7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 8 - Gossip - full transcript

Simon lets his mate Luke set them up with the Murphy twins, who fall for his cool 'bad boy' image by association with Mary, but the vixens make the knaves join them in shoplifting and other mischief. Matt falls in love at first sight with a girl in a wedding dress, actually model Julie. Only Mike teaches Lucy how to handle gossip. Annie seeks comfort with a friend, positive thinking guru Robin, who turns out rather negative.

I'm sure
we've all found ourselves

in the position of having
to forgive loved ones

who have hurt us
or disappointed us

or let us down.

And here's a question.

Did they let us down,
or did we let them down?

I hear they sent Mary
off to rehab.

I heard she's pregnant.

She had to get married.

No. She's in prison.

She just went crazy.

They put her in an institution.

So sad.

How could they have
a daughter like that?

The Camdens
are such good people.

I heard Mary ran away,

and they don't know
where she is.

She's pregnant, and she
robbed Pete's Pizza.

No way.

It's all over town.

She stole money
out of the register
at the pool hall.

I heard she dropped
a baby on its head.

It was her baby, right?

I don't think so.

She has a drinking problem.

That's how she got pregnant--
the drinking.

She was drinking.

And driving.

In the nude.

It's just another case
of a good girl gone bad.


I know it's only been
a week, but I miss Mary.

I just... wish we
could've seen that

she was out of control
and needed help.

I just, I wish
we could've solved

Mary's problems ourselves
at home without having

to send her off to live
with Mom and the Colonel.

Stop beating yourself up.

Think how blessed we are,

blessed and lucky to be
part of such a warm
and supportive community.

Not many people can say
they have an entire community

pulling for them,
but we can.

You know, I could feel
the support and the love

the moment we walked
in the door.

So, Mary's pregnant?

Well, that's what everybody
in Glenoak thinks.

Well, what do
you think?

I think that they scurried her
out of town very quickly.

Oh, I just hope the
reverend and his wife

don't experience
marital distress.

It happens so often.

First, the child is in trouble,
then the marriage.


Excuse me...

...but do you know how to get
to St. Monica's Church?

Do you speak English?

Do you know where
St. Monica's Church is?

Are you gonna tell me?

Uh... uh, yeah,

it's six more blocks down
on the... on the left.


So, are the rumors
really true?

Is Mary really pregnant
and on the run from the law?


Some guy who has a brother
who works at the hospital

swears that Mary came in
last month and she was pregnant.

"Some guy who has
a brother"?

What a reliable source.

If she's not pregnant,
then why did she leave?

I don't want to talk
about why my sister left.

It's personal,
private family business.

Mary is gonna
have a baby?


Katie and Chris love to gossip.


You know,

tell stories about someone
to other people...

stories, in this case,
that aren't true.

Why would anyone do that?

I have no idea.

But I hate that people
are talking about Mary.

I just hate it.

I hate it, too.

I'm telling you, you can use
Mary's "bad girl" reputation

to boost your own
profile at school.

Everybody thinks Mary left town
because she's bad.

And bad is good.
Bad is cool.

Man, we're gonna ride
your sister's bad rep

all the way to Babe Town.

I don't think
we're allowed in Babe Town.

Come on. Girls love bad guys,

and bad guys always get
the best girls.

Okay, well,
even if you're right,

which I don't think you are,

it's my sister they're
all gossiping about, not me.

No one thinks I'm bad.

Oh, they think
you're bad.

Why would they think that?

'Cause I told them.

The Murphy girls.

Babe Town, here we come.

I just got off
the phone

with Robin Tennant.

Remember? My friend
from high school?

Oh, I remember Robin.
Yeah. Well, he's
coming to town.

He wants to take me
out to dinner Friday.

Excuse me?

No, you can't go.

Okay, but just for the record,
I'm not asking your permission

to go out to dinner
with an old friend.

Not an old friend,
an ex-boyfriend.

I can't believe...
the whole town's

gossiping about Mary,
you want to go on a date?

Hey, well, maybe I can get
a date and we can double.

If I'm gonna put on

a show for the town,
I'd like it to be a good one.

This isn't because
I'm going out to dinner

with an old friend,
so what is it?

You've been in a bad mood ever
since we got home from church.

Is this because people
are gossiping?

So let them talk
about Mary.

We should have expected it.
That's what most people do.

Come on.
This, too, will pass.

No, it won't.

Rick Nelson.


