7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 3 - Sympathy - full transcript

Robbie offers to pay $200 rent for the garage apartment if it ever gets finished. However the siblings all want it, so Matt is promised a switch with his room and the others whine jealously. Billy clearly pretends to be 'really' sick to make Mary stay with him and perhaps become his first mama. Lucy promised handyman Ray Rickey work on the garage apartment, but the crook fakes a fall and has a leech-lawyer waiting.

Good morning.

I've never seen you
on the bus before.

I usually take
a later bus.

I have a paper to write,

so I'm going
to the library.

I'm Simon Camden.

I'm Sally.

I've never known a Sally.

What year in
school are you?


Is that in college?

No. High school.

How old are you?
I'm 16.


Kind of. I go to tech school.

Tech school?

I'm training to be a nurse.

Did you drop out of high school
to train to be a nurse?

It's still high school.

It's just focused more
toward job training.

My family situation
has gotten very

tough and, frankly,
I need to be working

as soon as possible.

I need to get off
at the next stop

so I better start
making my way up there.

I'd love to go out sometime,
if you're interested.


Well, I have to get off.


Double shift! Scrubs!







She put their clothes

In the bathroom.
...in the bathroom.


All right,

What deal?

I said I'd be happy
to rent the room

over the garage
when it's finished

if no one else wants to.

Your mom said
she'd think about it.

You're kidding right?

If no one else wants to?

Everyone else wants to.

I want to.

Lucy wants to.
Matt wants to.

Simon wants to.

Even Dad wants to.

But Robbie's the only one

who wants it badly enough
to offer to pay rent.

Did I hear rent?

Robbie has won the rights
to the room over the garage

by bribing you with rent.

Is the room over the
garage finished?

Not yet.

But it's going
to get finished.

Oh, that's good.

What's good about it?

Because you've been...

wanting to finish it
for months, right?

Yeah, I've got to...

Mmm... me, too.

I was in summer school
this summer

and I'm in school now.

And I've got six kids
living in this house.

So I haven't had time to finish
the room over the garage.

I know. I mean you're very busy.
I don't know how you do it.

How I do what?

How you do all

that you do.

Speaking of which, uh...

how are you going
to get that room finished?

You know with everything
else you have to do.

I'll find a way.

I've made up my mind
to find a way.

The way isn't going to be James,

is it?

Just asking.

Robbie has offered
to pay $200 a month,

but he wants a three year lease

so he can stay there
until he finishes college.

Three years?

Is he sure he wants to stay
for three years?

Three years is a long time.

It's $7,200.

It'll go by like that.

And, you know,
if James wants to help,

then I'll be happy to help out

whenever James is around

James is not going
to be helping out. He's busy.


Matt'll probably go away
next year to medical school.

And Lucy
being Lucy

could end up back in New York.

And Simon's probably gonna go
away to college

so why shouldn't we rent
the room to Robbie

when it's finished?

No, why not?

It's $7,200 and James is busy.

Of course,
if Mary ever came back...

I don't think Mary's
coming back.

I want her to come back.

I want her to come back, too.

When she's ready.

Ah, looks like your
fever's gone down.

Yeah, just in my ear.

Why don't you try a thermometer
that goes in my mouth?

My mouth might have a fever.

Do you want to be sick?

Hold on.

What happened?

They called
from day care.

He's just running
a little fever, I think.

He has a fever?

Are you okay?

Does, does your
head hurt?

Does, does your
tummy hurt?

Does, does
anything hurt?

Everything hurts.

What? Well, what hurts?

You didn't say anything hurts.

I forgot.

It could be the flu.

Did you call his doctor?

No. It's just a summer cold.

We went swimming last night.

It's not summer, it's fall.

And you went swimming
last night?


I was looking for a way to tire
him out before we went to bed.

So you took him swimming
at night?

The Y, indoor pool.

We do it all the time.

Yeah, but you have to go outside
to get there and,

and even worse you have to go

after you've
been there.

And it's in and out

with wet hair and...

Maybe I should call his doctor.

if he needed his doctor
I'd call his doctor.

