7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 6 - Broken - full transcript

Robbie and Lucy gather the courage to tell everybody about their affair, only to find they all knew and don't really care. Without the thrill of sneaking, their first date makes them agree it's stillborn. Ben Kinkirk and Mary both pass the firefighters course. Their meeting on whether to celebrate with classmates messes up her reconciliation with fiancé Wilson. Next Billy's questions make Wilson decide against her plan to elope. Matt discovers Hank and Julie plan a divorce, Eric and Annie, who fear being stuck with Julie, why and if that can be fixed.

Robbie and I
have something
to tell you.

Is this about you two
being together?

You know about us?

Well, everyone knows.


Well, I saw you two kissing
in the backyard

last Saturday night.

I saw you by Robbie's car.

I saw you guys kissing
in the garage.

I saw you making out
at the Promenade.

I saw you by the trashcans...

Wait. You knew, but you didn't
say anything?

Does that mean you're okay
with us being together?


I don't care what you do.

What he said.

I'll be ready to date
in four years.


We've been dreading
telling everyone,

and none of them care.

Didn't Mary care?

You did tell Mary, right?

Interesting, very interesting.


Now this one decides it all.

Just shut up and go.


One, two, three...



Paper covers rock. I win!

You lose. I win!

You lo...


Fine. I'll tell Mary.

But I'm not going to do it
because you won and I lost.

I'm going to do it
so we can finally stop

sneaking around
and make it official.

Make what official?

Us. You and me... dating,
being a couple.

Being in love and not caring if
the whole world knows about it.

Oh, that.

Well, I have to go...

to work, so...

Well, go.

And have a great day.

And by the time you get home,

I will have told Mary
and we will be a couple.

We could forbid Lucy
and Robbie to date.

Nah, I'm sure if we just give
them enough rope,

they'll hang themselves.

Oh, what a lovely thought.

What makes you so sure
it won't work out?

When two people get together
for the wrong reasons,

there can only be
one outcome.

I mean,

Lucy and Robbie will eventually
have to face why

they got together, and when they
do, they'll break up.

Well, what if they got together
for the right reasons?

What if it's true love?


then I guess they'll
stay together,

'cause, you know, when it's
right, it's right, right?

You think it's right?

Absolutely not.

If your name is on the list,

you've passed and you're
still in the program.

And if it's not, well,
I'll be in my office.

Is my name on there?



All right!

Did you make it?

Yeah, I made it.

That's great.
I made it, too.

No, what would be great would be
if Wilson was talking to me.

Then I could call
him and I could...

I could share this with him.

Because if it weren't for him,
I wouldn't have made it.

He still hasn't called since...?

Since he caught us kissing
last week.

Sorry about that.

Me, too.

But my lips were just
as guilty as yours.

Look, um... all
the recruits that passed

the test were planning on
getting together tonight.

Well, they're sorry you couldn't
make it last week

and they wanted me
to invite you again.

The man that I love
is not talking to me.

And he hasn't
been talking to me for a week.

And I don't know if he's ever
gonna talk to me again.

Which means I-I don't know if
he still wants to marry me

or if he wants
to break up with me.

And, and if he, if
he wants to break up, well...

I-I don't
know what I'm gonna do.

And, and you think that with all
that going on,

that I'm just gonna kick back
and party with the guys?

Is that a no?

Call her. Come on.

What's the worst thing
that could happen?

I guess the worst thing
would be Mary saying

she no longer wants
to be my sister.

That's not going to happen.

It could.

Not after you remind her
that she dated

one of your ex-boyfriends
without telling you.

Jordan-- the fish-lips guy.

You got a point.


George, hi. It's Lucy.
Is Mary there?

She's at the firehouse.
Do you want to leave a message?

Oh, I'd love you
to leave a message.

Okay, what's the message?

Well, I can't leave a message.

But you just said that...

Yeah, I would love
to leave a message,

but what I want to say
is not the kind of thing

that you leave taped
to the refrigerator.

So I should tell Mary
that you called?

Yeah. That...
that would be great.

