7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 14 - Words - full transcript

New parishioners Carver's son Bobby has a condition, allegedly ADD, but former Tourette's-patient Louis Shea, MD recognizes that's the problem. Only pa Bill Carver can't cope with the diagnosis on account of the family past. Simon sticks up for Bobby against the bully jocks captain, while Mary makes an absurd drama of a remark Simon didn't even realize. Matt is in a stage where he refuses to take calls from Shana, the next bodes even more trouble for their long-distance relationship.

I need to talk
to you after church.

Talk to me now.

No, after.

I need your help
with something.

Help with what?


♪& He's got you and me,
brother... ♪&

Can I hang out in the church
nursery with the twins?

And miss Daddy's sermon?


No fair.
You let Simon go.

Simon's in the nursery
helping Mrs. Kramer out

because she's short
a volunteer today,

not because he wanted
to miss Daddy's sermon.

Why do you think he
volunteered to help out?

♪& He's got the whole world
in his hands ♪&

♪& He's got everybody here... ♪&

Okay, so, Simon wants me to ask
you why you're mad at him.

I'm not mad at him.


I'm just never going
to talk to him.

Ever. For the rest
of his life.

Because unlike
some people,

I would never knowingly
hurt anyone.

"Some" people, like Simon?

Hmm, what
do you think?

Ah, the old answer,
a question with a question.

He's in big trouble.


Few things make me as happy
as when my congregation

grows larger by adding
new parishioners.

So, I would like to start
our service today

by welcoming the Carvers.

Uh, Bill, Sheila,
Bobby, would you

please stand up?

Let's give them a hearty
Glenoak Church welcome.

Having new parishioners makes me
think of beginnings,

which in turn
makes me think about

the ultimate beginning,
our beginning, Genesis,

when the Earth was cloaked
in darkness until God said...

God said, God said, God said...

God said, God said...

While I appreciate the help...

The help, the help,

the help, the help, the help...
It's okay.

Calm down.
the help, the help,
the help...

Maybe we should...

We should, we should, we should,

we should, we should,
we should, we should,

we should...
Come on, let's go.

Excuse us.

Thank you.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Great service.

Hey, seeing better with
those glasses?
Much better.


Hey, how are you?

Hi, how you doing?

Good. How's the new job?

Going very well.

Oh, thank the Lord.

Hi, how are you?


I'm Annie Camden,
Reverend Camden's wife.

We met before church,
and it's Eric.

I just came back for my purse.

We left so quickly, I forgot it.

Is Bobby, okay?

Bobby's got ADD.


Attention Deficit Disorder.

His outbursts are worse
when he's stressed,

even when he's on medication.

I think he just got nervous

when he had to stand up
in front of everyone.

I had no idea.

I do that with all new members.

Oh, don't worry.
Bobby's fine.

My husband and I are fine.

Everyone's fine.

Thank you for your kind words.

I'd better get back home.


I don't think everything's fine.

Come on.

Okay, you're mad at me.

I know how
this works.

I figure I have two options.

Either wait for you to stop
being mad at me

and try to get you to tell me
what I supposedly did,

or ignore you all together.

That's three, not two.

Learn to count, Mr. Insensitive.

How's John?




Yeah, work at the hospital?


And how's Shana?

Boy, it's hard to be humble,
when you're as good as I am.

What are you talking about?

Yeah, I'm good at guessing
what's wrong with my kids.

Shana and I are very happy.

Was it me or Frederick Nietzsche

who said, uh, "Liar, liar,
pants on fire?"



Hi. Is Matt there?

I just tried him at his place,

but John said he was at your
house doing laundry.

Sure, I'm...

Can you hold on a second please?

What is wrong with you?

Say I'm not here.

I'm not gonna lie for you.

Okay, fine, don't lie.

Shana, you just missed him.

Are you sure you heard
your teacher correctly?

I heard her,

my friend Sara heard her,
the whole class heard her.

In all the time
I've been in school,

I've never had
a teacher call me...


Well, maybe Ms. Riddle won't
ever call you that again.

Maybe she'll...

Every time I get something
wrong, she calls me stupid.

Every time.


I want my old teacher back,
she liked me.

She didn't think
I was stupid.

You have to tell Mom.

No way.

If Mom found out,

she'd go to the school
and yell at my teacher.

