7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 10 - Consideration - full transcript

Simon's big day, the start of his driving lessons, finally arrived, but Eric just forgot about it. Grandpa Jackson seduces the knave into driving him around without a license, which leads trough more bad grandfatherly advice to a televised police car chase. Jealous of Joy, Matt behaves childishly toward Robbie whose gentleman's attitude ultimately gives in. Lucy hoped Jeremy called to make up, but he just wants his engagement ring back. The local fire chief isn't fooled by Mary's eagerness to transfer.

Whatcha doing?

I'm, uh, grading
papers for my class.

Got to get them
done this weekend

so their grades can
be posted by Monday.

Oh. So you really...

don't have time for any
visitors today, huh?

No, I don't have time
for anything.

As a matter of fact,
I was gonna ask you

if you could pick up
the house

and get dinner ready for me.

Well, I... have that, um...

thing at the church today.

What thing?

You know, that... church thing.

No, I d... I don't know.

Well, it's not important

what I have to do
at the church today.

What is important is that

I don't have time
for visitors, either.

Fine, we're agreed,
no visitors.


-Oh, Eric!
Hi, sweetheart.


-Hi, darling!

Hi! Dad!


What a nice surprise!


We told Eric that we were coming
for a visit over a month ago.

Didn't he tell you?

Well, I'm glad to know
that I'm not the only one

in the family
with a memory problem.


I'm so sorry you didn't
know about this visit.

Oh, it's okay--
it's not your fault.

And please don't
misunderstand me.

I'm very happy
to see you both.

You know, it's really
a wonderful surprise.

It's just that I have these
papers that I have to correct

for my class, and I have
to do it this weekend.

So after I'm finished,
then I'm all yours.

That's great.

But I'm not staying.

I'm just dropping off
your dad.

I'm gonna visit
my sister up north.

A rest-and-relax weekend.

You know, uh, shopping
and, uh, lunch

and... fun.

Dad doesn't want to go with you?

Well... not exactly.

I need to get away.

I need a break.

Your dad needs a break.

And, uh, when
I called Eric last month,

he suggested that your father
could spend the weekend here.

Yeah, well, that's my cab.

I'm gonna leave my rental car
that I got at the airport

with you just in case, with
Charles, you need another car.

I'm gonna go say good-bye
and then take off.

I'll call you later.

I love you.

-Bye-bye, sweetheart.

I'll call you.


Okay, you can
either tell me

what you're hiding
or Ginger's hiding

or you can take
care of my dad.

Ginger and I aren't
hiding anything.

You're going to take
care of my dad! Great!

I'm gonna go tell him.

And then I'm gonna
go to the library

and finish grading
my papers.

And then, with any luck,
I'll be home for dinner--

a dinner you
are going to prepare

in the house that
you are going to clean.

I don't know what's worse

your spanish or your singing.

Look, we're roommates and
roomates are suppose to be

considerate of each other

Me, Considerate.

You, not so considerate.

Okay, okay, i'm sorry.
No more singing.

And when did you start listening
to Latin music, anyway?

Oh, let me guess, Joy
gave you the cd.

No, I picked it out myself.

And what do you mean by,


Do you have a problem
with my girlfriend?


You don't like Joy, do you?


You hardly talk to her;
you never ask me about her.

You don't like her, do you?

You know what?

It doesn't matter
what you think of Joy,

because I don't care
what you think.

I like her,
and I'm keeping her.


Oh... you care what I think.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.

No, I don't.

Ah, sí tu haces.

What? That means, "Yes, you do."

Joy's parents are taking
her brother to visit

her grandparents this weekend,
and Joy can't go

'cause she's performing
at the club tomorrow night.

I was gonna take her out today

so she wouldn't have
to be alone,

but I think I'll
invite her over here instead,

so she could spend
the whole day with me, here.

Well, thanks for the warning.

What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, now you don't speak English?

It means what it means.




Are you okay?

Matt hates Joy.


I don't know.

And it doesn't matter, because
I don't care what Matt thinks!

It seems like you do.

Oh, Jeremy called.

What did you say?

Jeremy called.

