7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 9 - Lost - full transcript

Robbie has spent too much time with Joy on top of his two jobs, so he demands a day off to buckle up studying. She insists 'just this one day' and Eric convinces Robbie he should at least find out if it's a special day. On his way, he finds a picks up a stray dog tagged in Arizona. It turns out to be the pet that disappeared exactly two years ago with joy's kid brother Joseph, and may now lead the police to the boy and his abductor. At home, the girls asks their parents to select ideal partners, leading to lots of speculation. Matt and Simon's attempt to pick up suitable girls by walking the wins backfires.

Do you miss Jeremy?

Yeah, I do.

I miss Wilson.

Wilson's a nice guy.

So is Jeremy.

I don't think I'm ever going
to find a guy like Jeremy.

Yeah, I feel the same
way about Wilson.

You know what I think?

I think it's time to move on.

You should get up, get out, and
find yourselves new boyfriends.

After all, Robbie has
a new girlfriend.

Don't you want what he has?

Someone new and exciting
to love?

Someone with whom
you don't have a past?

Someone who holds the promise
for a real future?

Isn't that what we all want?

-Yeah, but where are we
going to find all that?
-It seems to me

that you should go to the two
people who are experts on love.

And who would that be?

Mom and Dad.

Why not let them find
your next boyfriends,

AKA future husbands?

That's funny. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, Mom and Dad picking
out guys for us?


Thanks, Ruthie.

Hey, it's not like
you're doing so hot on your own.

And they know you really well

and they have your best
interests at heart.

Come on, let Mom and Dad

find your next true loves.

Even if it doesn't work out,

you can't end up any worse off
than you already are.

I wonder who they'd pick for me.

I wonder who
they'd pick for me.

I am desperate
for some alone time.

We want you to find
us boyfriends.

Husbands, even!

I beg your pardon?

We want you and Mom to
find us someone to love.

We want to get married,

But I want you to go to school,

then get jobs,
then get husbands.


But we can be in love,
then go to school,

get jobs and get married.

Yeah. Find us
someone like that.

Like what?

Like someone who will
be good for us.

And will help us
through school

and encourage us while
we're looking for jobs
and then marry us.

Your mom and I should
find each of you

a man who's willing to do this?

Come on, you two have

someone to love.
Why shouldn't we?

Is this about Joy?

Marriage is a bond
made by two

people who share a very deep
and personal connection.

For the two of you to ask me
to choose someone

with whom I think you could
share that connection

is, well... that's... nuts.

I'm not a dating service.

I'm your father and a minister.


No, I'm not scared. I just...

I think it's not
up to me

to steer you
to the right person.

It's up to God.

When the time's right,

the right guy will come along
for both of you.

You just have to be patient.

Yep, he's scared.



Why are you home so late?

I had to stay late at school
for a PTA meeting.

Which did you go as,
parent or teacher?

Where are Mary and Lucy?

Oh they went down to
the church to see Dad.

They want him to find them
someone to love.


You, too.

They want the two of you
to pick out guys for them.

Oh, that's pretty funny.

I think it's kind
of interesting.

You know, not that
I'd ever do it,

but if I had to,
I think I could find

the right men
for my daughters.

And I think it'd be a lot easier
than you might think.

I think it'd be a lot
harder than you might
think and disastrous.

Why would you say that?

You know I know my children.

I know each one
of you very well.

In fact, I
probably know you

better than anyone
else knows you.

Well just out of curiosity,
who would you pick for me?

Who is it?

Oh, come on, we both know.

We do?

Well, who is it?

Wouldn't you like to know.

You know, on second thought,
I wouldn't like to know.

Wouldn't like
to know what?

Mom thinks she knows
the right woman for Simon.

Not only that, she
thinks she knows

the right person
for each of us.

What idiot asked her?

Two idiots-- Lucy and Mary.

They want Mom and Dad to find
them someone to love.

Where'd they get a crazy
idea like that?

Where do they get any
of their nutty ideas?

Why does everyone think
this is such a crazy idea?

