on me.
Like, I don't even get it.

Well, I mean, did you talk about it?
Does she know you're upset?

We kind of decided
not to talk about it.

You know,
just sweep it under the rug.

How's that going?

Feels like there's something big
under the rug.

Somebody's gonna break their neck.

You up for some maternal wisdom?

Willing to take the risk.

I like flowers, right?

I mean, big shockeroo,
a girl likes flowers.

But your dad never,
ever brought me flowers.

I would hint, I would sulk, I would open
magazines to photos of flowers,

and he would never,
ever get the clues.

Birthdays, Valentine's Day,
no flowers.


I came up with something very crafty,
very clever.

What's that?

I said,

"I want flowers. "

People aren't mind readers,
even people who are really close.

And if you're upset with Silver,
you can't expect her to just know that.

You have to tell her and be direct.


Hey, Miss No-Cell-Phone-Service.

Felt like I should've sent
a carrier pigeon or smoke signals.

I'm sorry.

I just had to drive.

Where to, Solvang?


I just drove and drove and drove,

trying to figure out what I should do.


And I was driving up the coast,

and I kept seeing
these people on the beach.

They were playing volleyball
and flying kites

without a care in the world.

And I kept thinking,

"Adrianna, you're never gonna
be like them again. "

I have a kid, or I have an abortion,

either way,

how am I ever
gonna fly a kite again?

You know what I mean?

I mean, it's not like we fly kites, but...

Flying kites was always an option.

Anyway, I was driving and driving,

and then somewhere around Big Sur,
I almost got killed.

What? What happened?

A car accident,
or this almost accident.

My God. Are you okay?

I pulled over,

and suddenly it hit me.

You know, like,
I have to take control of this situation.

I have to make a choice.

And I ended up going
to this woman's clinic

that my hairdresser
was talking about.

- I saw a doctor, and...
- Did...?

Did you?

I couldn't. I can't.

Honey, I understand.
Honestly, I don't think I could either.

I mean, it's one thing
to talk about it, but...

I can't.

I'm too far along.

It's not legal. It's not possible.

Abortion just isn't an option.

Whether I like it or not,
I am having this baby.

Hey, Dad, can you move your car?
You blocked me in again.

Okay, but park on the street
when you get back, will you?

I'm tired of moving the car
every half an hour.

Yeah, actually, I'm not coming back.

I reserved a hotel suite. I'm gonna
stay there until Mom comes home.

- No.
- Yes.

Naomi, I am your father.
There is no option.

Yeah, technically, you're my father,

but you haven't really been
much of a parent, have you?

You haven't earned the right
to parent me.

I mean, there's teenagers
straight out of rehab

who can't even afford a cup of coffee
who'll make better parents than you.

You can't talk to me like that.

I went by the house yesterday
to pick up my jeans

around 3 p. m.

You know, I don't see
how that lovely broker of ours

is ever gonna sell that house

if you keep her tied up
with all your pointless busywork.

- Now, I'm your father.
- I don't need a father anymore.

But thanks.

Oh, but I do need you
to move your car.

You wanted to see me?

Read your paper.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yep.

And? I mean, did you like it?

It's not bad.

It was insightful.

It's ambitious.

I like knowing
that you read the book.

I like knowing
that it meant something to you.

And I liked reading
what you thought.


Well, thank you

for making me wanna stay up all night
getting carpal tunnel.

- Glad you liked the book.
- Yeah. It was pretty kick-ass.

You know, you might cut down

on some of the enthusiastic
colloquial adjectives

that you seem to be so fond of:

"Kick-ass," "badass,"
anything with an "ass" in it, really.

Just might try finding
a synonym next time.

Next time?


So I'm back in your class?


I'll get a thesaurus.

Thanks to everyone who auditioned.
And, kids, no crying, please.

At least until
I'm out of hearing range.

- Charmian?
- It's a pretty good part.

You're Cleopatra's favorite servant girl,
and you get to die at the end.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

- Congrats. You got a part, dude.
- I did? No way.

- Hey, hey. Move.
- I can't believe it.

Mardian the Eunuch? All right.

You auditioned?

Yeah, well, I mean,
I figured a little bit of public sweating

probably wouldn't hurt me.
Plus, then we get to hang out.

We can do
the whole backstage thing.

- Yeah, yeah.
- You okay?


Hey, who got Cleopatra?

Who else?

Adrianna, whatever you need,
whenever you need it, I'm here.

You can call, text, knock on my door
at 3 in the morning.

Thank you.

I'm sorry if I was rude before. I just...

Can I blame it on hormones?

I am a high school guidance
counselor. I'm used to abuse.

So first up, she's gonna need
some medical info.

You could be helpful
in getting her into some support group,

maybe for teenage moms.

we have to find a good doctor.