He doesn't.

He's okay.

I mean,
I've seen him

when he's really sick.

And he's not really sick.

Yes, I am.

Not really, really sick.

You had two degrees of fever,
now you have one.

So whatever you had seems
to be going away.

So I am going to let Mary
hang out with you

until I get home
from work.

You can call me
if you don't feel better,


You don't mind staying?

Of course not.

It's just a slight fever.

He'll be fine.

Fever goes up,
call me.

We'll be fine. Go.

No jumping around.

Still and quiet, got it?

Got it.

Hey, thanks.


I'm going to take
such good care of you.

I know.

Can I call you Mommy?


Just for today.

We don't have to tell Daddy.

I think you better
just call me Mary.


But when can we
call you Mommy?

Because I never
had a Mommy.

And I want a Mommy.


I guess we all
owe ya, huh?

For what?

Getting the kid with the gun
kicked out of school.

Yeah, I-I wish it was
for reminding everyone

that we need
to support each other

rather than torture each other.

Okay, that, too.


You're a senior right?

I met this girl.

Yeah, and?

Have you ever dated...

Have I ever dated?

Of course I've dated.

A pregnant woman.

Are you kidding me?!


And I'm trusting you
with private information here

so remember you owe me one
so keep it down.

How old is she?

She said 16.

Where did you
meet her?

On the bus.

What's with the
bus anyway?

I like the bus, okay?

You meet a lot
of interesting people.

Your parents are
making you, huh?

It figures.

Should I call her?

She gave me her number.

at least you know you can't
get her in trouble.

I'm trying to include you
in a normal conversation,

hoping that given
the opportunity

you can act as a real friend

instead of just the bully
that you're known for.

Well, ho-hold on.
Weren't you the one

who instituted the
zero tolerance

on name-calling policy?


This ain't a normal
conversation, Camden.

Preacher's boys don't
date unwed mothers.

Stop calling me preacher boy,
all right?

And I don't like the unwed
mother label either.

My sister happens to date
an unwed father.

And no one calls him that.

In fact no one says
anything bad

about him at all!

Thanks. You know, I think
I just got my answer.



Did you get the job?

No, but after waiting
a couple hours,

they gave me an application.

Couldn't you fill out
the application

at the employment office?

If I could have, I would have.
I planned to.

I hoped that they might even
send me out on an interview

or two or three today.

But no such luck.

But I did meet a guy.

A guy?

Not for me, for you.


He's a carpenter,
a master carpenter

and he's looking for work,
and he's nice-- really nice.

I told him to stop by.

We can't afford to pay
a master carpenter

to build a room over the garage.

I just need some help.

You could help me.
I need

a job that pays.

Until then, you can help me.

Sorry, I thought you were
anxious to get started.

I'm anxious to move in.

But you're not moving in.

But Matt said he didn't want it
since he probably

won't be around next year.

Robbie wants it.
He's offered to pay rent.

Hi. I'm Ray.

Lucy's friend from the college
employment office.

Uh, Lucy should
have mentioned it.

Um, we can't afford

to pay someone to help out
with the garage.

Oh, right now,
I'd help out for meals.

A snack, even.

I'm down

to my last couple
of unemployment checks

and I'm watching my money
as carefully as possible.

Well, I'm sorry, but so are we.

Why don't you just let me
take a look at the job

and see what needs to be done?

I don't know, Ray.
I don't think so.

Things look pretty good
with the college,

so I'll probably have work as
soon as the first of the week.

In the meantime, I'm sure
we could work something out.

I just need to work.

I have to have something to do.

Otherwise, well...

I need to work.

Well, I just have to get
the laundry out of the dryer.

Why don't you

go on out to the garage
and have a look?

I'll be right out. Yeah.

I feel sorry for the guy, but...

But what?

We need the apartment

And how much rent

is Robbie willing to pay?

Because whatever it is,
I'll pay more.

You don't have a job.


I don't have anything.

Oh, Luc, Luc...

I was passing by the clinic
on the way to class

and I just wanted to tell you

before anyone else did.

I offered to rent
the garage apartment

and your mom accepted.