When Rick Nelson died
in a plane crash,

all the papers ran articles

claiming that drug use
was responsible for the crash.

When they finally
figured out

that the accident was caused
by a faulty heater,

no one listened.

The truth wasn't as interesting
as the fiction.

So what do
people remember?

That Rick Nelson
was a musical pioneer

that, to this day,
he is the only artist ever

to have a #1 TV show,
a #1 album

and a #1 single
all in the same week?

No, they remember
the rumor, the gossip.

'Cause sometimes when
you put something out there,

even if it's not true,
you never get it back.

Okay, I-I totally
agree with you.

And I'm still
going out with Robin.


So this girl you saw
was blonde?

About 5'7",
wearing a wedding dress?


Huh. She's here.

That's her.

Are you sure?

Because there are
a lot of beautiful women

wearing wedding dresses
running around Glenoak.

Hey, you give good directions.

I wanted to do that
when I saw you earlier.


I wanted to do that, too.

I'm gonna marry that woman.

Well, you might want
to get her name.

♪♪♪ I'm a travelin' man ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Made a lot of stops ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ All over the world ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ And in every port ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ I own the heart ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Of at least
one lovely girl ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ I've a pretty senorita ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Waiting ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ For me ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Down in old Mexico ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ If you're ever in Alaska ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Stop and see ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ My cute ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Little Eskimo ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Oh, my sweet Fraulein ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Down in Berlin town ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Makes my heart ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Start to yearn... ♪♪♪

Do something wrong?

Is Mary having a baby?

Where'd you hear that?


No, Mary is not having a baby.


Did Mary do drugs?

Is that why she left?

Just because people say things
doesn't make those things true.

And it doesn't matter
what people say

because we know Mary;
we know the truth.

She'll be back,
and everyone will see:

no baby, no drugs.

♪♪♪ Oh, my sweet Fraulein ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Down in Berlin town ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Makes my heart
start to yearn... ♪♪♪

I completely forgot

that we were supposed
to study together tonight.

You didn't also
completely forget,
per our written agreement,

that you're going with me
to the senior dance this Friday?

No. I didn't forget.

Good, because I'm really
looking forward to it.

I'm sorry about studying.
My mind has just been elsewhere.

All the gossip about Mary's
getting you down?

What have you heard?

What haven't I heard?

It's not like Mary's
a mass murderer.

She's had some problems,
and she needed to leave town

to work on those problems--
end of story.

When it comes to gossip,
there is no "end of story."

I tried
to commit suicide;

I spent some time
in a mental hospital.

People still talk about me,
and that was over a year ago.

I haven't heard any talk.

Well, then you don't listen.

Trust me, I am a gossip magnet.

You know, if you really
want to get people

to stop gossiping
about Mary,

you should try
diverting their attention.

Give them something else
to talk about. Like us.

I don't want people
talking about me.

Oh. Well,
you could start a rumor

that makes everyone feel sorry
for your family.

Pity isn't nearly
as entertaining as gossip.

You mean make up a story
about my family?

Of course, you need
to find the right person

to start the rumor with.

You need someone who people
listen to and believe,

someone in authority.

Is that what you tried

to get people
to stop gossiping about you?

No. I didn't try anything

because I don't care
what people say about me.

Once you've
spent some time

in a mental hospital,
you discover quickly

that gossip is not the worst
thing that can happen to you.

So what do you say?
I'll help you.

It's tempting,

but I'm not that good
at making up stories.

You're in charge
around here, right?

Yes. I'm the principal.

And people listen to you?


And people believe what you say?


Then I need to tell you
about my sister Lucy.

She's slow.

You mean
she has a learning disability?

She has a lot of disabilities.

My brother Simon
doesn't talk.

Your brother is mute?

Does that mean you don't talk?


Yeah, he's mute.

It's okay though,

because no one really liked it
when he could talk.

Matt-- my older brother--
he lives in his car.

It's better than jail.

Your brother was in jail?

My dad lost his job,
and now I don't have any money.

That's terrible.

Your mother drinks?

All day.

Do you feel sorry
for me and my family?

Yes. I feel very sorry
for your whole family.

Good. Spread it around.

♪♪♪ I believe
what you say when you say going
steady with nobody else but me ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ I believe what you say, when
you say you won't kiss nobody
else but me ♪♪♪

♪♪♪ I believe, do believe,♪♪♪

Are you gunna stop playing
Ricky Nelson songs?

And help me?