Your father and I might be able
to provide them

as well as you and you,

with some
valuable insights.

You know, you all think that

your dating lives are so

But from my perspective,

it's perfectly obvious who you
should be going out with.

I don't care how
obvious it is.

Do me a favor,
don't tell me.

I don't want to know.
Ignorance is bliss.

Besides I think it's important
to date other people

before we find the
person we want to marry.

Otherwise how will we know
it's the right person

if we haven't dated
the wrong person?

Don't you think
you've already dated

plenty of the wrong persons?

And you!

Come on, Mom, you're
dying to tell them

who the right women are.

Hit them with it,
they can take it.

My lips are sealed,
unless asked.

Well, I'm asking. Tell me.

I can keep it to myself.

Fine, don't tell me.

I don't need to know.

They need to know.

With any luck, I can clear out
the whole house

with one clean sweep.

I can't.

I found out today
I made a C on that paper.

And I have to keep
up my grades

'cause I have an
academic scholarship

that requires a B average.

I can't.

I can't.

For the same reasons
I just gave you!


But I need you today,
just today.

I think you're being
totally selfish here.

I've been with you every day
since we met.

I can't just play
anytime I want.

I have two jobs. I work
part-time at the grocery store

and every day after school
at the day care center.

And I'm carrying a full course
load and it's hard.

It's just today.


I have very little time
in a day.

And I've been spending
that time with you.

And now I have to catch up.


Why can't you just
say you understand?

Why can't you
just say

you'll play with me today
and you'll study tomorrow?

It's just today.

You're starting to sound
like a spoiled rich kid.

You're the one who's only
thinking about yourself.

You know, I think
we better hang up now

before this gets any worse.


Uh, trouble in Loveland?

No, I'm just having a little
trouble with one of my courses.

-That's all.
-Well, you're
awfully passionate

about your studies.

What course are you
having trouble with? Joy 101?

It's "Angry Irish Women Poets."


It is.


Do you mind?

Oh, not at all.

Where have you been?

We really want to talk
to you about something.

PTA meeting.

We need your help.

And Dad's, but we're not
sure he's willing.

I talked to Ruthie.

I know who I would pick out
for each of my children.

But maybe since you came
to both your father and me,

I should hold off on telling you
until I consult with my husband.

You know,
with only one bed in here,

it would be like having
my own apartment.

Hey, Ruthie.

- Back so soon?
- Mom said

the two of you were
talking earlier.

Yes, I talked
with Mom, and, no,

I don't know who Mom thinks
you should go out with.

Told you.

But I do know the guy
I'd choose for you.

I just can't decide which of you
to tell about this guy.

Then why don't you
tell both of us?

Well, I don't want you
fighting over him.

Maybe neither of
us will want him.

Who is it?

Oh, both of you want this guy.

That's why I don't know
if I should even bring it up.

You might have grown up a lot
since I've lived here,

but I can still kick
your butt. Who is it?


He has a girlfriend.

Had a girlfriend.
They're already fighting.

How do you know that?

Oh, there's very little
going on in this house

that I don't know about.

I heard them on the phone.


Oh, hey.

Can you believe
all that crazy stuff

about Mary and Lucy?

That's exactly
what it is, craziness.

You know, I don't know
why they even want to find

a serious relationship.

I know I don't.
No sir, not me.

I am happy just
the way I am, single.

Oh, just look at Robbie.

He's in love,
and he's miserable.


I mean, sure
Joy's pretty, but...

Yeah, she is pretty,
and... and nice.


The way she sings.

Oh, yeah, and the way
she moves when she sings.

We need
to find girlfriends fast.

-Good ones, and how
are we going to do that?
-We can't go

to Mom,
not after we laughed at her.

We're on our own.

We're gonna have to just
come up with a plan.

Right, a plan.

First, we should figure out
what we're looking for.

What qualities we
want in a woman.

Yeah. Attractive.



Good girls,

Well, what attracts
good girls that are






Um, you didn't agree

to help Mary and Lucy

find boyfriends
or husbands,

did you?

