7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 8 - Ay Carumba - full transcript

Robbie is happy with his new hot Latina girlfriend Joy Reyes and persuades her rich, devoutly Catholic...

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Why don't you just go in?

Because we don't want to go in.

I see, well, I want to in and

why shouldn't I?

Where do you think you're going?

We are banned to the garage

except for meals and bathroom

Well, i'm waiting for Simon to
get out of the bathroom

and while i'm waiting, i'll be
in there.

What was her name again?

Ms. Tight Pants or Miss Sexy or

No, I think she said it was Joy.

Joy? What kind of name is that?

A name for the look on Robbies

Shut up!

What's your problem?

I don't have a problem.

Well, obviously you do.

No, I don't!

And that's you singing?

That's me. You like it?

Love it.

I'm waiting for the bathroom.

-He was never
your boyfriend.
-Yes, he was.

Okay, if he was your boyfriend,
he sure got over you quickly.


You know, they say
if a widower remarries

soon after his wife dies,

that means that
he was happily married.

You're not dead.

But you know
you might as well be.

Well, you might as well be, too.

Well, I'm not the one
who wants him back.

And you're the one
who's jealous.

You may or may not
want him back,

but you are
definitely jealous.

And you're not the one
who should be jealous.

If I were jealous,
I'd have every right,

because I was with Robbie
a lot longer

than you were with Robbie.

So? You just broke up
with your fiancé,

or married him,
so why should you have a right

to be jealous
of my old boyfriend?

He's my old boyfriend.

He's my old boyfriend, too.

And whether we were together
for ten minutes or ten years,

it doesn't change anything.

Yes, it does.
Don't be ridiculous!

You're the one being ridiculous!

You're both being ridiculous.

And I'd go in there,

but a man's got to know
his limitations.

You have no right
to be jealous of her.


You're the one who has no
right to be jealous of her.

-Who says I'm jealous?
-I do.

-Oh yeah?

-Well, I'm not.
-Yes, you are.

I am not the jealous type.

-Oh, and I am?
-Yes, you are.

-Since when?
-Since I came home.

I am not jealous
of my own sister.

I'm just angry that
you've shown up

and expected to be treated
like royalty or something.


Hi, Joy.
Sorry to interrupt all the fun,

but, Ruthie, Matt and, uh, Lucy
have a garage to go to.

Well, what about her, huh?

Are, are you gonna
punish her, too?

We were both fighting.

Lunch should be ready

There's been a little problem.

It has nothing to do
with you or me or us.

It's all about her.

My family wants
to meet you tonight.

I thought they didn't
want to know about me.

Now they do.

-What changed their minds?
-I changed their mind.

-I told them I'm
in love with you.
-And I'm in love with you,

which is why I thought they
didn't want to know about me.

I didn't tell them
you're in love with me,

I told them
I'm in love with you.

I'll let you tell them yourself
tonight at dinner.

Is dinner a good time
for that kind of thing?

I mean,

there's no doubt in my mind
that I'm in love with you.

But maybe they can
hear that better

if they got to know me
a little better.

My parents, they're
a little old-fashioned.

They want to know that the man
I'm going out with

is serious,
and his intention is marriage.

And they're not gonna buy
that you want to marry me

unless you're in love with me.

Isn't it gonna
make them nervous,

all this talk about love
and marriage?

Is it making you nervous?

No. Not at all.

Don't worry,
they just want the intent.

And then a long, long courtship
and even longer engagement.

But that's what they want,
not what I want.

I want to sing and dance
and have a good time.

Which is why they want
that other stuff.



I need you to go into the house.

Um, say you have to go
to the bathroom.

I just went.

Well, go again.
I need you to get something.

-And sneak a snack for me.
-I need the pencil sharpener.
Sneak that out, too.

And see if you can con Mom into
letting us back in our rooms.

Sorry, can't do it.
And you know why I can't?

Because I don't want to.

You got me
in trouble,

and now I think that in return,
the rest of you should go in,

apologize to Mom
and even to Mary

and let me have
the garage apartment.


