7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 16 - Stand Up - full transcript

Lucy fears her father's return to the church will upstage her wedding celebration. Roxanne introduces Chandler to her father. With Simon and Cecilia working together, one day he notices the business manager stealing from the company.

What do you mean
my wedding forces Dad

back into the church?

Well, your dad's going to
want to marry you and Kevin,

and in order
to do that,

he's going to have
to go back to work,

go back to
the church.

So, if everything goes as
planned, your wedding will be

a double celebration--
your marriage

and Eric's triumphant return
to the pulpit.

Now, when you say
"double celebration,"

what do you mean exactly?

Because it's my wedding day.

I'm the bride,
the star of the show.

It's supposed to be about me.

And Kevin, of course.

It's not
supposed to be about

Dad regaining his sanity.

Not that that's not
something to celebrate.

It's just I don't want to do it
on my wedding day.

Your wedding's going to be
all about you and Kevin

and, God willing, also about

your father's return
to the church.

Which is why your wedding
has to be big.

I was thinking small.

Well, you may be thinking small,
but small will never work.

We have to have big--
huge, even!

Yes, but I want small.

Well, I think you need big.

Agreed? Great. Moving on.

Carson, heel.

I want a dog, but
my mom says no way.


'Cause she doesn't want a dog.

I thought Happy might
want to meet Carson.

Or not.

She just needs time.

She doesn't get many visitors,
being a dog and all.

Carson and I should go anyway.

- Where to?
- I thought I'd take him

for a walk in The Promenade.

Trolling for babes?

Looking for women?

Women love dogs.

No, I'm not looking for women.


Then I can go with you.

I want to go, too.

No, you can't do it.

It's a trap, trust me.

You won't
make it out alive.

It's not a trap,
it's your father.

And I think you're

It's just lunch.

Didn't you ever wonder

why I was still single,

He thinks I should marry a cop,

and he won't rest
until that happens.

He's chased away every

one of my boyfriends.

Yeah, well,
you're not

marrying a cop,
you're marrying me.


And he can try,
but nobody's gonna run me off.

I'll be fine.

That's what
my last boyfriend said.

You guys
are having

too much fun.

This is supposed to be work.

I'm so sorry, sir.

Stop giving Simon
a hard time, Uncle Walter.


I'm not really her uncle.

You are to me.
I've known this
little girl

her whole life, and I've been
working with her dad...

maybe even longer.

I manage her
father's business.

Walter, this is Simon.

We haven't had a chance to meet.

I'm just doing
my rounds.

I should get back
to the office.

You-you two come by later,

and don't forget,
it's paycheck day.

Nice to meet you.

You, too, sir.

Uh, not, sir-- Walter.

Now, back to work.

He's a nice guy.

Everybody loves Uncle Walter.


What a cute dog.

May I pet her?

It's a he not a her.

And he's a rescue dog.

Well, may I pet him?


Actually, he's a
search and rescue dog.

His name is Carson.

And my name is Ben.


Told you, women love dogs.

No, women
love Ben.

So, Carson's a search
and rescue dog.

What does that make you, Ben?

I'm a fireman.


I thought we were going
to go get some ice cream.

- Yeah, here.
- Uh, I'll catch up.

Can we take Carson
with us?

Yeah, sure, sure.

Take him.

Uh, so, Veronica,
what do you do?

I'm a massage therapist.


Dad, don't do this.

Come on, what are you
so worried about?

That you're going to
run off the man I love.

Why would you think that?

Because you've done it to
every guy I've ever dated.

Honey, if he really
loves you,

I'm not going to be able
to run him off.

That sounds like a challenge.


Dad, please be nice.

I really love this one.

Well, then I'm sure
I'm going to love him, too.

Are you hiding from me?

Do you want to talk
about our wedding?

Then I'm hiding
from you.

Come on,
give me a break!

I need at least
one person on my side!

My mother is
completely nuts!

Now, is that

the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree,

or the tree isn't far
from the apple?

That's not funny.

Don't you care?

It's our wedding.

