68 Whiskey (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Finger Lickin' Good - full transcript

Roback, Davis, and Petrocelli make their way back to base through treacherous desert; Roback makes a grand gesture to help out Alvarez, complicating things with Durkin; Holloway takes a special interest in one of her patients.

Previously on "68 Whiskey"...

You saved my life.

You never should've been brought here.

Oh shit!

Stay with me, Buckley! Stay with me!

Transporting rugs in body bags?

This fuckin' place is like
high school with IEDs.

Corporal Buckley!

Corporal John Buckley
is no longer with us.

Some think it is possessed by spirits.


Now we got no way to get back,

and we're not even supposed to be here.

Not to mention the ten pounds of hashish

we got strapped to our backs.


Relax, kid. It's too hot for that shit.

I ain't getting sniped by
some dude in pajamas.

Uh, they're not called pajamas.


shit, what are they called again?

Whatever they're called,
I'd pay top dollar

for a pair right now.

You know what? This is bullshit, man.

The road's too dangerous.
Let's get off it.

Come on.

You know, something is
wrong with you guys

if you ain't scared.

We're fucking terrified.

But we choose to spend
what may possibly be

the last few moments of our life

not spinning around like a fucking idiot

in 130-degree heat.

That wasn't very nice.

You're right.

I'm sorry, kid.

I'm just tired and I'm frustrated.

I'm trying to figure out
where the hell we...

- Contact?
- No clue!

- What do we do?
- Stay down.

Son of a bitch.

Are you nuts?

Get up, kid.



What the fuck is Boz?

Hey, Boz.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, Boz.

I missed you.

What are you doing out here?

You gotta meet my friends.

Who's Boz?

That... is what I'm naming him.

Don't get too attached.

We may have to eat the motherfucker.

No. No one's eating Boz.

Why the hell not?

Because he is special.

What the hell does that mean?

I'm not sure yet.

All right.


I highly recommend.

Give me that.

No, thanks.

What do you mean, "No, thanks"?

Never done drugs before.

How'd you make it through
high school without drugs?

I was homeschooled.

On the eve of your
almost certain death...

It's time to try.

You're making your
mother and I very proud.

Sergeant Alvarez, you're gonna be

on the morning flight to Bagram.

- Yes, sir.
- From there,

you'll be flown directly to Ramstein

and then on to Fort Hood.

And get deported the minute
my feet hit U.S. soil.

I have no choice in the matter.

Tried to get more details
on your discharge,

but information is scarce.

What I have been told is
that your MAVNI status

is being revoked by executive order.

Wouldn't get more specific than that.

This is straight up
"send all the Mexicans

back to Mexico" bullshit.

Neither of us is in a
position to make that call.

Afraid I am, sir.

I was granted that status
as a medical professional.

Unless you lodged
some sort of complaint,

I don't see how anything's changed.

Of course I didn't.

Your duty here for me
has been exceptional.

Save for that incident
on the roof of the DFAC.

But I'm gonna sweep that
little matter under the rug.

Still sorry I missed it.

I'm sure someone has photos, sir.

I hope that you can
straighten all this out

one day to your satisfaction.

I doubt it, sir.


Just realized you're
probably under no obligation

to call me "sir" anymore.

You know, I might as well go back.

Because I have no fucking idea

what kind of racist goddamn
country I'm defending

by being here.

I worked damn hard

so I wouldn't have to
scrape white people's shit

off of toilet seats like my mom.

But now, even that's
starting to look good.

As a black man who's had to deal

with an ungodly amount of
bullshit to rise to my rank,

I'm sympathetic to your plight.

But as a colonel in
the United States Army,

I obey the chain of command.

Chain of command
is telling me you're out.

Fuck the chain of command.



I'm still scared, but I'm chill.

I am scared, but...

I'm chill.

I still feel scared, but...

- We get it.
- I...

Why didn't I tell my
parents to go to hell?

Why didn't I tell them,
"I wanna go to high school

like every other normal kid"?

Don't beat yourself up.

High school wasn't all fun and drugs.

Yes, it was.

You guys are so lucky.

Drugs are fucking awesome.


First time I did drugs,
I was 10 years old.

My dad gave me some of his meth.


True story, man.

I broke my arm in a bike accident,

and my loving father was too high

to take me to the emergency room.

