7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 11 - X-Mas - full transcript

Kevin makes a fine Father Christmas and knows the ideal gift: a dog, but Lucy insists to wait till after the holidays, then sneakily goes to the asylum herself, only to find their tastes in...

I can't believe those
idiots talked my parents

into a two-week escrow

just so they can move
in before Christmas.

This holiday
season stinks.

Maybe I should just stay
with Lucy and Kevin.

Oh, no, you don't.

I am not staying with the
Camdens all by myself.

You're not leaving me
alone with those people.

Those people are soon going
to be your people.

Still, I'm just not
ready to spend Christmas

with the Camden people
and without Simon.

I don't know why he had to
stay at school and work.

It's Christmas.

See that ring
on your finger?

That's why he had
to stay at school and work.

And where are
you taking me?

You have to see this.

I saw them when I was on
my way to pick you up.

Look at them.

Isn't it



What is so horrible
about that?

I think it's wonderful.

I just don't get it.

Don't get...?

Are they begging?

Are they begging?!


That's the nativity scene.

The birth of Christ? What?

Did you not go to church
before you met Simon?

No. Did you?

Yeah, I did.

When I was a little girl,
my mom and I used to go.

You didn't have Christmas
in your home?

Of course, we
had Christmas.

We just didn't have
the Christ part.

And we weren't
usually home.

We always went
skiing somewhere.

Oh, my God, what if they try to
drag us into the Christ part

of Christmas while we're
staying at their house?

I kind of doubt
they're gonna do that.

They haven't pushed
their religion on us yet.

I don't think
they're gonna start now.

Well, maybe this is the time of
year when they recruit people.

I'm single and pregnant,

and a former drug addict
and alcoholic.

I don't think I'm recruitable.

Hmm. Right.

I hadn't thought
about that.

Maybe they're
just after me.

In which case, I
have to convince them

that I've already
been gotten.

That's the only way
to put them off.

Look, if they ask me
anything about Christmas,

you cover for me.

I don't know that much
about it myself.

Okay, then, we'll just
bluff our way through.

Bluff our way
through Christmas

with a family with two
Christian ministers in it?

It's not like we're
bluffing our way

through brain surgery
with two surgeons.

Why don't we just tell them

we don't know that much
about Christmas,

but we'd love to know more?

No, no, no.

Again, that would only give them
the opportunity to talk to us.

We don't want that.

If we want to know something,
we can probably squeeze

the little ones
for information.

I don't think
there's going to be a test.

But, come on,
you celebrated Christmas

when you were a kid, right?

So, what are you?

I'm more of a...

I like Santa Claus,
I like having time off

from school, I like the
presents and the lights

and the fudge and
all that stuff.

I just don't get what all
that stuff has to do with...


Thank you, Glenoak.

Rose, Sandy!

Come on in and join us.

Thanks for letting us
stay here.

Sandy didn't want to come, but
I told her it would be fun.

Well, we're so happy
you're both here.

I wish you could have come by
the Promenade

for the nativity scene.

The three of us could have been
the three wise women,

but maybe tomorrow night.

Um, I don't know, maybe,
but thank you for asking us.

Oh, but it's a Camden
family tradition,

and we-we would love for you
to be part of it,

and you know,
maybe Simon will get home

tomorrow night
in time to join us.

And just pick anyone
you want to be.

Oh, well, that'd
be so... special,

and we'd love to,
but, actually...

Bless you.

I must be coming down
with something.

Mm. Or maybe

I'm allergic to something.

I think it's...


The Christmas tree?

Why don't we go into

the kitchen, I'll make
some tea, and we can have

Christmas cookies?
Then I'll take the boys

upstairs and help them
get ready for bed,

and then I'll be right back.

Come on.

Look, I hope my staying
here won't interfere

with any plans you
might have with Martin.

Oh, no, Martin's with his dad
in New York.

His aunt lives there,

his dad's sister.

Oh, so he won't be around?

Not this Christmas break, but
you shouldn't worry about that.

