7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 1 - Here We Go Again - full transcript

Eric rightly predicts the kids only be/get more trouble in the new school-year, yet Annie enrolls for a college course. Simon has no friends at his new school, except fat Jim, whom he lets drag him along into minor vandalism, as gang initiation. Matt grudgingly admits he was stood up the a Vegas altar by Heather and lacks the heart to ask her again. Lucy's party summer is punished as Andrew, he toured in Europe because his dad wanted to separate them, made an irreparable mistake in southern France. Although Mary only starts at a minimal wage job, she buys a credit and still won't decide about college.

I signed up
for school today.

What school?

College. Crawford.

I want to get my
teaching credentials

in Early Childhood Education.


You do know we have
seven kids now, right?

We have the twins and Ruthie.

But Simon starts
high school tomorrow.

Lucy graduates
high school this year.

Mary's out of high school
and working.

And Matt is out on his own.

Matt is hardly out on his own.

I mean...

he sleeps out on his own.

He's still a kid.

Oh, stop it, he and Heather
are practically married.

No, they're not.

That's just what
we tell each other

every time we get nervous

that those two
might be shacking up.


And Mary is going to college.

She's going to go
to college, eventually.

I hope.

Now, as soon as she figures out

that she doesn't
enjoy minimum wage jobs.


I think Mary's quite happy

with her stint in the world
of minimum wage.

Well, I'm not happy with it.

With my luck,

she'll probably decide to go to
college when Lucy decides to go.

And then with Matt's we'll have
three tuition's to pay.

Oh, plus yours.

And uh, by the way,

who says that Lucy
won't have the kind

of senior year
that Mary had?

And Simon
is starting high school.

Do you remember what it was like
when Matt started high school?

High school boys are...

well, they're high school boys.

And we shouldn't
forget Ruthie,

who is well on her way
to being more difficult

than all the other kids
rolled into one.

Oh, and bonus.

The twins are entering
the terrible twos.

They're not entering...
they are there.

So what are you saying?

That the whole family
is so dangerous

that I can't take one or two
hours away from them

to take one course?

I'm going back to college.


You're going to college and I...

I'm going downstairs.

Go ahead, but you might
want to get some sleep

because I have class at 8:00,

and I need you
to watch the twins

for a couple of hours
in the morning.

Of course.

When were you going
to tell me this?

As you were backing out of
the driveway tomorrow morning?

No, I planned to tell you
just when I told you.

Well, thank you, Mrs. Camden.

How am I suppose
to get to my new job?

What job?

I have a new job.

You've had a new job
every week all summer.

That's not true.

I was a day camp counselor
for almost three weeks.

Oh, how could I forget.

Three whole weeks.

Just because
you're mad at Mom

doesn't mean you have
to take it out on me.

I'm not angry,
the word is angry,

with Mom and I'm not taking it
out on anyone.

Well, at least I'm not dating
that loser, Robbie, anymore.

At least.

I got a job at the
pool hall waitressing.

Oh, so now it's
waitressing, is it?


And what is wrong with

Nothing but...

can't you waitress somewhere
where I don't hang out?

Well, you're not going to have
time to hang out.

Mom's going back to school.

Oh, very funny.

What time do you
have to be at work?

10:30, they want to train me

or something before
the lunch rush starts.

I'll drop you off.

Um, no offense,

but I don't want my Daddy
dropping me off at my new job.

You know, it won't
look very good so...

I'll drop you off.

Oh, so you can just park my car
in a parking lot all day

when I actually have
a hundred things to do?

I don't think so.

What's wrong?

I need the car.

Well, I'm taking
my car to school

and Lucy's using the other car
to take the kids to school.

Why didn't anyone tell me that
school was starting again?

Other car?

My car?
Lucy's taking my car?

Unless you have some objection.

At some point today
I have to go to work.

Well, you can take my car
when I come home

which should be 9:30 or 10:00.

Until then you can't go
anywhere anyway, right?

Hello, is anyone listening?

I need a car.

Hello, earn money and buy one.

You bought Matt a car
why can't you buy me a car?

Matt was going to college.

You, on the other hand,
are not going to college.