All I care about
is marrying you.

Everything else is just

something for you and your mom
to fight about.

Aren't you glad my mom's wedding
forced us to have our wedding

in April?

Can you imagine having to go
through this for an entire year?

I don't want to go through this
until April.

There's a simple solution
to your problem.

We elope?

No. Just stand up to your mom,

and tell her how you feel.

I can't.


Because I'm chicken.

Then focus on something
about the wedding

that you're happy about.

Like your dad marrying us.

You're right.

So what if I'm wearing
a dress I didn't pick out

and eating food I hate
at a reception I didn't plan.

As long as my dad marries us,
I'm happy.

You're lying.

Yes, I am.

Did you check in

the van and the equipment?

Thanks for filling in
at the last minute.

Well, I'm always willing
to take any extra shifts.

I'm-I'm saving
for a car of my own.

Well, when you're ready to buy
that car you come see me,

'cause I got a friend
in the business.

Yeah, he'll take
care of you.

Around here,
we take care of our own.

You know, that's nice.

So what are you two
doing this weekend?

Probably dinner
and a movie.

- Well, good.
- Have a good time on me.

You both earned it.

Thank you.

But not too good a time.


Did you get
your ice cream?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Where's Carson?

He ran off.

He slipped out
of his collar.

Maybe he went
to go rescue someone.


Dr. Chandler Hampton?


You must be
Roxanne's father.

You're not a real doctor,
are you?

I'm not a medical doctor,
but I do hold a Ph.D.,

so, yes, I am a real doctor.

Just not the kind
you're thinking of.

Please, uh,

call me Chandler, Terry.

And, uh, Chandler,

please call me
Detective Richardson.

Well, I wish I would have
brought my Bible.

You're not going to shoot me,
are you?

You didn't say you weren't
going to shoot me.

No, I didn't.

All right.

I-I know what
you're trying to do.

What am I trying to do?

I-I think you're trying
to make me feel uncomfortable.

Is it working?


All right, let's stop
dancing around here, kid,

and put our cards on the table.

What, out there with your gun?

Son, I-I don't want
to waste your time,

and I am sure that
you don't want to waste mine.

I don't want you
dating my daughter,

and I don't want you
marrying my daughter.

See, what I do want

is for you just
to... go away.

Now, how can we
make that happen,


I love Roxanne.

I'm not going to stop
seeing her.

I can make you.

I don't think so.

Well, let's just say

that I can make things
very uncomfortable for you.

Well, you mean
more uncomfortable

than this lunch?
Are you

gonna stay away
from my daughter?


I love her.

Then I guess...

you and I...

have nothing else
to talk about.

May I come in?


How are the wedding
plans going?

Uh, I don't know.
Ask Mom.

Never mind.

I just want to tell you
how happy I am

that you're going
to marry us.

I-I was worried,

with everything
you've been going through,

that maybe you wouldn't
be there to marry me.

And, well...

I don't think I'm getting
anything I really want

at my wedding
except for you, so...


I don't want to marry
you and Kevin.

You don't?

I just want to give you
away like a regular dad.

Besides, you know,

if I came back to the
church for your wedding

then all the attention
would be focused on me,

not you.

Is that okay?



That's okay with me.

Uh, but Mom
is basically

planning your comeback
to the church.

And if you're not gonna
come back, well...

Someone has to tell
your mother...

I'm not coming back.

I will.

I'll- I'll tell her.

Boy, I love you.

I love you, too.

Oh, I'm sorry.


when I came to get
my check I forgot
my jacket and...

I should have knocked.
I'm sorry.

Uh, I'm gonna go.

No, that's okay, Simon.

I was just taking this money
to the bank for deposit.

Yeah, sure.

Right. Whatever.



Is something wrong?


I met the man

who manages Cecilia's
father's business today.

If-If I hadn't
forgotten my jacket

I wouldn't have
seen anything,

I wouldn't be in
this situation.

What situation?

What did you see?

I saw Walter--
that's the manager.

I saw him take money out
of the petty cash box

and put it into
his wallet.

