4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Vertrauter Feind - full transcript


- What?
- You look gorgeous.


we were unable to help your wife.

Dad, what's wrong?

Until further notice,
you lose custody of your daughter Serin.

Excuse me?
Are you Toni? Toni Hamady?

I'm not Toni Hamady. I’m Ali.
Stay clean.

I've really missed you recently.

Why can't you accept that I’m out?

Why do you disappoint me?

I'm sticking to the deal
and delivering every month.

For the past three months,

I haven't received
all the money I'm owed.

I'm coming to Berlin.

And when I’m there,
you'll bring the traitor to me.

I'll be waiting for him.
Do you think I’m scared ?

That man is poison.
I just want to get my daughter.

Looking at the past 14 months,

I don't see any reason
not to approve the father's request.

You can stay with me every weekend.
And next week you'll get a surprise.

Okay, listen.

- We'll follow the money.
- Leave that to me.

- Yes?
- Mr. Hamady. I'm here for my kids.

- Your wife already picked them up.
- What?

We have good reason to believe
that your husband knows where you are.

You are in danger.

I think she believed it.

Hey, Maruf!

- You're banned from Berlin.
- I heard Toni’s gone.

- I've got big plans. Are you in ?
- No!

I heard that Toni quit,
so that's why I’m here.

This is for Uncle Vanya.

There's 150 in there.
I want to do business with you.

This girl worked for us.

The guy responsible is named Moharem,
a hairdresser.

Get rid of him and then we can talk.

- Hey, Kemal.
- Nobody touched the car this time.

It's being shipped to Beirut now.

If anything was stolen,
then it was the repair shop.

You’ve aged in the past year, Ali.

Are you sure that leaving the business
has done you good ?

Nothing is better than a decent life.

So, what have you got for me?

The money that we owe you.

With an extra sum for reconciliation.

And the second part of our deal ?

Abbas resolved everything.

From now on, the money goes to Beirut
via a different route.

You're not listening to me, Ali.

What did I say to you last time?

Bring me the person who betrayed me.

I came here and I’m telling you
that we resolved the problem,

and here is your money.

You're welcome.

What good is money without respect?

God forbid !
We respect you, Mr. Karami.

Your money only shows me
that you don't trust your own men.

That's not good.

I want the traitor.


Kneeling in front of me.

If you don't hand him over to me,

I will take your men, one by one.

I hope that this time
I’m making myself clear.

I came here in good faith and in peace.

I brought the money
with me as a peace offering.

And now you want to kill my men?

That's no way to talk.

That's no way to talk.

This discussion is over.

Zeina, come here.

Come on, let’s wash your hands.


Come on.

Careful of the step.

That's right.

Come here.

There we go.

You can go on the slide again, honey.

Everything is okay.


Get down from there.

Come on.

Hurry up. Get your coat on.

Okay, let's go.
Put your coat on.

Okay. Everything’s fine.

I'm sorry.

Come here. I’ll help you.

Hey Nevin, could you take care
of Adam and Zeina for a few days?

I'm going to Berlin.

Let me know if that works for you.


I looked everywhere for you.
I couldn't sleep.

What's wrong ?

Is it still the money?

I've told you
that things like that can happen.

Look at how we live.
So many people would resent us for this.

Who could it have been? Toni ?

Never. What are you talking about?

Remember when Toni
handed the leadership over to you ?

Who felt fucked over?

Kemal .

Maybe it's not about the money.

Maybe he wants you to fuck up.
Or he wants to be the boss.

Did he ever do anything suspicious?


The shipments of cash.

He wanted to keep watch alone.


We can't trust anyone anymore.
Only each other.

I'll always be by your side.

And I’ll be by yours.


- Here?
- This is the place.

That's a tribal tattoo parlor!

- It says hair salon on the sign, dude!
- Is he inside?

Yeah, he’s the one without a beard.
Go take a look.

