7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 12 - All by Myself - full transcript

Matt spends the night with Shana in between packing fro New York, but on the couch and it only makes the farewell harder. Simon is depressed because Deenah bugs him about color-matched outfits, his sisters about pointless phone-calls. Lucy is unfair to movie-date Brad Landers and better kisser Andrew Nayloss. The house is a mess as marital walkover Eric let Annie get away with taking a weekend off alone, which she can't enjoy missing everyone, while he fails to keep any promises.


Oh, not funny.

I can't find my book bag.

Where did you last see it?

I don't remember.

Uh, did you leave it
in the living room?


Did you look?

I like it better when you look.

Where's my blue shirt?

Uh, did you try the closet?

-Try the living room.

Just trying to help.

I put it in
the hamper yesterday.

Okay, well if
that's where

it probably still is
because I didn't get a chance

to do the laundry yesterday.

What were you doing all day?

I've got a few other
things to take care of.

The phone is not
a complicated instrument.

You pick it up, you dial,
you're connected.

Why don't men get this?

You're preaching
to the converted.

Mom, why do you think Brad
and Robbie haven't called us.

Can I get back to you

Sure, fine, it's on that one?
just my life.

What's for breakfast?

Whatever you can find.

I highly recommend
the Frosted Flakes.

Don't you usually make

You take the cereal,
you make the toast,

you go get the orange juice,

it's not
rocket science.

I was half way to church

when I saw Ruthie's book bag
on my backseat.

I found my book bag.

Why was it on the backseat
of my car?

I must of put it there
last night

so I'd be ready to go
to school in the morning.

Uh-uh, uh-uh, you're not going
to wear that dirty shirt.

I have to. Deena's wearing her
blue shirt today

and she wants us to match.

You should wear a dress.
Then you'd really match.

No fair, I didn't know we could
have cookies for breakfast.

Why are they...?


Why are you eating cookies?

Does anybody know
where Shana is?
I need to find her.

Mom, a little help please.

All right, that's it.

I need a time out.

Did everybody hear me?

Mommy is taking a time out.

Go down.

Down we go.

There we go.
Down we go.

Good boy.

Yes, okay.

There you go.


Mommy loves you.

I mean, you understand
don't you?

I'm just completely fried.

The two new babies,
your heart attack,

my dad's Alzheimer's,
it's just all too much.

Just need to get away
for a couple of days

and recharge my batteries.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

I thought maybe the beach,

a place where I used to go
with my parents.

Beach, yeah. It's winter.

Great, it'll be deserted.

You know, I love you all.

I just need to sleep
and not worry

about anyone but myself
for 48 hours.

I love you, too. If this is what
you need, go for it.

-The kids and I
will be fine.

You know, you should
take Happy.

That way you can be by yourself
but you won't be alone.

That's a great idea.

Don't Brad or Robbie know
what torture this is?

Well, at least you get to see
Brad, he goes to school here.

So, I get to see him, so do
hundreds of other girls.

Plus, no matter how many times
I see him in the hall,

he still said he'd call
and he hasn't.

Okay, if we haven't heard from
Brad or Robbie by tonight,

let's call them.


With Mom out of town, this is
a perfect weekend to go out.

-We're not wasting this.

Now, uh, Mary and Lucy are
waiting for boys to call,

so when they get home try
not to tie up the line.

But I don't want them
to go out with boys.


Okay, I'll try not
to tie up the phone.

Thank you.

I thought you had
to work today.

I took the weekend off

so I could help you pack
for New York.

I mean, I've been calling you

since 6:00
this morning.

I'm sorry, I left early
to get boxes and stuff.

I would've helped you.

Well, you still can.

But, I wanted to help
you this morning.

Yes, but the morning is gone.

So is it that you just like
doing stuff at the crack of dawn

or are you still interested
in helping me.

What can I do?

Okay, Matt's going to be saying
good-bye to Shana this weekend,

so you'll probably won't
see him until Sunday morning

after her plane takes off.