I want you to have
the best ob-gyn in town.

That's nice.

Only the best for you, baby.
Platinum speculum all the way.

I'll make some calls.

Adrianna, the doctor is gonna
wanna know who the father is,

you know,
for hereditary health reasons.



So you conceived
before you went into rehab, right?

- Hank isn't the father.
- Wait, what?

Then who?

There's really only one guy
it could be.

Guess who.

- Ty, hi.
- Antony to your Cleopatra.


I'll see you at the dinner.

- Hon, there's a light right there.
- I know.


Hey. Door was open.
Whoa, that's a casual look.

Hey. You know, I'm really not up
for the cast-and-crew-dinner thing.

I thought the whole point
of me doing this play

was so we could hang out together.

I'm sorry.

Oh, come on, it's gonna be fun.
An Egyptian restaurant.

I mean, I don't even really know
what Egyptian cuisine entails.

Couscous. I'm guessing couscous.

You go ahead.

- You don't mind?
- Seriously, go. Have fun.

Hey. You know
you're my leading lady, right?

Oh, he did? Oh, right.

Well, well, well.
The notorious Ryan Matthews.

I see my reputation precedes me.

- Welcome to West Beverly.
- Thank you.

Damon, congrats on Enobarbus.

So, what brings you here?

Oh, free food.
You know what teachers make.

Can't really afford groceries.
Thanks for that.

Plus, I actually wanted
to talk to you. I...

I'm thinking about putting
"Antony and Cleopatra" on my syllabus,

and I thought, you know,
maybe you could come to class

and talk to the kids
from a director's point of view or...

Interdisciplinary. I like it.

Sounds like
you're a very passionate teacher.

What can I say?
You know, you can't reach these kids

unless you're willing
to go out on a limb once in a while.

Fellow tree climber, are you?

I'm gonna get some shawarma.

- But I'll see you.
- Yeah.

Nice to meet you.

- Dixon, you're late. What happened?
- Hey.

- Silver...
- It doesn't matter. Did you hear?

Ryan let me back into his class.
Yes, my amazing paper plan worked.

- I mean, that's great, but...
- I mean, he loved it.

He wouldn't stop going on
about how great the paper was.

- Cool. L...
- I think the word "insightful" came up.

Insightful. Moi, insightful. And then
he actually started telling me that...

You know, for someone so insightful,
you can be pretty dense.

Sorry, what?

All right, look.

I know you're not a mind reader.

You're on to me.

Can I please just talk for one second
without being interrupted?


All right.
The fight that we had at the beach,

it freaked me out.

You know, I know you're intense.
You know, I get that.

You have big moods and a lot of them,
you know? I get that. You're stormy.


So I'm gonna break up with you.


We're breaking up.

It's over.

Thank you.

Thank you so much
for coming with me.

No problem.

I like theater people,
you know? And...

Well, in small doses, that is.

The second some actor corners me
and starts talking about his process,

I might have to duck back
to my hotel.

Listen to you,
"Duck back to my hotel. "

I love saying it.

It's the most beautiful phrase
in the English language.

"Duck back to my hotel. "

But seriously,
if you ever need to crash...

- What's wrong?
- Ty just walked in.

Are you gonna talk to him?


- Hey, honey.
- Hey.

What you doing?

- Just sitting here feeling like an idiot.
- Well, can we join you?

I mean, for the sitting part.

I really thought
I was gonna get the part.

Annie, you got a part.

You have a reason
to celebrate tonight.

You know, once, in college,

I applied for a summer
photo internship at "Vogue. "

I wanted it so much, but...

But you didn't get it, and you ended up
working at the local newspaper,

which turned out to be the best thing
that could've happened?

- Have I told you that one before?
- It's an oldie, but a goody.

You know what, sweetie?
Bottom line is you got beat.

No shame in that.
Happens to even the best teams.

Besides, Adrianna's lived here
her whole life.

- She's got the home-court advantage.
- Yeah. Well, thanks, you guys.

But I don't know.

I feel bummed out
that I didn't get the lead.

And then I feel bummed out
that I'm the kind of person

that gets bummed out
that I didn't get the lead.

And then imagining
being at that party tonight

and having to pretend
like I'm not bummed out...

You get bummed out.

Yeah. Especially if I'm worrying about
not being a good enough actress

- to hide that I'm bummed out.
- Hey, no.

You are an amazing actress,

and they will all think
you're thrilled to be there.

I agree. In fact, I think they'll think

you didn't even wanna be Cleopatra
to begin with.

Think of it as a challenge.

- Why is life so full of challenges?
- Because it's life.


- Very true.
- True story.

Eth, I changed my mind.

- I'm coming.
- Cool.

Do you mind coming back
and picking me up?

All right. Be there in two.