I'm going to hang up now.


You should have
left a message.



Erica and I just happened
to be in the neighborhood,

and we thought we'd pop in.

In the neighborhood?

You and Hank
live 20 miles away.

That's why I put Erica
and the stroller

in the car and
drove over here

so we could be
in the neighborhood and pop in.

Am I interrupting something?

Well, I was working
on my lesson plans.

How's that going?

Well, it's really hard
with everything else

I've got going on, but...

But all work and no play
will make for a cranky teacher.

So take a break.

Hello, precious.


I made a list of some
macromolecular mechanic

problems that I think are going
to be on the test next week.

So why don't you
guys look them over

while I go get some chips
and stuff from the kitchen?

Oh, I'll help you, Mel.


I have a boyfriend.

Oh, no.
I don't want to ask you out.

Have you noticed the...
the bruises on Mel's arm?

She told me she hurt herself
at the gym.

She told me she hurts herself
at the gym a lot.

And I was wondering if...

If she was lying about the gym?

You're not the first person to
notice all the bruises she gets.

I heard last year
she broke her wrist twice.

And her boyfriend

is a real jerk, so I think
I know what you're thinking.

We have to do something.

Look, I like Mel, and I don't
want to see her get hurt,

but I also don't want
to get involved

until and unless
she wants me involved.

Sorry. She has to ask for help,
and then I'll help.

And if she doesn't ask?

I wanted to come by the training
center today and surprise you,

but I knew that Ben guy
would be there,

so I asked George to let me in

so that I could surprise you
here instead.

Well, I'm... I... I
am surprised to see you.

Surprised and happy?

Yeah. Very happy.

So, did you pass
your firefighter's test?

I knew you would.

Couldn't have done it
without you.

I've been calling you
for a week.

I know.

I-I got all your messages.

But you didn't call me back.

I was too upset to talk to you.

I'm sorry about that night.

I know in my heart
you didn't want to hurt me.

That's true,
I would never hurt you.

But you did.


that's why I haven't
been able to talk to you.

I didn't want to say
something out of anger
and then regret it later.

I wanted to be calm

and rational when we talked.

And we do need to talk.

Can you forgive me?

This isn't about forgiveness.

You did what you did
for a reason,

and that's what
we need to talk about.

Yeah, whatever you say,
I just want to talk.

We'll talk,
and-and we'll get through this.

But... I never want to see
that Ben guy again, ever.

There's something
I need to tell you.

Come on, Camden,
the guys are...


Let me explain.

No. No explanation necessary.

Please, just let me.

I-I should go.

No. You stay.

I'll go.

I hope you two will be
very miserable together.

Well, this is
another fine mess

you've gotten
yourself into.

Wilson hates me.

But I love him.

Then you need to do whatever
it takes to get him back.


You could start
by talking to him,

explaining about Ben,
if that's possible.

He won't talk to me.

I've called him;
he won't call me back.

Then go and find him.

And figure out once and for all
if you two belong together,

so that both of you and me
can get on with our lives.

You're right.


But before you
go, call Lucy.

She called earlier for you,
and she sounded weird.


Super weird.



Oh! Hi, Simon!

Didn't you hear me call you?

I know you heard me,
and I know you saw me earlier.

What-what's going on?


Okay, I'm here to meet
my ex-boyfriend Larry

because he wants us
to get back together.

And I pretended not to see you

because I didn't want you
to find out

that I haven't been
in a decent relationship

with a guy since
your mother talked to me.

So, where is he-- your ex?

He was supposed to meet me here

this afternoon,
but he had to work.

He's gonna meet me
when he gets off.

Oh. So what are you gonna do,

you're gonna go home now,
come back later?

No I'm staying put--
I don't want to miss him

if he gets off early
or something.


Because if I'm not here,
he might not take me back.

Well, I just got off work,
and I don't have any plans.

I could keep you company
until he gets here.

What are you and Hank
fighting about?

We're not fighting.

We're not fighting.

We fought, past tense.
It's over.

What's over?