This guy was stealing?

He said he was just
taking the money out

so he could deposit it
in the bank, but...

I don't know. I mean,

there's something
about the way
he was doing it.


he-he looked so guilty.

If this Walter guy is stealing,

this probably isn't the first
time that he's done it.

He could be hurting
Cecilia's family.

You have to tell Cecilia's
father what you saw.

Uh, I think it went well.

You think.

Well, I mean he's not too crazy

about us dating, but at least
he didn't try to shoot me.

Shoot you?

Well, he took his gun out

and put in on the table,
but, uh...

he was just trying to scare me.

I don't scare easily.

This is not good.

Oh, it'll be fine.

You really need
to stop saying that.

I need to talk to you
in the living room.

You're in trouble.

I know.


tell her you're sorry

and you won't
do it again.

I don't think
that'll work for me.

Tell her Happy did it.

Did what?

Whatever you did.

I don't think that'll work
for me either.

Eric, now!

Good luck.


Lucy says you're not gonna
marry her and Kevin.

No, I'm not.

Look, I overheard

you and Lucy talking.

I know you want her wedding
to serve as...

my big comeback to the church,

but that's not what I want.

I want to be

a regular father

who's just walks his daughter
down the aisle.

I don't want to be a minister

who officiates
over the ceremony.


I am dead.

Carson will turn up

I can't wait
for eventually.

If I don't bring him back

to the station with me tonight,

I'll probably lose my job.

We're sorry.

Hey, it's not
your fault.

It's my fault.
And Carson's

my responsibility, not yours.

You guys didn't do
anything wrong.

I knew his collar was loose.

I shouldn't have let you go off
before I adjusted it.

Well, you were busy
with Veronica.

Well, maybe

someone else found him.

And took him to a shelter.

Good idea.

Well, I'll drop you off
at the house

and go hit the local shelters.

We don't want to go home.

Yeah, we want to help you
find Carson.

Okay, thanks.


I didn't know.


Isn't it bad luck

to see the bride in her wedding
dress before the ceremony?

I think having
to wear this dress

just to make my mother happy is
bad luck enough.

I want a new dress.

I want my own dress.

Is that so wrong?

No, it's not.

Just tell your mother
how you feel.

I can't.

When my mom does something
that I don't like I tell her.

Well, goody for you and your
perfect mother/son relationship.

If I tell my mother

how I feel,
it'll hurt her feelings.

But isn't she hurting
your feelings

by not letting you do
what you want?

It's not the same.

She doesn't know
she's hurting my feelings.

This isn't right.

There's nothing

at our wedding,
besides your father marrying us

that you're happy about.

Dad's not marrying us.

He wants

to walk me down the aisle
like a regular dad.

He doesn't want his return
to the church

to overshadow our marriage.


I'm okay with that.

I'm okay with everything.

Just tell your parents
what you want,

how you feel.

You'll be happier and...

you won't have to wear
that dress.

You know you can't
give me a ticket,

I wasn't speeding.

I'll tell you what.

I'll make you a deal.

You stay away
from Roxanne Richardson,

I'll rip up this ticket.

You wouldn't happen to know

Detective Terry Richardson,
would you?

Went through the academy

He's a good man.

He tells me you're a bad man.

You really should
leave Roxanne alone.

I'm not gonna leave
Roxanne alone.

I love her.

You sure about that?



Well, besides

looks like you
were driving in
a bike lane.

That's a $200 fine.

You pulled me over
into this lane.


Right, that's a good point.

Parked in a bike lane.

That's an even bigger fine.

And now that I
think of it,

you failed to stop at the
crosswalk back there.

I think you were

following a little
too closely and

when I pulled you
over, you failed to
signal properly.

Get back into
your car, sir.

Or what?

I'll arrest you.

For what?

I haven't decided yet.

I can't believe you two
talked me into this.

This isn't
gonna work.

I should just go back
to the station

and tell the chief
I messed up.

Hey, don't
wimp out.

Yeah, tough it out.

This is gonna work.

