7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 10 - Surprise! - full transcript

Robbie's ma lost her house and moved away without him and moving in with Cheryl also fell through, so Eric finds him studying outside, yet keeping up top marks. He promises to find a ...


Reverend Camden.

Hey, Robbie.

Just... hanging out.

-Studying outdoors?

Yeah, I've been in the library
a lot lately

and I just decided
to study out here.

It's kind of cold, isn't it?

Not that cold.

What's in the duffle bag?

Oh, just my, uh, laundry.

I did my laundry earlier.

It's still warm from
being in the dryer.

Probably why
I'm not cold.

How's Cheryl?

We split up.

It wasn't right for me
to live with her

if we weren't
going to get married.

Do you have a place to live?

Of course.

I might not have a place
with laundry, but...

yeah, I do have
a place to live.

You're sure you're okay?

I'm fine, but thanks for asking.

All right.

Have you talk to Mary?


But thanks for asking.

How's your cup of sugar?

I don't really like coffee.

It's just warm.

Things haven't been going
too well for me lately.

Yeah, I noticed.

What happened?

When Cheryl knew I wasn't

going to marry her,
she kicked me out.

Why couldn't you just
go to your mom's?

Mom lost the house.

Yeah, and moved
to Florida.

Couldn't you
go to Florida?

I got school.

It's the middle of the semester.

How do you stay in school

when you don't even
have a place to sleep?

It's frustrating,

but school is very
important to me.

You still have a car?

It got towed and I don't have

the money to get it out.

What about staying
at a shelter?

Just... for right now.

I could help you get
into a shelter.

I already tried,

but it's almost Christmas
and there's no room.

Besides there are
people out there

a lot worse off
than I am, and if I

get my education,
I'll have the resources

to make my life better.

You and Mary
sure don't see

eye to eye about school.

Why do you think
I broke up with her?

I thought she
broke up with you?

Well, she did, but...

You didn't know we were

seeing each other
over the summer.

You two were dating each
other over the summer?

I'm sorry I'm so late.

Um, no problem.

I have a surprise for you.

I have a surprise for you, too.


Oh, excuse me Mrs. Camden,
I'm so sorry.

I had no idea.

Robbie, go downstairs
and wait in the kitchen

while I speak to my husband.

Help yourself to
anything in the fridge.

Thank you.

I was only

bringing Robbie home
to spend the night,

now he's gonna want
to live here.

Is there some occasion that I...

It's Friday night.

Ah, Friday, yes, TGIF.

Shut up!

No, first tell me

why you brought Robbie
home with you and why

he's spending the night
and then shut up.

-He's homeless.

I met up with him tonight

down on the Promenade,
he was sitting

on a duffel bag filled
with what little he owns.

You look nice.

Oh, shut up.

You know, I always

pictured your family in robes.

Really big, flannel,
furry robes.

I always pictured you
in your own house,

not in our kitchen
at 10:00 at night.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to frighten you.

If you're looking for Mary,
she's still in New York.

I'm not looking for Mary,
but how's she doing anyway?

Who knows?

I think she's still
a little angry.

Angry at...?



Do my parents know you're here?

Oh, yeah,
you're Dad brought me home.

I'm currently without a home.

I'm just going to clean up,

get some sleep,
then I'm out of here.

Good night.

There's nowhere
else he can go? Nowhere?

Robbie is staying here?

Did you go downstairs
like that?

I was hot, Mom had the heat up
for Sam and David.

At least I thought

it was for Sam and David.

I'll just go now.

Your hair is so...


You know, girly, but sexy.

Get off the phone.

Get out of my room.

We have to talk.

I am talking.

Who are you talking to?

None of your business.

Where was I?

Are you just going to ignore me?



She has no idea.

I don't care.

So, do you actually
sleep outside?

Like camping?

Yeah, kind of.

What do you sleep in?

Uh, jeans and a jacket.

Matt has some
clean laundry here.

Want a pair of pajamas?

