90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 12 - Hello, Goodbye, Amen - full transcript

Annie overhears Sean in a suspicious conversation with someone over the phone, which raises her uncertainty about whether Sean really is who he claims to be. Meanwhile, Brenda tries to make amends meet to Kelly after confessing about a tryst she had with the departed Ryan Matthews. But Kelly and Brenda have to team up to accompany Adrianna to a group therapy session for recovering addicts where after she learns that a friend of hers is HIV-positive, Adrianna goes to a clinic to get tested, but receives some other potentially life-changing news. Elsewhere, Christina invites Dixon over at her house for a Gospel gathering where she makes a startling revelation to him which could shake his romance with Silver.

Previously on 90210:

My name's Sean,
son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark.

I didn't have a stable upbringing.

Didn't grow up in a place like this.

You're the first brother at West Beverly
to play varsity lacrosse

as long as anyone can remember.

Who is that?

You know, it's just a cheerleader.

Everything you have done
was just to set me up

- to ruin my birthday?
- Absolutely.

- Being your friend, I'm over it.
- I already beat you to it.

- You wanna be with me?
- Well, yeah.

- I'm a virgin.
- What?

- I was trying to push you away.
- Why?

Because I slept with Ryan.

Twenty-five years, that's a long time.

I don't know that I can possibly
make that up to you.

It's all good.

Everything's cool here.

I'm making myself right at home.

You should have seen me.

I was popping huge air off
all the moguls

and shredding
down the black diamonds.

Look at you, Mr. Hotshot Boarder.

You gotta come next year.
I missed you.

No, you missed the chance
to laugh at me

when I face-planted off the ski lift.

I'm a simple man
with simple pleasures.

Kansas, darling,
how was your winter break?

Oh, my God,
Mom and I took Sean to Cancun.

- You probably heard that.
- Yep, he mentioned it.

Oh, my God, he's so awesome.

It was so great to spend
that quality time with my half brother.

I mean, our half brother. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to exclude you.

No problem, you didn't.

We had a blast.

Oh, my God. I totally dared Sean
to eat a fried grasshopper.

And we laughed so hard,

I thought grasshopper
was gonna come out of his nose.

I'm so sorry you missed it.

It's not a competition, Naomi.
You can Sean it up much as you want.

if Sean didn't wanna hang out
with me.

Well, it was an adjustment with him
wanting to stay at your house and all.

Oh, wait, he's staying with us.
My bad.

Point, Miss Wilson.

Okay, well, can you let me know
if you hear from him?

Thanks. Bye.

Hey, you okay?


It's just I have this friend, Hank,
from rehab.

He hasn't returned any of my texts.

Nobody from group
has even heard from him.

Could he be on vacation?

Maybe. But when an addict
just disappears like that...

Everybody, settle in, please.

Take your seats.
Thank you very much.

Today we're gonna talk
about perception.

I mean, how do we even perceive?

Well, the eyes take in information

and then it passes that information
off to the brain.

Seems pretty straightforward.

But you can still see
without using your eyes.

And that's called...

...intuition. Using your intuition.

I'm so sorry.
I wish I had better news.

And there's nothing that I can do,

some surgery or drug therapy?

Not in this case.

Is there somebody
I can call for you?

Husband, a boyfriend?

No, there's no guy in the picture
at the moment.

You said you used
to live here before.

Are there some friends
you could talk to about this?

I burned all of those bridges.

- Hey, D.
- Hey, girl, what's up?

Got this week's new pick.

It's a rough mix of a new band
my dad just signed.

- Drops in the fall.
- Excellent.

Oh, yeah, and thank you
for the Sam Cooke stuff.

I knew his R&B stuff,
but I didn't know he did gospel.

Really? That's how he started.

Blew me away.

- Hey, babe.
- Hi, Silver.

- How was your winter break?
- You know, the usual.

Eggnog. Sugar crash.
Remorse, New Year's.

- Well, tell me what you think.
- Yes.

Bye, D.


"Bye, D."

Why you gotta act like that?

