7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 9 - Tunes - full transcript

Robbie and Cheryl ask Eric to marry them because of her pregnancy. He smells a rat and learns just in time that she intended to trick Robbie, who is grateful to escape a loveless marriage and offers to stay away from Mary. Lonely Simon has joined punk Norton's schoolmates gang. Lucy, who is lightly butt-slapped, and the Camden parents, make huge scenes over inappropriate remarks from some of the knaves, treating Simon as if he 'hates women'. Matt tries to help both sides understand, but fails, yet a real incident shows Simon's truly good nature. Matt can go for Priscilla after hearing from Heather she's dating another already.

My uncle only let me
have the car for the day.

If we don't do it now,
we'll never do it.

I have to study.

You don't have
to study right now.

I know what you're doing.

You just want to wait
for Heather to show up.

Look, she left me that note.
She wants to talk to me.

And it's not easy
to get in touch with Heather.

I can't just call her up
on the phone

and see what she wants

without someone like her mother
passing along the message.

And maybe Heather
doesn't want her Mom

to know she came to visit me.

Or maybe you don't want
to talk to her mother

since you haven't talked to her
since you and Heather broke up.

Maybe. You know,
it's-it's not just that.

You know, I think
Heather wants to get
back together, and...

Or something... I
don't... And I don't.

You know, I'm happy
the way things are.

Yet, you want to stay home
to see if that's what she wants.

Okay, okay,
I'll drive you. Let's go.

Wait. No. You're going
to stay home just to reject her?

No, I just want to see
what she wants, that's all.

And do you want to go
for a ride or not?

Let's go.


♪& I dreamed I had a good
job and I got well paid.♪&

♪& I blew it all at the penny

♪& A hundred dollars on a
cupid doll,

no baby chick is
going to make me crawl.♪&

♪& You'll team your way to
the Promised Land.♪&

♪& Every woman and child and

it's a Cadillac and a great
big diamond ring ♪&


♪& Don't you know your riding
with the king ♪&

No, I'm not.

No way.

♪& You would never see me... ♪&

♪& Just a matter of time
before I blow you're mind ♪&

♪& Yo how you feel? ♪&

♪& I feel like getting down ♪&

Get right here.

♪& Tell me how you feel ♪&

What's up?


Get in the car.

What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with you,
and when did you start

hanging out
with guys like that?

They-They go
to my school.

They asked me if I
wanted to hang out today,

and it's all
we're doing--

hanging out and
listening to music.

No, I've-I've heard the music,
I know the music,

and when did you start
listening to that music?

It's rap.

I like it.

No, no, that's not rap.

It's some kind
of perversion of rap.

In fact, I think it's an insult

to the African-American

for you to call that rap.

So, don't be looking
to me, Simon.

I'm not going to help you here.

Get in the car.

And by the way,
who I hang out with

and what music I listen to
is none of you business.

Did you see those guys?

Those are not guys Simon
should be hanging out with.

And I really find
that music disturbing.

I do, too, so, maybe
the thing to do

is get Simon over here
and hang with him.

Talk to him. It's hard
to be cool at that age.

He's just trying to find
that certain bad attitude

that attracts women.

At least guys that age think

a certain bad attitude
attracts women.

Well, they aren't going
to attract women

by blasting music that talks
about beating women, are they?

Not likely. I'm taking the car
back to my uncle,

then I'm going to work.

I'll see you when you come in.

I'm working a double shift.

You're not just going
to sit around here all day

waiting for Heather, are you?

No. I'm going to sit around
here and study.

Who is it?


Pants, who?

Pants Daddy.

Your mother went
pants shopping.

I'm dropping off your
share of the pants.


Well, evidently, everyone
in the family needs pants.


These are nice.

They're like, uh...

Big boy pants?

Yeah. Why-Why'd she buy these?

Evidently, she felt
you needed them.


She thought you might want
to go out sometime.

Uh, I believe
she put it, uh,

"in something
other than jeans."

So, she thinks

I want to go
out sometime.


With Heather?

With Heather?

I-I asked you.

Well, are you seeing
Heather again?


She came by to see me.


But I'm not going
to see her again.

I'm not interested.

I met someone.

But-But I think
Heather is interested,

which is why she left the note,
and Mom bought the pants.

That's quite a theory.


So, who are you interested in?

Oh, just a...
just a girl I met.