I don't think Matt
would like it

if he came home and found me
sleeping in his pajamas.

You can't just walk around
in your underwear.

House rules, just so you know.

Well, thanks for the tip.

I'll wear my clothes to bed.

Or nice, warm, clean,
soft flannel jammies,

straight from the laundry.

It might even
still be warm.

You know you want them.
Come on.


You're supposed
to be in bed.

Well, someone has to
entertain the company.

Good night.

Uh, good news.

Annie says
you can stay.

You sure?

Sure, I'm sure.

She didn't look too happy.

No, it's fine.

She's... excited.

That I'm homeless?


That you're staying here
at the house

for the night.

She's excited to
help out a friend.

I'll make up
the couch for you.


Uh, there's not a bathroom
down here, is there?

Second floor.

Right. I just
want to clean up.

Uh, by the way,
we have a rule about

walking around the house,
you know, naked.

We have rules about...


-I heard.
-Now granted,

Lucy came very close

to not following
the rules tonight.

I didn't see anything, honest.

Well, let's just keep it
that way.

No problem.


a moment of
your time, please.

I don't believe you.

I've lived through
Heather, no Heather.

Shana, no Shana.

Heather again, no Heather.

And about a million other women
you've brought home

since we've lived together,
and you can give me one night?

It's not just one night.

You two have been
with each other

every single night this week.

I mean, what is it with you
and this woman?

Does she have you
under some spell?

Not "this woman."

And it's called love.

True love.

She's the one, man.

She's the woman of my dreams.

She's my destiny.

And you know what you do
when you find your destiny?

You want to be with her
every minute you can.

And when you're not with her,

you want to think about her
until you can be with her again.

I'm sorry, but do barf bags
come with this speech?

You need to take a walk.

Naw, I'm wearing my pajamas.

Thanks for

You're a pal.

Fine, you want me to go,
I'll go.

I want you to go.

It doesn't make any difference
to me, either.

It's like...

I know you so well.

Like we really know so much
about each other already.

Yeah, it is weird.

Isn't it great?

I'm very sorry
for coming by so late,

but I have
to talk to Lucy.

Do you have a phone, son?

Yes, but I have to tell Lucy
something face-to-face.

I would have

come by earlier,
but I couldn't get away.

Oh, uh, Robbie, Mike.
Mike, Robbie.

I'll go get Lucy.

I'm Lucy's boyfriend.


Mary's ex-boyfriend.

You're the guy who tried
to take Mary to the motel.

And then cheated on her
with some ex-girlfriend

you almost had to marry because
you thought she was pregnant.

I'm just staying here the night.

Now, that's
what I pictured.

going on?

I'll explain later.

I think I'll have to wait
to make up the couch,

but that'll give us
time to talk.

What more do we
have to talk about?

I'm sure we can find something.

How about a sandwich?

Sure. What can I make you?

Uh, what do we have?

-Did you come over to show
me how well you pace?

I came over to tell you
that I got early acceptance.


I am so happy for you.

What great news!

It's just a relief to know

I have a college
to go to next year.

You know,
you'll probably

get your acceptance letter
in the mail tomorrow.

And if not tomorrow,
then the next day.

You will.

Have faith.
It'll happen.


I-I'm sorry.

This isn't right.

This is your big moment,
and I'm very happy for you.

I know you are.

That's why I wanted
to tell you first.

Why did you wait until now?

Well, I...

You were on a date?

Look, we're not exclusive,

so why shouldn't
you be on a date?

Then again, this early
college acceptance thing

was something
we did do together.

And if it were me,
I'd come over before my date.

But, hey,
everyone's different,


This is, um... good.

I mix the ketchup
with a little mayo.

Sort of a Russian


You're either, uh,
late for dinner, or,

considering you're in pajamas,
early for breakfast.

No, I'm not here to eat.

I need the couch.

And a good pair of shoes.

What are you doing here?

Uh, the couch is taken.

Oh. By?


I can sleep
on the floor.

Uh, no one needs

to sleep on the floor.