Everything will be fine.

Thank you, Ruthie.

Merry Christmas.

I'm glad you're here.

Merry Christmas to you, too.

And don't be sad.

It's Christmas.

Everything will be fine.

You'll see.

Ho, ho, ho.

Well, good morning, Santa.

I don't know how I
got roped into this.

Oh, that's right.

It was you.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you, too,
and thank you.

So you're really
gonna take it down?

Have to. Rose is allergic.

Yeah. Well...

We don't need a tree, you know.

I can hang the lights and...
and put the ornaments

all around the room,
and it'll be fine, really.

Really, it will.

I'm sure it will,
but you know...

But, look, you know,
tonight is Christmas Eve,

and, uh, we have lots
of work to do,

so, we can't just
stand around, you know,

mourning the loss of the tree

when we have so many reasons
to be happy.

Really, we do.
You're right.

See you later.


You look so cute.

I was going for sexy.



Do I look like one
of Santa's helpers?

- Absolutely.
- You should be

very proud of yourself
for volunteering

to spend today at a hospital.

I didn't have much
choice, really.

Katelyn's dad insisted
that I come to the party

for the cystic fibrosis

and since she's living with CF,

I couldn't really say
it would be too hard

for me to come visit with
the sick children and help out.

Know what I mean?

I know exactly what you mean.

How's-How's Katelyn doing?
I don't know.

I didn't talk to her, and...

and her dad didn't say,
so I guess

I'll find out when I see her.

Well, be sure and tell her
Merry Christmas

from all of us, okay?

Of course.

Are you sure
you'll be okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

We better get going.

We have a lot to do.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, you two look
so adorable.

I'm supposed
to look jolly.

She's adorable.

We'll see you tonight?


I can't wait.

first Christmas.

I've got all the cameras
charged, and I'm ready to go.

You're sure you don't want
a dog for Christmas?

Yes, I'm sure.


You're probably right,

but I really want a dog.

I thought you said
Savannah wanted the dog.

Both of us. We both want a dog,
don't we, Savannah?

You know, lots

of people think
it would be really great

to have a dog at Christmas.

And they're so cute and cuddly

with a big red bow on them
on Christmas morning.

And then, a couple
of weeks later,

after the holiday
spirit has worn off,

and everything has gone back
to the way it was,

then the people
don't want the dog.

And then the poor dog has
to be given away,

or taken to a rescue service,

or to the
local pound.

I would never do that.

I've always wanted a dog.

All right, well,

I'm not totally against it.

Let's just wait
till after the holidays

and see
if you still feel the same way.

See? You want a dog, too.

Admit it.

I do, but I want to wait
until the holidays are over.

All right, a dog would look
great in a photo, but

I guess we'll wait, if that's
what you think we should do.

That's what I think
we should do.

You two better get going.

Merry Christmas, Luce.

Merry Christmas, Kevin,
and Merry Christmas, Savannah.

We love you.
We'll see you later.

Have a good day.

And this would be?


He was a carpenter.

And he is?

Mary's husband.

See? This is Mary.

He must not
have been a very

good carpenter, because
they're living in a shack.

Don't you know
that it's not their home?

It's the innkeeper's stable.

I was testing you.

It's so obvious,
with all the animals around.

And you know who these
three gentlemen are, right?

The three wise men.
The three wise men.

They traveled from the
east to see baby Jesus.

They brought gifts of gold,
frankincense and myrrh.

And parsley, sage,
rosemary and thyme.

I don't think so.

I know, I was joking.

Hey, you guys.

So, what's going
on in here?

Rose is playing

a game with us.

A Christmas game.

She's testing our
Christmas knowledge.

Want to play?

No, thanks, not right now.

Right now, I need to speak
to Rose for a second.

Do you know that
Mrs. Camden is taking down

their Christmas tree
because you're allergic?

Oh, great!

Now the Camdens
aren't gonna have

a Christmas tree
on Christmas Eve.