Have we met?

And besides, I think she's into you,

which doesn't make me
wanna hug her,

except for maybe around the neck.

- You're crazy.
- It works for me.

But anyway, Bio awaits.

Later, D.

Hi, Annie.

Hey. Hey, just came to see my dad.

Yeah, we're going surfing.

I know.

Yeah, he wanted to take the van.

So how's school?

You know, reading, writing
all that fun stuff.

- Arithmetic.
- Yep.

That's pretty much
how I remember it.

Surf's up.

- You're going surfing.
- Yeah, Sean invited me.

- Oh, you don't surf, do you?
- Harry's an amazing teacher.

- You should come, Annie.
- You should come.

You don't have
to be naturally graceful to surf.

You know, I'm gonna pass.

But tell my dad I had to run.

See you guys later.

Hey, Miss Taylor.
Do you have a minute?

Sure. Yeah, come on in.

Sit down.

How are you?

I'm okay, I guess.

I was wondering if you had a way
to get in touch with Miss Walsh.

- Brenda?
- Yeah.

My rehab group is hosting
this support day tomorrow

to thank all the people
who have helped with our recovery.

Most people bring their families.

I was gonna bring Navid,
but he's at his cousin Avi's wedding.

I see. Your mom can't make it.

Well, she could.
I just kind of don't want her there.

She pretty much checked out
on that whole stand-by-your-kid thing.

Does that make me a jerk?

No. It makes you somebody
who's looking out for herself.

But I'm sorry your mom's
not there for you.

It's okay. Miss Walsh was.

And I'd really like her to come.

You know what, Brenda is usually
pretty busy with her work.



But you know what?

- I will talk to her.
- Thank you so much, Miss Taylor.

It really means a lot to me.

- Chastity belt.
- You got giraffe.

- A promise ring.
- Giraffe.

- Cheerio.
- A Cheerio.

- A top.
- An elephant.

What? How did you get that?
That looks like a sock.

That was the trunk.

- Exactly.
- Let's go. Next, next.

Go, go. Time's running.

It's a weapon. Somebody's hunting.


- Archery.
- Yes.


- What?
- Here we go.

That drawing looked like a sock too.
An argyle sock.

Go, go, go.

- Hey, I know a sock.
- That is a small...

- Time is up. Thank God.
- Good.

- How we do?
- Nine points, baby, baby.

Wilson men,
kicking ass and taking names.

Why don't you let a real artiste
show you how it's done?

- Ready girls?
- Ready.

- Ready.
- Come on, Grandma.

Come on.

It's a sock.


Tabitha, could you pick up the pace?

She's crosshatching.

- Tabitha?
- Here, let me try again.

Tabula rasa.

Shoot me now.

Oh, excuse me.

- Hello.
- A skull?

- Death?
- Murder.

No. Though come to think of it,

it does resemble a bit
of a vanitas still life.

Come on, ladies, time is running out.

Says who?

- Come on.
- All right, all right.

Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Thank you, Mom. Excellent job.

Back off. I told you I'll get the money
and I will, all right?

I just need a little more time.
And I promise...



Sean, what's going on?

It's nothing, really.

What I heard wasn't nothing.
It was definitely something.

Sean, we're family here.
You can talk to us.


My father, adoptive father.

He was a gambler.

He made some money at it.

Then he got in way over his head.

He couldn't come up
with what he owed.

So... he killed himself.

Oh, my God.

He did it to protect me.

He thought his life insurance
could clear his debt.

Sure enough, it turns out his policy
doesn't cover suicide.

So now these guys... Guys that were
after him for the money...

Now they're after you.

Let us help.

How much did your father owe?

Two hundred thousand dollars.

I didn't wanna worry you with this.
I'm shipping out in a week.

What are they gonna do, come to Iraq
and find me? They don't have the guts.

So... whose turn is it to draw, huh?

- Hey, Annie, got a minute?
- Yeah.

I wanted to apologize.
I hope that phone call didn't upset you.

No. No, and I don't want you to think
I was eavesdropping on purpose.