So I'll be getting
out of your hair

as soon as she gets
the room finished.


Well, I figured I'd give you
your privacy back.

I know you hate sharing
a room with me because it's hard

for you to study
with me in the room,

and I guess it's hard to talk
to my old girlfriend

with me in the room.

I want my privacy
in the garage apartment.

I don't want my privacy
in the Hello Kitty room.


I'll pay the same rent
for the room we're in now

and you can have the garage.


If that's what you want, yeah.

You're a good guy, you know?

I almost feel badly I'm dating
your old girlfriend.

No, you don't.

No, I don't, but you know,
it's not healthy

to feel sorry for people.

You know?

What do you think?



I think someone should call
an ambulance.

An ambulance?


Ooh, ooh...

What happened?

He fell off the ladder.
He couldn't have been

two feet up when he fell,
but he fell,

and he pulled
the ladder down with him.

And who is he?

He's a guy that Lucy met at
the college employment office.

His name is Ray.

And you hired him?

No, I didn't hire him.

I was just letting him
look at the job,

but before we even discussed it,
he fell off the ladder.

And, and then I had
to call the ambulance

and now he's at the hospital.

He needed an ambulance?

Well, he insisted.

Would you just go down there
and find out what happened?

I-I know what happened.

You and Lucy let a nut job
into the house,

and now he's fallen and he won't
get up until he sues us.

I don't know
what you were thinking.

I don't know.
I guess I was thinking

you weren't going to help me,
so maybe this nice man would!


Did you just hang up on me?

Yes, I did.

Don't you think my day
has been bad enough

without hanging up on me?

I hadn't taken that
into consideration.

Look, if you wanted
my help with the garage,

all you had to do
was ask me for it.

Like you could ever

help build something.

I'm asking for your help
now, aren't I?

Are you going down
to the hospital or not?

Yes, I'm going down
to the hospital.


Thank you.

- This is all my fault.
- I'll say.

It's enough to make you want
to pack your bags

and move back to New York,
isn't it?

I may have
mentioned before

that I got really comfortable
in here over the summer.

My fiancé and I broke up.

I had no place to live,

so I had to give up
college and move home.

I have nothing,

not even your sympathy?

Yeah, well,
that's true.

But surely you can see
where sympathy gets you.

It gets you a guy who sustains
injuries on your property.

You know, actually it's
the church's property.

Dad's going to have to discuss
little fiasco with everyone.

That could be embarrassing.

You know,
you may want

to reconsider that college.

What is it?

Clear across the country--
Cobell Seminary?

You can't drive me out
just so you can be

the only sister in a world
of older brothers.

Well, I can try, can't I?

Did I mention
that this past summer

was the best summer
of my whole life?

I'm not going anywhere.

Not to New York,
not even to the garage.

Glad you mentioned that.

Once it's finished,
the garage apartment

is going to be real nice.

So private.
You know, you

could get over that guy
much quicker

if you had time to yourself.

Alone, quiet... no me.

Robbie's renting
the garage apartment.

But you have Robbie wrapped
around your little finger, so...

That's not true, "so" nothing.


Hey. How are you?

Everything okay?

I heard about
that Ray guy.

You know, you and your
mom shouldn't be letting

strange men into the house,

especially when
no one's home.

He said he was running out
of unemployment

and he needed to work whether
he got paid for it or not.

And you believe that?

I know.

I never should have
brought him here.

I just felt so sorry for him.

I guess I'm just not

thinking clearly,
you know, with my life

falling apart and everything.

It's okay, Luc,
everything's gonna be fine.

Maybe if I had a place
of my own, you know,

like the garage apartment
where I could be

in my own space but have
the support of my family

when I need it.

I told Matt that he could have
the apartment

and I'd rent the room in here

for the same money.

Well, what'd you do that for?

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

I see what's going on here.

You were trying to make me
feel sorry for you

so I'd give up the garage,
weren't you?

Shame on you.

Ruthie made me do it.

Then shame on Ruthie.



I need some advice.
You need it so badly

you have to hide in my room
and scare me like that?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Okay, what is it?