Which means they've had
a Christmas tree for weeks

and Christmas is almost over.

Christmas is just
starting tonight.

Tonight on Christmas Eve.

Yeah, there's tonight, and then
tomorrow, and that's it.

Sales at the mall start
bright and early Monday morning.

We should go.

You need everything.

You haven't bought
one thing for the baby.

Look, I know that, but
you couldn't just live

with their Christmas tree
for 24 hours?

You couldn't take
an allergy medicine
or something?

I could, but I'm not
gonna have to.

But the Camdens
can't have Christmas

without a Christmas tree.

Oh, sure they can.

My family always had Christmas

in a hotel room
without a Christmas tree.

Now that I think of it,
that's probably why

I didn't know
Christmas trees make me sneeze.

Rose, this isn't your family.

For the Camdens, this is
the biggest day of the year.

That's what you'd think,
but as it turns out,

they don't even buy each other
gifts for Christmas.

No, they don't.

They make each other
something for Christmas,

or they give each other
something they already have,

or they sell something
they have to buy something else.

And this year,

this year they're doing
something even better.

They're each donating their
time to help others today.

That's how they're spending
Christmas, is helping others.

What others?

Others in need
at Christmas time.

That's what you and I
should be doing, Rose.

They don't expect us
to do anything.

We just got here and we didn't
know they'd be "helping others."

That's not the point.

What's the point?

The point is it's Christmas time

and we don't even know
what Christmas is about, Rose.

You might not know
what Christmas is about,

but I know, or at least
I'm finding out.

Do you want
to keep playing?


I love playing this game.

Let's see, what else
can I ask you...?

Oh, I know!

What's the difference
in Santa Claus and Jesus?

Do you know the difference?

Of course
I know the difference.

I'm not sure you do.

Me, neither.

Let us ask you some questions.

Mrs. Camden, is there
anything I could do to help?

Oh, thank you, Sandy,
but I'm just finishing up.

Then I'm gonna put
the turkey in the oven

and then the boys and I
will be on our way.

There must be
something I can do.

Oh, no, really, I think we've
got everything under control.

We're sort of surprisingly
organized this year.

I think because we knew
we-we'd be away today.

I just feel badly.

I'm sitting around doing nothing

when you guys
are all out working.

Sandy, you've been
in school all semester.

You're having a baby.

You need to rest and relax
and enjoy yourself.

Everyone will be
home early tonight

and we can all have dinner

and then we'll go
to the Promenade

to do our nativity scene.

Would you like to be in it?

We've got
plenty of costumes.

That's okay, I don't really
think anything will fit me.

Oh, sure, something
would fit you. Um...

who do you want to be?

I usually play Mary, but, um,
this year Lucy's taking over

because, of course,
Savannah's baby Jesus.

Uh, there's a wise
man, an angel...

You wanna be an angel?

We used to string
Ruthie up for that,

but now she's gotten too big.

Me as an angel?

Sure, why not?

I'm no angel.

Gosh, yes, you are.

You know,

I'm not exactly
a Christian.

I'm more of a Christmas-ite,
as Rose likes to call it.

That's fine by me.

You can still be
an angel if you want to.

There are no prerequisites
for being in our nativity.

It's just something
we do every year.

Aren't we supposed to go?

As soon as I put
the turkey in the oven.

Um, and would you
please let Rose know

that we'd like her to be
in the nativity with us, too?

Come on, boys,
we've got work to do.

We need to stop by
and see Santa again.

Oh, why is that?

We just need to see him.

Well, come on, what's going on?

We want to make
sure he's real.

Rose thinks Santa isn't real,

he's just from a story.

Like Jesus.

She doesn't believe
in Santa Claus.

Or Jesus.

That's terrible.

That's terrible!

What, Rose doesn't believe in
anything, not even Santa Claus?


Maybe it was because

she was a bad little girl
and Santa never

- brought her anything.
- Oh...

Oh, or, or maybe
Rose just never experienced

the magic and the wonder
of Christmas.