- I was just there.
- Of course. No, I know.

I'd hate to think
that I caused you any worry.

Oh, it's okay. I just thought
my dad would wanna know,

so I felt like I had to say something.

Yeah, yeah.

It's nice to have people around
who care.

Oh, here.


- You can take that if you want.
- No, no, it's late.

It'll go to voice mail. No worries.

So good night.



Good night.

Mother, I doubt that will help.

Believe me, dear, when the topic
of discussion is money,

drinking always helps.

All right, what is the economic
situation here? What are the options?

I do so wish I could help,

but I've taken such a beating
in the market recently, I simply can't.

In fact, I think it's time for me
to go back to work.

- Really?
- Well, money is only part of it.

The truth is I miss acting.

Digging into the script,
arguing with the director,

canoodling with my costars.

It's a calling.

And then there were two.

You know, our retirement account
is in pretty good shape.

- Because we've left it alone.
- You know what, just hear me out.

We're not paying rent here.

The house in Wichita
will sell eventually.

So maybe...

Maybe we borrow against our 401
Or the kids' college funds.

- Harry.
- We can't do nothing.

I know you're worried.

I think Tracy should be included
in this discussion.

- You'd be okay with it?
- She's Sean's mother.

If I were in her place,
I would wanna know.

You're right. It's...
I'm gonna give her a call.

Thank you.


Dad's pretty freaked out.

Can you blame him?

Dix, do you...?

What do you think about Sean?

What do you mean, what I think
about him? Don't you like him?

Well, I've never really felt completely
comfortable around him, you know?

I was walking
by his room before and...

- You know, it's probably nothing.
- What?

He got a local call.


All right. But he got a local call. So?

So who'd be calling him?

He said
he didn't know anybody in town.

I don't know.
It could have been Tracy,

Naomi or a wrong number,
you know.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Look, when Sean first came here,
you know, I freaked out.

And I hurt Dad, a lot.

Don't put everybody through
the same thing again.

- All right?
- Yeah.

- Good night.
- Night.

Kelly, here on my doorstep.

I wouldn't be
if you'd returned my calls today.

Sorry, I just couldn't deal with any
of the Ryan drama today.

Probably should have thought of that
before you slept with him.

That's not why I'm here.
Can I come in?

Adrianna asked me
to get in touch with you.

Her rehab group
is having support day.

She wants you there.

- Why me?
- Because you stood up for her,

more than her own mom.

- She sees you as a mother figure.
- I didn't ask for that.

But whether you asked for it or not,
that's the way it is.

I can't make it.

- Why, because it's me asking?
- It's got nothing to do with you.

Then what is it? This girl
is in the early stages of recovery.

She needs you.
If you were reaching out for help,

wouldn't you want people
standing by you?

I think you should leave.

You know, Brenda,
I knew you were selfish, but this?

This is unforgivable.

If you're gonna ditch school,
go to the beach, not to work.

Nat needed help with
the breakfast shift, so I came through.

You need a table?

Nope, just coffee and a bagel.

Did you give that CD a listen?

Actually, yeah.
You know, it reminded me of Prince.

It kind of did. Maybe with a little
middle-period Curtis.


You're kidding?

Curtis Mayfield, only, like,
the greatest songwriter of the '60s.

- What are you doing tomorrow?
- Nothing. Why?

My dad has this thing
at our beach house once a month.

It's a gospel choir, barbecue,
a lot of people from his label.

But the food is really good
and the music is dope.

You should come.

I mean, unless Silver
would have an issue with that.

No. No, not at all. Not at all.
Count me in.

Here you go.

I'll text you the details later.

Keep the change.

Thank you.

We did mother-and-son Watsu.
I thought we were close.

It's not you.
He didn't want anybody to know.

This whole thing just makes me sick
to my stomach.

If I hadn't given him up, if he hadn't
been adopted by this terrible man...

Tracy, we cannot beat ourselves up
about it.

What is past is past.

- But he needs our help.
- Yeah.

And the fact of the matter is that I have
the means that you two don't.

