7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 4 - Worked - full transcript

Robbie presents Lucy to his friend Hugh, feeling she should date again, but gets jealous enough to separate them with lies. Matt stands up against the free clinic's staff and gets Hank to overrule Dr. Kent's routine-diagnose and operate. Simon resigns, feeling incompetent as a waiter at Pete's, but gets promoted of account of his business planning skills. Cued by Billie viz. George, Wilson and Mary, who is failing in firefighter training, realize it's time they decide whether to commit to becoming a family. After endless mean Eric-abuse, Annie decides to drop her college course and accept a teaching post at Ruthie's private school.



I heard you
the first time.

You didn't forget about our
big date tonight, did you?

How could I forget?
You called me three times

from the church
to remind me.

Well, I'm just excited.

We haven't spent time

for a long time.

It's been a week.

A week is a long time
when you're in love.

Is there something wrong?

No, there's nothing wrong.

Why would you think
there's anything wrong?

No reason.

So you... ready to go?

I changed my mind.
I don't want to go out.

You know,
if you got cleaned up,

you'd feel better
about going out.

I am clean and I feel fine.

I just don't feel
like going out.


I told you I don't
want to go out.

No, I know.
I... I already called

the restaurant
and canceled the reservation.

And I, I canceled
the babysitter.

I thought we could

stay in, have a
nice dinner at home.

That way, the kids
can eat early,

and it'll just be
the two of us.

I'm not in the mood for romance.

I'm not looking for romance.

Okay, maybe at first,
I was looking for romance,

but at this stage...

I'll settle for talking.

Something else we haven't
done for a long time.

I talk to you.

Well, I'm... I'm looking
for more conversation

than just, uh,
"Roll over, you're snoring."

I'm not cooking dinner for you.

I'll take care of everything,
including feeding the kids.

All I want from you
is conversation.



Okay, dinner for two coming up.

What are we doing?

I have to write
an essay about

what I want to do
when I grow up,

and I have no idea
what I want to do.

Hmm. Well, the two most
important things in life

are what work we do
and who we love.

I need help, not pressure.


Um, well, why don't you think
of things you like to do?

Things you're good at.

Things you're talented at
and make a list.

That's gonna be a long list.

Well, you do have
a lot of talents,

and that's why I think
the list will help.

'Cause once you see what you're
good at in black and white,

then you can start
to see what job

might suit your many talents.


I, uh...

I want to make a special
dinner for your mother.

Could you do me a favor and
keep an eye on the boys tonight?

I'll order you guys a pizza
so you can eat early.



What did you do
to make Mom so angry?

I didn't do anything.

Well, she's angry at someone

and I know
I didn't do anything.

And I'm pretty sure
Matt and Lucy

and Simon and Robbie
didn't do anything.

And Sam and David are too young
to do anything,

so that leaves you and Happy.

And you're making
a special dinner, so...?

I didn't do anything.

Maybe you should
just say you're sorry.

For what?
For whatever you did.

But I didn't do anything.

I didn't.

May I take your order?

May I take your order,

Have you heard of knocking?

Yes, I have.

Who're you talking to?



You know, not that it's any

of your business anyway,
but I'm practicing

my people skills for work.

You know, you could
stand to practice

your people skills
for home, too.

I know, I've been only working
at Pete's Pizza

for a week, but...

The job's a lot tougher

than I thought it would be.
Why? Why is that?

Let's just say
I'm good with numbers,

not people.
You're great with people.

Yeah, people who are my friends,
not people who are my...

customers or co-workers
or bosses.

You know, when I was your age
I had a...

I had a job
as a summer camp counselor.

And it was at that job

that I learned how much
I liked helping people.

I didn't know I wanted
to be a minister, but...

I knew I wanted to help people,

and that I was good at it.

That job led me to other jobs

and eventually led me
to the church.

If the job isn't
the right fit for you,

maybe you need
to find another job.

You know...

not everybody's like you.

Some people get jobs
to pay for things.

You know, things
our parents won't pay for,

like a car.

Well, you don't have a license.
You don't need a car.

