7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 6, Episode 12 - Suspicion - full transcript

While Robbie visits his mother in Florida, Ruthie sneaks in her friend Yasmine Halawi, a Muslim girl who became the target of two bullies on the street. All Camdens feel obliged to help the Halawi family, which lived in Glenoak for years without problems, but every attempt proves hard or even counterproductive. Matt and Simon nearly beat up wrong suspects. Ruthie's private school's board votes against admitting Yasmine.

Okay. Boys,
now that Daddy

has changed your outfits
yet again,

we're going to try
to be neater, aren't we?

So when we eat, the food
doesn't belong on our shirt.


No. And it...
it doesn't belong on the floor.



So where does it belong?

Yes, in your mouths!



Come on, let's go.

- Brilliant.
- Brilliant, children.

Hello? Annie?




We'll have to make a
break for the garage.


What's going on?
Why are you so jumpy?

Wer-Were you just...?

Never mind. It's just...

We'll be safe here.

This is just great.





Okay. The whole
world heard you.

What's wrong?

I'll tell you what's wrong.

It's called
not respecting my things.

If you want to borrow something,
you should ask first

instead of plundering
and pilfering

through all my drawers.

I didn't do this.

I didn't plunder
or pilfer.

Oh, really?

Define either one
of them.

You know I'm not
good at this game.

If you can't define it,
then don't deny it.

Who are you, Jesse Jackson?

I had nothing to do with this.

Excuse me, but whose top
are you wearing right now?

This is an old shirt that I
have borrowed a million times,

and you've never cared before.

Well, maybe I do now,

but you wouldn't know
because you never ask.

I didn't make this mess.

If you don't want
to believe me, fine.

And just for the record,
I happen to be missing

all my makeup, but
I didn't accuse you.


Did you take all the sheets
off my bed?


Why would I want a bunch
of Hello Kitty sheets?

Why not?

Maybe Robbie took them
to Florida.

He's visiting his mom--
I think his mom

has sheets in Florida.

Besides, they were on
my bed this morning.

Well, just go grab
another set of sheets

and a comforter
out of the linen closet.

That's not the point.

I don't want another set.

I've grown accustomed
to the kitty sheets.

Well, you know I got
some stuff missing, too.

I can't find my pillow
and my Gameboy.

Where has all the food
disappeared to?

Don't blame me.

I'm not blaming you.

Well, everyone else
seems to.

If anything goes wrong,
I'm always the first suspect.

Well, I don't view you
in that way,

and I hope
nobody else does, either.

You sure you're not being just
a little sensitive about it?

So I should feel fine
when someone blames me

for something that I didn't do?

No, but there's a difference
between when someone asks

and when someone blames.

Believe me,
I know the difference.

Mom, something weird
is going on here.

I know; I was just noticing it.

Today, I bought a week's worth
of cheese and lunch meat

for sandwiches and this...
is all that's left.

So whoever ate all this cheese
and lunch meat is going to be

the one who gets
to go back to the store,

because I'm not going
shopping again today.

Now, who ate it?

Not guilty.

No, I'm staying away
from meat and dairy.

Your mother runs a tight ship
on a tight budget.

Now, if you confess,

I'm sure you'll be
shown boundless mercy.

If not, I pity you for the
wrath that will betake you.

You are a creature of
strength and beauty.

Are you volunteering
to go to the store?


What's going on?

The Great Inquisition.

Mom wants to know
who took all the food,

and I'd like to know
who took all my makeup.

But I'm not accusing anyone;
I'm just asking.

Good, because I want to find out
who went through all my drawers.

I do, too.

If you want to know the answer,

I suggest you start
by asking the right question.

What's that?

It's not what, it's who.

Who... is missing?

So, what do you want
to do now?

We have plenty
of things here.

We can play
with Simon's Gameboy.

Or Mary's got some makeup
we can use.

Thank you for
all this, Ruthie.

I'm just happy
to be here

so I don't have to think
of anything.

This can be our secret place

where everything is nice
and nothing bad happens.

I told you you can live here
as long as you want.

No one's going to find out.

Ruthie, are you in there?

Come on, Ruthie,
we know you're in there.

Unlock the door.

I can't do that right now.

I'll explain later,
but whatever you do,

don't tell Mom and Dad, okay?