My Jeremy?

Jeremy in New York Jeremy?

My ex-fiancé Jeremy?


What did he say?

That he needed to talk to you.

I think he said it was important
and he'd call back.

Hey, whose car is
that in the driveway?

It's blocking me in.

Yeah, whose car is that?

It's, uh, Grandpa's.

When did Grandpa get here?

This morning-- and I need you
to keep an eye on him today.

But Jeremy called.


Well, I'd love to help you out,
but I can't, I just can't.

I need to be available
to have a long talk

with Jeremy when he calls back.

A long talk
with no interruptions.

Maybe you and Robbie
can do a tag-team thing?

I have girlfriend

I-I'm sorry
I can't help you out.

It's okay,
I'll just, I'll ask Matt.

Uh, no can do.

Matt has a big chem final
next week.

Then Mary.

I love Grandpa, so don't
take this the wrong way.

But do you really want
someone who's been in a daze

for the past week
watching someone

who's been in a daze
for the past year?

Good point.

And do we know why

Mary's been in a daze
for the past week?

With Mary, it's usually a guy.

Sometimes two guys.

Good luck.

I'm ready.

Ready for what?

My learner's permit.

Remember, you were
supposed to take me

to the DMV today,
like you promised?

I forgot.

That's okay, we can still go.

No, we can't.

-I need you
to stay here

and watch Grandpa and
Ruthie and the boys.

Oh, and if you could
take care of dinner

and pick up around the house,
that would be great, too.


When did Grandpa get here?

Just now.

But-but the... the DMV.

I know, but... I have to go,
and there's no one else

in the house available
to watch Grandpa.

Where do you have to go?

To the church--
something important's come up.

What came up?

I can't say.

Fine. But you said
that if I was a man,

a responsible man, then
you would take me to the DMV

to get my learner's permit--
so I've been a man.

Actually, I've been
so good at being a man

that you bumped getting the
permit by a whole month!

I know, but...

No, Dad, no buts!

I did what I was supposed to do.

I kept my room clean; I did
my homework without being told;

I helped out around the house;
I helped out at church!

I want that permit;
I've earned that permit.

You have to take me.

We'll go next week.

Next week?!

The first of the week.

I have school, Dad.

One day after school.

What day?

The first day I'm free,
I promise.


I have to go to the
church, but Simon's
gonna hang out with you

and then we'll all get
together for dinner.

I don't need a baby-sitter.

No, o-of course not.

But, uh, Simon wants
to hang out with you.

I don't need a baby-sitter.

It's not a baby-sitter,
it's Simon.

Boy... I set the backyard
on fire once,

and you people
won't let it go, will you?

I'd love to stay and talk,
but I really have to go.

Go, go. Don't worry
about my feelings.

I'm just an old man who's
being treated like a child.

We'll talk when I get home.

I can hardly wait.

Okay, kid, entertain me.

Mary, what did you do
with the phone?

Maybe it's buried
under her luggage ghetto.

You know, you've been here
since November--

I think it's safe to unpack.

What's with that letter?

It's nothing.

I'm going out for a while.

But you need to clean up
your side of the room.

Could she be more inconsiderate?
I don't think so.

Five bucks if you help me
find the phone.

Why do you need
the phone so bad?

Jeremy called,
and he's going to call back.

I just know he wants me back,
and I can't wait for him to call

so I can tell him to get lost
and crush him like a bug!

I smell desperation.

So... ten bucks,
and you got a deal.

What do you need ten bucks for?

Call it my freedom fund.

Someday I hope to have
my own room again,

and if I have to buy a house
to do it, so be it.



Ten bucks.

I can't wait any longer.

I'm going to call Jeremy back.

How long have you waited?

To talk to Jeremy
and tell him off?

Since I left New York.

Don't call him.

But he called me.

That's why you can't call him.

You'll look desperate.

You know I'm right.

No, I don't.

I'm not not calling Jeremy

because you said
not to call him.

Yes, you are.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

You're 11.


You're a child.

I'm a woman--
a woman of the world

and a woman of the world
doesn't listen to a child

when it comes to
life-altering decisions

regarding men and marriage.