You're working,
so you can buy your own car.

How much money have you
saved over the summer?


On what I make?


You guys are forcing me
to buy on credit.

You are

and you can stop
talking about school,

because I'm not going to college
until I figure out

what I'm going to college for.


For, to someday earn a living,

so you can have your own house
and drive your own car.

Maybe I don't want
to own my own home.

You don't own your own home,
this is the church's home.

But this house
is a benefit of my job,

which I was hired for
after five...

years of college.

And we do own a car,
two cars in fact.

Well, three if you count the one
we bought for Matt...

who's in college.

Um, anyway the twins
have been fed,

Simon is putting on
clean shirts for them,

and they may want a snack
before I get back.

They're sort of
on a banana kick.

So just peel one,
cut it in half,

and there's juice cups
in the refrigerator.

Remember me,
the daddy.

I know they're on a banana kick

and I know where
we keep juice cups.

Are you two still fighting
or is it safe to come in?

We're not fighting.
We're not fighting.

All I know is what everybody
else tells me.

We're not fighting.

Wow, are you getting a divorce?

We're not fighting, Ruthie.

Uh, we're just having
a little disagreement,

not even a disagreement.

A difference
of opinion.

Well, it's not
a difference of opinion.

We both think that Mom
should be able to go back

to school if she wants... I...
I just don't understand

why she wants to,
especially right now.

That's basically
a difference of opinion.

No it's not.

You know, I don't know
why you're making

such a big deal out of this.

It's a minor adjustment in our
day, two or three days a week.

That's all it is.

A minor adjustment...

They're all the same,
don't mess them up.

You okay?

No, I'm not okay.

It's my first day
of high school.

Nigel's in another
school district,

Deena's in another state
and I have no one.

First day is always tough.

But you'll make new friends.

Not the new friends
speech again, please.

Yeah, Lucy
will be there.

Lucy will show you around.

Dad, what do
I look like?

A total geek?

I don't need my big sister
to show me around.


I remember my first
day of high school.

We all do.

You told us about it
a thousand times.

Thank you for remembering.

What if high school is just
not a good experience for me?

What if... what if
I'm unpopular?

What if I can't
make good grades?

What if I never have a best
friend in high school?

What if I never have
a girlfriend again?

What if this happens?
What if that happens?

You're gonna drive yourself
crazy with that.

Not to mention me.

Don't play "what if."

Don't you wonder,
"What if my wife

"meets some college professor,
that she wants to run off with

"so she can get away from me

and seven kids and all that
church stuff"?

Yeah, that
could happen.

And if it does, what are you
going to do?

What are we all going to do?

Hey, Luce, you better
get a move on.

Wish me luck on the best
senior year ever.

Good luck.


Later, dudes.

Uh, is Andrew Nayloss
back from Europe

for his best senior year, too?

I'm counting on it.

Does he realize that you had
your best summer ever?

We had an agreement.

Don't ask don't tell.


And now for something not
completely different.

You think Andrew Nayloss's
father just spent

and thousands of dollars

to send him halfway across the
world, to keep you away from him

and suddenly that's
going to change?

Dad, why do you think
I'm dressed like this?

I think you're dressed like that
because you assume

I have absolutely no say
in what you wear.

Okay, why did you
dress like that?

Because not even
Andrew Nayloss's father

will be able to keep
Andrew from this.


No, no, I just...
I just want to see something.

It's okay.

Let me see...



And I wish you'd choose
your words more carefully.

I don't like that "this."

Don't like it at all.


How's Heather?
Why do you ask?

Why shouldn't I ask?

Well, I'm just wondering why

that's the first thing you ask.

Why shouldn't it be
the first thing I ask?

I don't know.
I don't know either.

Could you ask how am I, first?

How are you?

And Heather?


Uh, where's Mom?
Why do you want to know?

Why wouldn't I want to know?

She's my mother.

Now, is there...

something specific you need
from her?

Something that I can
take of for you?

Sandwich or, you know,
help with your laundry...

problem with Heather.

Yeah, I can make
my own sandwich.

I can do my own laundry.

And I'm not having
a problem with Heather.



