7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 22 - Love Stinks: Part 2 - full transcript

Robbie beat the Camden parents at their board blackmail game by offering Mary free use of his college room, yet in time the lovers agree their precipitous wedding plan just isn't smart. Matt needs forever to find the courage to break up with Shana, then sees from their divested state she already went further with persistent Brett the he plans with Heather. Simon discovers Deenah staged a break-up because she most move because of pa's new job, so he asks Eric to help, but the root cause in an impending divorce. Just seeing Andrew dating another makes Lucy jealous enough to desert Ronald. generous Bert and greedy Ruthie, helped by their mothers, reconsider a more honest friendship.

Previously on Seventh Heaven:

You said you'd
be my girlfriend.

Yeah, so you'd do stuff for me.

You made him cry.

I think we should
see other people.

You're serious?

You know that we're
perfect together,
and that scares you.

But I'm tired of
waiting for you,

so I'm walking away... today.

Shana-- how is she?

She's moving back for the summer
to work at Glenoak Hospital.

Brett? What are you
doing here in Glenoak?

Brett. Good to meet you.

Guess who just moved to Glenoak
for the summer?


I'm in love with you.

I'm not going to college.

Robbie's getting an apartment

when he starts school

at Crawford
this fall.

Robbie asked me to
move in with him

and that way, I wouldn't have
to worry about

paying you guys rent.

I'm sorry, did you just say
you're moving in with Robbie?

Don't worry.
While Robbie and I

are living together
we are just roommates.

He gave me his word.

Oh, well, when a
known liar says that

he'll keep his hands
off my daughter,

well, that's just security
I can take to the bank.

Dad, I can't afford
to pay you guys rent.

This is a good solution.

You can afford it
if you get a job.

Robbie said I shouldn't take
a job that I hate

just so I can pay rent.

He's not going
to charge me anything,

so I don't have to get a job.

Well, at least not right away.

You're not going to live

with that juvenile
delinquent, Don Juan.

Well, why not?


he's a juvenile
delinquent Don Juan.

And if you want
more, he lies.

Not anymore.

How do you know?

He told me.

But he lies!

I thought you and Mom
would be happy.


That you want to move
in with him?

I, I, I don't even want you
to share a fork with him.

A fork, by God!

Will you say something?!

Did you just swear?

Not to me, to her.

Trust me,
I know what I'm doing.

Do you know you're making
a monumental mistake?

Then you don't know
what you're doing.

I think Mary should
move in with Robbie.

While I don't agree
with Mary's decision,

I respect the fact
that she's a grown woman

and has the right to decide how
she's going to live her life.

If that's with Robbie,
then I wish her luck.

Let us know how we can
help with the move.


Why did you just say she
could move in with Robbie?

Because she wants us to tell
her that she can't do it.

I'll tell her she can't.

No, if we do that,

she'll just rebel against us

and end up doing something
that she doesn't want to do.

So what, we just sit back
and watch her ruin her life?

For the time being... yes.

Driving towards the hoops,
puts it up... it's blocked!

And it's deflected...

...thrive in the hot, swampy
Everglades of southern Florida.

Alligators often travel
at night, seeking their...

I knew they would.


See you, girls.

What's wrong?


You're upset
about something.

I was,
but I'm better now.

Okay, what were you
upset about?

Today at school, Andrew Nayloss
told me he liked me.

You're upset that he likes you?

I like Ronald, and Andrew
is trying to mess that up.

You just met Ronald.

Whose side are you on?

Why is this upsetting?

Andrew's told you
that he likes you before.

It's the way he said it
this time.

It was more... intense.

More... something.

Well, if you don't care
about Andrew,

why would anything he said
upset you?

You don't get it.

I think I do.

I don't like Andrew.

I like Ronald.

How many times do
I have to say it?

I guess as many times as it
takes for you to believe it.

I'm not sure I follow
what's going on with Deena.

Join the club.

First, she tells me
she wants to see other people.

I tell her I don't want
to see anyone but her.

Then I find out
she's seeing someone else.

Then I give her a ring,

she tells me she's
not seeing anybody else

but gives me the ring back
anyway and runs off crying.

You-you gave Deena a ring?

Promise ring.

Promising what?

Well, I don't know.

It was for her birthday
next month.

But since she was breaking up
with me, I gave it to her early.

I didn't know things
had gotten that serious.

Well, I thought that
after I bit her on the neck,

you guys had kind of
gotten the idea

that things are serious
between us.

