4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Der Weg des Geldes - full transcript

Good news.
From now on, Beirut delivers to us.

We're expanding. I need every man.

- So he's my boss now?
- Partner.

- Are you a fighter?
- There's a traitor in the family.

- Shit, it's not cops.
- Get out!

Who tipped off the Chechens?

- Here.
- Got any more of that?

- Zeki! We need to talk.
- Get off me.

Where is the coke?

- What do you want from me?
- Shut the fuck up!

I never want to see you
in Berlin again.

I'm here for my kids.

- Your wife already picked them up.
- What?

You don't have much longer to live.

I'll make you an offer: 500,000.

It wasn't Abbas Hamady.

You're acquitted.

- Kalila.
- What?

You look gorgeous.

I'm afraid we were unable
to help your wife.

What's wrong, Daddy?

Until further notice,
you lose custody of your daughter Serin.

Custody is assigned
to your mother-in-law Sharifa Sahadi.

Excuse me? Are you Toni?

Toni Hamady?

I'm not Toni Hamady. I’m Ali.
Stay clean.

If I can help just one kid,
my job is done.

Why do you disappoint me?

I'm sticking to the deal
and delivering every month.

For the past three months,

I haven't been receiving
all the money that I’m owed .

What is going on?

I don't know. Ask Abbas.

He runs the business.

I decide who I want to talk to.
I’m coming to Berlin.

And when I’m there,
you'll bring the traitor to me.

- Hey, what are you selling ?
- Games and stuff.


- How much is this?
- You have to ask him.

Hey, dude.

- Yeah?
- What's up?

- How are you doing ? Good ?
- Good.

How much does this cost?

- 12 .95 Euro.
- 12 .95 ?

- What's it about?
- It's an online game.

You have different weapons
and you have to kill the others.

And when you’re the last one left,
then you've won.

Okay, listen to me.

I'll buy the whole table from you
and I'll give you 100 Euro.

150 Euro.

Okay, I’ll give you 150.

But you have to help me
with something important.


This is my personal favorite: The SQ4.

It has 430 horsepower
on a V6 twin-turbo

with a sport exhaust as standard.

This one really is pretty sweet.

What's the price tag ?

This one is 165.


- Sure. I’ll take it for a spin.
- Of course. No problem.

I need your ID,
driver's license and credit card.

I only have my driver's license
on me right now.

Is that okay?

- I need it myself.
- Exactly.

So I can drive!

Don't worry about it.
Let's make an appointment for tomorrow.

That won't work.
I’m flying back to Dubai tomorrow.

I'd really love to help you,

but without your ID and a credit card
there's nothing I can do.

Fine. I have a suggestion.

I'll leave my son here
for half an hour,

I’ll take a spin and bring the car back
and then we sign the contract.

Your son ?

My son.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah.

See you.


Who's stealing from you?

Whoever it was,
I’ll fuck his mother, I swear.

Abbas, when Karami arrives in four days
I have to deliver the traitor to him.

I'll be waiting for him.
Look what he did to you.

Think I'm scared ?

Abbas, I don't want a war.
If you go to war, I'll get dragged in.

That man is poison to me.
I just want to get my daughter.

- Who takes care of the car money?
- It's still Latif.

Still Latif?

You know what?

You take care of Serin.

Leave the rest to me.


What's up, Abbas?

How's the transport to Beirut going ?

Why? Everything is fine.

Would you ever hurt the family?

- What?
- There's a thief among us.

What? Are you crazy?

Cash is missing
from the shipments.

That bastard Karami isn't getting
fully paid. That's what's up.

And you think I’m betraying the family?

Do you really believe
I would cheat this family?

That's what you think of me?

If you were me,
what would you think?

You know me, I'm careful.

Our family, our money and our honor
is at stake here.

Understand ?

Your honor is my honor.

With Allah as my witness,
I’d die for that honor.

But please do me one favor.

Never think like that about me again.
Don't do it.

Baby, what's wrong ?

Go back to sleep, Baby.

Aren't you feeling well ?

Someone is stealing from us.
The money from the cars.

What are you going to do?

What do you think?

I'm going to find the bastard
and fuck him up.


Please think about quitting.

Are you my queen ?


Am I your king ?


How can I treat you like a queen

if I can't buy you
everything you want?


I don't need that.

- I need you, I need a family.
- You have a family.

I swear by everything holy

that I'll give it up, all of it.

But I can't quit while that bastard
is walking around out there.

I just can't.

It will all come
to an end one day, all of it.


Okay, that's it for today!

- Ali.
- What do you say, Ralf?


I wouldn't want
my kids showering in there.

- Just like I said.
- But my guys are all busy on jobs.

