7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 22 - Dangerous Liaisons: Part 2 - full transcript

Wilson West tells Eric that Billy is his son, unplanned but not unwanted, whose teenage mother died giving birth to the angel, which his parents help him raise. Dating privileges are maintained 'for observation'. Michael Towner bravely owes up being the one who accidentally hit Mary when she dashed after Annie, who realizes she's the guilty one but only tells off Matt's overprotective vindictiveness. Sign language in a deaf-run restaurant helps Matt patch up with Heather. Jimmy Moon dumps Lucy on account of her endless hair wining. Charles Jackson nearly lost hope Annie would turn round and Ginger imposed 'a break', but both women come to their senses after some surprising 'counseling' and fibs. Mary is released home, but recovery up to basketball level is far from certain.

Last time on 7th Heaven...

I've missed you so much!


this is my girlfriend,

Ginger, this is
my little girl, Annie.

It's like he has no respect
for my mother's memory.

That's what it is--
just plain disrespect.

Is it okay if I put
some rinse in my hair?

It is unforgivable.

Yeah, it's fine.

Hi, Heather.

I'm... I'm Matt Camden.

I saw you at the airport
earlier this morning.

"Have you ever gone out
with a deaf girl before?"



Why did you let me do this?!

Mary met a boy at the park.

She gave him her phone number.

Oh, no....

Just ignore these guys;
they're huge jerks.

What is it,
"Beauty and the Beast Night"?



Billy isn't my little brother...

he's my son.

Mom, wait!


It's not fair.

We're always getting
left out of things

because we're too young
or need our sleep.

You're not missing out
on a party, Simon.

Mary's at the hospital

having surgery.

And if Mom and Dad want us
to hang out here,

that's what we're
going to do.

It must be really serious

if you're toeing the party line
all of a sudden.

Yeah, what ever happened
to Mr. Rebel?

Mr. Bad Boy?

Mr. Rule Breaker?

I like to be in the group.


Hey, Dad, how's Mary?

She's still in surgery.

How are things at home?



Why don't you take them out
and feed them, you know?

It can't hurt.

You know, I don't think
anybody's real hungry.

I know.

But it'll be good for everybody

to get out of the house
for a while.

Have you heard from Heather?

No, and after talking
to her mom,

I have a feeling
I probably won't.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Sounds like you could all use
a little distraction.

Hey, you know,
there's a new café

that opened
over on Tenth Street.

Why don't you guys try it out?

I don't know.

I don't want you all just
waiting around the house.


Any word from the cops
on the guy who hit her?

No, not yet.

But I'll call you later.


Okay, we're going out to dinner.

Be in the car in five minutes.

Who is it?

It's me.


Jimmy Moon.

I heard about
Mary's accident.

I just dropped by to...

What happened to your hair?

My sister is in the hospital
having surgery

and all you're worried about
is my hair?!

No, no.

I'm sorry
about Mary, too.

Is that hair thing

If we're totally lucky.



I was wondering if I could get
an update on Mary Camden?

I'm sorry.

Patient information is only
available to family members.

That's okay, I'm her brother.

She's not out of surgery yet,

but your parents are
in the waiting area.

Oh, okay.

Thank you.

May I help you, sir?

No, I think it's okay.

My grandson
has pretty much
covered the bases.

Uh, you know, I don't recall

your getting your
grandpa a birthday
present this year.

I'm a large,
I look good in blue,

I'm easily impressed
by expensive things.

I'm sorry.

I'm Wilson West.

Mary and I had our
first date last night.

I'm sorry I lied,

but... I just had to know
if she was okay, you know?

Yes, I do.

How'd the date go?

Not so great.

Well, yesterday wasn't
a great day for me, either.

Today could stand to be
a whole lot better, too.

There's always

I may break into song
any minute.

Any news?

Oh, not yet.

I wish I knew what
was taking so long.

How's Annie holding up?

Why don't you go ask her

She's in the waiting room.

You think that's a good idea?

Yeah, I do.

Where's Ginger?

Back at the hotel... packing.