And don't look at me
like I'm crazy.

I'm sure Hank would
tell you the same thing.

Maybe I should talk to Hank.

Oh, sure, you can talk to Hank.

But I'm never
talking to him again.

And don't get Eric,
AKA Mr. Perfect,

involved in this.

Involved in what, exactly?



What's Aunt Julie
doing here?

I don't know,
but I'm gonna find out.

Watch your cousin.


Hey, Ruthie.

Uh, is Luce around?

She called earlier, and George
said she sounded weird.

What's up?

Lucy should tell you.

I don't have time to wait around

to talk to her-- you tell me.

Okay. You remember
the guy with the big lips?


Yeah, him.

Think about it.

Great, thanks.

Yeah, okay,
I'll call you later.

You look strange.
Are you okay?

You know, I need to talk
to you about something.

I really wanted my dad
to talk to you.

He's better at this stuff
than I am.

But I can't leave here
without saying something.

Okay. Say something.

Well, I-I-I work
at the free clinic,

and I see a lot of women
who come in

who've been hurt by their
boyfriends and their husbands,

and they're not
just older women.

I-I see a lot of battered women
who are our age...

who are your age.

I don't mean to be rude,

but what are you
talking about?

You didn't get those bruises
on your arm at the gym, did you?


I think someone
gave you those bruises,

and I think that someone
is your boyfriend.

And where would you get
a crazy idea like that from?

I told you,
I work at the free clinic.

I-I see a lot of this stuff,
battered women stuff.

Oh, and that makes you some kind
of expert on battered women?

Some kind of expert on me?

And my relationship
with my boyfriend?

None of which
is any of your business.

No, I know it's not
any of my business, but...

look, I just want to help.

Well, I don't want
or need your help.

What I do want is
for you to leave.

And find a new study group.


If you change your
mind, my dad...

I'm not gonna change my mind.

- Hello.


Why are you whispering?

Why are you

I'm whispering 'cause Julie's
taking a nap in our room

and I promised her
I wouldn't call you.

Why is Julie in our room?

She and Hank are having a fight.

About what?

Well, you can find that out
when you talk to Hank.

Why do I have to talk to Hank?

Because if you don't, I think

your sister's
gonna move in with us.

I'm on my way.



I just got home--
where you been?

I went out to get
something to eat.

So, did you do it?

Well, I called, but...

Mary wasn't home.

So were not officially
a couple yet?


Are you happy that
we're not a couple?



You do want us to date?

You do want to be a couple?

Of course.
I want to be your boyfriend.

My boyfriend who
everybody knows about,

or my boyfriend
who I make out with

in the backyard
by the trashcans?

You weren't
supposed to think.

You were supposed
to say that you want
to be my boyfriend

who everybody,
including your

my sister, knows about.

Yeah, what you said.

Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Maybe we should
think about this.

It's not too late.

Mary doesn't
know about us,
and maybe...

She knows.


Mary called and I told her.

Mary knows about
Lucy and me?

And she doesn't care.

She does think
you're a lazy dater.

So we're official?

By the power vested
in me... by me,

I now pronounce
you a couple.


You may now kiss
your ex-girlfriend's sister.

You guys should really be
on a talk show.

So we're together.

Are you sure you
want to be together?

Yeah. And I want to take you out

to celebrate
our first official date.


So, tell me
about your ex, Larry.

Larry is... Larry.

Which means?

He's kind of selfish
and really into himself.

But he's cute--
really, really cute.

And popular.

He always gets invited
to the best parties.

Give me a break,
not every guy out
there is like you.

since we broke up,

I haven't found a guy

who is kind and
considerate like you.

Most guys out there
are like Larry.

Or... at least the
guys that ask me out
are like Larry.

We're not getting
back together.

No, I'm not
here about us.

This girl, Mel, in my
bio-chem study group...

I think her boyfriend
hurts her, hits her.

She always has
these bruises.

That's awful.

I know.

Why are you
telling me about Mel?

I tried to talk to her,
but she kicked me out.

I can't find my dad, and
I think someone should
go back and talk to her.