And when he does come over

he's going to pretend
that he really thinks

a long-distance relationship
with Shana can work.

So try not to crush his dream.

And call him,

because whether he acts
like it or not

he's going to be down
in the dumps.

Don't crush him, but call him.

Got it.

I can't believe you didn't
wear your blue shirt.

Mom didn't do the laundry.

You know, if you really cared
about me,

cared about our relationship,

you would have washed the shirt
yourself last night

instead of waiting
until this morning

and expecting your mom to do it.

Look, I said I was sorry.

You're 13. You can wash
your own clothes.

Don't you care enough about me
to wash your own clothes?

Oh, and Simon and
Deena are entering

into a new phase in
their relationship.

I'm not exactly sure what
it is, but I smell trouble.

They're 13.

Right, trouble.


are you ready
to apologize to Doug.

What did I do that was so wrong?

You pulled his hair and you told
him he cried like a girl.

He does cry like a girl.

So your not going to apologize?

Maybe you should just expel me.

Could you hurry it up,

I've got some place to be.

Okay, Ruthie's gonna
try to go away with me,

so you can expect a call
from the school soon.

Sam and David will be up
in an about an hour.

I sorted the laundry.

all you have to do
is put it in the washer.

Uh, we've got plenty of food,
diapers and formula.

Did I leave
anything out?

Uh, let's see,
um, stay off the phone.

-Except to call Matt,

to lie and say that

relationships work.

And watch Simon closely
because he's about to mutate

in a fully evolved teenager.

And Ruthie,
well, Ruthie's Ruthie.

What about your sermon
for Sunday?

You know, between two weddings,
an almost wedding and a funeral,

I haven't had time to do it,
but I'll wing it.

I'm good on my feet.

I'll call you when
I get there.


Ruthie did what?

I forgot Happy.

Come on, girl. Come on.

Come on.

-Is everything okay?
-Everything's fine.


This is unbelievable.

Should we call them?

Uh, no.

Calling reeks of desperation.

What is wrong with Robbie?

I guess most people would ask
what is wrong with them,

not the guy.

Your way is
much healthier.


It's Andrew Neloss.

The girly man.

No, Andrew, I can't go out.

My mom's out of town
and I have to stay home

and watch the house...
I mean, the twins.

I've got to go,

Why didn't you just tell
Andrew the truth?

Why lead him on?

Because I might want to go out
with him again

if Brad doesn't call.

I'm really rubbing off
on you, aren't I?


- Hi.
- Hey, Mom.

-I miss you, too.

It's okay, I won't keep you,

I know you're waiting
for phone calls.

Just tell Dad that I got
to the motel okay

and that I'll call him later.




Who was that on the phone?
Was it Mom?

Go tell Dad she got to the motel
and she'll call him later.

Why didn't you let me
talk to her.

She's gonna call back.

No fair. I'm telling Dad.

Yes, that's what we want you
to do-- tell Dad.

Get off the phone
so Deena can call.

Oh, yeah, you need to know what
to wear to bed tonight, right?

That's not funny.

Yes it is.

What's all the
yelling about?

I'm waiting for Deena to call.

Your wife called.

Is everything okay with Deena?

-We had a fight.

She thinks I'm not committed
to our relationship

because I didn't wear
my blue shirt today.



"Oh" what?

Uh, just oh.

Thanks for the support.

We'll miss them tomorrow.

But tonight,

tonight we sleep.

So the campus at NYU
isn't like a regular campus,

you know,
everything in one place.

It's not like Crawford.

The buildings are
all over the city.

Isn't that cool?

Oh, and my academic adviser
got me a job working in

the med lab at NYU Hospital.
I am so psyched.

I can love New York and still
hate being there without you.

What are we doing?

I just want to be
close to you, that's all.

How close?

This close.

You're eating and that's
what's important, right?


Hi, it's me.

I can't believe I got to
the phone before Mary and Lucy.

