4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Gewinnen und Verlieren - full transcript

Win and lose.

Where is my daughter?

If anything happens to her,
I'll kill you.

Where is she?

- I want her back.
- Bring me Toni Hamady first.

- Who is that?
- Yandar Akhmadov.

Clan boss from Grozny
and the uncle of this man here.

The question is:

Who is this charming travel group
here to visit?

- A lot of blood was shed.
- Shake hands with each other.

Take one member
from each of your families,

and marry them.

There will be peace and love.

- This won't happen.
- We're not the ones who decide.

Abbas, the cops!
I'll wait at the front entrance.

Who knew about the hideout? Toni.

My brother betrayed me to the cops!
Do you want your brother to die?

I didn't betray you.

What if we find drugs in your home?

- What do you want?
- For you to testify.

- I won't betray my family.
- We'd have to call youth welfare.

- Don't make any mistakes.
- Stay away from my kids.

You keep on chasing, keep on running.

And then your doctor says it's too late
for the important things in life.

You've won, Toni.

- Toni.
- Let's do business.

Give the land back to me
and I'll pay you in cash.

That land belongs to me,
and that's that.

You'll listen to Toni.

I need help.
There's somebody I need to get rid of.

You know each other.


Why did you ask me to come here?

I'm here to get revenge
for my nephew Zaur.

You told him to
eliminate your competition.

Instead he kidnapped the little girl.

Then you...

called Zaur
and said you wanted her back.

Tapa was listening in on your call.

After that, the little girl was gone
and my nephew was dead.

What do you have to say?

Yes, I was there.

But by then Zaur was already dead.

Toni Hamady freed his daughter
and killed him.

On my word of honor.

Yandar, I'll get you the Hamady clan.

Served to you on a plate.

Then you can avenge Zaur.


But when Toni is dead,

we will take over
his business in Berlin.


Say hello to your uncle.

A gift for Djamila.

The key to our apartment.

May the day bring peace to two families.

Allah has blessed this marriage.


Target has arrived.

Wait a second.

- Why?
- Look in the glove compartment.

We got the passports eight months ago.
You dreamed of going to the sea.

Are you happy?

How happy?
Give me a grade, like in school.

- Thank you.
- Thank you for being there.

And thank you
for making sure we have peace.

I have to go again.
Using a different exit.

Hello Germany
I'm a proud Arab

Combed beard with olive oil, merhaba

Arabs only eat halal
Slaughtered with Kamun

And in hummus we only put
The finest zit zaytoun

Instead of fries we have dates

Here in Wedding you can smell
The fresh pita as it bakes

We get our fresh cuts at the barbershop
Alaikum us-salām

Latif, it's about Amara.

- What is it?
- I need more money.

More money?

Go on, tell me.

That's not enough.


Amara is meeting with the cops.

What are you saying?

Where were you?

- Where is Adam?
- Watching TV.

Get the kids ready and let's go.


Zeina is sleeping.

Where are we going?

Talk to me.

Latif, where are we going?


You're meeting up with the cops?

I'm not meeting up with them.

Kutscha came to our home
and threatened me.

Ah, he threatened you?

- I heard something totally different.
- What did you hear?

You snuck out of the flat
and got into a fucking cop car.

Huh, Amara?

Kutscha wanted me to testify
against the family and I refused.

That was all.

Why do I have to hear this from Baraa
and not from you?

Because you're hardly ever at home
and you don't talk to me.

Ever considered that?


I don't trust you anymore.

You have to trust me.

I'm your wife.

We have two amazing kids,
we're a family.

It makes no sense for me to betray you.

You're not honest.

What was the deal with Vince?

Okay, you want me to be honest.

Yes, I wanted to run away with Vince.

But I realized it was wrong
and I chose to live my life with you.

Because I love you.
And then we had Zeina.

Look at me.

Where are you going?

- Get out of my life.
- Latif, wait. Latif!

You're hurting me. Wait!

I knew it. I knew it!

I could see it in your eyes, I swear!
I could see it!

Latif, please, it's over.


I cast you out.


I cast you out.

What about our kids?

Let's go home and talk about this.

I cast you out.

Latif, no! Please! Let me...

No! Adam, get out of the car!


Adam, get out of the car!

