7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 21 - Dangerous Liaisons: Part 1 - full transcript

Playing in the park with cute little Billie, handsome student Wilson West meets Mary and both get butterflies. Wilson's impeccable charm, doctor-pa and record pass even Eric's paranoid muster, but on Sunday he divulges that Billie is not kid brother but his own son. At the airport to pick up maternal grandpa Charles Jackson, Matt is smitten at first sight on a girl he later traces and learns is deaf Heather Cain. They date, but she flees the party after some youths make fun of her sign-language. Eric and the kids welcome grandpa's new 'significant friend' Ginger, but Annie irrationally rages against any suggestion a successor for her ma could be less then diabolic.

Don't forget to floss.

Didn't you have a date
with the upstairs bathroom?

Aye-aye, Captain-- finished.

Is Matt washing the car?

Oh-- well, he knows
you want him to

and he does value his life,
so I'm guessing yes.

And is Mary...?

She's vacuuming everything
that doesn't move,

and Lucy is changing sheets
like she's Florence Nightingale.

Okay, okay-- I'm just
a little nervous

about Daddy coming, you know.

I want everything to be perfect.

Oh, I think everything's
going to be fine.

I'm making chicken soup;
it's his favorite.

He probably hasn't
had it since...

What are Simon
and Ruthie doing?

Simon and Ruthie?

Uh... what are they
supposed to be doing?

Come on, girl.

You saw how Mom was
about Grandpa coming.

If you don't
let us do it,

she's going to send you
to Groom World and Mr. Pete.

We know how
you hate Mr. Pete.

What did you kids...?
How did you...?

I'll take care of this.

Let me just go
put on my bathing suit.

Kidding-- go.

All will be washed.

Um, exactly how much
trouble are we in

on a scale of one to ten,
ten being boarding school?

Yeah, like we could afford
boarding school.

It's okay.

Your mom's just nervous

because Grandpa hasn't been here
for a long time.

Since Grandma died.


Poor Grandpa.

All sad and alone.


Don't worry, Ginger.

Eric, Annie and the kids are
going to fall in love with you.


Of course.

I did.


Mary, why is there a grab bag
of junk under the couch?!

Mom, the vacuum doesn't fit
under there.

I'm sorry, I should
have either moved it

or got
the whatchamacallit
attachment thing.

I'll do it.

What are we doing now?

Going to the park.

You mean we have to clean
the park for Grandpa, too?

No, sweetheart, you're going
to the park just to play.

That's good, because
the park is really big.

Look, I'll have this done for
you by the time you get back.

I promise.

You know? Tell you what.

You two go to the park and I'll
finish up here, okay?

I'm sorry I'm such a grouch.

It's just that Grandpa's coming

Mom's nervous because it's
his first visit since...

I know.

Be back in a half an hour, okay?

No problem,
but I just don't know

why you want to do it all
yourself, Mom.

You want to help?

Find that guy a home.


I hate to tell you this,

but I think I just gave
your husband away.

Simon, give me that!

What's the big deal?

It's a Cosmo, not a Playboy.

But still you're too young
to be reading it.

Knowledge is power.

You're right, and I think

that my knowledge
of your having that,

and the threat of passing
that knowledge along to Mom,

gives me all the power.

Now fork it over.

You probably just want it
for yourself.

It's not like
you're really worried

about me seeing
anything bad in there.

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

There's no reason
to be snippy about it.


Grandpa's plane's
a half hour late.

Call your mom and tell her?

I need a quarter.

I didn't bring any change.

I wasn't expecting tolls.


Excuse me, do you have
change for a dollar?


That wasn't a line, I...

I really do need change.

Your attention, please.

Baggage from Flight 451...

It's not nice
to sneak up on people.

Oh, really?

You know, a little blonde rinse
would give your hair

a very good new look.

You think?

Yep. There's a free sample
right inside there.

Nice potato.

Can you believe

some people
actually eat those?

Yeah, well, I found it
under my couch.