No! ♪♪♪ I belive, do believe, I
believe,yeah pretty baby,♪♪♪

♪♪♪ Believe your going study with
nobudy else but me ♪♪♪

You know all this gossip, made
me alittle tense,

and playing the guitar
relaxes me.

What can I do?

Mrs. Finkel.
What a nice surprise.

Well, I hope
I'm not intruding,

but this is
my niece Pauline.

She's a family counselor.

Well, I thought,
in light of all the problems

you've been having
with Mary,

you and Annie might
want someone to talk to.

Have you two
hugged today?

Hugging is
very important.

Hugs plus love
equals marriage.

In fact,
I think that

a hug can solve all the trouble
in the world.

Famine, disease, war--
just give it a hug.

Did you learn that
in hug class?

We both appreciate
your offer of help,
but the truth is,

if there are
any problems

with the family or Mary,
and there aren't,

Eric and I
are fully

capable of
handling them.

I'm a family counselor.

Counselor who
counsels himself

has a fool
for a patient.


I'm still going out
tonight with Robin.

Go. Have a blast.

Because, that way,
the whole town

can stop gossiping
about Mary

and start gossiping
her tart of a mother

who's painting
the town red

with her old
high school boyfriend.

Did you just
call me a tart?

Come on, honey.

Hugs plus love equals marriage.

Come on. Give me a hug.

No. I haven't seen her.

Yes. I've asked everyone
I can think of.

No one knows who the mystery
lady in the wedding dress is.

Although my guess
is she's someone's wife.

I've been back every day
for a week

just hoping
she'll walk in the door.

I can't eat. I can't sleep.

I'm falling behind
in school.

I just can't get her out
of my head.

What's so special about her?

What makes her so different

than all the other women
I've dated? What?

She's the most beautiful woman
you've ever seen?


Thanks for telling us
about you and Mike.

It's all over school.

What are you
two talking about?

You and Mike
are dating, right?

You're a couple?

Mike's taking you
to the dance tonight, right?

Yeah, but...

This is big.

You're the first girl
he's gone out with

since he, you know,
tried to kill himself.

I heard that his
girlfriend moved
to another country

and he didn't want
to live without her.

So romantic.

Like Romeo
and Juliet.

Mike and I
aren't dating.

That's not what we heard.

Not what you heard?

I'm telling you-- hear me--
and stop talking about me.

I don't want to be talked about.

Then you better pick
another boyfriend.

Mike is what's considered
permanent gossip.

No matter
what he does,

because of what he did,

people are always going
to talk about him.

And, if you're with him,

they're going
to talk about you, too.

Come on, man.
It's been five days.

When are you going
to make your move?

I'm waiting for
the right moment.



Um... I was, uh...

Yeah. We'll go
out with you.

You will?

Well, yeah. We've been waiting
for you to ask us out all week.

You have?


my friend Luke can come,
and we can double.


We're meeting some friends
at the Promenade tonight.

Yeah. Our parents
think that there's
safety in numbers,

so they only let us
go out with groups.

You two can
meet us around 6:00.


Double score.

Oh, good.
I was going to call you.

Do you want to go out
to eat before the dance?

Okay, we don't have to eat.

Eating is highly overrated.

What time should I pick you up?

I can't go to the dance tonight.

Why? What happened?

Nothing happened.
Something just came up.

An emergency.

I'm really sorry.

What can you do?

Something came up,
something came up.

So you're okay with this?

I'm disappointed, but I know

that you wouldn't cancel
unless you absolutely had to.

There will be other dances
we can go to together.

Hey. Robin Tennant.

Darn glad to meet you.

Uh... We've already met.

Actually, this is the

third time.
I'm Annie's husband.

Right. Right. Edward.

Eric. It's... it's Eric.

That's what I said.

No, it isn't.



Annie says you're on your way
to Bora Bora to teach a seminar.

Yeah. It's based on
my best-selling book

and awarding-winning

Don't Be One.

Catchy title.

My teachings
are based

on brutal honesty and love.

It's a lot like the Bible.

The Bible?

Well, I'm not comparing myself

to, uh... who wrote the Bible?

That would be God.

Right, right.

I'm... I'm not God.

What I'm
saying is,

if you come to me fat
and unhappy,

I'm not going to cry

and tell you
it's all going to be okay.

I'm going to say, "Hey, fatso,
get up off the couch,

put down the chips,
and do something."

Gentle words of encouragement
filled with love.

I've helped millions of people.

Annie says

you're doing very well.

You bet I am.

