7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 5 - Relationships - full transcript

Robbie is insecure, hiding his budding rebound-affair with Lucy. Wilson is deeply hurt when he finds fickle 'bride' Mary kissing fire department course mate Ben Kinkirk. Simon doesn't enjoy bully-mate Rick's girl abusing him as excuse to dump him. Annie experiences her flippant advice nearly wrecked pupil Christy Parks's parents' marriage, yet resists help even from Eric.

Hey, breakfast
is almost ready.

Oh, I already ate.

Oh, but I made
my special egg dish.

I know--
that's why I already ate.

And that's why Simon
left early for school.

The truth hurts.

Hey. I-I made eggs.
I know-- I
could smell them

all the way upstairs.
Well, if I have
to prepare breakfast

shouldn't I get to choose
what I want to prepare?

but no one wants
to eat your eggs.

That's not true.
Oh, it's true.

Do you know how long
you're gonna be at school?


I have to go to the church
sometime today.

So when are you coming home?

I don't know.
I'll be home when I get home.

You can't do better
than that, honey?

No, I can't, sweetie?

Come on, Ruthie,
I don't want to be late.

Maybe I should take hormones.

Man, you are looking
really good.

Since we started
running together,

I've been doing so much
better with my training.

I really think I'm gonna
pass that test next week.

Oh, yeah, you're
gonna nail it.

Well, you know, if I do,
I owe it all to you.

You're a great coach.

You know, I could be
a really great husband, too.

You still haven't
answered my question.

Well, it's
a big question to answer.

So is that a no?



I-I just need some more time.

Race you back to the car?


Ready, set, go!


Okay, let's close our books.

I know we've just started

reading Swiss Family Robinson

but from the chapters
that you just read,

does anyone want to tell me
what they think the moral

of this story
might be?


I think the author's showing us

that even though you may not
be shipwrecked with your family,

that all families have to
figure out a way to get along.

Yes. Good!

The author, Johann David Wyss,

is telling us
that all relationships

require a lot of work,

patience, tolerance

and love.

He wrote this book to teach
his own sons life lessons.

So for homework,
I want you to teach me a lesson,

a moral lesson.

I want you all to write
a one-page story

about a relationship.

I'm available for help,
so don't hesitate

to call me here at school
or at home.

All right?

Class dismissed.

Um, you seem to know

a lot about people
and relationships,

and I have a question.

If two people fight

all the time,
they should break up, right?

Well, yes, if two people
are fighting all the time,

then maybe they
shouldn't be together.

But you're young.

That's what I think, too.

Thanks, Mrs. Camden.


I don't think I've
ever seen someone improve

so much in such
a short period of time.

Keep up the good work.

How you doing?

A whole lot better
than I was doing last week.

I know. What's your secret?

My boyfriend's
been helping me train.


So, tonight, um,
some of us are gonna meet up

at this pool hall
where firefighters hang out.

You want to come?

I'm meeting my boyfriend
for dinner.

Ah, the boyfriend again.

Maybe next time.

Yeah. Maybe next time.

Uh... I'll be right back.

Hi, Reverend Camden.

Cheryl, I-I'm sorry,
Matt's not home.

I know.

I need to talk to you.

In that case, come on in.

I have to put the
boys down for a nap.

Can you give me a minute?
Sure. No problem.

All right, just help yourself
to anything in the fridge,

and I'll be back as soon
as I get them to sleep.



Here we go.

Hi. Where's Matt?

He's at class or work


I'm here to talk to your dad.

How's everything with you?

I'm fine.

I'm just getting
a soda and...

now that I have it, I'm
going back upstairs. Bye.

I'm not fine.

I'm horrible, and I need
to talk to someone.

Normally, I would talk to Mary,

but I can't talk to her
about this, and...

really, when I think about it,

I shouldn't be talking
to you either,

but, if I don't talk to someone
soon, I'm gonna burst!


Are you two... together?

No. No, we're not together,
we're not anything.

But I think Robbie
wants us to be something.

He tried to kiss me last week.

I thought that we
were just friends,

but... somewhere along the way,
I guess our signals got crossed.