We have two couches.

Mike had a date.

I'll make up
a couch now.

Do you have
a preference?

No, I think I'll go upstairs
to Mary's bed.

Uh, good night.

Good night.

Am I in the right house?

Well, I'd explain,
but for now, it's a...

long, personal,

confidential story.

Why are you spending the night?

I-I'd explain, but for now,

it's a long, personal,
confidential story, too.


Hey, Ruthie.

Ruthie, don't hang up.

It's Mary.

Yeah, I know.

Put Mom on the phone, now!

Whatever you say.


I'm sorry, I think
I have the wrong number.

Allow me.


I thought you were getting Mom.

And while I'm at it,
I'll get Dad, too.

Hold on.

Yeah, it's her.

Does she know
you're staying here?

I don't think so.


Was the
phone for me?

Uh, were you expecting a call?

Who was on the phone?

Mary. I answered,
and she hung up.

She thought
she had the wrong number.

And earlier this morning

when the phone rang
over and over,

a ring here, a ring there--
who was calling then?

Okay, I did it.

I hung up on Mary.

And I'd do
it again.

I don't want to talk to her.

I don't like her,
and you can't make me like her.

I should put something on.

Why don't you?


Oh, it's so good
to hear your voice.

Uh, I know, I know,
the naked rule.

I found some phones
in the hamper, and...

Why don't I put something on?

Yeah, why
don't you?

Uh, I'm still working on a room
for you at a shelter.

Until I find a place
for you to go,

why don't you hang
around the house?

I don't think Matt

would like that.

Matt went home.

Was that Mary
on the phone?


So, she finally


She's actually been calling
all morning,

but a certain someone, Ruthie,
has been hanging up on her.

Did Mary want to talk to me?

I think he's going to need
to stay for a couple of nights.

Now, come on.

Robbie is
really trying.

He has a 4.0 average at school.

He's homeless, and he
made the Dean's List.

If I hadn't known him
for the last year,

I'd want to
adopt him.

You should get
the divorce first.

So, how long
has Mary been calling?

How long has she been gone?

Don't answer a question
with a question.

And the next time
Mary calls,

you let her speak
with anyone she wants

to speak with--
if you can't do that,

then don't answer the phone.

So if she calls to speak with
Robbie, I should let her?

Robbie won't be here
very much longer.

Yeah, right.

Hey, it's me.

I'll take the mail.

Don't college acceptance letters

usually come
in those big mailer envelopes?

You know,
because they send

all the information
about the college

and the dorms and stuff?
-You want my

professional opinion as
a United States postal carrier?

Yes, usually.

-You open it!

That's a federal offense,

by a fine

and incarceration.

Why don't you want to open it?

I hate surprises.
They're always bad.

That's not true.

There are plenty
of good surprises.

Uh... Christmas, birthdays.

One Christmas,
I got a shoe shine kit

from my boyfriend that was meant
for his uncle's monkey.

Don't open it.

So, who were
you talking to?

No one.

Same no one you've
been talking to all day?


-Does this no one have a name?

You want to tell me?



Because I don't.

It's not important.

But by not
telling me who

you've been on the
phone with all day,

aren't you making
it important?


Come on. Who is it?

A friend.

-A lady friend?
-A lady friend?

-I don't think

-I have to answer that.
-I'm invoking

my parental right to know who
you've been on the phone with.


You're invoking
your parental right

because you're curious,
not concerned.

That's an illegal use
of your parental right.

Come on.

You know I'm not up
to anything bad.

You just want to know.
Admit it.

Okay, yes. I admit it.

I just want to know who
you've been talking to all


So you're not going to tell me?


Come on.

It's private.

I'll be back.


What are you
doing here?

I live here.

Priscilla's coming
over for dinner.

I talked to your mom.

She said you could
eat over there tonight.

Okay, one: stop
talking to my mother.

And, two:
don't tell me to go away.

I don't want to eat
with my family at night.

I want to eat here
in my apartment,

and I'm going to eat here
in my apartment,

and you can't stop me.