A guy without a beard ?
All three of those guys have a beard !

They all look the same!

Who gives a fuck!
Just go inside and take a look, okay?

"Who gives a fuck"?

He might have a wife and kids,
you fucking retard !

Just go check it out.
He's called Mohamed or something.

- Mohamed ? Mahmood !
- No, he's called Mohamed !

You forgot his name
and they all have beards!

Cut the shit and go check it out!

Improve your logistics
if we have to kill someone, dude.

Wait here. For fuck's sake!


- Hello.
- Hello.

I'd like to get a haircut.

Sure. Take a seat for a second.

Is there a Mahmood here?


- Mohamed ?
- No.

- He doesn't have a beard.
- You've got the wrong place.

- Have you worked here long ?
- Ten years.

Thanks anyway.
I’ll come back another time.


- It's the guy on the far right.
- Are you sure?

Yes! Moharem ! He has a big bushy beard.
You can't miss him.

- Okay.
- What are you doing ?

Do you know who the traitor is?
It's Kemal.

Why else did he want
to follow the shipments alone?

Kemal is faithful
and he's one of the family.

Faithful to you, but not to me.

He's still your guy, not mine.

But what would you know?
You're not involved anymore.

Can you prove it?

I don't need any proof.

did Ewa put that idea into your head?

I don't need Ewa to know what's up.
Don't bring my wife into this.

- She's not your wife.
- She is.

- She's not your wife.
- She is. I’m going to marry her.

- You're going to marry her?
- Yes! Didn't you hear me?

Abbas, I’m your big brother.

Letting that woman into our family
is a mistake.

She's been in it for years.

She was there when I was in jail,

during the bad times,
when I was on the run.

She was always there.

What would you know?
You never accepted her.

She has a past.

- She'll want your babies one day.
- Too late.

She’s pregnant.
Congratulations, you're an uncle.

Not happy?

Aleikum salam, Ali.

Take care of your man, Kemal .

Let's see if he's the rat or not.

I like the idea,
but I need more chairs and tables.

There will be millions of members
of my husband's family,

plus family from Poland...

Would it be possible
to have more chairs and tables?

We can definitely raise
the number of guests.

We could put you
at a table in the center...

Madam, I’m sorry to interrupt.
But can I talk to her alone?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

What's wrong ? Don't you like it here?

No, I do.

But we can't have a party.

You know what's going on out there.

Are you saying
you don't want to marry me anymore?

- No. I want to marry you.
- So what is it?

It's not the right time.

Do you know how long the wait is
for this place?

Ten months!

Organizing it all
will take another year.

- And then your huge family. . .
- Ewa.

Neither of our families are coming.

No one goes to an Arab-Polack wedding.
Don't you get it?

Your brother is against it.

- He's got nothing to do with it.
- And you're scared of him.

Shut up and don't talk shit.

I'll get married properly
or not at all .


I have an idea.

Let's have the civil ceremony.
And then a wedding in Poland this year.

What do you say?

We invite your grandpa, grandma,

your mom and dad,

your fat cousin Magda.

I don't like her.
She didn't invite me to her wedding.

- Then fuck her.
- Shady.

That band you wanted .

What was the name? Tropsky? Tapsky?

Trzy Kozaki.

Pawel's polka band from Poland.
I told you about it.


Do you swear?

I swear.
Look at me swearing.

Red, red, red,
if I lie then I’m dead.

- Okay.
- Come on.

I have to invite my grandma.
Will yours come too?

If she knew that you're not a virgin,
I’d be dead.

- I don't know.
- What company?

No company at all.

- Are you visiting someone?
- Yeah, I was invited.

Djamila invited me.

- You're Maruf?
- Yeah.

Such a pleasure to meet you.
I’m Bini.

Bini ? Cool.

- Hi. Glad you're here.
- Me too.

- Is this yours?
- Yeah.

- Looks good.
- Today’s a launch party.