But Carson

is a trained fire department
search and rescue dog,

and this very sweet
dog is...

just a very sweet dog.

A sweet dog that looks
exactly like Carson.

Cecilia said you wanted
to talk to me alone.


Something happened at work today

and I need to tell you about it.

Mm, sounds serious.

It is.

Uh, today, when I
was in the...

Uh, I'm sorry.

Am I interrupting?

I was just

dropping off the purchase order

and the payroll,
but I can come back.

Uh, well,
Simon was just about to

tell me something
that happened today at work.

Maybe you
should stay.

I was just gonna tell you
that, um...

...today, when I was
at the office, I...

...realized how much
I love this job

and how grateful I am that
you gave me a second chance.

Well, everyone deserves
a second chance.

I better get going.

Simon, wait, uh,

I'm glad I ran
into you.

You-you forgot
your check.

I already got my check.

Nah, this is your
overtime check

for picking up those
extra shifts.

He's a good kid.

Yeah, he is.


Walter, it's Simon.

I was expecting your call.

Did you open your envelope?

Yeah, I did.

So, are we okay?

No, we're certainly not okay.


I'm willing
to throw you some more shifts

and some extra overtime,
but that's it.

And the cash was
a one-time incentive

to keep your mouth shut
for what you saw today.

I-I'm not saying I did anything,

but I don't want any trouble
from you.

I don't want the cash, and I'm
not gonna keep my mouth shut.

If you don't tell Cecilia's dad
about what you did, then I will.

An-And what exactly did I do?

You stole from petty cash.

And what's your proof?

I saw you!
Now you're trying to bribe me!

Look, you know what you did
and what you're doing,

and you know that it's wrong.

I mean it,
if you don't tell Cecilia's dad

about the money, I will.

Okay, Simon.

I'll talk to George.

Anything else?

No, I'll take it
from here, thanks.

Still think
everything will be fine?

I told you it was a trap.

Yes, you did.

Sit down.

I had the charges
against you dropped.

Thanks. How sweet.

You know, if it's any help,

my dad's never had any
of my boyfriends arrested.

He must know
you're really special,

and you are.

And he must know
that I love you, and I do.

Are you going to dump me?


I want your
father to like me

and accept us
as a couple,

but I don't need him to like me
and accept us as a couple.

Yeah. Your father's not going
to scare me off.

I mean he scares me,

but he's not going
to scare me off.

I love you,

and I plan
on marrying you some day,

with or without his blessing.

Now, could you give me a ride
to impound lot?

They towed my car.

I do love you.

You better.

Thanks for inviting me
to dinner,

but my mom's taking me out
for pizza tonight.

Do you think Ben's
going to be able

to pass that shelter dog off as
a trained search and rescue dog?

Do you?


Me, neither, but at least
when he gets fired,

he'll have a nice dog
to come home to.

See ya.



I hate the color
that you picked out

for the bridesmaid dresses.

Uh, we can... we can fix that.

I also hate the band you picked.

Okay, we can fix that, too.

And I hate the menu
for the reception.

Is there anything
I've done for your wedding

that you don't hate?


I don't want

to wear Grandma's dress.

I love Grandma and you,

but I want my own dress
that I pick out.

And I don't want
a big sit-down

dinner reception.

I-I don't want a big wedding.

I don't want orchids,
I want roses in the church.

Mom, I'm sorry.

I hate everything you've planned

mostly because
you've planned the whole thing

without considering
what I want.

It's supposed to be
about what I want.

I'm the bride.


Chief, wh-what are
you doing here?

I've been looking
for you all day.

I've left messages for you
here and at the firehouse.

I-I took Carson out.

I thought we needed a break.

It's important for a rescue dog
and his handler

to have a good relationship.

And too much training
isn't good

for either one of you,
so good for you.

But is Carson ready to go?

The test is next month.

Carson is ready.

Really? Let's see.


Let's see what you've got.


He's really tired.

I don't want to push him
if he's tired.

So how about just
some simple commands?

