4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Ali - full transcript

After a stroke of fate lies Toni's world in ruins. He decides to give up the family business and lead a normal life in Berlin. His brother Abbas takes over the leadership of the Hamadi clan...

Ali is my new man in Berlin.

Berlin belongs to us.

The wind has changed, my friend.

Do not disappoint me, Ali.

I have good news.
From now on, Beirut will deliver to us.

You were turning your back on all this,
and now you're in deeper than ever.

The accused, Abbas Hamady,

is sentenced to life imprisonment.

- How's your wife?
- Why?

She wanted to leave you
and start a new life with Vince.

- Get out of my life.
- Wait!

Latif, please...

- Look.
- What is it?

Our piece of land to build a hotel.
Karami's financing it.

That land belongs to me,
and that's that.

What was your name again?

You'll listen to Toni.

There's someone who...
needs to disappear.

You don't have much longer to live.

I'll make you an offer: 500,000.

- It wasn't Abbas Hamady.
- I beg your pardon?

Kutscha provided evidence that Vince
put your prints on the weapon.

You're acquitted.

Thank God the game is now over.

He's around five foot four
with a bullet wound to the stomach.

Doc, if he turns up,
call me or Latif right away.

I just spoke to our doctors.

The motherfucker has a bullet wound.

They'll call us if they hear anything.

May God heal her.

The guy writes:

"Thank you for sending
the draft contract.

We do not agree with the conditions
laid out in some key sections."


"For that reason we cannot accept
Section five of the contract.ll

What do we do now?
15 or 25 percent?


Matthias? 15 or 25? Which one?

Yes, do that. That's good.

I'll continue with the conditions.

"To transfer ownership to the buyer,

a prior notice is entered in
the land register in accordance with...II

Hey! Come out! Come out!

Everything's fine.
This is a friend of mine.

You have to help me.

- Get them a coffee.
- Shall I call the police?

- Fuck off!
- No need. Just get coffee.

Are you crazy coming here?

I fucked it up. I fucked it up!

What did you fuck up?
What did you fuck up?

- Something went wrong.
- What went wrong?

Call a doctor.

You're hurt. What happened?

The dead man is alive.

I shot his wife.

I shot his wife!



Did he see you?

Did he see you?

- I want to know if he saw you.
- Yes, I think so.

- You can't stay here.
- What if she's dead?

What if Toni realizes
I had something to do with it?

Listen to me.

I'll call you a fucking doctor

but you do exactly what I say, okay?

The Flixbus from Munich
is arriving at stop 19.

Line 034, stop 19.
The Flixbus from Munich.

Scheduled time of arrival
was 10:35 pm.

- Mr. Hamady?
- Yes?

You can see your wife now.

Thank you.

If Allah makes you well again,

I'll always do everything you say,
I swear.

When can I see Mom?

I don't know.

Then I want to see Dad.

Your dad has to stay with your mother.

But I'm sure he'll be back soon.


Why did this happen?

Good evening.

Are you Kemal Hamady?

Thorsten Streck
from Berlin Criminal Police.

Could I...

ask you some questions in private?

Wait here.

Don't go anywhere.

- Do you have no respect?
- Sorry...

- That girl's mom is on her deathbed.
- I'm sorry. I know.

- And you march in here...
- I'm just doing my job, Mr. Hamady.

We want to catch whoever did this.

No. Not now.
Do your work and leave me alone.

Did you see anything?

You were in the house.

Mr. Hamady, I'm on your side.

Give me something. Anything.

I didn't see anything.

Yalla. Off you go.

- Hello?
- This is Brand.

I think I have who you're looking for.

I gave him a shot.

He won't be going anywhere
for the next few hours.

Okay, where is he?

In a building at Fritz-Elsas
and Innsbrucker Street.

Thanks, Doctor.

Hey, Latif.

Brother, we've got him.

We know where he is.


Send me the address.


I'll be right back.

Excuse me.