Go talk to your daughter.

You might as well
go on home, too, Wilson.

I don't think Mary's
going to feel up to
any visitors tonight.

I know.

I was just worried
about her,

and they wouldn't give me any
information over the phone.

Look, can I get something
for you and Mrs. Camden?

You can't get
all your meals
out of that thing.

Actually, a burger
would be great.


You're welcome.

Do they know who the car
belonged to yet?

No, but... you know, they will.

It's only a matter of time.


I'll be right back.


I asked you not to come, Dad.

She's my granddaughter, Annie,
my grandbaby.

I love her.

I know you blame me
for the accident.

I never said that.

You never had to.

Mom died six months ago

and there are moments--
most of them, in fact--

when I still feel
like it was yesterday.

I don't see you
for months

and when I do, you're
with another woman.

And then you bring that woman
into church.

What were you trying to do?

Be a part of the family again--

a family filled with the faces
that remind me of your mother's.

I was hiding from memories,
Annie, nothing more.

Ginger's been
through all this already;

I just wanted her support
while I did it.

Well, I hear Ginger's family
wasn't that crazy

about meeting you, either.

No, they weren't.

Well, then you should've had

a pretty good idea
how I'd react, Dad.

Why? You're my daughter

and I thought we brought you up
better than that.

I've seen you be kinder
to strangers and more polite

than you were to Ginger.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Mary's going to be back
in her room

in a few minutes.


I hope you do me the kindness

of letting me know how she is.

I heard about this place
on the news.

It's a café run
by people who are deaf.


Even with Mary in the hospital,

Dad can still find a way
to try to teach me a lesson.

You kind of got
to admire him for that.

Hey, anyone want
turtle soup?

I know the sign
for turtle.

Yeah, what's
the sign for soup?

Order a hamburger
like you usually do.

And how am I supposed
to do that?

Point, brainiac.

Mr. and Mrs. Camden.

Robert Wolf.

I hope you haven't been
too worried

that we were going longer
than anticipated.

Once we got in there
and took a look,

we saw that the damage
to her knee

was a little more extensive
than we thought.

So the corrective
procedure was a little
more complicated.

But she did great.

Her muscle tone is good,
she's strong

and with some physical therapy,
she should heal quite nicely.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I'll be back in the morning
to check on her.

Okay, thank you.

It's okay.

It's okay,
Mom and Dad are here.


It's okay, baby, we're here.

It's over.

The surgery's over.

You're going
to be fine.

Mmm... I smell hamburgers.

Yeah, well, a friend of yours



How you feeling?

Really out of it.

That's okay.

Get some rest.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I hope the accident didn't
scare your son.

No... I think she means
your little brother.

Don't worry about Billy.

He's fine.

Close your eyes, get some sleep.

Oh, Wilson...

Thanks for dinner.

You're welcome.

If she's not okay,

I'll never forgive myself.

It was an accident;
it's not your fault.

She'll be okay.

She has to be okay.

That's Heather.

Why don't you go up
and talk to her?

Well, maybe she'll come up
and say hi.

Or maybe she'll just
blow you off.


Okay, that's it.

Finish your stuff,
because we're leaving.

Look, I'll be back
in a couple of days.

What do you say
to giving an old man

a ride home
from the airport, huh?

Actually, Charles, I think
we ought to take a break

for a while, see how we feel
in a couple of months.

I think it's
for the best.

People always say that,
but it never is.

Hey, do you have a pen?


You going to write her
a love note?

No, I'm asking the waiter

to show me how
to sign "I'm sorry."

Oh, that's so romantic.

Yeah, smooth,
very smooth.

We should call you
"Dr. Love."

Yeah, "Dr. Lovey Love."

Do you mind?

I know some other signs
from Sesame Street.

Do you want to use them?

Later. Sit tight,
I'll be right back.

Oh, that didn't
go so well.

Crash and burn.

Poor fool.

I can help.

Ruthie, no.


He... loves... you.

Mom, help!

It won't come out!

It looks fine.