I'll go see if I can
explain it to her.

Well, Sandy,

you can't really
explain Christmas,

you just have to experience it.

I think, I think Rose
is just gonna have to

figure it out on her own.

Okay, come on, boys,
we've got work to do.

I'll see you later.
Merry Christmas.

Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Are you married?

Excuse me?

Are you married?

Yes, I am.

Oh, rats!
Beg pardon?

Merry Christmas!


Went to a really nice home.

That's great.

Merry Christmas!

Hey, Camden!


You look great!

Santa brought me a new set
of lungs last Christmas.

You had a lung transplant?

Thanks to my dad
and our friend, Kathy Oswald,

who donated parts
of their lungs to me.

You look great!

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas.

But the merriest
Christmas of all

will be when they find
a cure for CF.

Annie made it for you.

Oh, that's great.

I love it! You know, after
ten consecutive

days of canned fruit compote
for dessert,

I couldn't have asked
for a better Christmas present.

Merry Christmas.

And Merry Christmas
to you and yours.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

Santa asked me
to drop these off.

Well, it isn't much, but
we wanted to do something.

Thank you,
and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Excuse me, uh... did
Kevin and Savannah...?

Oh, no, but he went
to a good home.

Merry Christmas.

Here you go.

You sure?

I'm sure.

Merry Christmas.
Thanks, Santa.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.


Are you insane?

No one's here other than us.

I figured I could take as long
as I wanted to get ready.

It's not like I'll have
a chance to get in there

when all the Camdens get home.


I wasn't gonna
say anything.

But I just, I can't help myself.

Did you tell the boys
that there's no Santa?

And, even worse,
that there's no Jesus?

Not exactly.

Well, what did
you tell them?

What are you,
the Christmas police?

They told Annie.

I thought they were old enough

to keep our little
discussion to themselves.

They're not even
seven years old.

And yet they accused me
of not knowing the difference

between Santa Claus
and the Christ Child.

They accused you?

Weren't you the one
who warned me

we were dealing
with a family of experts?

What is wrong with you?

I didn't know they would
turn the game on me.

I was just trying to find out
who all those people are

in the nativity scene in case
we actually get roped into

going there tonight and we
have to choose a character.

They're not characters.

That's a story based on
history-- they're real people.

Come on, the wise men are real?

What guy do you know

would walk for days
to go see a newborn baby

and take him a gift?

Have you ever even seen
a guy at a baby shower?

I don't know.

I've never been
to a baby shower.

I've never had a baby shower.

Look, Rose, these
people are trying

to give us a nice Christmas.

And first you have
their tree taken down,

then you tell the little
children that there's no Santa,

and then,
then you tell them what?

That there's no Christ Child
born in a manger.

So, what? It's still Christmas.

All right, you boys go upstairs

and-and get your costumes
ready, okay?

And then we'll have dinner and
go to the Promenade.




Mom, did you know that
the electricity is off?

What electricity?

The electricity we use to cook.

Check the turkey.

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

Yeah, oh, no.

What are we gonna do
for Christmas Eve dinner?

I mean, this is Savannah's
first Christmas.


Look, I'm sorry

about the little

with the boys.

Did you mean to cook that?

The electricity went
off this afternoon.

I'm afraid so.

I dragged the Christmas tree out
to the curb for you

and some guy came around a curve
and boom--

right into the telephone pole.

I'm hanging up.

no one was hurt,

and if I hadn't
pointed out

that I smelled alcohol,

there could've been a lawsuit.

Oh, well, well, thank you.

And-And, you're right,

you know, no one was
hurt, thankfully.

They said they'd have
the power back on by now,

but I guess
that's not happening.

Maybe we could all go out
to dinner.

You've all

eaten out at a restaurant
before, right?

Rose, it's very important
that we all be together

in this nativity scene,
and if we--

if we go out to dinner
we won't have time to
get to the Promenade.

I think I'm gonna stay at
the house and wait for Simon.