Can't it wait
till you find your dad?

I got a bad feeling about this.

I really think someone
should go talk to her now.

And I-I think you should do it.


Why me?
She doesn't even know me.

If she wouldn't listen to you,
why would she listen to me?

Well, you and Mel
do have something in common.

No. I'm sorry, but no.

I'm not gonna talk to anybody

about what happened to me
in high school.

And I'm sorry I ever
talked to you about it.

Hi. I'm looking for
Dr. Hank Hastings.

He's with a patient.

Could you tell him
his brother-in-law's here?

Oh, I could
if I was a receptionist.

But I'm a RN--
I don't do messages.

But if you were
bleeding to death,

I could, uh, make a spiffy
tourniquet from your shirt.

Look, this is important.

I really need
to talk to Dr. Hastings.

Well, we all
need something,
now, don't we?

Me, I need a good man to love
and money in the bank.

I-I went to the hospital,
and they said you'd resigned

and you're working here--
when did that happen?

I take it you're here
about Julie.

I know you're having
some kind of a fight.

Julie's over
at our house with Annie.

Julie and I
aren't having a fight.

We're in total agreement--
we both want a divorce.

-Julie and I are
getting a divorce.

So if you'll excuse
me, I have patients.

Now I can help you.


Hi. It's me.

I've been paging you.

Oh, I left my pager
at the church.

Well, did you talk to Hank?

Oh, yeah. I talked to Hank.
I'm... I'm waiting

to talk to him again,
but he's avoiding me.

Are you at the hospital?

No. I'm at the Free Clinic
where Hank now works full time

since he quit his job
at the hospital.

Wow! He quit his job?

That's big.

I have bigger.

Hank told me he and Julie
are getting a divorce.


Hank and Julie
are getting a divorce.

I told the sitter
she could leave.

You shouldn't have done that.

We need to talk.

I don't want to talk.

I want you to leave.

I think I'll leave.


She's sorry.
Really, really sorry.

What did you tell him?

I told him I was sorry
I hurt his daddy's feelings.

Did you tell him what
you were sorry about?

Please, just leave.

Are you asking me to leave your
apartment or leave your life?

I know you're angry with me,
and you have every right to be.

And I will leave,
but I want you to know,

no matter what you think,
nothing is going on with Ben.


The elevator's broken,

so start talking.

Ben was only with me tonight

because we were going
to go a party

for all the recruits
that passed the test today.

And last Saturday?

That was a mistake.

A mistake that I walked in
on you

or a mistake
that you kissed him?

It was a mistake to kiss Ben.

But why did you kiss him?

I don't know.

Be an adult.

Take responsibility
for your actions.

Don't give me an answer

that I would expect
from my five-year-old son.

Last Saturday, you were supposed
to take me out to dinner.

And you didn't know it,

but I was going to accept
your marriage proposal.

Oh, so you wanted
to marry me,

but you kissed
that other guy?


Yes. No!

Kissing Ben was a big,
crazy, stupid mistake

that I wish I could take back.

Can you just leave it at that?

Maybe. But, lately, your
life has been a series

of big, crazy,
stupid mistakes.

We're not talking
about your having
two dates to the prom.

This is real life,
not high school.

And whether you want
to accept it or not,

whether you want
to act like it or
not, you're an adult.

And if we're

and you screw up your life,
you screw up my life, too.

And, more importantly,
my son's life.

Your actions have consequences.

I know. I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

How many times do I have
to say I'm sorry?

I love you.
I want to marry you.

So I just gave you the answer
to the question

you asked me two weeks ago.

And I have a question for you.

Are you going to let one
stupid mistake ruin our future?

I do love you.

And I do want to marry you.


No buts.
We should get married.

After a long engagement,

because we have things
to work out.

I was thinking short engagement.

How short?

12 hours.


We could catch a train to
Niagara Falls tomorrow morning.

We could get married,
have a honeymoon,

and... and be back
to work by Tuesday.

You can't be serious.

I am.

This is crazy.