So, are you upset

because he tried to kiss you
and you're not interested,

or are you upset
because he tried to kiss you

and you are interested?

Robbie and I can only
ever be friends.

There's just too much history
with him and my family, and...


If you know how you feel,
then tell him.

Well, I would, but he's
been avoiding me all week.

I-I've been avoiding him, too.

Stop avoiding him
and talk to him.


It's just that
I was wondering

if you're here to talk
to my dad about Matt.

I talked to Matt earlier.

Oh. I think you
should always

talk to the person
involved first

and then talk to them again,
and even again after that.

Maybe you're right.


I'll go find Robbie right now.

By the way,
for some reason,

my dad's not as objective as
a father as he is as a minister.

Hey. I saw the
hottest girl today.

Did you talk to her?

I didn't get a chance
to-- she disappeared.

I've been looking for her
all day-- I think she's new.

Was she blond,
about this tall, with blue eyes?


Is that her?

She's coming this way.

Yeah, I know--
she's my girlfriend.

She transferred over
from private school.

So keep your eyes
and your hands off, buddy.

She's your girlfriend.


Lynn, this is
my friend Simon.

Yeah, I saw you
in the hall this morning.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

It's getting harder every
week to get the boys to nap.

No problem.

So, what can
I do for you?

You can tell Matt I don't think
we should date anymore.


Matt doesn't have time
for a relationship,

and it's not fair for me
to be in a relationship

with someone who doesn't
have time for me.

Well, I think
those are things

that y-you should tell
Matt when you talk to him.

I've tried talking to him,

and this morning
I tried for the last time.

He refuses to discuss
breaking up.

But I think
he'll listen to you.

Please help me--
I don't want to hurt him.

You want me to hurt him?
No. But Matt and I
can't go on

the way we are.

I feel like this relationship
is distracting me from studying,

and I can't afford
to be distracted.
Maybe I'm like Matt--

I-I... I don't want the
two of you to break up.

I thought you'd be happy
I wanted to break up with Matt.

Why would you think that?

Well, I know you and Annie
weren't exactly thrilled

when Matt and I started dating,

what with
the Robbie-and-Mary

history and all.
No, that's not true.

Maybe we were a
little concerned in
the beginning, but...

we all love you, and...

we think you and Matt
are terrific together.

And Matt was...

a little lost last year,

but ever since he started
dating you, he... he's changed.

He's become more focused,
and he's...

he's happy.

I'm a little surprised
that you don't see that

you really have made
his life better.

And anything that
makes his life better

makes me and Annie very happy.

Wow. You really feel that way?

Yes, I do.

So does the rest of the family.

It's funny that you
came over here to
break up with Matt.

I thought you were here
to tell me

that you and Matt were thinking
about getting...

more serious.

You mean marriage?

We have talked about it.


And now, after talking to you,

I think maybe I'm going
in the wrong direction.

Maybe Matt

and I should get married.

Thanks, Reverend Camden.

How'd your class go?

Good. I think I'm
really connecting
with the kids.

You are-- especially
Christy Parks.

She told me she
likes you a lot.

And she thinks you're
nice and smart.

I have an equestrian class

after school today.

I should get down
to the barns.

Okay, and then the carpool's
dropping you at home, right?

Okay, bye.

Love you.
You, too.

Oh, I'm so glad
I ran into you.

I was going to drop
by your office

to thank you
again for hiring me.

I love my class and my students

and I just can't
thank you enough

for giving me this opportunity.

Um, did you tell a student

that her parents
should get a divorce?

When Christy Parks'

mother picked her up
at school today,

she told her mother
that you said

her parents should get
a divorce.

Her mother's very upset.

She just left my office.

But, I...

What exactly
did you tell Christy?

Hey, how was school?

I don't want to
talk about it.


If I told you then I'd be
talking about it

and I...I don't
want to talk about it.

Maybe I can help.

I don't want your help, okay.

My teaching is just for me

and I don't need you
to get involved in it.

Something happened at school?

Don't smile at me.

You're my friend's

You're off limits.

You're taken, okay.

So steal me.

So steal you?

What kind of girlfriend are you?

The kind of girlfriend who is
tired of her current boyfriend

and looking to find
a new boyfriend.

