7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 21 - Love Stinks: Part 1 - full transcript

Robbie Palmer is finally back and convinces Mary he's a better man, but gets no credit from Eric and his spiteful ex Cheryl promises to paint a grim picture of him. Simon's Deenah cowardly avoids breaking up honestly. Lucy dates Robbie's step-brother Ronnie, meanly discarding Andrew Nayloss, who won't just take that. Matt must choose between Heather and Shana, who is back from New York for a summer job, but so is her enterprising NYUC date Brett. The parents plan to dissuade Mary from skipping college by charging her board, but her answer is worse then they could fear. Ruthie's perfect classmate Bert Miller generously offers to be her boy-friend, but she just greedily asks more presents.


Oh, there you are.
Hey, sweetheart.


Hi, how are you?


Hi, Heather.

I'll go find us
some seats.

How's Shana doing?

Shana, how is she?

Oh, she's moving back
for the summer

to work at Glenoak Hospital.

Really, when's that?

Uh, yesterday,
the day before yesterday.

Have you seen her yet?


It's nice to see Heather again.

Yeah, we talked
and thought it was silly

not to spend time together
since we're such good friends.



Heather and I are friends,
just friends.

Whatever you say.
We are.

I believe you.

No, you don't.

What's wrong with Matt?

Shana is back in town. Wow.

I forget. Are they together
or apart this week?

Together for now.

No sign of Deena?

I don't understand.

She said she'd meet me
at church.

Well, I'm sure there's
a good explanation

why she didn't come.
Come on.

Let me get this

Were you
in the church hall

eating the after-service donuts?

Lying in church.

I got to admire your nerve.

The devil made me do it.


Hi, Ruthie.


You said that already.

Stop looking at me.

I'll meet you after church
so we can do our school project.

I'm really happy our teachers
are making us work together.



He's cute.

Where's Mary?

She's getting Lucy.

What are you doing?
Church is about to begin.

I'm hiding from Andrew
Nayloss's creepy parents.

I thought you
liked Andrew.

I thought so, too.

We have
an intense chemistry,

but every time we stop
kissing, he drives me crazy.

It's not a long
drive, is it?

Very funny.

You guys only dated
for a week, right?

Yes, and that was
a week too long.

Shelby's older brother is back
from college for the summer.

She thought you might
want to meet him.

Uh, no thanks.

Even though I haven't
heard from Robbie

since Valentine's Day

and I, I know it's
probably over between us,

I'm not ready
to date anyone right now.

Oh, no.

No way.


They're back...

Isn't that--


It's Robbie.

And Robbie's very
good-looking friend.

Of all the churches
in all the small towns

in all the world,

why did Robbie have
to walk into mine?

I really thought we'd
seen the last of him.

Every day,
I extol the virtues

of forgiveness

and giving people
a second chance,

but after what Robbie tried
to do to Mary, I--

I just can't.

I know.

Mary's doing great.
Her life's on track.

She's going off to college soon.

Here comes Robbie, just in time
to mess everything up.
You know,

Robbie lied to Mary
and he lied to us.

She won't just... take him back.

You really think that?

She won't.

I hope.

But what?

But she has been praying
for Robbie to come back,

and she may...

Don't say it.
She may take
him back.

I told you not to say it and
you said it. Why'd you say it?

I said it because
it could happen and we both need

to figure out a way
to deal with it.


I don't hear from
you in three months

and then you just
walk into church

like nothing's

I came to apologize

for my behavior
on Valentine's Day.

Which part of
Valentine's Day?

Lying to me
and my parents

or driving me
to a motel to have sex?

All of it.

After you broke up
with me...

You mean, after I hit you?

After that,
I realized I wanted to change,

become a better person.

The kind of person...

...you wouldn't want to hit.

You haven't seen me
for the last three months

because I've been busy
turning my life around.

What does that mean?

It means I go to church now,
every Sunday.

But I have to admit
that I don't just go

for God.

Since church is such a big part
of who you are,

going every Sunday makes me feel
close to you.

When I can't be close to you.

Trying to get close to me?

Isn't that how you got
into trouble in the first place?

I-I guess I just came by
to say thank you.

I'm, I'm a better person now
and I owe it all to you.

I don't know what to say.