Okay, well, I met this girl

on the bus.

And she gave me
her phone number.

Is something wrong with her?

She's nice and she's pretty.

Then my advice is to call her.

Hold on, wait.

How old is she?


Yeah, then call her.

This is the advice
you wanted?

Yeah, sorry I startled you.

No, that's not it.

That's not all of it.
What's up?

Is she pregnant or something?

What are you psychic
or something?

She's pregnant?

She's not married.

You're not going out
with a pregnant woman.

Why not?

Why? B-because you
feel sorry for her.


All right,
maybe a little, but...

She's pretty

and she's interesting

and, well,
she's sort of vulnerable

in a pregnant kind of way.

Dating is difficult enough

without dating someone
who's got a complicated life.

And you're too young for those
complications, way too young.

You know Mary was my age
when she started dating Wilson.



How is he?

He's fine.

His fever's gone, but I think
he's getting a little cold.

I know, that's what
I told you earlier.

I called his pediatrician
and they said

he didn't need to come in
unless he got worse.

You called the pediatrician?

Yeah, I wanted
a doctor's advice.

Okay... and?

And the nurse said
she was sure

all he needed
was a mother's care.

Sounded like I was doing fine.

You told her you were
his mother?

No, not exactly.

Well, maybe.

All right, I did.

I didn't want to say I was
his father's girlfriend.

And he does
need a mother's care.


I do the best I can.

I have to go to work
at the shelter,

but I left chicken soup

on the stove and I can come back
after work if you need me.

We need you, but, uh,

you should go home
after work and get some rest.

I don't want you
to get sick, too.


Um, good night.

I'll call you.

I didn't get a chance
to speak with Ray.

Ray's attorney says that Ray
didn't feel like talking

with me or with anyone else.
Ray is just

so depressed at the thought that
he might not be able to work

for a while due to his injuries
that were sustained

while working on our property.

He wasn't working
on our property.

And he doesn't have an injury
that's so bad he can't work.

I say he's faking!

"Faking," I see.

Well, the medical community
has a different diagnosis.

They claim that the X-rays show

a hairline fracture
to the ankle.

A what?

Oh, please.

I'll fracture his ankle.

If he fractured

his ankle,
he did not do it here.

I am going down there.

No, you're not.
You are not going down there.

Then again, why don't you?

Why don't you just take
your hormones and go

right down there and drive
someone else crazy besides me?

I heard that.

If you want to wait,
I can walk you

to the bus stop on
my dinner break,

that's 15 minutes
from now.

It's okay.

I'm feeling better now.

I just wanted to make sure

I wasn't going into early labor
or anything.

I've got a date tonight.

Oh, well, good for you.

You have a good time.
I hope.

It's with this guy
I met on the bus.

He has such a cute name.


Simon Camden.

I don't care!

You don't care
she's pregnant?

Hi, Dad.

You don't care
if who is pregnant?

Oh, just, uh, some girl
that I met on the bus.

Was she pregnant before you met
her or after you met her?


After. What?


Get me Simon.

Well, wait your turn.

I said wait your turn.

I have to talk to him.

What do you know?

What do you know?

I can't tell you.

Why not?

I'm the father.

I'm the brother.

Well, I'm the minister.

I'm an orderly!


May I help you?

I'm looking for
Ray Rickie,

if that's his name.

I'm the attorney
for Mr. Rickie.

And you are?

I'm his mother.

They admitted you for
a fractured ankle?

And for my depression.

You are not depressed.

And you did not fracture
your ankle

when you fell off that ladder
at my house! You big faker!


This is who you want
to go out with?

Yes, this is who I want
to go out with.

You know, I've already
asked her out.

What am I supposed to say?

Oh, I'm sorry
my daddy won't let me?

You know you
let Mary date

Wilson when she was just 15
and he fathered a child.

What's the difference?

He already
asked me that

and I didn't know
what to tell him.

He's got a point.


this just isn't a
good idea, okay?

You know, I thought we were
going to treat me like a man.

You know, I've been
acting like a man.

I've done my homework.

I'm making good grades.