Why aren't you having
a problem with Heather?

Why would I be having a problem
with Heather?

Why don't I just ask you
what I really want to know?

I have no idea, why don't you?

Maybe I will.

Go ahead.

Be my guest, ask away.

Are you and Heather
living together?

We, uh...

did a really stupid...


It was stupid.

Do you Heather take Matt

to be your lawful
wedded husband?

Do you Heather
take Matt

to be your lawful
wedded husband?

Uh... thank you.

Uh, do you take me

to be your lawful
wedded husband?

Uh, maybe if you write it down.

I'm sorry.

I need a minute.

Oh, oh, no-no, uh, thank you,

but I think that was a "no."

And so we didn't get married.

So... back to what I
really wanted to know

when I found out so much more,

are you and Heather
living together?

We're not living together.

I mean, we're together a lot,

but we're not living together.

Don't ask, okay?

You're only going
to make me mad.

It's-it's "angry,"
not "mad," and...

are you ever going
to get married?

To Heather?

Yes, to Heather.

You know, I don't think

I'd ever ask her again.

And if she asks you?

I'd have to say "no."

There was a time when you forced

Heather and her fiancé to be
honest with each other.

Maybe it's time you
forced yourself.

I-I can't; I just can't, I mean,

if I was going to break up
with her, I should have

done it after the wedding
that didn't happen.

Now, it's too late,
she has to break up with me.


Hey, what if you...

Not a chance.

I'm not breaking up
with Heather for you.

But what if you
just talk to her?


About... you know,

how angry you are
that she left your son

standing at the altar, huh?


I'm not the one who's angry, I'm
not the one who needs to talk.

I'll wait it out.

Hello, everybody,
I'm Mr. Russo,

your new principal, and
today is my first day, too.

Unfortunately, your new teacher

was moving here from New York,

and at the last minute
she changed her mind,

so we're reshuffling the deck

and drawing a new card
this morning.

We should have it all
worked out here shortly.

Oh, no, it can't be.

Some of you will remember

Ms. Riddle from last year.

Well, she's been promoted
to the fourth grade

along with you.

Isn't that wonderful?

She called me "stupid"
last year.

She called me "moron."

She called me an "imbecile."

May I be excused, I'm sick?

Hello, Ms. Riddle.


Hey, have you seen
Andrew Nayloss?

No, haven't you heard?

Haven't I heard what?

Well, I hate to be
the one to tell you,

but I think he found
a girlfriend in Europe.

So, this is America.

I heard he's not coming back.

What? Andrew Nayloss
is just going to stay

in Europe and miss
his senior year?

Please, that can't be.

That's the rumor.

But he has to come back,

even if he met
someone over there.

Over here I am his girlfriend
and it's our senior year!

Don't yell at me,
I had nothing to do with it.

You know who did have something
to do with it? His father!

Camden, how's it going?

Jim, I can't believe it;
I'm so glad to see you.

You're the first person I've
seen from our old school at...

What happened
to your foot?

football practice.

Got another week
before I can get the cast off.

Then they'll let me know
if I can get back into the game.

In the meantime, me and
some buddies are going

to go TP one of the cheerleaders
houses tonight.

You want to come?

Hi, uh, you think

you can let me off
for a couple of hours?

Is it an emergency?

Uh, no but the lunch rush

is kind of over
and I'm not really needed.

Don't you think you should
make yourself needed?

You know, so we don't feel like
we're paying you for nothing?

Oh, you don't have to pay me
for the time I'm not here.

I see.

Well, I'd have to give
my boss, the owner,

a good reason for why you left.

Do you have a good reason?

I do, I'm going to buy a car.

Lunch tips must have
been pretty good.

Yeah, $20.

And so I was
thinking that

in a whole day I can make

$50, at least,
and 50 times five

is $250, and that's,
like, $1,000 a month.

Plus, my minimum wage.

I can easily
afford a car, right?

Don't forget taxes
and social security.

I get social security?

No, you have to pay
into social security.

And don't forget,
you're not going to make

$50 a day
in tips every day.

Especially if you don't
work a whole day.

And besides, don't you think
maybe you ought to make sure

you really like your job
before you buy a car?