I don't have my license
because you won't

let me get my learner's permit.

Right, so you don't need a car.

You know, I'm late for my bus.

Another thing you don't pay for.

Are you two
going out again?

We're meeting some of Robbie's
friends at the movies.

It's Saturday night,

shouldn't you be out
with other people?

Come on, Dad, Robbie and I
aren't dating.

We're just going out.

Yes, and since you
got back from New York,

you and Robbie
have been going out a lot.

What are you saying?

I'm saying
you two...

go out a lot...

and, and stay in a lot...

You spend a lot
of time together.

We're friends.

Good friends.

You have nothing to worry about.

We're practically
brother and sister.


It's the "practically"
that worries me.

I thought you and Mom
had a big date tonight.


Yes, that's right.

Yes, your mother canceled
our plans again.

Careful, you're starting
to sound as cranky as Mom.

I'm not cranky.


Okay, I'm cranky.

You know, I've noticed things

between you and Mom are
a lot less lovey-dovey,

sickie-wickie and a lot more...



Yeah, well, your mother's...

going through some changes.

Oh, yeah.

You know,
in some ways, your mother

hasn't changed since the day
I fell in love with her

over 20 years ago.

And in other ways?

She's mean.
Really, really mean.

Uh... you know, I didn't mean
that the way it sounded.

I love your mother.
It's just that lately,

it's a lot, a lot
tougher to love her.

You know, I'm so glad I have

to go to work
because I do not like the way

this conversation's going.

I thought you had a date.

I canceled when the clinic

called and asked me to work.

You... you canceled a date?

Whoa, what's next,
cats mating with dogs?

I've canceled dates before.

Yes, so you could go out
on another date

with someone else, but this--
canceling for work?

I don't know
if I'm ready for this.

My work at the clinic's
very important to me.

Okay, now you have to leave...

before I start crying.

See, there's a tear. Go on.

Good luck with Mom.

All right!

Good job, everyone.

Now, it may seem stupid,

doing a relay race
carrying hoses,

but it teaches
you that no one

puts out fires alone.

We're a team, and only as a team
does firefighting work.

It also teaches you that

you're only as strong
as your weakest link.

Now, remember
that you'll

be splitting the remainder
of your training

sessions between
the training center

and the firehouse.

All right?

Class dismissed.

Now, who are these
friends of yours?

it's just one friend.

And his name is Hugh.

It's time you started going out
with someone other than me.

You set me up?

I set you up.

I'm not ready.

I think you are.

Well, if I'm ready,

why aren't you ready?

Where's your date?

It's different for me.

I'm not over Mary.

I'm not over Jeremy.

Okay, but since my friend
is coming,

would you just give it a try?

What if I don't like him?

What you and Jeremy had
was special.

And it may be a long time

before you are truly
attracted to another man.

But you don't have
to like Hugh,

you just have to be
open to like him.

Just have fun, no pressure.

"Fun, no pressure."


Wow, that's Hugh?

Oh, he's cute.

Really cute.

He is?

Oh, yeah.

Remember, no pressure.

No pressure.


Hugh, this is Lucy.

Lucy, this is Hugh.

Why is it so busy?

What part of "free clinic"
don't you get?

Get changed and clock in.

All the exam
rooms need to be

restocked and
cleaned out.

Come on, Camden,
let's get moving!

Uh, in-in a minute.

We have to stop meeting
like this.

Is it your stomach again?

The pain is worse.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to come back here.

I keep getting the same doctor,

and he keeps telling me
I have heartburn.

I know I don't
have heartburn,

but since I don't have
health insurance,

I can't afford to go anyplace
else to get a second opinion.

Where's your husband?

Working another double shift.

He dropped me off;
he's picking me up later.


Uh, look, I have to get to work.

But I'll keep an eye on you,

Sometimes I think you're the
only one who cares around here.

You're late again.

You've only worked here
for one week.

This is the third time

the other servers have had
to cover your station.

I'm sorry,
but I have a good excuse.

Taking the bus is not an excuse
to be late.

What about taking two buses?

