4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Frieden - full transcript

Toni doubts that the Cthulhus killed his uncle, and suspects someone from his own ranks. While Abbas uses the situation to initiate a war with the Rockers and replace Toni as the leader of ...


Mr. Hamady? Schönfließ.

Come to my office right now.

I have to do something
about Mohammad al-Saafi.

Beirut has given the okay.
Mohammad has to go.

When he gets home today, take him out.

Where is the bastard?


- What is it?
- Our piece of land. For a hotel.

Nice piece of land you bought, Toni.
Where is the money from?

Your accounts have been blocked.

Your money from Beirut stinks, Toni.
And you stink too.

I've got some business for you.

If you can sell it, dude,
I'll give you 50 percent.

- Whose car is that?
- Mine.

Let me borrow it, at least once!

- Why are you with her?
- It's my decision.

Never see her again.

- Who is that?
- He'll look after you when I'm away.

You're locked inside.

- You're all over a newspaper.
- Fuck that. I'm safe.

If Abbas Hamady isn't to die,

then Toni Hamady must.

Do you promise
that you'll always take care of us

and we'll always stay together?

I promise,
I'll always take care of both of you.




2000. Call.

- Yeah?
- Toni, where are you? Serin is missing.

Everyone's dead!

- There they are.
- Wait until he gets out.

- Go on, drive!
- Wait until he gets out.

It's him.

Let's get this motherfucker.

- Are you serious?
- Wait.

- Put your damn phone away!
- It's Toni.

- Yeah?
- It's off. They have Serin.

Don't do anything.
Wait for me.

Go inside.

Go inside!

- Go away!
- What are you doing here?

Do you often go to strangers' homes
in the middle of the night?

Where is my daughter?

How am I supposed to know?

Leave it.

Let me tell you one thing.

If anything happens to my daughter,

I'll kill you,

your son,

your niece

and your wife.

Everybody who is close to you.

Calm down.

Do you really think
I'd do something to your daughter?

Do you really believe that, Ali?

I'll find out who has her.

I'll do all I can to ensure
your daughter gets back to you safely.

Midday today.

You have until midday today,
and no longer.

Fine. Come inside.

Kemal will stay here.

Of course. He's my guest.
Open the door.

Come in.

No games.

What happened to her?

What happened to her?

They're going to bring her back.

Where is she?

- It will be fine.
- Where is she?

- It will be fine.
- Where is she?

- It will be fine.
- Where is she?

- Kalila, it will...
- Where is my daughter? Where is she?

Tell me!

Tell me!
Why aren't you saying anything?


Tell me! Tell me!

I hate you! No!

Kalila, come here.


Where is she?

Where is she?


Serin Hamady.

She's fine.


I want her back.

Bring me Toni Hamady first.

Then you can have her.

Now piss off.

Zaur, my friend, one more thing.



Come here.

As promised.

Thank you.




Take care of yourselves.


Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

You seem so pissed.
What's wrong?

Is it because you got slapped?

- And what?
- It doesn't count, it was my uncle.

Why not do something about it?

What do I say? "Hello, uncle!"
And punch him back?

- Yeah. I don't know. Man up.
- He's my uncle.

Okay, so what you're telling me

is that he slapped you
just for the hell of it?

I don't know, maybe he's jealous.

Because I'm driving around with girls
while he's cleaning Toni's toilet.

Are you sure it's because of girls?

Or is it because of me?

No idea.

Okay, I can tell
you really don't have a clue.

- Calm down.
- Seriously! I'm totally clueless too.

Wait. I'll tell you why.
Wait a second.

- Tell me.
- I'll tell you.

- Go on.
- Okay?

Brown skin darker than hazelnuts

Always asking me
Why I don't kiss you in public, but

- Wait, let me finish.
- Okay.

But, honey
There's one thing you should know

You're in love with a criminal
And he'll protect you every day

- You're so whack!
- No.

- You can't rap for shit.
- I was freestyling!

Stick to making beats, honey.

No. Wait, that's my phone.

Okay, wait a second.


No, it's fine.


No, I haven't seen it yet.

Yeah, of course.
I just wanted to...

How much longer roughly?

Stop bugging me.
He's on his way.


- Why is that asshole here?
- No idea. He's been here all day.

Hey, Toni. Hi.

You have exactly five minutes.


Things went badly between us.
I apologize.

I didn't know
it was so important to you.

Maybe in order
to straighten things out between us,

I could offer you a little help.

- You want to help me?
- I can help you.

I'll buy that...
refugee housing from you.

- To get you solvent again.
- What do you mean by "solvent"?

I heard something about...

blocked accounts.

It's why Roth just sold me the land.


I thought you knew that.

Hello, Mr. von Schönfließ.

Someone says he bought my land.
What's going on?