Look, Maurice and I were
going to break up--

then I got transferred here,
so we decided to stay together.

I don't want any
part of this.

Part of what?


Are you doing
anything tonight?

Lynn and I

are going to the pool hall.

Why don't you come with us?

You know what, I... I can't.

But you just said you
weren't doing anything.

I hope it's not
because of me.

Maybe I make Simon
feel uncomfortable.

No, you don't make me

Then you'll go?


I'll talk to you later.

I like him.

He's a good guy.


Mary, its Robbie.

Hi. How are you?

It's been a while.

I need to talk to you.

Actually, I'm glad you called.

I need to talk to you, too.

Okay, you first.

Wilson asked me to marry him.

Are you still there?

Yeah, I'm here.

Did... did you say yes?

I can't really think
of a good reason not to say yes.

Can you?

Your love life
isn't my business anymore.

Well, we've known each other
for a long time

and we've been through a lot.

Which is why I really can't be
an objective friend.

This is one decision

you're going to have to make
on your own.

You're right.

I should go.

Wait. Why'd you call?

Nothing, really.

Well, it had to be something
or you wouldn't

have called in the middle
of the day.

I wanted to know
how you would feel

if I dated... someone you know.

Who is it?

I'd rather not say.

Hey, I don't care

if you date someone I know.

It's not like you want to date
my sister or something.


date your sister.

That would be something.

I... I mean, uh...
I'd have to be insane.

That would be... idiotic,
stupid, crazy.

And I'm not crazy.

Yeah, I know.

I have to go.


Joanne, its Robbie from class.

I know it's kind of last minute,

but are you doing
anything tonight?

Are you going somewhere?

I have to go talk
to a student's parents.


There was an incident
with one of my students today

and, no, I don't
need your help.

What kind of incident?

One of my students, Christy,
told her parents,

her mother actually, that I said
they should get a divorce.

So her mother
called Mrs. MacKoul

and if all of this doesn't
get straightened out,

I could lose my job.


Christy asked me
when two people fight

should they break up?

I thought she was
talking about her,

or a little boyfriend,
a homework assignment.

I never said...
I would never

tell a child that her
parents should get a divorce.

I wouldn't. I didn't
do anything wrong.

Okay but... um, Christy
obviously needed

to tell someone and it's
obviously bothering her.

Thank you, Dr. Freud.

If you'll excuse me now,

I'm going to talk to
Christy and her parents.

Why are you so upset with me?

I didn't do anything.

You're not supporting
me in this.

See, I... I think I am.

I'm trying to help.

Which is code for you don't
think I can handle this.

But I can handle this,

because I am a teacher,
and a mother and a wife.

But you've only been
a teacher for a week.

See, right there--
no support.

I...I hesitate
to bring this up

because we've been fighting
about everything lately,

but maybe...

Maybe Christy's mommy
is nutty, too.


You seem...

a little upset.

Well, I am.


Well, if you must know,
it's Cheryl.

Did you have a fight?

No. Well, kind of...

She's not happy
with our relationship

and she keeps bringing up
how unhappy she is.

She did it again today.

You know we love Cheryl,
your mother and I.

We think that you two are
very good for each other.

Since you started going out
with her,

you've been happy and you've
been more focused.

I hope you see that.

I see it, but she wants
to break up.

You should call her.

May... maybe she's
changed her mind.

Oh, yeah...

And...if she talks to you
about making any changes

to your relationship,

like, I mean,
big changes,

life-altering changes... think.

Because now might not be the
best time for you to do that.

You know, I've been thinking
about this all day

and I think Cheryl's right,
we should break up.

I've been avoiding it
because everything's

working for me right now,

even if everything's
not working for her.

I'm being totally selfish.

Well maybe there's some
compromise to be made.

Oh, compromises
have been made.

She's been compromising
what she wants out of life

just to be with me.

And I wasn't sure,
but you pointed out

how Cheryl's helped me
and I think

she deserves to have
what she wants.

Or, in this case, doesn't want.

What are you doing here?

I thought I could
change your mind

about coming
to the pool hall.

The guys asked me
to come get you.