So he shot me up, killed the pain.

That works, I guess.


I mean, I didn't stop
throwing up for days.

It was probably the only reason

I didn't become an addict myself.

I think I really
disappointed the old man.

That's a sweet story,
but we need a plan.

Here's the plan.

We radio in, we tell them where we are,

we spend the rest of our
lives in Fort Leavenworth.

That... that is a dumb plan.

You know, we're technically
not really that far from base.

That would be true if
we were fucking birds.

It's doable.

It's suicide.

Well, those are our only
two options here, amigo.

Glad you got it all figured out.

Can I have some more hashish?

What the fuck is that?

Italian, too?

Uh, my Italian is not so great.

I think it is lovely.


Healing nicely.

That is good news.
I'm ready to go, then.

Whoa! No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no. Hey.

Whoa. Get back in that bed.

You're far from ready to be discharged.

But... I am fine.

Breathe deeply for me.

Yeah, you have deep
incisions in your lungs.

They need to heal.

Until they do, you're highly
vulnerable to a lung infection.

But my white blood cell
count is finally high enough

that such a chance of
infection is very small.

Where'd you learn to
read a medical chart?

Are you studying to be a doctor?

No, but I have read books on the subject

of antibodies and infection.

Nobody who's not studying
to be a doctor reads books

on antibodies and infection.

I grew up with access to many
different types of books,

but could not always choose
which books they were.

Hmm. Apparently.

My parents were teachers.

They ran a school in our village.

- "Were"?
- They are both dead.

Killed by the Taliban.


Well, very sorry to hear that.

You know, honestly,
there's a level of brutality

in your country I find quite shocking.

Yes, but I think that,

as a people,

we are not as afraid
of death as you are.

Perhaps it is our curse.

Perhaps your fear of
death is your curse.

Or perhaps our fear of
death is what keeps us

from blowing up innocent
women and children.

I mean, I don't understand
your country at all.

And yet, you are here.

I hate to think what it
would be like if we weren't.

Brutality can take many different forms

and is somewhat easier
to condemn in others, no?

You remind me of a clever
old college professor

I once had.

He knew exactly how to charm
a wide-eyed 19-year-old girl.

I had a huge crush on him, but,

not 19 anymore.

Just as beautiful now, I am sure.

I am right about my white
blood cell count, am I not?

You are not.

Maybe at Paghman, they had no problem

sending you home to die,
but here in my hospital,

the whole point is keeping you alive.

I must go home.

Well, for the next few
days, this is your home.

What the...

Best guess?

I think some sort of UFO
crashed down there.

Could've been ancient aliens.

We assume our evolutions are on the same

time-space continuum,

but that's not always how it works.

You both need to cool it
on the fucking comic books.

Then why don't you tell
us what they're doing?

Man, someone's been paying
a lot of money to get SecCorp

to clear and secure this entire area

for whatever the fuck it is
they're doing down there.

Poor Buckley.

Just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

You think they killed him?

Probably collateral damage.

Can they do that?

They can do whatever they want.

Those fucking assholes.

Pretty sure they're the ones
torched our ambulance, too.

Yeah, signed out under my name.

Thanks, guys.

SecCorp can not only
do whatever they want.

They also get paid for it
ten times more than we do.

Ten... ten times?

Dude like Sasquatch pulls in
probably a quarter mil a year.

Shit. Really?

Either of you guys ever
thought about working for them?

What? Are you nuts?

The mortality rate is through
the roof for those guys.

They're always returning to base

with dead SecCorp bodies

strapped to the hoods of their vehicles

like they've gone fucking
deer hunting or something.

Thought about it.

I'm disgusted.

Didn't do it. Just thought about it.

How come you never told me this?

'Cause I knew you'd react
like a jealous little bitch.


I find this lapse in judgment shocking.

Go fuck yourself, amigo.

Shut that animal up, or I will.

Come here.

Come here. Shh.

It's okay. It's okay.

Okay, we should keep moving. Come on.

Why can't we just hitch
a ride home with them?

Because I don't think
they're gonna take too kindly

to us knowing all about
that little covert op

they got going on down there.

What are they gonna do?

You... what? You really
think that they're...

It's the fucking Wild West
out here for these psychos.

They've done worse. Believe me.

Boz! Shit.

