7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 15 - I Love Lucy - full transcript

Lucy dreams that Kevin takes her out for Valentines Day, and Roxanne comes to steal Kevin away. When Kevin does ask her out for real, she does not want to go. She does go, and he proposes to Lucy. Eric and Annie try to have their own date.

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry to do this to you
on Valentine's Day,

but I have to.

I'm not in love
with Chandler.

I'm in love with Kevin, and
I just can't take it anymore.

I have to have him.


Do something!

What do you want me
to do, Luce?

You heard her.

She's in love with me.

I'm sorry, but I think
Roxanne's feelings are bigger

and better
than the two of us.

I'm afraid
this is good-bye.

Are you okay?


I had a terrible nightmare.

Well-well, open this.

Kevin left it
on the bed.

We all want to know
what it is.

Happy Valentine's Day.

"Looking forward to our first
Valentine's Day together.

"I'm sending a car
to pick you up at 7:00.

All my love, Kevin."

I'm not going.

It wasn't just a nightmare
I had.

It was a bad omen.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

What's going on?

There's a car
and driver out front

and the driver says
he's here for you.

We're invited
to a party.

And I got us a car.

A Valentine treat
for my sweet.

You're leaving?

Aren't we celebrating
the twins' birthday?

Oh, we did that earlier.


It's only 6:00.

Well, we celebrated
at 5:00.

Without me?

Nobody ever cares

about having a birthday
party with the boys,

so your father
and I celebrated with them.

We let them cut
their cake early.

I can't believe you didn't wait
for me.

Well, you know, we thought
you'd want to use the time

to get ready
to go out with Kevin.

I mean, the car's gonna
be here in an hour.

I don't want to go.

I've been trying to call Kevin
all day,

but I can't get a hold of him.

Did he call here?


Well, he'll call
when I don't show up.

You're not gonna stand Kevin
up on Valentine's Day.

Go upstairs,
open up that box,

put on whatever's in it
and be ready to go at 7:00.

I'm still your father.
Do what I tell you.

I'm older and
wiser and...

you should...
listen to me.

No offense,

but Kevin's not gonna ask me
to marry him tonight.

We have an agreement.

Just so you know.

Yes, we know.
Kevin told us.

He also told us
that was your idea.

I didn't want to expect
a proposal and not get one.

Well, I think that Kevin's
cooked up something

that he thinks
is really romantic

to make up for not asking you
to marry him on Valentine's Day.

So I think you should
make the effort to go

and have a good time.

Okay, okay.

I really just can't wait
for this day to be over.


How you doing?

Mm... okay.

Where are you taking Cecilia

Unfortunately, nowhere.

I'm not feeling too good
and neither is Cecilia.

I think I might be coming down
like with the flu or something.

So you're not going out?


Do you know where
Kevin's taking you?

No, but wherever it is,

believe me it's not gonna
be good enough

to make up for the fact that he
still hasn't proposed to me yet.

He'll ask you
when the time is right, Luce.

You know,
maybe he's waiting for...

the anniversary
of when you guys met

or something romantic like that.

Yeah, maybe.

Or maybe...

maybe, as much as he loves me,

he still doesn't want
to marry me.


You know, I'd give you a hug

but I don't want you
to catch the flu.

That's okay.

I hope you feel better.

It's too bad that you
and Cecilia

won't be able to spend
Valentine's Day together.

Yeah, it's okay.

We're gonna spend the night
on the phone together.

You know,
we're gonna tell each other

what we love
about the other one.

That's really nice.

I'd rather do that than go out.

You know you can't
ruin the evening

just because you're not getting
exactly what you want.

Kevin's a great guy.

I know.

You better get ready.

Ruthie made us hats
for our birthday.

We're playing pirates.

I have a present for you, too.

I'm gonna take you to the zoo
any day you want to go.



Yeah, I thought so.

I don't have
to go to class tomorrow.

I just have some work to do
so maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I can't wait to see the dress
Kevin picked out for you.