But I told you that I have a
date with my boyfriend Wilson.

Relax, I know you
have a boyfriend.

We all know you have
a boyfriend.

We just want to treat you
as one of the guys.

And you could be
a little nicer

considering I went
to the trouble

to track down your address
and drive over here.

Why are you
and the other guys so anxious

to treat me
like one of the guys?

we've gotten

a bad and undeserved rep

for running off
female candidates like you.


But one-- I'm not sure
I want to be one of the guys

and two, why couldn't you

just have tracked down
my phone number?

I could have, but...

I thought begging would be a
little more effective in person.


Mary, I'm going to have to
break our date for tonight.

I am so sorry but the boss
pushed up the deadline

for this project I'm working on.

I know I keep canceling dates
on you,

but my job is very important
to me.

But you're very important
to me, too.

Very, very important to me.

Very, very, very...

Okay, okay, enough.

We'll have dinner another night.

Oh, you are the greatest.

Sounds like Wilson
just broke your date.

Look, princess, I hate
to burst your bubble,

but not every guy you meet
wants to date you.

I mean this is a legitimate


So are you coming or what?


Well, I, I could go
with you, but...

all right, I have
a confession to make.

I've been having some problems
with the written work,

the manual-- and I was
gonna get Wilson

to help me out
after dinner.

So I should really just
stay here and study.

If you don't
pass that test

next week, you're out.

I know,
and I really don't want

to screw up
anything else in my life.

So I guess I'll pass.

You want some help?

You don't know where
Robbie is, do you?

I've been running
all over town

looking for him.
I missed him at school,

I missed him at work,
I missed him at the Promenade.

What's going on with you two?

Nothing's going on
with Robbie and me.

Now, do you know
where he is or don't you?

I heard he's out with some girl.

A date? He's on a date?

Yes, I believe that's what you
kids are calling it these days.

And do you know where Robbie
was taking his date?

An early movie
then Pete's.

A $5 movie and a slice of pizza.

It's amazing he can get a girl
to go out with him.

Especially a girl
outside our family.

Is there something wrong?


Everything is fine.

Just fine.

But there's nothing going on
between you and Robbie.

Hey, how was your
equestrian class?

My horse bit the teacher.

Oh, is she okay?

The horse or the teacher?

Uh, both.
They're okay.

Although, I don't think
my teacher will look away

the next time she feeds
my horse a carrot.


Do you know Christy Parks?

Some of the girls at the barns

were talking about
what happened with Mom.

They were?

Small school, big mouths.

I think I know

why Christy didn't exactly
spill her guts to Mom.

You do?

Mrs. Camden.

You're the teacher

who told our daughter
we should get a divorce?

If I could just talk
to Christy,

maybe I could straighten
this out. I think...

Christy, go
in the house.

You're never gonna talk
to our daughter again.

And if we have anything
to say about it,

you're never gonna
teach again.

I think that might be
a little severe.

That'll be
for the Board of Directors

of the school to decide.

Are you here

to apologize to us?

Not that it will help you,

but you need
to apologize to us.

I've been waiting here
all afternoon.

If we could just sit down
and talk.

If you're not here
to apologize,

then this conversation
is over.

Good-bye, Mrs. Camden.

Mrs. Camden?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean
to get you in trouble.

I know.

You told us in class that
if we ever had any problems,

we could come and talk to you
and you'd help us if you could.

Other teachers
at school

have said that stuff,

but you really seemed
like you meant it.

My parents fight all the time,
every since I can remember.

Lately, it's gotten a lot worse.

So I thought

if another adult told them
to break up,

then maybe they would, and then
the fighting would stop.

You really want your parents
to get divorced?

If they're not together,
they can't fight.

I wish there was something
I could do.

Me, too.

You were my last hope.
And now, I don't think

there's anything
anyone can do to help me.


That's okay.

Thanks for trying,
but you better go.

So, who's the lucky lady

My friend's girlfriend.

You know, you've barely said
two words since you came home

and you hardly touched
your dinner.

Well, after talking
to Christy's parents,

I sort of lost
my appetite.

She told me that I
was her last hope.

Yeah, Ruthie told me

that her parents fight
all the time.