We're not apologizing.

Not until Mary apologizes,

or Mom stops treating her
like the prodigal son.

You don't understand.

This is no longer a standoff
between us and Mom or even Mary.

This is a game of survivor.

We're all here
to claim our territory.

But only one person can
win the garage apartment,

and I intend to be that person.

I can outlast you, all of you.

I can stay out here for weeks
with a single change of clothing

and my allowance if I have to.

But I probably won't have to
because I know you.

You're all creatures of comfort.

Can you stay out here for weeks?

Daddy would love some of that,

but that is rich in fat
and Daddy can't have fat

because Daddy has
a lot of fat in his heart

and it made him sick.

But he's better now.

Daddy just wants
one little bite.

-That's mine.

They're going to need a bath.

Well, that shouldn't
be a problem,

considering the number of kids
sharing the bathroom these days.

Do you have a problem with, uh,
my punishing the children
without your approval?

No. No, I...

You and I have never
waited around

for the other's approval, but...

But you have a problem
with the reason

I'm punishing the children?

No, I don't have a problem
with that, but...

Then what's the problem?

That you didn't have
enough time at church

to include the rest
of the children in your story

about Mary and her return home?

Well, I don't want the garage
apartment for my own.

I can understand
why they're upset

about your giving it to Mary.

We don't even know
if Mary needs it.

So, they don't know
that she doesn't..

Maybe she and Wilson need it.

I got the feeling from Wilson

that they broke up, and he's
just letting Mary tell us.

And I got to wonder why that is.

Because it suggests
that whatever the why,

it won't be something we like.

Well, I'm going
to withhold judgment,

maybe even just
give it up completely,

because people do make mistakes.

Well, yes,
they do.

And my mistake was trying
to point out your mistakes.

It's like a tunnel of sound,

whatever is said in here
just goes right up there.

What is my mistake, Eric?

We sent her away
for a reason, Annie.

She was headed for trouble.

And although she avoided trouble
by living with my parents,

I'm not so sure
she's back on track,

or that she'll ever
get back on track,

because she doesn't
seem to realize

that she has a few problems.

What do you feel
her problems are?

I feel her problems

are that she's irresponsible,

self-centered and inconsiderate
of other family members.

I think she wants
to be responsible,

and that's something.

I think it's good for her
to be self-centered right now.

It's good for her
to focus on herself

and come to love herself

because that's the first step
in loving others.

And I don't think she's
inconsiderate of other
family members.

On the contrary, I think
other family members,

including you,
are inconsiderate of her

and her needs at this time.

So we can just agree
to disagree about Mary

and who she is
and what her future holds,

but I think that Matt and Lucy
and Simon and Ruthie

are all in agreement.

With you and you are wrong.

Just like you were wrong
about Nixon.

He should have apologized.

Tunnel of sound.

Tunnel of sound.

Tunnel of sound!

Where are you going?

I'm going out
for some fresh air.

Do you really want to do that?

Why wouldn't I want to do that?

Because one, you're only
going to torture yourself

by spying on Robbie and Joy,

and two, if you're not here
to protect your territory,

I don't know
what'll happen to it.

I can't help you.

It's me against these two.

Don't we have it hard enough
without turning on each other?

She is the weakest link.


So, where's your friend?

Do you mean Joy?

Who else would I mean?


Are you friends with Mary?

I'm not, not friends with Mary.

Are we friends?

Of course we're friends.

I have to go over to Joy's
house for dinner tonight.

What do you think I should wear?

I need to make
a good impression.

I have to tell her parents
I want to marry her.

We are not friends.

Hi, Robbie.


You think that's all
you have to do

is just put on Joy's pants,
and you'll get him back?

Hey, I'm talking to you!

You're not just gonna
come back here

and just take everything
away from us!


Doesn't look like
the fresh air agreed with you.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm guessing that once again,

nothing is hurt but your pride.

Your stuff's
in your basket.

And just why is it
in the basket?

Not that this day
could get any worse.

Uh, you've been voted
out of the garage.