Look, Simon,
lots of people take the bus,

and they get here on time.

I know, I'm sorry,
it won't happen again.

All right, go in the back,
clock in, and get to work.

Dinner will be
ready in an hour--

♪& Chicken. ♪&

I'm going out.

Where're you going?

Just out.

But I told you
I'm cooking dinner for us.

Well, I'm telling you
I'm not hungry,

and I'm going out.

Look, I'm trying to support you

while you go through
what you're going through,

but you're not
making it easy.

I know you're upset
about something.

Our relationship
has always worked

because we talk,
we communicate.

But you just keep shutting
me out, pushing me away.

If you would just talk to me.

Just tell me what's
on your mind.

That's all I'm asking.
Just talk to me.

I don't want to talk.
I want to go out.

Then I'll go with you.

No, you need to stay home

and watch the boys.

And make sure that Ruthie
finishes her essay.

I really want you to stay.

And I really need to go out
and be by myself.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm really, really sorry.

For what?

For whatever I did
that made you so angry.


Are we okay?

I'll be home later.


Hi. I was just over at the
Promenade having dinner.

How are you?

Is everything okay?

Which family, a real family,
had a TV series...

Hey, George, TV in the
guesthouse not working?

I have phone
messages for you.

They're all from Wilson.

Apparently, you forgot to
pick up his dry cleaning

like you promised.

And you forgot to go to the
store like you promised.

And you forgot to remind him
to pay his electric bill

like you promised.

So now he has no clean
shirts or bananas for Billy.

And they almost shut off
his power.

Well, I didn't have time
to run errands for him today.

I had training
and then I had work.

And why exactly do you make time
to run his errands for him

any day?
I'm curious.

If you're at the firehouse
and get called away

to fight a fire,

who's going to
buy the bananas?

That's all
I'm asking.

This isn't any of your business.

It shouldn't be any
of your business, either.

Can we get
a waiter over here?

Hi, I'm Simon. May
I take your order?

Excuse me, but we haven't
gotten our drinks yet.

And we haven't
gotten our salads.

We've been here,
like, 20 minutes.

I'll be right with you.

That's what you said
20 minutes ago.


You can't just ignore me.


This is the worst service
I've ever gotten.

Have you made up your minds?

Yeah, we'd like
a medium cheese pizza

and a medium mushroom pizza,

four cokes and four salads

with ranch dressing.

You know, if you order
a large pizza,

half mushroom, half cheese
that'll save you money.

Oh, and-and if
you all split

a large house salad instead
of the four individual salads,

it'll also save you money.

And our pitchers of soda
have unlimited refills.

Since you're all getting
the same thing,

that'll save you money, also.


Um... I'm sorry, what...

what kind of pizza did you want?

I forgot.

Can I just go in the back
and make my own salad?

Excuse me, could we get...

I loved that movie.

Wow, I loved it, too.

You know, I'm hungry.

Wow, I'm hungry. too.

Well, I hated the movie and I'm
tired and I want to go home.

Well, maybe you and I can
go to the pool hall

and get something to eat
since we're both hungry.

What about me?

You said you
were tired.

I'm hungry, too.

Great. Then we can all go
to the pool hall.

Hey, where did
you find her?

She's beautiful
and smart, nice.

She's great.

She's not that great.

Well, whatever
she is, I like.

Lucy, wait up.

Where's that doctor
who hates me?

All the doctors hate you.

No, the... the one
that hates me the most.

Oh, she's off for the night.

Dr. Kent's the only doctor
on duty.


Can I, uh... talk to you
about Gina Miller?

Uh, Gina Miller.

You've seen her four times
this past month.

I don't discuss patients
with janitors.

I'm an orderly
and I'm in pre-med.

So when you graduate
medical school,

you can come back here, and...

we'll talk about Tina
all you like.



How you doing?

The pain is worse.

But the nurse said I had to
wait; I'm not an emergency.

I tried to talk to Dr. Kent,
but he wouldn't listen to me.

He won't listen to me, either.

But thanks for trying.

I'll... I'll just
wait my turn.

No, you won't.