Then Ms. Riddle would
hate me even more.

Promise you won't say anything.

Okay, I promise.


Don't just sit there,
do something.

What am I suppose to do?

Teach me how to not
let words hurt me.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, I wanted to ask
you about Bobby Carver.

Lucy told me that he was
shouting stuff in church today.

Yeah. Do you know him?

I know of him.

He's new at school.

He's not very popular.
Why's that?

Everyone thinks he's weird.

Because of his outburst, like
the one in church today?

The jocks really
make fun of him,

especially Brian, the captain
of the football team.

He calls him "The Spazman."

Well, I don't call him that.

Do you remember when I told you,

"All that's necessary
for evil to triumph

is for good men to do nothing"?


Let me guess.

I'm the good man doing nothing.

Good, and smart, too.

I'd appreciate it
if you didn't spy on me.

I wasn't spying.

I was entering,
Entering my room.

Now, since we actually
do share a room,

I think I'm going to have to
know why you were checking out

your own butt in the mirror.

This has something to do
with Simon, doesn't it?

When we were playing
basketball last night,

Simon tried to block me,

and I fell on him and he
called me "big butt."

Come on, what's the big deal?

Well, apparently, my butt.

Why do you even care about
something Simon said?

You think I have
a big butt, don't you?

Oh, no...


Do you think that's why

Robbie hasn't
called me-- my butt?

I'm not getting sucked
into this.

Then leave, because me and my
big butt would like to be alone.

I can't.

I need advice.

Ruthie told me her teacher
called her "stupid"

in front of the whole class.


You have to tell Mom.

Ruthie made me promise not to.

From one older sister
to another,

when you're in over your head,
you need to call for help.

You're in over your head.

You know, Ruthie's thing
is practically the same thing

as Simon telling you,
you have a big butt.

If I have to tell Mom
about Ruthie,

why don't you tell Mom
about Simon?

Because, one, being told you
have a big butt

is not as bad as being told
you're stupid.

And two?


because what a teacher says

can be more important
than what a brother says.

Hey, this is Matt and John,
leave us a message at the beep.

Matt, pick up.

I know it was you
who just called.

We have call return.

Come on, I don't have all night.

Let's talk about why
you won't talk to me.

And why you're mad at me.
I know you are.

You haven't returned a call
in three days.

Come on, talk to me.

Fine, but I'm not guaranteeing
when you're ready to talk,

I'll be ready to listen.

Do you have a second?

What's wrong?


it's about Ruthie.

Her teacher...

I think you better tell me
what's going on.

Ruthie's new teacher has been
calling her stupid.

She asked me not
to say anything, but...

She called her what?


Louis, uh,
please come in.

I'm sorry to come by

I, uh, I just had
to find out

if that boy in church
today was okay.

You mean Bobby Carver?

Mm-hmm, the boy with Tourette's.


As in Tourette's Syndrome?


His mother says he has ADD.

The boy who spoke out in church?


Well, he may have ADD,

but he's also got Tourette's.

I'd bet my life on it.

What makes you so sure?

Because I have Tourette's.

Will you come to school
with me for Show and Tell?


We're studying

the Revolutionary War and
we're starting with the rats.


Yeah, like Benedict Arnold.

I think I can get
extra credit points

if I bring a real
live rat to school.

Am I the rat?

If the tail fits...

Telling Mom was
the right thing to do,

the only thing to do.

And when you're a big sister,
you'll understand.

I am a big sister,

and if Sam and David
ever told me a secret,

I would never sell them out.

That's easy for you to say.

Sam and David can't tell you
anything, they can't even talk.


I'm meeting with Bobby's parents
today at the church.

Do you think Louis Shea is right
about Bobby having Tourette's?

Well, you know, I did a little
research last night,

and Tourette's is often
misdiagnosed as ADD.

From what I read,
Bobby's verbal tick--

repeating words
like he did in church--

that's Tourette's
not ADD.

And you can have ADD
and Tourette's,

but they're two totally
different medical problems,

and Bobby may be misdiagnosed
and incorrectly medicated,

which is making his already
hard life even harder.

So, did you, uh,

manage to set up a meeting
with Ruthie's teacher?

This afternoon.

Mrs. Poole's going
to watch the twins.

I just, I can't believe
that a teacher

would call a child stupid.