You don't want to go home

because Robbie's moved
into your house.

Robbie didn't move in.
And he's not moving in.

And if you don't stop
talking to my mom,

I'm going to start talking
to your mom.

And you're not
going to like it.


You know what I hate
about this place? When

we have an argument,
I have no place to go

but the bathroom, and
now, I'm going back

to the bathroom,
because I'd rather

be in the bathroom
than out here.

I found a shelter
for you.

I'm not familiar with
this particular facility,

but the director sounds okay
and they-they have an empty bed.

Thank you.

I'll keep looking,
but for now it's free,

and it's better than
sleeping on the streets.

Great. Great, anything will
be fine. I'm not picky.

Well, grab your duffel bag.

I-I'll give you
a ride over.

Hey. I can't thank you
enough for doing this.


That'll be fine.

I can handle it. Don't worry.

I don't know what
you were expecting.

I mean, maybe
you've only seen

the really
good shelters.

But I'm okay.

Like you said, it's better
than the streets, really.

Let's go home.

How long?

And where is he
going to sleep?

Oh, and who's
going to tell Mary?

Mary's not exactly
speaking to me.

If you'd seen that shelter...

I know what this is about.

You're being nice to Robbie

so that Mary will forgive you
for sending her away.

It's not
that at all.

When have I ever refused
to help a friend?

You just quoted The Godfather.

Did I?

Yes, you did.

Look, if I were
on the streets,

if the situation were reversed,

this is how
I'd want to be treated.

Funny, I don't remember you

waving the old
Christian attitude around

when Robbie was trying
to seduce your daughter.

It wasn't the right time.

Oh, is there a wrong time?

I just look at this situation

as God giving me
the opportunity

to help someone
and simultaneously

heal my relationship
with my daughter.

And the shelter
was lousy.

And he's on the Dean's List.

And he's homeless.

Hey, it's me again.

No, I'm not doing anything.

Oh, you, too?

Well, I was wondering...

Oh, you were wondering
something, too?

No, you first.
What were you wondering?

Wow! That was exactly

what I was wondering.

So we thought the same thing
at the same time.

That's kind of cosmic, isn't it?

So... are we really
going to do this?

I need to start dinner.

Will that disturb
your studying?

Do you want some help?

No. Study.

Did you talk to Mrs. Camden?

Yeah, she's...


She's... okay
with your staying here.

You're back.

Yep, he's back.

Where are
you off to?

I'm going to see Mike.

You two have a date?

No. I'm surprising him.

He got into college,

and I didn't sound
too enthusiastic about it,

mainly because he
waited until after

his date to tell me,
but anyway, I thought

I'd go over and
surprise him

with an apology
for the way I acted.

-You sure you want to do that?
-You sure you want to do that?

Why wouldn't I
want to do that?

You've never met his mother

and you want to just
show up at his house?

You never even met his mother
and you just want to show up

at his house?

Yes, I do.

That's why I'm doing it.

I'll be home for dinner.

So, is this Mike an okay guy?

Well, he spent some time
in a... mental hospital,

but he's doing
really well now.

No wonder I don't look so bad.

You know, Robbie,
it's not your fault

you're out on the streets.

Yeah, I know,
but it's not

your fault either.
You didn't know

Cheryl was gonna kick me out.

So, you don't have to do this.

Hey, I heard
he's back.

Uh, yes. Robbie isback,

temporarily, until
your father finds him

a place to live.

I didn't like him when
Mary dated him, but he's

kind of
growing on me.

Who's growing on you?

Robbie's back.

Oh, I didn't know
he left.

But I don't care if he
goes or stays, because

now that I have only one bed,
he can't stay in my room.

He can stay in mine.

Uh, I don't think so.

Well, why don't you just
put him in Mary's old bed

in Lucy's room,
the one Matt likes?

Now, there's
a fun idea, for a couple

of reasons.

New house rule--
no unrelated co-ed roommates

unless there's
a marriage certificate.