Thank you, Tracy.
That's very generous.

It's not gonna be as easy
with the divorce

as it would've been otherwise.
There was the prenup, so...

Anything you could do
would be great.

Think I'm gonna call
my business manager.

Maybe I will sell some
of Charles' art.

There is a Damien Hirst that I couldn't
wait to get out of my bathroom.

I'll be in touch.

We'll get through this.

Thank you for not stabbing her
to death with a pencil.

If you had scissors on your desk,
it'd be a different story.

Honestly, in this case,
I think she's kind of entitled.

Let's see what she comes up with.

Hey, wanna go get some lunch?

Yes. But first, I'm just finishing up
a post on that creepy custodian guy.

You know,
the one with the lazy eye?

I'm fairly certain he was checking out
my ass this morning.

Then again, maybe he was just tired.

Well, wanna see something good?
Check out my cheerleader post.

"Shake, shimmy and shut up. "

- Nice headline.
- Thank you.

But the only one you mention here
by name is Christina.

My blog is called The Vicious Circle.

And you know my motto:

Show no mercy.

So, what's your deal
for tomorrow afternoon?

There's a Tarantino festival
at the ArcLight.

- L...
- I know, I know,

it's pretentious
and violent and derivative,

but totally awesome.

If you just give
"Death Proof" one chance,

- I swear you'd love it.
- L...

I gotta do a family thing.

Yeah, yeah. No. Annie told me
how crazy things are with Sean.

- Yeah.
- It's cool.

Food. Starved. Let's go.

Brenda really wanted to be here.

Of course.

I understand.

But I'm proud of you,
what you've accomplished.

- You're amazing.
- Thank you.

Yes, she is. Hi.

- Oh, you made it. Awesome.
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry I'm late.
- Traffic's a bitch.

I'm so happy you could come.

I wanna introduce you to people.

I'm really hoping that my friend, Hank,
shows up too.

Hello, everyone.
If everybody could come inside,

we're gonna get started.

Let's go.

I wake up in the middle of the night,
drenched in sweat, hating myself.

But when I realize
it's just a nightmare,

I'm so relieved.

Relieved that I'm okay,
relieved that I'm clean.

And grateful.

Grateful for all the people
who have been there for me.

People who believed in me,

even when I didn't believe in myself.

So... I think I'm gonna be okay.

Would anybody from Adrianna's
support team like to share?

I haven't really known Adrianna
that long,

but ever since I met her,
I've admired her incredible spirit.

She's passionate. She's smart.

And most importantly,
she actually learns from her mistakes,

which is more than I can say
for myself.

She's my friend.

And that's not a word
that I use lightly.

And I'll always have her back.

Hands off the fries.

- How do you do that?
- Eyes in the back of my head.

I should use you
for this Psych paper.

Intuition in Extrasensory
French Fry Perception.

Your mother let you out of the house
in that outfit?

- You have to see these pictures.
- No, thanks.

- Show me.
- They're just pictures of Sean and I.

I'll put them on Facebook later.

Oh, he's hot.

Oh, this is us at the beach
right before going surfing.

Oh, how cute.

Oh, and this is us
goofing off in the car.

Oh, my God.

You can still see
without using your eyes.

Sean, what's going on?

- You can take that.
- It'll go to voice mail. No worries.

He got a local call. So?

And that's called
using your intuition.

- There's something I gotta do.
- What?

Nothing. I gotta go.

Oh, my God. Can I just tell you
he is so adorable?

Tell me I'm crazy.

You're crazy.

Yeah. Yeah, maybe I'm crazy.

I mean, I'm probably crazy.

At least I hope that I'm crazy,
because everybody loves him.

I mean, you, Dixon, Dad,
Naomi, obviously.

Maybe she's right.
Maybe I'm just jealous.

Okay, Annie, whoa. Take a breath.

What are you talking about?

Mom, there's something off
about Sean.

And I don't have any proof
and I know that

and I really don't wanna hurt Dad,

but I have this hunch
that something is not right.