- A what?
- A launch party.

Oh, this is a party?

Some more people are coming later.

- We'll have a fireside chat and a DJ.
- Cool. A what chat?

A buddy from I. is coming.

And then you talk about the product?

Right, about the lessons learned.

Stay. It'll be cool.

The terrace looks cool.

Yeah, it's awesome.

I was just saying to Mili...
I moved in with her, you see.

- So you're her boyfriend?
- Yeah.

Okay, I see.

So actually you moved into my place.
Seeing how it's mine.

How is it your place?

It was a wedding present for Djamila
from my family.

- What wedding ?
- Oh, didn't she tell you?

- No. . .
- Djamila and I got married once.

In religious terms we still are married.

- You and Djamila are married right now?
- Right.

Her family had a fight with mine

and we got married as reconciliation.

She got that apartment.

They fought again and my uncle
bust a cap in her uncle's ass.

- But to be honest. . .
- He shot him ?

Yeah, but he was an asshole.
Trust me, you would have shot him too.

Yeah, sure. . . Crazy.

Yeah, he was a real bastard.

- Hi.
- Nice to see you.

- Have you two introduced yourselves?
- Yeah, we've had a chat.

Yeah, cool guy.

You too.
I’ve got to make a call.

- After that I'll be right back.
- Sure.

- Nice to meet you.
- Ditto.

He's gay and doesn't know it yet.

So you like Germans now?

- Want a drink?
- No, thanks.

- How are you doing ?
- Fine.


- What's up?
- This isn't really my scene.

How about Friday? I got the day off.

Give me a call.
If I’m near and have time, I'll come by.


See you.

Can you lend me some money?

How much?

Around 15 or 20,000.

20,000? Are you in trouble?


Why do you need 20,000?

I saw Djamila .

Who's Djamila ?

"Who's Djamila ?"
How many are there?

The girl I married !
From the Al-Saafis.

Djamila isn't right for you.

You can't afford her, buddy.
You think 20,000 will make her happy?

You know how she grew up.
Your 20 won't be enough.

- Did you start running a tab for her?
- Don't be stupid !


If you want to get married,
I'll get you a woman.

The best from Lebanon.
A woman that's clean, that can cook.

Djamila only spends money.
Forget her.

You've changed your tune.

Back then I had to marry her
to help your business!

Back then she was pretty and had money.

And now suddenly I’m not good enough ?

I'm a donkey
and I should marry another donkey!

I ask you for a favor once,
just one single time,

and you treat me like a kid !

If you were a man,
you wouldn't sit here asking for money.

You'd have your own.

You want 20?

I'll give you 20.

There you go.
You can pay the bill .


Where are my kids?

With a friend. Calm down.

We need to sort this out.
It can't go on like this.

They need their father.

And it took you a year to realize that?
A whole year?

Give me my kids and get lost.

Latif, our kids need both of us.
You know that.

The kids are mine and not yours.

Is that right?

Not under German law.

- Fuck German law!
- Go on, do it.

Hit me! Hit me!

- Give me my kids.
- This is about our kids!

We have to sit down and talk
like civilized people.

That's all I want.

I'm here. Consider it.

It was a dumpster fire of an idea

to get involved
with that gulag princess,

that Botoxed fucking Russki !

You roll up to a hair salon
with no guarantees,

and shoot some dude
who might be a father!

There was no reason for it.

You're officially a murderer now.
Do you realize?

Even my Fascist uncle
wasn't as radical as you.

You're the most radical person
I ever met.

I'm really losing it right now.

I was so calm up until now and ...

Shut up, dude. Sit down.

Sit down there.

That's great, dude!

Come on!

- Dude!
- Shit!

That's fucking awesome!

Hurry up, Kemal .

Mom, it's your own fault.
Diabetics shouldn't eat so much baklava.

- Of course your feet swell up.
- Nonsense.

That makes your belly fat,
not your feet.