See, our grandpa's coming
to visit

and I was
supposed to vacuum

and I didn't
move the couch

and my mom got...

This is the most boring story
in the world, isn't it?

The most boring, no.

Top ten, maybe,
but not the most.

Hey, you guys want
to hang out with us?

I'm not allowed
to talk to strangers.

That's right.

Then I guess we shouldn't
be strangers anymore.

Then we can talk.

I'm Wilson
and this is Billy.

I'm Mary
and this is Ruthie. Okay?

I guess,
but let's not get too chummy.

Want to play cars?

Wilson-- that's
a cool name.

How'd your parents
come up with it?

That would be a boring story.

Um, I was thinking
it'd be fun

if we did something
really special

in honor of Grandpa's visit.

Uh-huh-- how special?

Well, like... what if I put
a little something in my hair?

Maybe a touch of blonde
to lighten it up.

Oh, honey,
your hair is so pretty.

Is this a Jimmy Moon thing?

No, I just sort of feel
like a change.

I'll think about it.

Thanks, Mom, you're the coolest.

"Thinking about" is not a yes.

But it's close.

Hi, did you
clean up your room

or just stuff everything
in the closet?

No way, Mom.

Good boy.

I stuffed everything
in the drawers

and under the bed, too.

I'm going
to go check.

It better at least look clean.

Did Lucy ask you
about changing her hair?

Yeah, she did.

I said I'd think about it.

So you play
in school, huh?

And the coach says

I'm her only prospect
for a college scholarship.

You must be pretty good.

Oh, wow, I got to go.

I was supposed to have Ruthie
back like ten minutes ago.

Oh, listen, Mary.

I was wondering
if you'd like to go

to a movie or something tonight.

I know your grandfather's
coming in and everything,

but... I just really like
hanging out with you.

Couple hours, tops.

Oh, I don't know,
I'll have to ask my parents.

I could ask them for you.

Parents like me.

No, I'll do it.

Let me give you my number.


Where's Dad?

Well, he's
right behind me.

Honey... um, honey,

maybe we should
just talk for a sec

before he comes in.

Why? What's wrong?
Is he okay?

Oh, yeah, he's... he's
doing surprisingly well.

Where's my little girl?


I've missed you so much!


this is my girlfriend,

Ginger, this is
my little girl, Annie.

It's just buffet style, so serve
yourself and grab a seat, okay?

Mom's acting
really weird.

Weird? She's freaking out.

Well, why don't I say
a quick blessing?

We thank you
for this food, Lord,

and, uh,
any other help

you can pass our way
about now

would be greatly

With an eye toward peace
and harmony, amen.

Annie, this soup looks
just delicious.

My mother taught me
how to make it.

Well, I... I'd love
to get the recipe.

I'll bet you would.

So your Matt here came very
close to a smooth landing

with a great-looking girl
at the airport today.

Um, close doesn't count.

You being with me
was cramping my style.

Mary met a boy
at the park.

She gave him her phone number.

He was there
with his brother.

He goes to
private school,

he's 17, and he's
just really nice.

Did he ask you out?

Yes, but I told him

I didn't know
because Grandpa was coming.

Well, I'm sure
it'd be okay,

you know, since Grandpa
brought a date.

Well, Ginger and I don't want to
interfere with anyone's plans.

We're going over to our hotel
after lunch, anyway.

Uh, Eric, Annie,

we were hoping
to take you kids
to dinner tonight.


You're going to stay in a hotel?

Well, we, uh, we got
a great two-for-one deal

through our travel club.

Oh, so you guys
are planning

to do a little traveling
together, huh?

Sounds, uh, pretty neat.

Yeah, neat.

Really neat.

Way neat.

Yeah, boy,
traveling can sure be...




Ginger is
perfectly nice,

and you know it.

Okay, so she wasn't,
like, horrible.

She's cool.

She sure is.

She's okay.

She's cool
and she's really pretty.

Cool and pretty.

She's sort of pretty,
I guess.

