7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 13 - Who Do You Trust? - full transcript

Robbie and Mary get to go to the movies on a double-date with his brother Rick and Lucy, but that unwilling couple ends up cheating on their partners, while Robbie has another secret. Simon and Nigel buy cigarettes illegally for a school project, yet Eric waits even while they ponder about smoking 'just one'. Matt is a wreck after Shana fails to call once, worse when she does too cheerfully, but his very despair attracts both girl neighbors his house-mate invited.


See you tomorrow.


That'll be a buck 50.

Oh, and uh, I need
a pack of those.

Light or regular?







Man, that was too easy.





You know,
I'm-I'm really not hungry.

Come on, it's your favorite.

Meat between two pieces
of meat, garnished with... meat.

Why are you being so nice to me?

No reason.

Oh, and I finished

your laundry; it's all folded
and in the basket.

Pity laundry, is that it?

-Just because Shana

went to New York
doesn't mean we've broken up.

I know.

It's gonna work out.

You bet it is.

Hey, Matt, how's it going?

Oh, put a sock in it.

There's no way he and Shana

are going to make this
long-distance thing work.
-Come on, they could.

Not a chance.

No way.

What is this?

Put it back-- it's Ruthie's
science experiment.

Is it edible?

If you give Ruthie a dollar,
she'll tell you.

I'm not giving
Ruthie a dollar.


So, are you... you doing okay
with everything?

If, "everything"
means Shana,

I'm doing just fine.

All right, but if you want
to talk, I'm here.

Dad, Shana didn't die;
She went away to school.

I'm fine, really.

Shana didn't call yesterday.


It was her turn.

That's the first time
that's happened.

I didn't know any of this.

Maybe Matt just doesn't want

to tell you that stuff.

Why would that be?

I don't know; sometimes kids

just don't want their parents
to know stuff.

They have their reasons.

Like you have your reasons
for not wanting

to tell us what your science
experiment is?


So, can I ask you something?


You growing a mustache?

Finally, somebody noticed.

How long you
been growing it?

About three months.


So, do you think we
can get anyone else

to, uh, sell
us cigarettes?

Oh, yeah.

I can't believe
we're doing this.

Are we really
doing this?

We have to.

So, what's the deal?

I haven't asked them yet.

Come on, this "in home"
dating is driving me crazy.

You have to get permission
for us to go out.

Look, I am doing everything
humanly possible

to appear to be the most
responsible teenager

in the world.

It's not you,
it's me they don't trust.

No, they like you.

Maybe, but,
they still don't trust me.

Hey, I just got a great idea.

Would they let us go out
if we double dated?

It would have to be someone my
parents knew really really well.

What about your
sister Lucy?



We could fix her up
with my brother Rick.

No, you couldn't.

That's a great idea!

What's a great idea?

No, you couldn't.

Well, yeah, my brother
Rick's right here,

and he says he'd love
to take Lucy out.

I didn't say that.

That's great.

I'm sure Lucy will be
into it, too.

Okay, bye.

What will I be into, too?

Never mind.

Are Simon and Nigel back
from their bike ride yet?

Do you think I'm
a good listener?

Did you hear what
I just asked you?

Did you hear me
when I asked you

to run downstairs
and get me a couple of diapers?

I'll get the diapers.

I got 'em.

Who can watch TV with
all the yakking?


So, can I ask you guys

Could Robbie and I go out
on a real date

if we double with Lucy
and his brother Rick?

Does Lucy want to go with Rick?

Rick who?

Robbie's brother.

I knew you were
up to something.

I didn't want to ask you
before I asked them.

Have you even
met this guy?

No, but he's an
honor student,

he's never been in any trouble
and he's really nice.


-So can we?

Uh, couldn't they
just go out alone?

Hey, either one,

fine with me.

-I don't know...
-It'll be just
the four of us.

We'll go to an early movie.

Straight there, straight back.


Straight there, straight back.

Thanks for asking me.

You weren't doing
anything, were you?

I love you both
very, very much.


Come on, we had to trust her

with Robbie sometime.

No, we don't.

I keep wanting to lock her up
until she turns 21, but no...

And, for the record,

I don't trust Robbie.

I'm still trying to trust her.

I'm cooking tonight...