Where is my wife?

- She's not in there.
- Come with me, Mr. Hamady.

Dr. Willinger? Mr. Hamady.

- Willinger.
- How is my wife?

- Please come into my office.
- How is my wife?

I want to know.

Mr. Hamady, unfortunately
we were unable to help your wife.

We stopped the internal bleeding

but her heart and lungs
were just too badly damaged.

I'm sorry, can we talk more later?

I promised my wife
I would be right back, so...

Mr. Hamady, your wife is dead.

I have to talk to my wife.
Please let me go.

Mr. Hamady, your wife is dead.

Would you like to take a seat
in my office?

- Come inside.
- I want to see my wife, okay?

I want to see my wife.


I want to see my wife.

I want to see my wife.

May she rest in peace.

Dad, what's wrong?

What is it?


It's Mr. Hamady.
I'm here to pick up my kids.

Mr. Hamady, your wife was already here.


Your wife already picked up
Adam and Zeina.



Why did Allah do this?

I don't know.

Allah brings us into this world.

And Allah takes us from it.

So will Allah take me too?

Kemal, go home.
You look exhausted.

It's good you're here, brother.

It's good to be with you.

I'll get it.

Hello, Mother-in-law.
We are both in grief.

May she rest in peace.

Come in.

Where is Serin?

What do you want with Serin?

I want...

to see my granddaughter, Toni.

You're very welcome to.
But Serin is asleep.

Then let's wake her up, Toni.

Dear Mother-in-law,
Kalila was my wife

just like she was your daughter.

It hurts me like it hurts you.

I'll take Serin to live with me.


You've taken my daughter from me, Toni.

In the name of Kalila,

I won't let you
take my granddaughter too.

Take my daughter away from me?

Not even God! You hear me?
Not even God!

Serin doesn't belong here, Toni.

She's an innocent little girl.

Your world is nothing
but death and decay.

I'll never let anyone take her away.

Go now.

You killed my daughter, Toni.

You killed my daughter.

Abbas, take her away.
Salam aleikum.

Rest in peace, Kalila.

In the name of Allah, the Almighty.

- Mr. Hamady?
- Hello.

Mr. Lööb,
from Neukölln Youth Welfare.

My colleague, Mr. Christ.

How can I help you?

- Sorry for the bad timing of our visit.
- Very bad timing.

What can I do for you?

- Could we talk about this elsewhere?
- No, now, please.


This is a court order.

Until further notice,
you lose custody of your daughter Serin.

Custody is assigned
to your mother-in-law Sharifa Sahadi.

- You are forbidden from contacting her.
- What? Now, listen to me.

You just marched right into a funeral.

Did you forget the virtue of respect?

- No, Mr. Hamady...
- Be quiet!

Nobody's taking my daughter from me!

Nobody! Understood? None of you!

- Mr. Hamady.
- Calm down!

Calm down!

None of you! Get out!

Hey! Hey, Toni.

I'm so glad you're here.

This is all
just a huge misunderstanding.

I mean, us two, we were...

You know? We were even.

I think your guys... No offence!

But I think they don't realize...

No worries, though!

Let's sit down and talk about this.

You and I,
we always communicated so well.

It always worked... Okay.

You want money?

I'll get you land.
You want land? A house?

A house in Malta? Whatever you want!

Come here.

Come here.

I buried my wife today,

and my daughter
was taken away from me.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

My wife was right.


I told you to go.




Hey, is this Toni over there?

I'll go and ask.

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

Are you Toni? Toni Hamady?

Could I get a photo with you?

Come here.

I'm not Toni Hamady. I'm Ali.

Stay clean.

What did he say?

- He told me to stay clean.
- Then it definitely wasn't him.

Right, guys, time for circuit training.

Four at each station,
then we'll play 7 against 7.

We have a big game on the weekend.

So you have to stay fit.

- So no hookah after training, okay?
- Yeah.

- I can't hear you.
- Yeah!