So, um, you know where Simon is?

Uh, he was hanging out
with some new friends at school.


What? He's not hanging out

with new friends from school?

Oh, he's hanging out
with them, all right.

Have you met them?

No. Have you met them?

No, but I've seen 'em.
Have you seen 'em?


I'm going to talk to him.

Why are you going
to talk to him?

Well, you'll know
when you see these guys.

Where did you see them?
When I was driving John around
in his uncle's convertible.

Why were you driving John around
in his uncle's convertible?

So, he could sing
a B.B. King song.

And you're worried about Simon?

Yes, and-and by the way,
do you know what kind of music

Simon and his friends
are listening to?

You know, our whole relationship
has become just a-a series

of questions and answers,
hasn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, so, answer me this.

Why is it that mothers just know
how to pick out pants?

I mean, have mothers
been buying pants

for their sons
since the beginning of time?

Did Mary buy pants
for Jesus, hmm?

So, you think
Jesus wore pants, do you?

Ring, ring. Is
that the phone?

Oh, thanks
for coming by.

Look, love to
Mom. Great pants.

Ooh, hey.

Uh, I'll see
you in church.

All right.
All right.

You're not just
waiting around here

so that you can tell
Heather you're not
interested, are you?


Okay. Oh, yeah.

Uh, well, I'm
going to church.

If you happen to bump
into your brother again,

tell him to
drop by or call.



Mmm, look
at you.

You look like you need a man.

I think he just called you
a bad word.

A really,

really, bad word.

Hey, look, the little one knows
what I called her sister.


But the sister don't know.

Or she know what true?

She know what true?

Look, you ignorant little...

What are you,
a pimp?

Get away from me.



Nice one, man.

All right.
Got her good.

Do something.

Like what?

Like, get that guy out of here.

He didn't hurt you.

He slapped me.

From the looks of you,
it couldn't have hurt.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, man.

- All right, let's go.
- You're disgusting.

In fact, you're just
as disgusting as he is.

I want to see the manager.

That'd be me.

Next in line.

Go on.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Do it... Cool.

What's a pimp?

It's a guy that hates woman.

Hey, congratulations.

on what?

On being a woman?

On my being slapped?

Or being called that name?

But maybe you didn't see
or hear that guy.

Or maybe you didn't think

that he did anything other
than hurt my dignity.

And that's okay, huh?
Is that what you think?

No. I meant congratulations

on being our one hundredth
customer today.

You just won three tickets
to the 39 concert and a free CD.

No way!


39. Hottest selling
teen band in America?

I've never heard of them.

Good. You can drive me.

I've heard of 'em.
Thanks, Mister.


Isn't that Simon
with the women hater?

Let's do it again.

Wait up.

You know
that guy?

That's Norton.
He's a friend of mine. Why?

A friend from where?
Where'd you meet him?

At school.

Where did you get these clothes?

Oh, these are my clothes.

I just made
a few adjustments, like it?

No, not especially.

Simon, your friend,
called me a name

and slapped me on the butt
in the record store.

He was just kidding around.

Believe me, he couldn't
have been serious.

Simon, he slapped me.

Well, he didn't hurt you,
did he?

Yes, he hurt me.

He humiliated me.

And that hurt... a lot.

Well, what do you want
me to do about it?

I want you to understand
that I am not a punching bag.

I am not a trash can
that guys can

throw their filthy thoughts
or words into.

I'm a person, Simon.

I'm your sister.

Do something.

Oh, no.

Hey, Mom, that pimp behind you
just called Lucy a bad word.

This is my mother.

This is my sister.

So this is your mother?

I see the resemblance.

And I like it.

What you say, Mama?

I say you're
all pathetic, go home.

Why don't you go home?

You don't belong
on the streets.

'Cause you got
no respect for me.

For no man.

Maybe I should
teach you some respect.

You want a piece of this?

I brought seven
kids into this world.

I can take one out.

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me, huh?

Well, you better be
looking at me

'cause I'm one good-looking man

and it's ladies night,
so come on over here.


Look, if this is about Mary...

I don't think this is
a good time for you to be...

This is Reverend Camden.

Reverend Camden, this is Cheryl.

This is about us.

We want to get married.

I just saw Ruthie.
What's up?

One of my friends

was goofing around and he may
have gone a little too far.

May have?

Ruthie, upstairs please.

