4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Wiedergutmachung - full transcript


Toni, Serin is missing.

- Where is my daughter?
- I'll find out who has her.

Where is she?

I want her back.

Bring me Toni Hamady first.
Now piss off.

Did you get your connections?

Sure, man. Of course I did. Don't worry.
We have a whole bunch here.

- What is it?
- Our piece of land.

- Your accounts are frozen.
- Roth just sold me the land.

Someone says he bought my land.
What's going on?

Your accounts were frozen
before the payment was made.

The contract is only binding
when the money has been transferred.

- What are you doing?
- What if we find drugs in your home?

- What do you want from me?
- I want you to testify.

- I want out.
- Only you can change things here.

Talk to your husband.
He and Toni have to make peace.

Shake hands.

Take one member
from each of your families,

and let them marry.

Prove to me that you're honest.

- Who ratted to you about the truck?
- Zeki.

- Zeki.
- Hi, guys.

We need to talk.

We've been tailing Abbas' girlfriend.
She's been in Tempelhof for an hour.

In an old factory
with connections to Toni Hamady.


Abbas, the cops are here.
I'll wait at the front entrance.


Secure the rear entrance!

- Yeah?
- Where are you?

- I don't know. It all looks the same.
- I'm waiting at the entrance!

Where is the fucking entrance?

Wait, wait, wait.
Can you see me?

Wait, I'll put the light on.
Can you see me?

- Put it away!
- Baby!

- Get in!
- Quick.


Yeah? So?



Hey! Where's the coke?

- What coke?
- Where?

Look at me when I talk to you.

- Where is it?
- I don't know!


I made peace
with Mohammad.

And when you make peace,

you find out who the traitor is.

Where is the cocaine?

He won't answer.
Pull him up.

Toni, wait!

Toni, wait!

You want to say something?

- Didn't you just call me over?
- I'll tell you where it is.

- Oh, you want to tell me?
- Yes.

If you lie to me,

I'll kill you.

- Understand?
- Yes.


Take him down.

- Get out. We'll walk from here.
- What? Where are we going?

- I said get out.
- Jesus. Why?

Think I trust your goddamn Wiktor
and his shitty car?


These shoes cost 500 euro!

Soon, you won't have
shoes like this anymore.

What the fuck?
How am I meant to get over there?

If you don't stop bitching,
I'll throw you over.

Wasn't so hard, was it?

Why didn't we drive to Poznań?
To my uncle Grzegorz.

The one with the funny hair.

- The one who married his cousin?
- It was his third cousin, you idiot.

We Arabs do the same.

"No, you got the car from Wiktor."
God, damn it!

- We'll be in Lebanon soon.
- Fuck Beirut! I don't want to...

- Fuck Poland and your uncle!
- In Poland there's a pool and fish...

See, even the duck is laughing at you.

- It's laughing because you fell over.
- No, it's laughing at you!

- What the hell happened?
- My dad beat me. Let me in.

I've been high 20 hours.
I need to detox first.

Listen to me.

- I've got 20 kilo. Do you want it?
- Calm down!

What the fuck?

Shut the fuck up!

The gun, dude.

Brother, there's only 12.

What the fuck?
You said there were 13!

There are 13, I swear.


Put the gun down, bastard!

Do you want to die?

Shall I kill you?
Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.

I never want to see you in Berlin again.

You filthy rat.

And now get the fuck out of here.

Get out.


Your uncle wants to talk to you.

You will get married.
It's important for the family.

And it solves our problems.

You know him from Quran school.


I don't want to.

Don't argue with me.

In this family, no girl says no.
You brought shame on the family.

You should be grateful
for this second chance.

- I'll give you a beat.
- Okay.

Sounds like the theme to a cop show.
Are you joking?

Whoa, what the hell?

- What the hell yourself?
- Dude.

Don't you have a sample or something?

- What sample?
- I don't know.

You definitely have to change something.

- Wait a sec.
- Take a look.

You mean something synth-y?

Yeah, just something
that doesn't sound like that.

- Yeah, man. Much better.
- Better?

Much better.

Let the beat drop

I have the sound of the streets
Come to me, yallah

Pass the joint, let's blaze and fly
Man, you love me

I'm here droppin' lines

That's tight. Much better.