How do you know it's a dress?

I peeked.

You didn't think
you could just leave it there

and I wouldn't peek, did you?

It's the right size.

Of course it is.

Do you like it?

It's a dress I saw in a magazine
and wanted.

I wonder where he found it.

I wonder where he's taking you.

Probably on a picnic

because he spent all his money
on this.

Of course he didn't have to pay
for an engagement ring so...

Maybe he'll ask you
to marry him anyway.

No, we have an agreement.

We're not getting engaged
on Valentine's.

Why not?

Because I didn't want him

to feel pressured to ask me.

Okay, I've already pressured him

and he still hasn't asked me.

So I told him not to ask me

because I didn't want
to be disappointed.

And to tell you the truth,
he looked so relieved

when I let him off the hook,
I'm still angry with him.

Don't be angry with him.

I'm trying.

I better go get a shower
and get ready.

The car's picking me up.

Cool. When you get out
of the shower,

Sam and David and I probably
won't be here.

We're going down the
street to Peter's.

Mom and Dad said we could
go there for an hour.

I made Peter a card
and he's got something for me.

And for me.

Me, too!

Have fun.

Happy birthday.

Ready to walk down to Peter's?


See you later.

See you later, Simon.

I'm thinking we should have
the all clear by 7:15.


Look at this place.

Are you sure it's okay for
us to spend the night?

Oh, yeah.

I checked-- there's
a hospital nearby

with a really really
good cardiac unit.

Oh, I guess you're planning

on having a really
good Valentine's?

Well, kinda, yeah.

Are those

for me?

I wish I could say
I sent them but I...


"Dinner will be
sent to the room

"in gratitude for all
the dinners you've
cooked for me,

Love, Kevin."

I love him.

Me, too.

So when do you think
they'll get married?

I don't know.

Maybe next Valentine's.


So, what do you want to do
while we wait for dinner?

How can you be so stupid?

You know you wanted him
to ask you to marry him tonight.

Simon, I'm leaving!

Good night.

Miss Camden?

I'm Max, your driver.

Shall we?

Hey, guys.

Come in. Come in.


Happy Valentine's Day.

Is that from you?


I made it.

Kind of.


I had a little help from my mom.

I should have thought of that.

That's okay.
I love the horse brush.

I didn't know
what else to get you.

That was perfect.

For you.

I'm very touched.

We made it.


They had a little help, too.

You guys ready to go?


Now, I-I know that we haven't
known each other that long,

and-and I'm not saying
that we shouldn't

get to know each other better.

But, uh...

what I am saying is...


will you marry me?

That's... That's...

I love you, Roxanne.

And I want to spend

the rest of my life with you.

I... I...

Don't be an idiot.

It's too soon.

You're going to scare her off.

Oh, you look beautiful.


You look really handsome.



Where did you decide
we should go?


Oh, um, well...

there's this, uh, great
restaurant at this hotel

not too far away.

Or so I hear.

A hotel, huh?

A restaurant at a hotel.

Shall we?

I still think we should
have gone straight there.

If we miss this, I'm
going to be really upset.

It's so exciting.

I hope you like Lucy.

I'm going to love Lucy,
because Kevin loves Lucy.

Mom, why do I get the feeling
that you're saying that

just because you want Kevin
to love your fiancé.

Don't call him that.

At least not until I tell Kevin
I'm getting married.

Good work.
Aren't you supposed to bark?

I'll put your things



Feel like some music?

No, I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

I don't guess you could tell me
where you're taking me.

It's a surprise.

Yeah, yeah, surprise.


I hate surprises.

And then his partner Roxanne
walks into the restaurant

and tells us that she can't
stand it anymore,

that she's in love with him
and that she has to be with him.

And what does he do?

He stands up
and walks over to her,

and then that waiter
hands me the check.

That's some dream.

I knew this woman was trouble

from the second
I laid eyes on her.

She's a sex kitten,
that's what she is.