Uh, Rose, uh, I wasn't
gonna tell you this.

It was gonna be
a surprise,

but I really am desperate
and I need you.

You're... you're trying
to recruit me, aren't you?

Oh, yes, I am, Rose.

I better get
this costume off.

Good idea.

I'll do the same.

Is it me, or...

seem to be a little
dark in here?

I don't think
it's just you.

What's going on
with the lights?

no electricity.

Oh, no, so there's
no Christmas dinner?

I'm sure your mom will
figure out something.

Yeah, Annie'll figure it out.

Say, did you and Rose
decide what you want

to be at the live
nativity tonight
at the Promenade?

Can I talk to you alone?


Is something wrong?

Are you okay?

Is it a Christmas

Yeah... it's a Christmas thing.

I feel funny talking
to you about this

when you're Santa Claus.

All right, I know what
this is about--

uh, Santa and Jesus.

Yeah, I-I talked to Annie
this afternoon.

She caught up with me
at one of my stops

and told me what happened
with the boys.

You know, a lot

of people feel

about having Christmas
with Santa--

you know, when
Christmas is

really about Christ
and Christianity,

and something that's real.

And I don't know,
they see Santa Claus

as something that's made up.

And they're afraid their
children will see the two

as the same thing
and get all confused,

like Rose.

But I've never really known
that to happen

to anyone other than Rose.

I don't know,

I've always felt
that Santa's real.

The history of
St. Nicholas

is-is all about
Christian beliefs

and giving and sharing.

It's about God
giving to us

and all of us giving
to others.

As long as we're
doing that,

we're keeping God's
teachings alive.

I-- I've always felt that
all of us, Christians,

should just hold
tightly to Santa

and all the traditions
around Santa Claus.

He's a... he's a good way
of reminding people

about the... the spirit
of giving,

especially about giving
to children.

There's-There's magic in doing
for others, and that's

the magic of Christmas
for me, anyway.

For me and my family.


That's really interesting.


Not what I was gonna
talk to you about,

but really interesting.

I'm sorry.

I was trying to make it
easy for you to talk to
me by talking to you.

And I completely misread you.

What did you want to talk about?

Well, I think I'm what Rose
calls a Christmas-ite.

I've always enjoyed
the holidays

as a way of getting
instead of giving.

And watching you
and your family,

and just being invited to
be part of your Christmas...

seeing how generous you are

not just at Christmas time,
but all year long...

seeing the kind
of daughter

that you've raised
in Lucy...

and being so grateful
to her for helping me

and never asking for me
to do anything,

or to believe what she believes,

or what you all believe...

I don't want to be a
Christmas-ite anymore.

I want to be part of that
community that gives.

'Cause I've been so blessed
this Christmas.


I guess what I'm trying to say,
Santa Claus, is this...

I think I've decided
to convert to Christianity.

You sure you didn't do that
just to make up

for what I said earlier about
Santa and Jesus?

No, I didn't.

I did it because I was moved
to do it.

Oh, Sandy.

Sandy, I told you this
is the time of year

when they recruit people.

It's not,
and they don't do that.

Look, it's Christmas,

It's the perfect
time of year

for me to start
my life over.

It's the perfect time
of year for me

to think about my baby
and what I want for my baby.

It's the perfect time of year
for me to be happy

and enjoy the gift of life.

Yes, and fudge.

Don't forget the fudge.

Perfect time of year for fudge.

You go,


Go to the nativity.

Go start your new life
with your new religion,

and your new friends.

Please, come.

I really can't.

It's just not for me.

Everyone's gonna be there.

And if Simon gets home in time,
he's gonna go there, too.

You're gonna miss

No, I won't.

You'll all be back
in a couple of hours,

and a couple of hours after that
we'll all go to bed,

and a couple of days after that

it'll all be over and things
will be back to normal.

All right.

See you later.

Merry Christmas, Rose.

And Happy New Year.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I-I had a little emergency
at the house,

but um, thank you so much
for calling me.