Well, then, put me
in Mary's old bed

and put Robbie
in my room. I don't mind.

Why don't you mind?

I want the attic.
I've always wanted the attic,

and if I have to share it
with Lucy, so be it.

Why are we being

so nice to this guy, anyway?

we're nice to everybody.


So, what's
for dinner?

Smells great.

Remember, I don't like
too much salt in the sauce.

Look, I'm hungry
and I'm not going anywhere.

Your water's boiling.


Who's this?


Uh, no, this isn't Robbie.

Yes, it is.

Why are you answering
the phone at my house?

Because I was in the kitchen.

Oh, no.

You aren't.

I'm sorry to be the one
to tell you this.

I thought someone else would.

You're dating my sister?

Excuse me?

My parents are letting
you date Lucy?!

My parents didn't want us

to go out, but you can
go out with Lucy?

Your Dad just came in. Let
me put him on the phone.

It's Mary. She thinks
I answered the phone

because I'm dating Lucy.

I think that that's better
than I'm staying here.


Mary, hi. How are you?

It's, it's so good

to hear from you.

I-I, I miss you.

Sorry for just showing up,

but I felt badly for the way
I acted yesterday.

I'm surprised to see you.

Is everything okay?

Look, if you come in,
there's no going back.


Never mind, I'll come in.

That's my mom.


...this is my good
friend, Lucy.

Remember I told you about her?

And, Lucy,

this is my mom.

Nice to meet you, Mrs. Pierce.

We'll be right back.

Why didn't you tell me
about your mother?

You're the
first person

I've let meet my mom
since she got sick.

I'm sorry. I had no idea.

I shouldn't have come.

No. I'm glad you did.

I don't like
to hide my life.

My Mom and I
both had a real

hard time dealing
with my father's death,

and we both handled
it differently.

I tried to commit suicide,
and she just checked out.

How do you handle
this and school and... me?

The insurance pays
for a nurse, and...

sometimes my neighbor comes over
and gives me a little time off.

I meant, how do you
handle this emotionally?

I know where
my mom's coming from,

and... I'm stronger than I look.

Don't worry.

I'm sure that some day soon,

my Mom's going to check back in.

Time heals all wounds, right?

I had no idea
this was your life.

My life's just fine,
and you know why?

I'm alive,

and I'm grateful
for every second of every day.

No, it's okay, really.

I understand better
than most people

that sometimes
if you just hang in there,

it all gets better.

You're the most amazing guy
I ever not kissed.

The agreement was when
you get your acceptance.

I wish I didn't have to
go back in but... I do.

Good night.

Good night.

This is good.

See, we're all
getting along.

Eating dinner, having fun.

We usually start
dinner with grace.

Allow me.


That's okay,
someone else can say grace.


I want to say it.

Father, please know
how grateful I am.

I was homeless,

now I'm not.

I haven't had a bed to sleep in
in weeks.

Now I do.

I've been hungry.

Now I have a wonderful
home-cooked dinner.

I never really knew
what a family was,

how a family acted,

now I do.

Thank you.

I'm the most

grateful man that ever
walked the Earth.

So, please God,

bless the Camdens for
their kindness, generosity.


I knew it.

Knew what?

He's staying.

You sure you don't have anywhere
else you could be, Matt?

Like the hallway.

Your car.

That's okay,
he can stay.

See, it's okay,
I'm fine right here.

This isn't how I
wanted to do this, but...

What are you doing?

Yeah, what are you doing?
Get up!

I love you.

And I can't live
without you.

I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.

And I want the rest of my life
to start right now.

Be my wife.

Marry me and make me the
happiest man in the world.

I'm going to dial and then
you're going to ask for Lucy.

It's really late.

Not there it isn't.

And use a deep voice.

My mother will never let me
sleep over here again.

Why can't you get your
cousin George to do this?

Because George is a wimp.

And he's not my cousin,
he's my uncle.

How can he be your uncle?

My grandparents adopted him,
making him my father's brother.