One, you live in Glenoak

and you went to New York
for the summer,

so you're not even a woman
of this country,

let alone the world.

And two, you listen
to me all the time.

I give you great advice

about all the losers
you date, and you know it.

Maybe I listen, but I don't take
your advice that seriously.

Yes, you do. Admit I'm right

about your not calling Jeremy
because you'll look desperate.

I'm not going
to admit to anything.

Sometimes I wish you
weren't my big sister.

Well, sometimes I wish you
weren't my little sister.

Hi. I'm Eric Camden.

Yes, I know. The doctors
have been waiting

for you to get here.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Where, where should I go?

Uh, could you take
Reverend Camden back?


Are you nervous?

Yes. Yes I am.

Come on.

Reverend Camden's office.


I've been paging and calling
Eric for hours. Where is he?

He's not here.

You know eventually
I'm gonna find out

what you and my
husband are up to,

and when I do, both of you

are gonna be
in a world of trouble.

Without an

your chances
of getting in

to see the chief
are pretty slim.

That's okay, I need to talk to
him. I have to talk to him.

He's a busy man.

If you need something,

maybe you should put
your request in a letter.

I already did.


And I have to talk to him.

Wait a minute.

You're not that young woman
from Buffalo, are you?


The chief wrote you back.

And that's why I'm here.

I don't know if he'll see you.

I'll take my chances.

I'll wait.


Grandpa wants
to go out. He's bored.

So we're gonna go for a drive.

Ruthie and the boys
are coming, too.

Did Dad say you
could leave the house?

Young lady,,
I am not a child,

and your father does not tell
me where I can or cannot go

or if I can or cannot go.

And neither do you.

You got it?

Yeah, you're not the boss of us.

You're not even a sister of us.

I took a vote and Sam
and David don't want you

as their older
sister either.

And Happy doesn't like you.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, fine, go.

Have fun.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

All right, come on.

Come on, guys.

Did you call Jeremy?

Why don't you just admit
that I was right

and apologize for being
so inconsiderate and rude,

when all I was trying
to do was help you?

Pouting. How
woman-of-the-world of you.

Point, set and match.

How does it feel to be beaten
by an 11-year-old?

Oh, come on,

I came down here because
you guys were upstairs.

This isn't some kind of game.
I really need to study.

I told you we were
coming down here.

Forget it. We could find some
other place to hang out.

Oh, we don't have to.
We have every right

to stay right
where we are.

Okay, what's going on?

Are you and Matt
having some problem?

Matt doesn't like you.

That's not true.

I don't like the two of you.

Yeah, I know you guys
think you're in love,

and that's great,
but it would be nice

if you could find someplace
other than this house

to share your love,
which may not be love at all

considering you don't
even know each other.

We could leave
the house and would,

if I had any respect for your
needs or for your opinion.

But I don't.

Oh, really?

You have no respect
for my opinion?


I'll be in the living
room watching TV.

Once you've settled
whatever you need to settle,

come and get me.

I can't believe you took me
to get my learner's permit.

Thanks, Grandpa.

Glad to be of service.

I'm tired.

You can drive.

Well, I can't drive.

I don't have my license.

You got a learner's
permit, don't you?

Get in the car. Learn something.

You aren't really gonna let me
drive, are you?

You're not really gonna
let him drive, are you?

What are the rules
for a learner's permit?

Well, I can drive as long as

there's a licensed
driver present.

I got a license.

Do you want to drive?

I don't want to force you.

I want to.

Good. You want to drive.

I want you to drive. Let's go.

I don't want you to drive.

You shouldn't drive without Mom
or Dad in the car.

That's how it was with Matt,
Mary, Lucy. Don't do this.

Hey, if Dad had taken me
to the DMV like he promised,

he'd be here and he'd
be in the car.

It's his fault, not mine
that he's not here.

And I shouldn't be punished

for his inconsiderate
behavior, should I?

That doesn't even make sense.

Well, it does to me.

Come on. It'll be fine.

We'll take a little drive.

No one will know...

unless you tell on me.