I'm gonna get you a doctor.

Not exactly the romantic
night you planned, huh?

Want some pizza?

No, No, I...

I made this and
I'm gonna eat it.

Yeah, but are you
gonna enjoy it?

It's good.

It's... good for me.

It's low-fat.

Yeah, low-taste, too.

Personally, I think
after the day you've had,

you could use a
little comfort food.

And that chicken doesn't
look too comforting.

So how's your essay coming?

I'm still making my list.

What can I say?
I have a lot of talents.

You know, you could be
a minister when you grow up.

You got Lucy.

Isn't that enough?

That's the key.

Finding what makes you
happy and doing it.

I have a great relationship
with my daughter.

I'm happier than I've
ever been with my job
and the men in my life.

Those are the things
that bring me enjoyment.

Well, speaking of men, how are
things with you and James?

Mm, they're good.

Things are good with
John and Sam, too.

Oh, come on,
what can I say?

I love life and I love men.

Not your husband, though.

So, is there something
out there that...

that you'd like to do,
but you're not doing?

Something that may help you
enjoy life a little more?

The way I see it,

you do so much for
so many people; maybe...

you need to do just
something for yourself.



Mary, it's Rick
from the firehouse.

I apologize
for calling you so late,

but I've been going over your
file and after what happened

at training today,
I think there's a problem.

I'm sorry, can you hold on?


Hello. Uh, what happened
to you today?

I'm on the phone with
my training supervisor.

I'll call you back.

I'm sorry, it was my boyfriend.

Like I was saying, I've been
going over your file and, uh...

And I know I'm not quite up to
par with the rest of my class,

but I'm working very hard.

Can you hold on again?

Come on, what happened
to you today?

I can't talk.
I'll call you back.

I'm sorry, it was
my boyfriend again.


I don't think
you're going to make it.

I don't know what else you
have in your life right now,

but you're not giving
your training 100%.

Your focus isn't there,

and the fire department
doesn't have room

for unfocused candidates.

Now, in two weeks,

there's a skills test,
and if you fail,

I'll have no choice but
to drop you from the program.

You wanted to
talk to me?

Sit down.

That's okay,
I don't have to sit down.

I know why you want
to talk to me.

You do?

You're going to fire me.

And... why would you think that?

I'm no good at the job.

All my customers hate me
because I'm not quick enough.

Their drinks are always warm,
their pizzas are always cold.

All the other servers hate me

because we pool our tips and
well, let's just say that...

when you spill a tray of drinks
on someone

or drop a salad or two
into someone's lap,

they don't exactly tend
to leave big tips.

And the kitchen hates me

because I have yet to get
one order in correctly.

I'm grateful
that you've given me

the chance to work here.

I'm going to do you a favor
and quit,

so you don't have to fire me.

Tonight will be my last night.

I was at the hospital,
delivery-- twins.

My service said you called.
Some sort of emergency?

Well, there's this woman,
Gina, who keeps coming back here

with this pain in her stomach.

The doctor won't help her,
and she's getting worse.

They say it's heartburn,
but I don't think so.

Who's the doctor?

Dr. Kent.

Do you know him?

Can you help her?
Where is she?

Gina, this is Hi.
Dr. Hank Hastings.

He's here to help you.

Where and when did
the pain start?

Uh, in my stomach
about a month ago.

Lower stomach, upper stomach?


Have you had any other symptoms?

Sometimes I feel dizzy.

Uh-huh. And the pain
is never after you eat

to when your stomach
is empty?

What about your shoulder?
You have any pain there?

My shoulder started hurting
about a week ago.

I'll be right back.

It isn't
heartburn is it?

I don't think so.

Hi. Does the clinic have
an ultrasound machine?

Yeah, we have
an ultrasound machine.

I'm going to need
an examine room,

use of that machine
and Gina Miller's chart.

I'm Dr. Hank Hastings,

head of Obstetrics
and the Neonatal Unit

at Glenoak Hospital.

I have privileges
here at the clinic.

I'm going to need an exam room
for Gina Miller...

I'm gonna need
that ultrasound machine,

and I'm gonna need her chart.