Since when do we vote who stays
and who goes from the garage?

Since you went out
for some fresh air.

But before you go,
we'd love to hear what happened.

Matt, were you in on this?

It was his idea.

Well, no. They wanted
to toss your things

on the driveway
and lock you out.

I suggested we vote.

You'd do that?


Well, I needed
to throw the balance our way.

Our way? Who is "our"?

The guys. Matt and me.

Yeah, and yet, I, the girl,
will still win.

Even if you do win,

Mom will never let you have
the apartment at your age.

But it'll be in my power
to let one of those two have it.

And, believe me,
I'll get something for it.

Fine. Sooner or later,
you're all going to lose anyway.

I may as well be comfortable
while you're losing.

What are
you doing?

I'm looking for aspirin.


Do you know where
Mom and Mary are?

They're upstairs.


I'm here to apologize.


For questioning
my mother's wisdom,

for being so selfish,
and for not being nicer to Mary.

She just beat the stuffing
out of you.

No, she didn't.


I'm a very scrappy fighter.

If you say so.

I am.

And now I feel better.

So much better

that I can humiliate myself
with the aforementioned lies.


I'm sorry for questioning Mom.

But the other stuff--
not so much.

Yeah, but if they're lies...

Do you ever apologize to Mom

when you know you're right
and she's wrong?

Then why can't I apologize
to Mary?

You were right,
and we were wrong.

I apologize for trying

to take what you
wanted Mary to have.

So, may I please
have my old room back?

Of course if I
apologize to Mary, too.

Of course.

Did the others kick you out?

Pretty much.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Aren't you supposed
to be in the garage?

I came in
to apologize.

Sorry about

Hey, that is so sincere.


I am sincere.

I'm sorry about everything that
happened since you came home.

It wasn't exactly
a warm welcome.

It may look easy
being the prodigal son,

but it's probably not.

What are you talking about?

You do know that Dad was
talking about all of us

when he gave that
sermon this morning?

I know he was talking about you,
Matt, Simon and Ruthie.

You're the one who went off
in search of yourself.

You're the prodigal son.

No, he wasn't talking about me.

Yes, he was.

I didn't go off
in search of anything.

I got kicked out of here.

Yeah, but...

But what?

You kicked me out.

And you're the one who left
on her own to go to New York.

You're the prodigal son.

You went out
in search of yourself

and came back with a better idea
of who you are,

and even more determined
to be what you want to be.

I got nothing, except
a couple of college credits

that won't transfer
and a boyfriend who dumped me.

Wilson dumped you?

I got caught kissing
this other guy,

and then to make it up
to him, I...

I tried to get him
to marry me.

This other guy?

No, Wilson.

And I thought
he was going to, too.

But no, he feels
that I'm not ready

to be his wife
and Billy's mother.

And after everything
I did for him.

You got caught
kissing another guy?

A fireman.

It was stupid.

I'm stupid.

And the Colonel told me

they were going away
for the weekend,

and if I didn't have
the good sense

to get on an airplane
and go home,

he would drive me
to the airport on Monday.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

You're not stupid.

And I love you.

And I'm sorry about Wilson.

And I'm sorry about Jeremy.


So, what are we going
to do about Joy?

There's nothing we can do

but wish Robbie luck

and hope everything
works out for him.

See, you're living your life

from that good place
in your heart,

just like Dad
was talking about.

I don't have that good place.

I don't wish Robbie well.

And I hope it doesn't work out.

And that's who I am.

I am not the prodigal son.

Yeah, but you
have to admit

Mom thinks you are,

or at least
she treats you like you are.

Yeah, Mom's been so great.

You know, it's nice
to be the favorite again.

Yeah, always nice
when that comes around.

And yet I did
nothing to deserve it.

I am still crazy,

irresponsible, bad Mary,

and after all this time,

I don't think
I've learned squat.

What is it going to take to get
my life in order, huh, Luce?

I don't know.

But whatever it takes
for all of us

to get our lives in order,

I'm pretty sure we can get it
right here at home.