You, too.

What the heck happened?

Simon's little friend...

Simon's little friend, Norton,

harassed Lucy
in the record store.

He called her a name,
slapped her on the derriere

before exiting the record store

where he then harassed
and threatened me.

And the name he called Lucy?
The "B" word.

What? I...

I'm gonna... I'm gonna...

No, I took care of it.

She threatened to beat him up.

Talk to him, then I'm
going to talk to him.

Then I'm going to go over to his
little friend's Norton's house

and talk to Norton
and Norton's mother.

Where did you get those pants?

Matt's... they're his old ones.

Do you know where
that particular

fashion trend got started?


You know where you're going

if you keep wearing
your pants like that? Prison.

Come on.

But we can get back
to the pants. Who's Norton?

He's a guy I go to school with.

And yeah, other than that?

What made you want to choose
to be friends with this guy?

Norton chose me.

And he asked me if I wanted
to hang out today.

He's probably not someone I want
to be friends with now,

but aren't you making
too big a deal out of this?

Back up to "probably."

He's probably not someone
you want to be friends with?


Which brings us to--

Can we make too big a deal
out of someone

calling your sister that word?

Are you out of your
ever-loving mind?

I'm not happy about it, Dad,

but guys do say that word
all the time.

Well, you actually think
there's a justification?

It was probably a really, really
bad word when you were

growing up, but I don't think
it's that bad anymore.

It's lost some of its edge

because it's on TV,
it's in movies,

it's on practically every CD.

You really don't get this,

and rather than hear any more

about the extent
to which you don't get it,

I'll explain it to you.

You know, this is the oldest
hate crime on Earth.

This is the hatred of women.

It's wrapped up in a thing
called harassment.

Okay, I get it, but please,

don't let Mom go over
to Norton's house.

Let me handle this,
I'm begging you.

If either of you go over there,
this guy is just going

to make me look like a big baby
and that's all I need.


Robbie and Cheryl, his fiancée,

are in your office?

I didn't have a
chance to tell you.

That jerk has a fiancée?

Yes, and it's not our daughter.

Well, I hope you're not planning
on marrying them

because we know how
Robbie Palmer treats women.

Which could mean,
of course,

that he's just telling us
that he's getting married,

so that we'll tell Mary
that he's getting married,

so she can track him down
and tell him not to get married.

I think the bride-to-be
looks a little too happy

to be up to any scam.

No, I--
They want to get married.

Well then,
she's got to be pregnant

because he's not
the marrying kind.

Well, I've married
pregnant couples before,

it's not the best way
to begin a marriage,

but it's not the worst either.

No, the worst place
to begin a marriage

is with a partner who has
no respect for women.

Maybe he's changed.

You wouldn't marry the guy off

just to keep him away
from our daughter, would you?

Of course not.

I shouldn't keep them waiting.

Is this a good time?

It's probably not going
to get any better today.


We'll get out of your way
as quickly as possible.

May we please go
to the concert?

I don't know, you seem
a little young for a concert.

Are you familiar with this band?

Uh, 13 or 47
or 79 or whatever?

I listened to the CD

and there's nothing
harmful about the lyrics.

Other than they say
the same thing over

and over and over again.

Well, what are the songs about?



It's really innocent.

Their biggest hit is called

"Puppy Me, Puppy You."

It's about puppy love,
real puppy love.

A Golden Retriever puppy
to be exact.


But if it's a rough crowd,

I want you to come home

I sincerely doubt
it will be a rough crowd.

But, if it is,

we'll be right out of there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've got to go get ready.

Do you think Mary
still talks to Robbie?

Mary doesn't talk to me,
so I don't know.

Do you know that Robbie's
getting married?

I knew you were listening.

Sort of.

How do you do it?

How do you just get past
being called that name?

And forget about it and go on?

I told you, I don't like it,

but I've just become
immune to it.

Don't become immune to it,

because it's wrong,
it's just wrong.

Are you stacking
the CDs for the ORs?

Yes, Dr. Walker, I am.

I'm scheduled
for OR3 at 7:00 a.m.

Put this in the mix.

I listened
on the way over here.

It's great.

Uh, hold on, Doc.

I'm sorry, I can't
help you out.

Why not?

Because I can't take

responsibility for putting this

into the consciousness
of the world,

much less the subconsciousness
of some poor patient.