No, but I do think
it'd be kind of fun

to choose someone for them,
don't you think?

I don't know. I...

What's wrong?

It's just that...

It's an awesome challenge,

and one that was brought about
purely out of jealousy.

They-They want what Robbie has,

and they want it
before they enter

into the holiday dating season
so they don't have

to spend the holidays
watching Robbie and Joy.

But I think
that maybe we can

spin this into something good.

You know, use it
as an opportunity

to talk to them
about serious relationships.

Or we could just tell them who
we think they should be with.

You know
who they should be with?

I'm their mother.

Can I have word with...


I have this problem.

Well, it's not
exactly a problem.

Joy and I...

Maybe we should
go to my office

where it's a
little more private.

I agree.

Okay, it's a problem.

I'm having a
problem with Joy.

And that is...?

She wants me
to come over,

and she says it has
to be now, today.

And I have to study, because
I made a C on a paper,

and I can't lose my
academic scholarship.

Yet, she insists.

You know, she's being
completely unreasonable.

Has she been unreasonable on
other days, at other times?


Oh, then... then
why today? Why now?

I don't know.

Does she have

a happy home life?

I think so.

She gets along
with her parents pretty well,

and they seem like nice people.

Is today a special day,
maybe her birthday?

I don't know.

Do you think that's it?

I don't know, but shouldn't
you know the birthday

of the woman
who's the love of your life?

I hope that's not it.


Because I don't have the money

to buy her something
that would be in her league.

Haven't you learned anything
about cheap gift-giving from us?

Yeah, but it's different.

They're all...


These people are rich.

It doesn't make any difference.

And, you know,
maybe it's not her birthday.

Maybe something happened today

that she needs
to share with you.

Maybe it's something good.

Maybe it's something
not so good,

some disappointment.

Then why wouldn't she just tell
me over the phone?

I have no idea.

Look, Robbie,

I'm very impressed with
your hard work and your

studying, but unless
you have something

that just absolutely can't wait
for an hour or two,

then maybe you should
just drive over,

ask Joy what's really going on,

and then decide
if she's being unreasonable.

If I'd have thought you were
going to take Joy's side,

I would have gone
to Mrs. Camden for advice.

You know, maybe

I was wrong about Joy.

Maybe she's just too rich
and too beautiful and too...

Good for you?

Maybe you should just

settle on one
of my daughters instead,

you know,
as a consolation prize?

I wasn't saying that.

I know that.


you're in the family,
and I'm going

to treat you
like I would one of my own.

I don't think either
of my daughters

is the right choice for you.

Look, I know
this relationship
is still young,

but I think you

and Joy should give it a shot.

You-You... You know, you seem
to make each other very happy,

and you seem
like you're in love,

and love is a wonderful thing,
so go for it.

She's not too good for you.

You have a lot to offer.

You're a good man.

You know the difference
between right and wrong,

and you got the guts
to do the right thing.

You're a hard worker.

You're in your second year
of college with no help

or support, other than a small,
very small scholarship.

You got a good heart.

You're capable of

loving a woman

and marrying her
and having a family with her.

And you're a risk taker,
so, go take a risk.

See why Joy's being
so unreasonable.




-I've changed
my mind.
-Me, too.

We're not going to
bother you anymore
about the boyfriend,

husband thing.

-I'm going over
to Joy's.

-I'll miss dinner,
if that's okay.
-Uh, sure.

I'll save
for you.



I'm going to the library
first, so I may be late.

-Never mind!
-Never mind!

-We still
need help.

-Help us.

All right,
I'm not promising anything.

♪& I'm getting married in the
morning. ♪&

♪& Ding-Dong the bells are going
to chime. ♪&

So, are we going to fix them up?

Here, boy.

Hey, pal, you look
like Happy, only bigger.


You're a long way
from home...


Come on, I'll give you a ride.

But first we have to go see
a friend of mine.

I'm having a few problems
with my girlfriend.

Girls can be a lot
of trouble, you know.

Especially this one.

She's beautiful.

In fact, I think
I've got a picture.