I know. I have the same feeling.

You do?

I thought it was just me.

That maybe I couldn't handle the fact

that your dad and Tracy
have a child together,

but that's not it.
Something doesn't add up.

It would break Dad's heart
if he knew how we felt.

I know, but it would be worse
if we were right and we didn't act on it.

So... what do we do?

- Nice speech.
- Yeah.

Listen, you and me,
we have such crazy history.

Don't worry,
I know you came for Adrianna, not me.


What I mean is
that history connects us.

You know me
better than anyone else.

I need that.



I'm going through some crazy stuff
right now.

Hey, guys, I wanted to introduce you
to my sponsor, Amy.

Hey, I'm Brenda.

- Kelly, nice to meet you.
- Glad you could make it.

I actually wanna introduce them
to Hank.

Have you seen him anywhere?

- Oh, Ade, I thought you'd heard.
- Heard what?

He found out he's HIV positive.

He started using again.

I'm really sorry.

Excuse me.

I can't believe he relapsed.

Who is Hank?
Is that your boyfriend?

No, he's not my boyfriend.

We slept together a couple of times.

Have you been tested?

No, I'm fine.

You need to get tested.

We'll both go with you, right?


When they've warned you
And they cross you

Just leave it to the Lord

Have courage, don't worry

Just leave it to the Lord

He never sleeps

Sees everything

- Hey.
- Hey.

- I'm glad you made it.
- Me too.

Yeah. Yeah. This is amazing.

Was that Kobe inside?

Yeah. If he's in town,
he never misses Daddy's barbecues.

I gotta be honest. I really didn't know

that there was this many black people
in Beverly Hills.

Well, you just have to know
where to look.

I guess you're right.

- Let me guess. You're Dixon.
- Yes, sir.

I'm Franklin Whitney,
Christina's father.

I've heard a lot about you,
young man.

Well, nice to meet you, sir.

Christina tells me you're into music.

Yes, she's put me on
to a lot of great stuff.

- You play an instrument?
- No, but I love to sing.

You any good?

You know,
I haven't had any complaints.

But then again,
I mostly sing in the shower.

Well, don't wait to be discovered.

If singing's what you love,

- you make it happen.
- Yeah.

Christina, baby, Dre's leaving.

- He wanted to say goodbye.
- Okay.

- Dr. Dre?
- Ph. D.

Don't be a stranger, Dixon.
Hope we'll see a lot more of you, right?

Yes, sir.

- I'll be right back.
- All right.

- Everywhere I go
- Everywhere

- I'm gonna let it shine
- It's gonna shine

- Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
- Shine, shine, shine

- Okay.
- Deb, can we talk?

Yeah, I think we should.
Give me a minute.

Look, I've been doing
some research

and I found a way we can take
a second mortgage out on the house.

Harry, I went to see the private
investigator that found Sean.

- Okay.
- I'm sorry I went behind your back,

but we're
in a pretty unusual situation here

and I wanted to get some answers.

- Did the PI have any answers?
- No.

But, honey, doesn't it strike you as odd
that Sean shows up out of nowhere

and asks us for money?

No, Tracy found him.
And he didn't ask us for money.

We offered.

Annie doesn't trust him.

Look, that's not about Sean.

That is about Naomi.

It's about Annie being a teenager

and it is about jealousy.
We went through this with Dixon.

- Harry...
- Look, sweetheart,

I know that this has been
a big adjustment for everybody.

But Sean is my son and I owe him.

Look, I know how you feel. I do.

But I won't let you pay down your guilt
at the expense of Annie and Dixon.

Sean's as much my child
as Annie or Dixon.

He's not my child.

Okay. So, what does that mean?

You're saying that you don't care
about Sean?

I don't feel the same away about him
that you do.

I think you're letting your guilt
cloud your judgment.

- My guilt?
- Yes. Something's not right here.


What happened? You okay?

The guys my dad owed.

They found me.

- I'm calling the cops.
- No, no, please.

These aren't guys who let people
call the cops and get away with it.

This isn't y'all's problem.