You guess?

give us a break.

Okay, so Ginger
is cool and pretty.

But still, if Mom
doesn't like her,

I don't, either.

You're only
sympathizing with her

so she'll let you color
your hair.

She'll let me
color my hair.

It's just a matter
of asking her

at the right time.

What are you, nuts?


Oh, hi, Wilson.

And then Grandpa hit
on you?

That is so cool!

What was his line?

Uh, well, um, we were
both having dinner alone

at a restaurant

and he came over
and asked me

if I was waiting
for anybody.

I said I wasn't,

and so he asked
if he could join me.

Smooth move, Grandpa.

I still have
a couple.

And that was three months ago?


Are you guys going
to get married?

Oh, well, I don't
know, Simon.

I mean, I think
it's a little soon

to be talking
about marriage.

But you're going steady, right?

Yeah, yeah,
I guess we are.

I hope so.

Do you have any kids?

Three sons.

Any grandkids?

A bunch.

Have they met Grandpa?

Do they like him?

Not a bit.

Hated me the minute
I walked in.


They think I want to be
their new grandpa.

Do you?

No, son.

No one can take
the place

of someone
who's passed away.

I guess.

It's tricky, though.

It's very tricky,

Speaking of tricks,

does Happy know
any new ones?

Does she ever!

We're like two away from getting
on the Letterman show.

Foot... foot...


come on.

are you okay?


The trash is done.

What else can I do?

Oh, just one more thing, honey.

You can take Ginger
out to the airport

and put her on
the next plane back to Phoenix.

Um, you're being awfully tough
on Ginger, aren't you, Mom?

I mean, it has
been six months
since Grandma died.

Sure it was a shock but, uh,
she seems really very nice.

You know, it's probably
just a fling, anyway.


No, my father does not fling.

Right, right, um, I know.

Uh, what I meant was, um...

Annie, honey,
could you or Eric

run us over
to the hotel?

We'd like to get settled in
before dinner.

Matt can take you.


Hey, how did you kids
like Ginger?

She's something, huh?

She's just swell,

Well, come on,

We better get going.

We'll make that
dinner reservation!

I don't need a hug!

I need to vent!

no hugging.

Venting-- got it.
Fire away.

How could he start seeing
another woman this soon?

And if he were,
why bring her here?

What about my feelings?

What about
the children's feelings?

Last, and definitely
least, my feelings.

No jokes, no hugs,
just venting.


I mean, it's like he has no
respect for my mother's memory.

That's what it is--
just plain disrespect.

Is it okay if I put
some rinse in my hair?

It is unforgivable.

that's fine.

I'm going to call
the hotel.

I bet you they are staying
in the same room, uh-huh.

Honey, they're not staying
in the same room.


Is a Charles Jackson
registered there?

Yes, and a Ginger...
uh, Ginger...

What was that home wrecker's
last name?

I didn't catch it.

Ginger somebody.

What do you mean you don't know?

How can you not know?

How many Gingers
do you have there?

I mean, is there a Ginger
convention in town or something?

He doesn't know. Huh!

What kind of hotel
is that?

Honey, why don't you just take
a deep breath and try to relax?

Bite me.

Bite me?

I tried to tell you that you
can't surprise people with us.

She would have been
just as upset

if I'd told her

Once Annie gets
to know you,

she'll be fine.

Oh, wow, that's the girl
at the airport that blew me off.

Pull over.

Park the car.

Park the car, walk
right up to the door

and introduce

You've got to be bold
and daring

in matters
of the heart.

That's how I met Ginger.

Okay, maybe you're right.

If this doesn't work,
it'll just be our little secret.


Can I help you?

Hi, I'm Matt Camden.

I know this is going
to sound weird,

but is that girl you walked
up here with your daughter?

Yes, she is.

Oh, great! See, I saw
your daughter this morning

at the airport, but she wouldn't
give me the time of day,

so she's probably
not interested,

but I was driving by
with my grandpa

and thought maybe it was fate
and I should take a chance

and come up and introduce

but now I feel like a complete
idiot and I'm really sorry.