But I don't write books and
do infomercials for the money.

I do it for the people.

And the love?






Oh, uh, wow.

Okay, let's go.

Don't worry, Dad.

I'll have her home
by midnight, huh?

Oh, I hate that guy.

I really, really do.


Uh, could you watch
Ruthie and the boys

while I drop
Simon off

at the Promenade?

I could pick up some ice cream
while I'm out.

Rocky Road,

your favorite.


Hey, wasn't there a dance
this weekend?

Yeah, it was tonight.

I'm not going.

I don't want
to discuss it.

I'll grab my jacket

and meet you
at the car.

"Do you ever get yourselves
mixed up?

"Can your parents
tell you apart?

"Do you ever switch places?
Which one is older?

Can you read
each other's thoughts?"

I'm not asking Carolyn
and Sue Murphy

any of your stupid
twin questions.

You're going out
with the Murphy girls?

They're very popular.

And from what I hear,
pretty wild.

Oh, come on,
you can't believe

everything you hear.

I mean, look at Mary and what
everyone's saying about her.

The Murphy girls
are not wild.

They can't
even go out

on dates alone.

Their parents only let them
go out in groups.

How wild can you be in a group?

Are you sad
about Mary?

In a way.

Don't worry.

I took care
of everything.

Um, I'm looking for a guy.

A guy is looking for you.

Tell your dad there is a god.

Okay, our dad

is picking us up
around 10:00.

And we need 30 minutes to change
and to take off our makeup.

So that leaves us about

four hours to do...

Why do you have to change?

Do you think our parents
let us go out of the house
looking like this?

So, let's go do something.

Well, shouldn't we wait
for the rest of the group?

There are no other people.

That's just a lie
we tell our parents

so they'll let us go out
with boys.

I'll take this one.

I guess that means you're mine.

Reverend Camden?

Mrs. McCall, how are you?

I was going to call you

I didn't want
to speak with you

until I spoke to a professional,

someone who's more qualified
to deal with families in crisis.

What kind of professionals?

I have a friend
who's a social worker.

You need help with a family
in trouble?

Yes, I do.

Do I know the family?

Do they go to the church?

It's you.

Your family.

Very funny.

Maybe you better tell me
what this is about.

It's okay.

I know everything.
Ruthie told me.

It's just all so sad.

Your family has seen
so much heartache.

You know, it's completely

why your wife has turned
to alcohol,

but now it's
time to stop.

You must think of the children

and especially
little mute Simon

who can't even express
the hurt he feels

as he watches his
parents fall apart.

What... exactly did
Ruthie tell you?

You told your principal that
I have a learning disability;

Simon doesn't talk;
Matt lives in his car;

Dad lost his job,
and Mom drinks?

And how am I responsible
for this?

Your friend Mike.

He said if people felt
sorry for us

then they'd stop
gossiping about Mary.

So, that's what I did.

I made people feel
sorry for us.

Well, you made your principal
feel sorry for us.

No, just like Mike said,
I told someone with authority,

someone people listen to.

Mrs. McCall will tell
other people.

It'll work.

I noticed that
you didn't tell

your principal
that you had any problems.

My problem is
I have you guys for a family.

I don't even know what
Mom and Dad are going to do

when they find out what you did.

They're going to thank me.

They didn't like people talking
about Mary either.

I don't think
they're going to thank you.

It's too bad Le Dome
lost your reservations.

Yeah, I think we're a little
overdressed for this place, huh?

Hey, you remember
Steve Phillips?

He's waiting tables.

You remember
he wanted to be a star?

Well, now he works
at the Star Deli in New York.

I guess that's close
enough, huh?

A man, 40 years old,
and waiting tables.

I just about die.

He should read my book.

Well, Steve likes
being a waiter.

He's very happy
from what I hear.

Steve shouldn't feel badly.

He's not the only loser out
of our high school class.

Did you hear
about Katherine...
Wait a minute.

I thought your teachings were
based upon positive thinking.

I am positive.

I'm positive a lot of people

we went to high school with
are losers.

That's not very nice.


is for wimps.

You know, maybe

you should read my book, too.

I got a copy in the car.

I'll give you the
friends-and-family discount--

ten dollars off.

It'll change your life.

Isn't that Annie Camden?


But that isn't her husband.


Should we get a table?

Most definitely.

Oh, I like these.

You should get them.

If you want the barrettes,
I'll pay for them.


Because stuffing them

down your shirt
is against the law.

It's called shoplifting.