It's early.

So, how you doing?

Great! I miss you guys,
but I'm great.

How are the boys?

Well, Sam is wearing
a pancake as a hat,

but I got everything
under control.

Where's Ruthie?

Uh, she's in the bath.

As soon as she comes downstairs
I'll have her call you back.

Okay. Uh, did Robbie call Mary?

-Did she call him?

Uh, I don't know, I'm a little
busy running the house

to keep track of phone calls.

What happened with
Simon and Deena?

-Oh, a big fight.

I don't remember.

-What about Matt?
-Haven't heard from him.

But hey, no news
is good news, right?


I thought you were going
to call him.

I was?

I mean, I was.
And I will, right now.

Right after I hang up the phone,
okay? I love you.

I love you, too.

Hey, this is Matt and John.

Leave us a message
at the beep...

What's up?

Oh, can you two
clean the kitchen

while I take the boys
upstairs and...

Hose them down?

Whatever works.

Just for the record,

cookies for breakfast
make a lot less mess.


I'm not calling Robbie.

I thought we agreed I would
call Robbie for you

and you would call
Brad for me?

Look, if calling them on Friday
uh, reeks of desperation,

then calling them on Saturday
just plain reeks.

Face it, we're not going
anywhere this weekend.

I will not
surrender to


It's Brad.



-You're not mad at me, are you?
-Why would I be mad?

I told you I was going call
and I didn't.

I don't remember you
saying that.

Who's on the phone?

Not Robbie.

Well, just stay off
the phone, okay?

Are you still waiting
for Deena to call?

Why don't you
just call her?

That's what she's waiting for,
you know? For you to call.

That's all women do. We sit and
wait for our stupid boyfriends

to get a clue
and pick up a phone.

Tell me, why
is it that a guy

will sit at home waiting for
a girl to call when he knows

she's sitting at home waiting
for him to call, huh?

I mean, why is that?
Why? Tell me.

Are we still talking about me?


Where are you going?
You were coming upstairs.

No I wasn't.

Why is it that women can never
admit when they're wrong?

Beats me, lover boy.

Okay, Sammy.

Why can't women just admit
when they're wrong?

I don't know.

But, if you help me get
Sam and Dave dressed uh,

then we can talk about Deena.

Uh, no thanks.

I have a date with Brad.


The adorable-hunk-

I-went-out-with-last-week Brad.

Oh, yeah, the hunky one.

Sorry. Wait, come back.

I'm interested in Brad.
I want to hear all about him.

We don't really care
about Brad, do we?

No, no we don't.

But we are interested
in Lucy so...

Did your wife call?

Oh, yes, and I'm sorry
I forgot to tell you.

That's okay, I didn't want
to talk to your wife anyway.

Hey there.

Uh, all right, I'll just
get the the boys dressed

and then we'll call Mommy.

Don't bother.




Hey, it's me.

-I'm still here.

How's the packing and moving?

I just, uh, wondered

if you tried
calling me this morning

because I got up really really
early and came over to Shana's

to you know, um, help her pack,

pack stuff to move away.

You know, as a matter of fact,
I did try to call.


Well, I got up really, really
early to, you know,

help Shana, uh, you know, uh...

-Yeah, pack.

Stop saying that.

He's going to know
you slept over.

Matt are you still there?

Uh, yeah, but I gotta go.

-And pack?
-How'd you know?

Lucky guess.

Well, I think I covered
pretty well.

No. He wouldn't.

And even if he would,
she wouldn't.

They wouldn't, would they?

Okay. Clothes for everybody.

Oh, uh, could you watch the boys
while I take a shower?


Does your chipper attitude

have something to do

with your date tonight
with, uh, Chad?

Yeah, it's Chad.

Okay. So dad said to watch you.

Not to clean up a mess.

So, I say we

run up to my room to play

and leave this Winter Wonderland
for him to deal with.

All those in favor say, "I."

The "I's" have it.

Okay, ready?