It doesn't look fine!

You should've seen
Jimmy's face when
he saw it.

You didn't do it
for them or Jimmy Moon,

you did it for you.

I did it because you
talked me into it!

Oh, yeah?

Well, you were smart
to listen, because
it looks great.

With this hair,
you can be

a new you-- a you that
doesn't care what
other kids think,

a you that
has more fun.


I'm not having
any fun!

Well, maybe that's
because you're still
in a brunette mind-set!

Honey, listen to me.

It does look different,
but it looks nice, really.

Yeah, I think it looks
kind of... kind of sexy.


You think it
looks sexy?

Well, you know, not "sexy" sexy,

Any sexy's okay.

How's Mary?

Tired, but fine,

and coming home
day after tomorrow.

I told her you'd be
there by lunchtime.

Yeah, thanks.

Thanks for recommending
that restaurant last night.

How'd you know
Heather would be there?

It's the only restaurant
in town run by people
who are deaf.

I took a shot.


Your hair looks nice, Luce.

Nice or... sexy?

Nice, definitely nice.

If my 13-year-old daughter had
sexy hair, I'd shave her head.

There's my girl.

Hey, Grandpa.


I just wanted
to make sure
you were okay

before I headed
back to Phoenix.

So where's Ginger?

She already left.

We decided we needed
some time apart.

Look, if I did anything
to make you decide that,

I'm really sorry.

You had nothing to do with it.

Hello, there.

Hey, Mrs. Bink.

How are you feeling?

A lot better.


Hey, have you met
my grandfather?

Oh, I've seen him around.

I have not had the pleasure.

Gladys... Bink.

Charles Jackson.

Well, it's a pleasure
to meet you officially.

You're Annie's father.

For some time now.

Oh, and a quipster.

I like that.

We were all so sorry to hear
about Annie's mother.

Thank you.

Well, I brought you
some junk food.

You're never going to get better

if you eat that stuff
from the cafeteria.

And here's some flowers

from the garden...

Odeile Hinkle's garden.

She'll never miss them.



That'll brighten up your smile,

if you ever feel
like smiling.

Mrs. Bink, my grandpa's
had a tough day.

One of his friends
went back to Phoenix.

Oh, she did?

No one said my friend was a she.

Well, if you want to stick
with that, that's fine by me.

I'd better get going.

I've got to pick up my luggage
at the hotel

before I catch my flight.

I'm going to give you a lift.

I drove my convertible
down here.

Now that I've got my medication
straightened out,

I'm back on the road

and I'm loving it.

I appreciate the offer,
but maybe some other time.

No, there's no time
like the present.

Besides, once you ride
with the top down,

you'll never go back.

Bye, sweetie.

You sick or something?


The new me is just free.

You know I encourage exploration
of the self,

but I would never have done
something that radical

without discussing
with you first.

Give me a break.

It was an impulse thing.

I thought you liked
impulsive women.

Impulsive brunettes.

It's not that big of a deal.

It'll wash out.

Well, call me when it does.


Call me when you've come
to your senses.


In the meantime,
I'll find someone

who likes me as a blonde.

Good luck.

I talked to your
dad last night.

Ginger left.

She should never have come here
in the first place.

Well, you know, we could debate
that for years,

but the fact is, she did come
and she's your dad's friend

and maybe we just need
to accept that.

I don't want to accept it.

It's too soon for him
to even ask me to accept it.

Annie, it's not that unusual

for people who were once happily
married to remarry quickly.

They know the joy

a relationship can bring
and they want that again.

So what are you telling me,
that you're so happy with me

that if I die, you could be
remarried in six months?

Thank you very much.

You know I, uh,
I'm going to go
to the hospital.

Could I drop you

No, no, no, thanks.

Look, maybe I'm not
saying this in a way
that you can hear it,

but I know how much
you loved your mom

and I know how hard it was
for you to lose her.

I just don't want you
to lose your dad, too.

Are you sure that you want
to take a cab?

Well, I appreciate the offer,
but I just want to be alone.

