7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 11 - Pathetic - full transcript

Robbie volunteers his own car to give Simon a driving lesson as Eric once more fails to turn up as promised. Alas, they bump into Matt's car. Wilson has moved and left instructions not to tell Mary whereto. Fireman Ben Kinkirk volunteered to pick up a rescue dog so he can visit Mary, who instantly calls him her true love again, but ends up found out. Meanwhile Lucy, who refuses to take off Jeremy's ring, is openly jealous of such a hunky suitor, Ruthie pretends not to care. Robbie's brother Ronald drops and is furious to hear his muse Lucy dated Robbie. Annie resigned her teaching post without consulting anyone.

Thank you for seeing me.

I don't know if I would
have taken the time

if I had known what
this was about.

I can't thank you enough for
giving me this opportunity

to work here, doing
something important.

It's been rewarding
and interesting and fun.

But you don't want
to do it anymore?

No. Sorry.

Well, the funny thing is,

I was going to ask you
to come on full time.

With everything
going on in the world,

parents want the added security
of a private school,

and we've had so many
requests for admission

that we're expanding.

We need
more teachers.

I appreciate
the implied offer, but I can't.

Thank you.

Hello, Ruthie.

Hello, Ms. Riddle.

What are you doing here?

I start work here tomorrow...
unless something goes wrong.

Work? Here?

As in you're going to be
a teacher here?

Blowing off
a little steam, are we?

Truly unbelievable.

She found me.

After all the work we went
through to get me away from her,

she found me,

and then she smiled at me
like nothing ever happened.

What's that all about?

Who found you?

-Ms. Riddle.
-Ms. Riddle?

Wait, the teacher
who called you stupid?

That's the one.

I could understand
if they want her

to muck the barns, but teach?

At Eleanor Roosevelt?

Well, you know,

maybe this is a... a good thing.

It-it could be a good thing.

Cause when you leave

unresolved conflicts,
sometimes if comes back

and presents the opportunity
for you to resolve it.

But I already resolved it.

I fled to private school.

Ooh. And now there's
no place to flee.

I don't want to flee;
I want Ms. Riddle to flee.

Flee fast and flee now.

Can you help me with that?

Well, I can help
you by telling you

that unfortunately
maybe we didn't help you

the right way last time,

because running from a problem
doesn't always work.

This teacher's career

is more than likely
beyond our control.

But what is in our control...
is how we feel about her.

I can't control
how I feel about her.

I can't control
how much I hate her.

I don't like you to hate anyone.

Well, I don't like to either,
and that's what I was saying.

Well, then let's think about how
you'd like to feel about her,

so you can choose your feelings

and not be a slave
to your feelings.

How am I supposed to do that?

Well, it's simple,

at least in theory.

Think, act, feel.


We'll... we'll start
with the first one.

Think about how you'd like
to feel about Ms. Riddle.

How would you like to feel?

I'd like to feel powerful,

like I just got revenge on her,
reduced her to nothing.

I don't think that'll make you
feel better in the long run,

so, let's choose something else.

Something like, uh...
you don't want to feel

anything about her.

You have no judgments
of her whatsoever.

She's just a teacher
from your past

who means nothing to you

and then act on that.

And practice feeling

nothing about her.

Picture her.

Picture yourself
feeling nothing.

When you see her,
act as if you feel nothing.

And you know what,

pretty soon you won't
feel a thing.

One, I don't think
that's true and...

Yeah, but your opinion's
not based on experience.

And two, I don't see why I have
to do all this work

to change me and my feelings,

when she just gets to stay
the same mean old woman.

Me? I'm the same
mean old woman?

No, but this is
all your fault.

What's her fault?

Mom quit, so now they
need new teachers.

You quit?

Yes, I quit.

But whether I quit or not,
they still need more teachers.

You quit?

Yes, I'm sorry
I didn't discuss it

with you before but...

But you discussed it
with Ruthie.

She told me in the car
after school, after she quit.