I was going to take a shower,
but there's no clean towels.

I mean, there's clean
wet towels on top of the dryer

but there are
no clean dry towels.

But then I thought,
what the heck.

Maybe I'll just take a shower
without a towel.

You know?
Kind of branch out,

think outside the box
as it were.

But, when I turned
on the shower,

apparently, I'm the last one
to find out

that we have no hot water.

There's no hot water.

The water heater must be empty.

Well, maybe while I'm waiting
for the water to heat up,

we could all pitch in
and do a little cleaning.

I'm not in the mood.

-Me either.

Okay, we'll clean later.

Isn't this wonderful?


you just have to get away

and be by yourself

so you can...


Hello there.

Oh, hi.

Annie Camden?

Your husband called.

The front desk.

He called there
looking for you

when you didn't
answer in your room.

-Is everything...
-Your husband emphasized

that it's not an emergency.

He just wanted to say hello.

He wanted to put...

was it...

Ruthie on the line.


I guess I-I've been down here
longer than I realized.

I'll-I'll walk back up
to my room and call them.

I'm Hattie.

Hi, Hattie.

Is everything okay?

I-I'm sorry.

I'm-I'm fine.

I'm fine,
I'm just a little tired.

Well, taking care of a husband
and a little girl,

make you tired all right.

Well, actually,
I-I have a husband

and four boys
and three girls.

Oh... and a dog.

Then you must be exhausted.

Eric, my husband,

he just had a heart attack
in September.

And Mary,

she's my oldest daughter.

She got into some
serious trouble in November.

And then...

I found out that my father
has Alzheimer's.

I just don't know, I...

I don't know if I can
keep it all together anymore.

Then don't.

Just let it all go, honey.

That's right,
let it all go.

Ooh, the teeny, tiny
shirt look is hot.

I need to go home
and get clean clothes.

Later. Right now
I don't want to spend

a minute apart from you.

But if we don't
quit doing this,

I am never going to get packed,
and I am leaving tomorrow.

But if you don't get packed,

you don't have
to go to New York.

Come on, help me pack.


Next time you open this book,

you'll be in New York,
in your new apartment

with your new roommates.

I knew this was going to happen.

We should have just said
good-bye this morning,

when everything was okay.

Sorry, I can't pretend
to be happy

that you're moving
3,000 miles away.

Maybe you should go home,

and change your clothes,
and your attitude.

This isn't easy for me.

Don't make it any harder
than it has to be.

Okay, I'll go home,
but I'm coming back.

With a new attitude?

I'll do the best I can.

You want to
try mommy again?

I didn't want to try her
the last time you asked,

or the time before that.

Stop being mad at mom,

she deserves to get away
once in a while.

If I have to stop
being mad at mom,

then you have to stop
being mad at Robbie.

Maybe he deserves
to get away from you.

What are you laughing about?

You haven't heard from Deena.

All right.

I could pick up the phone

any time I want
and call Deena, so there.

Why don't you do it,

and stop your whining?

-You know, I think...

I think I'll go
to the kitchen.

You do realize we're
going to have to clean

this place up eventually.

We-we can't let your mom
come home to a mess.

Can't we just clean it up
tomorrow before she gets back?

Okay, sure, why not?

I'm hungry, too.
What's to eat?

Um... ice cream?

-For lunch?
-It's good and good for you..

I like it when you're in charge.

I'll just have potato chips.

No need to take them
out of the bag.

And I'll have peanut butter,

no need to take it
out of the jar.


I guess I'll be right back.

And could you make it snappy?

My tummy's making noises.

Hey, you're the one who said you
wanted to be mommy this weekend.



What are you watching?

I don't know,

but the chicken
in the big purple hat

just did something real bad.

-What are you eating?


You get a hold
of your family yet?

Apparently the phone was off
the hook most of the day.

That's why I couldn't
get through earlier.

I feel much better having
talked to Eric and the kids.

They're fine.

Well, of course they're fine.