I just don't have the resources.

These boys only have the refugee center
and this soccer field.

Come on.
They have fun, they enjoy being here.

Take this kid. Come here, Abush !

He could be a soccer pro.
It's his greatest wish.

I don't do this for me.
He came from Lampedusa.

Tell him how you got here.

Lampedusa, Malta, Rome, Germany.

See? Oft you go.

Look, it's great that he can stay here
and play soccer.

- I don't want to ruin his fun.
- Give me a few days to think about it.

But then you put the Rottenburg logo
on your jerseys.

I'll put your Rottenburg logo
all over this artificial turf.

- You like that, don't you ?
- I’ll be in touch.

Abush !

- Yeah?
- What's up, man?

I'm nice to you one time
and you think I’m your slave?

Pick up the balls. Come on !

Off you go! Go!

Hello, Mr. Hamady.

Alexandra Winter,
Berlin Criminal Police.

- Hello, Ms. Winter. I know you.
- You do?

You're 40 years old,
born on December 6th.

Born in Wanne-Eickel, studied in Bochum.

You climbed the career ladder
in Düsseldorf.

Then there was that one scandal.

Welcome to Neukölln.

You're well-informed.
But it was a disciplinary complaint.

Whatever. Cigarette?

- No, I quit.
- Very good !

Five months, three days.

I didn't know that.
How can I help you?

Well, you can't help me
at all right now.

But if you ever want to talk...

Having business cards
is cool again, isn't it?

Alexandra Winter.
Why Neukölln? Why not Grunewald?


You'd have less to do,
you could get your hair done, pedicures,

just sit around sipping sangria.

Had an accident?

I was assembling a cupboard.
Most accidents happen at home.

I didn't want to keep you.

- You're not.
- I just wanted to say hi.

And wish you good luck.

For the court hearing
about your daughter.

- It will be decided soon, right?
- It will.

It will be decided soon.

Take care.

Have a good day.


How's it going ?

- Great.
- I’ll have an energy drink today.

Maruf, dude!

- How are you, bro?
- What are you doing here?

I was homesick.
How are you ? Tell me.

Homesick? You're banned from Berlin.

Who said that?
I heard Toni's gone.

Abbas is here.
He'll fuck both of us up.

Fuck Abbas and fuck all the Hamadys.

I made it big in Frankfurt
and now I'm here.

I want to start something
and you will be part of it.

No! Don't come to my street.
Don't ring my bell.

And don't dare think about calling me!
Understood ?

- Please put it on my tab, bro.
- Okay.

- Maruf will pay.
- Sure.

Dude! What's up?

It's me! Your best friend Zeki...

Pascal, open the door.

I was in Frankfurt.
I have something to tell you. Open up!

Someone went to Frankfurt (Oder)

and set up a market stall
for toys from Bangladesh.

No, I hooked us up with some contacts.
In Berlin. I'm serious!

No more
of your Chernobyl bullshit, dude.

The last time you got us contacts,
it ended in a fucking nuclear disaster.

Get your radioactive fuel rods
away from me!

You slicked your hair back,
grew a dumb beard

and are wearing that clown suit...

But that doesn't make you Don Corleone.

You're nothing without that family.

And it wasn't even a real family!
They tried to fucking execute us!

Dude, listen !

I heard that Toni quit,
so that's why I’m here.

To do business with you.

- Right, bye.
- Dude!

Listen to me.


We can start right away.
I'm serious.

How about it? You and me.
Your contacts, my brain.

The Hamadys will be history,
I swear.

I'll be back soon.
I’ll see you later.


Who is this?



Can you tell me your name?

- Who was that?
- No idea.

Someone gave us a tip-off
about one of the Hamadys' drug labs.

- Believable?
- We’ll find out.

So, yours was. . . the spicy one.

Sweet and sour was for me.

- You or me?
- You. 15.

What's this over here?

Champagne Empire.

Champagne Empire Vintage 1974.

One of the best in the world .

It's for very special occasions.

Like when Borussia Dortmund
wins the league.

If that's a special occasion for you,
then sure.

I'm sure we'll find a joint occasion.

Let me know.

You don't want to drink alone.

I do, actually.
As a matter of principle.

Was it exactly 15?

Yes, um...

The new police lady came to see me.

She was a big deal in Düsseldorf.

Are they investigating me?

- Do they have a reason to?
- No!

- I'll see what I can find out.
- Mr. Schönfließ.

I'm worried she can influence
this court case, the child custody...

She has no power here, Mr. Hamady.
Nothing will happen. I promise.

We should go in.
I recommend taking off the glasses.

- I'd rather keep them on.
- It doesn't make a good impression.