Maybe there isn't anything
to say.

When are you supposed
to see Shana?

I told her I'd meet her

at her new apartment
after church.

It's after church.

Well, I guess
I should get going.

Okay, this is me going.


Not now, Andrew.

You're Lucy, right?


Not now, Andrew.

I'm Ronald, Rick and
Robbie's stepbrother.

I'm home from college.

I live with my mom
during the summer.

Rick said

to say hello.

I'm Andrew,
Lucy's boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

I should go
find Robbie.

Yeah, you should.
Go. Find.

Maybe we can go to
the movies sometime.

I wouldn't
count on it.

She's very busy.

What exactly did Rick tell you
about me?

He told me you
love the movies.

I do.

Then I'll call you.

I'd like that.


Not now, Andrew.

Hey, Simon. Wade,

- how's it going?
- Look,

I hate to be the one
to tell you this,

but I was at the mall
the other night

and I saw Deena
with another guy.

An older guy.

That was probably her brother
back from school.

I don't think it was
her brother.

Just the way they were hugging
wasn't really brotherly.


Oh, hi, Burt.

Hello, Mrs. Camden.

Is, uh, Ruthie home?


Would you like a cookie?

Oh, no, thank you.

My parents and I are vegans.

We don't eat any animals
or animal products,

and cookies have eggs

and that's an animal product.

Yeah, I know.

My dad says we don't eat
anything with a face.

Well, good for you.

Would you like some juice?

I'm kind of juice intolerant.

Oh, well,
how about some, some water?

Bottled or tapped?


Do you have fizzy, flat?


I don't do well
with carbonation.

Well, I-I'm going
to take your word on that.


Did you bring the pictures
for the project?

Follow me.


May I speak to Deena please?

Simon, you've already called
four times,

and no, Deena's not home.

And no, I don't know why
she didn't meet you at church.

And yes,
I'll tell her you called.


You really should talk to him.

Tell him what's going on.

I can't Dad. I just can't.

Brett spent a semester
in England, and this is how

everyone eats French fries
across the pond.

Oh, that Brett, he's something.

Did I hear my name?

What are you doing?
Looking for you.


what are you doing here
in Glenoak?

He's supposed to be
in New York, working

at the Brooklyn
Free Clinic.

You're supposed
to be in New York,

working at the Brooklyn
Free Clinic.

Brett, good to meet you.
It's, uh, Matt,


Uh, a friend of my father's

offered me a job
working in Glenoak this summer.

I went by your apartment,
and the neighbor

told me you were
at the pool hall.

I'd offer you a cup of coffee,
but you don't drink it.


Pass the vinegar.

What are you doing?

I don't see you
for months,

and then you show up and tell me

because of that despicable thing

you did to me on Valentine's
Day, you've changed.

Become some great guy.

So, you can do what?

Just go off and be
a great guy to some other girl?

I don't think so.

Are you saying what
I think you're saying?

Welcome back to my life,
Robbie Palmer.

Don't break my heart.

Don't break my jaw.

Don't break my heart,
and I'll have no reason
to break your jaw.


Reverend Camden?


Hi, it's Peter Simms, Mary's
high school guidance counselor.

I'm sorry to be calling you
on the weekend,

but you didn't,
uh, respond to the letter

I sent home last week.

Well, that's cause I didn't

get your letter.

I sent it home with Mary.

The letter contained
a list of some good

junior colleges
she might want to consider.

Now, the deadline for enrollment
is fast approaching,

and Mary is far too intelligent
to just sit out next year.

Uh, you must have Mary confused
with some other student.

Mary's going to Crawford
in the fall.

Mary was going to Crawford,
but she lost her space

when she didn't send in
her acceptance forms.

Plus, she didn't fill out

any financial aid
or grant forms.

When I found out
about Mary's situation,

I spoke with her directly,

and she told me
she wasn't planning

on attending college
in the fall.

Are you trying
to tell me that Mary

doesn't have a college to go to?

I'm afraid so.


I'm, I'm glad
you're both here.

I have something
to tell you.

Robbie and I are back together.

Now, I...

I know you haven't
forgiven him

for Valentine's Day,
and I know it's going to be hard

for you to trust him,

but he's changed,

and he changed for me.