No. What would be crazy
would be not getting married,

and not spending
the rest of our lives together.

I want to make a life
with you and with Billy.

Well, what about your family?
My family?

We have to tell people.

No, we don't.

Don't you want a big wedding

with your family
and friends and...?

I want you.

The question is, do you want me?

I'm so glad you wanted
to go out tonight.

Yeah. Me, too.

Let's just forget about

all the weirdness from today
and start fresh.

This is our first date.

I know. Wow.

Yeah. Wow.

Our first meal as boyfriend
and girlfriend...



Are you having fun?

No. Are you?


Please say something.

Tell me how you feel.

I don't know how I feel.

Tell me what you're thinking.

I guess I'm thinking

you sure are a lot different
than Mary.

In a good way.

In a different way.

In... in... in a good
and different way.

Shut up and pass the ketchup.

Thanks for a fun day.

You can go now.

I can't leave. I can't let
you get back together

with this guy when, all day,
you've basically

been telling me
what a jerk he is.

I know Larry is selfish
and self-centered

but, hey, a girl's gotta do
what a girl's gotta do.

Babe, what's up?

Let's go.

Put me down!

This is Simon.

He's a friend
from high school.

Cool. Babe, you got a 20?

I met up with some friends
at the pool hall,

and I owe them
for food and stuff.

You ran into some friends?

I've been waiting
for you all day.

That doesn't change the fact

that I need $20
and I need it now.

I thought we talked about this,

and you said
if we got back together

you would just lay off
and let me be who I am.

Yes, but...

I promised I'd give
my friends a ride home.

Come on, you can come, too.

But it was supposed
to be the two of us.

We were gonna talk.

We'll talk--

after I give
my friends a ride home.

You know, I should get going.

Come on, babe,
let's go.

The guys are waiting.

I called your house,
and your mom told me
you were at the library.

I'm sorry about
the way I acted

when you came over
to my apartment.

No, it's my fault.

I just got so carried away
with trying to help Mel

that I... forgot to
consider your feelings.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

If you still want me to talk
to your friend, I will.

You will?

I thought about it,
and I wish someone
would've talked to me.

Maybe it would've
made a difference.

Are you sure about this?

Yes, I'm sure.

All right.

I'm only 11--
I'm not even allowed
to have a boyfriend.

Well, that's good.

Take my advice, Ruthie,
never get married.

But you're married.

Yes, and my husband
is selfish and self-centered

and only thinks of himself.

That's redundant.

That means "repetitive."

I know what "redundant" means.

I'm sorry I said mean things
about Uncle Hank.

Oh, that's okay--
I'm sure Uncle Hank

is saying mean things
about you, too.


Aunt Julie says I should never

get married,
because men are selfish pigs.

Ah, isn't that nice?

Why don't you get Sam
and David and Erica
cleaned up for dinner.


Did you have a nice, long nap?

I know about the divorce.

You called Hank?

No, I called Eric,
who talked to Hank.

And I think we'd better talk.

So, what seems to
be the prob...?

Oh, uh, no,
I have two problems.

One, you've been
avoiding me all night,

and two, you're planning
on divorcing my sister.

So, for the next
couple of days

you're gonna stay with
the Millers down the hall.

You like
the Millers, right?

But I want to see
you and Mary get married.

Well, if we were having
a big wedding here in town

or in Glenoak, you could.

But this is just a quick trip.


Mary and I don't want to wait.

We want to get married
right away.


Because we love each other.

But don't you want me
to be there

when you and Mary get married?

Of course I do.

I want a big wedding
with family and friends,

and... and I want Mary's dad
to marry us.

If you want all that,
then why are you running away?

We're not running away,
we're eloping.

Which is...
a lot like running away.

Why am I running away?

I asked you first.

It's my fault,
it's all my fault.

None of this would've happened
if I hadn't quit my job.

And why did you
quit your job?

I thought you were very happy
at the hospital.

For a while I was happy,

but my job became
more administrative
and less medical.

I saw more drug reps
than I did patients.

I started to wonder
why I became a doctor.

