7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 17 - High Anxiety - full transcript

Lucy tells Kevin she is thinking of quitting school, and he tells her the wedding is off if she quits. Annie and Eric help another couple face their marital problems and share their own problems. Roxanne leaves the police department.

Okay, what is it
this time?


I wasn't wearing any clothes,
and I forgot the wedding vows.

I was marrying Kevin and
Lucy in my underwear.


Why did I agree to make
my first official act

back at the church
marrying Kevin and Lucy?


Because you love
your daughter very much

and you know
that if you don't marry her

it'll break her heart.

But there's so much
pressure and stress and...

I don't want to mess up

the most important
day of Lucy's life.

It's so...

Thanks for the support.

Hey, Dave.

Hey, starting out early today,
Detective Richardson?


Now, how's that
beautiful daughter

of yours doing?

Roxanne is dating a minister,
if you can believe that.

A minister.

Give me all the cash
in the drawer.

Come on,
hurry up.

I don't have
all day.

Come on, give
me the money.

Drop the gun.

Drop the gun.

My partner's already
called this in.

It's over.
You're not going to get away,

so just put the gun down
so nobody gets hurt.

I know you.

And I know you...

but I also know you need
to put that gun down

before someone gets hurt.


Why didn't you wake me?

You need
your sleep.

No, I need
to practice waking up.

It's just a

You're not going to
oversleep for Lucy's wedding.

Besides, you've got plenty
of time to practice.

The wedding's
not till April.

What about the no clothes thing?

I'll bring an extra suit
to the church.

Maybe you should talk
to someone.

You know,
every time I have a problem,

you can't ship me off
to a therapist.

No, no, no, I meant a friend.

Talk to Morgan.

Patricia's coming
over this morning

to help me, you know,
finish Kevin's apartment

so I can have it ready

by the time they get back
from their honeymoon.

Morgan's got the day free.

Give him a call.

Talk to him,
minister to minister.

You're going to finish
the apartment by April?

I can do it.

Unlike some people I know,
I work well under pressure.

That was cold.

Come on,
I have a test on Monday.

So kiss now,
study later.

There is no later for me.

I have a meeting with
my professor this afternoon,

and I still have
two chapters to read.

But the test
is on Monday.

I know.

Well, you're cutting it
kind of close, aren't you?

I don't have time to do
everything I have to do.

I'm a full-time student,
I'm planning our wedding,

I'm planning on how we're going
to live after our wedding,

and I know things
are not going to get easier

after we're married.

If anything, they're going
to get more difficult.

Difficult in some ways,
better in some ways.

Maybe I should take
a break.

From the wedding?

From school.

Hey, remember
your promise to me

when I asked
you to marry me.

You're going to finish
school and start your career

no matter what.

Sometimes promises
are hard to keep.

Not this one.

And, Luce, if you need
help with the wedding...

You're going to help me?

No, but I can hire
someone to help you.

That's sweet, but I want to...

Do everything

I just never thought a wedding
could take this much time

and energy.

There must be something
I can do to help you.

There is something.

I need a break.

No, you need to study.


No, I will.

I swear.

I wouldn't lie to you.

Okay, bye.

Who were you
talking to?

Wrong number.

It didn't sound
like it was a wrong number.

Trust me, it was a wrong number.

A very wrong number.

Where's Ben?

In the garage,

but your mom and her friend are
working on the apartment today,

so he's going to have
to find somewhere else

to lay around on his day off.

Day off?

He's going to be home all day?

This is not good.

What's not good?

Never mind.


Just a second.

It's for you.


Kevin, are you there?

Sorry, yeah, I'm here.

Look, Detective Michaels called.

There's something going on
with my dad.

I need to go down
to the station.

What is it?
What's going on?

Detective Michaels
would only tell me

that I need to come down
right away.

Do you want me to go with you?

No, I-I'm sure
everything's okay, but I...

I'm on my way.


Kevin sent me
up to tell you

Mom has to work
on the apartment,

so you have to leave.

Okay, I'll just hang
in the house.

I'm versatile.

And lazy.

Come on, it's your day off.

Get out of the house,
do something fun.


Come to The Promenade
with me-- lunch, my treat.

All the burgers you can eat.

Why are you treating me
to lunch?

Well, excuse me
for wanting to spend some time

with my future brother-in-law.

And excuse me for wanting
to talk and get to know someone

who's going to be part of my
family in less than two months.


I know you're up to something,

but I'm hungry
and I've got no plans, so...

lead the way, my very sneaky
soon-to-be sister-in-law.