Okay, Charles, just
one word of advice.

Listen to your heart,
not your daughter.

She's very hard to ignore.

Well, they all are.

But she'll get over it,
she'll adapt.

I know my daughter
would have

if I'd had the backbone
to ignore her.

But instead, I...

I let her run off
a sweet man

that I was in love with.

And within days,
she was home again

with her husband
and her kids,

like everything was
back to normal,

while I was stuck knowing
that for me,

nothing, nothing would be
the same again.

Thank you.

You're a very wise woman.

Yeah, sometimes I scare myself.

A little something
from Wilson?


He seems like a nice guy.

You think so?

Well, I only met him yesterday,
but so far, so good.

Mom, did you ever go out
with a guy

and just have that feeling that
he was pretty special?

Well, just your dad.

That makes me one for one.


You think Wilson might turn out
to be pretty special?


Well, as long as you and Dad
don't have a problem with him.

Why would we have a problem
with him?

I don't know.

Hey, Wilson.

Well, who's this?

Is this, uh, Billy?

You want to hold him?



My arm could use a break.


Well, what's up?

What can I do for you guys?

Well, I was hoping
I could run something
by you.

Sure, come on in.

Is this about you
or a friend?

A friend.

Ah, well, everybody's got
at least one.


Well, my friend was stupid.

He was 15

and he was dating
a 16-year-old girl
with a car

and he started to think
he was pretty cool.

Cool enough to have...


Yeah, I didn't think
I should say that in here.

It's okay.

So now your cool friend

had a pregnant 16-year-old
girlfriend with a car.

My friend and the girl

got their parents to sign
for them to get married.

My friend thought that was
the right thing to do,

and he's glad
he did it,

only there were

and the girl died
in childbirth.

I, uh... I didn't even know
that could happen.

I mean, my friend didn't.

Wow, that's a tough one.


Anyway, she, uh...

she gave my friend
an incredible son.


Wilson, Jr.

His name is Wilson, Jr.

I see.

Reverend Camden,

if anybody understands

the consequences of
premarital sex more than me,

I'd like to meet him.

I'll never make
that mistake again.


I'm just a guy
who's supporting his son

and living with his parents
who help him.

And under
whatever conditions

you and your wife
set out,

I'm also a guy who'd like
to continue to go out with Mary.

Mary's, um...

fine-- thanks.

What do you want?

I was wondering
if Mary was okay.

What do you care?

Hey, look, it was an
accident, okay?

I didn't mean
to do it.


Okay, I wasn't speeding.

The cops'll swear to that,
all right?

I mean, one second,
the street's empty;

the next, your
sister's in it.

Wait, wait, wait,
you hit my sister and take off,

and somehow
it's supposed to be okay

because it was an accident?

What's wrong with your head?

Look, you want
to kill me-- cool.

Just don't do it here,
all right?

'Cause they'll kick you out,

and I don't need that
on my conscience, too.

Oh, yeah, I'm real worried
about your conscience.

So you name a time and
a place, and I'll be there.

You left my sister
in the street.

Excuse me, let me through.


What's going on?


I just fell down.

And your face broke the fall?


He was just helping me up.


Go see the nurse.

Hi, honey.

Guess what.

I've got a big surprise for you.

A big surprise
like ferrets in the house?

Or a big surprise

like a beautiful picture
that you drew at school?


Close your eyes
and put out your hands.

Open 'em.

Good one, huh?

Yeah, good one.

I thought you went back
to Phoenix.

I was going to,
but then I remembered

that you once accused me of
running away from my emotions,

so here I am,

proving once and for all

that you can teach
an old dog new tricks.

I'm so sorry.

I am going back
to Phoenix,

and I am going to continue
to see Ginger if she'll let me.

I can't let you
run off

someone I care for,
like Mrs. Bink's daughter did,

even though
I understand

your reasons
for wanting to.

I love you, kiddo, but this is
something I have to do for me.

I love you, too, Dad.

Oh, what's her number?


Mrs. Bink, this is Annie Camden.

Did you talk to my dad earlier?