They're your kids.

I felt so guilty
just taking off,

but I really needed to get away.

And now I realize that
I felt guilty for nothing

because they all sounded good,
really good.

You know, happy.

Even Ruthie.

I wonder what

they're all so happy about.

More wine?

Get out of there.

It's probably Lucy's date.

Could someone please get that?

Yeah, you could.

Thanks for nothing.

You're welcome.

I've been trying
to call you all day.

Your phone's
either been busy,

or no one's answered.

What's going on?


So you've been doing
nothing all day

and you didn't even
bother to call me?


Don't come in.

We're... remodeling.

I'm leaving.

W-w-wait a second.


Home by curfew.

Would you like to join us?

My dad is waiting in the car.

Aren't you even going

to walk me to the door?

It's three feet away.

Well, I better
be getting home.

Aren't you going
to eat with me?

I know you want to be alone.

If the truth be told,
I'm not sure what I want.

Please, stay.

You sure?

Well, I've got
no one to get home to,

so I can stay
as long as you like.


Hello, Lucy.


Andrew, this is Brad.

So are you on a date?

Not that it's any
of your business,

but yes, I am.

I thought your mom was out of
town and you couldn't go out.

My mom is out of town,

I just changed my mind
about going out.

Then why didn't you call me?

I just didn't, okay?

How could you bring him here?

I mean, this is where
we had our first date.

It's sacred ground.

This isn't where
we went to the movies.

Oh, well, I'm still hurt.

You ready to go in?

Wait for me.

You can't go in.

Perhaps you haven't heard,

but the United States
is a free country.

I can do whatever I want to do.

Fine. Go in.
See if I care.

You'll care.

You'll care.

Well, how much do I owe you?

You don't owe me anything.

You're wrong.

I owe you everything.

If your father hadn't
gotten me this apartment,

I wouldn't have
ordered burgers

from the Dairy
Shack that night.

You wouldn't have
delivered them

and we wouldn't
have gotten together and...

fallen in love.


Let's say good-bye now.

Right now while
everything is perfect.


I don't...

I don't have a couch
for you to sleep on.

I don't-I don't care,
I'll sleep on the floor,

in the kitchen or the bathroom,
or anywhere.

I just can't say good-bye yet.

Let's not do this to ourselves.

Let's just say good-bye

and then tomorrow when I get
to New York, I'll call you.

I-I can't.

Please, let's just, um,
end this on a happy note,

so that there's hope
for a happy future.

I don't know if I can.

Do this for me, please.

Bye, Shana.

Good-bye, Matt.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, sure.

How's everything with you?

Have you been drinking?


You can't be sober and
standing in this kitchen.

Oh, well, you know when
your mother leaves,

I usually try to do
everything she does

exactly the way
she does it.

This time I just decided
to let it all go.

Oh, you let it go
with a vengeance.

I'm surprised
to see you.

Isn't Shana leaving tomorrow?

Then you spent last
night with her, right?

You mean last night,
like all night long?

How did you know I spent
the night at Shana's

and why aren't you more upset?

Yeah, 'cause once
I figured out

you'd spent the
night with her

I also figured you'd
slept on the couch.

How'd you figure that out?

I'm superdad.

Look around,
you're not superdad.

Okay, maybe I'm not
super-clean dad,

but I'm super-smart dad.

You know, Mom's
gonna kill you.

Yeah, I know.

You know, I think
that's the first time

that I've talked
about my mother

without bursting
into tears.

That's good.

There'll be a lot more
of that as time goes by.

The pain will fade and
leave joy in its place.

I've never admitted
this to anyone, but...

Eric's heart attack
really scared me.

I mean, what if he had died?

But he didn't.

It wasn't his time to go.

Now you're thinking
about your father.

It's not his time
to go either.

He's gonna live a long time.

And he'll continue
to have a good life.

It's going to be fine, hon.

But how can death be fine?

Because it's part of life,

and as you get older,
you'll see.