If you want to hear that, you've
got to take care of it yourself.

You're kind of making
yourself not needed, aren't you?

And if you're not needed,
well, what happens to your job?

That was a threat, wasn't it?

It's okay.

Really it is, because I am
certain, absolutely certain,

that if it came
down to firing me

for refusing to
play this music,

that nobody on the hospital
board would do it.

How dare you talk to me
like that?

How dare I not be afraid of you?

Because I'm right
and you know it.

I would have thought that you
liked this type of music.

Why, because I'm black?

Well, that's a very wrong
assumption, Dr. Walker,

and prejudicial.

Which doesn't surprise me at all

because when a man listens
to this kind of music,

it means he has
a prejudice against women.

And men who hate women,

hate a lot of other people,
including minorities.

I think that's a wrong
assumption on your part.

I don't hate anyone.

That CD has sold
millions of copies.

You think everyone who listens
to it hates women.

Yes, I do.

Yes, really and truly.


Okay, maybe you're right.

I never really thought about it.

I apologize.

I'm under
a lot of pressure

and... there's no
justifying it really.

I apologize.
Apology accepted.

Maybe I can buy you
a cup of coffee sometime.

I overheard you talking
to Dr. Walker

and I was wondering
if I might

buy that cup of coffee for you

Maybe when I get off work?

No, you may not.

But I'd be more than happy
to buy you one.

Um, my name is John Hamilton.

I know, I've seen
you here before.

I've asked around about you.

Um, I'm Pricilla Carter.
I'm a volunteer.

So what time would you
like that coffee?

Um, afternoon shift
is over at 4:00,

I usually take a break then.

Okay, so I'll meet you
in the cafeteria at 4:00.


Oh, Heather. Hey.

That your girlfriend?

Uh, I just met her.

But it would be nice
to have a girlfriend.

How are you doing?

Really well, thanks.

Matt got your note.

I was hoping I'd find him here.

No, he didn't make
the schedule today.

Matt has a lot
of studying to do,

so he's probably
at home right now.

So if you want to go over,

I can give him a call
and make sure he's there.

I just came from there.

But if you talk to him,
could you tell him

I'll be dropping by again
around 7:00?

I have something
I want to tell him.


Oh, what's going on?

I didn't see you come in.

He came over
to pick me up.

I hadn't really pictured you
leaving the house quite yet.

I'm not sure I pictured you

leaving the house
before Christmas.

Mom, you have to let
me talk to Norton.

And I want to talk
to him over at Matt's

where it's just the guys
and no parents around.

Well, isn't that
what went on today,

"just the guys
and no parents around"?

Look, let him talk to him.

If you and Dad go over there,

you're just going to make him
look bad in school.

I feel bad about what
he did, it was wrong.

And I want to tell him
how wrong it was.

Me, not my Mommy or my Daddy.

You guys are just dying
to embarrass me.

The only reason
you're talking to me is

'cause you don't want me
to talk to him.

That doesn't make you
the man here.

You have to want
to talk to him

because what he did was wrong.

Fine, it was wrong.

But I want to know that
he knows that it was wrong.

I want an apology.

I have to get
him to apologize?

Yes, and it'd better be
a real apology.

Those the new pants
I bought you?

Yeah, thanks.

Don't they look great, huh?

It's kind of a shame
wasting them on us.

You know, those pants need
to be dry-cleaned.

What are you smiling about?

Did Dad tell you
Heather left me a note?

She wants to talk to me.

He didn't tell you that?

No, but he didn't even tell me
that Mary's old boyfriend Robbie

wants to marry
his old girlfriend Cheryl,

and that they want your father
to tie the knot.

Robbie's getting married?

Unless your father comes through
and does the right thing, yes.

I don't want to sound redundant.

I know I probably said this

like a half a dozen times

but now that I think of it,
it actually is a classic.

Marriage is a big step.

Yes, a step
in the right direction.

Still, it is a big step.

It is.

I'm just agreeing
with the Reverend.

Robbie and I have been
together for a long time.

We love each other.

It's time
we were a family.

Well, it's nice
to have a family.

My family split up years ago

and my mom lives
with her boyfriend.

And you live?

I live in the apartment

I've had since I was 16

and my mother's boyfriend
wanted me out of the house.

And the two of you will be
living... at her apartment

or what, with Robbie's mom?

Robbie's mom just took off.