Should've ate that goddamn
goat when we had the chance.

Hey, baby.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Get down, get down.

Come on, baby. There you go.

Here's a nice goat. Come on, come on.

What's he doing?

Here we go. Here we go.

Here's a good girl.

What is it?

Urgent surgical.

We're already halfway
through golden hour.

I'm retired. It's a long story.

Get Roback.

He's absent from base.

- Doing what?
- It, too, is a long story.

But if you do not go out,
many people will be

demanding to hear that story.

I'm not in the army anymore.

Well, then what can they
do to you if you go?

Here we go.

Here's a good girl. Come on.

There we go. Good goat, girl.

Look at that. Yum.


My fucking fingers!

- Oh, shit.
- Fuck!


It ate my fucking fingers!

Let's go. Let's go! Let's go!

- You guys in?
- Yeah.

Perhaps you will be better
off in your native land, no?

Not going to Paris.

I'm going to Juárez,

where my family is living
in a migrant shelter.

But I appreciate trying to put
a positive spin on everything.

I'm practicing unwarranted hopefulness

for when, one day, I visit your country.

Not my country anymore.

What if I screw up again?

Then another unlucky
soul will lose his life.

Fuck you, Khalil.

That is more like it. Fuck you!

I like that!

Get over it, kid.

We shouldn't have left Boz.

You know, now I know why he's here.

'Cause he is possessed by spirits.

By Buckley's spirit.

Buckley's dead and you're high.

You and Buckley were pretty close, huh?

We were battle buddies.

Yeah, well, now you got us.

Lucky him.

Boz saved our lives, and
we just left him there.

And now he's gonna
get eaten by wild boars.

It's tough all around, kid.

You have any idea where
the fuck we're going?

Sure do. This baby's got GPS.

Didn't think so.

Look, heading northwest
is all I need to know.

Soon as that poor motherfucker

gets his hand bandaged,

they're all gonna notice
their vehicle's missing.

Screw those bastards.
They torched our ambulance.


This thing drives really well.

Anybody hurt?

- I'm good.
- Me, too.

- Whoa!
- Fuck.


My first IED.

If that had been an IED,

it would've also been your last, kid.

That was probably just
an old Russian land mine.

Well, you gotta love
these SecCorp chariots.

This sucker's really built to survive.

The automatic door release
is especially impressive.

Way better than that
shit the army gives us

to tool around in.

Yeah, well...

obviously what they're doing
out here is a hell of a lot

more important to everybody
than what we're doing out here.

I'm telling you guys,

that is a UFO salvage operation.

Ah, whatever it is,

if SecCorp's involved,

there's a shitload of money in it.

Probably puts you at a
disadvantage with Durkin

when it comes to Sasquatch, don't it?

She's not like that.

Say what?

Okay, she's a little like that,

but it's not just all
about money with her.

You and Durkin?

She's hot.

Maybe keep that to yourself, kid.

I'm not interested in becoming
Sasquatch roadkill again.

What's it worth to you?

If I wind up dead,

take care of this little
shit for me, will you?

- You got it.
- I am swearing total silence.

And we're not that far from base.

So what?

We're just leaving this out
here in the middle of nowhere?

Ah, it's toast.

No one's moving three tons
of dead metal anywhere.

Damn shame.

The blue book on this thing

must still be in the six figures.

Hey, maybe if you join up with SecCorp,

they might gift you one.

Keep that shit up, I'll think about it.

Ah, fuck.

We got two KIA, and our
CO has head trauma.

Follow me!

You heard him! Let's go! Move out!

How you feeling, sir?

Got a little blowback from the IED.

Looks much worse than it is, Sergeant.

Just your scalp?


having a little trouble
moving my arms and legs.

Try moving them for me now.

My friend and I are gonna
transfer you to a stretcher

and load you in to the bird.

Appreciate your concern,
Sergeant, but I'm gonna be fine.

Just give me a moment.
I think I can move my foot.


Went into shock mode,
but I'm gonna be fine now.

Perhaps, sir,

but you really need to stay still

while we load you on.

- Leave me alone, Sergeant.
- Sir...

That's a direct order.

Sir, you need to get
scanned as soon as possible.

From your inability to
move your arms and legs,

I'm guessing that you've
got spinal damage,

and we really need to know
the extent of the damage

before you possibly make it worse.