What is that, Mr. Hamady?

I'd like to emphasize

that Mr. Hamady volunteers
with Neukölln soccer club

in association
with a local emergency shelter.

I'm quite aware of that fact.

This is a complete sham.

We all know who this is.
Toni Hamady...

He is an innocent German citizen.

From a criminal milieu
that's unsafe for kids.

More prejudice
against Lebanese immigrants!

Enough. Stop!

Everybody calm down.

Or we'll be here until tomorrow.

Mr. Hamady,

can I ask you
what happened to your face?

I bought a house
for me and my daughter.

It has to be renovated.

I was renovating the house
and I injured myself.

- You say it was an accident?
- Mr. Shafari.

It's not your turn.

Like I said, I was renovating my house
and I injured myself.

I see.

Considering the current records
and the past 14 months...

I don't see any reason
not to approve the father's request.

I haven't finished.

You will be allowed
to see your daughter at the weekends.

From Friday night to Sunday night.

If that goes well,

you have a real chance
of gaining full custody.

The session is over.

I'll sort this out.

Where did he get
the money for the house?

We're done.


Dad ?

Serin, my princess.

How are you ?

- What's that?
- Ball in the face. Listen.

I met some very important people.
You know what they decided ?

You can stay at mine every weekend.

- Really?
- And after that, maybe every day.

- Not at Grandma's?
- Nope.

We'll take a trip next week.
I have a surprise for you.

- Where to?
- It's a surprise!

- Is pink still your favorite color?
- Yes, why?


Don't tell Grandma
that you met me today.


- Hello.
- Hey.

- I'll go get the key to the stable.
- Okay.

- Clear.
- Clear.

Don't worry, I'll talk to him.


- How much is gone?
- Not much, just enough for one day.

Fadi is dead ?

God bless him.

God bless him.

Everything goes wrong.

Which bastard ratted us out?

The same one
that is trying to fuck us?

I swear I don't know, brother.

I swear I don't know.

What about the guy at the airport?
Is this sorted ?

It's all sorted.

- Are you sure about this?
- Am I a pussy? We're doing this.

What if the police are listening in?

If they were listening in,
why would they go raid the lab?

Switch on your brain.

You'll get me the guy from the airport.
I want to know who that is.

- All right.
- Okay.

I'm off.

- There is your coffee.
- Great.

- A peppermint tea.
- Thanks.

And your coffee.

- Anything else?
- No, thanks.

- Have you decided ?
- No, not yet.

I can't decide.
But maybe you can help me, Mrs. Hamady.

Thorsten Streck,
Berlin Criminal Police.

Can we talk?

- Why?
- No need to worry.

I only want to talk to you.

Nothing else.

Take a seat.

Go ahead.

Mrs. Hamady,
how much longer will this go on ?

You're on the run
from your own husband.

You're constantly under threat,
Mrs. Hamady.

We want to help you.

We want to give you the chance

to start a new life.

- I already have a new life.
- Really?


Do you really think
you'll be able to live safely here?

We have good reason to believe
that your husband knows where you are.

You are in danger.

You and your kids.

I don't know
if he'd do anything to your kids.

But what about you ?

Talk to us.

Help us, and we'll help you.

You can be free again.

- Winter.
- Hey, Alexandra . It's me.

I think she believed it.

This is Rainer,
our man at the airport.

- Hi.
- What's up? I’m Momo.

- Rainer.
- Okay.

This will be your phone.

Be contactable at all times,
wherever you are.

- Okay?
- Okay, cool.

We're business partners now.

Dude, what's up with you ?

If you won't, then I won't.

Feeling cheap?

Just look at that.

- Salam aleikum.
- Hey, Abbas.

How are you ?

We need to talk.

Hey, come here.

I've been waiting for this
the whole time.

- Did you find anything out?
- No, not yet.

Have you heard
that they fucked up Pannier Street?

Abbas, I’m not interested.

They killed Fadi.

I read it in the paper.
God rest his soul.

- I'm a different person.
- So, you don't care anymore?

No, I don't care about your business.
You promised me to find the rat.

And I have to deliver
to Karami tomorrow.

I've really been missing you recently.

Why can't you accept that I’m out?

I'm out.

I'm out!

Excuse me, I’m looking for Andy.

Son of a bitch.

- Excuse me.
- Wait a second.

- Djamila ?
- What?

- Why are you here?
- I work here. And you ?

Looking for a customer called Andy.

Andy. . . He's the one with glasses.
One moment.

I'll be right there.
I just ran into someone.

I have to go to a meeting.

You're kidding.

- Call me.
- You have the same number?

- Yeah.
- We can go to dinner.


- All right.
- Okay.

- Andy?
- Yes.