Dad, focus.


Um, Deena is not
seeing anyone else,

but she doesn't want to see you,

and she gave you back the ring
you gave her.

You are going to do more than
summarize my unhappiness, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Burt gave it to me.
I don't want it.

I told him I don't want to be
his girlfriend anymore,

because he told everyone
in class that I loved him.

Well, what did Burt do
when you told him that?

He cried... a lot.

I think his mom might call.

Why's that?

Because later
when I saw him in the hall,

he said, "You're going to
get it; I'm calling my mom."

Well, are you upset
because you think

you might get in trouble,
or are you upset

because you liked having Burt as
a boyfriend, and now he's gone?

Oh, maybe I liked him.

Then maybe you have to find
a way to get him back.

I don't know what to do.

Break up with Shana.

I don't want to hurt Shana,
but I love Heather.

Break up with Shana.

Shana's trying so hard
to keep us together,

even though she must know
in her heart

like I know it's
totally over
between us.

Break up with Shana.

Shana wants me

to move to New York.

Which I know she wouldn't want

if she knew how I
felt about Heather.
Break up with Shana.

I'd be miserable living in
New York, missing Heather.

Break up with Shana.

Oh, and don't come back here
until you do.

Cynthia, what's up?

I'm breaking my
promise to Deena.

But I can't stand it anymore.

Deena is miserable.

You're miserable.

And you should know the truth.

What is it?
What's the truth?

Deena doesn't want to break up
with you.

I knew it. I knew it.

Hold the celebration.

The good news is, Deena doesn't
want to break up with you.

The bad news is,
she's moving back East,

and she leaves at the end
of the week.

What are you doing here?

How was your date
last night with Matt?

Go home, Brett.


Go home, okay?

Nothing is going to happen
between you and me.

I love Matt.

Who do you love?



I love Matt.

I'm sorry.

Who did you say you love?

Shut up.

Ronald called.

Can I meet him at the
pool hall for a soda?

Ronald, huh?

Yes, Ronald,
the man I like-- Ronald.

Well, I don't want to stand
in the way of true love.

I don't like Andrew.

So you keep telling me.

I don't like Andrew!

Oh, hi.

I'm Joan Miller; my son Burt
goes to school with Ruthie.

Oh, I'm Annie Camden.
It's so nice to meet you.

I'm sorry.

Please come in.

I'm so sorry to come by

I, uh, I just wanted to talk
to you about Burt and Ruthie.

Well, I... I already
spoke to Ruthie

about her behavior
at school today.

Um, I don't think
Ruthie understands

what it means to be
in a relationship.

I'm sorry
if she hurt Burt's feelings.

Oh, it's not Ruthie's fault.

Burt's too young
to have a girlfriend,

but he won't listen to me
or my husband.

Is Ruthie like that, too?

Has she always wanted
to have a boyfriend?


Well, Burt just loves women.

The first day of preschool,
he came home

and announced he was in love.

Went upstairs,
put on his church suit,

hasn't been the same since.

And if he really
likes a girl,

he gives her little presents.

Little presents
that he steals from home.

My Steuben cat.

Uh, Burt gave that to Ruthie.

He must really like her.

I think the feelings
go both ways.

I don't know
what to do with him.

If you agree, I think
we should give Burt and Ruthie

a chance to work this out
by themselves.


You know, if Burt's like this
at eight,

I wonder what he's going
to be like at 18?

Well, I could tell you,

but I think it would
keep you up at night.

Just kidding.

Some girl named Cheryl
called me.

She wanted to talk about you.

Did you talk to her?

No, my Mom took the message.

Oh, good.

Why good? Who's Cheryl?

Cheryl's my, uh, ex-girlfriend,
and she's a little nuts.


We broke up a year ago.

She just wants to get you
on the phone

so she can say bad things
about me.

Cheryl figures if you dump me,
then I might take her back.

She's totally mental.

There's no telling what kind
of lies she'd make up about me.

Then I won't call her back.

So, did you tell your parents
about us?

I didn't tell them everything.

I just told them
we were moving in together.

And trust me, I don't think

my father could have
taken much more than that.

You have to tell them

I told my family.

I want to do it.

I'm... I'm just not ready
to tell them.

Your parents
are going to find out.

And I really think that they
should find out from you.

Let's not start our lives

by lying to your parents.

If you don't tell them,

that's what it feels like--
a lie.

I love you, Mary.

I love you, too.

Then tell them.

I will.