Adam, get out right now!

Open the door!

Latif, please.

Latif, please.

Open the door!

Latif! No!

No! No!

Money, IDs and tickets.
The flight is on Monday morning.

When all of this is over,
I'll come and visit.

Thanks, Ali.

Did you see?

He kept his promise.

Maruf, how do you like this one?

With flowers.

Do you prefer this one or that one?

We could take a photo of us there.

Say something, Maruf.

I don't care.

- Try one.
- It isn't even cake.

It's been following me my whole life,
at every birthday, every wedding.

It's always that same cake
with tinned fruit in it.

They'd be better off
with a German cake from Aldi.

- Is everything okay?
- Fine, thanks.

You're not the only one
who's being forced, okay?

But this is your life.
And they're fucking it up.

Let them pick cakes and get married!

Toni's businesses
always have priority.

And your uncle Mohammad,
the first time I saw him...

He has no heart.

As long as
Mohammad gets what he wants.

He comes first.

I had a boyfriend too.

I was 16.

And he got me pregnant.


He wanted me to get rid of it.

Do you know what it's like
to kill your own child?

I would give anything
to get away from Mohammad.

They only want Toni
and the people closest to him.

Yandar assured me that.

And you trust him?

He wants revenge for Zaur
and the other dead Chechens.

And that's what he should get.

That means...

when the bride and groom have left,

we withdraw
and let the Chechens get to work.

They'll think that Toni died
in a war with the Chechens.

- Kalila?
- Yes.

- This is Djamila.
- Who?

- Djamila.
- Djamila?

- I got your number from Maruf.
- Okay.

- Is everything okay?
- Can we meet?

- Yes, okay.
- Alone.


What's wrong?

The wedding party...

It can't go ahead.

Why? What's wrong?

That's right. Got it?

When we do this in Dubai,
you'll see fish in the sea.

- We'll go into the sea?
- That's why we're practicing.

Careful now.
In you go. That's right.

Got it?

Can we talk?


- What?
- Go upstairs.

- Why?
- Go upstairs for a moment.


- Hello, Mom.
- Hello, sweetie.

What's wrong?

I made a mistake.

Mohammad doesn't want peace.

He told the Chechens
that you killed one of them.

The wedding party is a trap.

It's when the Chechens
will take revenge.

- Where did you hear this?
- Djamila told me.

I'm sorry.

I should have listened to you.

You don't have to be sorry.

I knew that he had no honor.

The wedding won't happen now, will it?

Oh, yes, it will. It's happening.

Hey, Kutscha. How are you?

- Are you a soccer fan?
- Sometimes.

You know, when you play a game,
one wins...

- And one loses.
- Exactly.

Yes, exactly.

But you know what really pisses me off?
When the referee makes a bad call.

You want to put things straight,
don't you?

A bunch of armed Chechens turn up
and want to kill me and my family.

You can arrest all of them.

I don't care about armed Chechens.

I care about the Lebanese.
I care about the Hamadys.

You want the Hamadys?

I'll make you an offer.

I'll give you Abbas.

My God, you look beautiful.

Thanks, honey.

Where are you going?

I'm going out with Hamit
to see about the new suit.

I'll be happy when all of this is over.

Don't worry, honey.

Today it will all be over.

I hope so.

Can you help me with this?

- When do the Hamadys arrive?
- Soon.

- Where is my uncle?
- He'll be here soon too.

I adjusted the front,

raised the waistband
and shortened the jacket.

We have the passports and the tickets,
don't we?

- Yeah.
- Do you like the passports?

- I look like a goddamn criminal!
- Babe, you are a criminal.

I'm not a criminal.

And we have a Polo.

Shit, the cops! Shit! Shit!

Don't be scared!

Go, go, go!

Look at me! I love you.

I didn't do anything!
I'm not armed!

- I'm not armed!
- Down on your knees. On your knees!

Stand up.

Finally. Thanks. It's about time.


We got Abbas.

What did you say?

What did you say?
You got...

- Where?
- I found his hideout.

- How did you find it?
- I just had a feeling.

And now for the Chechens.

And now for the Chechens.
You smooth motherfucker.

- Ready.
- They should start.

Okay, you can go in.

- Police!
- Out of the car!