Why are we staring
at Cecilia?

Because she's beautiful.

Yeah, she's

And I love her.

What are you doing?

Staring at Cecilia.

Yeah, she's beautiful.

I thought you two were going

to help me fix up
Kevin's apartment.

But we like staring at Cecilia.

Yeah, she's beautiful.

Sam, David, let's go.

Bye, Cecilia.


You two can't just sit around
all day and stare at each other.

What's wrong?

We're right back where
we were a month ago.

Where's that?

At the same place we were at
when we both wanted to have sex.

I don't want to go back there.

We're not going to have sex.

You're not going
to forget your clothes...

or the vows.

You're a professional.

You're just
a little rusty.

But if it'll make you
feel better,

we can get together
before the wedding and you can,

uh, practice performing
the ceremony

and I'll watch and...
give you some pointers,

not that you need any.

Okay, thanks, yeah.

All right.

I feel better.

Now, uh,
can we talk about something

that's been making me
a little stressed out

and nervous and anxious?

What's doing that to you?

Not what.


Morgan is
driving me crazy.

He wants to go off
with his friends

and play jazz
on the road.

Well, he can't do that;
he's a minister.

That's what I told him.

I married a minister
not a jazz musician.

Now, he said he can do both.

I said, "No, you can't.

"Not if you're going
to have a church

and be a full-time father."

And he said, "I don't want
to take care of the church.

"I'm tired of
the responsibility.

I want to do something
for myself, like Eric did."

This sounds serious.

Oh, it is.

You want to go on the
road and play jazz?

They're friends of mine.

I've known them
for years.

They need
a bass player.

This is the chance
of a lifetime.

You know, I have you
to thank for this.

You inspired me.

I did?

Yeah, yeah,
you did.

Your period of self-discovery
inspired me

to shake up my life.

Here you go.

What's going on?

Your father's fine.

He's in with
some detectives now.


Why is my dad talking
with detectives?

As soon as the detectives
are finished with your father,

he wants to talk to you.

He wants to tell you
what happened.

He's been asking for you.

No, I want to know
now. You tell me.

Your father was involved
in a shooting this morning.

The suspect was robbing
a convenience store,

and your dad just happened
to come in for a cup of coffee.

Suspect pulled a gun,
aimed it at your father,

your father shot him.

Suspect is dead.

So what's the problem?

Sounds like an open-and-shut
case to me.

Why is he being interrogated
like he did something wrong?

The suspect,
the man your father shot,

was someone he used to know.

It complicates the case,
the shooting.

My dad used to know someone
who robs convenience stores?

I don't think so.

You know him, too.

It was the man suspected
of murdering your mother.

That's who your father
shot and killed today.

We have to do something
about Patricia and Morgan.

I agree.

Leaving the
church? Jazz?

It sounds like he's in the
middle of a midlife crisis.

And we can't let them
make the same mistakes we made.

What mistakes did I make?

You're the one who went crazy.

All right, look,
this isn't about us.

This is about
keeping our best friends

from ending their marriage.

Let's keep our eyes on the goal.

Yes, but I didn't
make any mistakes.



if Morgan goes away
with that jazz band...

you know that their marriage
won't survive.

We have to talk to them.

We have to get them to see
each other's point of view.

I don't think
Morgan will listen to me

since he's modeling
his midlife crisis after mine.

So I'll talk to him.

And I'll talk to Patricia.

You didn't make as many mistakes
as I did, okay?

I can live with that.

I don't understand
how you can go from an "A"

to a "C" minus
in my class.

Well, I do know how.

Your work lately
has been scattered,

not well researched

and just plain bad.

What's going on?

I've been very busy
and preoccupied lately.

With other classes?

No, with my wedding.


Miss Camden, if your grades
drop any further,

you're going to force me to
put you on academic probation.

Frankly, you'd be better off
taking an incomplete now.

That way, at least
you can maintain

the work you've done
all year.

But I really hope
you'll find some way

to balance your personal life
and your school life

and remain a full-time student.

In my experience, very few
students who take incompletes

ever return to school
and finish their degrees.

What about that one?


What's wrong with her?


So ask her out.

I don't want to ask her out.

Why do you care?

You need a girlfriend.

No, I don't.

Just give her a chance.

She could be the one.

I thought Mary was the one.

"The one" hasn't
really worked for me.

Maybe I should be looking for
someone who isn't "the one."

So, are you going to tell me
why I'm here

and why you're acting so weird?