What, do you think
I'm some little kid

who can't keep her mouth shut?

No, I think
you're some big kid

who can't keep her mouth shut.

I won't tell, but
I really don't think

you should do this.

Well, I'm gonna
do it, so get in.

Thanks, Operator,
I was just checking the line.



Do you have a boyfriend?

It's for you, dear.


Why are the police
following us?


The police,
they're following us.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Eyes on the road.

Both hands
on the wheel.

Ten and two. Ten and two.

But the police...

Have you done
anything wrong? No.

Just keep on driving
and ignore them.

-But the police...

Maybe you're just
driving too slow.

Well, this is the speed
I'm comfortable with.

A cat just ran past us.

Actually I don't
think it was running,

just walking really fast.

Hey, hey, what
did I tell you?

Watch the road.
Forget about the police.

I hate to be right all the time,

but I have a bad
feeling about this.

That car looks a lot
like the stolen car

they just announced
on the bulletin.

The bulletin didn't say
anything about kids.

No, but they are
driving awfully slow.

-So let's tail them and call
the tags to Dispatch.

Not every car driving
slowly needs to be tailed.

Come on.

It's either tail them or...
airport duty again.

Okay call it in.
Let's follow them.

Oh, when I find you,
I'm going to...

Eric, where are you?!

Oh, I'm sorry.

Eric? Where are you?

-Everything looks good.

We still have to wait

for the official results
from the lab,

but the tests show her
heart is in good shape.

She's going to be fine.

I think she needs
to find a way

to manage the stress
in her life better,

but she's going to be fine.

We'll just keep her here
overnight for observation.

She can go home in the morning.

That's great.

Do you want me to talk
to her husband,

explain the procedure, the
tests, answer any questions?

She didn't want her husband
to worry. He doesn't know.

I'm surprised Annie
didn't come with you today.

She didn't want Annie
to worry either.

I'll check back
with you in a while.

Can I see her?


Come on, Joy said we had
to work out our problems.

I don't have time to work
this out. I have to study.

And do you always do
what Joy tells you to do?

I guess we know who wears the
pants in your relationship.

Yeah, it's Joy. And her pants
are tight and pink

so I do whatever she says,

because I love her
and I respect her opinion.

Not as much as mine.

In your opinion,
I'm just a boarder.

So what do you
want me to call you

because you're not my brother?

How can you say that?

Uh... because it's true.

I guess I better find
another movie to watch.

The chief left.

But I just went to the bathroom.

Did you tell him that
I was waiting to talk to him?


Okay, you don't understand.

I was in the fire department
training program in Buffalo,

and then I just moved back
here to be with my family.

Yes. I read your letter.

I just want
to finish my training.

I want to be a firefighter.

Read all about that.

I want to join the Glenoak Fire
Department training program.

Tell me something I don't know.

He wrote back and, without
any explanation or reason,

turned me down.

I know.

I typed the letter.

Well, I deserve more
consideration than a letter.

I have never known the chief
to change his mind

once he's decided something.

But if you could just tell me
where to find him,

I know I could change his mind
about me.

Please help me. Please.

81 clear.

Why are they
going so slow?

Come on.
Let's pull them over,

search the car
and question them.

Dispatch said the plates
don't match our stolen car.

We don't have cause
to pull them over.

But they could have
switched the plates.

I just know that car is stolen.

If it's a stolen car,
wouldn't he be driving faster?

That's what makes it
so suspicious.

The police
are still following us.

Step on it.
Don't make me say it twice.

Yes! He's making
a run for it!

- He's making a run for it.
- Let's go.

-Let's go!
-Okay, call it in.

I'm gonna get us
some backup and air support.

Calm down! Just call it in!

Aren't you gonna pull over?

Just drive.

You didn't do anything.

They're not after you.

It sure looks
like they're after me.

Just let them pass you.

They're the police.
We have to pull over.

If we don't, we're
both going to get in trouble.

You're the licensed driver
in the car.

You didn't do anything wrong.

So we're not going to pull over.
Just drive.

I'm sure this has nothing
to do with us.

And if they don't pass?

That's their problem.

Okay, now there's three
police cars chasing us.