Sam and David are
all washed up,

and I think they
might actually nap.

Did you want to
tell me something?

'Cause I want to
tell you something.

I was wrong, and
you were right.

I resented your
being nicer to Mary

than you have been to me,

and I admit to
officially hoisting myself

on my own petard.

I've been sanctimonious

and judgmental, and
in general, a boob.

I apologize to you and

beg you to allow me

to take you and our dear
Mary out to dinner tonight

as a token of my affection
for both of you.

Or if you prefer, I'll volunteer
my services as a baby-sitter

so that you and our...
our lovely daughter

can have a welcome-back dinner
alone, just the two of you,

and catch up on everything
in each other's lives.

You are the best husband
on the face of the earth.


Why don't we get the girls
to baby-sit,

and you and I can go out
to dinner alone

and catch up on everything
in each other's lives?

Dinner alone?

I feel like crying.

I'm sorry.

-Oh, that's okay.


Where are you going?

Oh, I'm having dinner

with Joy's family
at her house.

I'm going to pick up some
flowers for her mother,

but I don't know what
to bring her father.

Any suggestions?

Hmm. That's a tough one.

Yeah. Hopefully, I'll think of
something on the way over there.

I think flowers for the
mother will be fine.

You don't have to
do anything else.

Just be yourself.

So, did you like her?

I think she's

I have a good
feeling about her.

Then wish me luck.

Good luck.

Oh, I hope her
family likes him

for oh, so
many reasons.

-Two of them being
Mary and Lucy?
-You betcha.

If we pool our money and get
the family bucket of chicken,

we'll actually get
more pieces per person,

and we can save some
for breakfast.

We don't need to pool our money.

We're not going
to last that long.

And when I say "we,"
I mean you two guys.

So, who wants
to take me out for a steak?

You think you can buy a
steak on your allowance?

Steak taco?

That's more like it.

We're all gonna
go together.

Yeah, I know.

I'm coming.

It's really loud in here, huh?

Yeah, it is.

I hate to be the one
who has to pay me

for this lousy apartment.

You know, why don't we
just vote her out now?

Because I have your wallets.

She is sneaky.

The sneakiest.

Why don't you give up?

You know you'll never win.

Besides, we all know
it's only right

that this should all be mine.

You've had your
own apartment.

You've been out,
and you've come back.

I have to get out, I have
to get out to survive.

And once I do, unlike you
and Mary, that's it for me.

I'm never coming back.

Yeah, I remember 15.

Let's go.

A Mr. Robbie Palmer, sir.


Are you, uh...?

Are you...?

Am I in the
right place?

I'm Ramon, Joy's father,

but you can call me Mr. Reyes.

Sit down.
We'll talk.

Then I'll let you know
if you're in the right place.

How is it that a young man
like yourself does not smoke,

does not drink,
does not do drugs and...

does not have a girlfriend?

I smoked at one time,
but I gave that up.

And I've had a drink once
or twice, but I gave that up.

But I never, never did drugs.

And I've had girlfriends.

But you... gave them up, too?

Uh, they gave me up actually.

But it doesn't matter
because I was never really...

I wasn't...

It's just that...

Well... I'm...

Tell him.

Tell me what?

And come and sit with us

if you're going to join
in the conversation.

You were going to tell me...?


Joy wants me to tell you
that I'm in love with her.

But that doesn't seem
appropriate to me.

So you're not in love
with her, why?

Well, even if I am,
you being the father

and everything, you may
want me to prove that

before I can say that.

And how are you going
to prove that?

Oh, no, not by...

By respectfully pursuing a
relationship with your daughter.

And by respectfully
pursuing you mean?

I don't want to have a physical
relationship with your daughter

before we have a commitment
to marry each other.

I like to hear that,

especially since you've known
my daughter a whole week.

But for now you say
all the right things.

At least you're that smart.

I mean what I say... really.

You go to church?

Every Sunday.

I do.

All right, I give up.

You're in the right house,

but I'm going to save
"welcome to the family,"

until I see
if your word is good.

Good man.

I was wrong and
you were right.