And the good news is,

our neighbors are joining us.

Our female neighbors, our
beautiful female neighbors.

And it won't be like

it's a date,
'cause they're our neighbors.

Angela and Barbara, the girls
next door and up a floor--

new in the building.

And they are a perfect match
for us.

I met my perfect match,

but she just happens to be
in New York,

and apparently unable
to use the phone.

Okay, what I mean is,
one woman is white

and the other just happens to be

of the African-American

And they are both gorgeous.

Well, I'm not going to be here.
I'm going to the library.

Oh, no, no, no.

You're going to be
here, Gloomy Gus,

because I told them
you're gonna be here.

And you may not need
a girlfriend, but I do.

I'm sorry I didn't call.

That's, that's okay, I-I...
figured you were busy.

Actually, I was busy.

I aced my first big test
in biochemistry

and went out to celebrate with
some people in my class.



How nice for you.

And we went down to Chinatown
and ate forever

and I didn't
get back here until,

like 4:00 in the morning, so I
figured it was too late to call.

Yeah, that would've been
a little late, only...

I was waiting for you to call!

It was your turn to call;
I was worried about you.

You weren't worried,
you were... you were jealous.

You know, I though we agreed
that you wouldn't be jealous.

Especially since there is
nothing to be jealous of.


It's okay.

So we're still friends?


I hope we're more than that.

That is not what I meant.

Then, what did you mean?

Oh, what I meant was that,

I hope that no matter
what happens,

we will always be friends.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing, okay?

Nothing; it means nothing.

I have to go.

I love you.


Uh, uh...

I was beginning
to get worried

about you guys.

We were playing.

Uh, yeah, playing.

Nigel and Simon
just came home.

Something isn't right.

You thought they
wouldn't come home?

You want me to go

find out what it is?

Well, you can either
snoop or cook.

I'm on my way.

I can't believe
we pulled it off.

I can't either.


Hi. This is Lucy Camden.

May I speak to Rick?

This is Rick.


So, I guess we have a date
tonight, huh?


and I was wondering how you felt
about being set up with me.

Because we don't have to do
this, if you don't want to.

No, we have to go out or
my brother would kill me.

I see.

Hey, Robbie told me
how beautiful you are.

And I believe him,
but I already have a girlfriend,


And it's not like it's
a commitment or anything,

but I called her and I told her

that you and I going out
is just a platonic thing.

Well, that's great
that you're so honest,

and it's great
that it's just a platonic thing.

I mean, it certainly
takes the pressure off.

Look, you sound really nice,
and, up until a month ago, I...

Don't apologize.

You sound nice, too.

And we'll just go out and have
a nice platonic time.

I'll see you tonight then.



I wish you had just busted them

when you saw them
with the cigarettes.

Come on, that would be
so uninteresting.

Remember when I set up
Matt with Mrs. Bink?

That was great-- that was
one of my finest moments.

But that was different.

Matt was older and
we knew he was smoking.

Simon and Nigel are probably
only thinking about smoking.

But if we stop them
before they try it,

they'll only think
about trying it again.

We don't know that.

Oh, I know that.

They... they want to try it.

I can see it in their faces.

Ruthie's science experiment?

Don't touch that!


Where's Simon and Nigel?

They're getting
the boys.

Why are we eating
in the kitchen?

Well, Mary and Lucy
ate earlier,

they're going out

Besides, it's so much more
intimate in here.

It'll give us a chance to talk.

Okay, who's in trouble?

What makes you think
anyone's in trouble?

Oh, yeah, someone's

in trouble, big time.

Stop looking at each other.

You guys are giving me
the creeps.


Quit it.

Are you gonna put on
a clean shirt?

I'm not trying
to impress anybody,

they're just neighbors, right?

Gorgeous neighbors, and I don't
want the smell of your shirt

to interfere with the smell
of our dinner, so change.

Now, how about putting on
a fresh attitude

to match that spiffy shirt?

Don't push it.

I'm just not feeling
very sociable, okay?

I'm not happy.

Could you fake it, just for me?

You're very lonely best friend?

You know how mad you are
at Shana?

Well, I'm going to be twice
that mad at you,

if you mess up my evening.

I-I don't care!

Oh, come on, please.

Come on, Matt, come on.