Robbie... your mom took off?

We were having
financial trouble.

She moved to Florida.

My oldest brother is
in school down there.

What about the house?

The bank came after her.

She gave it up.

So where are you living now?


Is that why you're
in such a hurry to get married?

Because you're living together?

Any answer will do.

Look, I'm not here to judge you.

I'm just trying
to get to know you.

I don't have to live there.

I have a job.

But he likes living there.

Is there any particular reason

why you wanted me
to marry the two of you?

It's not like we know
a lot of ministers

and I want a church wedding.

Robbie said he thought
you'd do it.

And it's just that, well,

you already know
what kind of guy I am,

so I wouldn't have
to explain that to anyone.

Is there something
you're not telling me?



Well, um...

Cheryl and me...

Cheryl and I--

well, uh...

we're going to
have a baby.

We're leaving!

Have a good time.

Remember the rules.

W-Why are you wearing that?

Why are you wearing that?

Is that Happy's collar?

I borrowed it.

I'll give it back.


You've got to
be kidding.

Yes, you.

You can't go out
in that, that, w--


Who are you dressed up as?

I think she's dressed
like the band.

Now can we go?

We're going to be late.

This whole day is making
my head hurt.

I wasn't going to let her
out of the house like that.

Thank you.

I volunteered for this evening
and I'm responsible.

Please, I'll take her upstairs

and explain to her why
she can't dress like that and...

But everyone is going
to be dressed like this.

All the girls going
to the concert dress like this.

You're the one
who's going to look weird.

I'm not changing.

You are changing, first your
clothes and then your attitude.

What are you going
to say to Simon?

I'm going to tell Simon
that he needs to have a word

with his mother about the
way she treats his friends.

Then I'm going to try to get
his sister's phone number.

So you don't think
this music has anything to do

with the way these guys act
around women?

It's just music.

I swear Norton was
just kidding around.

It was supposed to be a joke.

He just made a bad
choice in words.

He wasn't going to try
to teach Mom anything.

Come on.

So e-explain it to me.

What's the joke?

No, seriously,

what's funny about intimidating
or humiliating

Mom or Lucy or any other woman
with words like that?

Who are you?

Tipper Gore?

What's wrong with Tipper Gore?

You know, I happen
to think she's right.

I-I do.

A-As crazy as that sounds, I do.

I mean, you can't print
the lyrics to these songs,

so how can you sell the stuff?

I would have been better
off with Mom and Dad.

Yeah, probably.

When did you get
so conservative?

Oh, maybe after watching
a long line of battered women

come in and out
of the emergency room.

But that has nothing
to do with this music.

This music never hurt anyone.

You're kidding yourself.

Millions of guys listen
to this music.

Do you know how many copies
of that CD were sold?

No, I-I don't, and I don't care,

and I don't hate
anyone personally.

I don't care to be part
of some larger group hate

against half the population.

You say this is about hate?

The guys who make that CD,
they say it's about love.

Have you ever seen

these guys in concert?

Th-There are black people,
white people,

all kinds of people.

Again, you're kidding yourself.

This is about anything but love.

I mean, there's no justification
for making it seem

as if any segment of the
population is less than human.

Th-That's what this music does,

and when you take that idea
and you say it over and over,

that idea becomes part
of the overall consciousness.

It's propaganda, Simon.

That's how propaganda works.

And the fact
that it's propaganda in song

and people are making millions
of dollars

off of it
doesn't mean that it's right.

Yeah, but right or wrong,
this is about free speech.

What happened
to the First Amendment?

What happened to it?

Schenck v. the United States,
that's what happened.

You can't yell fire
if there isn't one.

There's no fire, Simon.

There's no enemy.

Women aren't the enemy,
ignorance is the enemy.

I know that.

No, no, I-I don't,

I don't think you do know that.

And if you have no understanding
of the issue,

what's your strategy
for getting this Norton

to apologize to Mom and Lucy?

How are you going to do that

when you're really
Norton's protector and advocate?

I am not.

I-I barely know him.

I just don't want to ruin
my reputation in high school.

Exactly what do you want
your reputation to be?

♪& Yo, Dirty, how you feel? ♪&

♪& I feel like gettin' ill ♪&

♪& Then won't you let
your nine milli spill? ♪&

The concert starts
in 15 minutes.

We can still get there
if you want.