I might have.

I talk to a lot of people.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

He's a wonderful man.

I know.

Uh... you don't have
a daughter, do you?

Well... no.

I was working in the moment,
going with the flow.

I love you, Mrs. Bink.

Well, I love you, too, honey.

They're all nuts.

What are you doing here,
and what happened to your face?

It was me.

I was driving
the car.


You hit me?


Your parents didn't press
charges, but... Matt did.

I'm sorry.

You have to believe me.

I didn't mean to hit you.

It's just...
everything happened so fast.

You left me there in the street.

I panicked.

I figured that everyone
would think

that I did it on purpose,
you know,

with our history,
with the pool hall
and everything.

But I swear I didn't.

I'm a jerk, but not a psycho.

I was there, remember?

I know you didn't mean
to hit me.

I ran into the street.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't blame you
if you hated me.

You're a jerk, Michael,

and an apology and a teddy bear
aren't going to change that.

I know.

But this accident,
the whole thing--

it's just kind of woke me up,
you know?


Listen, I'm sorry about
hassling you the other night.

I better get going.


I don't hate you.


I can't believe you're
so nice to that guy.

Yeah, if I hadn't have been,
I would have just felt worse.

How's the wheel?

It's okay.

I just want to be in my own bed.

I don't blame you.

I talked to your dad today.

How'd it go?

Well, he was a little shocked.

A lot shocked.

He's a minister, not a saint.

Well, he's not
our biggest problem.

My mom is.

She's a lot tougher
than Dad.

I don't know if we can ever
really be in love.

We're so

You're talking.

You scared me
when you beat up that guy.

I'm sorry I scared you.

I can explain.

Write to me at school, and
we'll get to know each other.


I don't like to talk.

I've never heard my voice,

and I have no idea
what it sounds like.


It sounds beautiful.

Lucy's crying.

Oh, Dad, do you mind
if I take a crack at this?

I think it's
about the hair.

Just go away.

Maybe I can help.

Jimmy went to the Varsity with
Ashley and her parents tonight.

You think you can help that?


Everybody knows

Jimmy and I broke up,

so tomorrow is going to be
the worst day of my life,

and I don't even have a best
friend or a big sister at home

to talk about it with.

I'm here-- talk to me.

To you?!

This whole thing is your fault.

I know.

But no matter
what color your hair is,

you're always still the same
wonderful, weepy,

wacky Lucy you've always been.

You know, I got to tell you,

I never liked
that Jimmy Moon guy anyway.

Since when?

Well, since he came over,
he saw your new hair,

you stormed out,
and he didn't go after you.


So when you and Dad
have a fight,

you always storm out,
but he always goes after you

and makes you talk to him
right then and there,

so you can settle things.

Jimmy's not Dad.

I know.

But once you see how you're
supposed to handle things,

it's hard to settle for less.

You deserve the best.

How'd you get to be so smart?

I don't live in a cave,
just down the hall...

any time you need me.

Hey, Luce.



How'd it go with Heather?


I think I still have a shot.

Speaking of shots,
Michael Towner's mother called.

Did you hurt him?

Not enough.

I know you're angry
and frustrated.

Join the club.

But you need
to understand

that this family
doesn't solve

its problems
that way.

Got it?

Yeah, but these felt like
extenuating circumstances.

You're going to have
extenuating circumstances

for the rest of your life,

so you might as well get
in the habit right now

of solving your problems
as a mature and honorable man.


Michael's mother also said
that everyone at school thinks

that he meant to hit Mary.

I'd like you to do what you can
to clear that up, too.

Mom, this is the same guy
that hassled Mary at school,

tried to start a fight
with her date

and then left her in the street
after he hit her with his car.

I know.

But sometimes when somebody
does something this terrible

and people are still forgiving,

that person can learn from it
and change.

What if he doesn't?

What if he moves on to
someone else and tortures them?

Well, if that happens
and I find out about it,

I'll hunt him down myself.

Does Dad know about this?

Mm-mm... not yet.

But don't worry.