And I'd appreciate it
if you'd

give him
another chance.

He goes to church now.

Is there something wrong?

Your school guidance
counselor called.

He said you didn't fill out

any financial or grant forms.

You didn't send your paperwork

back to Crawford
to hold your space,

so you don't have a school
to go to in the fall.

Please tell us
this is a mistake.

A terrible mistake.

It's not a mistake.

I'm not going to college.

I'm sorry you
had to find out

like this,
but I'm glad you know.

Are you just going
to sit there and
stare at me?

I can't help staring.

You're so beautiful.

You look like
a Powder Puff Girl.

Really, which one?

The pretty one.

Cool, I like cats.

I like you. Will you be
my girlfriend?

Why would I do that?

I gave you the cat.


Don't "hi" me.

So, that's Matt, huh?

He looks different
from the pictures you showed me.

Do you think his hair
is long enough?

I like his hair.

No, seriously.
What did you buy him

for Christmas... barrettes?

I told you the day I left

that it was over between us.

When things got
bad with Matt,

instead of just trying
to make it work,

I just jumped into another
relationship with you.

It wasn't fair.
I owe Matt more than that.

What we had...

what we shared...

will never be over.

Look, the only reason

to get out of a relationship
is because it isn't working,

not because you find
a more interesting

or better

I love you,
and I know you love me.

I love Matt, so you might
as well just go home.

Well, I'm not as stupid as Matt.

I'm not just going to throw
you out there

and see what happens.

I'm here to stay.

You're trespassing.
Call a lawyer.

Don't tempt me.

We need to talk about us.

There is no us.

And the quicker
you realize that, the better.

You know we are meant
to be together.

Andrew, you can't argue me

into having a relationship
with you.

We already tried,
and it didn't work.

Three times. Three dates.
That's not trying.

Good-bye, Andrew.


Am I happy to see you.

Are you okay?

I called, but your dad
said you weren't home.

Why didn't you
meet me at church?

I came over because I need
to tell you something.

And I didn't want
to do it over the phone.

Is this about that guy
you were hugging at the mall?

The guy at the mall?

That wasn't a guy.

He was my cousin, Robert.

Well, I knew there had to be
some kind of logical explanation

as to why you were hugging
some strange guy at the mall.

I think we should
see other people.

You're serious?

So how did it go with Shana?


How does she look?

You haven't

seen Shana in five months,
and the only thing

you can say about her is "fine"?

Oh, she doesn't drink
coffee anymore.


And she loves hockey. Brett.

She puts vinegar

on her French fries. Brett.

And she now refers
to the Atlantic Ocean

as "The Pond." Brett.

And guess who just moved
to Glenoak for the summer?


So you met

the infamous Brett.
What is he like?


Why is he here?

Why? I don't think he's here

because there aren't any
medical jobs in New York.

Are you jealous?

No. But shouldn't I be?

You're not jealous of Brett

because you're not in love
with Shana anymore.

Thanks for clearing that up.
You're welcome.

I was being sarcastic.

I was being honest.

You want me to tell you
who you're in love with?



And if you say you two are just
friends, I'm going to pound you.

Heather and I are friends.
You two are friends like

Cleopatra and Caesar
were friends.

And I would hate
to see you lose

the Roman Empire,
if you know what I mean.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Tell Shana the truth,
and don't let Heather get away.

Anything else?

Yeah, make me a sandwich.

Giving good advice
makes me hungry.

Okay, I'll be
your girlfriend

if you do everything
I tell you to do.

So it's like the game
"Simon Says".

Simon says with presents.

I like the presents.


What's going on
with Mary?

She's still in her room,
and she won't talk.

I don't know how this happened.
How did this happen?

What was she thinking?

I know someone who can answer
all those questions.

I don't think she's ready
to talk to us yet.

Well, you know, that's too bad.
I want some answers.

She's gonna do
more than talk.

She's going to explain.
Let's go.

I have to go.

Well, did I do something wrong?

Tell me.

No. You didn't
do anything.

It's just over.

Wait a second.

You just said that you want
to see other people.

And now you're saying
we're over?

I'm sorry.

I've wanted to do this
for a long time,

but I just couldn't bring
myself to tell you.

I don't want
to hurt you,

but the sooner
you move on, the better.