They can't know
anything about this.

Ruthie, this is
your dad speaking.

And your mom.

You have got five seconds
to open up!


I think we hit
the mother lode.

What's going on here, Ruthie?

This is my friend, Yasmine.


She goes
to the same school I did

before I went
to private school.

I was hoping she
could live here,

because she's in danger.

Yasmine, what kind of danger
is Ruthie talking about?

I'd rather not talk
about it.

Yasmine was walking
home from school,

when a couple of boys
started following her.

They were calling her names,
because she's Muslim

and trying to scare her.

And one of them even
picked up a dirt clod
and threw it at her.

That's when Ruthie ran over and
started yelling back at them.

But they still
kept on following us.

And this was happening
right outside our house?

It's happening everywhere.

Did these boys
ever physically hurt you?

No. Just my feelings.

feelings are important, too.

They matter a great deal,
and you matter.

We're not going to let this

Do you know who these boys are?

No, but I remember the one
who started it

was tall and real skinny,

and he was wearing one of those
ski caps with stripes on it.

Just some high school jerks.

They've been doing this
for a while.

They know where I live,
and sometimes they wait for me.

Why don't you change
your schedule?

You know, walk a different way
to school and avoid them?

I refuse to change my life.

I refuse to be a victim.

Good for you.

Um, maybe you should all
go back to the house,

give us a little time alone.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yasmine, do your parents
know where you are?

Ruthie brought the phone up.

I called my Mom

and told her
I was playing here.

Please don't tell
my mother

about what happened.

It will only make her
more scared.

And my mother has enough
to worry about

with my dad being sick.

Mrs. Camden, never mind
about what I said, all right?

I'm okay; I can take it.

It's not okay.

You shouldn't ever have
to take any of this.

Luce, I told you
everything was okay.

I know.

I just started thinking
about Yasmine

and how people
can be so cruel and...

how horrible I was to you,

which doesn't make me much
better than those boys.

And how everyone
in the world

has the same capacity
to be so mean and intolerant.

It just makes me feel so sad.

You know how it makes me feel?


We should do something about
those boys chasing Yasmine.

I know, but what?

Well, um, my first thought
would be

to find those snotty little kids

and make their lives more
miserable than they already are.

Let's move on
to your second thought.

Well, I... I think that not only
did those boys pick on Yasmine

because of her ethnicity
and her religious background

but... because she was a girl,

who was younger
and smaller than they were.


So, I have an idea.

Great. We haven't heard
one of your wacky plans

since you came home.

I mean, guys terrorizing
innocent little girls

on their way home
from school.

I mean, what is this world
coming to?

Just a bunch
of little cowards.

Ignorant little cowards.

Evil, ignorant little cowards.


So aside from calling them
cowards behind their backs,

what are we going
to do about it?

I know what I'm going
to do about it.


Kick their butts.


You heard me.

Doesn't that go against

everything studying
to be a doctor is about?

Let's just say I'm gonna
give them a taste of
their own medicine.

Well, I don't think
you should go that far.

Come on, Simon, we have
to take a stand and be men.

We have to protect
Ruthie and her friend

so this will never
happen again.

Doing nothing
is silent complicity.

Yeah, you're right.

This has to stop.

And it's going to stop
right here.

Now what are we
going to do?

We're going to go out
and kick some butt!


Oh, hi, Dad.

I was just on my way

to go study.

I hope I didn't hear
what I thought I heard.

Well, that depends on
what you think you heard.

Oh, there was a lot of...
tough guy stuff,

if you know what I mean.

You know, there's nothing wrong
with being a tough guy

when the time calls for it,
if you know what I mean.

Well, you're the oldest,

and you can certainly
influence the others

in negative or positive
and productive ways,

if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

But a man's got to do
what a man's got to do.

I hope you like herbal tea.

Yes, thank you.

I hope Yasmine hasn't been
too much of a bother.

Oh, she's been pleasure.

We were happy to have her.

The girls get
along really well.

They... they enjoy
each other's company.

Nasreen, I didn't know
if you were aware

of what's been happening to
Yasmine after school or not.

I am now, Reverend Camden,
and I'm at a loss of what to do.

I had suspected
she was hiding something,

but when I tried
to talk to Yasmine,

she denied
there was any problem.