You talked to Ruthie?

I asked you
to stay out of this.

Well, Ruthie came to me.

Okay, I came to Ruthie.

I asked her.
I'm sorry.

Well, I don't know

what Christy's parents
are fighting about.

But whatever it is,

it can't be more important
than their daughter.

Don't they see
how their fighting
is affecting her?

There are a lot of parents
who believe

that as long as they're not
yelling at their kids,

their kids aren't affected
by their yelling.

They don't seem to understand

that a parent's relationship
with each other

affects their children
for the rest of their lives.

If we can learn
how to have

a good relationship
from our parents,

we can learn how to have
a bad relationship, too.


But of course, I know all that.

Which is one of the many reasons
they asked me to teach.

Hey, I'm just trying
to be supportive.

Okay, I can handle this.

I didn't say you couldn't!

Oh, I think
you've been saying it all day!

You know, you guys fight a lot.

Wh-what are you doing here?

I wanted some pizza,
if it's okay with you.

Oh, I'm sorry, you must be
Robbie's date. I'm Lucy.

I'm Joanne.

Are you alone?

Yeah, I'm all alone.

Well, you can join us
if you'd like.

I'd like.


Are you okay?

I've been better.

Is something wrong?

I've been, um,
I've been thinking about things.

"Us" things?

Yeah, "us" things.

Me, too.

You know,
I think we should talk.

I agree.

Can you meet me now?

I-I think we should talk

I have to work,

but I can meet you
on the Promenade later,

in about an hour.

I'll see you then.

Oh, my brain
is starting to hurt.

I need a break.


Can I ask you a question?

Why do you want
to become a firefighter?

My dad died when I was 10.

I'm sorry.

He was a firefighter.

So you want to follow
in his footsteps.

No, not exactly.

See, when my dad died,

the way I saw it,
the fire killed him.

And ever since then, I hated
fire for taking my dad away.

So for a guy
who hates fire,

being a firefighter seemed
like the right way to go.

What about you?

Well, I wanted to work
in public service.

So, first I tried to join
the police department,

and they turned me down
because I wasn't old enough.

And then I applied
for the fire department,

and I got in...

with a little help
from my grandfather.

Is that who you live with?

Yeah, my grandparents.

They're away this weekend.

I'm gonna go... smoke.

You smoke?

No, but if I did, would that get
you to leave me alone?


I'm just going out for some air.

Robbie dated
your sister?


Once, he tried to
take her to a motel.

It didn't turn out the way
he planned, though.

Mary punched him,
and they broke up.

Then the next year,
he came back

and told Mary the motel thing
was a big mistake.

He said he was sorry
and that he loved her

and that he could change.

So Mary believed him
and took him back,

and then he asked her
to marry him.

Then his ex-girlfriend Cheryl
showed up and told Mary

that she and Robbie never
actually broke up.

So, basically,
Mr. "I'm a changed man"

was really just
a two-timing loser. Loser.

So then Mary broke up
with him again

and moved to Buffalo.

Now since Mary left, you'd think
my family would be rid of him,

but one day he shows up
at our house asking my dad

to marry him
and his ex-girlfriend.


Robbie and Cheryl were living
together and she was pregnant.

Well, it turned out

that Cheryl lied about being
pregnant, so they broke up.

What happened to Mary?

Well, up until a few weeks ago,

Robbie was still trying
to get back with her.

He loves her.

He's always going to love her.

It's kind of an obsessive love.

You know, you look
a lot like Mary.

Oh, but I'm sure
that's not why he asked you out.

But your mom and dad

let him live at your house?

Oh, did I forget to tell you
that he used to be homeless?

I have to go.


Oh, well, you know if you have
to go, you have to go.

Tell Robbie...
tell Robbie...

Well, I don't care
what you tell him.

Just tell him
to stay away from me.


You were out
here a long time.

Were you hiding?

Just leave me alone.

I like you,
and I know you like me.

Look, when Maurice
takes me home tonight,

I'm gonna tell him the truth.

The truth about you and me?

You and me and Maurice.

I don't want
to be with him anymore.

That's a fact.
I'm attracted to you.

Very attracted.