I have a pizza delivery for you.

I'll be right there.


Only us three knew about the money.

The repair shop knew.

- Who?
- Omar.

Isn't he in charge of dispatch?
He ships the cars to Rotterdam.

Yeah, you can trust Omar, brother.

But don't forget that Omar
isn't one of us.

This is what we'll do.

We'll follow the money.

Don't tell Omar, Samir or Azad.

Only us three will know.

I'll follow them.
Leave it to me.


Drive forward a bit more!

Hey, Abbas.

Latif brought the car.
They're loading it on now.


I'm on it.


Baklava, girl !
You're so sweet, you give me cavities.

Oh, my God.

I'll be right back.

You looking for me?

Of course!

What car is this?

- Nice, huh ?
- Yours?

- Nice, isn't it?
- Not bad !

It's not mine.
Mine is the Alfa Romeo over there.

- Also good.
- Right?


Why are you here?

I'm waiting to take you to dinner,

at one of those places
where they put a napkin on your lap.

Sorry, I can't.

- Come on!
- I have to go to a private opening.

I waited by this car all day,
hoping it wouldn't drive away

so that I could make a move on you.


Come to the Wednesday after work party.
We can talk then.

You'll chat to the Germans while I sit
in the corner with the tofu.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

- Promise.
- Really? You swear?

Hey, do you have anything for me?
Some takeout?

- Am I your dealer or your date?
- Forget about it, then.

Geez, calm down!
Stop being so Arab. Come here.

Come here!

- How much?
- Two.


- Take three.
- No! I don't have enough money.

Who said you have to pay?

Maruf is a big shot.

Thank you.

- Till Wednesday.
- See you then.


- Everything all right?
- Yeah.

Sit down.

How did it go?

Same as usual.

Usual how? Good ? Very good?

Good, I guess.
Same as usual.

Why are you rejecting
customers' calls?

Why, Maruf?

I was busy, I couldn't pick up.

Can we afford to do that?

It won't happen again.


One of my friends had his card blocked.

I gave him three grams anyway.
He'll pay us back.

Running a tab, are you ?

Are you making the rules here now?

One day you run a tab,
the next you get ripped off.

I won't get ripped off!

Maruf, you know
what it's like out there.

I'm warning you.

If this happens again,
I’ll put you out in the park.

And you can do your deliveries on foot.

Vanya is my contact. So keep quiet.
This is important!

I'm not a fucking sidekick.
What do I say if she asks me?

- That I’m a still-life painter?
- Stop talking.

Uncle Vanya means "timid deer".
It's by Chekhov.

And we're entering hell.
Look at this place!

We're in a club, dude.

- We should be able to say something.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Not tonight, guys. Sorry.

- Bogdan sent me. I have to get inside.
- Not dressed like that.

This is for Uncle Vanya.
I’ve got business to do here.

Sit down.

Did you see his icy eyes?
He's a stone cold killer, dude!

Shut your mouth
and don't ruin this deal .

This room is like
a damn KGB isolation cell .

He'll bring
a bunch of Russian roulette balls

and mash up your brain, dude.

I couldn't care less.

Just shut your mouth for five minutes!

Do you know how many Germans
marched towards Russia

and were torn apart
by a bunch of crazed Ivan Dragos?

I don't trust that Cossack
an inch, dude.

Vanya says you don't have much time.

Greetings from Bogdan in Frankfurt.

He told me to come to you,
that you have the best gear in Berlin.

How is Bogdan doing?


His first baby was just born.
He's a dad now.

There's 150 in there.

I want to do business with you.

How does she know she can trust you?

You have Bogdan's number.
Call him.

This girl worked for us.

The guy responsible is named Moharem,
a hairdresser in Wedding.

Get rid of him...

and then we can talk.

- Hey, Kemal.
- Nobody touched the car this time.

It's being shipped to Beirut now.

If anything was stolen,
then it was the repair shop.

Okay, bye.

I don't believe that for a second.
Omar is a good guy.

He wouldn't do that.


- Hey, cuz. What's up?
- Cuz?

You little bastard! You bastard !

Are you stealing from me?
From my family?

Are you stealing from my family?

- Are you stealing from me?
- What are you talking about?

- I don't know what you mean.
- You little bastard.

I don't know what you mean.

Stop, Abbas!

- Get off me!
- Put the gun down.

- Get off me!
- Calm down, put the gun down.

I swear on Allah
that I didn't do anything.

I swear I didn't, Abbas.

- Are you involved ?
- No, I swear...

- Fuck you!
- Stop it, Abbas.

He's like a brother.
He's family. Calm down.

Put the gun down.

If it wasn't your brother...

Who was it?