I'm so sorry.

I'll be gone in the morning.

- No, Sean...
- It's the only way.

We will get the money somehow.

Don't worry.

Al Elmore Investigations.


Why do they always have
the ugliest art in waiting rooms?

Right? And they're all the same.
They must have a catalog.

I am such an idiot.

There is so much I wanted
to do with my life now that I'm clean.

Hey, listen to me.
We don't know anything yet.

Adrianna Tate-Duncan?


Your HIV test is negative.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,
that is the best news ever.

Thank you so much. Oh, my God.

But there's something else.

- What?
- When we ran your blood work,

it turns out you're pregnant.


You should see your gynecologist
to discuss your options.

I can't be pregnant.

- I'm only 16.
- Okay.

Look, I know you're freaking out
right now,

but let's just take this
one step at a time, right, Brenda?

I have to go. I'm sorry.


I can't tell my mom.
My mom is gonna kill me.

I will help you talk to her, sweetie.

I don't even know where Hank is.

We will find him.

He may not even be the father.

I slept with a lot of guys
when I was using.

What's Navid gonna think?

He's gonna hate me.

- No.
- He's gonna totally hate me.

This can't be happening. This...

No, this isn't happening.

Come here. Come here.
It's gonna be okay.

I can't take it.

All right, Tracy, let's meet here
in the morning

and figure out how much
we can pull together. Yeah.

Dad, look. Please, listen to me...

Annie, I don't have time
for this right now.

Mom, look, the last five calls
that Sean received

were from Al Elmore, the PI.

- Why would they be in touch?
- Wait.

What are you doing going through
his things?

First, you go to a PI,
then you invade a man's privacy.

- Annie, what's going on with you?
- I'm scared, Dad.

I know how much Sean
means to you

and I'm really scared that
you're never gonna forgive me for this,

but I'm more scared
that something is not right.

And you agree with her?

We don't think Sean
is who he says he is.

Give us the same benefit of the doubt
you give him.

What do you want me to do?

Ask him to take a paternity test.


Sean is my son.

I know it.
I can feel it in my guts, in my bones.

But if that's what you need me to do,
I'll do it.

You shock me.

- And live rejoicing
- And live rejoicing, yeah

Every day

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

So, Daddy really liked you.

You should come to dinner
next week.

Look, Christina, you're amazing

and I'm very grateful
that you invited me here

and introduced me
to this whole world.

But the thing is I have a girlfriend.

I know, so do I.

- Wait. What?
- Tiffany, that cute soprano.

Did you think
I was making a move on you?

No. No. I'm just surprised that...

I've had boyfriends too.

But I'm not interested in you
in that way.

I just invited you here
because I thought you'd like it.

No, no, no, I do. L...

This is amazing.

Well, you're welcome anytime.
Silver too.

If it wouldn't ruin her street cred
to hang out with a cheerleader.

No, not at all.

- Oh, happy day
- Oh, happy, happy day

- Oh, happy day
- Happy day

Oh, happy day

What the hell is wrong with you?

How could you leave Adrianna
at the clinic like that?

That's pretty low, Brenda,
even for you.

Kel, I...

I can't have kids.


I had fibroids removed a while ago
and there were complications

and kids are not an option for me.

Wow, I'm sorry.

You know, when I first heard,

I thought, "It's not the end
of the world. "

But then somehow,
when I heard that Adrianna,

who wasn't even trying
and doesn't even want it, is pregnant...

I'm pathetic.
I'm jealous of a 16-year-old girl.

You're not pathetic.

You're a pain in the ass,
but you're not pathetic.

- I didn't even know you wanted kids.
- I didn't.

I mean, I figured
that I would in the future,

but, man, I hate it when people tell me
I can't do something.

That's the Brenda I know and love.

You know, I didn't think
I could have kids either.

But medicine is changing
all the time.

I'm kind of ready now.

So, I'm thinking of adopting.

Bre... Wow.

I think that's a great idea.

And I would really like you
in my life for that.

I'm not going anywhere.