Think about how you'd
like to feel.

I'm a little hurt that you
didn't discuss this with me.

Sorry. What would
you have told me?

To do whatever you want.

And I did.

Who needs to go somewhere?

Check with me later, I may need
to go somewhere far away.

Something's up with your mother.

Yeah, she quit her job.

So you knew?

She told me when I came home
from school.

Did she tell you why she quit?

No, but it wouldn't be
like me to ask my mother

why she does anything--
she's my mother.

But she's your wife;
maybe you can ask her.

Or maybe not.

I don't know how
those things work.

Uh, the keys are on the counter.

Y-You can drive in the driveway
forward and back,

but no turning around
in the street.

That's it?

Oh, no, adjust
the mirrors.

Play with the seat position.

Get your favorite
CD in the CD player.

Then when I do feel the urge
to leave the house,

you'll be ready.

Fine, but sooner or later you're
gonna have to drive with me.

I'll look forward to it.

Hey, there.


What's that
on your hand?


Left hand, third finger.

Oh, this?

It's my engagement ring.

Is there something
that you want to tell me?

Like what?

Like... why you're wearing
that ring.

Because I can.

So you're... you're not engaged?


And yet you are wearing
that ring.


So you're not sending it back?


Hey, if God

didn't want me
to have this ring,

he wouldn't have had Jeremy
give it to me, okay?



Something's going on.

He's not answering
his phone.

He hasn't answered in days, and
his machine isn't picking up.

He's probably
just doing that

because he knows
you're trying to call him.

If he knew I was trying
to call, he would pick up.

Uh... yeah, right.

What's your problem?

I don't have a problem.

You both have problems.

The machine's probably broken.

And they're so hard to replace.

Get over it.

He has, obviously.

Really, it's huge
for the money.




Um... is Wilson there?

No, he's not.

Is this Mary?

Mrs. Corning?


Anything I can help you with?

Where is Wilson?

I can't say.

Why not?

I've been sworn to secrecy.

But maybe if you guessed...

Why don't you have
a look around, and I'll...

I'll be with you
in a minute?

Go ahead.

Okay. Um...

did Wilson move?

That's good.

Yes, he moved.

He moved to...
another apartment building?

I don't know.

Another state?

I don't know.

Another city?

I don't know,
but I can tell you this:

if he's in another state,
he's in another city.

If you hear from him, would you
tell him that I called?

Of course, but I don't expect
to hear from him.

Although maybe he'll send me
a little note or something.

Hopefully with a picture.

He's such a good-looking man.

What happened?

We had a little

and I was hoping that maybe
he'd be over it by now.

You call kissing a fireman
"a little misunderstanding"?

You know that
I kissed a fireman,

but you don't know
where Wilson is?


All I know is he moved, and I've
been sworn to secrecy on that.



He moved.

So I'm wearing my ring. So what?

To quote one nut to another,
"Get over it.

He has, obviously."

If God didn't want me
to have this ring,

he wouldn't have had Jeremy
give it to me.

You're actually going
to invoke the name of God

as the cause for your insanity?

Doesn't everyone?

What are you doing?

I'm getting
ready to drive,

in case Dad wants to
get out of the house.

And I'm betting sooner or later

he's gonna want
out of the house.

Why's that?

Because Mom's acting weird--
she quit her job.


No one knows.

Well, if you want,

you could practice
driving with me.

-Sure. That's how I learned--
my brothers taught me.

Great! Get in.

I think we should take mycar.

But I'm used to thiscar.

So get used to my car.

That way you won't have
to bother the others

to let you drive if I'm around.

And I'd feel better
in my car.


He moved...

without even telling me.


Yes, Wilson.

How'd you find out?

I called him,
and his landlord told me.

I thought
you and Wilson were over.

Dad, I don't want it to be over.

But I thought Wilson
wanted it to be over.

I mean, I thought Wilson
broke up with you.

Well, yeah, but...
why does he get to decide?