Uh, may I speak to Lucy?

This is Lucy.
Who is this?


I'm going to get you.

Who is this?

Don't play games with me
or else I'm going to fly

all the way back there
and kick your butt.


Yes. Your sister.

The one who used to date Robbie.

It really would have been nice
if you had told me.

Well, I thought Dad
would have told you.

But you're not speaking to him.

Why should he tell me?

Because it was his idea.


He was the one
who brought Robbie home.

This is too much.

First, I get shipped off
to Fort Camden,

and then I find out that
you're all plotting against me

with my former boyfriend
whom by the way,

none of you ever liked
until I left town.

Am I done here?

Get out.

I don't guess I can get a kiss?

Well, you woke me up.

I need a place
to stay.

Well, try
Ruthie's room.

What happened to the bed
in Lucy's room?

Uh, Ruthie's in that bed.


Because Robbie is
in Ruthie's room.

I'll sleep on the couch.

Suit yourself.

Or you could stay
at your apartment.

Mm, not tonight.

John asked Priscilla
to marry him.

She said yes.

That's great.

Yes, it is, wow.

Great for whom?

John and Priscilla?

Does everything have to be
about John and Priscilla?

Don't I have a say
in what happens?

John is my roommate.

No, you don't
have a say.

I'm going to call
John in the morning

and congratulate him.

Yeah, why don't you
do that.

Call him and have
a nice little chat.

-Your brother is...
-What's up with him?

Okay, you can touch anything
that's not Hello Kitty.

The whole room is Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty
is very important to me.

Well, I promise to be
very careful.

Why don't you want
to talk to Mary?

Why doesn't Mary
want to talk to me?

I'll get over it,


Want to color?

I want to color, too.


Don't worry,
I'm sleeping on the couch.

-I tried to leave, you know.

it's not as easy as it looks.


I put my jeans
in the wash and...

And you know the naked rule.

I loaned them to him.

Did you see The Lion King?

Can you feel the love?

Come on Doc Camden,
give your new brother a hug.

Hey, what are you up to?

I'm going out for awhile.

Oh, with that girl you've
been on the phone with?


And not to change
the subject,

but we can't keep Robbie.

He wasn't good
for Mary,

he's not good for Lucy
or Ruthie.

I don't care how well he colors,
cries or sets a table.

-Well, I'm afraid we're going
to have to keep him for awhile.

You don't like him.
Mom doesn't like him.

Mary doesn't like him.
Lucy doesn't like him.

I don't like him.
Matt doesn't like him.

I get it, I get it.

We don't like him.
It's agreed.

Yet he will
be staying here

until he can stay
somewhere else.

Wait, what
about Ruthie?

Ruthie's been weird
ever since

you shipped her off
to private school.

I'll get it.

Oh, are you here for Matt?

Who's Matt?

She's here for me.

Dad, Sasha.


Good evening.

-I won't be late.
-Oh, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, who's driving?

I am.


I've had my license
for two years.

I've never
had a ticket,

and I'm insured.

I know it's late,
but I'll bring him back.


We're just going to get
some ice cream.

Come on, Dad, you've met her,

you've interrogated her,
you've seen her.

Can we go?


You don't have to help me,
I can finish.

I like to help.

I don't really help
as much as I should.

Oh, that's not true.

But, I'll take any
help I can get.

So, is Robbie
going to stay?

Oh, I don't know for how long.

But until we can find him
another place to live, yes.

That's what I love
about this family.

We just don't take in
the homeless,

we take in
the formerly unlikable,

untrustworthy homeless.

Well, I'm glad you feel that way

because until Robbie leaves,

Ruthie's going to be staying
in your room.


It will be fun to have
a roommate again.

You are such a good sport.

Oh, you just

get a look at
some peoples' lives

and suddenly yours
doesn't look so bad.


Do you want me to get them?

Thanks, but that's okay.

What was that?

Nothing, just some
information on the college.


What was that for?

For being my dad.


Come on, I'll help you
clean up here.