I lost two men, good men,
in that vehicle in front of us.

I'm not abandoning the rest of them.

I just need a few more minutes.

I should be able to move my arms.

Just sustained a slight
shock to my nervous system.

I don't think so, sir.

Well, I don't care what you think!

Help me stand up.

No, sir.


- Yes, sir.
- Help me get up.

There we go.


I'm not gonna cite you
for insubordination

'cause I believe you have
my best interests at heart,

but I'm getting back in this
convoy and continuing on.

All right. Let me go.

This is bullshit.

If he snaps his spine trying to move,

he's gonna end up paraplegic.

I'm not leaving without him.

I feel this will be very
difficult to accomplish

considering the elements involved.

All right. This time for sure.


I told you. Base.

Oh, sweet.

Let's hold off on the celebration.

Our troubles are far from over.

Come on.

We ready to take off?

Not quite yet.

Sir, if you're gonna insist

on walking off a possible spinal injury,

at least let us be the ones to help you.

Fine. That's a good idea.




Wha... what's that?

Mild pain pill. Glorified aspirin.

If I can't get you to come
back with me to the FOB,

then at least take it
for your scalp injury,

which has gotta be hurting big-time.

It's throbbing like a son of a bitch.

Please, take it.

All right. Enough of this.

You two can just load me in the vehicle.

I'll be good to go.

I would like one of these pills.

- Come on.
- What happened to the major?

He decided to come back
to the base with us.

As soon as I get my
hands on a medical scale,

start breaking this down, sell it.

Why I gotta be the one holding?

Because as soon as Sasquatch gets back

and tells Holloway I
disobeyed her direct order,

I'm going straight to the brig.

My bag will be extremely
vulnerable to detection.

That's a good reason.

Just gotta figure out a way
to make sure Petrocelli

doesn't end up taking the rap
for the missing ambulance.

Long as you're doing time,
you could say it was you.

Was hoping we could come up
with an alternative plan,

but fine.

Let's try and move this shit fast, okay?

Need the cash bad.

How's your mom doing?

She got a call from the hospital

where she's getting
her cancer treatments.

Told her they're filing suit against her

for unpaid medical bills.

Lawyer says they might take our house.

Can they do that?

Goddamn motherfuckers
can do whatever they want.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna make this Sasquatch fight

the biggest thing to ever hit this base

and go all in.

- And if our guy loses?
- He ain't gonna lose.

Okay, then.

- But what if he does lose?
- He's not.

No, but what if he does?

What are you gonna do for me?

Don't know.


What are you bringing me, Sergeant?

IED victim, head trauma,
possible spinal damage.

And why is he unconscious?

I administered a fentanyl pill, Captain.

That sounds a bit extreme.

It was the only way to bring him in.

He is a proud man.

All right, well, let's get
him prepped for a CAT scan.

Sí, Captain.

Oh, and you.

Yeah, don't go anywhere.

You wait for me outside.

The major's C4 was pulverized.

It's hanging on by a thread.

If he had so much as sneezed,
it would've snapped

and he would've had to
spend the rest of his life

in a wheelchair.

That's how it seemed to me, Captain.

But convincing him was another matter.


We're Sending him to Landstuhl
Medical Center in Germany.

They should be able to fuse a bone

and keep him on his feet.

That's great, sir.

Sergeant Alvarez.

You know, my great-grandparents,

they left what is now called Pakistan

because they were being
persecuted as outsiders

even though they had been there longer

than the people who
were persecuting them.

They settled in London,

where my grandparents were
then persecuted as outsiders

even though, in most instances,

they had been living in that city

longer than the people
who were persecuting them.

I am descended from a rich
tradition of tribal hatred

that will probably never cease.

And it has all made me who I am today.

What exactly is that, sir?

An angry bastard whose medical career

and military rank are one big sod off

to anyone who believes
that I'm the reason that

their lives didn't turn out
the way they had hoped.

Make it work for you.

I wish I had a choice.

Exemplary work tonight.

Lot of weird shit's happened
since we saw you last.

Lot of weird shit's happened
since I saw you last.

- Us first.
- No time.

Just wanted to find you
guys and say good-bye.

Where you going?

My MAVNI status was pulled.

Just because.