You're so pretty when you speak Arabic.

Jeez, why do you do this to me?

And your flow.
I swear, I love it.

Thank you.


More like a cockblocker.

Time's up. Come on, get out.

- What do you want?
- Get out. Fuck off.

- No.
- Shut the fuck up and get out!

- Watch how you talk to me. Fuck you!
- Shut up, bitch. Get the fuck out.

Go on, fuck off!

What's wrong?

Come on.
Take your bag and go.

What did I tell you?
Why didn't you keep your word?

I talked to Toni.
We've decided you'll get married.

- What? I'm not getting married.
- Yes, you will.


- Djamila?
- Yes.

- I won't marry her. What the fuck?
- You know her. She looks good.

What more do you want?
It could be a fat one.

- Or one with pimples or warts.
- You think this is funny?

- I won't marry her. Forget it.
- Excuse me!

Everybody wants to get married.
Even gays want to.

But I don't want to get married
to just anyone!

You'll marry her
and be happy with her.

You'll bring peace to the family.

- No.
- I'm still being nice with you now.

But it's not going into
your stupid brain.

Are you with the family or not?
Are you? Or not?

Look at me!

Look at me!

Are you with the family,
or are you not?


I can barely walk right now.

We're nearly there.

God, this place has really fallen apart.

What the fuck is this place?

- I practically spent my childhood here.
- Congratulations.

We sold lemon tea to junkies,
said it was heroin.

Man, they were so pissed.

But that's what you do
when you're poor.

Wait here.

Come on.

It's not a hotel, but it's cozy.

We're like a couple of bums now.

Actual bums.

And who's fault is that?


Only Toni knew where you were hiding.

- Are you so blind? He's a traitor.
- My brother isn't a traitor.

You treat me like shit.

You really treat me like shit.
I'm working my ass off for you.

I do everything that you want,
wait outside the jail, send you photos.

I bring you guns, bring you drugs,
and you treat me like shit!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Why do you always do this to me?

Why do you always
treat me like a piece of shit?

Why? What did I do to you?

Sometimes I hate you so much.

And then I want to leave you,
but I can't, because I love you

and I feel so stupid.


Dik du.
That's how you greet someone in Chechen.

Here, this guy and his son
just arrived in a plane from Grozny.

- Who is that?
- Yandar Akhmadov.

Clan boss from Grozny
and the uncle of this man here.

Has relatives in Hamburg.
His friends are on the way to Berlin.

The question is: Who is this
charming travel group here to visit?

Right, then go and find out.

What's that?

It's shit.

I'm telling you, it'll be hard
to get another million out of this.

We need to get it out of here.

Remember where that fat referee was?

With the wrinkle on his bald head
that looked like a pussy?

- Yes.
- Go there right now.


Call the guys.

It's always the same:
"You're a relationship rookie."

"This is only your second relationship."

"You're still a bit of a rookie.
In the kitchen too and how you drive."

- "You're still a rookie."
- Man, you're too nice.

You should be totally direct with her.
Really man up.

You're always wanting
to argue, chat, cook...

She'll say I'm a rookie at being direct.

She always says that I'm a...
"Apaches" are coming.

- Okay, they're coming right at us.
- Stay calm.

- Two burgers with fries, please.
- Morning.

- Thanks.
- Bananas for you.

Go see your therapist.

You and your rookie
have sat here all day.

- Stop talking shit and fuck off.
- Why rookie?

- Why rookie?
- I'm talking to you.

- Why do you call me a rookie?
- Okay?

- Seven years on the beat!
- Don't touch the car!

- Is it written on my forehead?
- Fuck off.

- I'm not in the mood for this. Get off!
- Calm down.

- Get away from the car.
- Chill out.

The guy got in the car.
He got in!

- Get the fuck out!
- Chill out, okay?

- Fuck!
- Fuck off!



Looking good.

- What's going on?
- Don't you remember this place?

The old soccer pitch
where we always beat the gypsies?

With each other, for each other.
Side by side.

Look what they made it into.
A parking lot.

- Why aren't you in your hideout?
- Fuck your hideout. The cops came.