I love the job.

You've been here three hours.


You've got a lot more hours
to put in

before you know if this
is really gonna work out.

It'll work out.

It'll have to work out.

I'm buying a car.


what kind of car you buying?

Whatever kind someone
will sell me.

Oh, and can I borrow your car
to go look for the car?

I'm a very good driver.


Hey, you can take an hour
for a meal, but that's it.

No, no, no.

I hate her!

Ruthie, you don't hate her.

You hate being
in Ms. Riddle's class,

and we're going to do whatever
we can to get you out.

By tomorrow, because I can't
go back there tomorrow.

Don't be an idiot.

Did you just call me an "idiot"?
Yeah, I did.

No wonder you don't
have any friends.

Uh, Simon, that was
uncalled for.

Ruthie, we know how
upset you are,

but you... Where are you going?

I'm going upstairs,
I have homework.

And where are you going?

I'm going upstairs

to make new friends.

Maybe after that
I'll make some gold.

Who wants pie?


Yes, apple pie.

You had time to bake a pie?

Yes, I had time to take a pie

out of a box and bake it, yes.

It's a perfectly good pie.

Why don't you go get it?

Could you please get the pie?

Oh, sure,
I can get the pie, yeah.

Uh, we're out of toilet paper,
I'm going to go get some

and bring it upstairs
in case we run out again.

Um, it's the laundry room

Did Heather tell you
that we're in class together?

Yes, she did.


Oh, oh, I get it.

She told you
we almost got married.

Yes, she did.
Yeah, I told Dad.

I know.

Well, did she mention the part

where she left me
standing at the altar?

I know you're very angry
with her.

Maybe, a little.

But when you think about it,

it was a very brave thing
she did when she walked away.

Yeah, I imagine it gets easier

and easier the more times
you do it.

Matt, do you still want

to spend the rest of your life
with Heather?

You know, something's not right.

What, something's not right
with the relationship?

No, no, something's not right

with this conversation,
what's going on?

Nothing, we're talking.

No, we're not just talking.

Heather asked you to talk to me,
didn't she?


You're breaking up with me?


I can't believe my Mom
just broke up with me.

Matt, hold on.


He's gone.

I think you ought
to go get him.

He and Heather just broke up.


How did that happen?

You broke up with Matt
for Heather.

Yet, if I broke up with Heather
for Matt...

Eat your pie.

I need you
to do me a favor.

Find out if Andrew Nayloss
is still in Europe and why.

Sure, no problem.

Except I have no way of getting
that information.

Unless of course
you call his house

and when he isn't home
you ask why.

What's going on?

Andrew Nayloss

isn't at school.

And I suspect it's
because his Dad

somehow tricked him

into staying in Europe

by getting him a girlfriend
that's better than me.

Well, first of all,

there is no girl in all the
world who's better than you.

And secondly...

if you really cared
about Andrew Nayloss,

maybe you wouldn't
have been

binge dating
all summer.

I just went out
with those other guys

because I was angry
with him.

Oh, well, maybe that
wasn't the best way

to express
your anger.

You have to be somewhere?

Dad, you were saying.

Uh, yeah, I was saying
that you don't want

to put the person
you're angry with
on the defensive.

You have to figure
out how to be heard

and get what you want.

Now, what do you really want?

If it's not too late,

I want Andrew's dad to stop
interfering in his life

and give me a shot
at being his girlfriend.

He hasn't been very fair
to me at all.

Well, if that's what you want,

then you're going to have
to confront Andrew's dad.

And if you
do that

you might want
to think about...

how to take responsibility for
his not giving you a fair chance

even if you're not to blame.

Is there anything
you'd like to tell me?


You haven't said a word

about school today.

Everything okay?

Everything is fine.

Was it as bad
as you were expecting?

Pretty much, yeah.

But maybe it'll get better.

That's what I like to hear.

It's all about attitude.



I'm just trying to
make some friends.

That's what you
wanted, right?


Hi, Mr. Nayloss.

This is Lucy Camden.

I was hoping you'd answer.

Why's that?

Because I wanted

to apologize to you.

Apologize for?