My room is clean.

Relatively clean.

Look, I've made a decision

that I want to go out
with this girl.

Now, I don't care
if she's pregnant.

Who am I to judge her?
And for that matter,

who are any of you
to judge her?

She seems
to be very nice

and if she's not, then I won't
go out with her again.

Are you sure you're not
just going out with her

because you feel sorry for her?

Hey, maybe Mr. and
Mrs. Simon Camden

and the baby
makes three

should have the
garage apartment.


Yes, this is
Reverend Camden.

She's where?


Why are you
eating pizza?

I made dinner.
Dinner's in the oven.

Uh, we weren't sure what it was.

It's tofu.


Tofu, huh?

Didn't think of that.

Never would have guessed.

We'll go

and check on the boys.

You left the boys alone

They're asleep.

It's only 8:00.

They don't know that.

We should just go.

Would you like some tofu?

No, thanks.



I don't eat tofu.

Would it hurt you to try?

Would it hurt you to try
something that's good for you?

Would it?
I've tried tofu.

I... don't like it.

Really don't like it.


That's not the point.

What's the point?

The point is
that you...


you don't understand
what I'm going through.

And I wasn't supposed
to go through it

for a long,
long time.

Me neither.


I'm trying my best, I am,

but I just seem
totally unprepared

to deal with this stage
of your life.

I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to do.

I'm lost.
I'm completely lost.

And you, my dear,
are completely...


Is that what you were
going to say?

Because the problem is
not that I'm nuts.

You want to know what
the problem is?

More specifically do
you want to know what
your problem is?

Your problem is that you
feel sorry for yourself.

And the person you
should be feeling
sorry for is me.

Yes, I am a nut!

I'm the one who let
that guy in here!

I'm the one who had
to deal with him

until the ambulance
got here.

I'm the one that had
to go to the hospital

and deal with him
because you didn't.

And then I'm the one that
got hauled off by security!

So if you want to feel
sorry for someone

feel sorry for me!

Lou, this is Eric.

Uh, I think
we may have a little problem

regarding the church rectory.

Yes, otherwise referred
to as my house.

Do you know where
Simon is?

No, I-I-I realize that, Lou.

But, you know, Lucy was feeling
sorry for this guy.

And then Annie was
feeling sorry for Lucy.

You know and...
I'll call you back.

You let my 15-year-old
son go out

on a date with a
pregnant girl?

Well, you let that guy
fall off the...

Yes, I did.

Say, any tofu left?


Friend of yours?


So. So...

Let's order.

Your brother,

he's just an orderly, right?

So, he doesn't have

like access to charts
or anything? Right?

No, I don't
think so.

But, even if he did, like I
said, he's very professional.

He'd never disclose anything


How's Billy?

He's asleep. How are you?

I couldn't quit thinking
about him at work.

Oh, he's fine.

How do you know it's not
an earache or something?

Because he usually holds his ear
when it's an earache.

Well, you shouldn't take him out
swimming like that at night.

You could be right.

Did he eat anything?

Yeah, we both ate chicken soup.

Thank you.

I wish I could kiss him
good night.

I wish you could kiss me
good night.

I hate being away from him
when he's sick.

I know.

Are you still there?

Yeah, I'm still here.

If you need me,
I can come over.

Oh, it's too late to come over,

but it's sweet of you to offer.

We'll see you tomorrow.

Good night.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And tell Billy I love him.


Look, I'm sorry
about everything.

I, I'm sorry
I'm not a better husband.

I'm sorry I haven't
been more understanding.

I'm sorry I couldn't find a way
to discourage Simon

from making what could be a bad,

bad choice in dates.

But mostly...

mostly I'm sorry

that Annie let Ray
in the garage.

I just can't let that go,
can I, girl?

Uh, prayer, yes.

Always the answer.


Dear Lord, please don't
let me loose my mind

when I need it the most.

And if it's too
late for that,

if he's already lost it,

please help him
just be quiet about it

and stop feeling sorry
for himself.


I just wanted to say good night.

You're going to bed?

It's just 9:00.