I was, uh, pretty
subtle at dinner, huh?

You know, my plan to
get Simon and Nigel

to confess about
the cigarettes.

Oh, you mean, um, telling them
that confession is good

for the soul and then asking
them pointed questions

about smoking, that's all part
of your "subtle" plan?

Was it also

part of your plan to make them
feel so uncomfortable

that they left the table
before finishing their dinner.

Okay... I can't take it.

I feel so guilty.

Can't take what?

The questions--
no more questions.

I confess.

I didn't mean to break the china
box on your dresser, but I did.

Are you happy now,
Mr. Question Man?


You broke my china box?

Two months ago.

Sorry, I tried to glue it
back together.

You're right,
confession is good.

I feel much better now.

Just because
the wrong kid confessed

doesn't mean your plan is bad.

Rick and Robbie.

-I'll get it.
-Be nice.

I'll try.

What do you mean
the wrong kid confessed?

You didn't know I broke
that box, did you?

So I just confessed
for nothing?

And I'm going to get punished.

I'm afraid so.

So, I hear you're a National
Merit Finalist.

Yes, sir.

Rick's always been the
smart one in the family.

That's not true.

Robbie always made
good grades until...

He was arrested?

My mom just told us
you were here.

Oh, that's okay, we've
been getting acquainted.

Haven't we, boys?

Mom, Lucy, this is Rick.

Nice to meet you,
Mrs. Camden.


Excuse me?

I'm sorry. Hi.

Uh, would anyone
like a drink?

Uh, no thanks,
we don't drink.

Oh, you meant, uh...
no, no, thanks.

You know, we really
don't have time

for anything, anyway.

Let's go.

Where are you going?

To a movie.

-Which one?

Just some old western.

Yeah, at that
artsy place

where they have,
uh, dollar movies.

We're kind of
on a budget.

And kind of
on a schedule.

Do you mind? Let's go.

We won't be late.

No, you won't.

You could be a little
nicer to Robbie.


So, you need anything
from the store?

How are you going
to follow Mary and Lucy,

Simon and Nigel
on the same night?

I can do it.

But why would you want to?

Hey, don't ruin
a perfectly good night

of spying on the kids
with logic.


I'm hungry.

Yeah, me too.

Next time we hide out
from your dad,

remember to bring some food.

I don't feel right about this.

I mean, if we tell
our parents

that we're investigating people
who sell cigarettes to minors,

as a school project,

they're never gonna let us
keep doing it.

We just need one more day.

We need more than two lousy
purchases for a report.

I don't want a C.


...you ever, you know?

Ruthie and I tried it.

I got sick, really sick.

Yeah, Lynn and I tried it.
We got sick too.

But I was just a kid.


You know...

we could smoke one--
just one--

and then we
could write

a paper on what made us try
smoking and how awful it is.

But, if we smoke,
we'll get in trouble.

We're already in trouble.

Well, I don't know, I mean...

What if we actually like it
and become addicted.

That'd be an A-plus guaranteed.

Especially if it comes down
to wearing the patch

or chewing that gum.

We might even get to testify
before Congress.

No. We can't.

It's wrong.

Want to know
what's in there?

Uh, yes, I do.

Is it worth a buck to you?

I was just trying
to decide that.



Wha... There's
nobody listening.

In this house? Get real.


That's very good.

You like it?

I love it.

What do you love?

Um, Ruthie's
science experiment.

-You wanna know
what's in here?

My treat.

Oh, that's very good.

No, maybe,

like that's the best science
experiment I've ever heard of.

Hey, are you
having trouble

getting them
to sleep?

-'Cause you know
what's good for that?

A ride in the car.

Would you like to take them
for a little ride?

Oh, like maybe to the, uh,

artsy movie theatre
to spy on Mary and Lucy.

No, I'd rather give them
a bottle instead.

I feel like going for a ride.

-I could really use your help
with the boys.

The second floor of the house is
an interesting place, too.

Yes, it is.

You know, you either trust
Mary and Robbie or you don't.


I think I'll take a walk.

Uh, oh,
in the meantime,

if you smell smoke,
wait for me.

Still at it?

Oh, yeah.

And the movie hasn't
even started yet.

It's a little

I mean, what exactly
are they gonna do

when the lights go out?