You guys should try it.

Some bad boy you are.

Hey, you...

you didn't pay for that.
Get back here.


Matt, it's your lucky day.

Your, uh, mystery woman
came in looking for you.

I would have called earlier,
but we've been swamped.

The woman in the wedding dress?


Her name is Julia.

She said she had to work tonight
at Clover and Dalt,

some kind of night shoot.

She's a model.

She said to meet her there
around 9:00.

Thanks. I'll be there.

I've found my mystery woman.

I'm going to meet her

Her name's Julia.

Is that a great name or what?



No offense, but I think
I'll hold my excitement

till after we see
if this one works out.

What's that supposed to mean?

You're always falling in love.

You go to class,
you fall in love.

You go to the airport,
you fall in love.

You go to the laundromat,
you fall in love.

You're like the boy
who cried wolf,

only you're the boy
who cried love.

And you cry it all the time.

So, you'll excuse me

if I don't get
all excited here.

You're just jealous.

Yes, that's it.

I'm... I'm just jealous.

Thank you

for really listening
to what I had to say.

I appreciate it.

You're welcome.

We can't run out

on the check.

Hey, I'm with them.


where are you going?


Get dressed.

We're going to the dance.

Why are you taking me?

Because I'm a heel,
and I did a stupid thing

and I need to undo
this stupid thing that I did,

and in order to do that,
I have to go

to the dance tonight, and
I can't leave you home alone.

Are Sam and David coming, too?

Oh, no, you have to go with me,
but I can leave them home.

Yes, we're all going.

Now, get a move on.

And I'll go get the boys.

Do you think I'm going
to get in trouble

for what I told Mrs. McCall?



Big trouble.

So maybe we don't have
to come home

until after Mom and Dad
are asleep.


I didn't do it.

What's going on?

He pinched me.


Now, what are we
going to do?

We can still go
to the movie.

I'm not going back
to that line.

We don't have to.

I'm so glad you called me.

Well, I thought we all
should be here in case
something happens.

just happened.

Who is that woman
with the reverend?

Who indeed?

Pass me the mustard.

You know, you
just can't get

this kind of practical
experience in a class.

I'm sorry, I just...
I need to speak with Annie.

What's wrong?

Why is Ruthie's
principal with you,

and how did you know
I was here?

I called Le Dome.

They said they thought
you were headed here.

Can we talk?

Um, hello, Mrs. McCall.


Why don't you take my seat.


is it Miss McCall?

Why would Ruthie lie
about the family?

I have no idea.

And why would you feel
you had to rush

all the way down here
to tell me, hmm?

You came down here to break up
my dinner with Robin.


Mrs. McCall was
heading down here

to meet her husband anyway,
so I tagged along.

You came down here to break up
my dinner with Robin.

No, I came here to tell you
about Ruthie...

and to break up
your dinner with Robin.

Thank you.
Robin is horrible.

How can a man

who makes millions on positive
thinking be so negative?

Oh, great.

I've had it.

You're probably all
wondering what's going on.

Oh, we just stopped in
for a burger.

All of you?
At the same time?

I may have made
a few phone calls.

Well, I guess Annie and I
can't hide it anymore.

We're dating...
other people.

You see, uh,

Mary fell in
with some bad kids

and she got herself in
some financial trouble

so we sent her off
to live with my parents,

but that's just
a cover story.

The real story
is Annie and me...

she's dating an old boyfriend

and I'm dating
Ruthie's principal.

If you'll
excuse us, we...

we both want to get
back to our dates.

See, I told you we could

still go to the movies.

running out on checks,

sneaking into
movie theaters,

pinching people in line--

this is not what I thought
tonight was going to be like.

Look, don't take this
the wrong way
because I like you,

and you're the most
beautiful girl

I've ever been
out with,

but I don't think I can
take any more surprises.

I'm done. Finished.

I'm not the bad boy
you think I am.

Cutler's door will remain open

until... 12:00.

Forget everything I just said.

Okay. You four.

Let's see your ticket stubs.

Ticket stubs.

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Do you want to dance?

You came.

And you brought some friends.

So. Do you want
to dance or what?

I'd love to.

What are you doing here?

You invited me.

I'm tired of worrying about
what people are saying about me

or my sister or you.

The fact is I like you
and I like hanging out with you

and I'm not gonna let
a stupid thing

like gossip come between us.

I just hope you can forgive me

for how badly I acted
when I broke our date.

But you didn't break our date.