For everything there's a season.

A time to be born
and a time to die.

You're just right there
in the middle of your life.

And sometimes you have
to step away from it

and look at yourself to know
that it'll all be okay.

It really is going
to be okay, isn't it?

My life.

But that doesn't mean
you didn't need a break.

You have
to take care of yourself

or you'll never be able
to take care of everyone else.


here's to taking a break.

To taking a break.

I can't explain it.

I just like you better
when Mom's not here.

So I hope you have
a good night's sleep.

Sweet dreams,
and if you need anything,

don't be afraid to cry.

I'll come running, you'll see,

Good night.

I just...Shh!

I heard what you said.

That's okay.

Maybe you like the boys today

because you don't feel so
pressured to like 'em.

You're just free to like 'em.

Or even love them.

Oh, I love them, I just don't
want people to know.

In the meantime, what movie
are we watching tonight?

It's pretty late.

Well, I thought since
we've been asleep all day

that we'd stay up all night.

Uh, well, we're gonna have to.

I have to write a sermon.


That'll put us
to sleep.


Okay, so, every room in the
house does look the same.

Yeah, it's kind of
a theme this weekend.

Has Robbie called?



It's been almost an hour
since I thought of him.

Maybe Robbie's taking a break.

-But he could still call.

Wait a second,
why aren't you with Shana?

We already said good-bye.

And your not driving her to the
airport to say good-bye again?

Taking a break.

Saying good-bye
is killing both of us.

I think things are going to work
out for you guys.

Yeah, I think things
are going to work out

for you and Robbie, too.


So, is Lucy under the clothes?

You know, she could be.



Yeah, next time, you know,

we can go to another
one, if you want.

Yeah, I'd like to.

Brad's in the restroom

and he's the jealous type,

so maybe you should
just run along.

Not that having you come on
my date tonight

hasn't been a blast.

It'll never work out
with you and Brad.

What makes you such an expert
on my love life?

There's no chemistry
between you two.

And there's chemistry
between us?

My porch, our lips, remember?

I know you do.

'cause I can't get that kiss
out of my mind.

-You're crazy.

See you.


You ready to go?

Kiss me.

So, maybe I could come over
to your house tomorrow?

You know, I think we need

to take a little break
from each other.

Why are you calling so late?

I miss you.

And I want to apologize
for the blue shirt screw-up

and for not calling you all day.

Apology accepted.

Maybe I didn't call you 'cause
I just needed some time alone.


I'll wear my blue shirt
on Monday?



I'll call you
after church tomorrow.

You're the best.


I mean, you're the best, too.

Good night.

Good night.

How was your date
with Chad?

It's Brad.

It's okay,

You can call him
Chad if you want.



Hey, honey.

I miss you.

We miss you, too.

I'll let the kids

say good night.

Hey, good night, Mom.
I love you.

Good night, Mom.

Night, Mom, love you, too.

Sleep well.

Good night, Mommy.

Sweet dreams.

Yeah, I love you.

I miss you.

Good night.

I love you, too.

Good night.


You two make us sick.

Get him! Get him!

Thank you.
Is Hattie around?

I'd like to say thanks
and good-bye before I leave.

-Hattie who?
-Hattie, the older woman
who works here.

I don't know a Hattie.

Come on, Happy.

Oh, thank goodness,

I thought I was going crazy.

The manager said
he doesn't know you.

I thought I just
dreamed you up

or that you weren't real or...

that you were an angel.

Did you ask for Hattie?


He doesn't know me by that name.

Hattie is a family nickname.

And I'm no angel.

Just a friend.

But what about
the phone message?

Oh, the manager asked me to pass
on the message from Eric

when he saw me
headed to the beach.

He was too lazy to walk down
here himself.


I thought you were an angel.

You must think I'm really nuts.

No, I don't.

Because when you think about it,
what's the difference?

Angels, friends, family--
they're all the same thing.

Aren't they?

Yes. Yes, they are.