Well, it's not a matter
of him deciding

what's best for the two of you.

It's a matter of him
deciding what's best for him

or for him and his son.

He decided,

and... now you have
to live with that.

I'm sure that someday
you'll find the right guy.

But Wilson's the right guy.

And if I talked him
into marrying me once,

I can talk him
into marrying me again.

But why would you want to?

Well, 'cause I miss him.

Mary, tell me honestly, do you
think that marrying Wilson

is really the best thing
for you... and Wilson

and Billy?

I don't know.

Your mother and I
were talking about Wilson

the other week when
we were trying to decide

if that's who... we thought
you should marry, and...

although we love

and admire him
and think that he'd make

as good as a husband
as he is a father,

we came to the conclusion that
you two shouldn't be together

for the simple reason that
you're not in love with him.

Am I right?

I'm not sure.

If you were in love with him,
we don't think

it would have been so easy
for you to kiss another guy.

Why does everyone
keep saying that?

Hello, Mary.


What did you think
you were doing?

I am so dead.

I hope you remember
from now on

that a learner's permit
is not a driver's license.

You need to be accompanied
by an adult over 25

the next time you want
to get behind the wheel.

You should both
consider yourselves
lucky no one was hurt,

and that you hit a relative
who won't sue.

Why do you look familiar to me?


because you just
gave me a ticket?

Guess again.

Because I was involved in a...
very low-speed car chase?

Right. You might want to think

about not getting back
in a car for a while.

At this rate, you're never
gonna get your license.

Nice going, Simon.

I didn't realize
you were gonna turn.

Well, I didn't realize you
were gonna run into me.

And who told you you could
go out driving with Robbie?

I-I wanted to practice.

Practice what?

Crashing into cars?

Hey, don't look at me.

I wasn't driving.

This isn't my fault.

- Well, it isn't
all my fault.
-Oh, yes, it is.

If you didn't let Simon drive,
this never would've happened.

Hey, you guys can argue over
whose fault this is all night,

but the only person
that's going to lose his permit

is me when I get home
and Dad finds out.

See you guys at home--
I better get used to walking.

You know we're gonna have
to pick him up, right?

I'll walk with him--
he's my brother.

And I'd rather walk
with him than be
in a car with you.

It's really nice
to see you.

It's really nice
to see you, too.

Are you staying
for dinner, Ben?


Mary, uh,
did your mother

tell you dinner's almost ready?

In case you need
to clean up or anything.



So, where are
you from Ben?

Buffalo, sir.

What brings you
to our fair city?

Oh, uh... I came to pick up
a rescue dog for our unit.

Uh, the dog was
trained near here,

and I volunteered to come out
at my own expense.


So, um, you and Wilson...?

We broke up.

We're not getting married.

Do you still talk to him?


That's over.

I think we both knew it was
just never gonna work out.

So, did you
guys decide

to remain friends?


It was pretty much
a clean break.

Time for dinner.
Have you seen the guys?

I don't feel like
eating dinner with you.

I'll just eat
in my room.

Of course, if you want
to go back to work...

I don't.

I'll just eat up here.

Don't you want to eat with us?

Don't you want
to see Mary's fireman?

Why bother?

Mary's never
gonna change, either.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that Mary's
so stuck in her past

that she can't make anything
work out for herself.

Do you really believe that?

Yes, I really believe that.

Just wait and see;
it'll all fall apart.

And you know why?

Because she can't
let go of Wilson.

I think she's letting go
minute by minute.

Come down and see.

Dinner's almost ready--
15 minutes.

Did you see that guy?
Did you see him? Did you?

Yes. He's nice.
Did you talk to him?

No, I didn't talk to him,
I didn't have to talk to him,

I don't want to talk to him.

How does she do it?

It's like she sold
her soul to the Devil.

She cheated on her fiance,
and she gets a guy

that looks like that
as a reward.

She can't
have Wilson?

No problem, she'll take Ben.