But I'm not sure that matters

more than the fact
that he's my friend.

I mean Maurice
is a nice guy.

I don't think
he'd take it too well

if you broke up with him,
especially because of me.

Please, it's not as serious
as you think.

Look, the only reason
we got together again

is 'cause I transferred here.

My parents bought a new house.

Should you and I be penalized
for that?

No, but...

I'm usually loyal

and trustworthy
and all that stuff,

but I just saw you
in that hallway,

and I don't know, Simon, I felt
something for you instantly.

And I felt the same way, but...

Maurice should hear
this from me, not you.

All right,
let me tell him.

Thank you, Simon.


I'm glad
you wanted to meet.

Since this morning
I've been,

I've been thinking
Me, too. about you and me.

I think we should

break up.
get married.

What'd you say?

What did you say?

I said I thought
we should break up,

and it sounded like you said
we should get married.

But this morning...

Yeah, this morning
you said

you wanted
to end our relationship,

and now you want to get married?

I know what I said.

But then I talked
to your father.

Wait. You talked to my dad, and
he said we should get married?

Well, not exactly.

Well, I talked to my dad, too,

and I thought he agreed with me
that we should break up.

Not that our relationship
has anything to do
with my father.

It's my fault.

When I couldn't get you
to listen to me,

I went to your father.

Do you really want to break up?

This morning...

I don't want to break up.

But you're right, I-I don't have
any time for a relationship.

And that's not gonna change
any time soon.

So if we stay together,
you give me what I need,

but I don't give you
what you need or...

or what you deserve,
and that's not a relationship.

That's just me being selfish.

Do you really want
to get married?

Yes and no.

I thought if we got married,
then we'd be together more.

But getting married would mean
I would be a lonely wife

instead of a lonely girlfriend.

So we agree.

Yeah, I think we do.

It's over.

For now.

We'll keep the door open?


Can I kiss you good-bye?

I'd be disappointed
if you didn't.

Do we fight a lot?

Uh, maybe.

I don't know.

You don't know
if we fight a lot?

I don't know what answer
won't cause a fight.

Maybe I need to find a better
way to communicate with you.

And maybe if I
take hormones,

everything will go
back to normal.

I didn't say that.

But you wanted to.

No, I didn't.

I want you to do
whatever you need to do.

And I want us
to stop fighting.

But we've always had fights.

And we're always going to fight.

Well, then maybe we need
to find ways to fight

that are more productive
and friendly.

You're right.

And you were right to try
to tell me what to do

about the school situation.

I honestly was just
trying to help.

But I don't always want
your help.

I want to solve
my problems by myself.

We're a team.

A good team.

We've always worked together

and our relationship
has always been the
better for it.

But lately I feel the need
to have some things

that are just mine.


You'll stay out
of this school thing?

Yeah. If that's what you want.

It's what I want.

And I'm going to try to...
be nicer.

And I'm gonna try to be more
considerate of your feelings.

I do love you.

I love you, too.

I guess we just need
to show it more, huh?


After you left, my mom and dad
started fighting again

and I... I just can't
take it anymore.

I can't go back home.

So... please,
can I stay here?

Do you want me to stay?

No, it's okay.

Hello, Mrs. Parks,
it's me Annie Camden.

I can't talk now, Mrs. Camden.

Christy is missing.

She ran away.

I know, she's here.

Please before you say anything,
just hear me out.

I don't know what's going on
at your house.

I don't know why you
and your husband are fighting

all the time and I don't know
what you're fighting about.

And frankly,
it's none of my business.

Christy talked to me
today at school about two people

who were fighting all the time.

I thought she was talking about
her and a boy she liked.

I had no idea she was talking
about you and your husband.

And I never told Christy

that you and your husband
should get a divorce.

This whole divorce thing is
a big misunderstanding.

I hope you and your husband
can work out

whatever problems you're having.

If you need a recommendation for
a counselor or group therapy,

my husband is a minister at
the Glenoak Community Church.

He'd be happy to help you if...

if that's what
you think you need.

Both of us would be
more than happy

to help in any way possible.

You know, all you have
to do is ask.

We both talked to Christy.