Call me after you do.


Mrs. Robbie Palmer.

Now you're engaged?

no, this is just some bad dream.

You are not going to marry him.

She is not going to marry him!

We're getting married.

Over my dead body.

And I know some people just
say that, but I mean it.

You will actually have
to kill me!

So, it's okay to live with
Robbie but not to marry him?

Will you say something?


So, so, so it's okay
that I marry Robbie?

Well, it doesn't matter
what I think

'cause it's not my life.

I know, but you know,
you can have an opinion.

Well, I don't.


I know what you're up to.

You won't tell me what you think

because you think that will
drive me crazy, and then

I'll just call off everything
with Robbie

and march off to college
this fall.

You know, we ought
to start talking

about what kind of wedding
you want.

You know, small, big,
church or civil service.

Again, over my dead body!

I am getting married!


good for you.

I am.

I'll make you a beautiful dress.

And I am moving
in with Robbie.


And I'm not going to college
this fall.

If you say so.

Honey, you should know I can't
take much more of this.

You won't have to.
Can't you feel it?

The pressure's building,
she'll crack.

She doesn't want
to marry Robbie

any more than she wants
to move in with him.

And when she does
finally crack,

we'll find out
the real reason

why she doesn't want
to go to college this fall.

Why didn't you tell me
you were moving away?

I thought you hated me.

I know how you are.

If we didn't break up
when I moved away,

you would hold out hope
that we could be together.

And you would be
miserable and alone.

I don't want you
to be miserable.

Then why are you moving?

My mom's boss transferred her
back east.

I hate your mom's boss.

Me, too. I don't want to leave.

We'll figure out something.

How long do we have
to figure something out?

The moving truck is coming

the day after school lets out.

I'm sorry about lying to you.

I thought it was
the right thing to do.

You're not moving back East.

So, what do you find
attractive about me?


What do you find attractive

about me? Be specific.

I don't really know you.

We just met.

But I want to get to know you.

I think you're really, you know,
cool and stuff.

Cool and stuff?

That's poetry. Thanks.

I'm glad your parents
let you meet me.

Well, there's something going on
at home.

They're both preoccupied.

It's probably Robbie and Mary.

Do you know something?

You do know something. Talk.

You know Robbie asked Mary
to move in with him.

What else do you think I know?

Robbie asked Mary to marry him.

What did she say?


Why don't I know this?
What else?

Well, Mary isn't going
to college.

I have to get home right away.

Get the check.


I paid the bill. We can go.

I'm suddenly very thirsty.
How about one more soda?

How come you're
getting home?


Mary's not going anywhere
and neither are we.

Shana, we're breaking up.

Shana, we are breaking up.

Oh, no, don't cry.

Oh, please, you'll find someone.

Please don't cry!

School play.

I got the lead.

Okay, I'm going
to stop talking now.

I can't do this.


Hi, Burt.



I don't like you.

This is going to be harder
than I thought.



I don't like you.

You already said that.

So... did you call
to say you were sorry?




My mom took back the cat
I gave you. So, there.

You stole that cat
from your mom.



Dad, you have to get
Deena's mom a job.

Deena's mom's

boss transferred her back East.

And unless someone does

Deena's going
to have to move away,

and I'm never going
to see her again.


What? Do you know something?


Well, you have to help me.

I don't know if I can.

You found jobs for other people,

You have to find Deena's
mom a job.

If you don't,
she's going to move away

and take Deena with her.

Well, I can't make any promises,

but I'll see what I can do.

How long do I have?

Until the end of the week.

That's impossible.

Can we adopt Deena?


If we adopt Deena,
she can stay in Glenoak.

But don't you think
her parents will miss her?


Dad? I just asked you
to adopt my girlfriend.

I'm desperate.
Please do something.

I'll, I'll go and talk
to the Stewarts.

What are you doing?
Go! Talk! Solve!

That's what you do. Go!

So, have you thought about

what kind of wedding
you want to have?

I know you're not happy about
Robbie and me getting married.

Oh, no, I'm perfectly fine
with it.

Would you stop pretending
like you don't care?

Would you please tell me
what you're thinking?

Okay. I think
by not going to college,

you're not living up
to your full potential.

And I think
by marrying Robbie,

you are settling
for a life

that you will never truly
be happy with.

And I think by getting off track
with school and with your life,

it's a lot harder
than you think

to ever get back on track.


Is Mary there? It's Cheryl.

Yes, hold on.
Just a minute.