Okay, let's go!

- How's it going?
- All good. And you?

A round of sodas for the boys.
They've been good today.

- Are you paying?
- Who else?

- Right.
- What do you think of them?

They're good.
Like you were back then.

If I take just one kid off the streets,
my job is done.

- Heard of Rottenburg?
- No.

Rottenburg is a big plumbing company.

They might get involved
and install some showers for us.

Then they'd have better ones
than in the refugee home.

- I could use some help here too.
- To redo the tiles?

- No, to fix the faucet.
- Ok, the faucet, I'll talk to them.

Great. Okay.

Are fucking with me?

Why did she send you half-naked photos?
Certainly sounds like a whore to me!

- Not this again...
- What?

She was asking what she should wear
when she's pole dancing!

Does that explain the photo?
Are you some kind of slut stylist now?

I work at a titty bar not a bank!

- Think they're wearing suits? Wrong!
- Fuck you!

- Open it.
- Open the fucking door yourself!

What's that stupid look for,
Mr. Porn Star?

Don't forget that we have a deal!

- I'm here to read the heating meter.
- Come in.

You take care of the business,
not the whores!

But whores are your specialty.
Who's your favorite? Regina Vagina?

- Excuse me.
- What?

- Where are the radiators?
- There! I'm talking to an idiot.

You said you'd stay away
from those fake tits!

You can look but you can't touch.
You promised!

- That job makes you an asshole.
- But you like the money, don't you?

So do you, shithead!

- I can't stand the sight of you.
- Ewa, are you retarded?

No, I'm pregnant!

What? What did you say?

We're having a baby.

You're not seriously picking up
in the middle of this?

Are you trying to make me crazy?
I will fucking kill you, I swear!

Have fun at your important brothel job,
you business clown.

Fuck off, you redneck! You jackass,
you idiot, go fuck yourself!

Fuck off!

I have to check the radiator here.

You go fuck yourself too.

It's so nice to hear you say that.
I miss you a lot too.

I have an appointment soon.

And if it goes well,
you can spend the whole weekend with me.

Just the two of us. You know?

Yes. And then I have a surprise for you.

I can't tell you what it is.
It wouldn't be a surprise anymore.

Okay? Let's talk tomorrow.
Maybe I'll tell you then.

Okay, give me a kiss.

I love you too. Bye.


The plane from Brussels arrives
the day before the auction.

- We just need to grab the diamonds.
- What's in it for us?

Three to four million each,
without even breaking a sweat.

If it's so easy, why not do it yourself?
Why tell me?

Berlin is your area.

See it as a sign of trust
between our two families.

It's our first time working together
and you're keeping the Karamis out.

Who I work with
is none of the Karamis' business.

I'm the boss here in Berlin.

A family without honor.
But you are men of honor.

One man, one word.
I'm in and you have my word.

- Great.
- It's always nice to have two families.

One in Essen, one in Berlin.

Two are stronger than one.

- Let's drink to that!
- Yes!

Those millions are ours
and so is Germany!


Hey, Babe.

Look what I got you.

Your favorite lasagna
from your favorite Italian place.

- Have some.
- I'm not hungry.

- Go on.
- Think lasagna makes everything okay?

Think sulking makes everything okay?

Have some.

I said I'm not hungry.

- Give me your finger.
- No! Here in the bathroom?

Is this your latest fetish?

I don't want any!
I'm already feeling...

What do we have here?

A ring!

Know what it means?

It means will you marry me?

- Will I be a real Hamady?
- More than that.

I do, I do, I do!



Salam aleikum, Ali.

Why do you disappoint me?

I'm sticking to the deal
and delivering every month.

For the past three months,

I haven't been receiving
all the money that I'm owed.

What is going on?

I don't know. Ask Abbas.

He runs the business.

I decide who I want to talk to.

You made a deal with me

and you're going to stick to it.

I'm coming to Berlin.

And when I'm there,
you'll bring the traitor to me.