I've tried to talk to Yasmine,

and I could tell by the way
she was withdrawing

that it was getting worse.

I am so sorry that
this is happening.

If there is anything
we can do...

Well, I honestly don't know
what can be done.

I mean, we've been living
here all our lives,

and we've never had any problems
with anyone.

In fact, I couldn't think

of wanting to live anywhere else
but here in Glenoak.

Life was happy, until one day

our entire world
turned upside down.

I'd go out
on my usual errands,

and suddenly people are staring
at my hijab.

I've worn it all my adult life,

and now I get looks
and whispers as I pass by.


I'm still the same person.

I haven't changed.

I try to believe that maybe
some people are just curious.

But why was I not asked
about it years ago?

Why now?

See, it's not curiosity;
it's suspicion.

Fear can bring out
the worst in people.

And fear is evidence
of a lack of faith.

For some people,
that's a lack of faith in God;

for others, it's a lack
of faith in themselves.

But for others, it's a lack
of faith in their fellow man.

I hope what's happened
with Yasmine

doesn't make you lose your faith
in people's kindness.

Oh, how can I?

I have proof sitting right here
in front of me.

I'm sorry to have burdened you
with my problems.

I'm a very proactive person

and hope I'm not sounding
like a victim,

because that's not my intent.

No, you're not at all, and...

I'm honored that you feel
comfortable enough

to be talking with me.

I usually talk to the Imam
at my Mosque,

but right now he's overwhelmed
with so many people

with much bigger problems
than myself.

You know,
you're welcome here anytime

if you ever feel like talking.

That goes for me, too.

Thank you.

I'm usually a very
private person, but...

I'm not myself lately.

My husband is taken ill,

and I myself am sick with worry
for Yasmine's safety.

I appreciate your sympathy,
but I don't expect you

to completely understand
what I'm going through.

As a mother, I understand

at least some of what
you're going through.

I know the fear and worry
over the safety of my children.

Hey, Nasreen,
have you ever thought of

enrolling Yasmine
in private school?

It's smaller; it's a more
controlled environment.

Yasmine's at the top
of her class.

But we can't afford
private school.

Well, neither can we.

Ruthie's on a scholarship.

At least a third of the girls
there are on scholarship.

Maybe they'd have
a place for Yasmine.

Oh, well, that would
be wonderful, but...

I'll talk to the principal,
Mrs. MacKoul,

and see what she can do.


It's time we head home.

Thank you so much.

Your kindness has
touched us deeply.

Can Ruthie come over

She's welcome

Well, then,
tomorrow it is.

Thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Bye, Ruthie.
Bye, Yasmine.

See you tomorrow.


I'll be in my office.

why did you feel

that you couldn't tell Dad
or myself about Yasmine?

Why did you want to keep
it a secret from us?

Well, I wanted to keep her safe.

And at the time, I wasn't sure
why anyone was chasing her.

I still don't understand it.

She didn't do anything.

Her family didn't do anything.

They're American's,
just like everyone else.

I know, Ruthie.
I know.

I got a detailed
description of the guys

from Ruthie and Yasmine.

Let's go get them.

We don't know who they are.

But I think I might
know who they are.

They might be these two guys
who go to my school,

two guys who always
wear stocking caps.

Two loudmouths.
Two jerks.

Do they have names?

I don't know their names,
but I can find out.

Well, then find out.

I will.

Man, I can't wait

to meet
these guys face-to-face.

Yeah, or fist-to-face.

Yeah, fist-to-face, that's good.

Maybe you have a future
in rhetoric.

I'll meet you in front
of the clinic after school.

Hey, slow down.
Why don't you just find out

who these guys are,
and then we'll go from there?

I'll go anywhere I have to go
and do whatever I have to do.

This looks great.

Good, 'cause there's plenty
more where that came from.

Now, if Robbie
were here,

he would devour this entire
feast in about ten minutes.

I miss him.

Yeah, me, too.

But I'm glad he gets to spend
some time with his mom

before school registration.

So it's all on you, eat up!

Where'd they go?

It's not like the troops
to roll out so early.

Well, uh,
Mary and Lucy said

they wanted to stop
by the copy store.

Matt had an early
shift at the clinic.

He dropped Ruthie off.