I'm going out, but you'll
probably be in bed

when I get back, so I thought
I'd say good night now.

Where you going?

To spy on Simon? Are you?

No, I'm not going
to spy on Simon.

It's Friday night.

Just getting out of the house

like any other red-blooded
American guy.

I'm sorry, did you say
guy or spy?

You know,
I was thinking

about going out

In your pajamas?

Everyone wears

And I admit it.

I want to see Simon's date.

Again, I didn't say anything

about seeing Simon or his date.

Grab your coat. Mm-hmm.

So, what story are
we going with?

We're going out
for ice cream?

We're going out
for ice cream.

Oh, take a picture.

I'd like to see her myself.

Eric, check on the boys!

I guess
they've left us

out of whatever little adventure
they've gone off to now.

Isn't it great?


I cannot catch a break.

I'm sorry we have
to head home so early,

but we have to
transfer buses

and you know how it
is when you got kids
and everything.

I'm sorry,
did you say kids?

Oh, I didn't mention?

I guess I should
tell you, because...

I think maybe I did
tell your brother.

Or he could find out.

This isn't my first.

Th-this isn't your first...?

This isn't my first child.

My third.

See, the first one,

I was feeling kind of sorry
for this guy

and, well,
he wanted a girlfriend.

And all his friends
had girlfriends

and they were,
as you say, active.

And then the second one,

I was feeling
sorry for myself

because that first guy
didn't stick around.

And I wanted a guy
who would stick around.

So I tried to give the second
guy an excuse to stick around,

and, well, he didn't either

and that backfired.
And this time,

I don't really
know what happened.

It's kind of complicated.

But we can talk about it
on the way home.

Here's the bus.


Okay, before you call security,
just hear me out,

Ray, okay?

You owe me that.

You did not hurt your ankle
today at my house.

I know that Ray
because I saw you fall.

If you have a fractured

ankle, then you fractured it
someplace else.

Perhaps your last employers
or the one before that.

But it wasn't today.

I know it wasn't!

And I know that if they

called in the medical experts,
I can prove it.

It's an old injury,
isn't it, Ray?

You know what else I know?

You are not depressed.

You are lazy.

You do not want work.

You want to appear
to want to work,

but you do not really
want to work.

Oh, no, not you.

You want to get money
for not working.

Well, I just came to tell you,

not my money,

not my church's money,

not the government's money!

I will fight you, Ray.
Oh, yeah, I will.

I'm a fighter.

So I suggest
that you get off your butt,

and you get your pants on,

and you get
out of this hospital.

And on Monday morning,
you find yourself a job.

I'm a woman on the verge, Ray!

You don't want to mess
with Annie Camden.

Not today and not
tomorrow in court.


I'm going. I'm going.

Do you have a mother?

Mrs. Camden.

How could you let Simon
go out with that girl?

Sit down and I'll tell you.

Because after years

of success in the parent
and husbandry business,

I suddenly find
I'm completely incompetent

as a father and a husband.

I, I feel sorry for you, I do.

Yeah, it's kind
of a funny story.

I'll just cut to the end.

The garage apartment

is not going to be
ready forever.

So you might as well

get used to living with Robbie
in your room forever.

What happened
to the garage apartment?


That's what happened.



Yeah, I'll be right there.

I have to go down

to the hospital
and pick up your mother.

Would you keep
an eye on the boys?

Is anything wrong?

Nope. Nothing's wrong.

It's all, uh...

perfectly normal,
from what I understand.

There he is! Simon!

- Simon!
- Simon!

Get off at the next stop.

The next stop, get off.

Simon, the next stop!

The next stop!

I don't understand
why they keep calling you.

Don't take it personally.

They always call me
when these things happen.

"These things"?

What things?

Well, just disturbances
that the hospital

hopes they can work out
without lawyers

and police officers,
people like that.

Ray is lying.
You know he's lying.

I should never have
gone back in there.

I shouldn't have gone in there
in the first place.

I don't know.

Someone should have
to suffer besides me.

If God wills that
it's Ray, so be it.

No, I'm kidding.


just trying to find
the humor in all this.