She's man crazy
and she wants my man,

even though she's dating
the associate pastor

at my dad's church.

You can't blame him;
he's hypnotized.

She's just using him because
she's in love with Kevin.

But it's just a dream.

I think it's cruel

the way life has dangled Kevin
in front of me,

only to have the possibility
of having him

snatched away
at any second by Roxanne.

If he loved me,
if he really loved me,

he would've proposed to me
on Christmas Eve,

like I thought
he was going to do.

Men have to do things
in their own way,

in their own time.

Well, I'm sure
my time has passed.

Once the sex kitten
gets her claws into a man,

she can't let go, even if she's
toying with some poor mouse

that has been
caught by surprise.

Wait, haven't we passed by
this place once before?

I'm just giving Kevin
a little time.

He was a little late
leaving the station.

And you know why?


Uh, here.

Fill it up with the,
uh, highest, uh, thing.


I usually fill the
tank up myself,

but I didn't really
want my hands

smelling like gasoline
all during dinner.

Why don't you want
the smell of gasoline

on your hands during dinner?

Because it's not
very appetizing?

I don't know.

Something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong.

I probably should have
done this earlier,

but, uh, I'm sorry,
I just got busy.

I had a busy day, too.

You know, I'd really like
to meet your father.


Uh, because he's your father?

Well, I'd like to meet
your father, too.

And your mother.

Yeah, well...

How's that stab wound?

Feel pretty good
about it.

The guys at the station
have been

a lot more respectful
since it happened.

And it doesn't,
it doesn't hurt at all.


And it wouldn't hurt

if we, um,
wanted to be... close.

Oh, I, uh,

I was really
thinking just dinner.

You know, if a...

couple were engaged,
and they just knew

that they were going
to get married someday,

even if it weren't someday soon,

well, then it would
be okay to, um,

be close, wouldn't it?

I think we've had
this discussion

a few times before now,
haven't we?

Uh... thanks.

We talked about it
in theory, but...

well, that was in theory.

The, uh, hotel's
just blocks away.

Pretty swanky.

I'll see that you get
to the right place.

Uh, I'd like to stop
in the ladies' room.

I'll wait right here.

We're in the lobby.

She's in the ladies' room.

Chandler Hampton.

I have a


And I apologize for asking,

but, uh, would you mind waiting
just five minutes?

We're clearing the table
you requested.

No problem.

I'll be right back.

What are you doing here?

I'm having dinner with Chandler.

What are you screaming about?

Is everything okay
in here?

This is the sex kitten
I told you about.

The one
that ruined my Valentine's Day!

It's a dream;
just a stupid dream.

If you came here
to tell Kevin

that you're not
in love with Chandler

and that you can't live
without him...

Would you just calm down?

I am here with Chandler,

and I think he's going
to ask me to marry him.

And if he does,
I am going to say yes,

because I'm not
in love with Kevin.

I am in love with Chandler.

And if you
do anything

to ruin my Valentine's
Day proposal,

I will never, ever
forgive you, Lucy Camden.

Think I should
take you to Kevin.

I told you something bad
was going to happen.

When she's in the middle
of her crab legs,

it'll suddenly occur to her

that Chandler's
not the guy for her,

and then she'll come
and find us, and...

Oh, my God.

She said he was going
to ask her to marry him.


I hate her!

I hate him, too!

They don't even
know each other!

Kevin and I know
each other.

We're in love
with each other!

We should be the one's getting
engaged tonight, not them!

I may look like
the crazy person,

but they're the crazy people.

Crazy people who are going
to get married before I do!

When I see Kevin, he is so going
to get a piece of my mind.

He probably knows that Chandler
was going to propose to Roxanne.

That's why he's being so nice
and going to all this trouble.

That sounds like Bobby Short,

jazz legend Bobby Short.

Lucy Camden, will you marry me?

Thank you.

Yes, Kevin Kinkirk,
I will marry you.

Hey, would you two come
and dance with me?

Why is Ben's date
dancing with the twins?