For whatever I did

to make you think
that I was so bad

that you had to send your son
away for the summer.

I heard you were out every night

this summer
with a different guy.

To be honest,

I did it because I was very
angry that you sent Andrew away.

And I was angry
that he left me here

after telling me how much he
wanted a relationship with me.

Well, I thought sending him away
was the best thing to do.

And I'm sure I must have given
you some reason

for you to think that.

And I wanted to apologize
because whatever I did...

it makes me very sad
to think that I...

cut myself out of a really
wonderful senior year

with a very classy guy.

This girl is either
a she-devil or a saint.

I'm sorry, too.


Really thanks.

Um, is Andrew there, I heard
he might be staying in Europe.

No, he's flying in this evening.

I'll make sure
he gives you a call.

Bite me.

I did something really stupid.

That's right.

I don't know what
your so upset about.

You're taking it back.

I can't take
it back.

Well, you're not driving it
without insurance.

I got insurance.

You want to see my new car?

This is all
your fault.


How is this my fault?

You're the one who told her
to buy the car.

If you hadn't been at school
you could have stopped her.

Oh, this is all
about my taking one course,

one lousy college course.

Yeah, it's always
the mother's fault.

The mother's always
the one to be blamed

for anything,
if anything goes wrong.

Well fine.
I'm going to bed.

Good night.

It's unbelievable.

It's just what I always
pictured myself driving.

And how did you
picture yourself

paying for it?

I'm working.

This week.

Well, if the job at the pool
hall doesn't last,

I'll just get another
one-- no big deal.

Hey, look at my new car.


How are you going to pay
for this?

That is not
your problem.


Well, I was going
to grab my bike

but you want to give me a ride?

I'm just going a couple
of blocks.

To do what?

I'm meeting some of my friends
to TP a house.


No, really.

Dad gave me permission.

Just don't tell Mom.

How was dinner?

Dinner was great.

Dessert was a disaster.

My Mom broke up with me.

I didn't want you and
your mother to break up,

just you and me.

I can't believe this.


That's why you went
to talk to your father

this morning, wasn't it?

That, that's not the point.


The point is that you've been
angry with me all summer.

Only you keep trying to pretend
that you aren't angry.

You've never been angry with me.

Want me to tell you why?

Because I'm deaf.

You think you can't
be angry with me

because I'm deaf
and that translates

to you feel sorry for me.

That's not true.

If it isn't true then go ahead

and say what's on your mind.

Why don't you say
what's on your mind.


I love you.

But marrying you is just
not the right thing to do.

Yet you said yes
to the proposal.

I wanted to get back
together with you

but I never thought

that you wanted to get
married right away.

It took me by surprise.

I surprised you
into saying yes?

You could have said no.

But you were so surprised
you said yes!

Even though
you meant no,

you rather not, or
you'd like to wait,

you were so surprised
you said yes!

Well, excuse me for
popping the question.

What is, is so funny?

From a distance

angry people always look
a little funny to me.

I'm sorry.

I can't see what you're saying.


I'm sorry, I forgot.

No. Please don't apologize.

That's exactly
what I want you to do.


So, so what now?

Frankly, I need a break.

And it's too soon to be friends.

Thank you.

No, thank your mother.

Um, see you on campus.

I just can't believe
it's over.


I called to apologize.

I should just have taken of
my problems with Heather myself

and then no one
would have interfered.

Oh, Matt, it probably wasn't
the right thing to do,

but I just couldn't take
watching you go through

what you just went through
with Shana last year.

I mean, you're a young man
with a tough road ahead.

And you should get as much
enjoyment out of life

as possible.


Oh, and-and Matt,

one of the reasons that
Heather wanted to let go

was because she was
constantly paranoid

that you asked her
to get married right away

because you were angry
with Shana.

You know, maybe she's right.
I don't know.

Well, if you
and Heather

are meant
for each other,

you'll find a way back.

Just give yourself some time.

I will, thanks.

Oh, and, Matt,
there's one other thing.

If you do ever marry Heather

or any other woman,
I want to be there.

Good night, Mom.

And your father wants
to be there.

Good night, Mom.