- Why don't you go to the doctor?
- I won't go to a German doctor.

Mom, I recommended four to you
and they were all Arab.

No, the last one was German.

And he was the best in the country.

I won't go to a German doctor.

- Want a herbalist from Yemen instead ?
- That would be better.

Lord have mercy.

- Are you expecting someone?
- No.

Cover yourself.

Come in, please.

Hello, Auntie.

- Welcome. How are you ?
- Fine, thanks.

- What happened to your eye?
- It's fine.

Very good. Please take a seat.

I'll make you tea, ok?

- I thought your feet hurt.
- I’m fine.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Okay, you two. I'll leave you alone.

I'm going to bed.

Good night.

Can I trust you ?

Why are you asking me?

Abbas says you're the traitor.

Are you the traitor?

Do you believe it's me?

Is Abbas the traitor?

No, but he doesn't know how to run
the family business.

Toni, he's not the right man
for the job.


Here’s the plan.

This is where the plane will stop.
I'll let you in at the back.

- There'll be a follow-me car.
- What's that?

Follow-me cars
lead planes to their parking spaces.

It's a big yellow car
with black stripes.

- A yellow car with black stripes?
- Yes.

Just say that then.

The yellow car with black stripes
will be right there.

It takes about 20 seconds
to get to the plane by car.

Two heavy-duty guys will get out
of the plane with a suitcase

and put it in the armored car.

Heavy-duty? So they’re armed ?

Carrying diamonds?
Of course they're armed.

- Just asking.
- Okay.

There will be
no police there on that day.

This means you'll have about ten minutes
before you must be out of there.

- What's up?
- Abbas.

I don't think Kemal is the traitor.

But test him if you want.

Okay, I’ll do that. Bye.


We said half in advance
and half afterwards.

You'll get your share.

One more thing.

Don't get me wrong.

I need your ID.
I need to know where you live.

I need to know who your family is.

Just as a precaution.

This is serious business.

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you.

And that I couldn't say goodbye
to Kalila.


you took the kids and just ran away.

- You told nobody. . .
- I didn't just run away.

Latif threw me out.
I had no other choice.

Why are you here now?

A policeman told me that Latif
knows where I am

and that I’m in danger.

Amara, they lie.

Latif doesn't know. None of us does.

- Did you talk to the police?
- No.

But I went to see Latif.

I tried to sort things out with him
but he wants nothing to do with me.

Ali, please talk to him.

I'll make up a bed for you
and you'll sleep here, okay?

Yeah ?

Abudi, my brother,
I know you're waiting for the goods,

but this month we can't deliver.

- We had a deal.
- We still do.

But there’s a situation in Beirut.

But we're fixing it.

Then we'll go get those diamonds.

Abbas, if there's anything
we can help you with, let me know.

For us, loyalty is very important.
We're there for our brothers.

Don't be too proud.

Beautiful words, Abudi.
You're a good guy, you truly are.

But if your brother Abbas
was too proud,

you wouldn't be here.



Hey! What's all this about?

Pascal, get the fuck out!

- The bell rang !
- What?

The doorbell !

It rang.

Get off.

Go and see who it is.
Go on, dude!

Stay there.

It's for you!

Who's there?

- Aloof.
- Who?


- Maruf?
- Yeah.

Let him in.

You can come in.

What's up?

Can we talk?

Go inside, I’ll be right back.

- What's going on ?
- Stay where you are.

- Was that it?
- No. I just have stuff to do.

- Hurry up then.
- Wait there.


- Get up and let him sit down.
- I’m fine standing up, thanks.

Does your girl want some coke too?

Shut up, dude.
I need you here, so stay put.

Go ahead.

I want to join you.

Why now and not before?

You were right.
I have to build up my own business.


I don't need you though.
I have him.

Want some?
I’m Pascal, by the way.

Okay, that's a shame.

Let's see what my uncle has to say
about you selling coke.