Simon took the early bus.

And Ruthie's going over
to Yasmine's after school.

Oh, that's good.

I'm... I'm glad she's going
to be spending some time

with Yasmine at her house.

You know, she'll get to know
her on a different level.

Yeah, I'm glad, too.

Did you talk
to Mrs. MacKoul?
Yes, I did.

And she feels the same way
we do.

She's going to be talking

to the members of the board
at school today

and get them to sign off
on a scholarship for Yasmine

so she can
enroll right away.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Oh. It's...
it's not a done deal,

but I think
it's a good start.

It's better than a good start.

Have another pancake.


My name is Mary Camden,

and this is
my sister Lucy,

and we wanted to know if you
would sign this petition.

Does this have anything to do

with buying cookies
or magazine subscriptions?

No. We're just trying
to get signatures

in support of
our neighbors.

They're a Muslim family...


There's a Muslim family
living in the neighborhood?

Yeah. They have a little
girl named Yasmine...

They aren't fanatics, are they?


Huh. I've been living
around here for 25 years.

I had no idea there were Muslims
in the neighborhood.

What block are they on?

Hey, Camden, what's up?

Nothing much.
Just waiting for the bus.

Hey, what'd you get
on that biology test?

I heard no one got
higher than a B.

Earth to Camden.

That's the guy.

What guy?

And that cap,
that's definitely him.

Are you even listening?

Look, there's his buddy.


Did you see that?

Yeah, that was pretty low,

but that's not surprising
coming from them.

You know them?

I know of them.

George and Jerry
or the Jenkins jerks.

They're brothers.

Okay, this was your idea
so I've been letting you

make the speech, but we've
been to dozens of houses,

and we don't have
one signature.

Is it my fault that
people are freaking out

and not letting
me finish?

Maybe that's because you're
doing something wrong,

so I'm taking over.

Fine. Knock yourself out.


Hi. I'm Lucy Camden,
and this is my sister Mary.

We're trying to get signatures
from people in our area

to show community support
for one of our neighbors.

Well, how nice of you two girls
to spend your extra time

doing volunteer work.

What neighbor is it for?

My little sister's
friend Yasmine

is of Middle Eastern descent.

She's being singled out
by some of the kids

in the neighborhood and...

I'm sorry. I'm not interested.

Hey, beauty school dropout,
you got a phone call.


Don't say on too long;
you got a perm to rinse out.

Yeah, yeah, pick on the orderly.


Matt, I found the guys who were
harassing Ruthie and Yasmine.

Good work.

Jerry and George Jenkins,

they're brothers.

That's weird. There's a guy
who came in

about 15 minutes ago
with the name Jenkins.

Well, maybe they have
another brother.

No, couldn't be; he's too old.
He's got to be the dad.

Hold on.

Do you know him?


Yeah, his name
is Daniel Jenkins.

He's tall, thin,
and has brown hair.

Well, light or dark brown?


That's him!
Don't you think

it's too much of a coincidence?
Coincidence or divine destiny?

Matt, same names,
same description.

That's got to be their father.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

Thanks for the information.

I'll talk to you later.

So what's the scoop?

Was he on America's
Most Wanted?

My little sister and her friend
Yasmine were terrorized

by a couple guys at Simon's
school because Yasmine's Muslim.

They were calling her names
and throwing things.

That's so rotten.

Kids stink.

Simon told me who it was

and...I think this guy's
the jerks' father.

He fits the description of his
sons and has the same name.

So what does the father
have to do with it?

Well, where do you think
they get it from?

Kids have to be taught to hate.

We get our values
from our parents.

But do you know for sure that
that's him?

Mrs. MacKoul,


wasn't expecting you.

I... I know.

I... I thought I would try
to catch you in person.

You know, I'm glad you did.

When I talked
to you about Yasmine,

I'm afraid I bent your ear...
or at least creased it a bit.

It's just that
I'm very passionate

about what Yasmine and her
family have been going through.

I'm afraid I have
some bad news for you.

I'm so sorry, but
I received a call

from some of our board members,

and they have rejected the
request to admit Yasmine.

Did they give a reason?

They got calls from a
few concerned parents,

and I think they panicked
and got scared people

would pull their
kids out of school.