Heel; jog at heel;
sitting down at heel--

you know, puppy stuff.

Come on.

Give me a demonstration
of what you two

have been working
so hard on the past month.


I insist.

Carson, heel.

Carson, heel.

Carson, heel.

Why don't you try "stay"?

Thanks. Uh...

Carson, stay.

Want me to try?

Carson, heel!

Carson, sit.

You want to know my trick?

This dog is actually Carson.

A shelter employee
brought him

by the firehouse
this afternoon.

Somebody found him
on the Promenade.

The man from the shelter
told me this incredible story

about a fireman
and two kids.

Well, you know the rest.

You spoke to Walter?


He told me
what happened at work today.

I'm sorry.

Earlier when you came
to the house,

you didn't want to thank me

for the job, did you?

You wanted to tell me
about the money?

So, it's true.

I'm afraid so.

I just don't understand why.

Well, does it matter?

There's really no excuse
for stealing.

I agree.

So, what are you going to do?

It's complicated.

I should press charges,
but I don't know.

I have to consider
Cecilia's feelings.

But if I do press
charges, I'm

sure the police will take
into consideration

that you returned the money
you stole.

Wait, wait, wait.

You think
that I stole the money?

That money?
From you?

No, I didn't steal anything!
Walter did!

And then he tried to bribe me
with that money in the envelope!

That is not what Walter told me.

Well, then he's lying!

I have known Walter
over 20 years.

I trust him.

He runs my

He's Cecilia's

And then there's you.

I-I didn't do
what you think I did.



I wish I could believe you.

I didn't steal money
from your father; it was Walter.

Simon, you're not a thief.



Who were you speaking to?


No more Simon.

First the condoms
and the sex.

Now the stealing.

What's next?
Knocking over liquor stores?

Dad, Simon didn't
steal from you.

I know it.

And I can't believe
that after 20 years,

Walter would steal from me,
from our family.

I love Uncle Walter,
but I believe Simon.

And if Uncle Walter is stealing,
you need to know.

Just check it out.


My mom quit.

She won't help me.

This is hopeless.

I can't plan
a wedding in less

than six weeks all by myself.

Not unless we want
to wear sweats

and eat fast food.

This is all
your fault.

You told me
to tell my parents how I felt.

I didn't tell you
to tell your mother

that you hate
everything she's done.

I didn't tell you to
alienate your mother.

Just go and talk to her.

But this time, talk to her.

Don't just explode your feelings
all over her.

Remember, she has
feelings, too.

And you may be the bride,

but she's the mother
of the bride.

And this is the first wedding

she's had the chance
to plan for one of her children.

A wedding is

to be a happy thing.

Go make it a happy thing.

And what about my dad?

Have you told him
why you want him to marry us?

Why it means so much to you?

Why do I have to talk

to everyone?

Why do I have
to fix all of this?

Well, one-- because
you messed everything up.

And two--

I'm not like one
of those modern grooms

who wants to be involved
in every detail.

I don't want to look
at fabric swatches.

I don't want
to approve menus or bands.

Basically, I just want
to show up.

The rest is
up to you.

So then what happened?

The chief yelled at me
and told me

if I ever pulled anything
that boneheaded again,

he would personally make sure
the only fire I ever put out

would be on my stove.

So, you're not fired?

No, not yet,
but I did get written up.




Boy, I haven't seen

you since...

Well, since...

Valentine's Day.

Did you get fired?

No, but...

someone turned Carson in, so...

I have one dog too many.

You can't take her back
to the shelter.

I can't keep her.

Happy doesn't like her.

But I could keep her.

I mean...
if my mom said I could.


Please, Mom?

Look, I know a dog is

a big responsibility,

but what if I said
that I'd help Peter train her?

I have a few more weeks
before I go back to Buffalo.

A trained dog is
a lot easier to have around

than an untrained dog.

Yes, but no dog is easier still.

Oh, okay, okay.
You can keep the dog,

but if you don't
take care of her...

I will, I will!

Thanks, Mom!

Come on.


You know, in the dark,
you look older.