I am so excited that this
worked out after all.

It's okay,
I've nowhere else to go.

Let me get your little guy.

Did they say why
they brought him back?

Uh, they didn't, but
he was a surprise,

and no one should surprise
anyone at Christmas with a dog.

People should choose
their own family members,

you know what I mean?
I know what you mean.

Of course, you know,
I haven't met the dog,

but Kevin is crazy about him
so I'm sure I'll love him.

Oh, hi, there, fella.

What's your name?

Oh, you're so cute.

Don't worry, someone will come
and get you very soon.

What is that?

This here is Samson.

He's the one Kevin and Savannah
fell in love with.

And who's this?

We call her Delilah

because she's in the kennel
next to him.

She'll be okay.

She's got a few more weeks.

A few more weeks?

Reverend Kinkirk, you know
we can't keep them all.

You don't have to
bring us anything.

We have everything
we need.

But you must
want something.

We just wanted
to see you again

to make sure
you're a real Santa Claus.

Yeah, just to
make sure.

Well, as you can see,
I'm the real thing.

Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas, boys.

Wait, we forgot to
ask you something.

How come some kids
don't get anything

on Christmas Eve?

Because I don't
have enough help

or enough toys.

I try to do it all myself,
but I just can't.

I do the best I can.

Yeah, but why can't you get
more toys to the kids

that don't have anything?
If the children

who have too many toys would
give toys

to the children
who don't have any toys,

then we could get toys
to a lot more children--

maybe not all of them,
but a lot more.

How do children who
have toys give

to children who don't
have toys?


Toys for Tots is one good way.

You can donate any new toys
to Toys for Tots

and police officers
and firefighters

will help me to find the right
home for those toys.

Well, if you can't give toys
to every child now,

how are you gonna give toys
to even more children?

I'll just get more help.

From elves?

No, from moms
and dads

and volunteers, and
all kinds of people.

Not elves?

They're like elves, but bigger.

Okay, thanks, Santa.

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Ho, ho, ho!

Come on, Noah.

How are you?

Step on up.


Santa Claus is
like Robin Hood--

at least this one is.

What's the
real story

on Santa Claus?

Yeah, what's
the real story?

Well, uh...

we should go, but, uh--

all right, sit down just for
a minute and I'll tell you.

There once
was a man

named Nicholas,

and he was born in a country
that we now call Turkey.

And Nicholas' parents
were very wealthy people.

And they were Christians and
they took Nicholas to church,

just like Mommy and I
take you to church.

Uh, unfortunately,
Nicholas' parents both died

when he was still
just a very little boy.

But he inherited all
of his parents' wealth

and even when he was still

just a young man,
he used all of his money

a-and everything
that he'd been left

to help other people

and he dedicated
his life to serving God.

Nicholas became
known to everyone

for his generosity a-and for
all the wonderful things

he did for children in need.

But when he was older,
the Christians in his country

became persecuted
and Nicholas was sent to prison

with a lot of other Christians.

And after he died,
people celebrated

the day of his death
as a day to remember him

and his generosity,
especially toward children.

And people started
giving in his name,

just as he had given
in the name of Christ.

And Nicholas is still

celebrated in the form
of St. Nick--

or as we call him-- Santa Claus.

He died on Christmas?

The 24th or the 25th?

No. I think it was
December 6th,

but it's not the dates
that are important.

What's important is that

Nicholas practiced
what Jesus taught

and what he learned in church.

And h-he just, he gave
and he gave and he gave

all that he could
to everyone he could,

just as he had been taught.

And we continue
to keep the spirit

of Christianity alive
by celebrating Christ's birth

and by giving whatever we can
of ourselves to other people.

Whether that's our-our money

or our time or our love and
friendship, and...

that's what we're doing
tonight when we all gather

for the nativity scene,
where we should be right now.

Let's, let's run.

We gotta change
into our costumes.

I don't think Sandy
has the slightest idea.

Me neither.