But not in the way
that you think.

Still, it's music
to my ears.

Mary's not the prodigal son.

And I made a mistake
in treating her
as if she were.

She never left to go
and discover herself.

She didn't go out into the
world and get into trouble

and hit rock bottom and
then come crawling home
for forgiveness.

She never did that.

She showed signs of
getting in trouble

and we sent her
to your parents,

before she had a chance
to do something that she
or we would regret.

And you know what?

It worked, Eric.

And I don't think we've ever
given ourselves any credit

for doing the right thing

and saving her
from hitting rock bottom.

Now, maybe
she didn't

learn anything,

but I think part of the reason
that she claims that

is that she's afraid
to say she did it.

She's afraid to make
another mistake.

Well, for a guy
who just got an apology,

I'm feeling pretty lousy.

It's a lecture couched
in an apology.

I think if we can just let
Mary discover who she is

and what she wants to do,
surrounded with love, you know,

guided by our genius, then
maybe she will learn something.

Maybe she'll even contribute
something to the world.

Let's just aim for Glenoak.

It's not like I don't
want him to be happy.

Wilson or Robbie?


Yeah, me neither.

I just don't want him
to be happy until I'm happy.

It's too soon.

Way too soon.

Wilson and I just broke up.

You guys just broke up,
you and Robbie.

Of course meeting Joy's
family is just a date.

It's not like Robbie's
really falling in love.

Yeah, but he thinks he has.

He told me this is
the love of his life.

But that's ridiculous;
he just met her a week ago.

I know, but if it's true,

if Robbie has
fallen in love with Joy,

then he can fall out of love
just like that.

Is that what made you kiss
that other guy?

You fell out of love
with Wilson?

No, I just felt like
kissing that other guy.

I don't think it had anything
to do with Wilson.

Still, it was the wrong thing
to do,

or so it seemed.

So it seemed?

Oh it was wrong
to kiss that guy.

But ultimately it led
to my coming back here,

and this isn't wrong.

I mean, this is
where I should be.

It also kept

Wilson from making
a big mistake by marrying me.

I love Wilson West.

He's handsome, he's sexy,
he's smart,

he's considerate,
he's responsible.

I mean he's perfect.

And I'm not.

And I shouldn't be with him
and Billy.

Are you punishing yourself
for making a mistake?

What? Was I supposed to wait
for you guys to punish me?

Good people sometimes
make bad mistakes.

It happens.

But when it happens,
what do you do?

It's done.


You realize you made a mistake,
and you make an apology.

A sincere apology, one that
comes from your heart.

And then if you can,
you make amends.

You do something, or at
the very least,
you just move on

with a commitment not to
make the same mistake again.

Luce, I'm really sorry
about what happened last year.

And I'm sorry I couldn't
see how selfish I was

and how my irresponsibility

was affecting
everyone else around me.

I don't know how I'm gonna make
it up to you guys, but I will.

And you think
you haven't changed?

What are you staring at?

Is he starting to lose his hair?

It, it looks thinner
in the front, doesn't it?

Yeah, yeah, it does.

Probably a Vitamin A deficiency.

Could be.

We haven't been
out here 24 hours.

I don't have
a vitamin A deficiency.

Maybe it's just the car fumes.

Or maybe you're just trying
to get me to leave.

Maybe we should take a vote.

We're men. This is
a game for men.

You don't want to play the game
with a little girl, do you?

It wouldn't be fair.

And even if you won,
you'd feel too guilty

about beating Ruthie out of
the apartment to enjoy it.

So, let's be men.

Let's do the right thing.

Let's vote her out.

Matt, did you know I still have
the apple pie from Burger King?

Vote Simon out
and half of it is yours.

You're going to have to leave.

Now, how are you going
to get me out?

Oh, I'm sure
I'll think of something.


That's okay,
the garage apartment

was never going
to be mine anyway.

No, I'm, I'm sorry about acting
like such a doofus last year

and screwing things up
for everyone.

And thanks for letting
me come back home.

And I'm really going
to try to be a better sister.