Police. Police. Police.

Police. Police. Police.

You have to pull over.

Do you have a driver's license?


I didn't think so.

I'm just going to rest my eyes
here for a bit.

Keep on driving.

What's wrong?

My ex-fiancé called earlier,
said it was important,

said he'd call back,
but he hasn't.

You want to get back together
with this guy?

Well, at first, no.

I just wanted to hurt him.

But after talking
to the operator,

I'm not so sure.

The telephone operator?


I had no idea
telephone operators

were so sensitive and caring.

Where's Robbie and Matt?


So, what's on?

I was watching a movie,

and they interrupted
with a car chase.

The car the police
are chasing looks familiar.

Really familiar.

really familiar.

It does?

Yeah. It looks like...



Matt! Robbie! Get in here!

That car looks
so familiar.

If you're just joining us,

we're watching
the Glenoak Police

pursue a possible
car theft suspect

through the streets of Glenoak.

We've just received word
that the suspects--

an elderly man, a teen who
is driving, and three children--

may have stolen the car

in the Promenade area
of Glenoak.

An elderly man,
a teen and three kids.


I've been calling, and no one
is picking up. Where's Eric?

I don't know.

At first, I was annoyed

by whatever game
you and Eric are playing,

but annoyance has turned
into concern.

Tell me where my husband is,
and tell me now!

Eric is at the hospital.

The cardiac ward.

He said something about tests,
and that he did not want

you to know,
because it might make you worry.

This just in.

Unconfirmed sources
at an airport car rental agency

say that the car involved
in this chase

was rented by a Charles Jackson,

who flew in from Phoenix
this morning,

but we still don't
know the identity

of the young blond man
who is driving.

Yeah, it's Simon and
Ruthie and the boys
and your father-in-law.

No. This can't
be happening.

It is. And we can't get
Simon to pull the car over.

I've talked
to the police

and explained to them
about your father-in-law,

and that your children
are not criminals.

But the guy leading the chase
is a tad intense and...

well, we need to get
Simon to pull over.

What did Simon do to
get the police involved?

What law, other
than driving without
a license, did he break?

He was driving too slow,

then he started
driving too fast.

and now he's
back slow.
So far...

the only thing
he's guilty of

is failing to yield
to a police officer.

I need you to come
with me right now.

All right. I'll just...

Let me tell the
doctors I'm leaving.

I can't believe that's
your grandfather.

Maybe he's forgotten that,
when the police

turn their lights
and sirens on, you
have to pull over.

Okay, but what's
Simon's excuse?

Teenage Alzheimer's?

And since when
does Simon drive a car?

He doesn't even have
his learner's permit.

Somehow I feel that
not having a permit

is the least of Simon's
worries right now.


It's Jeremy.

Luce, hey. It's so...

I have to
call you back.

They seem to be driving
in circles.

That's the third time
he's passed the park.

I think the question
on everyone's mind

has to be, where are they going?

Where are
you going?

I have no idea.

Come on, he's not looking.
Pull over.

No way.

The entire police department
is behind us,

and I think I hear a helicopter.

You have to pull over.

No. Because, as soon as I pull
this car over, my life is over.

Mom and Dad may never
let you get a driver's license--

which, I have to say,
may not be a bad thing--

but your life isn't over.

I'm a guy.

If I can't drive,
my life is over.

So, you see, as long as this car
is moving, I have a chance.

Until I run out of gas,
I am not stopping.

If I'm lucky, Mom and Dad

will never find out
about any of this.

Do you have super powers that
allow you to turn back time?


Then I think Mom and Dad know.

Why would you think that?

Because Dad is
in the car next to us.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

Simon, pull over!

Pull over. Pull over.

Pull over! Pull over!

Wait. Is that Dad?

Yep. That's your dad.

If I were Simon, I'd drive
that car to Canada.

Pull over.

Pull over!

Pull over!

What is your father doing?

He wants us to pull over.

Well, then, I guess
you better pull over.

Pull over.

Okay, everybody out of the car,
hands in the air!

Hey, that's my line!


Okay, everybody out of the car,
hands in the air!