She's sorry she ran away
and she's ready to come home.

Are you still there?

Oh, yeah, I'm here.

Good, because on a more personal
note, I would like to thank you.

For what?

For helping my husband
and me see

that "we" have been
fighting too much.

I guess it happens
to all couples

at one point or another.

You know, things change.

You get upset,

add some stress, bad feelings,

a lack of communication and...

the next thing you know,

you're hurting the person
closest to you.

Forgetting that the other people
close to you,

your kids,
are getting hurt, too.

My husband and I never
saw the effect

that our fighting was
having on our kids.

That is until your
Christy showed up.

I guess my husband and I
have always fought.

But lately, we've been going
through some...

Once again, you know,
you don't have to tell me.

It's none of my business.

Thank you, Mrs. Camden.

Christy is lucky to have
you as a teacher.

Considering everything
that's happened today,

that's very sweet of you to say.

I'm just so embarrassed
by all of this.

Hey, if my kids

were telling complete strangers
about my husband

and how much we've been
fighting lately,

I'd be more than a little
embarrassed myself.

So don't worry, it's okay.

I'll call Mrs. MacKoul
in the morning.

And my husband will be
by to pick up Christy.

Thank you for your help
and understanding.

No. No, thank you.

That was your mother.

She's sending your dad
over to get you.

Promise the next time you want
to come over and see me,

you'll tell your parents first.


I think your parents are trying
really hard to get along.

But like we talked
about earlier,

you may need to give them

some time to work out whatever
it is they need to work out.

I feel better. Thanks.


I'm glad talking to Eric and me

helped you feel better
about everything.

Yeah, talking to you
guys was okay,

but what really helped
was talking to Ruthie.

I told her that you and dad
fight a lot.

So my parents aren't
the only parents

who don't get
along that well.

I mean, I thought
your life

at home was perfect.

And Ruthie told me it wasn't
even close to perfect.

So you, uh... talked
to Cheryl, huh?

Did you talk to Cheryl?

And are you two...

We're breaking up.

I mean, I love her,

but, at some point,
love alone

doesn't make a
relationship work.

How exactly did you get
involved in my love life?

Actually your love life
came to me and then...

I went to you and...
the rest is history.

Are you okay?

As okay as I can be, I guess.

If you want to talk...

I think you've done enough
talking for tonight.

I think you're right.

Good night.


It's Simon.

How did it go with Maurice?

I told him everything.

What do you mean?

Well, I told him you came on to
me in school and the pool hall.

And I said that since

he was my friend,
I thought he should know

what his girlfriend was doing
when he wasn't looking.

Well, that pretty much

we're never gonna get together.

I'm okay with that.

But you kissed me.

Yeah, I kissed you
and I like kissing you.

But I guess, for me,
it's more important

to be Maurice's friend
than your boyfriend. Sorry.

That's my other line.

It's probably Maurice.

I'll let you go.

You two have a lot
to talk about.

Hey, wait a minute.
You owe me an explanation.

I thought you cared
about me.

I guess I was wrong.

You know, I'm sorry
for ruining your date.

I went out with Joanne
because I do care about you!

Don't you get it?

I know we can't
be together.

That's why, after last week,
I figured, if I avoided you,

I'd get you off my mind.

That didn't work.

So I called Mary and I thought

if she was okay
with us being together,

then everyone else
would be, too.

You told Mary about us?

No. After talking to her,

I knew she wouldn't
be okay with us dating.

So I called Joanne
and asked her out.

I thought if I just started
dating someone, anyone...

it'd make me forget about you.

Did it work?

No, it didn't.

No matter what

I do, I can't get you
off my mind.

I'm not so sure
I want you off my mind.

Are you going to kiss me?

Would you stop me if I did?

I don't think so.

Oh, it's late.

You should probably go.

Thanks for helping
me tonight.

I had fun.

As much fun as you
can have studying.

Can you hand
me my jacket?

Ow! That hurt!

Well, good.


Yeah, you should be.

Hey, Mary, the door was open

so I just...

thought I'd come in.

I was gonna surprise you

with a late
night pizza.

But I guess I'm the one
who got surprised, huh?

We... we already ate.