Yeah, no kidding.

There's just not much you can
do when you fall in love,

but be in love, you know.

And if she dumps me because
I'm not rich enough for her,

then she dumps me because I'm
not rich enough for her.

But it's not going to be because
I didn't act like a man.

Here we go.

Here's the house.

Maybe we'll just sit here
and talk a little more

until I decide exactly
what I want to say.

So what is it
you're looking for?

What is it you're
looking for?

A nice guy.

A nice guy.

And good looking.

And good looking.

And tall.

And tall.

And smart.

And smart.

He should have dark hair.

Blonde hair.

And dark eyes.

And blue eyes.

And he should love children.

And he should be
from a big family

because I love the idea
of having a big family.

I'd prefer an only child,

because this is
my family

and it's already so big

and I would want him
to make this his family

instead of the other way around.

I'm not going to leave
my family and cling to his.

It's important that
I like his family

because you know,
it'll be my family

since I'll leave mine
and cling to his.

You want to talk?

I thought I was too rich

and stuck up and selfish
for you to talk to.

And I thought I was too

and judgmental to talk to.

It's not your birthday, is it?


Is it your birthday?

Because if it is,
you should have told me

because a guy should know
things like that

about the woman he loves.

It's not my birthday.


That's my dad.

I'll be right back.

But don't go anywhere.


He can't be a picky eater.
I hate that.

He has to watch what he eats.

I want him to go to college,

but it's not
that important to me.

He should go to college.
That's important.

And I want someone
I would never cheat on.

And he would never
cheat on me-- ever.

And I would never cheat on him.

We're on our way out.

Out where?

You know.

I'm not gonna let you
use Sam and David to
help you pick up women.

How could you say that?

We're just taking the boys out
to breathe a little fresh air.

They're going to
fall asleep soon.

Sleeping people
breathe, too.

Dad, you've got it
all wrong.

We're not using
Sam and David to
pick up women.

We're using them to filter
out the wrong kind of women.

I'm not sure how
to respond to that.

Then why respond at all?

Here's to sharing secrets.

What secret?

This isn't my birthday.

It's my brother's birthday.

What brother?

I didn't know
you had a brother.

My brother Joseph.

He disappeared a
couple years ago.

What do you mean
by "disappeared"?

He was seven.

I was helping him

give the dog a bath
in the front yard,

because that's where the
gardener left the hose.

Joseph and the dog

got in the mud.

I was trying to help him.

But I didn't end up
helping him at all.

I went into the house
to get some more towels,

and when I came out,
he was gone.

Your brother was gone?

Gone... gone where?

I don't know.
No one knows.

At first I thought he was
playing some kind of game.

But the towel was still
on the walkway

and the water was still

but he wasn't there.

I ran in the house

and got my mother,
and she came outside.

I mean, everyone who worked
here came outside.

We called the police.

They came right away.

But they couldn't find him.

My dad came home
from work.

We looked everywhere.

The neighbors helped,

the community helped,
the news media...

but nothing.

He was gone.

Just like that.

It's been two years.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

And I feel terrible for not
just coming over here sooner

when you asked.

Bad plan.

We took too long
to get ready.

Okay, I took too
long to get ready.

Oh, those are
the cutest boys.

You two should be
ashamed of yourselves

for keeping them
out this late.

What is wrong with you?

It's late, it's cold.

Get them home.

I think both girls have
a pretty good idea

now about what
they're looking for.


Yeah, but we have
other ideas, right?


Okay, well why don't
we start with Lucy?



Robbie's brother. Close to
Robbie, but not Robbie.

Which brother?

The one she made out with
at the Promenade

or the one from
the living room?
-The living room.

Why the living room one?

She's very attracted to him.
And he's successful.

-He's in a band.

Don't you ever
talk to Robbie?

Only to encourage him to stay
away from our daughters.

And shouldn't we thinking...
outside the Palmer


Okay, how about...?

He enlisted.

Rod enlisted?

In whose army?


Marines. Semper Fi.


Yeah, gave
up his hair.

All right.


Why not?