Oh, and he should marry you

and whoever your marrying
and it should be in our church.

Good night, Mom.
And Matt...

Good night, I love you.

Oh, so that's why
you broke up

with Matt for

You were upset that you weren't
invited to the wedding.

Oh, like you weren't.

And if this is
a conversation

about misdirected

I think I might want to say
something about that.

I think you're angry
with someone other than me.

No, I'm angry with you.

I'm angry with you.



I came in here to tell you that
I did a really stupid thing.

What stupid thing?

I told Simon
that he could TP a house

with his buddies tonight

and he should have
been home by now.


Why would you do something
like that?

Uh, I did mention that
I'm angry with you didn't I?

I mean...

I'd like to say that I just
thought it was a harmless way

for Simon to make some friends
but that wouldn't be the truth.


that's nuts.

Not to mention childish.

Not to mention irresponsible.

Not to mention that
it's not like you at all.

I said I shouldn't have done it,

and I should have had
a conversation with you

about this school situation,
but I didn't.

So now my going back to school
is a situation.

Face it.

You're not that angry
that I'm going back to school.

You're angry that Mary's
not going to school.

The bad news is, these guys
got caught TP-ing a yard,

and they'll be expected

to clean things up
first thing tomorrow morning.

But there's good news?

The good news is,
I'm the one who got the call,

so no one's looking at this as
destruction of private property.

And bonus--
I made a friend.

This is your fault.

All your fault.

Great. I thought
it was my fault.

Simon could have run off
with the other guys,

but I dropped my crutches,
and he waited for me,

and that's how we got nabbed.

Well, I couldn't just
leave you there.

Yeah, you could have.

The other guys did.

I'll let you
sort this out.

And if you don't mind,

Jim asked if you could
call his mother.

Guys, we have
to talk.

Can we do it
over apple pie?

Uh, if you want
to punish yourselves,

we could start there.

Hi. My dad just picked
me up from the airport.

Could I please
see Lucy?

What's going on?

I'm surprised to see you.

Yes. I should have called.

I just got in, though.

I have to tell you something.

No, don't do that.

Don't, uh... Don't smile at me.


I did a really stupid thing.

Well, you see, I, um...

I met a girl.

I'm not asking anything.

Don't ask, don't tell.

Yeah, but the thing
is, I... I asked.

I asked some
of my friends

how you were this summer,

and they all said
the same thing.

Busy, really busy.

So, I got kind of
angry with you, and...

I got really angry at my dad
for sending me away this summer,

and I got even angrier
with myself for going.

And I, uh...

You met a girl.

I didn't just meet her.


Okay, that's enough.

That's more than I ever
would ask or even need to know.

I know, but...

But what?

Why are you telling me this?

Because we got pregnant.

And I'm going
back to France.

To live.

She's from Ohio,

but she's got family
in Provence.

Yeah, my mom got
married again.

She married the guy
I got hooked up with

in my Big
Brother Program.

Oh, no kidding.

Well, you...
you liked him, right?

He's a big football fan.

Yeah, but I liked him
as a big brother, you know.

I felt a little betrayed
when I found out

my big brother
was dating my mom.

I mean, my dad passed away
just three years ago.

And to tell you the truth, yeah,

I wanted to get
into a little trouble

just so I can make both of them
as mad at me as I am at them.

Um, I think it's "angry."

See? Now, I feel kind of stupid.

Sorry. I shouldn't
have said anything.

No, no. I meant I feel stupid
about rolling the yard.

Except, if you don't mind,

I'm just going to...

take responsibility for myself,

and I'll make the call.

Good luck.

I'll just, uh, step outside

for a little privacy
if you don't mind?

I was wrong here.

I knew that
when you gave me permission.

But I'd had it
up to here

with the make-new-friends

so I went ahead
and did it anyway.

I know you and mom are never
on separate teams,

and mom would have
never said okay.

Tell Jim I'll drive him home.

I... I just want
to go apologize to Annie.

Should I ask?

Thanks to me,

there's a pregnant
teenage girl in France.

And thanks to me,
Andrew Nayloss

will be completing high school
in her grandfather's village

while living with her family
and working in a boulangerie.