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben!

And what do I have?

Your... ring?

Maybe it's time

you take that off.

No, it isn't.

Okay. Dinner, 15 minutes.

I don't feel like eating.

Well, not here anyway.

Okay, fine, you don't
have to eat here,

but you do have to be polite.

Don't leave without
saying hello to Mary's hunk...


You have to tell him.

I'm not going to tell him--
Simon has to.

-Why can't you tell him?
-Because it wasn't
my fault.

What wasn't your fault?

What wasn't your fault?

I hit Matt.

You hit Matt?

I hit his car.

With my car.

How exactly did you come
to be in Robbie's car?

I took him to practice.

You took him to practice.

He offered.

And you accepted.

You knew
it was wrong.

I didn't know it was wrong.

Didn't know what was wrong?

He claims
he didn't know

you had to be 25
to let Simon drive.


And... Simon was driving
and ran into my car.

No damage to Robbie's
tank, of course,

but my car was towed.

at least nobody got hurt.

Guess who showed up for dinner?

Mary's fireman.


I think what
your mother

was trying to say...

I mean, I believe...

what she meantto say was...

at least no one got hurt.

But don't ever do
anything like that again.

Either I just got away with the
worst thing I've done all year,

or I have a head injury
and this is all a dream.

I'm gonna go up to my room,

and I'm never coming out again.

What about dinner?

I think I can survive
on the relief I'm feeling.

I'll slip down in the middle
of the night for a sandwich.

What are you guys
waiting for?

Come down.

Didn't Mom tell you?
Ben's here.

Yeah, I saw.

We don't want to come down.

Why not?

Well, because
I'm not interested,

and Lucy's too jealous.

I can't believe
you're so jealous

that you won't even come down
and meet this guy.

I don't want to meet him.

I saw him when I was passing by
the living room,

and that's as close
as I want to get, thank you.

What happened to Wilson?

He moved.

Let me put this another way.

What happened to all
your deep feelings for Wilson?

I guess all my deep feelings
for Wilson moved with Wilson,

wherever that is.

Come on, guys.

You have to meet Ben.

He's really good looking
and he's really nice.

You're not even
curious, Ruthie?

I feel too low to be curious.

Would you quit playing

with that ring?

Why are you even wearing that?

Because I feel like it.
Does that bother you?

Yeah, it bothers me.

Well, that's too bad,
because I'm wearing it.

Fine. But maybe if you'd let go,
it would free up some space

to let another guy
come into your life.


Like you let go of Wilson?

What was it,
an hour ago

you were upset that he moved
without calling you?

How is that
letting go?

You don't see his ring
on myfinger do you?

What? There was a ring?

Of course there was a ring,
a very nice ring.

And where is that ring now?

You still have it, don't you?

I'm going to clean up
for dinner with Ben.

Do you know where her ring is?

Don't know. Don't care.

So you're the guy she
got caught kissing?

You know about that?

We all know about that.

No kidding.

This really is
a close family.

And a small community.

Should I be here?

Were you both
friends with Wilson?

But you both know Wilson?

He seemed like a nice
enough guy to me.

It's not like I set out
to break them up.

It just happened.

I... I don't know.

I've just been really
attracted to Mary

since the day I met her.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

-Why do you say that?
-Well, uh...

Camden women
are very, uh...

well, fickle.


Oh, that reminds me,
my brother's in town.

He's supposed
to stop by tonight.

Well, I- I thought you
two were brothers.

No, he's not a Camden.

Well, so you're
a friend of Matt's?



Am I?

Look, he was...
Mary's boyfriend,

and then she moved to New York,
and he moved in with us.

And then he and Lucy
gave it a shot.

I'm dating someone else now.

Someone outside of the family.

Hi. I'm Lucy.

I'm not staying for dinner.

I'm going out.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Was she wearing
an engagement ring?

So, she's engaged?

She won't give the ring
back to the guy.

Can't hold 'em,
can't fold 'em.