It's for you.
It's a girl named Cheryl.

Sit down.
Watch the kids.

Mary, don't hang up.

Um, Robbie told me
all about you,

and I'm not listening to you.

You think that by telling me
bad things about Robbie,

I'm just going to
break up with him

so you can get back
together with him.

I don't want Robbie back.

I admit that at first
I was calling

just to mess up Robbie's life,

to get back at him for the
way he treated me.

And now?

I'm calling to warn you.

Why would you do that?

You don't even know me.

I do know you. You're me.

Totally in love with a snake and
a liar, and you don't know it.

You know, there isn't one thing
that you could say

that would make me change my
mind about Robbie. I love him.

Robbie and I just broke
up last week.


Last week.

When did you and Robbie
start dating?

Seven months ago.

So, if Robbie only broke up
with me last week,

that means...

Well, you're a smart girl.

Do the math. Dump the loser.

I don't even know you. How can I
believe anything that you say?

Your problem isn't that
you don't believe me,

it's that you do believe me.

You're getting a
divorce, aren't you?


What happened?

Well, as you know,
my wife and I

were having marriage problems
before Deena got sick.

Back then, we were
so focused on Deena,

our marital problems
didn't seem so important.

Now that she's better,
well, it's just time.

Jen's family
is back East,

so it will make it easier
for her to start over.

I put in notice at work,
and as soon as I sell the house,

I'm going to follow.

Jen and I don't want
to be married,

but I'm always going
to be Deena's father.

And if that means
relocating, then so be it.

You haven't told Deena
about the divorce, have you?

I've tried, but it isn't easy.

Jen and I don't want Deena to
blame herself for our problems.

Most kids do blame themselves.

I know I did when my parents
got divorced.

Mr. Camden,
what are you doing here?

Reverend Camden just came over
to remind me

that your mother and I need
to talk to you about something.

About Simon?

No, honey,
it's about your mom and me.

Well, I'd better get going.

Oh yeah.

Nice to see again,
Reverend Camden.

I kept your dinner
warm for you.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I lost track of time.

Well, when you're in love,
that happens.

Ronald dumped me.

He was out on a
date with me,

and he starts chatting up
this other girl.

Well, what were you doing while
all this chatting was going on?

I was spying on Andrew Nayloss.

Are you satisfied?

I was watching Andrew like some
crazy jealous ex-girlfriend.

Oh, my gosh.

I am some crazy jealous
ex-girlfriend, aren't I?

I think so.

Don't you get tired
of being right all the time?

Actually, no, it's kind of fun.

How did this
happen to me?

I really like Andrew.

Sometimes you don't know
how much you like someone

until you lose them.

Do you think I lost Andrew?

Why don't you call him
and find out?

I can't.
I'll look like an idiot.

Looking like an idiot is
the first sign of true love.

I need your help.

I want to know how to get a guy
to like me.

You're eight.
You're 13. So what?

I need your help.

I met someone else.

Yes, it's Burt. Now help me.

You really like him, huh?

I just don't like people
being mad at me.

Plus, everyone at school thinks
I'm mean,

and I'll have no one
to eat lunch with.

Lunch is a big part
of the third grade.

I think you like Burt.

I'm going to smack you.

Now, I know you like him.

Okay, I like Burt.

I knew it.

Well, do you know
how I can get him

to like me again,
Mr. Smarty Pants, huh?

Do you know that?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

Well... I'm waiting.

Tell him how you feel.

Okay, I'm going to go out
and come in again.

And when I do, you'd better
have something better than that.

Got it? Good.

I think you and I need
to have a little talk.


Hey, the chain's on.

Did you break up with Shana?


Then come back when you have.

Very funny. Let me in.

I've lived
through months

of your whining
about Shana.

And unless you
break up with Shana

and get together with Heather,

there's going to be months
of your complaining

about Shana and Heather.
No way.

I don't whine.

Man, sometimes you're like
living with a girl.

I live here,
you have to let me in.

Not until you
break up with Shana,

which you want to do

but is just too chicken to do.

I do want to be with Heather.

Then be a man.

Do something about it.

Take action.
Make it happen.

I tried.

Try harder.

Because if you don't
get this right,

then the three of you
will be miserable.

Correction-- the four of us
will be miserable.

You're serious?

Oh, yes, I'm serious.

What if I can't do it?

Then you can always
move back home

and drive your parents crazy.

I'll miss you,
but I'll get over it.

I don't hear you leaving.