I think we have
to get out.

I'm not moving.

I didn't
do anything wrong.


-Ditto. Ditto.

Why aren't they getting
out of the car?

Uh... because Dad and the
police are waiting for them.

How old do you have to be
to plead temporary insanity?

I don't think
there's an age limit.

Well, there's
some good news.

Simon, you're the driver.

You're the one who got us
into this. You get out.

-Simon, get out.
-Simon, get out.

Hi. I'm Annie Camden.

I'm looking for
my husband Eric.

Oh, he just left.

How is that possible?

Wasn't he here
for tests on his heart?

No. He was with someone
who's having tests done.

Who? Who?

Ginger! Are you okay?

Oh, you should have told me.

Eric should have told me.

Someone should
have told me.

Why are you here?

Honey, I just came in
for some tests.

And I begged Eric
not to say anything.

So be mad at me, not him.

I'm not mad at you.
I'm relieved.

But you really
should have told me.

Well, the doctors say
I'm going to be just fine.

It's not my heart. It's stress.

Where is Eric?

Didn't the police tell you?

The police?

How's your heart?


My dad's a lawyer,
maybe I should call him.

When Reverend Camden gets
through with Simon,

I think he's gonna need
a priest, not a lawyer.

Well, as luck would have it,
my older brother's a priest.

Hi, Dad.


There's someone
here to see you.

Just hear her out.

I'm Mary Camden

and I am just asking
for a little consideration.

I considered letting you join
our training program

and then I decided it
was a bad idea.

But I worked hard in Buffalo.

Yes, I talked to
your training supervisor

and he said you
worked very hard.

But he also said you
got into some kind

of a romantic relationship
with another candidate.

And you left the program
without any notice.

Okay, but I was born
to be a firefighter.

You have to give me a chance.

No, I don't.

It's my job to pick serious
candidates who I not only think

will make it through the
training but will also become

strong, responsible

Men and women

who are capable of
putting their own lives

on the line in order to
save the lives of others.

Firefighting isn't just
a job, it's a life.

And after
careful review,

I feel it's not a life for you.

You're just not responsible
enough to be a firefighter.

And if you can't be responsible
for your own life,

then you certainly can't be

for the lives of others.

And as I look at you
with your low-rider jeans

and your French manicure,

I don't think you want to be a
firefighter as much as you want

to hang out with firefighters.

You are wrong about me.

I am a firefighter.

I've been doing this for 30
years and I think I know better.

You have to have some direction
and purpose in your life

in order to do this job.

Trust me when I tell you
that I know firefighters

and you are not a firefighter.

Well, if I can't do this job,

what am I supposed
to do with my life?

I have no idea, Miss Camden.

But I suggest you pick another
road and start walking.

I'm Catholic,
so I don't know...

Are all ministers'
families like this?

I wouldn't know, since I'm
not part of this family.

Oh, come on, this is ridiculous.

Just admit that Matt's opinion
matters to you

because he's a big brother
to you.

And just admit that you're
a big brother to him.

Do you know how lucky
you are to have each other?

Do you have to lose each other
to find out?

I know you don't share

blood, but you do share
this family.

And that... makes you brothers.

If you're too stupid to see
how great you both have it

then I just give up.

I'm going home.

Alone. I'm going home alone.

Okay, I give up.

Your opinion matters to me.

I don't think I matter to you,
but you matter to me.

And I do think of you

as a brother.

And I think I'm lucky to have
you as a brother.

So what do you say?

I say I'll think about it.



I'm sorry I missed
your call earlier.

It's no big deal.

No, it is a big deal.

And I'm glad that you called.


No, me first.

I know that you called to ask
if we could get back together.

And I was going to tell you that
I would never consider

getting back together with you.

You hurt me
when I left New York.

I mean you... you didn't even
try to stop me from leaving.

And worse than that,
when your parents said

they didn't like me,
you didn't stand up for me.

So today I was going to hurt you
as badly as you hurt me.

But I...

No, let me finish.

But the truth is,
I still want you back

and I'm glad that
you want me, too.


I don't want you back.