Well, you never know
what will happen

when you do something
out of spite.

Hey, what's with
the doorbell?

What's up?

Nothing much, other than, uh,

Lucy's apparently responsible

for some young woman in France
getting pregnant.


Oh, well, anyway, um,

I'm sorry if I just got mad
at you guys

and went out and bought a car,
but I do work, you know.

It's "angry." The word is angry.

And... I am angry

with you for just giving up
on college.

And now, unfortunately,
I'm even angrier, because

you bought a car,
and that particular car.

Did you know
that I worked my way

through college, and I've worked
for more than 20 years,

and a sports car is my dream,
and I can't afford one?

Yes, I know that,

but can I help it
if I can afford it?


two, three, four,
five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten.

You bought it, you pay for it.

I'm going to let you
be responsible for you,

even if it makes me
absolutely crazy.

And by the way, uh,

when you do decide

that you can't stand
working at jobs

that have no meaning
or purpose for you,

and you want to go to college,

you're still going
to have to pay for the car.

If I decide to go to college,
I'll sell it.

Not for what you paid for it.

Well, great.
If I can make money off it,

then I'll put it
towards my tuition.

Look, if I never go to college,
are you really going

to be this mad at me
the rest of my life?


because you're too smart

not to learn all you can
as long as you can.

What about Mom? Does
that go for her, too?

She's in the doorway, isn't she?


Go to bed.

You're right, I'm angry at Mary.

I feel like I've talked to her
and talked to her,

and at some point... I gave up.

I let all my anger
start festering inside me.

I'm very good
at telling other people

how to handle their anger,
you know?

But taking my own advice--
it's harder.

You're absolutely right.

I-I-I-I-I... I used
the first opportunity

I had to pick a fight with you.

You don't need
any reason

to go to school
other than that you want to go.

I could have said that
when you first told me

instead of acting like
a big fat jerk.

You know I'll do anything
to help you

or anyone in this family
get an education.

Oh, yeah?

Would you let me
get some sleep?

It's a school night,
and I've got

to get out of
that woman's class tomorrow.

She's mean.

She's really mean.

And she makes me want to do
something really, really bad.

Oh, come on, come on.

You know, I can
understand that.

I mean, it's-it's...
Look, it's hard to know

what to do when
you're angry,

when you can't talk about it,

or you do talk about it,

and you feel like
no one's listening.

We're listening to you,
sweetheart, we hear you.

That's it.

What's it?

Class, before we begin the work

that we will now probably
have to do during recess,

our new principal,

as well as Ruthie Camden's
parents, insist

that she be allowed to...
express herself.

Ms. Riddle.


This isn't just
about Ms. Riddle and me.

When I thought about it,

I'm not just angry
that I'm in her class again.

I'm angry
about a whole lot of stuff.

Are we tired
of being told to be quiet?


Are we tired
of being made feel stupid

when we don't know something?


Are we tired of not being able
to ask questions?


We're tired of having no choices

and having grownups
making bad choices for us.


We are tired of bad
school food. Ketchup

as a vegetable?
I don't think so.


And why do we have to be here
at the crack of dawn?


And if we have to learn
about the stuff

that doesn't interest us,
why can't we also learn

about the stuff
that does interest us?

Is it too much work to give us
individual assignments

if we're willing to do them?


And why can't the adults do
something about school safety?

Aren't you scared that someone
is going to shoot you,

or someone at school
is going to get shot? I am.

There are a lot
of angry kids around here.

And why can't someone help them
do something with their anger?

I can tell you,
it helps just to talk.

And why can't someone
help the kids

who come to school hungry?

It's not their fault
their parents can't feed them.

And why can't someone
do something for the kids

who get hit every night
when they go home?

Can't someone
protect them?

Won't someone help us?

I don't just need a new teacher,
we need a revolution.


Yes! Yes!


Ruthie! Ruthie!

Ruthie! Ruthie!

Ruthie! Ruthie!

I'll do what I can
to get her out.

That's all we're asking.


Ruthie! Ruthie!
Ruthie! Ruthie!

Ruthie! Ruthie!
Ruthie! Ruthie...!