I think there must be some


Okay, that ensemble doesn't
work on any level.

I don't know what's bigger,
her head or her...

What's wrong with you?


She's probably just wearing
that big ugly farmer shirt

to cover up all the weight
she didn't lose last summer...

or the summer before that
or the summer before that...

Run away farmer girl,
run away.

Hey, look,
it's Spazman.

Hey, Spazman.

All that's necessary
for evil to triumph

is for good men to do nothing.

Hey, Spazman.

Beat it, Camden.

This ain't none
of your business.

I believe it's "this
isn't any" of my business.

And I'm making it

my business--
leave him alone.

Is everything okay here?

You should all
get to class...


No one's ever stood up
for me before.


You're welcome.

Just sorry I didn't
do it sooner.

Hey, this
is a surprise.

Just stopped by
to say hello.

Okay, I came by
to talk about Shana.

Well, your Mom told me

you've been avoiding
Shana's phone calls.

Last week Shana said something
that hurt my feelings.

She apologized,
but the comment

made me look at our
relationship, really look at it.

I'm just not happy
with the long-distance thing.

I'm sick of feeling lonely and
upset and bored and depressed.

I think I'm starting
to resent her for leaving.

This does sound pretty serious.

Are you telling me
that you want to...?

Maybe I just needed
to talk to somebody

who wasn't 3,000 miles away.
Thanks Dad.

Well, if you need
to talk some more...


Annie Camden?

Sorry, the sitter was late.

Where are the kids?


Oh, I see, um...

On the phone you said

it was important, and the
children will be back soon.

I think there's
probably been

a misunderstanding
with Ruthie.

Uh, she told her sister
that you asked her

to name the first
President of the United States

and when she said
"Thomas Jefferson,"

that you said she was stupid.

That's not what I said.

I told Ruthie

that her answer was "stupid."

There's a difference.

She's eight.

She doesn't know the difference.

I think I know
where this is coming from.

Everyone wants to believe

their child is perfect,

but the truth is,

the apple usually doesn't fall
far from the tree.

Did you just call me stupid?

No, that's not what I said.

Look, nothing justifies calling
a child stupid, nothing.

You have you're opinion
and I have mine.

Yes, but your opinion is wrong.

I think I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave now.

I'm not going anywhere.

Please, don't make me call
the principal.

Go ahead. Make my day.

Call the principal.

Go ahead!

Reverend Camden?

Oh, Bill, Sheila,
please, uh, come in.

Sit down.


if this is about Bobby's
outburst in church,

you should know
that we're not going

to bring him with us
on Sunday anymore.

Oh, no, Bobby's welcome
in church. You all are.

Then, uh,
why are we here?

Well, I wanted to talk
about Bobby's ADD.

Who said Bobby had ADD?

Well, Sheila mentioned it.

I know this might sound
a little funny

coming from me,

because I, I just met you
and I'm not a doctor,

but Louis Shea,
who is a parishioners of mine,

was in church on Sunday

and he thinks that Bobby
might have Tourette's.

So, you've been talking
to other people about us?

About my son?

Well, actually,
Louis approached me.

And the reason he thinks Bobby
might have Tourette's

is because he has it,
has had it for years.

Do you know what
Tourette's Syndrome is?

Have you ever considered

that Bobby might have
Tourette's, too?

I think I've heard enough.

Let's go.


Look, no disrespect,

but if the doctors haven't
been able to help my son

in the last nine years,

what makes you think
you can do anything?

Excuse me!

Hey, do you want
to ride home with me?

Uh, you know, if you start
hanging out with me,

people are gonna start
making fun of you, too.

I don't care what
other people say.


Hey, Camden,

you didn't think I was going to
let you off that easy, did you?

before school,

when there are
no teachers around

to save you,
I'm going to wipe the grin

right off your face,

You, too, Spaz.


I think we have
Biology together.

What are you doing?

I'm talking to you.

Right. What are you
supposed to do,

distract me so your friends can
do something behind my back,

and then you can all
laugh at me some more?

I don't laugh at you.

You hang around with Laurel
and those velociraptor's

she calls friends, don't you?


Look, I am just trying to...

Do you have any idea

how much you and your friends
hurt my feelings?

Do you think I'm deaf?

Sometimes I wish I was

because then I wouldn't hear
every little whisper

and nasty comment
that comes my way.