I want my engagement ring back.

I need to buy some sheet music.

I'm at Juilliard.
It's expensive, you know.

I saw you on TV.

Are Grandpa and Simon okay?

Grandpa is Grandpa,
and the police let Simon
go with just a warning.

Unfortunately for Simon,
I don't think Mom and Dad

are going to let him go
with just a warning.

Where's everybody?

Dad dropped Sam, David
and me off and then he,

Simon and Grandpa went
to the hospital.

Why is that?

I don't know.

Maybe Dad's gonna have
Simon's head examined.

So did you call Jeremy?

Jeremy called me
and I called him back.

And I shouldn't have.

You were right today
and I was wrong.

And even though you're only 11,
I do take your advice seriously.

Especially when it comes
to all the losers I date.

I'm really lucky

you're my sister.

I'm really lucky
you're my sister, too.

Well, most of the time.

So, what did Jeremy want?

My engagement ring.

He's at Juilliard.
It's expensive, you know.


What a jerk.

Super jerk.

So you gonna give him
the ring back?

He'll have to pry it out
of my cold, dead hands.



-Are Simon and
the kids okay?
-Everyone's fine.

I still don't know what
all the fuss was about.

You let Simon drive.

And then somehow got
yourself involved

in a slow-speed car chase
with the police.

Yeah, but we didn't do
anything wrong.

Simon doesn't even have
his learner's permit.

Of course he does. Do you think
I'd let him drive without it?

Where's Eric?

Eric's out in the hall
with Simon

and that detective fella.

Well, I'll be right back.


You'll go home with
your son and your husband.

What about you and Ginger?

I'm going to spend the
night here with my wife.

I spoke to the doctors,

they say Ginger can come
home in the morning.

We'll come by the
house after that.


Charles, how could you?

How could you?


Eric filled me in
on the drive over here

and then I spoke
to your doctors.

Heart tests.

You don't even have the
consideration to tell me

that you've got
a heart problem

and that you're
having tests done?

You keep me in the
dark like some child.

I'm not a child.

I'm a man. I'm your husband.

I'm sorry.

I... I... I... just didn't
want you to worry.


You didn't want to tell me

because I've got Alzheimer's

and you think I
can't handle anything.

And that's just poppycock.

You've been treating me
with kid gloves

ever since the diagnosis

and I'm sick of it!

I want you to treat me like
your husband, your partner.

Not some sick man that you
have to take care of.

Maybe if you do that, you won't
be under so much stress

that you think you have
a heart problem.

Let me carry some of the
burden in this marriage.

I deserve to and I want to.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

No more lies.

Whatever comes up, let
me handle it...

until I can't handle it.

Yeah, but what happens...

Tomorrow is tomorrow.

Today is today.

And today I can handle it.

I love you.

Not so fast.

I knew the silent ride home
wouldn't last forever.

Well, you'll have
to excuse the silence.

It was necessary
for both of us

to absorb the
events of the day.

Please, I know I'm in
trouble, big trouble.

So before you ground me
for life,

I'd like you
to just hear me out.

It was wrong not
to pull over for the police.

Although I do have to say
that in my defense,

Grandpa wouldn't let me
pull over.

But I do take most
of the responsibility

for what happened today.

And I think to be fair,
today was Dad's fault, too.

If you would've taken me to get
my permit like you promised,

I would have never even been
in the car with Grandpa.

But I was, and I made
some very bad decisions.

No, I... I didn't make
any decisions.

I let someone make them for me.

I'm gonna have to be responsible
for everything I do

behind the wheel, if I ever
get behind the wheel again.

Simon, we didn't yell
at you because we realize

what a difficult
situation you were in.

You're trying to do what
someone you love and respect

was telling you to do and at
the same time knowing better.



I'm stronger and more focused
than I've ever been.

So don't shut me out.

Use me.

Lean on me. Talk to me.

And do me a favor,
never lie to me again.

Even if you think you're
doing it to protect me.

I can protect me and you
and everyone else I love.

I'm sorry.

Never again.

Apology accepted.

Let's go to bed.

You... you're really gonna let
me off the hook that easily?