You need to trust me
on this one.

You need a girlfriend,
so get a girlfriend.


Two please.

Which one?
Young Lovers in Paris

or Sammy the Squirrel
Takes a Holiday?

Sammy the Squirrel
Takes a Holiday.


I think it's safe to say
that watching a squirrel

sing and dance his way
across America for two hours

pretty much guarantees
that neither one of us

will be thinking
about sex.

If your upset about your
father, we can talk.

I don't want to talk.

Maybe I should
call Chandler.

I don't want to talk,
and I don't want Chandler.

I just want to wait here
until they release my dad

and then take him home.

I'm gonna
call Chandler.

No, I don't want Chandler.

Okay? I just want
to be left alone.

Go home, Kinkirk.

Look, I don't really know why

Morgan wants to play jazz,
but I do know

that I just woke up one day,

and I needed a change.

I mean, I didn't know
what kind of change,

I just wanted to do
something different.

And I did something

And then thankfully
and recently,

due mostly to Lucy's
upcoming wedding,

I have come to my senses,

and I'm headed back to church.

When I took my little,
uh, break, you should know

that I wasn't easy to live with.

I just... I shut down.

I wouldn't really
communicate with Annie.

And as you know,
communication's the key

to any successful
and happy marriage.


a good way to go--

and don't laugh at me--

but I was thinking
that you and Morgan

might benefit greatly
from therapy.

Now, don't be
afraid of it.

Going to therapy to
help your marriage,

it's a healthy
and sane response

when you just... you
don't know what's broken

and you want to fix it.

It doesn't mean
you're a failure.

It... it means you're human.

Eric, what are you
trying to say to me?

Don't quit your marriage.

Be strong.

Admit that you're
at fault, too,

and get some help.

Maybe Patricia
doesn't think

that you really
want to change careers.

I mean, I know I didn't think
Eric was seriously thinking

about changing careers
when he went off and worked

at that radio station
or wrote that novel,

all the other things
he tried.

It-It wasn't that
I wasn't supporting,

I wasn't understanding.

See, a marriage needs
both those things:

support and understanding.

It also needs love.

But the funny thing is,

the love can't make it through

if the support and
the understanding aren't there

to sort of open the door.

When you finally open that door,

do you know
what's waiting for you?



Remember that.


We need to talk.

Now is not good time.

It's really important.

Roxanne's father was involved
in a shooting today.

I really can't say
anything more,

but I don't want
to leave Roxanne.

Is Roxanne's father okay?


But they're investigating.

Investigating what?

I really can't
talk about it right now.

Look, I'm sorry about
Roxanne and her dad,

and I know my timing's lousy,
but I need to talk to you.

At home, later.

You're right.

My stuff can wait.

I just wanted to tell you
I quit school.

I'll see you at home.

You have to leave.

We were just
watching the movie.

Great, uh, but the kids
are watching you,

and the parents are complaining.

Really, can't you find
a better place to make out

than a Sammy the Squirrel movie?

Honest, we were just
watching the movie.

We're big Sammy fans.

Then tell me what just happened.

I think the squirrel
just did something.


And cute.

While on a holiday.

In America.

Get out.


Ben, this is Jill.

Jill, this is the guy
I was telling you about--

Ben the fireman.

The cute, funny,
sweet, loves pets,

especially dogs, single fireman.

Take off your jacket
and show Jill your chest.

He has a nice chest.

By the way,

Jill is a full-time student
studying modern dance.

Besides being in great shape,

she also likes
long walks in the woods,

burgers not steak, and blue
is her favorite color.

She lives alone now

but is currently looking
for that special someone

to bring home to her parents.

I should probably mention

that Ben is also
very parent friendly.

Are we on camera or something?


What, so you two
are just weirdos?



Morgan barely
talked to me.

How about you?

Uh, Patricia
seems to be in denial

that there's
even a problem.

They do love each other.

So, what are we going to do?

We can't just let them break up.

I have an idea,
but it's kind of nutty.

Oh, I like nutty.

I just got
your message.

Is Roxanne okay?
Is her father okay?

I would have been
down here sooner

but I was visiting people
at the hospital.

Roxanne says she's fine,
but she's not fine.

The guy her dad shot turns out

to be the same guy everyone
thinks is responsible

for her mother's death.

Just some freaky

But there's an investigation.

And, well, I'm glad you're here.

Well, I'm not glad
you're here.

I told him not to call you.

You need to talk to someone.

If you won't talk to me,
talk to Chandler.

Roxanne, you're just upset.