Wow, what was that?

Oh, yeah, Wilson dumped me
for a good reason.

I kissed another guy.

This isn't laced with a
laxative or anything, is it?

No, no need for that.

This is a game of strategy.

Have you got a minute?

I've got all the time
in the world,

but eventually Matt
will have to go to work.

And eventually you'll
have to go to school.

Oy, my, I feel
a little cold coming on.

I might have to just
stay right where I am.

You were saying?

I came out here to say I'm sorry

about how stupid
I acted last fall.

I don't want to go to college,
but I do want to do something

with my life,
and I'm back here to do it.

And I hope it won't
get in your way.

So you and Wilson...?

Broke up.

I kissed another guy,

and then I panicked
and begged Wilson to marry me.

I'm nuts.

We're all nuts.

Thanks for coming back.

We missed you.

I love you, Ruthie.

I love you, too.

I'm so sorry about all of this.

Me, too.

I think Matt and I

should quit kidding around here

and give you back the apartment
that Mom wanted you to have.

I think she's right.

I think you're going to need
a little space and time

after all you've been through.

I'm so sorry.


I knew she was going to do that.

No, you didn't.

You're not getting
away that easily.

Okay, what?

Sit down. I want
to talk to you.

First of all,

I don't know how sincere
Ruthie's apology
was in there,

but I'm sorry
about everything.

I'm glad you're home.

I love you.

Secondly, what's with
you kissing another guy

when you're in love
with Wilson?

What's that
all about?

It's about it was
never meant to be.

So you think you made
the wrong choice?

No, I think I did the right
thing coming back here.

And besides, I-I had
to come back here anyway

because the Colonel
pretty much told me

boot camp's
over, go home.

I-I meant, do you think
you made the wrong choice

when you chose
Wilson over Robbie?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I guess you were the first one

to recognize Robbie's potential
to be a better person,

so you won't be surprised
when I tell you,

I think you just
didn't have the guts

to chose him instead of Wilson.

I mean, you had already
made so many mistakes.

You didn't want
to choose the bad boy

over the responsible,
single father and his kid,

not to mention it was a
greater risk to choose Robbie

because you two had
messed things up

over and over again.
Am I right?

I really love Wilson and Billy.

But you aren't in love
with Wilson.

Well, I was comfortable
with Wilson.

And happy.

Well, then why did you
kiss another guy?

You still have feelings
for Robbie, don't you?

Okay, I do.

But I wouldn't call it love.

Would you call it regret?

-You're pretty good.
-Thank you.

I'm not 21; I don't think
we can come in here.

Besides, I don't drink.

I don't know if your
dad would approve.

You're too cute.

This is my dad's club.

He's an
entertainment lawyer,

and this is one
of his investments.

But I thought he
didn't approve

of your being in

I thought he didn't want
you to be a singer.

I don't think he
or anybody else
could stop me.

I have to do this.

♪& You're on my mind ♪&

♪& Had another sleepless night ♪&

♪& And all I think about ♪&

♪& Is that I want you here
and now ♪&

♪& All I wanna say ♪&

♪& Is that I want you
in my life ♪&

♪& I need you to hold me ♪&

♪& Make me feel so right ♪&

♪& There's no other love ♪&

♪& Oh, yeah ♪&

♪& You're everything
that I'm looking for ♪&

♪& And more ♪&

♪& So tell me why ♪&

♪& Why are you so shy ♪&

♪& When you're walking
right by? ♪&

♪& I get this feeling inside ♪&

♪& Baby, I want you ♪&

♪& But I don't know what to say ♪&

♪& I see you every day
when you come around my way ♪&

♪& I want you to know
that I'm in love with you ♪&

♪& So baby come on, come on ♪&
♪& Come on ♪&

♪& Come on ♪&
♪& And tell me how you feel ♪&

♪& My friends say
that I'm wasting my time ♪&

♪& But I don't listen to them ♪&

♪& 'Cause I know
you're gonna be mine ♪&

♪& They don't understand
the feelings inside ♪&

♪& All I want from you is
that you give me a sign ♪&

♪& Tell me how you feel ♪&

♪& Tell me how you feel... ♪&

I wonder if
Robbie got home.