Shouldn't you
have mentioned

your brother coming
here tonight

to Lucy?

Well, I think she
might want to know.

She'll find out-- when she
finds out, she finds out.

You know, enough about us.

What about you and your women?

I dated the same woman

all through
high school and college.

Then she got an assignment
with the BBC

and moved to London.

Then what happened?

Then, after a year went by

and we drifted apart,
I met Mary.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

So, you don't think that
we should do anything

about Simon driving with
Robbie, hitting Matt's car?

Well, what do you
want to do?

I'd like to keep
him from driving

until he makes
responsible decisions.

He knew he wasn't supposed
to be driving with Robbie.

Yeah, I know,
but given the offer,

what kid
with a learners permit

would have passed it up?

I just...

can't get that
upset about it.

I think he learned his lesson.

How's that?

He got a ticket,
and he's got to live

with banging up Matt's car.

Matt seems angrier with Robbie
than he does with Simon.

I'm not surprised.

I think Matt has some
issues with Robbie,

and those issues will surface

before he takes off
for school next year.

What issues?

Well, let's face it,

Matt was jealous
when Robbie moved in here,

and instead of dealing
with his jealousies,

he just moved back home

and reclaimed
some of the territory

he thought Robbie had taken.

And then there's
the whole thing with Cheryl.

Don't get me wrong,

I think he cared for her,
but I think he got

a little something out
of the fact that she

was once with Robbie.

How did I
miss all that?

Hi. Remember me?

I'm Ronald, Robbie's brother.

-Well, come on in.

You know, uh...

Let me see,
y-you're the one

who made out with Lucy
in the living room.

Yeah, I'm not talking
to my brother

who made out with her
at the Promenade.

-Why not?

Because he made out
with her at the Promenade.

But you're speaking
to Robbie?

Why wouldn't I be
speaking to Robbie?

Why wouldn't I
be speaking to Robbie?

Did he make out with Lucy?

It's not as if you
and Lucy were...

And you know she was
engaged to someone.

When that went sour,
she got really depressed and...

So Robbie made out with her?

Where is he?

I think he's in
the dining room.

Hey, man,
what's up?

What's up is I'm
gonna kill you.




Well, it looks like you
picked a... a good night.

I only came here to see Lucy.

I think I'm in love with her.

I am in love with her.

Okay, pal, I've had
about enough of this.

Get over her.

She's not relationship
material right now.

She's still wearing
her engagement ring

from the last guy.

Well, not the last guy--

the last guy was your brother.

Why is she wearing
that guy's ring?

He called last week
and asked for it back.

She went into a tailspin.

Believe me,

she's not in
the right place

to start a

especially with a guy
who's on the road

and has a bunch of women

throwing their underwear
at him every night.

She can't handle
it-- not now,

not ever.

She'd lose her mind
if she married you.

Wait. I didn't say
anything about marriage.

Well, then, what's the point?

What are you doing here?

Did you come here
just to toy with her?

Well, the point is I felt

something special
when we made out.

I write songs about it.

And so, two years
later, you've come back

to get another jolt
of Lucy's make-out mojo?

I'm blocked.

You know I really don't
have time for this.

I have my own problems.

Why aren't you at work?

Wow. Let... let's see.

Why am I not at work?

Because I don't have
a car, moron.

If you needed a ride,
all you had to do was say so.

Oh, I don't
need anything

from you, thank you
very much, other than

it would be nice if you
could do a better job

of looking after
my brothers and sisters.

What kind of person

doesn't know that Simon
can't drive a car

without a licensed driver
over the age of 25?

I may have known,
but I must have forgotten.

A-ha! Hmm.

So you did know.

You caused the
accident on purpose.

"Accident on purpose?"

Does that even make any sense?

I didn't anything
on purpose,

and if your parents
aren't gonna get upset

about the accident,
why are you?

Who do you think pays
for the car insurance?

Who do you think is gonna pay

for what the car insurance
doesn't pay for?