Mike's seeing someone.

-A girl.

All I know is, she's
not our daughter.

Oh, I love that kid.

Oh, come on, he wasn't
even your first choice.

I was saving him.

Oh, uh-huh, saving him, right.

Well, let's see your choices.

Who did you pick for Mary?

He ran over her.

Oh, right.

He said he was sorry.


Who's that?

You know, uh, from church.

He's married.
You married him.



The fireman from Buffalo?

We don't know anything about
the fireman from Buffalo.

We don't even know his name.

We know he's a good kisser...
and a fireman.

Did you even try to come up
with any real candidates?


Hey, why not Wilson?

Why can't she just go back
with Wilson?

No, no Wilson.

Is that it?
Is that your list?

Well, what made you think
this would be easy?

Because it's not only not easy,
it's impossible.

It's not impossible.


Whose dog is barking?

Is this day not bad enough?

I'm so sorry.

I didn't know about today.

I found this dog
on the way over here,

and... I'm sorry.
I'll just run out

to the car and make
sure the dog's okay.

I'll walk with you.

I'll walk with you, too.

can't stay in the house either.

It's too hard.
I need to get out.

Where'd you get this dog?

I found it a couple blocks away.

It has an Arizona
tag on it,

no phone number.

I was thinking of
driving it back, but...

Go call the police.

The detective's name
is still by the phone.

It's my son's dog.


I thought you were
coming over here.

Well, I thought you said
it's not an emergency.

What's going on?

Just come over here.
Sergeant Michaels

will meet you
in front of the house.

Sergeant Michaels?

It's not what you think.

It's not bad... exactly.

Just come over here.

All right.

I... I'm on my way
out the door right now.

What is going on?

Well, he didn't say, but
he said it's not bad,

so it's good...

I'll call you as soon
as I know more.

Good night.

So how'd you
and Matt make out?

Oh, well... one really pretty
woman talked to us.

Well, that's great.

She told us that
we should be ashamed

for having children out so late.


Don't worry, Simon,

I'm sure there's someone
out there for you.

And if not, well,

at least you got your health.

Thanks for the
comforting words, Ruthie.

You always know
just what to say.

Don't mention it.




How are you two doing?



Wh... what are you doing
going out so late?

Everything okay?

I'm just, uh, off
to help a friend.

I'm not sure
if everything's okay.

Is everything okay here?

Yeah, yeah,
everything's fine.

Well, then... I'm...

I'm off.


I really miss you.

I really miss you, too.

Why didn't you tell me
you broke up with
your boyfriend?

I didn't think
you'd care.

I care.

I still care.

You know this isn't
going anywhere.


I just finished
my student teaching.

I'm moving.

I want to teach in New York.

You knew that, right?

No. No, I didn't.

That's been my plan all along.

This is why my boyfriend
and I broke up.

We just decided to let go

since we want to start our
careers in different cities.

But I thought you were
in love with him.

I think I'm a little in love
with being in love.

And I don't think anyone's
ever going to mean

as much to me as my first love.

Well, I was your
first love, right?

You don't know that?

Well, I, you know...

You were my first love.


So, uh,
your father

left to go help Robbie.

Robbie and Joy didn't
break up, did they?

As far as I know,
they're still together.

Robbie said he needed your
father for something good.

They're getting

I doubt it.

Well, what about me?

Did you and Dad come up
with any ideas before he left?

Yes, we did.

We came up with the idea

that you should each
make your own choice

now that you both know

what you're looking for
in a relationship.

That's it?

You know

we expected this
from Dad.

But we are very
disappointed in you.

I can live with that.

I think it's
too soon

for me to worry about choosing
the right woman, don't you?

No choices?

Not really.

I think you have plenty of time.

Good night.

Love you.

I love you, too.

Good night.

So, what happened?

What do you mean?

Well, you couldn't
come up with anyone?


I know who I'd pick.

For Mary and Lucy?

Want to know?

Sure, I'd love to know.

I'd have to say Mike Pierce
for Lucy.