You're here.

I thought maybe we
should talk alone,

straighten out some stuff
before I call your parents.

The four of you
fit the description

of some youths who've been
causing all sorts of trouble:


running out on a restaurant
check without paying,

assaulting a girl

in line at the movies.

Hey, no one assaulted anyone.

It was a pinch,
and I didn't do it.

Did you do the other stuff?

This whole thing
is Mary's fault.

Your sister? How's that?

Every one in town
thinks Mary's bad

and so my friend Luke convinced
these two girls that I was bad,

which is fine with them
because they're bad, but,

as it turns out, they're
more bad than I can handle.

Simon, there's nothing
good about being bad.

And being bad
has consequences.

I know.

I've spoken
to everyone involved,

and I explained to them

that your family has been
a little stressed lately.

They all agreed that
if the merchandise

is returned and the bills paid,
they won't file any charges.


And would this mean

that you were or were not
calling my parents?

That's what I thought.

I'll answer
that page.

It's probably Lucy.

Oh, thanks.


I owe you an apology.

No, I'm the one

who should be sorry.

I feel kind of upset with myself
for the way I spoke to you.

Oh, I deserved it.

You know,
I never really thought

that gossip was a bad thing.

I mean, what
could be hurtful

about listening to
or telling little stories

that you hear around town?

I was wrong and I'm sorry.

Your family has

given me a whole new
perspective on gossip.

Excuse us.

What? What's wrong?

It was Sergeant Michaels
who paged you.

He has Simon
at the Promenade.

I don't even want to know.

I'm sorry
about all the trouble.

You know, we're not as bad
as everyone says we are.

People think we're bad--

"the bad girl twins"--
but it just isn't true.

You were pretty bad tonight.

Well, my sister
and I thought

we'd teach you and Luke
a little lesson.

Friends overheard
Luke telling people

that you guys
were just going out with us

to up your reps at school,


we got mad
and had a little fun.

I wasn't trying
to up anything.

I just wanted
to go out with you

and I never thought
you'd want to go out

with me unless you thought
I was bad, cool, whatever.

Why would you think that?

Because you're, well,
out of my league.

Well, I guess we both made
some mistakes tonight.

Come on.

Dad's waiting,
and he doesn't look happy.

Do you think you could
drop the bad girl thing?

Because I want to
ask you out again,

but I can't do another evening
like the one we just had.

Well, how about
the first Friday night

that we're not grounded?

It's a date.


Say good night, son.

Good night.


I went to Clover and Dalt
and waited for an hour,

but... no Julia.

What are you smiling about?

Forget what I said.

Don't let
this one get away.

She's special.

I-I can't believe
you're here.

We must have just
missed each other.

The shoot wrapped early,

so I got your address
out of the phone book

and decided
to surprise you.

Are you surprised?


So you're a model.

I'm doing some catalog work
while I visit my dad.

So you're not
a runaway bride.


That day was a nightmare.

First they changed
locations on me.

Then the stylist took
off with my clothes.

Did you say
you were just visiting?

Yeah, my dad.

I live in New York.

How long are you
in town for?

My flight leaves
tomorrow morning.

Well, do you want to,
uh, maybe go out?

Get a cup of coffee,

Get to know
each other?

Do you want to stay in
and make out like crazy

until your plane leaves?

Can I ask you
a question?

I just heard something and
I want to know if it's true.

Did you try
to kill yourself

because your girlfriend
moved away?


I've heard that story
before and I hate it.

I hate it because it
romanticizes suicide.

There's nothing romantic
about trying to take your life.

It's scary and messy
and painful,

and it's not a solution.

Now, if you want romantic,
this is romantic.

Being here, alive
and happy and dancing

with the most beautiful woman
in the senior class.

Nice move.

Stick around.

I've got moves like
you've never seen before.


I'll watch the boys.

Come on.

I spoke to Mrs. McCall.

Why would you lie

and make up stories
about the family?

I thought if people felt sorry
for us, for the family,

then they'd stop talking
about Mary.

I thought
if Mary knew

people were saying bad things
about her,

then she wouldn't want
to come home.

I'm still
mad at her

for messing up
and having to leave town,

but I want her to come home.

I understand.

You do?


But no more stories.


So am I going to get punished?

I think we've all punished
ourselves enough already.

Don't you?



I am sorry to say
that it is last dance time,

and I thought
we'd close out this evening

with one
of my personal favorites,

an oldie but a goodie.

May I?

Yes you may.

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