Good point.

You know,
those two are exactly

what I was expecting,

but you... I don't know,

I thought a girl who
builds houses was gonna

be a big clunker, carry
a hammer or something.

I have a power
sander in my purse.

I just mean,
if I knew girls like you

worked for the Habitat project,
I'd build houses, too.


You're welcome.

So why don't you have
a boyfriend?

I had a boyfriend
last year.

What happened to him?

We broke up.

Who broke up with whom?

I broke up with him.

Did he do something wrong?

No. I just realized
I didn't care about him

as much as he did
about me,

and I thought it
wasn't fair to him,

so I ended it.

I like that.
I like that a lot.

I respect honesty.

You had enough?

Let's go sit
outside and talk.

Look alive now; look alive.

Look conscious.
Can you do that?

Oh, welcome.

Come in. Come in.

Thanks for coming.

It's nothing.

We just walked
down the stairs.

No effort's too small.

I hope we're
not too early.

We could smell the
food all the way up

on the fourth floor
and we're both starving.

You're not early at all.

Actually, you're right on time.

Angela, Barbara, this
is my roommate Matt.

It's nice to meet you.

I always wanted
a steady girlfriend,

but, tonight, I wish
I didn't even have one.


Because, right now,
I'd like to kiss you.

I guess your girlfriend
wouldn't go for that.

Probably not.

But what if I kissed you?

You mean, without
my knowing about it?


That didn't even
make sense, did it?

Are you sure
it was Lucy?

Oh, it was Lucy,
all right.

They were just making out,

just right there on
the street.

They don't even know
each other.

She just met him.

Frankly, this is not
the kind of behavior

I would expect from a
National Merit Finalist.


Oh, is that the "This is what I
get for spying on my kids" look?

I can only guess
where the other two were.

They were probably watching
the movie.

Oh, right.

Why is that so hard to believe?

If the younger brother has
the nerve to make out with Lucy,

right on a public street,
then it scares me to think

what the brother who was
arrested is capable of.

You're out of your mind--
you know that, don't you?

Maybe, but it doesn't make me
wrong about this.

That would be my son
and his friend,

who are also up
to no good tonight.

Where have you two been?

Yes, you.
Where have you been?

They've been out
in the garage.

I asked them to take
something out for me.



You sent them
to the garage?

I mean, that's practically
inviting them to light up.

I choose to trust;

to believe that our son and
his friend have a good reason

that explains why
they have cigarettes.

Like... they smoke?

I don't think they smoke.

You probably don't think
Lucy was making out

with a guy she just met, either.

No, that I believe,
because she's done it before.


about two years ago, I caught
her and Keesha making out

with a couple of boys
at the movies?

No, I... I don't remember.

I thought I told you.

You didn't.

I guess I forgot.

You didn't forget to tell me

Simon smokes, did you?

When Mary asked to go
to the dollar movie tonight,

didn't it occur to you
that all she wants to do

is be alone with Robbie?

We've got to hope

that we have raised our
daughters well enough

that they're not doing anything
more than kissing.

But I think we have to
expect the kissing.

You're not upset about
this, are you.

I'm not thrilled, but I am not
going to drive myself crazy.

They've got to make
their own decisions.

We can't make their
decisions for them.

I'm going to go
for another walk.

No, you're not.

Now, you're getting
yourself all worked up.

You gotta take a few minutes,
calm down, relax

and get some perspective.

You're right.

But if my daughters aren't back
in this house in an hour,

I'm going to...

I just wasn't
prepared, that's all.

I mean, I knew she was going,
but I wasn't prepared

for how lonely I'd feel,
and now I'm just a mess.

You can
say that again.

Now I can't
concentrate at school,

I'm depressed at work...

Well, working in a hospital
can be depressing.

I don't know
how you do it;

working in a life-and-
death environment every day.

You are very brave.

Oh, come on,
it's not like

he's healing
the critically ill.

He wears a hairnet
and serves Jell-O.

Well, maybe you'd all feel
better if you ate something.

I can't eat.

I don't have an appetite.

Me neither.

When you guys

first got here, you were
starving-- what happened?

What is it?

It's just that Shana used
to wear jeans.

I'm gonna kill him.

We almost got caught.