Nope, he's not
back yet.

How's everything
at the house?

Did you and Lucy
make up?

Lucy and I, Simon and I,
Matt and I,

Ruthie and I, Sam and David
and I, and Happy and I.

The only people
that I haven't apologized to

are the two of you.

I am really sorry
that I let everyone down.

And I'm sorry that as a part
of this wonderful family,

I didn't realize
that doing all the things

that led to my getting
asked to leave,

would affect everyone,
and not just me.

I apologize.

From the bottom
of my heart, I apologize.

And I want to thank you
for letting me go

and live with the Colonel
and Ruth.

And I'm...

I'm not the greatest student
of life,

but I, I must have
learned something.

And I want to be here now.

And I hope you'll give me
a chance to do better,

because I can do better.

And I want to start
by giving you a check

for the car payments
that you paid for me

those first few months.

I added interest.

Thank you.

I-I accept.

And, uh...

I want to apologize
to you, too.

I-I think I...

I could have cut
you some slack

when you showed up here,
but instead I...

Don't cut me any slack.

Stay tough.

I need that.


Good night.


What did she
mean by that?

I mean I still need you.

Tunnel of sound.

Oh, I think I owe you
an apology, too,

about the garage
and being jealous

-Not necessary.

I love you, Simon.

Love you, too.


Back in the house?

I am extremely,
extremely sorry

for the way
I treated you.

It was disrespectful,
and I will never not do

what you tell me to do again
for the rest of my life.

The thing about apologies is,

you don't want to make
any promises you can't keep.

I'm extremely, extremely sorry
for the way I treated you.

It was disrespectful.

Thank you, Simon.

I love you.

Love you, too.

You all back in the house?

Uh, not Ruthie.

Ruthie's a survivor.


I'm embarrassed for
acting the way I did.

I'm responsible for
leading the coup,

and it was a bad example
for my brother and sisters.

And I regret my bad,
bad, bad decision

as well as defying you.

I apologized to Mary
for making her feel unwelcome.

She and I are okay.

And I hope you and I are okay.

Will you forgive me?

Who is it?

It's your father.

Please come in.

So you won.

Don't worry,

I have no illusions
of keeping this place.

I fully intend
to apologize to mom

and to beg her to let me back
in the house.

And I apologized
to Mary already.

You want to come back in
with me?

No. I'm going to wait till
I hear Robbie's car pull in

and time my exit with his.

That way, I can walk
into the house with him,

catch up on his evening.

It's getting kind of late.

Don't you want to know
how his evening was?

Yeah, but I can ask him myself.

He tells me things
he doesn't tell anyone else.

And do you plan on telling me
the things that he tells you

that he doesn't tell
anyone else?


Robbie and I have
a special relationship.

But I'm your dear father.



just tell
your dear father

what you think is gonna happen
with Robbie and Joy.

Well, I think
that he's already in love.

But I think those two
are going to fall deeply,

madly in love
and want to get married.

And when they come
to you to ask you

to join them together
in holy matrimony,

then things around here are
gonna get really interesting.

You really think Robbie's
gonna ask Joy to marry him?

Hey, I don't want it to happen.

I want to keep him
in the family myself.

But... did you see her?


♪& Oh, oh yeah ♪&
♪& I don't know what to say ♪&

♪& I see you every day ♪&

♪& When you come around my way ♪&
♪& You come around my way ♪&

♪& I want you to know ♪&

♪& That I'm in love with you ♪&

♪& So baby come on, come on ♪&
♪& Come on ♪&

♪& And Tell me how you feel ♪&

♪& Baby, I want you ♪&

♪& But I don't know what to say ♪&

♪& I see you every day
when you come around my way ♪&

♪& Oh, I want you to know ♪&

♪& That I'm in love with you ♪&

♪& So baby come on, come on ♪&
♪& Come on ♪&

♪& And tell me how you feel. ♪&