I hope we can
be friends.

I don't want
to be your friend.

I want to be your boyfriend.

Not everything
is about what you want.

It won't do you any good.

You can't talk me
into changing my mind.

I'm not going
to college.
Yes, so you've said.

Why did you lie?
You told me you finished

all your paperwork
for college.

No, you asked me
if all my "paperwork

for college was taken care of",

and I said "yes".
I didn't fill out

those forms because
I didn't need to.

I wasn't going to college.

So, I had taken care of it,
just not the way

that you wanted me to.

A lie by omission
is still a lie.

And where is this
attitude of yours

coming from?
I'm not sure.

I always thought that I'd

graduate, I'd go to college
and I'd play basketball,

and that would be that.

But being arrested

and losing my scholarship
changed everything.

So, after a
while I thought,

I'd skip college.

I'd go pro, play with the WNBA,

but that's not happening.

So, now I'm not sure

what I want to do with my life.

And I don't think that everyone
should go into debt

while I figure it out.

It's not like
Matt in premed.

It's not terrible
if he goes into debt,

because he's working
towards a very specific goal.

And in the end,
he'll be a doctor

and it'll be
all worth it.

But for me,
I don't know what to do.

But college is a great place
to figure that out.

Why are we just hearing
about this now?

If you knew what I was planning,
you would have tried to stop me.

College will always be there.

Oh, you say that now
because you're young.

But the older you get,
the harder it is to start over.

Hard, but not impossible.

I know, you're disappointed,

but nothing you say
will change my mind.

I need to figure out

what I want,
I need to find myself,

and I'm not going
to college to do it.

Hey, come on in.


Uh, would you like
a cup of coffee?

No, thanks.

So, how's Shana?

She's fine. Right, Matt?

I'm supposed to meet her later

at the Promenade for a movie.

Sounds like fun.

I forgot to tell you something
at the church this morning.

What's that?

I'm in love with you.


Bye now.

I love you.

I just thought
that you should know.

I know my timing stinks,

considering Shana just moved
back in town,

but I can't hide
my feelings anymore.

I'm always thinking of excuses

just to spend more time
with you.

You are?

I catch myself smiling,

for no other reason
than I'm gonna see you.

You do?


Have fun at the movies.


Okay, yeah.


Cynthia, it's Simon Camden.
I need a favor.

What kind of favor?

Well, you know

basically everything
that goes on

in the eighth grade,
and I need some information.

I need to know

if Deena's seeing
someone else...

dating someone else.

You and Deena broke up?

I don't know.

Maybe you could tell me.

Kind of ironic
that I'm taking out the trash.

You know...

I'm glad I ran into you.

You are?

Yeah. I wanted to compliment you

on that, uh, "going to church,
I'm a changed man" scam.

It's not a scam.

I am going to church,
and it has changed me.

It's funny how some people
find God somewhere

between conviction
and sentencing.

What does that mean?

I think you know exactly
what that means.

Reverend Camden,

what I tried to do
with Mary was wrong.

And I'm sorry.

And I hope you believe me
when I tell you

that I will never do anything
like that again.

Well, maybe you convinced Mary
that you're a changed man,

but I'm not buying it.

And I'm putting you on
notice, I'm watching you.

And, uh...

He's watching you, too.

So, watch out.

Um, Mom said it was okay
if we went to get ice cream.


Is there anything
beyond hate?

Because if there is, that's what
your Dad feels for me.

It's not you.

Well, not all you.

I told my parents

that I'm not going to college
in the fall.


Because right now the only thing
that I'm sure of is that

I want to spend as much time
with you as possible.

Uh, your Dad told
me about Burt,


Burt has to do

whatever I tell him to do.

Isn't that cool?
It's like having my own dog.

Burt isn't a dog.

He's a little boy,
a nice little boy with feelings.

Yeah, yeah,
you know what I mean.

You know, one person doing
everything really isn't fair.


I just think you might be
getting the wrong idea

about relationships.

It's never about
just one person.

What is Burt getting in return
for all he's doing for you?

Burt doesn't want anything.

He just wants to hang out
with me and give me presents.

And I'm okay with that.

I'm surprised your parents
let me come over.

And why is that?

I hear they hate Robbie.

Oh yeah.