It's not fair
to lump me with Laurel.

I have never said
anything bad about you.

Yeah. You just stand by
and let it happen.

which, for your
information, is worse,

Knowing something
is wrong

and doing nothing to stop it

is worse than just doing
the something that's wrong.


You do know that's
the highest level

you can get to on Spyro?

Do you have a PlayStation?

My parents don't believe
in video games,

but I know all about
them from my friends.

Man, I don't know
what I'd do

if I didn't have
video games.

It's the only thing
I'm really good at.

Well, you do
sound like...

Sound like, sound like,
sound like, sound like.

I'm sorry, I just...

I just, I just,
I just, I just.

I didn't mean to...

Mean to, mean to,
mean to, mean to.

It's okay you looked away.

I'm sorry.

No, really, if no one stares
at me, it goes away faster.

Go ahead, I know
you want to ask me.

What makes you do
what you just did?

The doctors told my parents
I have, uh...

Attention Deficit something.

What's that?

I'm not sure.

My parents...

actually, my dad, doesn't
really like to talk about it.

I shouldn't have asked.

No, my dad doesn't like
to talk about it.

I don't mind.

Look, um, don't take this
the wrong way,

but, uh, why are you being
so nice to me?

I'm not being that nice.

Trust me, you're the nicest
person I've ever met.

Hey, how did your meeting
with Ruthie's teacher go?

That bad, huh?

There was no misunderstanding.

Ruthie's teacher did
call her stupid.


And I had no luck

convincing Ms. Riddle,
that what she did was wrong.

I know!

She called me stupid, too.

How was your day?

Well, nobody called me stupid.

Sheila, come on in.

Bill and I
had a fight.

He doesn't
know I'm here.

I got your home address
from the church.

Please, help me.

Help me, help my son
and my family.

I just can't stand
to see Bobby suffer anymore.

When Bobby was younger,

he had all the classic
symptoms of ADD,

but no ticks.

As Bobby got older,

his ADD symptoms
have subsided,

but he's developed
verbal and motor ticks.

Speaking out like he did in
church, uh, shoulder shrugging,

eye blinking, that's not ADD.

Have you told your doctor
about Bobby's verbal ticks?

Every time I bring Bobby in
to see the doctor,

he never has the ticks.

Uh, yeah.

From what I've read
about Tourette's it's,

it's quite common for kids
not to exhibit any symptoms

when they go
to the doctor's.

they can't...

call up their
tics on demand.

It's quite frustrating,

when you know something is wrong
with your child

and no one believes you.

We believe you.

Do you know,

I overheard a woman at a party
ask a friend of mine

if I did drugs
while I was pregnant with Bobby.

My parents are no better,
all they say is,

"Bobby certainly didn't get
his problems

from our side of the family."

All people want to do
is blame and judge.

And my husband's
way of dealing

with Bobby has
always been

to deny that anything
is wrong with him.

If I try to talk to him,
he shuts me out.

I have to say, our marriage
isn't exactly rolling along.

Well, what can we do?

There must be something.


I forced our HMO

and Bobby's pediatrician

to make an appointment for him
with a pediatric neurologist.

The appointment
is tomorrow.

I want Bill
to be there for Bobby.

For me, for us-- but I don't
think I can get him to go.

Not without a little help.

Hey, this is Matt...

and John,

leave us a message at the beep.

Hi, it's just me.


You've been hard to get a hold
of this week.

It's because I've been
dodging your calls.

I know.

What's going on?

Matt, talk to me.

I know you're mad,
I know I did something,

just tell me what it is,
and then we can move on.

It's just that, uh...


I think, maybe we need a break.

From what?

Each other.

Just so you know,
I'm not like "Lucy."

If you ever need to tell me a
secret, my lips are sealed.

Once you learn to talk,
mum's the word.

Have you done
your homework?

What's the use?

Haven't you heard, I'm stupid.

We need to talk.
Come on.

Oh, you're almost
getting too heavy

to sit on mommy's lap.


Do you know why I got so
mad at your teacher?

Because she was mean to me.


But also because when Ms.
Riddle hurt your feelings

and made you feel like
you weren't smart,

then school and learning
became a bad thing.

And if that happens
often enough,

it won't be long before you
don't like school at all.

And that would be wrong.