Colonel Austin's got me on
the next convoy to Bagram.

From there to Germany.
From there to Texas.

From there, I get
deported back to Mexico.

- What?
- Oh,

I'll be sure and send postcards

from all the lovely places I visit.

Well, there's gotta be
something you can do.

White boys. Gotta love their optimism.

Never ceases to amuse.


They didn't even get
anyone to replace you?

I'm sure whoever it is won't
find all you guys' bullshit

nearly as entertaining as I do.

Took us months to break you down.

Ain't looking forward
to doing it all over again.

I have faith you'll succeed.

Did you try contacting...

Tried everything.

I love you, but there's nothing

you can think of that I
haven't thought of already.

Let's get this over with.

- Not gonna miss you.
- Not gonna miss you, either.

- Come on.
- No. This is bullshit!

I'm not gonna let them break
up the band and stick you

in a fucking detention center
just 'cause some asshole

in Washington wants to get reelected.

God, you're making this so
much harder than it has to be.

- Just say good-bye...
- No!

- ...and wish me luck, damn it.
- No.

I'm gonna figure this one out.

Well, while you're figuring it out,

I'll be on my world tour.


The colonel will be right out.


Yeah, thanks.

Let's do this quick.

If this is a plea for some
sort of last-minute reprieve,

you're both wasting my time.

- It's not, sir.
- Then what is it?

Sergeant Alvarez and
I are getting married.

I see.

We've been planning it
for a while now, sir.

Scheduled it for between deployments,

but obviously,

the change in her status
has moved those plans up.

You two are news to me.

Sir, we just assumed
everybody knew about us.

We didn't want to make
a big deal out of it.

Didn't want it to get in
the way of our duties.


The way I see it, I
got two options here.

Option one is to believe it,
let love work its way,

place Alvarez's paperwork...

without my signature...
at the bottom of a pile.

Option two?

Option two would be to conclude

that this is some bullshit

and send Alvarez's paperwork
with my signature

pinned to her chest on to Bagram.


and institute a court-martial
for you, Roback.

- This is not bullshit, sir.
- So you say.

Alvarez, you were not
supposed to leave this base

last night to go out on a mission.

You were not supposed to
tend medical care to anyone,

and you most certainly were
not supposed to disregard

the order of a superior officer

and then drug said
officer against their will.

I hate commanding medical units.

The entitlement doctors and
medics possess drives me crazy.

You're as bad as the SecCorp guys.

You get away with murder

because you can do something I can't.

Every time I'm in the OR,

I feel like a goddamn eunuch at an orgy.


And that's not what I'm used to.

That said, what you do is important...

Keeping men like Major Peters alive.

He and I served in Iraq together.

He's an outstanding warrior.

Heard he may have never walked again

if you hadn't brought him in here.

You didn't have to go out
on that mission, but you did.

I respect bravery and a
sense of duty when I see it.

Military needs more people
like you, not less.

You can see why I feel
in love with this woman.

Shut the fuck up.

Yes, sir.

Already down a medic without Alvarez.

Can't afford to take you
out of commission, Roback.

So I choose to believe
that this is genuine,

that you are both in love,
intending to marry,

and will spend the rest
of your lives together.

Thank you, sir.

Always figured there was something

going on between you two.

Our love is real, sir.

Ooh, it better be.

Now I have no idea if
this is gonna keep Alvarez

from losing her MAVNI status...

But I guess we'll find out.

Either way, I'm gonna assign you both

to a communal CHU once you're married.

Corporal Durkin will help you

fill out the necessary
paperwork for the marriage.


Forgive me if I don't get
you both a wedding gift.

Get out.

- Now.
- Yes, sir.

We're gonna need to requisition

a marriage certificate form
so Sergeant Roback...

Let me take care of this.

I'll catch up with you in a bit.

Okay, sure.

We should probably talk.

I knew you'd take this the right way.

You really believe it'll work?

That's the plan.

Good luck to you both.


Now, I've been working on some new moves

that I am certain will succeed
where others have failed.

- Uh, no.
- What's wrong?

I'm not fucking a married man.

- Yeah, but I won't really be married.
- Yeah, you will.

Yeah, but not in the emotional sense.

In the legal sense.

Yeah, but I'm only doing
this to help Alvarez

so she doesn't get
deported back to Mexico.