Let's just enjoy the moment.

There's plenty of
time for introductions.

I've heard so much
about you, Lucy,

and I'm just so happy
I could be here to
see Kevin propose.

I'm so happy
you were able to be here, too.

It's so nice to meet you.

Mom, you want to
let go of her?

We better get the kids home.
It's getting late.

Not yet.

So, Ben, in all of Glenoak,

there's no one for you to
share Valentine Day with?

I know someone.

Yeah, we know someone.

Peter's mom.

I didn't want to
ruin our dinner

by mentioning this
earlier, but...

I saw Lucy Camden in the
restroom when we came in,

and we sort of had
a confrontation.

I mean, I think she's
here with Kinkirk,

and I don't think they're
getting a room together.

I'm just wondering what
they're doing here.

Does it matter?



I might have gotten
to the church office

one minute earlier
than you saw me.


I thought maybe you did.

And if that was a rehearsal,
I just want you to know

that I've looked in my
own mirror a few times

and practiced a very
calm and respectable...


But if this is the night

that Kevin is
proposing to Lucy,

then I would love to
say yes another time.

I've dreamed of a night like
this practically my whole life.

Well, a night like this

and a night where I catch one
of America's ten most wanted,

but that's another

I just don't want
to upset Lucy

by getting what she
wants so badly from Kevin

on the same night
that she gets it.

You know, and as
crazy as she is,

I'm really starting
to like Lucy.

I mean, maybe it's
because she is so crazy.

And I-I guess it's
just in recent weeks

that I've really realized how
much a man can mean to a woman.

And I'm afraid I'm...

a little... crazy myself.

I think I love you.

Well, I would hope so.

I mean,
if you were going to yes.

You were going to say yes?

Of course.


I said I think I love you.

And I think I love you, too.

I love you, Roxanne.

I love you, Chandler.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I'll call my mom.

I'm going to
go to bed.

It was nice to
meet both of you,

and I'll see you
tomorrow, Ruthie.

Fine. Good night.

It was nice
meeting you, too.


Hi, Mom.

Ruthie and I have
a Valentine's present for you.

It's Kevin's brother.

I think you'll
like him. He's...

You're what?

Let's just say...

I'm financially stable.

We're financially stable.

So, you can afford this?

All of this?

We can afford anything we need.

Maybe even anything
we would ever want.

Will you excuse me
for just a moment?

Of course. Wait just a second.

Um... do you have
your cell phone?

Could I call Matt and Mary?


I'll be right back.

Hey, Chandler.

Lucy told me she ran
into Roxanne.

Are congratulations
in order?

Oh, actually, no.

Uh, Roxanne thought that
I was going to ask her

to marry me, but,
uh, then she thought

that you might
be asking Lucy,

and she didn't want to
upset Lucy, so, uh...

I'm going to wait
to ask Roxanne.

Female logic is
fascinating, huh?

Roxanne's a nice woman.

Yes, yes, she is.


We're engaged.

I invited the Camdens,
Ben and my mom,

and I asked Lucy,
and she accepted.

Wow, good for you.


Want me to smell your
breath or anything?

No, thanks,
I brushed my teeth.

I just hope she's
toothbrushing worthy.



Peter and I will be
in the living room.

Don't do
anything crazy.

She's my mother.

Don't do
anything crazy.

She's my sister-in-law.

I'm Ben.

Uh, I'm Paris.

I wish I would have met you
earlier in the evening.

I think there
were sparks.


So, some
Valentine's Day, huh?

Yep, couldn't be any better
if you kissed me.

I could kiss you.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Have you ever kissed a boy?

Let's not let the past
ruin the present.

Honey, I don't want any trouble.

I'm not gonna kiss you
and risk never seeing you again.

We're young, there
will be other Valentines.

Oh, so you're scared?

No, I'm not.

Just, I'll decide when we kiss.

I, uh...

I haven't really been
out since my divorce.

Do you think
you're ready to go out?