I don't think
they liked Rick much either.

Do you have a girlfriend?


Do you have
a boyfriend?


So, what's with that little
weird guy at church?

Andrew and I went
on a couple of dates.

But it didn't work out,

and he's having a hard time
dealing with that.

Dad, hi.

This is Ronald, Rick
and Robbie's brother.

Hello, Reverend Camden.

I've heard a lot
about you.

I don't like your family.

I just want you to know
I'd never take Lucy to a motel.

That's very reassuring.

If you'll excuse me, I have to
go butt my head through a wall.

Why did you let Mary
go out with Robbie?

We can't make her go to college,
how can we make her stay home?

Hey, don't quit on me.

We're, we're gonna
figure this out.

She's going to college,

even if it's just to get her
away from Robbie Palmer.

I needed to tell you something.

You go first.

I know things have
been really strained

between us lately.

I take most of
the blame myself.

I went off to New York,

which forced us to
maintain a relationship

with long-distance
phone calls.

I just want you
to know I...

I didn't come
back to Glenoak

just for a job.

I came back for you.

Or us.

I really
want to make

an honest effort to make
our relationship work.

If things go well this
summer, I thought...

I could help you move
to New York and transfer to NYU.

So, what did you
want to tell me?

You know, I...
I don't remember.



Hi, Simon, it's Cynthia.

Did you find out anything?

Is Deena seeing someone?

She is.


Some older boy
from another school.

I didn't believe it,

but I talked to Jill,
who talked to Lauren,

who's dating Danny,
whose sister Emily

saw Deena kiss this guy
at school last week.

I know this is none
of my business,

but I think Deena would want you
to find someone else, too.

Move on.

I'll never find
anyone like Deena.

I don't want anyone but Deena.

Well, sorry about the bad news.


You're good; I almost
believed you.

It's a gift.

You know,

he really likes you.

I really like him, too,

but this is just the way
it has to be.

You should tell Simon the truth.

I think it's
better this way.

This way, he'll hate me,

and it won't be so hard
for him to let go.

So, I got accepted
to Crawford.

And I was thinking
if you want,

I'll go to school there,

and we can work on
our relationship

while you figure out
what you're going to do

with your life.

I really want to
be here for you.

I want you
to trust me.

I'm not going to screw up
this time.

I'm not going to let you down.

I will never lie to you again.

I do trust you.

And I know
you've changed.

And I really need you here
right now.

It's good to be needed.

Isn't that your
ex-boyfriend, Robbie?

That's him.

Who's the girl?

I don't know.

Maybe they're just friends.

The last time Robbie Palmer
had a girl who was a friend,

he was five.


We go steady
for the last three years,

and out of the blue last week,
he dumps me.

Now I think I know
why he dumped me.

You should march

over there and tell Robbie off

right in front of his new
little girlfriend.

I've got a better idea.

A much better idea.

Hey, Luce.

Why don't you take Ruthie
and wait for Mary in the car?

Where's Simon?
Uh, he rode his
bike to school.



So your mother and I
have talked

about your
school situation,

and we agree with you.

You do?

Yes, we agree that it's a waste
of everyone's time and money

to send you to school
if you really don't want to go.

I can't believe
how cool you're being.

But in the real world,

which you've decided to enter--
in our opinion-- prematurely,

there are real things
called rent and bills,

and you're going to have
to get a job and pay for those.

I'll, I'll get a job,

and whatever I can manage
to pay, I'll pay.

No, you misunderstand.

This looks like a bill.

It is a bill.

Starting in

it's what you'll need to
pay for your room and board

if you want to
continue to live here.

Room and board?

You're going to
make me pay rent

in my own house?

Uh, yeah.

You're being totally unfair.

You didn't do this with Matt.

Matt was going to school
while he was living at home.

Now, uh,

Jim is hiring over
at the Dairy Shack,

and, uh, Bob

needs a cashier at the car wash.

Y-You're welcome
to find your own job,

but make no mistake.

Come the fall,

you're either going
to be working or in school.

Those are the rules
of the house,

and if you're going
to live here,

you're going to abide
by the rules.

Maybe I'll just move out.

Well, you're an adult.

It's your choice.

What if she does move out?
With what?

She doesn't have a job,
she doesn't want a job.