You probably think
I'm a stalker, but I'm not.

I've just never seen
your daughter around anywhere

and she just seems
really cool and...

I'm... I'm... I'm sorry.

Should I go?

That is the most I've ever heard
a person say in one sentence.

Why don't you come in
and say all that to Heather...

or make it half that.

I think half would
probably be enough.

I'm Donna Cain.

Nice to meet you.

I'll go get Heather.



sit down.

This is Heather.

Hi, Heather.

I'm... I'm Matt Camden.

I saw you at the airport
this morning with my dad.

He's a minister, not
that that means anything,

except, well,
he's a minister.

See, my grandpa's plane was late

and we didn't have change
to call my mom and tell her,

so that's why
I asked you

if you had change
for a dollar,

but I also wanted to meet you

because I think
you're really pretty

and seemed like somebody
who I wanted to meet

and now I sound
like an idiot, don't I?

Heather says,
"Thank you.

"That was really
gutsy of you

to come up here like that,
but, um, now what?"

Uh, I was... I was hoping maybe
we could go out sometime,

or something.

"That would be nice, but
I'm only home for a short time.

"I go to a school for
the deaf back East,

"and I only have
this short time

to spend
with my mom."

Heather, I think
it might be nice for you

to get to know some people
in the neighborhood,

especially since
you'll be home here all summer.

"Are you sure you want
to go out with me

now that you know I'm deaf?"

Um, yeah.

Uh, yes.

"Have you ever gone
out with a deaf
girl before?"


"I've never gone
out with a hearing
person before.

I don't think it
would work out."

I think it would be good for you

to get to know
some hearing people.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can be
your starter hearing person.

Um, I'm supposed
to go to a party.

You know,
maybe you want to go with me

and then we could get
something to eat.

Um, I didn't catch
that last one.

Oh, um...

Heather says okay,
she'll give it a try,

but if it sucks, she warned you.

Come by at 7:30.

How do you say, "Sounds great"?

Like this... wiggle.

Come on, Simon,

didn't you learn any sign
language from Sesame Street?

What are you
so nervous about?

You're probably
better off with a girl

that can't hear
what you're saying, anyway.

You know, one day
you're going to meet a girl

and fall madly in love with her,
and I'm going to remember this

and be no help to you at all.

Nice try,
but I've seen your work.

What do you mean by that?

Well, I don't recall your ever

getting past a third date
with the same chick, right?

Yeah, so maybe
this time's different.

I mean, come on,

you got to remember
something, anything--

"Hi," "hello," "how are you"?

I'm fine, how are you?

Oh, okay...

I think I remember one.

Yeah... okay, yeah,
what does it mean?


Didn't you learn
any human stuff?

Hey, I'm giving you what I know.

I haven't seen
Sesame Street in years.

Oh, wow, I got to get going.

Good luck.


You're going to need it.

She's going to think
he's an idiot.

Honey, aren't you going
to change to go out to dinner?

If I changed to go
out to dinner,

it would mean
I was planning

to go out to dinner
now, wouldn't it?

Okay, now, I know there's
no right answer to this,

so I'm going with
a simple "Why not, honey?"

Not hungry.

Okay, you're not hungry,
you're not hungry.

Have you called your Dad
and told him you're not hungry?

Why should I?
He didn't call me to tell me

he was tom-catting around
with that woman!

Annie, you can't
just ignore your father

the whole time he's here.

Watch me.

That's, uh,
probably Mary's date.

You want to come out
and meet him?

If you were out on a first date,

would you want
to meet me right now?

Okay, I can do this, no problem.

I got it.



Hi there,
you must be
Mr. Camden.

And you must be
Mary's date, Artie.

Well, actually,
I'm Mary's date, Wilson.

Oh, right, sorry--

Artie was last night.

Tell him
you're kidding,

and you're not funny.