Let's just sit down and talk.

I'm not upset.

I just want to take my dad home.

I mean, why won't
they let him leave?

He didn't do anything wrong.

Where's my dad?

What's taking so long?

He'll be out in a second.

He's just signing a statement.

So is everything okay?

Can we leave now?

Detective Michaels,
is everything okay?

Your father...

your father has decided to
resign from the police force.

What-What did you say?

Your father quit.

I'm sorry.

Okay, now I'm upset.


I want to go home.
My dad needs me.

Uh, well, he said he
wanted to be alone.

This is so wrong.

It is unfortunate
that your father
killed a man...

No, no, that's not
what's wrong.

Okay, I don't care
about that man,

and, frankly,
I'm glad he's dead.

He killed my mother.

What's wrong is that
the police department

forced my dad to quit.

That's not what your
father said.

Look, my dad's
whole life has been

about being a police officer.

He's not just gonna quit
unless they force him to.

I mean, he's not gonna
give up his whole life's work

without a fight.

He just doesn't want any
investigation in the shooting

to taint his career or mine.

Okay, but...

your father's been on the police
force for a really long time,

and he's never killed anyone.

Taking somebody's life,

I mean, it had to have
shaken him up a bit,

made him rethink things.

Couldn't that be why he quit?

Not that life.

What do you mean?

The life he took isn't worth
being shook up over.

That man killed my mother

and he would have
killed my father.

He's a bad man,
and now he's dead,

and some might say
he deserved that.


What, so he deserved to die?

My dad isn't upset that he
killed that guy, trust me.

Are you saying
that your father

could have killed that
guy on purpose?

I wouldn't care if he did.

What is wrong with you?

It-it's in the Bible,

you know,
"An eye for an eye..."

Yes, but, "Turn the
other cheek"

and-and "Forgive
one another

as God has forgiven you"
is also in the Bible.


You know, you're
a police officer,

and your father is
a police officer.

The police don't believe
in vengeance.

They believe in the law.

I had no idea.

You had no idea what?

I had no idea that I was in love
with a bleeding heart liberal

who thinks that criminals
have more rights

than honest,
law-abiding citizens.

You know what?

You don't know how I feel.

And until your mother
is gunned down in cold blood,

which I hope never happens,
you will never know how I feel.

So it looks like I have a lot
to think about,

and I want to think
about it alone.

My grades are slipping
and if I quit now

and take incompletes, I can
protect the work I've done.

It's too much pressure.

Too much stress.

I mean, the wedding and school,

and once we get married
it's just gonna get worse.

I just need a little break.

I'm gonna go back
and finish later,

when things settle down.

We're gonna postpone
the wedding.

The invitations have
already gone out.

You are not quitting school
just so we can get married.

You promised.

It's my decision.

You can't make me
stay in school.

No, but I can not marry you.

You'd do that?

I would most definitely
not marry you

if marrying you
meant you quit school.

Lucy, really think
about this,

because I am serious.

I would never
forgive myself

if I were the reason
you quit school.

Hold on.

I think I deserve
an explanation.

What's going
on with you?

What do you mean?
I mean...

why did you want me
out of the house?

Why did you want me to go
to The Promenade with you?

Why did you throw
that Jill woman at me?

Why do you want me to get
a girlfriend so badly?

And don't tell me it's because
you don't want me to be alone.

Come on,
I thought we were friends.

Tell me what's going on.

You got a phone call today.

Actually, you got a lot
of phone calls, all week.

Who called?

Someone who I think
will hurt you.

Even though she won't mean to,
she will.

It's what she does.

I love her.

She's just not good
at the relationship thing.


Mary called?

I'm sorry.

I should have told you
she called.

I just knew she was gonna try
and get back together with you.

She broke your heart once,

I just didn't want to see her
break it again.

So you thought that
if I had a girlfriend,

that I wouldn't want to get
back together with Mary?

Ruthie, that's sweet
of you, but...

I-I doubt Mary wants to
start seeing me again.

She told me to tell you

she left a ticket
at the airport for you.

She wants you to come
see her in Florida,

as soon as possible.

She wants you back.

Now all you have to do
is decide if you want her back.

what's going on?

You know, Eric and I both
tried to talk to you today,

but we couldn't
get through.

So, uh, we're asking you
as friends,

as your best friends,
to just talk to each other,

or at least try to
talk to each other.

If you won't do it
for yourself,

do it for us.

We'll check back with
you in an hour.

I think you can
give this one hour.

Do you know
what's going on?