Well, I want to thank
all of you

for the gift
of your time tonight,

members and non-members alike.

And I wanna thank all of you

for living the teachings
of our faith

by, by giving to those
who are in need.

Uh, as we do
each Christmas season,

we at Glenoak Community Church

have chosen
one family to support

with a monthly check
from our family fund.

Now, as most of you know, our
church is supported entirely

by tithing and with the Sunday
collections and our fundraisers,

we try to set aside enough money
for family emergencies

and also for this one Christmas
gift that lasts all year long.

This Christmas season,
I was very happy and surprised

when Lou came to me
with the name of a family

that I've come to know very well
these past few months and yet

a family that
most of you don't know

but have only
seen and heard about.

We are not unlike the visitors
who came to Bethlehem,

bearing gifts
for the Christ Child.

We, too, are filled with joy
and the hope of a better world

with the birth of each
and every precious child.

Congratulations, Sandy.

This year you
and your family

will have the support
of our church.

Merry Christmas, Sandy!

Hey, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Simon.

Did you just get to Glenoak?

You missed the nativity?

I went by there but the
whole thing was already set up,

so I just ducked out.

I didn't want to be
there without you.

So, Mom said you were
helping with dinner?

Can you believe it?

She asked me to help.

No one ever asks me to help.

Where'd you get the cake?

Where'd I get a seven-layer

chocolate cake
with whipped cream

between the layers

and dark chocolate frosting
on Christmas Eve?

I made it.



Really, I can cook.

Merry Christmas.

That's my gift to you.

Dinner and letting
you know I can cook.

You can cook?

I went to cooking school
in Italy. Florence.

My mother and I.

I just don't like to cook

unless I have a real kitchen

and this is close to being
a real kitchen, so...

So you made Christmas dinner
for all of us?

Yes, I did.

It's late, so I told your mom
we should eat in our pajamas.

Don't you think that'll be fun?

Good idea.

It's not a traditional
Christmas meal,

but it's kind of festive.

It's red and green.

It's beautiful.

And you're beautiful...

and this is our first
Christmas together.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Merry Christmas, Simon.

I thought we weren't
giving anyone presents.

I thought we all just
donated our time.

What's that?

This is a

sweet little girl
for our sweet little girl.

I got her for Savannah
for Christmas.


Isn't she cute?

Yeah, she's cute.

Her name is Delilah.


I got her at

the SPCA.
She was in this kennel

right next to this big,
ugly dog named Samson.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, I like her,
but I really wanted

the big, ugly dog named Samson.

I know.



Savannah, look, it's Samson!

I love you.
I love you, too.

Do we really
get to keep both dogs?

Why not?

Merry Christmas, Luce.

Merry Christmas, Kevin.

And Merry First
Christmas, Savannah.

"In those days,
Caesar Augustus issued a decree

"that a census should be taken
of the entire Roman world.

"And everyone went to his
own town to register.

"So, Joseph also went up from
the town of Nazareth in Galilee

"to Judea, to Bethlehem,
the town of David,

"because he belonged to the
house and line of David.

"He went there
to register with Mary,

"who was pledged
to be married to him

"and was expecting a child.

"While they were there, the time
came for the baby to be born

"and she gave birth
to her firstborn, a son.

"She wrapped him in cloths
and placed him in a manger

"because there was no room
for them in the inn.

"And there were shepherds
living out in the fields nearby,

"keeping watch over
their flocks at night.

"An angel of the Lord
appeared to them,

"and the glory of the Lord
shone around them

"and they were terrified.

"But the angel said to them,
'Do not be afraid.

'I bring you news of great joy

'that will be
for all the people.

'Today, in the town of David
a Savior has been born to you.

'He is Christ the Lord.

'This will be a sign to you.

You will find a baby wrapped
in cloth lying in a manger.'

"Suddenly, a great company
of the heavenly host

"appeared with the angel,
praising God and saying,

'Glory to God in the highest

'and on Earth, peace to all
on whom His favor rests.'"