I'm kidding
and I'm not funny.

She hasn't had a date
for months.

I'm kidding,

I'm still not funny

and, uh, nice
to meet you, Wilson.

A pleasure.

These are for you.

And these
are for you.


So where are
you thinking

of taking my daughter
tonight, Wilson?

Well, I'm thinking
about a movie,

but movies are bad first dates

because you
can't talk.

So I thought
if I was going
to get anywhere,

I should lay on the charm
down at Eddie's Pool Hall.

I mean, if that's
all right with you.

Did you say
"get anywhere"?

Dad, we're just
going to play pool

or pinball
or something.

You know, I play

a little pool now
and then myself.

Yeah, I'm not very good,
I just enjoy it.

Me, too-- maybe
we could have

a friendly game

I don't think so.

Volvo, huh?

Yeah, it was the family car.

I bought it off my dad

with money I earned
from my jobs.

What kind of jobs?

Okay, Dad, the ice
is getting real thin.

I'm a lifeguard
at the local Y.

I also teach
children's swimming classes.

Can we go now?

You know, you seem like

a very nice
young man, Wilson.

But we don't
really know you

and we haven't
seen you around

and we're not
in the habit

of letting Mary
go out with strangers.

Actually, Reverend,
you know my father.

He's your ophthalmologist.

Jeffrey West
is your father?

Yes, sir.

That's too bad;
he's a really nice guy...

which hurts my argument

for not letting you
go out with Mary.

Yeah, I was hoping it would.

And if that's not enough...
I wrote down my beeper number

just in case you start
to flip out or anything.

That's very thoughtful,
but not necessary.


I'll take it...
just so I have it.

Since you wrote it down
and everything, it's...

Have a good time.


Not hungry.

Is he nice?

Yeah, he is nice.

My guess is Mary's
going to rip his heart out.


Eric, this is Charles.

Ginger and I are
getting pretty hungry.

We were wondering
when we can expect you.

Ahh, that's a good question.

Here's the thing,

Eric, let me tell you
how well I know my daughter.

She's in the room
with you there, right?


She's pouting,

she's mean as a rattle snake,

she's got her face
buried in a magazine

and she's furious with me.

Actually it's the paper,
but right.

Well, Ginger and I are just
going to go out and have dinner.

We'll talk to you kids tomorrow.

And don't worry about Annie
and me, we'll work it out.

We're here for a week.

I mean, what's not to like
about Ginger, huh?

We'll talk to you tomorrow.

I don't want
to talk about it.

Fair enough.

She makes
your father happy.

And I bet I know how.

He loves you more
than anything in the world.

I know.

I hate her.

I really hate her.

Let me get that.

I'm sorry.

This isn't going to be easy.


♪I can't deny these
things I want to say ♪

♪ Babe, it's been
a long time coming... ♪


♪ And I don't think
I can hold it back anymore ♪

♪ Babe, it's been
a long time coming ♪

♪ And I just can't
say the words... ♪

Man, you know...

you know, I'm only
going to let you

win so many,
then... I destroy you.

Well, thanks for
the 90,000-point lead.

Yeah, well...

Oh, no.

Just ignore these guys;
they're huge jerks.

Hey, Mary,
this guy hitting on you?

No, but thanks for caring.

Bye, Michael.

Listen, I'm not hitting on her.

We're kind of like,
you know, out... on a date?

Okay, a date-- right.

What is it,
"Beauty and the Beast Night"?


Come on, Wilson, let's go.

Didn't Michael tell you
I don't play this?

Hey, I guess
you feel

like a real man
now, huh, pal?

Don't even listen.

Sorry, I already did.

I don't like blonde hair
on anyone but Mommy.

I didn't do it for you.

A woman needs a change
now and then.

Well, I'll bet Jimmy Moon
won't like it either.

Don't listen to her.

Jimmy Moon
will like the blonde hair.

He'll go nuts over the blonde
hair-- guys love blondes.

You better be right about this.


I know what I'm talking about.