Oh, which would
affect enrollment,

which in turn would affect
tuition payments,

which would affect
the budget.

Yes, I agree.

I believe this is all
about the bottom line.

It's still a mystery to me

why people act out of fear
rather than faith.

Yeah, I don't know that they
gave Yasmine's situation

the proper time or thought
that it deserves.

I tried my best
to reason with them,

but I'm afraid it's fallen
on deaf ears.

Is there anything I can do?
I hope so.

I've organized an impromptu
meeting tonight

with the board members
and parents.

I would love it if Ruthie would
say a few words,

even though the meeting's
just for parents.

Why Ruthie?

I tried my best to convince
the board,

but maybe a child's point
of view might be more effective

in this situation.

If the parents see that
a child's not afraid,

then maybe it might diminish
their own fears?


I realize the meeting's
at the last minute

and definitely a long shot.

Ah, but it's a shot,
and it's a shot of hope.

You can count on me and Annie
and Ruthie to be there.

Thank you.

There's just one thing.

I don't understand

why so many parents complained.

I mean, how did they find out
about Yasmine so quickly?

They said there was some sort
of petition that set them off.

Okay, we have
exactly zero signatures,

and my feet are killing me.

What are we going to do now?

We'll just have to
double back and try
the same houses again.

This isn't working.

We have to give people
another chance to
hear us out.

They already had
their chance.

We can't just give up.

What would have happened

if Rosa Parks gave up
her seat on the bus?

Or Cesar Chavez had
given up on the farm workers?

Or Susan B. Anthony given up
on the suffrage movement?

I think I've forgotten
everything I learned in school.

That's what PBS is for.

Who's that?

Hey, how much longer
is it going to be?

We just go down the list and do
the best that we can, sir.

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Jenkins,

by any chance are your two sons
named George and Jerry?

Yeah, what does that got
to do with anything?

Uh, no reason. Just curious.

Look, I got to be out
of here by 3:00.

I've got more important things
to do

besides waiting around here
with a bunch of women.

Oh, well, you should
have told me that.

I've been out back all morning
tinkering on my Subaru.

Oh, she's very handy.

See, that's exactly why women
shouldn't be working.

They get a bee in their bonnet,
and instead of doing their jobs

they get irritable
and sarcastic.

We give medical aid
to foreigners,

but I can't get any help
for this lousy headache.

It is killing me.

Yeah, well, maybe
it's your guilt

eating away at your brain.


Just remember, when you are
hurtful to other people,

your body hurts you back.

You need to shut up.

And you need to give me some

I'm sorry.

You need to be seen
by a doctor first.

Yeah, I think you better take
a seat now, Mr. Muslim Hater.

What did you say?

Uh, he called you Muslim hater.

I want to see your supervisor.

Are you sure?

'Cause it could be the same
doctor that looks at your head.

I'm just saying.

I am really sorry
to bother you again,

but we are really desperate
for signatures.

I'm sorry I had
such a bad reaction

when you girls came before.

You see, I've been through
the same thing as your friends.

When World War II
broke out,

all American's
of Japanese descent

were suspected
as possible spies.

We lost everything.

And then they placed us
in internment camps.

All our rights were taken
away from us.

That was a terrible time
in our history.

Yes. We were looked down upon.

And some people even blamed us

even though we had
nothing to do with the war.

I've learned that
in times of war,

that it is not unlawful
for the government

to take away human rights.

I mean, it's not ethical,

but it is legal if they
believe anyone is a threat.

That's why I'm so hesitant
to put my name on anything

that might haunt me later.

Just like the black list.

You see, when it
happens to you once,

you're always fearful
that'll it happen again.

It's not going
to happen again.

I hope not.


Hel... Hello.

Hold on.

Sorry about that.

This is Detective Michaels.
Is this Matt?

Yes, how are you doing?

Fine. Is your father home?

No, he's at a school meeting
with Ruthie and my mom.

I've got good news,

and I'm sure he'll want
to hear it right away.

Can you tell him that I think
we caught those boys

that were harassing Ruthie
and her friend?

We picked them up doing the same
thing to another girl,

only this time they had mistaken
a Sikh for a Muslim.

I had a funny feeling about them
and remembered

what your dad told me
about the two boys.

Wait. Was one of them wearing
a striped ski hat?