I like the dark.

Me, too.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I shouldn't have said

what I said
about the wedding.

This isn't
just about me.

It's about you and us
and Dad and everyone.

Weddings are supposed to be
about family;

family coming together

to celebrate the start
of a new family.

Are you having a hard time

planning a wedding
in less than six weeks?


I don't think
I could plan a wedding

in less than six years.

I need help.

I-I need advice.

But most of all...

I need you.

I need my mom.

So... you'll help me?

Yes, I'll help you.

Do I have to wear
grandma's dress?


Are you serious?


I love you.

I love you, too.


Someone wants
to see you Dad.

You got sprung
from the joint, did you?

Not before making
some very interesting friends.

I'll let you two talk.

Where's your service revolver?


And your backup piece?


Well, have a nice chat.

Isn't that cute?

She thinks
I'm going to shoot you.

I would never shoot you.

Yeah, but you would have me
arrested and thrown in jail

on false charges, right?

I was sending you a message.

Oh, well, message received.


I have a reply.

A reply?

To your message.


I love your daughter,
and you don't love me.

I can live with that.

Hey, I don't even like
my own father, so...

if you're not in our lives...

I'm okay with that.

"C'est la vie,"
as the French say.

But if you pull another stunt
like you did today,

I'm going to call
a friend of mine

that works
for the New York Times.

We're going to have
a little chat

about the local law enforcement
here in Glenoak.

More specifically,

about the detectives that work

for the Glenoak Police

And more specifically...
about you.

And then my friend

is going to write
an article

on whatever he can dig up
or make up.

The choice is his, of course.

I don't like to tell people
how to do their jobs.

But I guarantee you,
whatever he does write,

will embarrass you
in ways you can't even imagine.

I misjudged you.

Yes, you did.

You have...

...of steel.

Well, I like that.

I still don't like you.


we'll see how things go.

Okay... you want to walk me
down the aisle

just like
a regular dad, right?

Here's the problem.

You're not regular.


You're a minister.

I've dreamed about
my wedding day

ever since
I was a little girl.

And when I dreamed of it,

I could see everything:

family, friends, flowers,

the church,

me in a beautiful white dress...

and you...

you up on the altar,

watching me walk down the aisle,

watching my fiancé--

who, back then,
happened to be Brad Pitt--

pull back my veil.

And in my dream,
Brad would take my hand,

and we would turn to you,

and with tears in your eyes,
you would marry us.

My dream has changed
a lot over the years,

especially the Brad Pitt thing.

But, Dad, one thing has
always remained the same.

You've always been the person
I saw marrying me.


if you don't marry me,

it won't seem like
I'm really married.

It's time for you
to go back to the church.

Please don't let me down.

Make my dream come true.

I won't let you down.

Does this mean...?

Look out, Chandler...

Daddy's coming home.

I love you, Dad.


Were you listening?


I'm back.

Well, welcome back...

Reverend Eric Camden.

I got your message.

What's going on?

And why is
Simon Camden here?

I thought you fired him.

I did.

But I thought
that he should be here

when I asked you
to explain this.


how could you?

I don't know
what this Camden kid's told you,

but he's lying.

I took a look at the books,

and I didn't want to believe
that you could steal from me.

But when I looked
at the books,

I couldn't believe
what I saw.

You've been stealing
from me for years,

and I never knew it.

And you know why
I didn't know it?

'Cause I trusted you.

I trusted you
with my business,

with my family,

with my daughter.

And how did
you repay me?

How did you repay that trust?

You stole from me
and my family.

Walter, I can barely look
at you.

I can explain this, George.

You can explain it
to the police.

This isn't over.

Yes, it is.
You should leave.

And, um...

I think I owe you an apology.

Apology accepted.

Thank you.

No, don't thank me.

Thank Cecilia.

I have never
seen her fight

for anyone more
than she fought for me

to believe you
and what you were telling me.

See you at work?

Most definitely.

I'm sorry about Walter.

Me too.

I love you.


'Cause I really stuck my neck
out for you today.