She's not deaf.

She's just
goofing on him.

How does he know
what she's saying?

What'd you do?


What's wrong
with your chick?

I don't know, but
if it's something you did,

you better run
the next time you see me coming.

Heather, stop.

Wait a minute.

Wait... wait, please.

"Home now."

I got it.


Hi, Ginger.


Hi, Annie.

I was wondering
if we could talk.

I don't think so.


I'm sorry.

So am I.

I'd better go.

No, no, no, come in, come in.

We'll fix this;

I don't know how,
but, uh... we'll fix this.

My wife's a terrific
person, Ginger,

you just have
to give her time
to come around.

Maybe I'm trying too hard.

I just so wanted it to work.

When Charles
popped into my life,

it was like
an ocean breeze, Eric.

He made me feel
so free, so alive.

You're in love with him.


I suppose I am.

You see...

we were hoping
if our families approved

that maybe
we could make some plans.

You know, at our age,
the future is now.

But... neither family
seems to approve,

so... I don't know
where that leaves us.

Well, it leaves you together
and in love--

which is the best place
two people can be.

We came too soon.

Well, look, don't go rushing
back to Arizona just yet.

Have a little faith.

Things have a way
of working out
around here.

Thanks, Eric.

Hey, no problem.





Aw, gee, Luce...

I know!

Why did you let me do this?!


This is the rinse

that I went into the kitchen
and I asked you!

Oh, right, sure, oh...

Well, it's not permanent, is it?

No, but it won't just wash out.

I see.

Okay, well...

I think it's
a nice change of pace.

You can get a new perspective
for a day or two.

It won't wash out
in a day or two!

Okay, that's good because
real perspective takes longer.

Why don't we see how it looks
over a bowl of ice cream, okay?

I'd rather be under the bowl.

Come here.


Oh, not right now, Simon.

Why don't you like Ginger?

What makes you
think that?

Come on, Mom,
I do kind of know you.

You know, Grandpa said that
Ginger's sons hate him, too.



They think that Grandpa
is trying to replace their dad.

Yeah... I know exactly
how they feel.

What was I
supposed to do?

You could have
let me handle it.

I was the one
they were picking on.

No, you see, that's only
what it looked like.

They were really picking on me.

They were just
using you to do it.

And yet the insults
were aimed at me.

What's going on?


Some guys from her school
were hassling me.

She stepped in like Rambo before
I could even defend myself.

You want me
to talk to her for you?

Who are you?

Oh, sorry--
Matt, older brother.


I used to date your sister.

When you see Lucy,

tell her she
never looked better

or I'm a dead man.

Don't even think
about giving me a lecture.


What'd you
do to...

make your hair look so blonde,

and, um... beautiful?

I'm trying to figure
out if you're lying,

and if I think you are,

I will be killing
Simon tonight.

It's some kind of color stuff.

Evidently you put it on
your hair and it... does that.


How was your date?

It didn't turn out so good.

What happened?

I'm not quite sure.

So go find out--
give her a call.

Oh, right-- I forgot.

Well... you'll
straighten it out.

I'm open to suggestions.

Why don't you call her house

and invite Heather and her
mother to church tomorrow?

What a shock, you'd suggest
going to church.

You know, Dad,
it's possible church

isn't the answer
to every problem.

It's also possible it is.

Uh, Mrs. Cain, Matt Camden.

Do you like church?


Hi, buddy.


I'm sorry.

Me, too.

I'm Annie Camden,

another person
in the universe.

Right, this is my mom.

Of course.


And who are you, Slugger?

This is Billy.

Well, hi, Billy.

We're real glad to have you
and your big brother with us.

I think
I'll go inside

and get seats for everyone.

Thanks, Mrs. Camden.

I was hoping
I would see you here.

I'm glad you came.

Me, too.

Well, we should probably go in.



I wanted to tell you before,

but I was afraid
you wouldn't go out with me.

Billy isn't my little brother.

He's my son.

Mom, wait!