And oh, yeah, I'm gonna
need a lot less attitude.

Yeah, just give me
a minute, Doctor.

When Dr. Kent finds out
what you did,

you're going to be in
some serious trouble.

I'm glad you're home.

Oh, how are the boys and Ruthie?

Uh, the boys are in bed,

and Ruthie's doing her homework.

Oh, good.

I'm quitting school.


I'm quitting school.

No more college.

You're quitting school?

I'm on the phone.

I know.

The... the call is personal.

We really need to talk.

Okay, later.

Right now I'm on the phone.

You want me to go?


Mom must be home.

Hey, at least she came back.

Keep the change.


Who's Lucy's
new boyfriend?


That's not her boyfriend.

He's my friend.

I introduced them and I thought
they'd hit it off and they did.

Good for them.

I mean...

I thought it was time for her
to start dating, and...

I guess I was right.

Even if I wanted her
to, and I don't...

she can't spend the rest of
her life hanging out with me.

We're just friends.

Good friends, close friends...

friends friends...

brother and sister friends.

It's time for her to move on.

It's just not time for you
to move on, huh?

I just saw the Colonel.

He said you were
really upset.

What's wrong?

My training supervisor thinks
I'm not going to make it.


Look at you.

You're strong and
smart and athletic.

You're willing to
sacrifice anything

so you could become
a firefighter.

Face it, you love it.

It's the perfect
job for you.

There's only
one problem.

Which is?

Wilson thinks
the perfect job for you

is taking care of him and Billy.

You know he's not
supporting you.

Plus, this pseudo marriage
you and Wilson have going

isn't fair to Billy.

After my parents split up,
my mom started dating again.

And I thought every guy
she brought home

was gonna be my new dad.

And when they left,
which they all did,

I got my heart broken,
over and over again.

Billy thinks
you're his new mommy.

You want to be a firefighter,
not a stay-at-home mom.

It's not fair to Billy
to let him think

you're going to be
something in his life

that you're not going to be.

But why can't I do both?

Be a firefighter and a mom?

If you could, I don't think

you'd be flunking out
of the program.

You have to decide
what's more important to you--

becoming a firefighter or
taking care of Wilson and Billy.

Did you write this?

In my spare time, not while I
was on the clock or anything.

You took your break time
to write up a proposal

on how I could save money

by streamlining
my supply purchasing

so I'll have less waste
and more profit?

Yeah. Yeah, well, it was fun.

I love working with
figures and money.

I always have, ever since
I was a little kid.

My family used to refer to me
as the Bank of Simon.

Uh... am I in trouble?

Welcome home.


Did Dad do something
to make you angry?

Is that why you left?


Then why did you leave?

Sometimes I just
need to be alone.

So, how's the essay going?

I finally know what I want
to be when I grow up.


I want to be you.

It makes perfect sense.

I made a list of all the things
I like to do and I'm good at,

but I couldn't pick just one.

Then I realized that you
don't do just one thing.

You do a lot of things.

You're a mom
and a wife,

a plumber, an electrician,
a student.

You had that
muffin-making business.

And you can repair
any kind of car.

You can build a house
and manage money.


he just does the one thing.

A little boring, I think.

That's why I want to be you
when I grow up.

Wow. Really?

You know, there's something
I need to talk to you about.

Would you mind if I were at your
school a few days each week?



Sure. I like you. You're fun.

My friends like you.

You can hang out with us
if you want.

And you can sit with me
at lunch, too.


I'll let you finish your essay.

Why would you be at Ruthie's
school a few days a week?

You were spying on me.

Yes! That's what I've
been reduced to--


Because you won't talk to me.

You'll talk to
everyone else but me!

Oh, fine, maybe I don't want
to talk to you either!

I do want to talk to her, I do.

Make her talk to me.
Make her talk to me!

Okay, fine.

She's gonna be okay.

You're fired!

The nurse told me what
you did, and around here,

orderlies don't
second-guess doctors.

Maybe they should.

After what I've
seen here tonight,

Matt isn't the one
who's going to lose his job.