Hey, you made it.

Cool party, huh?

You want me to introduce you
to Denzel?

Why would you lie to me about this?

- Are you into Christina?
- No.

Look, I apologize.
I shouldn't have lied to you.

And I'm not into Christina
and she's not into me. Trust me.

But I didn't know how to talk
to you about all of this.

All what?


I'm a black kid in a white family.

So there's this whole other culture
I've never experienced.

Then Christina came along

and she's exposed me
to some really amazing things.

But I know you hate her.

Okay, well,
hate is a very strong word.

Loathe and detest, yeah, maybe.


You're the girl I wanna be with.

All right?

If you want me to end my friendship
with Christina...



I guess the fact that she can
do something for you that I can't,

well, it makes me kind of jealous.

And that's so not me
and totally lame.

No, no. Actually, I find that flattering.

Okay. But you have
to do one thing for me.

All right, all right, I promise.
I won't lie to you again.

No. Introduce me to Denzel.

Oh, right, yeah. He's right over here.



- How's the eye?
- Oh, it's okay.

I come from hardy stock.

We're gonna
get that money together.

Thank you, Harry.
That's beyond generous.

I'll pay you back. I swear to you.

Just one catch.

I need you
to take a paternity test first.

And I'm sorry. Believe me,
I know what the results are gonna be.

Harry, please, that's a lot of money.

I'd ask the same thing
if I was in your shoes.

Of course, I'll do it.

I knew you would.

You know what?

I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.

All right?

Everybody, can I have your attention
for a minute?

I'm so glad you're all here.

I'm reminded on these days

of the many things
I have to be thankful for.

My family, good friends,

beautiful, beautiful music.

So please,

join me and reflect
on all the things you have

to be thankful for in your own lives.

Hear, hear.

You know "Amazing Grace"?

Yeah. Why?

Consider yourself discovered.

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now I'm found

Oh, was blind, but now I see

So, I'm taking a paternity test
in the morning.

I'm surprised Harry needed
that kind of proof,

but I guess not everyone trusts me.

I thought you, Annie, out of all people,
would understand.

Understand what?

You move from Kansas
to this perfect life in Beverly Hills.

You just had it handed to you.

Not everybody gets that chance.

Not everyone gets to take
what isn't theirs either.

Good night, Annie.



Sean, you...?


He cleared his stuff out. He's gone.

What do you mean he's gone?

He can't be gone.

- He's gone.
- He wasn't our son.

No, I would know my own son.

I would know if he was my son.


He wasn't our son.

I'm so sorry, Tracy.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

No joke.

Scammed all of us.
Just wanted money.

Okay, but if he is not our son,
then who was he?

I don't know.

Called the PI.
His phone had been disconnected.

They were probably
working together.

Oh, my God.


- Mom?
- No, I'm not doing this. I'm not.

Look, you were right about Sean.

I have no idea
how I'll make this up to you.

It's okay.

Hey, Dixon.
You wanna help me make breakfast?

Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Girls, if you need us,
we'll be in the kitchen.

Let's make some pancakes.

Pancakes, my favorite.

- You okay?
- Right. You insane?

I know.

I know. It's such a shock.

I'm still trying
to wrap my head around it.

But, you know, maybe we can take
something good from this.

With everything
that's going on right now, I mean,

maybe me and you
can just finally call a truce.

How do you keep managing
to cause my family so much pain?

- Me?
- My mom had a son.

I had a brother.

He was not our brother.

I mean, at least he left before both
our families were taken in by his scam.

Your family.

Sean came to our house last night
and Mom gave him the money.

Wait. What?

I thought she didn't have it.

She didn't have it, Annie.

She called Dad and gave up some
of her demands in the divorce

so he would give her the money
and she gave it to Sean.

I am so sorry.

I did not know.

Get away from me.

This is your fault.

Hey, Dad.

I'm so sorry.


No, I'm sorry.

I guess I should have trusted you.

Look, Daddy,
I never wanted you to feel like this.

Oh, I know, sweetheart.

I love you, Daddy.