Yes, as a matter of fact he was.

Oh, I'm glad you caught them.
They're brothers you know.


The Jenkins boys.

They go to Simon's high school.

These are two eight graders.

They're not in high school...
and they're not related.

Are you sure?

Yes. Yasmine
and her mother came down

and made a positive
photo ID.

Wait, but you said one of them
was wearing a striped ski cap.

Matt, you know how popular
those caps are right now.

Every kid has one.

Matt? Are you still there?

Thank you all so much for
coming at the last minute.

My goal is to provide you,
the parents

and the board members,
a forum of open discussion.

We've gotten calls

from many of you expressing
your concern

about the possibility
of admitting a new student.

The concerns seem to stem

from her ethnicity
and religious background.

And I for one
find these concerns

to be completely against

our constitutional rights
as American's.

With that said, I hope we will
quell any fears

and bring about
a different outcome

from the board's latest

Would anyone like
to share your thoughts?


Hello, everyone.

I just wanted to say that I have
two kids enrolled here

at Eleanor Roosevelt School.

And I don't view myself
as racist

or discriminatory in any way.

I view myself

as a concerned parent.

I work very hard to pay
for private school.

And I feel that if enrolling
a Muslim girl

might cause some controversy,
well, then I say why do it?

This is
a private school.

This is what we're paying
a lot of money for, right?

If we've never
had Muslims at this
school, why on Earth

would we make it a point
to include a Muslim now,

when it could put
the lives of children

of other races
and religions in jeopardy?

Good point.

Thank you for your opinion.

I just want to say that,

why are we even having
this meeting right now?

I mean, obviously, people are
having problems with this girl,

and the board has
already made their decision.

End of story.

We all have busy lives,

and there's other things
we can be doing right now,

- so let's just move on.
- That's for sure.

I'm sorry
that many of you feel

that your time is being wasted,
but please bear with me.

I have asked
one of our students,

Ruthie Camden,
to say a few words.


My name is Ruthie Camden.

And, first, I want to say

how much I like going
to the Eleanor Roosevelt School.

My classes are really cool,

and I get to do so much more
than I did at my old school.

I love horses, and I even get
to take equestrian classes.

It's like a dream
come true for me.

I learn so much
at this school.

Last week,
during science period,

Ms. Riddle talked to us
about the spine.

She taught us how important
the spine is to the entire body.

The spine allows you

to hold your held up high.

Well, I don't think I'll be able

to hold my head up high
in this class anymore

if this school doesn't
let my friend Yasmine attend.

And, from what I've read
about her,

Eleanor Roosevelt has
a really strong spine.

This school is named after her.

And, if you want to know
more about her, you should read

the "Universal Declaration
of Human Rights."

It's all about freedom,
justice and peace.

Out of the
mouths of babes.

So, if this board chooses
to do the wrong thing,

I feel that
it's against everything that

Eleanor Roosevelt stood for,
and I will have to quit.

We'll get our
scholarship back.

I have a friend whose kid
would like to get in.

They're not Muslim.


That was the end of my speech.

I said I was going to quit.

Tough crowd.

I heard what you did tonight,

and I'm really proud of you,

Yeah, Mom and Dad told me

about a billion times already.
Big deal.

What you did was really amazing,
so don't think that it's not.

You stood up for someone who
was being discriminated against

because of her religion,
and that's a big deal.

A very big deal. The biggest.

Yeah, and look at where
it got me.

Now I have to change schools.

Look, Ruthie, I know how much
you like private school,

and no one
will think badly of you

if you don't go through with it
if you don't want to.

I don't want to,

but I think it's something
that I have to do.

Eleanor Roosevelt said,
"It is not fair to ask of others

what you are not
willing to do yourself."

I think I have
to bite the bullet.

Sometimes, it's not easy
to do the right thing.

It's not easy
when you've done stupid things

and you have
to make up for them.

It's not easy when
you do smart things either.

Thank you.

I'm so happy
that you're able to participate.

Okay. Good-bye.

So what's so important?

You almost got
me fired today.

How did I do that?

How about by giving me
the wrong names of the guys

who are harassing Ruthie
and Yasmine.

No, it was them.

I'm sure it was them.
It wasn't them.