I only just heard about it.

Your accounts were blocked
before any payment was made.

The contract is only binding
when the money has been transferred.

- Roth withdrew from the sale...
- What can we do?

Right now I don't think
we have any options, Mr. Hamady.

Look, here.

Amara, I can't take any more.

What's next?

Serin could have died.

I want out.

You're the only one
who can change things.

You're the only one
who can influence Toni.

If you go, then...

it's all over.

Can we talk?

What about?

Can I come in?

Sure. Please do.

- Sugar?
- No, thanks.

- How is your family?
- Good, thank you.

You have a son, don't you? Elias?

Yes, he's in Doha
for two years for work.

So grown up already?

My daughter was kidnapped.

She's back now.

How long will this go on?

Do you know what it's like?

For your son to suddenly disappear
and you might never see him again?

Talk to your husband.

He and Toni have to make peace.


From a mother to a mother.

What did she want?
Why are you talking to her?

She says it's enough.


She wants me to persuade you
to make peace.

What did you say?



What are you planning?

I have to talk to Toni.

Greetings from Mohammad.

He wants peace.

Did you talk to the al-Saafis?

- Did you talk to the al-Saafis?
- Yes, I did.

What's wrong with you?
Talk to your husband before anyone else.

- Why do that?
- You don't listen to me.

- I don't listen?
- No.

You wanted me back? Here I am.
But I won't stand by anymore.

You will. Those people are scum.
They have no honor. Okay?

If you love me, you'll make peace.
All right?

Or I swear, you'll never see
your daughter again.

- I'll never see her again?
- No.

- I'll never see her again?
- No.

So, you really want peace
with the Hamadys?

It's important, honey.


We're letting Toni believe
that he's won.

You're going to give in to Toni now?

We need there to be peace.

We'll let Toni
play at being king for a while,

and then we'll eliminate him.

Do you know why?

Why, honey?

There's going to be a huge war.

What happened to you?
Why are you so weak, huh?

Didn't you say you're always by my side?

That I can trust you?

That we're in this together?

And now?

That al-Saafi motherfucker
is still alive!

Why is he still alive?

Yep, I can see her.

I'll be right there.
Keep the engine running.

- I need to use the bathroom.
- At the back on the left.


- Open the trunk.
- Okay.

- Did anyone follow you?
- Sorry?

Nothing. Forget it.
You'll get the car later.




- Stop shouting!
- What the fuck, dickhead?

- It stinks here.
- Can't I take a shit?

- I missed you so much.
- Slowly, girl. Slowly.

What did they do to you, baby?
I have something for you.

And lasagna.

- Where is it from?
- Tutto il Giorno.

- The gun!
- Wiktor.

- Who the hell is Wiktor?
- A guy I know. Who cares?

- Why do you need it?
- Who cares? I talked to Toni.

- What?
- Nothing. He does nothing for you.

- Watch how you talk about my brother.
- That piece of trash?

Sitting in his tacky, ugly-ass mansion?

Happy just to let everything play out
and for people to try to kill you?

Him, baby?

He's getting us passports.
Then we'll be in Lebanon, okay?

Ah, shit.

Why Lebanon?

I'll make you the queen of Lebanon.

Why not the queen of Rio?
Rio has nice beaches.

Beirut does too, without the trannies.

Eat the lasagna. It'll get cold.

Who's this Wiktor motherfucker?

Jesus! It was before I met you.
I had huge nails and backcombed hair.

- It doesn't count.
- You were his bitch?

- I'll stick that right up your ass.
- A bitch?

I'm a bitch?


- What am I now?
- With me you're a queen.


Oh God, I've missed you so much.

- Sorry, baby, I'm so sorry.
- Slowly, Ewa, slowly!

- Be careful.
- I'm sorry.

Do you remember?

Do you?

Go on ahead.

- Where?
- Over there.


Will you wear it for me?

Of course I will.

Come on, then. Come on!

Hello, Mrs. Hamady.

Can I come in?
I have a few questions.

Don't be scared.
Your minder isn't here right now.

May I?

Take a seat, Mrs. Hamady.

I want to help you.

You don't take your kids
to daycare anymore.

Your husband has locked you in, right?

Remember Vince, your childhood friend?
Vince Kerner?

Do you know what he made me promise?

I was to take you somewhere safe,
far away from your family.

So I organized an apartment.
Just like Vince wanted.

And now he's dead.

How many more funerals
do you want to attend?

Is this the life you want for your kids?

I can put a restraining order
on your husband right now.

He will never harass you again.

You'll be free
to live your life how you want.

- What do you want from me?
- I want you to testify.

The bakery is used for money laundering.

We need proof.
Let us see the paperwork, the accounts.

I won't betray my family.