I didn't do anything.

That's the problem.

You didn't do anything.

And because of it,

a potentially life-threatening
condition went undiagnosed.

If Matt hadn't intervened,
your patient might have died.

It's Gina Miller.

She's a complainer.

She's got gas.

It's not life-threatening.

She needs an antacid.

She has an ectopic pregnancy.

My diagnosis was confirmed by an
ultrasound and a physical exam.

She needs surgery.

Do you remember
the Hippocratic Oath you took

when you became a doctor?

The first rule in medicine
is to do no harm.

When your job involves
life-and-death decisions,

the worse thing you can do

is to treat your job
like it's just a job.

It's never just a job

when other people's lives
are in your hands.

I hope you're going
to clean out your locker!

I'm going to finish my shift.

Oh, not here you're not.

You can't fire me.

Actually, I can.

I'm on the clinic board
of directors.

I think they all would
agree with me

that the people of Glenoak
deserve better.


But don't bother
firing me, I quit!

Dr. Kent is the only
doctor on tonight.

If he leaves, who's going to
take care of all the patients?

I guess I am.

Well, I'll help.

I'll do
whatever I can.

Your shift is over
in half an hour.

I'll stay anyway, off the clock.

Do you think Lucy would
go out with me if I asked?

You have to leave.


Lucy wants you to leave.

And I thought we were
getting along great.

Yeah, that's the problem.

I was wrong.

She isn't over Jeremy and
she's not ready to date anyone.

And she does like you.

It's too painful for her.

She just wants you to leave.

She asked me
to tell you.

That's why she went
to the restroom.

Well, maybe we can be friends.

Ah, that never works.

Can I call her?

No. Just leave.

See ya.

Where's Hugh?

He left.

He left?

I tried to stop him,
but he wanted to go.

I don't think he was having
a very good time.


You said you were going
to call me back hours ago.

I'm sorry.

You know, you said you wanted
to do this training,

but also take better care
of Billy and me.

You said the more had to do,
the more you'd get done.

I'm just not so sure
that that's true.

I think we got disconnected.

No, I hung up on you.

I'm going to hang up
on you again.

Who were you yelling at?

I wasn't yelling at anyone.
I was talking to Mary.

Sometimes grownups talk loudly
to each other.

You're always talking loud
at Mary

and telling her to do stuff
for us.

I am?

You're right.

I have been asking her to do
stuff for us, a lot of stuff.

And that's not fair, is it?

It's not like we're married.

It's not like she's your mom
or my wife.

I need to talk to you.

I'm ready to talk.

I've been unhappy lately
and I want to tell you why.

Mrs. MacKoul is adding a morals
class to the school curriculum,

and she asked me
to teach the class.

I told her I couldn't, and that,
that made me very unhappy.

So, tonight after talking
to Serena,

I called Mrs. MacKoul back,

and I told her
I would teach the class.

After talking to Serena?

Well, when I was out, I ran
into Serena at the Promenade.

You're quitting school.

I thought you're going to school
so you can get a degree

so you can teach later
after you get the degree.

I have degrees.
I just don't have
teaching credentials.

And I don't need
them for this job.

It's a private school.

I didn't know how much
teaching meant to you.

Well, it, it, it's not
the teaching really.

It's being around kids.

You know how much
I've always loved

having children in my life,

working with them,
helping them.

You know, in a
couple of years,

Sam and David, well,
they'll be in school.

Ruthie's doing great.

Simon's in high school.

Robbie and Lucy
are in college.

Mary's in New York.

And Matt's going to be going off
to medical school, so...

our kids need me,
but they don't need me.

If I teach every year,

I'll have a new batch of kids
who will need me to help them

the way I've helped our kids.

It's the perfect job for me.

All I have to do is take
what I've been doing at home

for the last 20 years
and put it in a classroom.

I can do it.
I think I'll be good at it.

Hey, you don't have
to convince me.

I, I think it's a great idea.

I-I don't know why you said no
in the first place.

So it's okay with you
that I'm doing this?


I can't do it alone.

I'll need your help
around the house.