Detective Michaels
found the guys,

and they're in eighth grade.

I had to call and apologize
to Mr. Jenkins

for being so rude.

Well, Matt, you have to admit
the guys fit the description.

Oh, tall, thin and brown hair.

Great description.

About a billion people
fit that description.

I fit that description.

What about the cap?

One of the guys
was wearing the same cap.

And so do hundreds
of other guys.

All right, maybe I didn't
investigate thoroughly enough

before I pointed fingers.

Oh, you think so,
Inspector Clouseau?

You know, you're not exactly
blameless here, all right.

You're the one who started up
with all that,

"Oh, we're going
to pump you up,"

macho "let's go
kick some butt" stuff.

Oh, so it's my fault that
you accused the wrong guy

when you just didn't have
the guts to find out for sure?

What does this have
to do with guts?

I have guts.

Well, I guess you just didn't
have the brains.

Oh, you think so?

What are you doing?

I don't know.

W-Were you going
to fight me?

I'm not sure.

No, I-I think
you were going

to actually take
a shot at me.

Have we both lost
our minds?


Matt told me
Detective Michaels called.

They caught the boys.

Oh, I'm so glad
to hear it.

I just hope their parents
have the ability

to steer them
onto the right course.

I hope so, too.

I was already planning

on paying them a little
visit tomorrow evening,

and see if there's
anything I can do.

Are you all ready
for tomorrow?


I can't get over Ruthie.

I'm so proud of her.

Yeah, we done good, Ma.

When I feel like the world
is getting a little crazy,

I think of our kids

and what nice and kind people
they've turned out to be.

It makes me happy knowing

how they are making the world
a better place.

Me, too.

This can wait
till tomorrow.

We, we both have a big
day ahead of us.

Thank you for talking
to Mr. Halawi.
I'm really

proud of you for coming up
with such a good plan.

I hope it works.

Good morning, Imam.

Good morning,

Oh, thank you for the coffee.

I'm sorry, I've been
running a little behind.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed
with problems

such as this at my Mosque.

I hope I haven't added
too much to your burden

by telling you about
Mr. Halawi's situation.

No. I am grateful you told me.

The Halawi's are such kind

They never ask for anything
and give so much.

They probably
wouldn't have

said a word until everyone else
was cared for.

Reverend Camden.

What are you doing here
so early?

I would have been here days ago
if I had only known.

I thought you might
like something

warm to drink,

since you're still recovering.

Thank you, I'm...

overwhelmed by this act
of kindness.

Since I've been ill,

I haven't been able
to work for over a week.

And when one doesn't
have employees,

one cannot afford not to work.

And that is why
we are here.

Today, you are open
for business.

Please, thank Mrs. Camden
for what she's doing.

It has made Yasmine
feel so much better.

Nasreen and I are so grateful.

And your Ruthie...

for a child to make such a
personal sacrifice for another,

it gives me hope
for this world.

Thank you.

I'll, I'll tell them.

Mrs. MacKoul,
Ms. Riddle.

Don't you know
that I'm not going

to Eleanor Roosevelt
School anymore?

Neither am I and neither
is Ms. Riddle.

We're all going to the
same place, Ruthie.

I'm going to be teaching
at your old school soon.


They aren't a lot
of openings

for principals,

but teachers are in demand
now, and I need a job.

It'll be a pay cut,

but I've always loved
being in the classroom.

And they haven't

filled my position,
so I'm going back

until the end
of the year.

I don't want to be a part
of any group hate

or group fear.

You give me reason to live.

Hi, Ruthie.

Hi, Yasmine.


Nasreen, you seem to be
in a good mood this morning.

I am.

My husband felt much better

after he spoke to your husband
on the phone last night.

In fact, he actually went
to the shop this morning.

I'm so happy to hear it.

Well, he's still a bit weak,

but his spirits
are so much brighter.

I know he'll feel better soon.

Well, this is a good way
to start off our day.

What do you say?

Shall we start walking?

I'll come
with you.

I can be late to
school for this.

You girls go ahead.

You can beat us.
Let's go.

Wait up!

Hey, we want to
be a part of this.

Hey, Mary, look.

Thank you, Mrs. Camden.

Thank you
for this.

It's not just about going
to school for me.

It's about walking
on higher ground.

Come on.