I could do dinner...

or a movie
or... bowling,

but I-I-I don't know
a-about a kiss.

Kissing another man is
gonna be very awkward

after being married
for so long.

I-I... I can't
even imagine it.

Yeah, but what
the heck?

I might as well
get over that.

What is it with
you and kitchens?

Who was that?

That was my mother.

She recently caught me
in the kitchen with a woman.

Well, I'm living
at home right now.

I'm... I'm looking for a place.

How old are you?


And... three-quarters.

You know what's, uh, great

about dating
an older woman, Benjamin?

I have my own kitchen.


I was going to come find you on
my way out.

I was going to apologize, I am
so sorry Roxanne.

It's okay


I got an "I love you."

And that's all
I really want for now.

You told him not
to ask you, didn't you.


Wow, Kevin really went all out.

Yeah, he did.

It was worth waiting
for a night like this.

I can't imagine anything
more romantic.

Oh this is my favorite song.

I love this song to.

I wonder what's taking Kevin
so long?

Oh, he's probably talking
with Chandler.

I asked Chandler
to give us a minute.

would you want to dance?

Sure, why not?

I don't know if I'm comfortable
with this.

It is odd.

Lets cut in.

Do you think Kevin
will survive

an engagement
with Lucy?

Well, he survived
the past year.

He should be okay.

You think you and
I will survive

an engagement with
Kevin and Lucy?

Eh, we can get through
anything together.


You know she's going
to want you...

To marry them?

I know.

I-I, I don't want to think
about that tonight.

I'll think
about that tomorrow.


I love you.

I love you--
happy Valentine's Day.

I just love
that you're a good person

and that you always try
to do the right thing.

You're... you're kind
to other people.

You're friendly, you're sweet.

And I love
that you believe in God

and that you go
to church with me.

Speaking of me, are you
gonna break in anytime soon

and tell me
what you love about me?

You're good-looking,
and I'm attracted to you,

and I love dancing with you.

I also love walking with you
and holding your hand.

And I think the thing I love
the most about you

is that you're considerate of me
and other people.

I think consideration is a sign
of a strong man

who isn't self-involved and is
responsible and caring.

I love you, Cecilia.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I love you, too.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Oh, I hate
to wake up Peter.

We could let him
sleep on the couch.

I'll wake him up.

Did you just...?

Kiss you?

You must be dreamin'.

You did kiss me.

Happy Valentine's, Ruthie.

Happy Valentine's,

It's late.

You better get Ben
to walk us home.

I had a really
nice time.

I did, too.

Maybe we could
see each other again.

I don't know, Benjamin.

You're a little young for me.

But we were making out
in the kitchen for hours.

I know.

And I thank you for that.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.


It seems we're
out of gas.

That can't be right.

I'll take a look under the hood.

We're not out of gas.

I just couldn't drive
any further

without giving you a kiss.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

No, I haven't told Kevin yet,
but I told Ben.

It just didn't seem
like the right time.

I know, I know.

Tell you what.

If it'll make you happy,
I'll call him,

and I'll tell him right away.

I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Kevin Kinkirk, future husband
of Lucy Camden.

How may I help you?

It's my mom.

I have to tell you something,
and I hope you'll be

as happy for me
as I am for you and Lucy.

Can it wait until tomorrow?

No, I just want to
get this over with.

I'll be one minute.

Is anything wrong?

No, everything's fine.

My mom's getting married.

Are you okay
with that?

I'm fine with that.

Good for her.

There's something else,
isn't there?

They want to elope,

and then they want
to go to Europe,

maybe even Italy
for six months.

Maybe longer.


And I was thinking
I'd like

to have my mother
at our wedding.

What would you say

to getting married
before they leave?

Well, wh-when
are they leaving?

The end of April.

Wait, you want to get
married in April?

This April?

Truthfully, I don't
want a long engagement.

I don't know if I can
survive a long engagement.

I'd like to get married
as soon as possible.

Then April it is.



If that's what you want.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Happy Valentine's Day.