Because learning should
always be enjoyable,

and school should always
be like, this safe zone,

where kids are loved
and protected

and able not only
to study the stars,

but to reach for
them as well.

I'm glad you yelled
at my teacher.

She is mean.

You know, you might consider
making up with Lucy.

She loves you so much,

and she was only trying to help
you the only she knew how.

I'll think about it.

Maybe if the other
kids' moms get mad

at Ms. Riddle
like you did,

she'll stop calling
everyone names.

Other kids' moms?

I'm not the only one
she calls stupid.


Hey, do you know
Denise Semple?

The girl who wears
all the flannel?

Yeah, what's her story.

I don't know.
Why do you want to know?

No reason.

Oh, come on, tell me what I did.

What did I do?
I know you know.

I can't tell you.

Oh, please.

No way. I already squealed
on one sibling

and look what that got me.

Okay, I'm gonna give you a clue

but you have to figure it out
on your own.

Mary's mad at you
because of something you said

a couple of nights ago while you
guys were playing basketball.


I have no idea
what you're talking about.

What do you want, cash?
Because I'll pay you.


May I help you?

You wanna tell
me anything?

Shana called you,
didn't she?

I hear you're breaking up.

Maybe. I don't know.

No offense, but why is this
any of your business?

Shana is very upset.

So am I.

Why does it always have to be
about Shana? What about me?

Okay, I'll get right
to the point.

What point?

The one I want to make.

A lot of things
in your life

will be difficult
and challenging,

as a matter of fact,

some of the most wonderful
things in your life

will be difficult
and challenging.

All I'm saying is...

break up with Shana
if you don't love

or care for her
any more,

but don't break up
with her just because

long distance relationships
are hard.

You're tougher than that.

All I came over
for was a sandwich.

Every sandwich served
in my kitchen

comes with a free lecture
on the side.

What's going on?

Hi, you must be Bill.

I'm Louis Shea.

This is a support group.

The couples here tonight
all have children

with varying degrees
of Tourette's.

My son doesn't have
Tourette's Syndrome.

Please, don't run away.

We have to face this.

It's the only way to help
Bobby and help ourselves.


dealing with Tourette's
is not an easy thing to do.

And I should know, I've had it
since I was a kid.

You have Tourette's?


Well, you... look so...

So normal?

That's okay.

As I got older my symptoms
and tics lessened.

I still have Tourette's

and I still get tics
every now and then,

but it's nothing compared
to what it was like

when I was a kid.

The severity and
the frequency of tics

do lessen with age.

The majority of kids
with Tourette's grow up

to lead healthy, happy lives.

They uh, they go to school,
they go to college,

they have friends,
families, careers.

Okay, look, uh,
I don't know you,

but I do know that
as hard as it was

for me to be a kid growing
up with Tourette's,

I think it was harder still
on my parents.

Especially my dad,

who just wanted a son
that could play football,

not one that had

uncontrollable sniffing
and blinking.

Because of what my parents
and I went through,

I studied medicine when I
grew up and eventually

I became a neuropsychiatrist,

so I could help families
and children

that suffer from Tourette's.

Your wife didn't think

you would come
to a support group meeting

so, we brought
the support group to you.

Well, I'm sorry you went
to all the trouble,

but I don't want your support.


Look, you don't
understand, okay?

Nobody can understand.

I'm trying to under...

Just leave me alone. Please.

I want to understand.

Your wife wants to understand.

Hey, I'm here to help you.

You have to open
up to somebody.

You've got a lot
of pain and anger.

You can't keep it all inside
you, if you do you'll explode.

When I was growing up, I had
a cousin who had Tourette's.

We didn't know it
at the time,

but later on we realized
that's what he had.

He had these horrible
facial tics.

I teased him all the time.

I was really just... mean.

I tortured him, relentlessly.

I'm not quite sure I follow.

I just can't stand to think

that there's some kid out there
teasing Bobby like that.

Torturing him,

making his life
a nightmare,

the way I did
to my cousin.

And every time
I look at him, it...

it just reminds me just how
badly I've acted in the past.

Look, look I did the research.

Tourette's is

So basically, it's all my fault

that Bobby is the way
that he is.

You know, ADD,
I could deal with,

but this, you know...

I just don't think
I can bear it.

You know what I think?