Yeah, now I want to do
it worse than before,

even though I know
it's wrong.

Now, just remember,
we're already in trouble.


What's this?

That's my science experiment,
so don't open it.

If you pay her,
she'll tell you what it is.

Why don't we just open the bag?

Oh, you don't want to do that.

How much?

One dollar.

That's a good one.

Forget it.
Nigel will tell me.

No, I won't.

Where's Mary?

Uh, she stopped by
the restroom...

to comb her hair.

Pardon us
for a second, will you?

What have you
been doing out here?

She kissed me.

What happened
to platonic?

We were just

experimenting with what happens
when friends kiss friends.

I'll tell you what happens.

Her father kills you,
that's what happens.

Friends don't kiss

No, friends don't let
friends drive drunk.

Not funny.

You two look like lovers,
which means we look like

dead meat when
we take them home.

She's cute, huh?

What happened to you?


You want to go freshen up?

No, let's go.

Remember, straight here,
straight back,

just like we promised.

I think that it's all
going to work out.

True, long-distance
relationships are hard.

But not when
the guy is honest

and, and vulnerable

and so out there with
his feelings like you.

A girl would have to be crazy
not to find a way

to make a relationship work
with you.

Say, can I talk to you
for a minute?

Sure. Excuse me.

What do you think you're doing?!

You've got both women!
That's so unfair!

I'm not doing anything.

You're ruining
the entire evening for me.

I haven't even gotten
anywhere near Angela.

-I think you're overreacting.
-Oh, yeah?

Well, the only way I can compete
with you and your sad tale

is if... oh, there's no way
to compete with you,

because you've got 'em eating
out of your hand.

What do you want me to do?

Leave! I want you to leave.

We better get it;
it might be Shana.


I must have the wrong number.

Is this Shana?

Yes, who's this?

Are you looking for Matt?

Um, yeah.

Well, he's right here,
hold on.

-It's Shana.


Don't "hey" me.

Who was that, and how does she
know about me?

I smell smoke.

Yeah, cigarette smoke.

Someone's gonna get
in trouble.

Simon and Nigel?

Well, we better
say goodnight here

So I guess I won't
be calling you,

since we're just friends.

Right. But if you ever
do need a friend...

I'll know who to call.

I had a great time.


I'll see you later.

Hey, there!

How was your date?

It was great.

Thank you for
letting me go out.

And your date?

It was okay.

Just okay?

What's wrong?

Yeah, what's up?

I think Lucy knows what's up,

because I think we all know
what you were doing tonight,

and it wasn't watching
a movie, was it?

What were you doing,
spying on me?

I wasn't spying I just happened
to walk by and...

You were spying on me.


I feel so...

How could you spy on me?

He wasn't spying on you, he was
spying on me-- weren't you, Dad?

Okay, I was curious
and concerned

so I just took a walk
by the movie theater and...

Spied on us?

You are never
going to trust me again

no matter what I do, are you?

And you have no reason
not to trust me.

Except that this is not
the first time that you've been

caught making out in public
with a guy you just met.


You know what
we're talking about.

That guy uh, Keesha
fixed you up

with a couple
of years ago?

Oh... yeah.

Yeah, but that was different.


I don't know, but it just was.

Do you smell smoke?

Oh. Cigarette smoke.


We figured if we told you
we were buying cigarettes

you wouldn't let us
buy any more

and our project
would be ruined.

If you knew
we wouldn't approve,

maybe it wasn't
the best project to do.

But we did show
how easy it is

for kids to
buy cigarettes.

What were you planning to do

if you got caught
buying cigarettes?

The person selling us cigarettes
gets in trouble,

not us.

You guys didn't do
your research.

It's a $75 fine

and 30 hours of community
service for minors caught

buying cigarettes.

Yeah, I checked it out

when Matt made
his little venture

into the world of tobacco
a few years back.

Besides that,

you're saying you're
willing to let the guy

who sold you the cigarettes
get into legal trouble

just so you can
get a good grade

on your social studies

But those people
are killing us

by selling us cigarettes.

Not us, technically,
but kids who smoke.

It's a very
interesting project,

but it's also a project
that could have had

some serious consequences
for other people

as well as
for you two.

And who wants
to tell me

how actually smoking the
cigarettes you bought

fits in?