We know how deeply your husband
is involved in this business.

I won't betray my family.
Do you understand?


I understand you very well.

That's a real shame.

Please leave.

What are you doing?

What happens if we find
drugs in your home?

We'd have to call youth welfare.

The kids would be taken into care.

I think you don't understand
the situation that you are in.

Your marriage problems are one thing.

But you're part of a system

that has your brother at the top
and your husband just behind.

Mrs. Hamady,

ask yourself if you want to remain
a part of this system.


Brother Mohammad,

please tell us about your problem
so that we understand.

I wanted to have this meeting

for your deceased uncle Ibrahim.

And because
the al-Saafi and Hamady names

have been dragged through the dirt.

Much blood was shed,
there was murder and vengeance.

We have to solve those problems.

- Lying dog!
- Watch what you say.

Forgive me.

Choose your words carefully.

The problem between
the al-Saafi and Hamady families

is the drug trade.

And the fact that you refuse
to accept that your time is over.

You're laughing.
Look at him laugh.

You have to understand
that Berlin belongs to us.


you are brothers.

If you forgive each other,

you'll see that Allah is merciful.

But he who sheds the blood of the other,

distances himself from Allah.

And then Allah
can no longer forgive him.

My advice to you is thus:

Shake hands with each other.

Forgive and love one another.

So that the peace of Allah
will prevail between you

and Allah can reward you.

How can I trust
someone so dishonorable?

If he had honor,
he wouldn't have kidnapped my daughter.

If he had honor, he wouldn't have tried
to kill my brother in jail.

Gentlemen, there is a solution
for everything in life.

Take one member
from each of your families,

and let them marry.

The families' blood will be combined.

Two families will become one,

and peace and love will prevail.

What do you think, Mohammad?

Ali, what do you say?


But one more question.
Prove to me that you're honest.

Who ratted to you about the truck?

I have nothing to do with it.

But why don't you ask...


Set the alarm, I'm ready, I'm busy
Today Big M, ten years ago Pitty

BGB researching like a Ziggy
I record for kiddies, Berlin, my city

What, dude, bro? Nickname Nicky
I'm so tricky, freeway feeling

German rap
M-A-S aka Big Biggie

I eat beef, I cruise in a Maserati...

What the hell?
The fucking lighter's broken. Hey!

Got a lighter?

Stop right there, Zeki!

- Give me all your gold.
- What the fuck, dude?

Know who this piece belonged to?
My grandpa was in the Waffen-SS.

He had it stashed under this chair.

When he was in danger
he could pull it out and... bam!

If he hadn't shot the Russians,
it'd be Vitaly Potapenko here now.

- He wouldn't be half as chill as I am.
- Shut it, my head hurts.

Take a line, then. It helps.
Freud used it for work.

The Germans
were the first to isolate it.

The history of the human race
is built on drugs.

Wait, let me tell you about it.

The natives licked fucking frogs, dude.

Adam and Eve ate thorn-apples
and left paradise.

The Egyptians knew the Mayas
and built the pyramids in 20 years.

The only thing missing at the end
was the Sphinx's goddamn nose!

You get me? Isn't it strange?

Dr. Dominique Görlitz, bro.
"Ancient astronauts", look it up.

Come on, let's do a line.
Cheer up, kid. Jeez!

Here. One for you, one for me.

Did you get your connections?

Sure, man.
Of course I did.

Why are you worrying?
We have a whole bunch here...

Listen, asshole. Stick to the deal.
Sell to your rich kids and get me cash.

- Okay.
- Yeah?

Stab me in the balls.
It'll bleed out better.

Everything is okay, bro.
Just trust me!

Do a line
and everything will seem better.

Don't use it all up!

Use it all up? It's on a nanoscale.
Didn't you take math?

The Gaussian distribution curve!
Nothing but apps today, dude.

All apps...


Did I just do a line?

My body is turbo, kick-down turbo

Ki-ki-kick-down turbo
Turbo, turbo, turbo

- Zeki.
- Hi, guys.

- How are you doing?
- Good. You?

- Yeah. Where were you?
- At a friend's place.

- A friend?
- Yes.

- I need to talk to you.
- What about?

Shut up. Come on, let's talk now.

What? I'm busy, dude!

- I'm busy, I've got stuff to do.
- Come on.

- Hagen.
- Yes.

- We've 75 tip-offs from the public.
- Forget the public.

And much better, the surveillance data
from Abbas's girlfriend.

She's been in Tempelhof for an hour.

In an old factory
with connections to Toni Hamady.

That was hot.

- You're off?
- Going home to wash.

- I stink like a ferret.
- A sexy ferret though.

- Hey, keep your eyes open.
- Yeah.

And bring cigs.
Then there'll be round two.

Three, four.