I became a doctor so
I could help people,

not to take fancy vacations
and live in a big house

and drive an
expensive car.

And then Matt called
me a few weeks ago,

you know, and I
ended up working here.

For the first time in
a long time I-I felt
like a doctor again.

So when the board of the free
clinic called and asked

if I'd consider running
the place full-time
I had to say yes,

even though I knew
it would be, you know,

a cut in salary
and less benefits,

and Julie and I'd
probably have to live

in a smaller house
and drive cheaper cars.

I understand.

Julie didn't.

So we started arguing
all the time,

and one of us
mentioned divorce,
and that was that.

Really, I don't understand
why Julie was so upset.

You quit your job.

And you took another job.

And now yours and Julie's life
will change significantly,

both financially
and otherwise.


And if I'm understanding
you correctly,

you did all this without
discussing it with her first?

Hmm, well, I...

I-I think I know
why Julie is upset.

He knows we can't
afford for him

to quit his job
at the hospital.

I mean we have
a mortgage.

We... we have
car payments.

If I have to go
back to work,

we'll have to pay
for child care.

The worst is,

he didn't even consult me before
he changed our lives forever.

I don't know what that is,
but it's not a marriage.

Wait, I know what that is.

It's a total lack of respect
for me,

and I cannot stay married to
a man who doesn't respect me.

And I can't have a child with
a man who doesn't respect me.

Have a child?

You mean Erica?

Yes, Erica...

and the new baby.

What new baby?

Did I forget to
tell you that I'm pregnant?

Yes, you forgot to tell me
that you're pregnant.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Did you forget to tell
Hank that you're pregnant?

You didn't tell Hank!

I've nothing
to say to you.

I have nothing
to say to you.

If that's true,
then why are you here?

Annie made me come.

She's pregnant.

What did you say?

Julie's pregnant.

Is this true?

I had no idea.

Well, how is that possible?

You're a gynecologist.

Oh, wait, I know
how that's possible.

You're completely obsessed with
yourself and your job.

That's not fair. You never said
anything about a baby.

And you never said anything
about quitting your job.

Come here.

Don't come out
until you work this out.


Okay... that was the
worst date I've ever had.

So what happened to us?

I thought we were in love.

We made out for a week.

That's not love, that's
making out for a week.

Now don't get me wrong,
I like you

and I thought I wanted
to date you,


Are you trying to tell me

that after tonight
you still want to date?

No, but I wanted to be the
one to break up with you.

You could tell everyone
you broke up with me.


I will.

So that's it.

Just a week of making out
in cars and in parks

and in the backyard
by the trash cans?

Hey, we'll always
have that week.

So how about one more
kiss for the road?

Just remember,
I broke up with you.

What are you doing?

I'm watching Robbie
and Lucy break up.

Didn't they just get
together this morning?

Lucy broke up with me.

Really. I broke up with him.

I'm next and when I get him,
I'm keeping him.

Three's a charm.


I was hoping you were home.
Look, I know it's probably

too late and I probably
shouldn't say what I'm going

to say, since we're not together
or anything,

but I have to say if you get
back together

with that jerk, you're
making a big mistake.

He's rude and insensitive.

He doesn't seem to care
about you at all.

Now I know you don't want to be
alone, but you can do better.

And even though we're broken up
I... I still care for you

and I want you to be happy.


Let me finish.


Really, let me finish.

Simon, I didn't get back
together with Larry.


After spending the day with you

I remembered how nice it was to
have a great guy to be with.

I'm gonna try to find a guy who
is more like you

and less like Larry.

Even if that means that I might
have to be alone for a while.

Well you're making
a great decision.

Uh... well, if... if you need
someone to hang out with

while you're waiting for the
right guy to come along,

I'm available as a friend
for movies and dinner.


See you tomorrow night.

How did it go?
Is she leaving
her boyfriend?

Should we call
the police?

You know you're
an idiot, right?

What happened?

Mel is a boxer.

She works out
at the gym.

She wasn't lying.

She does get hurt
at the gym.