Move over. You drive.

Don't make any wrong moves. Go!

You're making a big mistake.

You made one yourself long ago. Move!

Where to?

No questions. Drive.

- You're all dead.
- Drive, asshole.

- Azad, where are you?
- Chill out. We're not going.

- What happened?
- Doesn't matter.

Stay at home and chill out.

First Toni forces me to get married
and now you just leave me here.

Stop messing around with me!

You're part of the family, aren't you?
So do what Toni says.

I'm part of the family.
So tell me what's going on.


Hands up.

Walk in front of me.


I knew that I couldn't trust you.

You killed those guys

and can't even admit it.

Ali, my friend.

Sometimes I feel sorry for you,
because you still haven't understood

how the world really works.

We'll make a video for Lebanon,

so that everybody knows
you're a man with no honor.

You'll admit
that you killed the Chechens,

so that Lebanon knows

what a filthy bastard you are.

Why would I do that?

Well, my friend.

No problem.

If you don't make a video,

your wife

and your whole family...

will die.

My name is Mohammad al-Saafi.

Zaur worked for me.

Once he disobeyed my orders:

He kidnapped Toni Hamady's daughter.

I had to kill him for that,

and return Serin Hamady
to her father.

Get him out of here.

- What?
- I can't reach them.

- You can't? Neither of them?
- Their phones are off.

- What about the shop?
- I called there. It's closed.

That's impossible.
Do something! Send the men.

That must be them.

You should fly to Lebanon.

We'll look after you.

- What's going on?
- Hamit can tell you everything.

Toni. Toni...

My family is going back to Lebanon.

I'm staying here.

- That's good.
- Yeah.

I'm just bringing back your key.
I know you...

Why? It's your gift.
It's your apartment.




You look very pretty.

You look pretty okay too.

Is everything okay?

Kalila, it's not your fault.

I should have kept out of it.

Why did I get involved?

You did the right thing.


You just wanted peace.

Is it true that they have Abbas?

How could that happen?

I made sure that they got him.


I'll make you an offer.
I'll give you Abbas.


Because you're a very good player.

But the referee is against you.

What do you mean?

Kutscha, you're sick.

You don't have much longer to live.

You said yourself
that we keep on running,

and at some point life is over,
and you'd made so many plans.

Whatever plans you have,

you should do it all
before everything's over.

I can help you there.

What is this?

My resignation.
I can't do this anymore.

I don't understand.

It wasn't Abbas Hamady.

He didn't kill
the policeman Robert John.

I beg your pardon?

Kutscha provided evidence that Vince
had gotten the weapon from someone

and put your fingerprints on it.

Why would Kutscha say that?


I don't do things like this.

But sometimes the old rules
no longer apply.

Yes, that's true.

If Abbas had left,
he wouldn't have been able to come back.

He would have been on the run for ever.

Germany is his home, not Lebanon.

In any case,
you'll be cleared of the crime.

And we'll claim for compensation
for the time you spent in prison.

Thank your brother.

And what if Kutscha hadn't agreed?

Sometimes you just have to go all in.

But you have to understand when.


thank God the game is now over.

It's over.

Kutscha, we have a saying:

It's not the doctor
that turns out the light, it's Allah.

I wish you all the best.

- Dad, my suitcase is stuck.
- Kemal will help. We're leaving soon.

- Did you see my sunglasses?
- Over there.

I'm really scared of flying, you know.
It's terrible.

- Dad, it's still stuck.
- You just don't have any strength.

- Yes I do.
- There. Off you go.

- When are we flying?
- In three hours.

I'll take that. We have to hurry.
We'll be late.

- I have two more cases for you.
- Did you put your tiles in here?

They're not here.


- What?
- You look gorgeous.


Can you close the door?
I can't do it.

"Close the door, find the sunglasses..."

- Yeah, where are they?
- Buy yourself new ones.

We'll have to fix it when we get back.

- How do you normally close it?
- Lifting it up from below.

- From below?
- I've got them.



Kalila! Kalila!

Kalila. Breathe. Please breathe.

Please breathe.

Breathe. Please breathe.


Kalila. Kalila, please breathe.


Kalila. Kalila, please. Please.

Please. Please breathe.

Everything will be fine.