And, you know,

I think I may have.

I think you're more you

than you have been
for a long time.

So, I, you know,

I just find it funny

that I'm having
so much trouble adjusting

to your adjusting,
because we're both

just adjusting to you being you.


The first year that I knew you,
you were just like this.

You in no uncertain terms

told people what you thought,
and that was

one of the things
that attracted me to you.

That and the fact that there was
never any predicting

when you were going to tell
someone what you thought.

I remember, you let
my dad tell you, like,

27 times how to put
a diaper on Matt

before you told off
the Colonel like...

like I'd wanted to tell off
the Colonel my entire life.

What are you saying?
I've always been a nut?

Pretty much. But you've
mellowed over the years.

And now you're back
without warning,

and it's a beautiful thing.

I love you.

I've always loved you.

And I'm always
gonna love you.

Till death do us part.

Even if it kills me.

You know, you think
you are so smart.

I liked you better when you

were feeling sorry
for yourself!

You guys really
need to be careful

about who you
feel sorry for.

Look who's talking.

And the reason you told Matt

he could have the garage
apartment was...?

Because you feel sorry for him.

I don't feel sorry for Matt.

Why would I feel sorry for Matt?

Because he's leaving
the family next year.

He's going
to med school.

And you've kind of stepped in
and taken over.

It's okay.
We all feel sorry for someone.


You feel sorry for me?

Why would you feel sorry for me?

It's getting cold out here.

Yeah, we better
get going.

Because of Mary.


Oh, you got me.

So you guys want
to take breakfast

out to the park and eat there?

Well, what about
Billy's cold?

Oh, the fresh air and sunshine,
that'll do him good.

And if you don't believe me,
you can call the doctor.

You want to go to the park?

Do you want to go to the park?

Sure. Go get your jacket
and I'll help you put it on.

Okay... what's up?

What makes you think
something's up?

Well, you're knocking

on my door
at 7:30 in the morning,

the look on your face.

Something you don't
want to tell me?

Well, it's just that
the Colonel made a few

phone calls and he got me

into the training sessions
for the fire department.

So, you know, I still
have a shot after all.

Why wouldn't you tell me that?

Because you don't want me
to be a fireman.

A firewoman.

A firefighter.

I think it's a
dangerous profession.

But if you want to fight fires,

why wouldn't you fight fires?

Is it time for me to come back?


Are we having a fight?

That's a yes.

Go find your soccer ball.

We're going to play soccer
after we eat breakfast.

I knew it was a yes.

Are we having a fight?

You feel sorry for us.

No, no wait.

Not for us, for Billy.

Don't think that if you're not
here to take care of him,

he won't be taken care of.

I took care of Billy before
you came into my life,

and I will take care of Billy

with or without you
in my life.

I want you with us,

but not because you feel
sorry for either of us.

I do not feel sorry for Billy

or for you.

I don't.

Then why would you
give up the first thing

that you've been interested in
in over a year?

And it's a rhetorical question,
and I already answered it.

Will you listen to me, please?

I'm here because I love you.

Both of you, not because I feel
sorry for you.

And I don't want to do anything
that'll mess that up.

Then don't.

So don't become a firefighter?

No, no, that's not
what I'm saying.

I don't want to get in
the way of your dream.

But just tell me
that you realize

that there are obstacles
in pursuing your dream

or you will mess this up.

I, I just think you don't
want me to do this.

What obstacles?

Mary, firefighters work

one week on, one week off.

They sacrifice time with their
families to do their job,

and I don't know
if they mention this,

but they actually
put their lives

on the line to
save other people.

Sometimes they even die.

Just the training itself

is gigantic commitment
to take on

while having other commitments.

I know that.

Do you?

Because, again, if you don't see
the obstacles in the road

then you can't overcome them.

But just give me a chance.

You'll see that the busier I am,
the more I'll get done.

And I'll make everything
work out, I promise.

I'll be there for both of you
while I'm doing this for me.


Then I promise
I'll do whatever I can

to make everything work out
for you,

for all of us.


Nothing. Nothing.

I love you.

I love you, too.