I'll help.

I-I, I've always
supported you

in whatever you
wanted to do.

I love you.
I want you to be happy.

I want to be
happy, too.

Now, let's talk about us.

Why were you out there
talking to Serena?

Why weren't you talking to me?

I didn't go out looking
for someone else

to talk to besides you.

And I certainly didn't go out
looking for Serena.



I don't know.
It's hard to explain.


In a way,

talking to her was easier.

Lately with all the changes
I've been going through,

I've found that-that sometimes
I'm more comfortable

in the company of women.

I love you, but you know,

sometimes I need
to talk to a woman.

Why is that?

I don't know.

Women, we're all part of a...

a club.

Rich, poor, fat, thin,
happy, unhappy...

we're all going through
the same things,

and you can be a lot
of things for me,

but no matter how hard you try,
you'll never be a woman.

Never wanted to be until now.

But I-I get your point.

You and me...

we're okay?

We're more than okay.

I'm exhausted.

Well, you should be.

You cleaned the whole house
and then made dinner.

Well, I had a lot
of extra energy.

Well, good.

That'll come in handy
when I start teaching.

Just wanted
to say good night.

Did you finish your essay?


And what do you want
to be when you grow up?


Just isn't my night, is it?

Hey, how did work go?

I quit... right before
they were gonna fire me.

I'm sorry,
but you know...

maybe it's for the best.

It didn't seem like
the job for you.

No, it was for the best.
Pete promoted me.

Promoted you?
To what?

Well, I don't have a job title.

Pete just made up
the job tonight.

He'd seen these reports that
I had done in my spare time,

and he promoted me.

What kind of reports?

They were reports
on how he can save 30%

if he just switched
to a different supplier.

You did that in your spare time?

Uh, yeah. It was fun.

You know how I like working
with figures and money.

Good night.


Why are you so happy?

Oh, I had a great night at work.

I think I know what field
of medicine I want to study.

You do?


What is it?

I'm gonna be...

a gynecologist.


Well, he does love women.

This has been an odd evening.

I'm not sure, but I think
we're missing two kids.

Lucy and Robbie.

They're getting too close.

What do you think's
going to happen?

They're going to start dating?


Robbie's not over Mary yet.

Or that's what he wants us to
think while he moves in on Lucy.

I'm just saying that
if he goes after Lucy,

we're sending Ruthie
to boarding school.

Robbie's not going
to go after anyone.

I mean he and Lucy are
practically brother and sister.

It's the "practically"
that bothers me.

Maybe we should adopt Robbie.

So that he can't date Lucy?

Thanks for tonight.

You were right;
it's time for me
to start dating again.

I'm sorry things
didn't work out with Hugh.

I mean, it's so strange
the way he left

without saying good-bye.

Did he tell you

He didn't like me?

Okay, you have to tell me.

Come on.

Why did he leave so quickly?

Was it something I said?
If it was something I said,

maybe I can call him
and apologize. I mean...

I told him to leave.

Why would you do that?

Because he likes you.

Wasn't that what you wanted?

Hugh to like me?

I wasn't prepared for you

to like each other
as much you did.

You know, since we've been
spending all this time together,

I thought we were two friends
who were just trying to help

each other get over
a little heartache.

But tonight, when I saw you
with another guy...


I went crazy.


I think because

I wanted
to be that other guy.

I wanted to be Hugh.

But we're friends.

Very good friends.


George told me where
I could find you.

I don't have time to talk.

I've got a skills test
in two weeks,

and if I don't pass,
I'm out of the program.

Like you care.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I've been foolish and selfish.

I've been an idiot.

I have been putting
all this pressure on you,

taking you for granted.

I mean, letting you take care
of Billy and me,

never thinking
about what you need.

Let me help you.

We can work out together;
run in the morning.

I'll help you pass
that skills test.


I'm hoping that if I help you
get what you want,

someday you'll give me
what I want.

Which is?

I've been treating you

like a wife and a mother,

and you're not my wife and
you're not Billy's mother,

but I'd like to change that.

Marry me.

We belong together,
and I love you.