I'm not changing.

Fine, don't change,

but you're too young
to dress like that.

Let me give it a shot.

I don't want Ruthie
to miss her concert.

I cannot let you go to the
concert dressed like this

even if every single girl
there is dressed the same way.

You don't understand.

What don't I understand?

It's fun to dress like this.

It's sexy.

What is sexy?

Do you think
you should try to be sexy

if you don't know what sexy is?

Ruthie, I don't think you're
too young to dress like this.

I think you're too smart
to dress like this.

Oh, boy, here it comes.

A lecture launched
by a compliment.

See how smart that is.

What a great observation.

Luce, come on, sit down.

This is for you, too.

I think you should be able
to dress any way you want.

Your hair, your makeup,
your clothes

should be an expression
of who you are.

In an ideal world,

you should be able to walk down
a dark alley late at night

wearing a tube top
and a miniskirt

if that's what you want.

You're both beautiful girls.

And you both have
beautiful bodies.


and this is a big however,
so pay attention--

this is not an ideal world

and you cannot walk down
a dark alley late at night

in a tube top and a miniskirt...

any more than you can go
to a concert

wearing a dog collar
and a bikini.

There are some men who
think of women as things.

To them, we all...

look alike, sound alike,
behave alike

because, to them,
we are things--

things to be owned,
things to be dominated,

things to be used and abused

because we are less than they
are, we are less than human.

Those men have
all sorts of excuses

for their bad behavior
towards us.

They saw the bad behavior
at the movies,

they are animals

and their bad behavior is
part of their nature,

uh, we are worthless and their
bad behavior is their right--

every excuse in the world--

but these excuses did not begin
with bad TV or movies or music

or tube tops and miniskirts.

These excuses
have been around

probably since the first man
tried to explain away

his bad behavior
or be punished for it.

Blaming the way we dress
for their bad behavior is wrong.

It's also wrong

for you to take away
your own individuality

by mimicking what you see
instead of being who you are.

Be brave, be you.

Be an individual.

You know, I haven't
heard anything yet

that would make me want to
apologize if I were Norton.

What's with you?

I just had a date
with Ms. Right.

I'm not kidding you.

I just met my future bride.

Uh-huh, well...
I met mine last week

and this week,
I don't even know where she is.

Well, I have an address,
a phone number,

and I'm taking her
to church tomorrow.

Did I interrupt something?

Simon's friend Norton
is coming over.

Uh-oh, what?

I forgot to call you and let
you know Heather's dropping by.


How do you know this?

I bumped into her right
after I bumped into Ms. Right.

And she should be here
around 7:00.

Uh, Norton should be here
around 7:00.

Back off before
I hurt him.

Do something
before this idiot
hurts someone.

These guys tried
to attack me.

No, it's, it's okay.

Simon, my man,

we were just having
a little fun.

Let me up.

I don't what happened.

I got out of my car

and all of a sudden,
they came up to my face

and started pulling
on my clothes and...

What is wrong
with them?

You are going to
go over to my house

and you are going
to apologize to my mother

and my sister
for what you did.

But not before
you apologize to Heather.

That's my brother's

She's deaf, man.
How could you?

I didn't know
she was deaf.

Lighten up.

You knew she was
a person didn't you?

Looks like the apologies
are going to have to wait.

These guys are attacking me.

Nice try, sonny.

One of the neighbors
called it in.

She has it all
on video.

Shh, babies sleeping.

Come in.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What, is Robbie with you?


I wanted to talk to you alone.

And then maybe you should talk
to Robbie alone.


I'm not pregnant.

I thought I was,
but I'm not.

I've known for a few days,
but I don't want to tell Robbie

because I know
he won't marry me.

I guess he has to know.

But, remember,

if you don't marry us,
he'll end up with Mary.

He thinks he
loves her.

But I know he loves me, too.

And I love him.

I really, really love him.

I know you do.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be
telling me this.

Are you sure
you're okay?

I'm fine.

It wasn't the first time
I had to defend myself.

But I'm happy you came

out of the building
when you did.

Well, it looked as if you had
everything under control.

Mom thought it was a good idea
for me to take some classes

back in high school
and she was right.


I never knew that about you.

You know,
that you knew self-defense.

There is a lot you don't
know about me.

New pants?

Uh, yes.

My mom bought them.

They look good.


I came over here tonight
to tell you something.