You're threatening me?
In my own home?

Come on, this place is mine.

Shut your face, dude!

Threatening me in my own home,
you bastard ?

Zeki, I’m not threatening you, okay?

I just want to do business.

And out of courtesy I brought a gift.

My work phone.

There are 500 contacts in it.

Do the math.
One gram multiplied by 500.


Do you understand
what I'm risking ?

Do you know
how valuable this phone is to my family?

Do you want to earn some money or not?

Can you deliver or not?

I'll just tell Latif someone stole it.

Okay, so you'll tell them
you got robbed.

But you don't look messed up enough.

We'll have to change that.

Schönfließ, the first thing I ever stole
was a Cornetto.

I've got goosebumps right now.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

I've done some research.

Miss Winter is doing
some serious re-structuring.

They're increasing the budget
for their work on clans

and there will be
extensive judicial powers.

They realized that doing raids
is not having a big effect.

What's that got to do with me?
I want a normal life with my daughter.

I'm allowed to meet her alone now.

And no Miss Winter or anyone else
can take that away from me.

They’ll leave no stone unturned.

And they'll use everything they've got.

Be prepared for them
to pile on the pressure.

Recently, one of those fake rappers

posted that his watch
is worth 200,000.

That's bullshit.
I saw it being sold for 90,000 euro.

- My cousin's cost 300,000.
- I've seen his watch.

It costs 18 or 19,000.

I'm sick of this. I’m hungry.

- Want some food ?
- Stop it.

We're on his tail for four hours
and now you're leaving ?

Let's finish the job.
What's wrong with you?

- There he is.
- See? What did I say?

- There he is.
- And you wanted to get food.

What's he up to now?

Probably the drugstore next.

- Go, go.
- Okay, okay.

He'll probably just buy some hair gel .

What's he doing here?

Isn't that an Albanian brothel ?

I'll call Abbas.

- In which room is he?
- Number 7.

- He won't pay?
- Yes.

- Are you the manager?
- Get out!

- What the. . .
- Get out!

- Calm down.
- You don't want to pay?

- You don't want to pay?
- Calm down.

I inquired into the showers
and locker rooms again.

I have two colleagues
who might be able to fork out for it.

Thank you so much.

Ali, what's wrong ?

I had a visit from the police.

Ali, they won't find anything on us.

Listen, when the showers are installed
and it's all renovated,

I want to throw a party for Neukölln.

With a BBQ, inflatable castle
and tons of baklava.

- Neukölln will celebrate.
- I'll invite Pietsch.

- The mayor?
- The district mayor.

He needs to see the work
you do with this club.

Get some shots with the mayor
and I’ll send them to the paper.

Not a tabloid though.

Only broadsheets for you.

Come over to mine on Sunday.

We're having a BBQ.
Pietsch will be there.

- Really?
- Yes.

See how you two get on.

- You know?
- This Sunday?

- Yeah.
- Count me in.

Very good.

Hello? Abbas?

It's like I said.
Kemal is stealing. He's the traitor!

What happened ?

He's investing Karami's cash
in a brothel. Come and see.

How can I ? I have to go to Serin.

I can't come now, no way.

Your choice.

Here's your part.
Business is going great.

Great, is it?

Abbas, what are you doing here?

So, you steal from the family
and do business in this brothel ?

This is none of your business.

You keep your mouth shut.

Think I don't know
you're stealing from the family?

Maybe you're stealing.

Sit down.

- Guys. . .
- Shut up!

- Kemal !
- Put the gun down.

Put the gun down!

What the fuck?

Both of you put your guns down!

He's the traitor!

He's stealing and working with them.

Shut up!

Is that true?

Is what he says true?

Toni, you think I'm stealing
from the family?

I'm just security.
I’m not involved in the business.

How do I know you're not lying ?

He's not picking up.

Let's go and bake something tasty.

He's not coming anymore.

But he said that he would .