I was gonna ask you.

What is wrong
with them?

I don't know,

but don't you dare leave me
alone with Eric.

If I have to hear anymore
about communicating,

and understanding,
and marriage,

I'm gonna scream.

I hope this works.

Are you sure we're doing
the right thing?

If things had gotten that bad
between the two of us,

I would have liked to have
someone lock us in a room

until we made peace.

We'll check in
on them after dinner.

That'll give them time to talk
and work their problems out.

Things did get pretty
bad between us.

It's better now,
and I love you,

and I know that Patricia
loves Morgan.

And I know Morgan
loves Patricia.

We're doing the right thing.

Yeah. Yeah.

Now what are we gonna do
in here for an hour?

We can't do that.


Hey, they said
we had an hour.


I've, uh, I've got
a little project

going on in
Kevin's apartment,

so if you wouldn't mind
sort, of, you know,

staying away from there
until later tonight,

I'd really
appreciate it.


Are you okay?


But would you do me a favor
and tell Kevin I had to leave?

Where are you going?


I'm so embarrassed.

Kicked out of the
movies for making out.

Not just any movie--

a stupid Sammy
the Squirrelmovie.

What's wrong with us?

I love you.

I... I can't help it.

I just... I want to kiss
you and be with you.

I love you,

but I'm not ready to have sex.

And it seems no matter
how hard we try,

we kept heading
in that direction.

It shouldn't be this difficult
to do the right thing.

Face it, we're weak.

We're not stronger
than our emotions.

What are you saying?

I'm saying
I'm not strong enough.

I like you too much.

If we keep going like this...

I don't know
if I'll be able to say no

when I know no is
what I want to say.

We've tried things your way,

and now I think we have
to try things my way.

We'll just have to see
less of each other.

It's for the best.

Well, isn't there
any other way?

I don't think so.

I'll take the bus home.

I'll see you around.

I thought about
this all afternoon,

and I don't want
to be a part

of this department

Is this about your father?

Yes, this is about my father.

He means the world to me.

He means everything to me.

For a long time,
it's been just the two of us,

and I love him very much.

And that's why I can't
be a part of something

that doesn't support him 100%.

This department should

be standing behind him,
not forcing him out.

Roxanne, really I...

No, you know what, nothing
you say can change my mind.

Consider this...

my resignation.

I quit.

Uh, Detective Michaels.

Thanks for agreeing to see
me on such short notice.

On the phone,
you said it was important,

something about Roxanne.

I need your help.

I-I already tried talking to her
about her dad,

and then we just ended up

having a fight, so...
She quit.

The police force?

It's about her father, isn't it?

I've been trying
to get hold of him,

but he's not taking any calls.

I was hoping maybe you could
go over and talk to him

and get him to talk to Roxanne.

I think he's the only person
she'll listen to.

I want to help but, uh,

do you really think her father
would listen to me?

I think he'll listen to you.

What makes you so sure?

'Cause you love Roxanne
as much as he does.

What's going on?

I thought we agreed
to see less of each other?

I have the solution
to our problem.

You do?

Well, what is it?

There is no solution
to our problem.

We love
each other.

And so it's just
going to be difficult for us

to want more
out of our relationship

than either one of us
is ready to give.

We've been searching
for a solution

to make being with each other
easier, and there is none.

It's just the price we have
to pay for liking each other

so much and respecting that
we're not ready to have sex.

Yeah, sometimes it won't be
easy, sometimes we'll want more,

but as long as we accept
that this is the way

things are going to be

and stay together
with that understanding,

then we can see each other
as much as we want.


I can live with that.

I missed you.

Me, too.

Where's your dad?


How are Roxanne and
her father doing?

I'm not sure.

But Chandler
is on the case.

I'm not going
to quit school.

I want to become a minister,

and I also want to be your wife.

And I think with a little
planning and help,

I'll be able to graduate with
honors in both those programs.

I love you.

And that's why I know
I'll be able to handle

whatever life throws at me.

We're going to be a family.

And we're going to take care
of each other,

for better or for worse.

Kevin, we
need to talk.

It's about Ben.

Roxanne, I've been
looking for you all over.

You can't quit.

No, what I can't do is stand by
and watch them force you out

just because you were
doing your job.

You don't even know why I quit.

Because the department wants
to take disciplinary action

against you for killing that
man, or even criminal action.

Why would they do that?

Because they think
you killed that man

on purpose
because he killed Mom.

Is that what you think?

I didn't kill him on purpose.