Your parents.

Well... yeah.


But don't think I'm
not gonna chip in.

And do you think
it's really a good idea

to have your brother
lurking around Lucy right now

when obviously,
from the ring on her finger,

she is not stable?


Hi, I'm Ruthie.

Perhaps you've
heard of me.

Yes, I have.

Hi, I'm Ben.

Perhaps you've heard of me.

Ever been
on a fireman's calendar?


They haven't done a calendar
since I got the job--

not that they would ask me
to be on a calendar.

Oh, they'd ask, all right.

Where's Mary?

She's looking
for the keys to her car.

She wanted to take
me for a drive.

That's an understatement.



I'd better leave
before I fall in love.

I can't find my
keys anywhere.

Then my guess
would be

-Lucy's driving your car.
-But she didn't ask

to drive my car.

She's out picking up guys.

It's hard to pick up guys

when you're in an electric
car or a minivan.

Fine, then. We'll go
out in Ben's car.

Word of advice?

Move back to New York.

Follow him wherever he goes,

if he takes you
to the ends of the Earth.

Forget about Wilson.

Forget you ever met him.

Forget that you
ever got engaged.

Forget that you never
gave him his ring back.

Forget that
he moved away

without telling you
where he was going.

And forget about
finding him.


Maybe we shouldn't be
in a car when we talk.

Back porch okay?

Look at me.

I thought so.

I... I noticed it at dinner.

Let me explain.

I'm not much on explanations.

Ben, I was with Wilson
on and off for years.

The only thing
I take more seriously

than my job is my life.

And I came here to see
if there's was a chance

you could ever be
a part of my life.

You're really beautiful,
you know that?

I haven't been able to get
your face out of my mind,


now I think I can, so I...

I guess it's
good that I came here.

It's not like I knew you had any
serious interest in me.

I thought I was just a girl
that you made out with,

one of the many girls
that you made out with.

I don't know.

I'm not that kind of guy.

Now that I know that, can't you
give me another chance?



As beautiful
as you are, I can't.

Bye, Mary.

I saw Ben leaving.

I took your car

without asking.

I didn't think you'd mind.

No, I did think you'd mind,

but I took it anyway.

You might want to take that
ring off before you go inside.

I am never taking off
this ring, okay?

Well, aren't we calm

for everything's that
gone on around here?

I feel very calm.

I've been feeling
very conflicted,

but as of today
I feel very calm.

And that's good, because
with all the things going on

out there in the world,
it helps to stay calm in here.

See, I had this dream
for years to teach.

And finally,
after all that time,

I got my dream when
Mrs. MacKoul asked me

to join the staff
at Ruthie's school.

It was very much
my dream come true.

And now you're giving up
your dream come true?

It's no longer my dream.

I love working
with any one student,

but I feel disconnected

working with a group of students
in the classroom.

I want to do more than
discuss questions of morality.

I want to inspire
each child

to lead a moral life.

I think I can find
a better way to do that.

And you don't feel sad
that you've always had

this dream to teach

and once you got it, it
wasn't what you wanted?


It probably happens
to a lot of people.

Yeah, it does, but...

usually they
just hang on to it,

because after all that
dreaming it seems a shame

to give it up or admit
that it was a mistake.

Well, I feel good about it.

For me, letting go
of the past is freeing.

Well, evidently that's a gene

that wasn't inherited
by Mary or Lucy.

♪& Can't let go ♪&

♪& Can't let go... ♪&

♪& She can't let go,
oh, no, oh, no... ♪&

I promise I'll talk
to Ms. Riddle.

Just make him stop.


Hi, Lucy.

Looks like you have company.

I don't think Mom and Dad
will want you entertaining

in your bedroom,
considering your past history.


Out. Go now.

What are you doing here?


If you want to drive...

No, I don't want to drive.

Again, I'm really sorry
about the accident.

Okay, I don't know what
your anger is all about,

but at this point,
I don't really care.