I think you need
to forgive yourself

for the past,
so you can concentrate

on the present and
help your son,

and you wife and yourself.

I just... I don't
think I can.

I really don't.

Look, I'm really sorry.

I did a bad thing and
I'll never do it again.

Never do what again?

What I did isn't important.

What is important is that I'm...

You have no idea what you did.


You called me "big butt."

The other night,

when we were playing basketball,

I fell on you and you
called me "big butt."

But, I was just kidding.

I mean, I say stuff like
that all the time.

I know.

But you're not a kid anymore,

so I take what you say a little
more seriously now.

I'm not a kid?

I mean...

I'll watch what I say
from now on, okay?

Well, you better, because words
can really hurt a person.

I'm not mad
at you anymore.

You're not?

You're still a rat,
but a good rat.

What made you change your mind?

I figured some day, I'd have
to squeal on Sam and David

and I'd want them to forgive me,
so you're off the hook.


Mom's been on the phone
all morning.

Doing what?

Calling other parents.

Your teacher is in big trouble,
isn't she?

Oh, yeah!


I was going to get on a plane
and fly back to Glenoak today.

Let me finish.


I was going to get on a plane,

and fly to Glenoak today,
but then I realized

that I couldn't
afford the ticket,

then I thought I would
take the train,

but that would take too long.

Then I thought I would
take the bus,

but that would take forever.

So I said to myself,
"Just drive your car,"

but then I remembered
that I sold my car

when I moved to New York.

And what are you coming
back to Glenoak for?

To apologize to you in person.



For taking you and our
relationship for granted.

I've been so busy with school
and work and making friends,

that I forgot,

you're stuck in Glenoak,
alone, missing me.

It's not fair,
and I haven't been either.

Apology accepted?


Uh, I have to go.

Call me later?


I love you.

I'll talk to you later.

Hey, you.

Talking to Shana?

Did you tell her hello
and thanks?

Thanks for what?

For letting me hang out
with you.

Oh, that.

Um, I'll tell her next time.

We should get going.

Okay, Camden, the principal's
not going to save you today.

I just saw her inside
yelling at a bunch of kids.

What, are you chickening out?

No, I was just thinking
maybe there's a better way

to settle this.

What's better than fighting?

How about a duel?

A video game duel.

Bobby brought his GameBoy.

Maybe you two can play
each other.

If you win, you still get
to beat me up,

but if Bobby wins, you have
to leave him alone for good.

Of course,
if you're

not very good at video games,

we can still just
pummel each other.

No, let's play for it.

You first, Spazman.

Oh, and after Bobby whips
your butt on the GameBoy,

you have to stop calling him
"Spazman," too.

Remember, you're gonna be
quizzed on these tomorrow.

Pass them back.

Take one...

Mrs. Camden, what's going on?

I found a few other people
who agree with me

and aren't wild about having

their sons and daughters
called "stupid."

That's my mom.

Denise, hey, look.

I can't make up
for all the pain

that my friends
have caused you,

and you may not think

an apology from me
means anything,

but I am sorry.

And I'm sorry
for what they've said

and I'm sorry for not doing
anything about it.


So do you want to go

to the Miller's party
with me this weekend?

It's supposed
to be a huge blowout.

Me? You want to go with me?

Yeah, I was supposed to go
with my boyfriend,

but I haven't heard from him

and I do not want
to miss this party.

I wasn't invited.

I just invited you.

Why should I trust you
that this isn't a trick?

Because I would never do
anything like that.

I'm not Laurel.

No, you're not.

Denise does not have to leave.

Are you sure about that?

Yes, I am.


If you want to hang out
with farmers, go ahead.

You know, Denise isn't
a farmer, and you are...

Well, you know what you are.

Oh, and what makes you think
that she doesn't bad mouth you

when you're not around?

What's Mary talking about?

Do you say stuff
behind our backs?

I can't believe you came.

Well, I can't
believe it either.

I had a real good day
in school, Dad.

That's terrific.

After we see the doctor
we'll all go out to dinner

and you can
tell me about it.


Thanks for being here.

It means a lot to me
and to Bobby.

I know I haven't been there
for you in the past.

Later, I'd like to tell you why.


Let's make today a fresh start
for all of us.

I think we all deserve that.

All right.

Did you drive here?

Uh, no.

A friend gave me a lift.

A friend?