Her boyfriend's never
laid a hand on her.

If he did, she'd probably
put him in the hospital.

Wow, man I can't
believe I was so wrong.

Not every woman who
has a jerky boyfriend
and a bruise is battered.

I think you've been spending too
much time at the free clinic.

Oh, I'm sorry
I got you involved.

Don't be sorry.
You only did what you did

because you thought
someone was in trouble.

And you weren't completely
wrong about Mel.

When she was younger, her
dad used to hurt her mom.

Her mom eventually
divorced her dad,

but when she got older
she found she had

a lot of anger
so she took up boxing.

Well I'm still sorry
I got you involved.

I'm not.

You know that boyfriend I had
when I was younger,

the one I told you about, the
one who used to hurt me?

Well, he only

hurt me a couple of times
before I broke it off.

But when we broke up, I thought
that was the end of it.

I thought he could never
hurt me again.

I thought if I never talked
about it,

then all my feelings would
just go away.

And they did for a long time.

Then you knocked
on my door

and I talked to Mel.

And I realized the not talking
about what happened to me

all these years,
didn't help, it hurt.

I need to deal with this so I
can really put this behind me.

So, thanks to you...

Being an idiot.

I'm gonna talk to your dad
about finding a counselor.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

So why did we break up?

Can't we try again?

I met someone.

But we've only been
broken up a week.

Well, I bet he's not
as cute as I am.

He's not.

He's cuter.

So you're making this guy up.

I felt I needed
an excuse to say no.

Well, we didn't have that
kind of relationship

when we were together.

We don't have to lie
when we're apart.

Well, maybe she's
not pregnant.

Maybe Julie's just

going through some changes.

You know, your
kind of changes.

Well come on, I had to ask.

No, you didn't.

Pregnant, huh?

Will you stop
saying that word?

I heard that.

We're having a baby.

We're not getting

You worked everything out?

Well, not
everything, but...

But we decided to work out our
problems together, not apart.

Our vows were for better or for
worse-- we figured out there's

been a whole lot of better,
not so much worse.

And I'm going to wait with Hank
while he finishes his shift

and then we'll be
by to pick up Erica.

Oh I'm happy you worked
everything out.

We're lucky that we have
you and Annie to help us.

And boy, are we going to need
help when the second baby comes.

Your attention, please.

Now boarding for
Niagara Falls...

Hey I'm glad
you're here.

I was starting
to get worried. What happened?

Why... why are you late?

D-Did you have a problem
with Billy?

The only problem
I had with Billy

was trying to explain why he
can't see us get married.

I'm sorry, but I'm sure
Billy will understand.

Aren't you listening to me?

I just told you,
he doesn't understand.

He's hurt. He feels
left out of something

that he should be a part of

and I can't really explain why
it is we have to leave him out.

There's no time.
Did you tell him that?

And plus if he goes, we won't be
able to have a honeymoon.

Now boarding for
Niagara Falls...

We're going to miss this
train if we don't hurry up.

We need to talk.

Okay, we'll talk on the train.

No, we need to talk
before we get on the train.

I feel like we're running away.

We're eloping--
that is running away.

That's the problem.

I don't understand.

What... what are you
trying to say?

I always thought that when
we got married,

we'd be so happy that we'd want
to share our happiness

with our friends and family,
all the people that we love.

We will when we get back.

This just feels wrong.

It feels like we're
lying to everyone.

By not telling your parents,

your grandparents, your
brothers, your sisters,

my family, our friends...
were lying to them.

And that's not the right way
to start our life together.

But if we tell my family,
they won't understand.

Like... like the Colonel
and Ruth won't understand,

your family and so on.

So, if we can't
tell them

that means that
our relationship

isn't strong enough to
stand their criticism.

That's not what I meant.

But that's what you just said.

Come on, we're gonna face harder
things in our married life

than telling our families
and friends, aren't we?

What are you saying?

This is the final
call for train 717...
- I think you know.

Boarding for Niagara Falls.
-Our train is about to leave.

Are we getting married or not?