I'm dating someone.

And before anyone else told you
I thought I should.

Before anyone
like my mom told me.

She doesn't know.

But I was afraid she would
see us or you would see us.

Why is that?

He's a professor at Crawford.


Is that ethical?

I mean...

It's fun.


Really, he's a nice man.

He's a little older than me,
but he's a very nice man.

And I'm not in his class.

He just teaches there.

I hope the new pants
weren't for me.

No, no, they're just new pants.

You were the best-dressed man
at the police station.

Uh, thanks.

I never liked
that kind of music.

But I never
really thought

about how much it
affects our society

until I saw those tapes

of the young women
being attacked

in Central Park
last summer.

I felt so bad.

For them.

For my sisters,
for my mother,

for women in general.

For all of us.

That kind of humiliation
and assault

happens every day
in this country.

We hear it on the news.

We read it
in the newspapers,

but we never see it
up close and personal

like those tapes show it.

And you have to ask--

who was making the tapes?

Where were the police?

Why didn't anybody
stop those guys?

Then I realized...

those guys are

They're all over
the world,

and as the world gets smaller

the hatred of women seems
to be getting bigger.

Everywhere you look there's men
trying to prove their manhood

by how much
they can oppress women.

I thought we were
past all that.

But I guess we're back
to all of that.

The only way I know
how to stop it

is to voice my concerns about it

and not support that type
of mentality in any way.

I don't buy music with lyrics
that are oppressive.

It's wrong, Simon.

It's wrong for all of us.

Matt told me
what happened.

What are you going to do

when Norton comes
to school on Monday?

Norton's not my biggest worry.

My biggest worry
is that...

you might never respect me
as a man.

Because I acted
like a stupid kid today.

I'm just trying so hard
to find a way to fit in.

I'm still trying
to justify my stupidity.

You raised me better.

You deserve better.

I'm still learning
about this stuff,

but I promise you I never want
to be a part of anything

that humiliates you
and Lucy a-and Ruthie.

I love you, Mom.

And I'm really, really sorry.

I can't believe she
would trick me.

Well, she did eventually
tell you the truth.

I'm not talking
about that.

I'm talking about she
tricked me into having sex.

Tricked you?

She told me she had some
kind of female problem

that would clear up
only if we had sex.

Some sort of
plumbing disorder.

A birth defect.

That could only be
cleared up with sex?

You really should not
be out there having sex

if you don't know any more
about women than that.

No, you shouldn't
be having sex, period.

Take some time off.

Absorb some of the lessons
you've learned here today.


Oh, just give me
a for instance.

For instance, you don't have sex
when you're not married.

One reason being,

you might get pregnant
and marry someone

that you don't want to be with
for the rest of your life.

Yeah, that's good.

Not to mention, that...

it's not right to have a child
suffer through a lifetime

of being in the middle
of a bad relationship,

because you couldn't sacrifice
one night of sex.

That's good, too.

Not to mention that the only way
to get respect from a woman

is to show respect to a woman.

Well, what does this have to do
with respecting women.

I mean, I respect women.

You took my daughter to a motel
to have sex with her.

Trying to talk her into it

by telling her
how much you loved her,

all the while,
still seeing Cheryl--

your girlfriend
of several years.

You're still mad about that,
aren't you?

Yes, I am.

But my point is that...

...you don't lie or cheat
or use women

if you have respect for them.


I think you might want
to write that down.


Good evening,

Is that what you wore
to the concert?

No, I changed my mind
about the concert.

We went to a
hamburger drive-in,

ate in the car
and talked.


Now, I don't have
to get dressed for bed.

Isn't that cool?

Yes, it's very cool.

So, have you talked
to my sister lately?

Yeah, I told her I was
getting married.

I heard.

Good night.
Good night.

Uh, I'd better
be going.

Uh, wait.

Will you be talking
to Mary again?

I don't think so,
Reverend Camden.

I think I should just
let her think I got married.

That way, she knows
for sure it's over

and she can find someone
in Buffalo.

It'll help her settle in there.

Maybe she'll go to school

and make some real friends,
you know?

On the other hand, if I'm
to be respectful of my daughter,

I have to tell her the truth.

I hope she gives you the chance.

Look, I know
she's not talking to you,

but she can't stay mad
at a nice guy like you forever.

Thanks for saving my life.

I mean that.