I'm not sorry he's dead.

But today, I just did my job.

And it's

but I've been cleared
of any wrongdoing.

The department's not going
to do anything to me.

The chief actually tried

to get me to reconsider.

Quitting is my idea.

I-I don't get it.

If they're not
forcing you out...

It's over.

What's over?

A war inside me
that I've been fighting

since your mother was killed.

I don't know if I'd feel this
way if I hadn't killed the man

that you and I both know
killed your mother.

But he is dead,

and so is my desire
to do this work.

I didn't become a police officer
because of your mother's death.

But her death
was very much a part

of how I felt about police work
for the past ten years.

And now
I'm-I'm ready

to retire.

I'm ready to let go
of the tension,

anger and pain...

start a new life.

I know you quit today

to support me.

And I appreciate that.

But-but it's, it isn't right.

One, I don't need
the support and, two,

you're a good police officer
who needs to stay on the force.

Don't be a quitter.

Your mother wouldn't
want you to quit.

I don't want you to quit.

We all do what
we have to do,

even if doing what we have
to do isn't always easy.

And what you have to do
is do the work

that you know
you were born to do...

whether I'm on the force or not.

You are a great daughter.

And you're an outstanding
police officer.

And what I think
is that this town needs

at least one Richardson

looking out for its welfare.

I love you, Dad.

Oh, and I love you.

Now, get your butt
back to the station

and tell Detective Michaels
that you're not quitting.

Okay, but I just have
one stop to make first.


Yeah. Yes, you do.

Looks like
they made up.

Oh, they're back.

They're back. Get up.

Get up!

It's been
an hour already?

It's nighttime.

It's, uh, you know,
after dinner.

Well, it's a good thing the kids
spent the weekend at my mom's.

She okay?

She's just happy.

About what?

About you
and Patricia.

What about us?

You're back together.

What are you
talking about?

What do you mean, "what
are you talking about?"

You and Morgan were on
the verge of breaking up,

and we helped
keep you together.

Morgan and I are fine.

Well, yes, now,
after our help today.

No, no, we've... we've
always been fine.

Uh, what about the big fight
you guys were having today?

What fight?

You wanted to
leave the church.

To play jazz
with that touring band.

You said

my journey of self-discovery
inspired you

to want to play jazz
with your friends.

Ah, that's just the argument
I used this year.

Next year, I'll think
of something else. I...

Eric, I'm sorry.

Today, when we were
talking, I-I...

You know, I was just talking.

I... I love Patricia.

She can drive me nuts
sometimes, but I love her.

And I love you, too, honey.

We didn't save your marriage?


And we didn't stop you
from having a midlife crisis?

Hmm? Uh, no, no.

No, but you did give us
one heck of an afternoon.



at least I'm not nervous
about Lucy's wedding anymore.

Of course, now I'm a tad nervous
about counseling people.

I can't believe we missed
Ben at the airport.

At least we tried
to stop him from making

yet another monumental mistake
involving your sister.


That's okay.

I love Mary.

But I know she's just
going to break Ben's heart.

There's nothing
we can do about it now;

he's probably
halfway to Florida.

Or not.


I got all the way on the plane
before I realized something.

What am I, nuts?!

I can't get back together
with Mary.

I mean, she's beautiful, but...

she'll crush my heart
like a bug.

Sometimes, just when I think
he's a total bonehead,

he does something
really smart.


Reverend Chandler Hampton?


Who do you
think you are?

'Cause you know who
I think you are?

I think...

you're the kind of man
who loves me so much

that you would do anything
to make me happy.

Including talking to my dad
so he would talk to me

so I'd reconsider resigning
from the police force.

Which, by the way, I did.

I'm also hoping

you're the kind of guy
who can forgive

his very opinionated, outspoken,

and blunt girlfriend
for the way she conveyed

her theories on crime
and punishment today.

I still believe in
everything I said,

but there's room in my life

for other people's
thoughts and opinions.

Well, at least your
thoughts and opinions.

And in retrospect,
I could have been

a little more open-minded
to what you were saying.

Aren't you going
to say anything?

I'm sorry.

For what?

That your mother was killed.

You're right.

I don't know how you feel,

but I feel for you.

And just so you know...

I like the fact that

we have different opinions
on things.

Our differences are
what make us a great couple.

And I'm sorry that you had to
come down here and apologize.

I know it wasn't easy for you,

being stubborn, opinionated
and outspoken and blunt.

I never said I was stubborn.

Do you deny it?


I really do love you.

I love you, too.