Uh, we were expanding
the project.

You know,
going from the thrill

of buying
the illegal product,

to the thrill
of smoking it.

Plus, when you make
something so bad,

it makes it irresistible, too.

Yeah, it was like,
once we had the cigarettes,

we couldn't help ourselves,

we had to smoke.

Even knowing all we know
about smoking and,

and how bad it is.


I'm sorry, too.

I'm afraid
if you actually

turn in your project you could
make yourself vulnerable

to prosecution,

not to mention whatever
punishment we come up with.

Maybe you could talk
to Sergeant Michaels

and the police could use
what we have,

and we could be part of a sting
or something.

You have to be 15
to participate in a sting

and have the permission
of your parents,

which, you don't.

So um, no sting.

No more cigarettes.

I'm afraid

you're going to have to throw
out your project and start over.

Is that
our punishment?

What do you think?

What are we
going to do?

The project is due at
the end of the week.

Maybe you'd like to buy my
science experiment and use it.

I'm not gonna pay you
for something

when I don't even
know what it is.

It is pretty good.

Real good.

Extremely good.

Okay, what is it?

One dollar please.

Ever heard of alchemy?

Turning ordinary substances
into gold?

That's not possible.

Sure it is.



I'm good.

Yes, you are.

Outwitted by an
eight year-old.


What was that for?

Mom and Dad don't trust me
because you were making out

with Rick. Thanks.

Maybe someone
should have

mentioned what I looked like,

and then they wouldn't
of known anything.

I asked you if you wanted
to freshen up.

The correct phrasing
would have been,

"Lucy, would you like
to freshen up,

because you look like you've
been sucking face all night."

Oh, except that
all the freshening in the world

wouldn't have helped
since Dad saw you.

You were kissing, too.

Robbie and I have known
each other for months.

Maybe so, but Rick
and I were like PG.

You and Robbie were...

...well, you weren't PG
and I don't think Mom and Dad,

would have been happy
if they would have seen you.

Which is why I don't make out
on street corners.

And Mom and Dad
are not stupid.

They don't think that I am dying
to get out of the house

with Robbie just
so we can hold hands

and watch a stupid
old Western movie.


...how do you think we
should punish Simon?

Well, maybe
we should fine them,

make them do
community service,

like if they
had been caught.

That is, of course
if the Hamiltons agree.

But we should also
take into consideration

that they were just trying
to get a good grade.

Do you think that's
all they were doing,

or do you think they just
found out a convenient way

to justify the thrill of
buying and trying cigarettes?

What happened
to trusting our kids?

I don't know.

I think maybe it's just a
phase I'm going through.

Maybe it's just a phase
they're going through.


Hmm? Hmm?

I don't like not
being trusted.

I know what you mean.

I don't like not being
trusted either.

I guess the thing to do is
to win back their trust.

You're right.

Do you think I
can trust Robbie?

His brother
certainly is honest.


He told his girlfriend

he was going out
with you as a friend,

and then the two of you
made out all night.

We made out as friends.

You know, maybe we should start
an honesty program.

We could start by telling
ourselves the truth.


I liked kissing Rick.

It was fun.

And at the same time,
I felt guilty

and a little ashamed of myself

because he cheated
on his girlfriend,

and I don't think women
should do that to each other.

There was just some thrill
in it at the time.

Your turn.

The truth is, I don't know why,

but I don't really trust Robbie.



I don't know.

Just a gut feeling.

A gut feeling I'm trying
really hard to ignore for now.


I've been looking for you.

I'll catch up
with you later.

Thanks for making me
go out.

Yeah, you're welcome.

-Stop smiling.
-I can't.

I've been waiting

all night for you
to get home.
-I told you

I was going out
with my brother.

Just you and your brother?

Just me and Rick.

If I was going out
with another woman,

you think I'd be home
this early?

What's the matter, baby?

Don't you trust me?

Wow, this evening
went by so fast.

Sorry about dinner.

Don't worry about it.

How about to make up
for tonight,

we have you guys up to
our apartment next week

for dinner?

I'd really like that.

Count me in.

How about you?

Uh, sure, as long
as I'm not working.

With any luck
he'll be working.

-Good night, guys.
-Good night.

Man, you are hopeless.