Look, Mary and I are
going to be fine.

I have savings.

I have a full scholarship, a
good job at the grocery store.

All right, what happens
if you lose your scholarship

and you and Mary
run out of money

and then your good job
at the grocery store

becomes your career?

Because you have
to drop out of school

and work full time
so you can support your family.

Mary can work, too.

With just a high school
education, how far can she go?

She can go to college.

With what?

You can't even afford to put
yourself through school.

Face it, you're making life a
lot harder than it has to be.

You know I'm right.

And even if you won't admit it,
I can...

I can tell by the look
in your face.

Look, I didn't just come
over here tonight,

to try and make you understand

that getting married
is a mistake for my daughter.

Getting married
is a mistake for you, too.

I can find my own way out.

By the way, churchgoer that you
are, have you prayed about this?

No. that's what I thought.


May I speak with Andrew?

Andrew isn't home.

Are you sure?

What are you saying?

Nothing. It's just,

I really need to talk to Andrew.

And maybe he's there,
and you're saying he's not,

because he doesn't want
to talk to me.

So, you're calling me a liar?

Who is this?


No, you're not Judy.

You're that nutty
Reverend's daughter, Macy.

It's Lucy, not Macy.

I'm telling you right now,

you end up marrying
that crazy girl,

I'm not coming to the wedding.

Okay, we'll elope.

Who's there?

It's me.
We need to talk.


All right, I'll,
I'll be right out.

You know, I don't think
you're practicing for a play.

I called the police.

Okay, thanks for the warning.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I, I just laid down...

for a nap... alone.

Uh, what are you doing here?
Well, can I come in?

Your neighbor just called
the police on me.
What are talking about?

Well, I'll explain.
Can I come in?

Uh, uh, now is not a good time.

Uh, my apartment is messy.

What's going on?


Why is your shirt on backwards?

Is it on backwards?

Brett, what are
you doing here?

Yeah, Brett,
what are you doing here,

and why is Brett's shirt

Maybe he's hot.

Come on, just tell him about us.
He should know, Shana.

That-that's okay.

You don't have to tell me.
I think I understand.

Deena called.

Her father told her
about the divorce.

I'm sorry.

You knew, didn't you?

Mm, I suspected.

I don't like it when you know
things you can't tell me.

But I'm trying
to get used to it.


This isn't the end, you know.

You and Deena can write.

Maybe she can come
back and visit.

I appreciate you
trying to cheer me up,

but we both know that
when Deena moves away,

it'll be really hard
for us to stay together.

You okay?

I just needed to be alone
and think.

You can stay.


When Robbie offered to let me
live with him in the fall,

I told him that you and Dad
would never go for it.

And then he took out this ring
and said,

"How about if we get married?"

And then, bam!

You know, the next thing I knew,
I was engaged.

I'm scared, okay?

I'm scared that I'm going
to screw up my life again.

I'm scared to stay.

I'm scared to go.

I'm just scared.

I mean,
what if I go

to college and I flunk out?

What if I... I get into trouble,

and there's no one there
to bail me out?

What if I...

What if you succeed?

What if you do great?

What if everything is okay?

Now, I'm not going to lie
to you, life is hard.

And being an adult means
understanding that

and embracing it.

But life shouldn't scare you.

It should excite you.

Your father and I are
so very proud of you.

You have exceeded
all our expectations.

And we're not scared
to send you off to school,

because we've raised you,

and we know you're ready
to be an adult

and make your own decisions.

We trust you.

What if I don't trust myself?

I have faith in you.

And I trust that in the end,
you will make the right decision

for yourself-- not for us.

Can you just tell me
what the right decision is?




I'm sorry.

Please let me explain.

Sorry, man.

I never wanted you
to find out this way.

Is that why you came
to the door half-dressed

and said,
"Shana, tell him about us?"

Go away.

I'll call you later.

I really didn't want you
to find out like this.

We got together in New York,

but I broke it off
before I came back,

then he followed me out here.

When you and I started
having troubles,

Brett was there.

It just...

One minute we were studying,
the next minute...

I get the picture.

I came back this summer
to make things work between us,

and I am still willing
to work things out.

Well, that's going
to be really hard

since you want to be
with someone else.

Maybe it was the distance.

No, it wasn't the distance.

We just grew apart.

We changed.


Now I guess it's time
for us both

to stop holding on to the past.

Let go...

and let each other go.


It's just...

when you saw Brett and me

you seemed hurt and upset,
and now...

not so hurt and upset.