Even though

he tried to kill himself,
he's the sanest,

nicest and best-looking guy
she ever went out with.

I totally agree.

-And your second choice?

that would be important,

since she's not interested
in Mike Pierce.

I'd have to say
someone new.

So new I don't even know
who it is yet.

And Mary?


Oh, I think
that's played itself out.

Has it?

Well, he's in love with Joy.

Well, that may play
itself out, too.

That doesn't mean that Robbie
would go back with Mary.

You're kidding yourself.

What are you doing
out of uniform,

Sergeant Michaels?

It's Detective
Michaels now.

That's great. Congratulations.

Thank you.

I'm Officer Willis.

I'm came along because I'm
familiar with the case.

What case?

We'll explain everything
to you inside.

What's going on?

I picked up

a lost dog on the way
over, and it turns out

it belonged to Joy's
little brother Joseph,

who's been missing
for two years.

The dog license has an
out-of-state address

in Arizona.

Joy's family always thought
it was an old girlfriend

of Joy's father
who took Joseph

but they couldn't
find her.
-Why would

Joy's father's old
girlfriend be a suspect?

Joy's father was supposed
to marry this woman.

But he married
Joy's mother instead.

And it set off years of this
woman harassing them.

When Joseph disappeared,
the woman disappeared, too.

-So what's the plan?
-Well, they're
trying to

get help from a judge and
the police in Arizona,

but it's complicated and they
want to move on it right away.

They want to just get someone
neutral to take back the dog

and see if they can get the
police to help grab the kid.

Someone like...?

Have you heard


Joy promised to call the
second she does, but...

Did you get
any sleep?


It's all going
to be fine.

They'll find him,
they will.

You didn't sleep much, did you?

I couldn't.

Yeah, I don't imagine Joy
and her mother did either.

Come on, we'll go wait
with them.

What if we're there
and things turn out badly?

Then you'll be
there for them.

They'll need you.

I hope this all
works out, Robbie.

It's got to
work out.

Matt, how's Heather doing?

What... Heather?

Well, you two spent
quite a bit of time

on the back porch last night.

How, how'd you know?

A mother knows.

Ruthie told you.

And after all
this time, it's

like we've never been apart.

So, is Heather the one?


I was hoping.

Me, too.

You're gonna call him,
aren't you?


Oh, we both know who.

I'll leave you two alone.

Anything from Dad?

Oh, not yet.

So, if you had picked
someone for me,

who would you
and Dad have picked?

Mike Pierce?

He's a great guy.

I know.

And maybe someday
when I'm ready

for a serious relationship,
I'll call him.

He's a great guy,
but we don't think
he's right for you

because you're obviously
not in love with him.

And he's seeing someone.
I don't know her name.


Did you pick anyone
for Mary?

No one.

Not Wilson?



For the same reason.

He's seeing someone?

No, Mary's not in love
with Wilson.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, Wilson, this is Mary.

I think we should talk.

I miss you, and I miss Billy

and I...
I can't stand the thought

of never seeing the two
of you again.

I hope you'll call me.

And maybe not today

and maybe not tomorrow, but...

but someday.

Preferably today or tomorrow.

Excuse me.

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.

I, I think I might have found
your dog.

I'm Reverend

I... I found the dog.

There was no phone number on
the tag just, uh, the address.

Where, where is he?
Where is he?

He's in my car.

We just got back
from the pound.

My son was so upset.

The dog just took off
a couple of weeks ago.

We'd almost given up.

Hey, boy. Hey, boy.




She told me you
and Mom and Joy,

she told me you
didn't want me.

-She told me...
she told me...
-Shh, shh.

It's all right.

It's all right now.

It's okay.

Come on, Murray.

Come on, Murray.

Yeah, come on.

-That a boy!

Joseph should have
been my child.

His father should have married
me, like he promised he would.

He doesn't deserve
that boy.

Joseph was happy with me.

And I don't care what happens to
me now, what the police or

the courts do to me,
because it was worth it.

I'm not afraid
of them.

I'm not afraid
of anyone.

Are you afraid of God?