- Don't talk crap. The hideout was safe.
- You're talking crap!

- My brother betrayed me to the cops!
- I didn't betray you to them.

Why should I believe you?

- What the fuck is all this?
- Is this what our dad taught us?

You want your brother to disappear?
Want your brother to die?

Tell me.
I'll shoot myself right in front of you!

On your order!

Or should I kill the traitor?

Tell me!

I promised my father,
I'd be there for the family.

And I always will.

But if you want to shoot,

then shoot.

You should shoot.


- I swear, I'll shoot.
- You're pointing it at me, so shoot!

What's wrong?

Shoot! Are you scared?

Take the gun and shoot me!
Shoot me! Shoot me!

Do it!

Think that I'm scared of you
and your gun?

I didn't betray you.



I was in Lebanon

in our parents' house.

Remember the red stone
that our father used to build our house?

I brought it with me.
For my brother.

So that you know
that I haven't forgotten

where we come from and who we are.

I was with you at the soccer pitch.
I didn't abandon you.

And I won't abandon you now either.

Stop this.
I can't take it anymore.

Don't do this to me.
I can't take it anymore. Stop it.

You are my everything.

You'll be free soon.
And we'll destroy them all.

Trust me.

You just have to trust me.

Isha, please open the door.

I'm sorry.

Isha, what am I supposed to do?
They're my family.

I can't live the way I want to.
I can't rap, make beats, nothing.

They laugh at me.

And now they want me to marry a girl
from another Arab family.

But I don't love her.

I love you.


This is my niece Djamila.

Djamila, Maruf.

Honey, go to the kitchen.
Maruf can go with you.

They really suit each other.
Let's leave them alone.

I'm pleased that our families

are becoming one big family
thanks to this union.

They're even celebrating in Beirut.

I won't marry you.

What's wrong with you?
Can't you talk?

- Is this okay with you?
- Don't you want to take off your coat?

I have a girlfriend.
And I love her.

What do I tell her?

Djamila, even my sister...

Even she didn't have a forced marriage.

I feel like a pawn,
like a donkey that's being sold.

There's no way this will happen.

I don't think
we're the ones who decide.

Thanks for coming, Mrs. Hamady.
Have you thought about my offer?

What offer?

You left your filthy cocaine
on my table.

If my brother did that,
you'd call it blackmail.

- He's a killer. You're twisting things.
- No, I'm not.

What my husband or my brother does
has nothing to do with me.

If you want to frame me for a crime
or take my children away,

then that's a sign of desperation
and bad preparation on your part.

The bakery's tax returns
are 100 percent correct.

Do you really think this is that simple?

I'm not legally obliged
to testify against my family.

You demand that we obey the law.

I ask the same of you.

Think carefully about what you're doing.
Don't make any mistakes.

Don't make any yourself.
And stay away from my kids.

No, I don't know who told him that.

I found out later...
He got it for less than half.

Yes. That's... I have...

For six years it was... It was empty.

Listen, let's do this tomorrow. Bye.

What the hell are you doing?

You wanted to talk to me.
I'm here. Talk.

I don't want you meeting
with those Arabs, okay?

The Arabs are out of this deal.
I'm taking all of it.

How many times do I have to tell you?
I told you I don't agree with this.

And I said that I don't care,

because I'm paying, and I don't need
your pocket money anymore.

But thanks.

Do whatever you want.
But I won't save your ass again.

Can I get that in writing?

Can I get in writing

that my company name
won't appear anywhere in any of this?


you're still my father.

We have the same surname.

- Ever eaten kushikatsu before?
- No.

- It's one of my favorite foods.
- Yeah?

Not just because of how it's cooked,

but also because the skewers
are served one after the other.

The first ones
are with tofu and pumpkin.

Occasionally there are prawns.

- But you shouldn't settle for that.
- No?

The most delicious ones
come at the end.

Lamb, beef, pork.
You have to stay hungry. Get it?

- Yes.
- Good, huh?

Yeah. And what was your favorite?


- My name's Ali Hamady. Hi.
- Hello. I'm Joanna.

- He's a colleague.
- Am I interrupting?

Maybe we could just meet afterwards...