You have to have money to move.

Right now, she doesn't even
have money to stay.


Gee, well,

I haven't seen you

since you broke up
Heather's wedding last May.

Matt, don't hurt her.

I would never hurt Heather.


Well, I, I love her.

Sometimes that's no guarantee.

Uh, we should talk.

Okay, talk.

I love you.

I have felt that
way for weeks,

but I, I
didn't know how

to tell you.

And I've decided

to break up with Shana.


Uh, good?



I like Shana, but I love you.

And if you want to be with me,
then that's good.

W-Well, uh, I guess now

all I have to do is find
the right time to tell Shana.

You're going to have to do that,
tell Shana.

You can't have us both.

So you're going to have to
break up with Shana for good

so we can be together.

And not one of those breakups

where you two get back together
after a couple of weeks.

It has to really be over
between you and Shana

for us to have anything.

And I'm not telling you
to break up with Shana.

It's just that if you really
love me and want to be with me,

then you're going to have to
choose who you want to be with--

me or her.

Until then,

I guess this is goodbye.

Ruthie and Burt, sitting
in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

You're in love with Burt.

Am not.

Are, too.

Burt says you love him
so much, you can't stand it.

You'd better take that back.

What are you saying about me?

That you love me.

I never said that.

But you said you'd be
my girlfriend.

Yeah, so you'd do stuff for me.

That's the only reason that
you wanted to be my girlfriend?

Now tell everyone the truth.

What's wrong?

You made him cry.

You're in trouble.

Big trouble.

I know you want to
see other people,

but it's an early
birthday present.

You should open it.

I don't know what to say.

Just say thank you.

In light of what's happened
between us, I can't accept it.

No, you should keep it.

It's a promise ring.

And just because you want
to see other people,

it doesn't change
how I feel about you

or why I bought you that ring.

Even though we're breaking up,

I still want you
to have the ring.

You know, to remember me.

I can't take the ring.

And I don't want
to see other people.

Well, that doesn't make
any sense.

I'm sorry, I've got to go.

Were you with
him last night?

If by him, you mean Ronald,
then yes.

Ronald is just a face.

He doesn't like you,
he doesn't even know you.

And you know me?

I do.


I know you can install a toilet,

put up drywall and rebuild a
carburetor all in the same day.

I know you snort
when you laugh really hard.

I know that you're not afraid
to eat the meat

that they serve
in the cafeteria.

And that sometimes
you don't eat your lunch

because you like to give it

to the homeless guy
that lives in the park.

I know you're pretty,
I know you're smart

and that I like you.

And that you like me,

but you won't let yourself
like me because you know

that we're perfect for
each other, and that scares you.

After three dates.

You know this after three dates?

I knew this
after our first date.

But I'm tired

of waiting for you,
so I'm walking away... today.

And if you don't stop me,
I'll never bother you again.




Man, you were this close.


No hug for your ex-girlfriend?

I already told you
it's over between us.

But now I think I know why
things are over between us.

Her name's Mary Camden, right?

I saw you last night
on the Promenade.

I made some phone calls today,

and apparently I'm the last
to know you were two-timing me.

Well, maybe not
the last to know.

I'll bet the last person to know
all this is probably Mary.

Sweet, innocent Mary.

You wouldn't.

I would,

and I am.

I'm gonna do her
a favor.

I'm gonna tell her
all about us--

the three of us--
so she'll know exactly

what kind of guy
she's involved with.

Please don't.

You'll ruin

I love her.

Too bad, because after I talk
to her, she's gonna hate you.

Did you finish
your work?

The twins
are napping.

Oh, so, this is like
a free period?

I don't want to
talk about it.

I don't want
to talk about it.

I don't want
to talk about it.

I've got great news,

I talked to Robbie
after school.

We talked about everything--

jobs, bills, rent--
we think we have a solution.

"We" have a solution?

You and Robbie have
a solution?

Robbie's getting an apartment

when he starts school
at Crawford this fall,

and he's looking for a roommate.

Isn't that great?

I really trust him.

He's a good guy,
and he wants you to know

that we are just going
to be roommates

and nothing else, I swear.

Robbie said

I could move in with him,
and that way, I wouldn't have

to worry about
paying you guy's rent!