Well, I think
I just acted that way

because it seemed like I should
feel that way, but I don't.

I'm in love with someone else.



I thought so.

Thanks for coming over.

My mom made me.

Okay, I give.
I'll be your girlfriend again.

And I promise
not to make you cry much.

You know, until I met you,

I thought I wanted a girlfriend,
but now I'm not so sure.

We could be friends.

I think I like you as a friend.

You could be a friend

who does things for me
and gives me presents.

I don't have a friend like that.

And maybe you could do things
for me

and give me presents, too.

Maybe, but don't count on it.


I don't know
what's so great

about being boyfriend
and girlfriend.

But around our house, it means

you do a lot of kissing
and act crazy.

Maybe it's the kissing.


I kissed a boy once
and got in big trouble for it.

But the kiss was stupid.
Kissing is stupid.

I've never kissed a girl before.

You can kiss me.



Maybe it's good we missed.

Yeah. Maybe we're not ready.

I stole it back for you.


They missed.

I don't think I'm ready to
have her kissing boys yet.

Yeah, but I have to say,
of all the boys

my daughters have
brought home,

I-I think I like
Burt the best.

Yeah, he's a catch.

So, you broke up
with Shana.

We actually broke up
with each other.

Did you talk to Heather?

All night.

We talked about everything.

It was great.
It was so great.

I love her so much.

I can see that.

Well, come on,

Put some pants on, I need you.

And make it snappy,
Heather's waiting.

What do you need my help with?

This is the happiest day
of my life.

I thought the happiest day
of your life

was the day we moved in

Put some pants on.

How are you doing?


You know, we're going
to write and call,

and my Dad said you
can stay with us

any time you want to
come back and visit.

So, you want to stay together?

You don't have to.

Maybe we should just end it
and then see what happens.

I'm never going to find
anyone like you.

And I don't want to look.

And even if we're apart,
we'll always be together.

You should wear that.

And when you look it,
you can think of me.

I don't need a ring to do that.

I'll never forget you.



I've been looking for you.

My dad told me you called
last night.

I saw you at the pool hall,
staring at me.

I wasn't staring.

I was...


Then what I said
got to you, huh?

What about Ronald?

Ronald's out of the picture.

Does that mean
I'm in the picture?

Why did you call me?

It was nothing.

Never mind.




I like you.


I like you and I want
to get to know you better,

and maybe someday
I might really like you.

What about love?

Don't push it.

Like's good enough for me.

Andrew, the kissing part

is not going to be the problem
in our relationship.

Maybe if we kissed more,
talked less.


Want to continue this
somewhere else?

No. I'm in like, and
I'm not embarrassed

if everyone knows it.

Your parents got to you.


I got to me.

We're not ready
to get married.

You talked to Cheryl,
didn't you?

Yeah, I did talk to Cheryl,
and I believe her.

Look, I dated you guys
at the same time,

but that was the old me,

not the new me.

That's why I broke up with her.

I just wanted it
to be you and me.

If that's true, why didn't you
just tell me the whole story?

I was afraid
if I told you the truth,

you'd never want
to see me again.

If you can't talk to me
about your ex-girlfriend,

what else can't you talk
to me about?

If you can't be honest with me,
we shouldn't be dating,

let alone getting married.

Breaking off our engagement
is not about you

or your lying to me, or the fact
that I can't trust you.

And I don't know if I'll ever
be able to trust you.

I'm breaking off this engagement

because I need to have
a life of my own

before I can share my life
with someone else.

So, are you breaking up with me?

I'm not sure.

I just...

I need some time to think,

and I need to figure out me
before I can figure out us.

But that doesn't mean
that we're over.

It just means that

you're going to have
some patience this time around.

I'm going to take it slow and
really get to know each other.

Because I think I love you,

but I need to have the chance

to find out
what kind of man you are.

So, in other words,

for the first time,
I'm going to look before I leap.

So, are you going to go
to college in the fall?

I'm not sure what
I'm going to do.

But when I figure it out,
I'll let you know.

And if you don't want
to wait for me,

while I do all of that,
I'll understand.

I'll wait for you forever.

Then I guess I'll see you
in church.

Shouldn't we have
told our families?


They would have said I was
on the rebound from Shana,

and that you weren't
thinking clearly.

We love each other.

This is what you do
when you're in love,

and you know it's forever.

Come on, you two,
let's go.

This guy isn't going
to wait all day.

You heard the man.