Well, it's not
about the accident.

It's about the past three years.

You know, you moved
into the house.

and you've tried to take
over my position in the family.

You're not my replacement.
You can't do what I do.

This is really old stuff.

We've been through
this before.

You know, I don't want
to be your replacement.

And I didn't try to
take over anything.

I've tried to stay
out of your way.

And you're right,
I can't do what you do.

I'm not a big brother.

I don't have experience
in being a big brother.

You know, not that
I'm a complete idiot,

but I do make mistakes.

And frankly, I'm not used to
responsibility nor do I want it.

But face it,

you're all grown up now.

I mean, you may still be living
at home, but you're...

but you're life
isn't at home anymore.

You're life is at school,

and at the clinic.

And that's who
you're going to be

for the next nine
years of your life.

Matt, you're done.

It's over.

Let it go.

It's time to
leave the nest

and graduate from being
a big brother to being a man.

It's not like you
didn't know this.

You just never heard it
out loud.

And it's not like
you can't go out there

and make something of yourself.

You are.

You will.


Any time, Dr. Camden.

I don't know if that
makes me happy or sad.

We've got a lot of
letting go to do over
the next few years.

Yeah, we do.

We've also got a lot
of holding on, too.

-Well, I guess I'll get started
cleaning the house

while you take Simon
out for a spin.

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be

more of a crawl,

but I'll let him drive
over to school.

Where is he, anyway?

He's hiding in his room.

It's pretty easy to find him

in his room, isn't it?
-I think he wants us

to find him and tell him that
his life's going to be okay.

I think taking him
for a drive

is the most I can
do for one day.

Be careful out there.

I'll be with you

in just a moment, Ruthie.


Ms. Riddle.

I have something
I'd like to say to you,

and I hope you're
old enough to understand.

Try me.

I used to be a very angry woman.

And I judged everyone around me

as being stupid, or incompetent
or lazy or...

You get the picture.

And then...

as unbelievable as it sounds

I met a guy, a man, a nice man.

He was in my life
for quite a while,

but I never saw him,
because I had to get over

all this anger I
had from before.

Uh... who were you angry with?

My fiancé.

I had the same boyfriend

all the way through
high school

then college.

Then when we graduated

we were supposed to get married,

but following the rehearsal
dinner he ran away with...

my sister.

I'm with you so far.

Well, it was shortly after
that that I started teaching

and although I had
some very good training

and a very good education,
I had very low self-esteem.

I never thought
much of myself.

And I always thought way
too much of my sister.

So when this guy dumped
me, I hit rock bottom.

Anyway, because
of what happened

when you left,

I was forced into some anger
management classes and...

as I started to realize

all the awful things
I had buried inside,

I began to feel a whole
lot better about myself.

And eventually
a whole lot better

about the people around me.

I love teaching.

And this school is
a very special place.

One of the reasons I was
hoping to get hired here

was so that you and I
could once and for all

settle our differences.

Do you think that's possible?

Totally possible.

But I've got two questions.

One, who's the guy?

Do you remember
the principal?

The kind of young,
good-looking redhead?

I like him.

I love him.

We're getting married.

Which is the other reason
I wanted to work here.

One of us has to transfer.

We can't both work
in the same school.

I have to admit I did
come here to keep you
from getting the job.


this is a whole lot better.

Oh. What was
the other question?

Did you keep your engagement
ring from the first guy?

I did.

Last Christmas I mailed
it to my sister

and her husband,
my former fiancé.

I told them I didn't
need it anymore.

Ruthie, did you need to see me?

I wanted to tell you
something about Ms. Riddle,

but I'm sure you overheard.

Ready to go, Luce?

We have to go to the post
office, but I will be back

as quickly as possible.

I'll be waiting.

Could you pick me
up some stamps?


Where are you mailing that?

Wilson's parents.

I'm sure they know where he is.

We're really kind of pathetic.


But we don't have
to keep being pathetic.

I agree.