And that's very sweet.
You're a hell of a friend.

Really, you are, but
you'll still be married.

Oh, come on. It'll be awesome.

It might even make the sex so hot

that I might be able
to finally get you off.

After my dad left my
mom for another woman,

I promised myself I'd
never fuck a married man.

And I meant it.

Well, how old were you?

- Eight.
- I don't believe this.

Believe it.

Well, then I'll get a divorce

after she establishes her citizenship.

All right. Cool. Yeah. Uh...

- Yeah?
- All right.

See you in a few years.
Let's try to keep in touch.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey, look.

If you're jealous, there's
really no reason to be.


Well, I... Look, you're acting
very emotional right now,

and I get it, but if you
just think this through,

you'll realize it really
doesn't change anything.

No, it changes everything.

I can't back out. This is my idea.

Of course it was.

I have to do this for her.

Well, don't let me stop you.

I'm not ready to end this.

Get ready.


I've been thinking about us.

And you're right, okay?

You and I are a lot alike.

We both need the thrill
of being with somebody...

spontaneous and unpredictable, and...

And not married.

Grace. Come on.

What happened to the
young man in that bed?

- He's gone, Major.
- What do you mean "gone"?

Um, he's not there, no?

No, I mean I didn't release him.

- He's my patient.
- He perhaps walked out.

Well, did anyone try to stop him?

We think it occurred late of night.

Nurse which was on duty,
she noticed nothing.

No. This is unacceptable.

This happens many times
with natives which are local.

You know this, Major.

There is nothing we do to stop them.

No. I don't care. That
patient was under my care

and in no shape to leave this hospital.

It's for him?

God damn it.


Hey, what can I do for you, mate?

Why don't we cool it on
the chicken for a while?

What do you say?

I cook what they send me.
Is that why you're here?

Bust my balls?

If so, fuck off.

I have a proposition.

A proposition?

Not sure you're in a position
to propose a proposition, mate.

Hear me out.

I've got 50 more chooks to part.

So it looks like I'm not going anywhere.

I'm proposing another fight.

Last time you did that,

didn't work out too well for you.

This time, it will.

You hope.

I've got a fighter.

Well, whoever it is, best
have more fight in him

than your other half, Roback.

He does. A lot more.

I think he could take Sasquatch.



Who is this mythical creature?

An LN from the village.

- I'd have to meet him.
- Of course.

You'd have to cover
his end of the action.

Of course.

If you got that much,

why aren't you fucking
paying me what you owe?

I'll be using it as collateral.

That road eventually ends, mate.

You can't roll over debt forever.

Of course.

Comes a time to settle all accounts.

Of course.

- I'll think about it.
- You do that.

Hey, mate.

You got a stench of
desperation about you.

Not how smart decisions are made.

Life lessons from a man can't
even cook chicken right?

I don't think so.

You're back, and the first
person you come to see is me.

Must be important.

You have something we want.


You know what I'm talking about.

No idea, but this is fun.

We know it was you guys.

You left a goat behind with one
of my men's fingers in its belly.

Did the goat give us up?

I knew that goat couldn't
be couldn't be counted on

to keep its mouth shut.

If you don't give back what you took,

I'm gonna let Holloway
know that you disobeyed

a direct order not to leave base.

Sounds like the only
proof you have is a goat.

I know you guys hate us,
resent that we're here,

but we're just like you.

I'm not here to get rich.

What are you here for?

Actually, I'm not entirely sure.

But I've been told it's
essential to preserving

the American way of life.

Well, we're pretty sure why we're here.

Look, I don't have whatever
it is you think I have.

So I can't possibly give it back to you.

I'd love to stay,

but it'd keep me from leaving.

How can you sit there and play
that thing for hours and hours?

Like this.

What can I do for you, amigo?

What the hell is it Sasquatch
wants back so badly?

An SUV. Costs a ton.

No. It's a drop in the
bucket for SecCorp.

Maybe there's something
inside it he wants back.

I didn't see anything. Did you?

Didn't really look.

Yeah. Why didn't we search
it before we abandoned it?

Because it was maybe about to explode?

We need to go back and
search it where we left it.

Who the fuck cares what's
inside that they want?

We do.

Tell me why.

Because if we have it,

then we can trade it back to Sasquatch.