Afterwards is no good, I'm afraid.

I'm busy right now.

And now you're busy with me.

Do you know what honor is?

You have no honor.
Where we come from, honor is king.

You don't spit on a man of honor.
That's not okay.

Toni, it's a piece of land
by the river Spree.

You're a business man, so am I.
You would have done the same.

Ah, you're a business man.
Okay, let's do business.

What, us two?

Give the land back to me
and I'll pay you in cash.

- Come on, you're not serious, Toni.
- We even have a witness here.

Toni, I don't mean to offend,
but the last I heard was

that you can't pay.

Matthias, people die,
but money never does.

That land belongs to me,
and that's that.

What was your name again?

- Joanna.
- Joanna, listen.

My parents are from Lebanon.
There, people would die for each other.

- Would he die for you?
- Toni, what...

Let her speak. Aren't you a gentleman?
What's wrong with you?

Joanna, please.

- I... I don't know...
- Spit it out. Don't be scared.

Toni. Are you threatening me?

Matthias, I'd never threaten you.
I'm not like that. You know me.

Know what?
I won't let you screw me over.

Sure, you can blackmail
your little pawns on the street,

but you can't do it with me.

I'm better connected than you think.

We're in Germany,
under the rule of law, and not where...

wherever you come from.

Come on.


Your parents wouldn't like him.
He's not good for you.

Trust me.

We're leaving.

Have a good evening.

That Arab bastard.
Who does he think he is?

What is he thinking?
A goddamn suitcase full of...

You'll listen to Toni from now on.
You got that?


Can someone call an ambulance?

Mr. Keil, we both know
who's behind this.

You can't tell me
you'd never seen the shooter before.

I need a detailed statement.

All I can say is that he was an Arab.


It was a Hamady. Say it.

They're called Hamady.

If you testify,
I can put an end to this whole racket.

I don't believe that.

I don't believe that.

You don't want to testify?


I would rather go.

Then get out of here.


I can't get a single statement.
They're all scared.

My news is in the same vein.

- The Lebanese authorities won't budge.
- What did they say?

There's nothing suspicious about
Hamady and Karami's business deals.

- That's bullshit. It's a lie.
- Of course it's a lie.

So we have to unblock his accounts?


I'm sick of this.

I feel like a complete idiot.

I understand.

I'll tell him. Bye.

That was that dog, Keil.

He wants to sell now after all.

What do you mean he wants to sell?
He has no other choice.

Good work.


- Drinking on the job, are you?
- Who says I'm working?

I for my part am working.

Can you get us a water and a beer?
It's on the house.

Beirut wants to drop the investigation.

- You're in luck, Toni.
- What's luck got to do with it?

It's probably not a coincidence

that the head of the relevant department
has the surname Karami, is it?

In any case, you've won.

Is that why you're here?
Or is it for the beer?


Because of your beer.
I'm always here because of your beer.

- It's good beer, isn't it?
- Yes.



I can tell by looking at you.

- I can't sleep anymore.
- I have the same problem, I swear.

- Too much going on in here.
- You have to get your head straight.

Simple as that.

Whenever I catch a criminal
and lock him up,

I feel like
I've put something straight in my head.

But ultimately...
Ultimately, the chaos continues.

- And I can't stop.
- Impressive.

- Not everyone can understand that.
- But you can.


You know what it's like
not to be able to stop.


You keep on chasing
and keep on running,

but ultimately
you're just going in circles.

And the really important things in life,

you postpone them.

And then your doctor tells you

that it's too late
for the important things in life

because your time is up.

Know what that son of a bitch said?
That I should quit smoking.

To be honest,
that goddamn son of a bitch was right.

If you don't quit,
you won't be able to chase me anymore.

Yes, maybe he was right.

Maybe I should forget all this,
stop wanting to put things straight.

To be honest, Kutscha,
you should live your life.

Think more about yourself.

Kutscha, please listen
to that goddamn son of a bitch.

I'd be really upset if you left us.


Excuse me?

Know a guy called Laui?

He said I should come to you.

I need help.

There's somebody...

who fucked me over pretty bad.

He has to go.

You know each other.

You could say you two
have unfinished business.

I can pay for it.