I'll find the right time
to tell him.

Oh, great.

I'm worry-free.

Okay, two weeks
from today--
my office.

We'll take a look
at things

and talk about
physical therapy.

Good-- the sooner I start,
the sooner I'm back in the game.

I'll see you


Uh, Reverend...


Is there a problem?

More of a challenge.

Your daughter has a tougher road
ahead of her than she knows.

Wait a minute.

Wa... wait a minute.

What are you talking about?

I thought you said
the surgery went fine.

The surgery is not the problem.

So, uh... the surgery's
not a problem.

What's the problem?

Mr. Camden...


If there's something wrong
with my daughter,

why would you let her leave?

Calm down, Reverend,
let's not get upset.

No, let's-- just for once,

What's going on?

So what's
the big emergency?

I've got a plane
to catch.

No, no emergency.

Just something



I think
it's important

for Mary's family
to be here for her

when she comes home
from the hospital.

I think so, too.

Annie called me last night,

and I flew in
first thing this morning.

Well, I could use
some help with the
decorations outside.

Simon isn't much help,

because he pulled something
blowing up the balloons.

I'm all yours.


So did you call the school
and tell them we'd be late?

We're all going
to play hooky today.

Oh, and there was
also a phone call
for you

from Heather's

Really? What was the message?


Please say you didn't forget.

I might have.

No, oh-oh, no, wait.

Right, she's going to go back
to school a day late.



oh, she's waiting for you
in the living room.

I'm back.

"Blondes... have...
more... fun."

Dad, what did you
and Dr. Wolf talk about

when they took me
to the car?

Stop thinking up an answer
and tell me the truth.

And remember,
I live with Lucy,

and you're as bad
a liar as she is.

He... he said that,
you know,

your recovery process
might be a little slower

than we'd hoped.

Am I going to be able
to play basketball?

Dad, I want to know
what the doctor said--

exactly what he said.

He said that...
in a week or two,

you'll be out of your wheelchair
and up on crutches,

but that, you know,
it'll take some time

before you can put your weight
on that knee again.

And then what?

And then...

it'll still be some weeks
or months before we'll know...

if you can play
basketball again.


Dad, he's not saying
I'll never play again?

He didn't
say that.

He said that's a possibility.

How big of a possibility?

I don't know, honey.

But no one knows.

Well, I know.

I know that this stupid accident
is not going to change my life.

It can't-- it just can't.

I won't let it.

Dad, I thought
they fixed everything.

I thought the surgery
fixed everything.

It's going to be okay.

No matter what,
it's going to be okay.

I know you better
than any doctor,

and I know that you can
get back to where you were.

You might be scared
right now, but...

at the very core of you, Mary,

you're as fearless
as anyone I know.

You really think that?

Oh, yeah.

You're an amazing
person, Mary,

the way you take on the world.

You can get through this.

I know you can.

Yeah, you're right, I can.

Or at least I'm going to try.

Hey, Dad...

you know, maybe you could start
praying for me, like, right now,

maybe call in a favor
or something?

Oh, consider it done.

You ready to head in?


But, uh... don't tell anybody
about this, okay?


Let's just have a party.


So look like you're happy.


Dad, that face definitely
needs some work.



Let's go.

So did you tell
your kids you were
coming back here?


Were they mad?


Were they mad at you,

or were they mad at Grandpa?

Well, a little
of both, I think.

Which is okay, because
we're in this thing together.

For better or for worse?



You know,
I was wondering

if the Reverend
had a chance
to talk to you

about... my situation.

He did,
and we came up with this.

You can visit Mary while
she's at home recuperating,

and that'll give us some time
to get to know you better.

And then
we'll get back to you.

Oh, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

You won't be sorry.

I'd better not be.

Hey, you guys.

Hey, I'm open!

All right, take a shot.

All right, here we go.

She scores!

Come on, Mary!

Come on, make a shot!

What aren't
you telling me?

The doctor doesn't know

if she'll ever play
basketball again.

What does he know?

She's playing right now.

Three, two, one!