For what?

Fighting the Warlord's bodyguard?

I'm beginning to
experience the logic here.

Yeah. Finish up here.

Let's go back to where
we left it and search it.

That's my shirt.

- No, it's not.
- Yeah, it is.

It's been missing.

You lose shit all the time.

No, I got it from Khalil.

He gave me one, too.

Gave you one? For free?


Son of a bitch charged
me 20 Afghanis for mine.

That's between you and him.

Gotta remember to discuss
this with that man later, man.

Means so much to you, here.

I don't need your charity.

Sounds like you do.


What I need is to figure out

what the hell Sasquatch
wants back so badly.

I'm getting used to that thing of yours.

Not sure if it's good or bad,

but if I ever give birth,
I'm halfway there.

Sorry, baby.

Been thinking about my ETS.

What about it?

Just that it's not far off.

Let's talk about something else.

Look, here me out. What's the, um...

SecCorp bodyguard thingy
you were telling me about?

The High Net Worth
Individual Protection Unit?


You think you could get into it?


It's mostly just politicians and CEOs.

And they do celebrities, too, right?

I got a buddy who works
for Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

I think I know where
you're going with this.

Damn straight. Move to LA together.

Get a place.

I tried life back at home before.

It didn't work out too
well for me the first time.

And I don't know if I'm
ready to help movie stars

get in and out of limousines all day.

Okay, so you'd rather stay here doing

whatever fucked up
shit it is you guys do?

You know damn well that
I'm ready to say good-bye

to all those goddamn freaks.

Seen some of them do
shit that'd get anyone

bounced out of the human race.

Okay, then let's do it.

I think I can convince
the company I model for

to make me a brand ambassador.

So I can live wherever I want.

You got it all figured out, huh?

That's how I'm wired.


And don't take this
the wrong way, but...

I didn't think that
you were this into me.

Uh, is that a problem?

No, I really dig you.


caught me by surprise, is all.

Look, I'm gonna do this
with or without you, but...

I'd much rather be with you.

Guess that's as close to an "I love you"

as I'm gonna get till we move this thing

further on down the road more.

Just like...

having this big, nasty
dog that scares the shit

out of everyone, but with me...

he's warm and loving
and makes me feel safe.

Looks like they didn't need that door.

That SUV was nonoperational.

No way anyone could've moved
it without a big rig tow.

- Maybe SecCorp picked it up.
- Nah.

If they did, Sasquatch wouldn't
be asking me where it was.

There must be some kind of
tracking device built into it, right?

I'm guessing the land
mine took care of that.

So what now?

Go back to Sasquatch and pretend

like I have what he wants.

But you don't have it.

Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

Tell him if he fights our guy,
I'll give it back to him.

But you don't have it.

Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

How long you think you
could keep that up for?

Hopefully till after the fight.

Not sure even you could pull that off.

Oh, have a little faith, amigo.

There's an ambulance
missing from the motor pool.

Ask someone on the medical team
what the hell is up with that.

Yes, sir.

Sergeant Cooper Roback!

That doesn't sound good.

You're being placed under
arrest for violating

Articles 89, 91, and 92 of the UCMJ.

Surrender your weapons.

Sasquatch must've
finally gone to Holloway

and ratted you out.

Apparently so.

Sergeant Davis, you're free to go.


For once, it's not the
brother getting arrested.

Command, this is Bravo 1.

Be advised, I have eyes on...

Bravo 1, say again all after "eyes on".

Bravo 1, say again all
after "eyes on". Over.


No! Don't shoot!

Gets any closer, it's dinner!

What? Why?

Tali likes to put bombs in animals

- and send them our way.
- It's not a bomb!

- Says who?
- Me!

That's, uh...

I know this goat. That's my buddy.

Has your "buddy" been out of your sight

for longer than five minutes?


Yeah, I haven't seen it
since last night, but...

Then I'm assuming Tali turned it

into a suicide goat and
sent it back your way.


- Private!
- That is not a suicide goat!

Hey! Hey!

Private Petrocelli!

Private Petrocelli, move
away from the animal.

No can do.

Hey, Boz.

You don't have the bomb in you, do you?

♪ Liar, liar, light my fire ♪

♪ Your masquerade of
love is makin' me tired ♪

♪ Come on, let's roll ♪